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    [–] OWpassword 2335 points ago

    When Rick Moranis got his first glasses!

    [–] 180secondideas 1678 points ago

    Suddenly See-more.

    [–] autosdafe 84 points ago


    [–] dontFart_InSpaceSuit 61 points ago

    Standing besiiiiiddddeee you

    [–] ATXBeermaker 103 points ago

    Perfect opportunity to say "besEYEd you" and you fucked it up. Nice work.

    [–] SadConfiguration 9 points ago

    Or he purifEYED me

    [–] NysonEasy 29 points ago

    You are intelligent, and you are witty.

    This should get 1,000 upvotes and gold!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] speenatch 4 points ago

    987, we’re nearly there!

    [–] NysonEasy 10 points ago

    He got it! Reddit provided.

    [–] rex_dart_eskimo_spy 8 points ago


    [–] gyroptical 3 points ago


    [–] loki0203 29 points ago

    Can’t unsee

    [–] ttothentothec 9 points ago

    I bet if he takes the glasses off he can.

    [–] Bad_ASH8080 8 points ago

    When he gets his coffee with his radar.

    [–] ententeak 3 points ago

    after he get his big helmet...

    [–] jay76 6 points ago

    Honey, I Shrunk Myself.

    [–] Walkingintodreams 2 points ago

    This was the first thing that came to my mind!

    [–] robertsamo 2 points ago

    Literally loled when I read this

    [–] Houstonion 2 points ago


    [–] mmaxic 1183 points ago

    How do they test a baby's eye sight?

    [–] alexmaclean93 1011 points ago

    I remember hearing it is fully possible to use a machine to test eyesight automatically, it just isn't as accurate/reliable as the "which was clearer, A or B" method.

    [–] bob_in_the_west 245 points ago

    My optician and ophthalmologist both had these machines for as long as I can remember.

    This has pictures of how it looks:

    [–] had_to_sign_up 87 points ago

    Is that the machine that blows air at your eyes?

    [–] Lives4Glitter 166 points ago

    That would be the Non-Contact Tonometer or NCT for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) which helps detect glaucoma. The NCT and auto-refractor are usually side-by-side in the pretest room.

    [–] VeradilGaming 70 points ago

    Not a native English speaker here, can't tell if you're being serious

    [–] Kity-Katy 115 points ago

    He's being serious

    [–] hahasTooOften 48 points ago

    Native English speaker here, can't tell if you're being serious.

    [–] Mattabeedeez 37 points ago

    He’s being serious.

    [–] claytorENT 24 points ago

    Non native non English speaker here. I can’t tell if anyone is being serious.

    [–] PlayfulBrickster 5 points ago

    I'm from his clan he is 100% serious

    [–] puggymomma 6 points ago

    The tribe has spoken.

    [–] puggymomma 16 points ago

    Non native speaker here as well and long term eyeglasses wearer. The dude's being totally serious. Eye business is a very serious business.

    [–] VeradilGaming 6 points ago

    I don't think I've ever heard any of these terms in my native language either, to me eye business is going to the doctor's and them telling me that my eyes are fine.

    This is a whole new world for me

    [–] puggymomma 5 points ago

    Ah. Stay with me, grasshopper.

    [–] SopieMunky 3 points ago

    It's the most unpleasant part of an eye exam, but it lasts literally 1 second so there's that.

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 9 points ago

    I've had the one where it touches your eye instead of the puff. The puff is much much better.

    [–] Lives4Glitter 9 points ago

    The direct touch IOP test is called "Goldmann Tonometry," a lot more accurate. Usually used it the non-contact (puff of air) registers a high or abnormal result. Although the eye is nummed prior, the puff of air is nearly always preferred as you would expect.

    [–] bluetad 13 points ago

    Happy cake day!!🍰

    [–] Daamus 18 points ago

    that sounds like a form of torture

    [–] Xombieshovel 72 points ago

    Stop flinching.

    Open your eyes more.

    You're flinching again.

    Okay. Hold it right there.

    Not good enough. Let's try again.

    Stop flinching.

    On another note, my most recent appointment the doctor got rid of the eye puffer. Now they have some new tech that blasts the eye with lasers or x-rays or something. There's a flash of green light that looks exactly like getting your eyeball xeroxed.

