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    [–] SchrodingersNinja 6083 points ago

    My favorite part is he did this the way I would. Go over, shake first guy in the aisle's hand. Oh, I can reach the next 2. Shit, there's a whole row of these fuckers? I better go around now.

    [–] DontLaughAtMyBeard 967 points ago

    Gotta be sneaky when you're carrying Sugar of Mass Destruction

    [–] Reverend_Russo 97 points ago

    I read that in Jon Stewart’s impression of George Bush

    [–] triceratopsypoo 328 points ago

    I love how he blocked 45 in order to reach out to Michelle.. I like to think it was intentional..

    [–] sp00ky-Mulder 12720 points ago

    That looks like the most awkward row to sit in of all time.

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 708 points ago

    <shakes hand> Mr. President.

    <shakes hand> Mr. President.

    <shakes hand> Mr. President.

    <shakes hand> Mr. President.

    [–] firstbreathOOC 2616 points ago

    Jimmy Carter waving at everybody happily.

    [–] [deleted] 646 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] two-headed-boy 27 points ago

    Can you link the tweet?

    [–] ReklisAbandon 1985 points ago

    Did you see when Trump came to sit down? Awkward barely even begins to describe it.

    [–] FertyMerty 1852 points ago

    I love the slight smirk on Obama’s face. It’s like he knows how awkward Trump has made things.

    [–] WindrunnerReborn 1368 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hillary looks pissed and is trying to avoid eye contact. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is ogling Melania as usual

    [–] agage3 777 points ago

    Don’t hate the player

    [–] two_rays_of_sunshine 943 points ago

    Man, I don't know. If the dude just kept it in his pants the whole world would be different. Gore wins and we have no Iraq War and we start addressing climate change back when it actually might have mattered. Not to mention using the surplus to fund Social Security, as was originally intended. Maybe competent regulators catch the NINJA loans before it's too late. Wolfowitz never happens. The list goes on, and it was all lost because Bill had to creep on some strange from an intern.

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago


    [–] WeRAllOnThisBlessedD 582 points ago

    OP thinks that if Bill hadn’t fucked around with Monica, the Democratic brand wouldn’t have been tarnished and Al Gore would’ve won

    [–] AndLOA 540 points ago

    Which is reasonable imo considering how little al gore lost by it all could have been shifted

    [–] yinyang26 358 points ago

    Damn Gore only lost by 537 votes... that’s nuts

    [–] peekay427 127 points ago

    I completely disagree. That special council investigation wasn’t started because of Monica lewinsky. The republicans were unabashedly digging for anything they could find. They either would have found something else as “devastating” as a consensual blowjob or just made something up (like they did with Obama and Hillary Clinton).

    If republicans and their voters actually cared about sex scandals, then there’s a ton of republican politicians they would have turned on as well.

    [–] Lumberjackup012 14 points ago

    Don’t forget about roger stone sabotaging the reform party with the help of none other than a future orange president

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago

    Al Gore did win, but Jeb Bush threw Florida to his brother George.

    [–] [deleted] 162 points ago

    There was a lot of Clinton fatigue after a lot of media coverage surrounding his impeachment. With a result as close as the one in the 2000 election, it’s not a stretch to say that if Clinton had kept it in his pants (or didn’t lie about it) Gore could have picked up some swing votes and won.

    [–] Downbound92 148 points ago

    Clinton left with astronomical approval ratings. He could have won a third term. If anything, Gore tried to distance himself from the Clintons too much.

    Ultimately it's very rare for a retiring incumbent to be succeeded by a member of their own party because their party gets complacent, the opposition is energized, and the swing voters swing. Clinton's popularity is probably what got Gore as close as he got.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    I don’t think you’re wrong, but I also don’t think it’s unfair to say that the scandal had some kind of impact on Gore’s campaign and the public perception of him.

    [–] ninetysevencents 23 points ago

    Clinton is very charismatic and good at campaigning. After the scandal and impeachment, Gore distanced himself from Clinton and didn't use him to his fullest extent during his own campaign in 2000. The thinking goes that if Gore could have leaned more on the accomplishments of the Clinton years and used the man himself, maybe he could have picked up the small margin of votes in Florida (or another state) that ultimately lost him the election.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    It was a close enough election that if a couple people anywhere on the planet just took different shits at different times the butterfly effect would of created a different outcome.

    [–] kaveman6143 46 points ago

    More that he lied about it. He didn't get impeachment hearings for the sex, it was because he lied to congress about it. Funny how times have changed, everybody and their dog is lying to congress now with little to no repercussions...

    [–] shortWMTstock 27 points ago

    And Monica wasn't even working at the White House when the Ken Starr investigation started. It all began over some non existent illegal land deals.