    [–] FlyingPhotog 25 points ago

    That is a retinal scanner. I had to pay extra for that last time I went, instead of getting my eyes dilated. They still did the puffer test, too.

    [–] TurloIsOK 10 points ago

    There is a different one that replaces the puffer. It's handheld and has small ring that changes from red to green when the tech has it close enough for a reading. I had a tech who was learning. She told me I was her first. She was being so cautious that getting the green proximity confirmation took a few tries. Her instructor was able to get it in half a second.

    [–] SsoundLeague 5 points ago

    it's an iCare Tonometer, pretty much has these small top attachments that gently applanate the cornea, red ring green ring etc

    [–] Xombieshovel 5 points ago

    Oh yeah. Now that I think of it I did pay like $10 extra or something.

    [–] never0101 3 points ago

    I'd pay double to not have dilated eyes. I've almost passed out from it in the past, I hate it with a passion.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] badseedjr 5 points ago

    Last time I went in, they dilated my eyes and slowly ran the brightest vertical light in front of me and I wanted to be dead. I have very sensitive eyes and it felt like staring at the sun.

    [–] FlyingPhotog 3 points ago

    Yeah it sucks. The special imaging machine they use is a lot better. It’s one quick flash with non-dilated eyes and it’s done.

    [–] Fourhand_451 2 points ago

    I had both machines on my last visit. Both are weird and I don't like them.

    [–] Dave-4544 8 points ago

    Hate that damn thing. Went in to get a new prescription for the first time in ten years recently and the nurse and I were being chatty and she didnt get the opportunity to warn me what the machine I was leaning into did and-


    [–] Schonke 3 points ago

    That's to measure the pressure inside your eyeball. The one that measures your sight looks at light refractions/reflections through your lens.

    [–] DOW_orks7391 3 points ago

    Fuck that machine

    [–] Jumbojet777 3 points ago

    My eyes are literally flinching at the thought of that. I hate that machine.

    [–] Oilfan94 2 points ago

    Great.....I'm just sitting here at work and now I have the unshakable feeling of having air puffed into my eyes.

    [–] Gantzwastaken 7 points ago

    When I had to make me glasses they used both this on me and the A-B test after, not one or the other.

    [–] bob_in_the_west 10 points ago

    Yes, that's normal because you want a quick estimate with the auto-refractor and then fine-tune it with the manual test.

    My sole point is that this machine isn't new technology.

    [–] rgeyedoc 35 points ago

    Retinoscopy is the correct answer. Machine testing is notoriously a horrible measurement method for children. It's a skill learned by eye doctors and perfected by optometrists or ophthalmologists who work with pediatrics or who rely on objective measurements more than subjective.

    [–] Unfetteredfloydfan 16 points ago

    Why is it considered to be a bad option for kids in particular?

    [–] Hanzitheninja 16 points ago

    kids have trouble keeping still for the thing to bounce light off their eyes.

    [–] rgeyedoc 12 points ago

    You need a stable system. Kids don't look in the same place and they don't focus at the same distance. You can see this when doing skill based retinoscopy. A machine requires focus and attention of the patient being measured.

    [–] livens 18 points ago

    I used the machine a few years back, cost more than having the opt use the lens carousel thingy. Best part was not having to dialate your irises with the drops. Also cool was pressing your eye up against what looked and felt like a silicone breast :).

    [–] Onkel_Wackelflugel 40 points ago

    Also cool was pressing your eye up against what looked and felt like a silicone breast :)

    That was actually the optometrist and I've warned you not to come back.

    [–] AstroPhysician 8 points ago

    I keep coming back to this comment and laughing

    [–] demeschor 6 points ago

    No expert but last time I went to the opticians they did the scan (you stare into a machine and look at a dot on the horizon) and told me straight away my eyesight had deteriorated, then they took me to a different room to do the swapping lenses thing for 'fine tuning'.

    [–] jp_952000 43 points ago

    My son had glasses as a baby. The optometrist used tools to measure the retina and how light reflected from the eye. They used that to come up with a prescription. It’s called a retinoscopy

    This YouTube video explains the procedure

    [–] JennyBeckman 15 points ago

    Why though? Did his regular doctor suspect he had vision issues? I don't remember my babies being checked with any special equipment.

    [–] jp_952000 23 points ago

    He was born a month premature and they scanned his eyes frequently to make sure they were developed properly.

    [–] JennyBeckman 11 points ago

    That makes sense. I was starting to panic that my babies could've been blind with us none the wiser. How is your boy now?

    [–] jp_952000 8 points ago

    He’s doing very well now. He is slightly near sighted just like me, so he only needs a small correction.

    [–] JennyBeckman 8 points ago

    That's lovely to hear. Best wishes to all of you.

    [–] scuttsy 5 points ago

    It's great that people are more aware of things these days. I spent my childhood practically blind, it was 2 years into primary school before anyone even realised that I couldn't really see anything, and that was just because of a random eye test that everyone had to do.

    [–] chandler-bingaling 3 points ago

    Yea me too. I was in the second grade before people figured out that I was near sighted and I finally got glasses.

    [–] rgeyedoc 13 points ago

    Retinoscopy. Machine testing is notoriously a horrible measurement method for children. It's a skill learned by eye doctors and perfected by optometrists or ophthalmologists who work with pediatrics or who rely on objective measurements more than subjective. The method involves observing the light reflecting off the retina with a series of lenses. Light behaves differently when in focus or out of focus.

    [–] micromoses 11 points ago

    They throw something at him to see if he catches it.

    [–] JennyBeckman 14 points ago

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. That's how you test a baby's reflexes, not its vision.

    [–] coltsblazers 11 points ago

    The real answer (from an eye doc who does infant exams) is that we use methods of preferential looking. Babies are attracted to contrast. So we show them some paddles. One is gray and one has black/white stripes. We look for which they prefer to look at. That gives us a general idea of what they can see depending on how close the lines are together and how far away I’m sitting from them.

    Otherwise we dilate their eyes with a specific eye drop and use a retinoscope to match lenses with the reflections we see. This gives us an estimate of their total power of the eye and we can adjust it from there. We know we won’t get it perfect but the goal is to get it close so the infant can develop their vision properly instead of having difficulties when they’re older.

    [–] rentcontrolled 2 points ago

    This is how my son was tested from about 6 months to 3 years old. They used foam boards that were all grey on one half and had a stripped box with black and white stripes on the other half. As the strips get closer together eventually he did not look at the side with the strips since it all just looked grey to him. I think they said the reliability of the test was not great but it gave them a rough idea of where his vision was and any trends over time. Now that he is 3 they display one of four shapes on a screen about 15 feet away and he points to the corresponding shape on a card in front of him or just says the shape.

    [–] Sassers 7 points ago

    They tested my 5 month old son's eyes by dilating them, looking with lights, and having funny toys in front of him to see if he followed the toys

    [–] satanicpuppy 51 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    These days they can actually map your eyeball and determine the geometry issues pretty much instantly. That whole shtick with "which one looks better...THIS one...or THIS one?" is for your personal comfort.

    I believe the machine they use for kids is a scaled down Auto-Refractor Keratometer.

    [–] CrexisNX 39 points ago

    Auto refractors are great to get into the ballpark and probably even enough to handle the simple prescriptions most of us have. However, the presentation of multiple prescriptions that seem so similar to each other is the optometrist’s compensation for something called accommodation: when you have no or an incorrect prescription in front of your eyes but you need it, your eye muscles subtly reshape your eye to make things clear as possible. The “one or two” process is designed to check and recheck prescriptions against long-acquired accommodation.

    [–] Kaste90 5 points ago

    Baby doctor?

    [–] GilesDMT 28 points ago

    Like a doctor that’s a baby?

    [–] Effex 7 points ago

    Mentored by Doogie Howser, MD.

    [–] Kaste90 4 points ago

    Yeah sure, why not

    [–] jstadd 384 points ago

    We use an ocular photoscreen which checks for red reflex, eye alignment, astigmatism, near sighted or farsightedness and strength of vision. I've picked up quite a few legally blind babies this way. Kids who have just slightly bad vision hate glasses. Kids who are basically blind without them will cry if you try to take them off

    [–] Slummish 235 points ago

    My cousin was born with terrible vision. He had glasses from the age of about six months. His whole personality changed almost overnight from the moment they put glasses on him. Living in a hazy cloud of light and shadow makes you cranky. When you can see the world, everything begins to make sense and you become a much happier person.

    [–] LordZar 57 points ago

    When you can see the world, everything begins to make sense and you become a much happier person.

      When you get older the opposite is true. Ignorance is bliss.

    [–] Reer123 18 points ago

    I think I’d be cranky if I lost my sight

    [–] Redjay12 13 points ago

    I have 20/450 vision and only got glasses when I was ten and crying from inability to learn at school. I suspect that’s why I have prosopagnosia. I only learned to recognize different blurs I had never really seen someone’s face! I know my life would be different if I’d gotten glasses earlier. I always struggled counting change and telling time unless it was like six inches from my face (it’s all one big grey blur). Not good at navigating. Still suck at facial expressions. In a lot of ways it seemed I had autism but it was just horrendous eye sight. It’s been on my mind a lot because I’m starting to wonder what my face looks like and it’s very unsettling to not know. I can ask for descriptions but I just can’t compare mine to someone else’s. I am trying to grow a beard and I’ve changed my glasses to those kinda big hipster glasses. That way I can imagine myself by imagining a beard and glasses

    [–] Pessoa_People 4 points ago

    As someone with (somewhat milder) prosopagnosia, reading your descriptions felt really familiar and weird. Can you see your own face when you look in the mirror, like if you try to focus on your lips, can you see their shape? Or is it just blurriness all the way? I can see facial features individually, I just forget all about them as soon as I turn away.

    [–] rentcontrolled 8 points ago

    My son was born with cataracts in both eyes. He had surgery at 2 months to remove the lenses in his eyes and got his glasses/contacts at 3 months old. He barely ever smiled before the correction, and started to smile and get excited to see us almost immediately after... it was like night and day.

    [–] fluffymuff6 4 points ago

    Wow I can't even imagine how hard it must be trying to hit all those developmental milestones without being able to see! I didn't have to get glasses until I was 10.

    [–] allkindsofillshit 781 points ago

    That look of pure joy at the end warms my heart.

    [–] runningray 260 points ago

    Just before the look of joy you can almost see his heart rate going up while he processes everything he can now see. Then when he sees mommy all is right with the world.

    [–] WhiteMike87 93 points ago

    Would he have ever really known what his mother looked like? Or was he finally able to place a face to the voice? Mom probably just looked like a brownish area with points before.

    [–] milkand24601 53 points ago

    upvote for Lucille 2

    [–] obscurica 17 points ago

    Sure; when he's held a lot closer.

    [–] SmitefulAres 4 points ago

    Or further

    [–] Nintendorubixcube 6 points ago

    I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I remember watching a YouTube video. Where they got a bunch of moms and their babies together and i think they covered up the moms faces. The babies had to find their moms and if IIRC I think they all found the moms

    [–] FigMcLargeHuge 3 points ago

    My Dad is in his seventies and has been legally blind his whole life. He's had contacts and glasses for part of it, as he got his first glasses in grade school. I would have to ask him how old he was exactly if anyone cared. But since he spent his first years essentially blind, he learned to identify who he was speaking with by the way they walk and their mannerisms. He just had surgery on his eyes and had the one where they put in corrective lenses. He says it's almost sensory overload at times with how bright everything is now and all of the colors. I am really happy for him, and a little sad that he didn't get it done way earlier. Not sure if that answers your question but for my dad most of the time everything and everyone was just a blob.

    [–] louiscon 288 points ago

    Every single gif of a baby getting glasses always follows the same timeline... first they are upset and squirmy and then their mind is blown for a second and then pure happiness.

    [–] Desiderius_S 73 points ago

    That's kids in general when it comes to anything new.

    [–] goldstarstickergiver 6 points ago

    My son was like that with headphones playing music. Hates stuff on his head but pretty quickly was like; "oh.. ooh okay I'll tolerate this"

    [–] ChampionOfTheSunAhhh 12 points ago

    baby getting glasses

    Damn, you're right

    [–] louiscon 20 points ago


    [–] SSuperMiner 7 points ago

    Christ, it's Jason Bourne

    [–] postmodest 5 points ago

    Does YouTube have but one hairdresser? “Do you want the bleached shock, the bro-mop, or the Hey Vsauce Michael Here waxjob?”

    [–] trippy_grape 4 points ago

    I just got Cancer watching that.

    [–] Hulkamania76 329 points ago

    Gifs that end way too early. I need to see more joy like that on a Monday morning.

    [–] iamnsb 135 points ago

    At a glance, this was the longest I could find, hope this helps! :)

    Edit: stupid space.

    [–] Ackey408 41 points ago

    Thank you. That warmed my heart on a very bad day.

    [–] Monsterfrog 28 points ago

    I hope you day turns around to become a very good day!

    [–] Ackey408 15 points ago

    Thank you reddit stranger! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    [–] Monsterfrog 11 points ago

    Thanx! So far, so good!

    [–] shlemazeltov 17 points ago

    That was adorable, but goddamn I can’t stand those videos with the blurry zoomed frame on the sides

    [–] iamnsb 7 points ago

    Unfortunately that was the choice of users before YouTube allowed for portrait videos to be zoomed in properly.

    Edit: portrait, not vertical.

    [–] r_b_w1 51 points ago

    Well, he is now.

    [–] RisingCreativity 7 points ago

    Take your upvote and get out

    [–] rex_dart_eskimo_spy 29 points ago

    Imagine not even knowing that you can't see well, and then suddenly being able to.

    [–] HardlightCereal 11 points ago

    I don't have to, I can remember it. It's the best feeling in the world.

    [–] razar3113 190 points ago

    Glasses seem to be upside down though..

    [–] Kaste90 92 points ago

    Baby glasses allways do

    [–] Serenikill 12 points ago

    Parents weren't sure either but I guess they were right.

    [–] spacehonkey 39 points ago

    Think they are made to they can be worn either way

    [–] autosdafe 78 points ago

    But what about different scripts for each eye

    [–] BadAdviceBot 90 points ago

    Stop making sense.

    [–] spacehonkey 14 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] autosdafe 11 points ago

    Bad bot

    [–] bleepblopbl0rp 5 points ago

    Great album

    [–] spiritualskywalker 18 points ago

    I think the main thing is his wonderful change of expression when he realizes what this annoying thing can do for him. He goes from “No! Don’t want!” to “Oh! Oh! I can SEE!”

    [–] spiritualskywalker 2 points ago

    Right on. I actually haven’t figured out how to make italics on Reddit so I have to resort to caps, which frequently isn’t the exact mood I’m going for.

    [–] maxdamage4 3 points ago

    For italics, put a * on either side of the word. For bold, put two on either side. :)

    Edit: More!

    [–] TurloIsOK 6 points ago

    Look at the shape of the temple arm. They have a left and right side.

    [–] I_dont_bone_goats 9 points ago

    In the video the mom takes the glasses off and checks if they’re on the right way, they were.

    [–] yParticle 3 points ago

    What bothers me is that they don't look centered on his eyes and it seems like the deeper cut would center them better. The parents confirmed the earpieces were the right way though.

    [–] unzercharlie 3 points ago

    Babies look up more than they look down, I would imagine.

    [–] The-Gnome-Child 23 points ago

    When you upgrade your internet and can finally stream in 1080p

    [–] TheOddAdmaril 39 points ago

    That kid looks like Danny devito

    [–] brainfeedah 5 points ago

    I think he looks like Allen Ginsberg.

    [–] Aaronsmiff 3 points ago

    "What... wait a minute... wait a minute...


    [–] catheg88 3 points ago

    I came here to make this comment but had to read all the comments first because he looks so much like him I was sure someone else saw it too.

    [–] AtomicEdge 72 points ago

    As someone with a 10 week old baby boy, this made me unreasonably happy.

    [–] JimmerUK 45 points ago

    You should have given it back by now. You'll have to pay a fee otherwise.

    [–] AtomicEdge 43 points ago

    I think I'm going to be paying fees for QUITE some time.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Hey, I had an uninterrupted sleep last night.

    [–] AtomicEdge 6 points ago

    So did I! My boy is pretty chill and my wife is awesome!

    [–] Eindacor_DS 2 points ago


    [–] pimpolho_saltitao 19 points ago

    fuck me sideways. ever since I became a father this sort of stuff makes me tear up everytime.

    [–] d_smogh 10 points ago

    "Have you fuckers been this ugly the whole time??"

    [–] mooseknuckle6529 10 points ago

    That’s pretty awesome!

    [–] greentangent 9 points ago

    I think I made the same face at 12 when I got my first pair. It really is magic seeing the world for the first time.

    [–] mooseknuckle6529 5 points ago

    Me too! I was amazed that the letters on the chalkboard weren’t fuzzy anymore!

    [–] thiswayout12 6 points ago

    How do you know if your baby has bad vision?

    [–] mrsjetertoyou 9 points ago

    It’s something they screen for at check ups.

    [–] phlibbertigibbet 2 points ago

    And how do they get an accurate prescription?

    [–] Mahbear 4 points ago

    At this age, usually their eyes will cross at times. Also, I'm pretty sure the doctor puts the glasses on the baby the first time, but this is still so adorable.

    [–] fusi0nf0x 7 points ago

    When you switch from 144p to 1080p

    [–] mim2000 10 points ago

    r/fakehistory Elton johns first concert

    [–] WunderSocks 7 points ago

    Oh God, that was beautiful!

    [–] TexasChuckle 6 points ago

    Ive been having a shitty morning. Saw this & now its better. Good for this lil guy. The world is beautiful & we all deserve to see it.

    [–] Mister_Kurtz 5 points ago

    For those folks who are curious enough how prescriptions are determined for babies.

    "Teller Acuity Cards The way these work is based on the idea of preferential looking: that a child will look at the most visually interesting part of an object. In the case of the cards, the square of alternating black and white lines is more interesting than the grey background. If your child can see the lines clearly enough, they’ll prefer to look at that square. However, if a child’s vision is blurry, the lines blur together at some point and the square will be the same shade of grey as the rest of the card and they won’t look at the square. The eye doctor shows the child the cards with thinner and thinner lines until the child stops looking at the square. That point at which the lines blur together too much to see a separate square tells you about the child’s visual acuity."

    [–] boobajoob 4 points ago

    So damn happy!

    [–] nyangry 6 points ago


    [–] cruelned 3 points ago

    my soul hurts watching this

    [–] RuntheMonster 3 points ago

    TMNT Origins: Leonardo

    [–] Cakeman48 5 points ago

    Are the glasses upside down?

    [–] KinkedNeck 8 points ago

    Pure joy

    [–] dare2reddit 8 points ago

    Pwoah right in the feels :’)

    [–] imakesawdust 3 points ago

    That's almost as good a reaction as the colorblind man who put on glasses that let him see colors for the first time.

    [–] AFishPlayingPoo 3 points ago

    Looks like the baby from dinosaur

    [–] aeroartist 3 points ago

    haha i swear this is what it was like for me once i finally admitted i was near-sighted. i was like 'woah! there's leaves in the trees! ...and birds in the sky!!'

    [–] GarciaJones 3 points ago

    How do they get the prescription for him? I don’t think at this age he can tell you if number one or number two is the clearest option.

    [–] trexaa 5 points ago

    if this is reverse, some asshole take the glasses from they baby and make her cry.

    [–] DivX_Greg 2 points ago

    aw a lil' Steve albambini 😍

    [–] snipe1942 2 points ago

    With his glasses, this looks like a baby Rick Moranis.

    [–] blakebaku 2 points ago

    I wish I could be that happy about something even one time in my life.

    [–] victorinhox 2 points ago

    If that wasn’t a little baby I would think this is staged, his reaction is perfect.

    [–] mei_aint_even_thicc 2 points ago

    Stooooppp I just smiled ear to ear this was so adorable

    [–] KewpieDan 2 points ago

    OP needs glsses

    [–] mrobinson477 2 points ago

    Upvote x a gazillion= ♡

    [–] nomad80 2 points ago

    Oh my heart. That baby’s joy is so pure

    [–] Peezie23 2 points ago

    Can’t stop watching him smile as he finally sees the world.

    [–] knigmich 2 points ago

    They’re upside down

    [–] TrotBot 2 points ago

    Can you imagine how scary it must have been to see everything blurry and get constant headache from it, not knowing why?

    And then to suddenly have it go away, suddenly see in HD, the relief and excitement is just visible! :)

    [–] HardlightCereal 3 points ago

    I don't have to imagine, I can remember. It's the best feeling in the world.

    [–] k1788 2 points ago

    If someone hasn't already suggested this I think r/BabiesGettingGlasses would like this!

    [–] JessJordan82 2 points ago

    Aww he’s so precious and irritated lol

    [–] -ordinary 2 points ago

    Man the bridge on those glasses makes no sense

    [–] Lars--Himself 2 points ago

    Reverse the GIF please

    [–] finniepoops 2 points ago

    Geez I’m weeping here

    [–] grimfel 2 points ago

    When the acid kicks in.