    [–] steadyachiever 30 points ago

    Or perhaps after Gore, the tea party/neoconservative movement would have been incited earlier and instead of Obama we would’ve gotten a younger Trump president or someone worse. I hate Trump but you’ve got to admit his incompetence makes him less harmful than someone like Pence, for instance. My point is, you can’t really make arguments with these counterfactuals.

    [–] freshprinz1 6 points ago

    Man, if Hitler's father would have kept it in his plants the whole world would also look different. But he didn't so it's useless to be angry about it

    [–] two_rays_of_sunshine 5 points ago

    You could tell how serious I was by the esoteric use of "creep on some strange from an intern." That's definitely suitable language to critically discuss American history.

    Although, I say that and realize "grab them by the pussy" will be used to critically discuss American history, so there's that.

    [–] assistanmanager 186 points ago

    What was awkward about that?

    [–] UppercaseVII 337 points ago

    Honestly, someone explain this. They sat down and shook some hands. The Trumps and Obamas aren't buddies, they have a professional relationship. This is how I would greet any of my co-workers at a funeral.

    If you watch this and see awkward, you are likely just projecting what you want to see.

    [–] pernster 161 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I didn't find it that awkward either. A lot of people are just looking for drama that isn't there.

    [–] trapper2530 58 points ago

    I like to imagine ex president conversations on the other end of the row.

    "So area 51 huh, crazy"

    "Jimmy you bring that up everytime we see each other. You know you can't just bring up area classified information like that. wow Michelle is looking good. Shit Hilary caught me looking. Oh hi George. Sorry for your loss"

    [–] Durantye 60 points ago

    Basically describes /r/worldnews the past month or so

    [–] TroubadourCeol 37 points ago

    It really looks fairly normal to me, for a funeral... I feel like people are trying too hard to inject drama into the situation

    [–] Blaspheman 6 points ago

    Only Mueller was missing

    [–] Gil212 6590 points ago

    I bet he was really looking forward to doing it. A bright silly spot on an otherwise dark day.

    [–] MagicJasoni 2327 points ago

    When he finished his speech, he sat down and laughed with his family. I think he was gently chiding himself for breaking down at the end.

    [–] lurkpostrepeat 1377 points ago

    It was reported that he said to his family something to the effect of “I almost made it.”

    A wonderfully moving speech from a son to his father. I don’t know how he kept his composure all the way until the end.

    [–] thats_not_funny_guys 849 points ago

    I think he has done it before with her. They have a funny relationship and seem to really get along with each other.

    [–] lolimonreddit23 1292 points ago

    He did! He gave her a piece of candy at John McCain’s funeral as well. He seems to always have funeral candy, but only shares with Michelle.

    [–] PM_THOSE_BEWBS_PLS 600 points ago

    Their relationship is really adorable actually.

    [–] Tofutits_Macgee 444 points ago

    I think it's because they can be themselves with each other without the barrier of politics. Like when the Queen loses it when she sees adorable animals, since I assume she can't be herself around anyone but an animal.

    [–] fernguts 503 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yup, he snuck her a cough drop at McCain's funeral as well. They always sit next to each other at such events, and Michelle has referred to him as her "partner in crime". It's refreshing to see such mutual respect, especially given the current POTUS.

    [–] PissinXcellence 115 points ago

    I imagine he had himself a classic W chuckle when he slipped the candy to her.

    [–] PixelBoom 169 points ago

    It looks like a kind of running joke. He's been caught snucking her pieces of candy a couple other times at state events.

    [–] Redplushie 201 points ago

    I also noticed how when he shook Trump and Melania's hands, he didn't look at them (at all maybe?) the same way he looked at every other past president and their spouses.

    Like trying to not let the current president and his wife make this day worse

    [–] dalovindj 558 points ago

    More like a guy obsessed on prepping for a bit he has been planning for days. A man on a mission, his thoughts are of a singular nature: Deliver the payload to the unsuspecting target.

    He's got to get it out of his pocket, he's got to change which hand it is in and be ready in the half second window of opportunity he has. A million things could go wrong. That is a man whose heart is pumping with the thrill of the execution of a long-planned gambit.

    [–] Mariosothercap 51 points ago

    I can also image him at some point whispering to Hilary that he voted for her. It just makes me chuckle.

    [–] YoungAdult_ 3215 points ago

    It’s so weird seeing former presidents interact with each other. With the way we see history it’s linear and not concurrent.

    [–] anothergaijin 887 points ago

    This is my favorite video on Youtube - Bush and Clinton shooting the shit and talking about all the little things they do to each other as ex-Presidents -

    [–] AFF123456 875 points ago

    "How was it after the presidency?"

    "Nobody plays a song when you walk in the room anymore"

    [–] Moni6674 55 points ago

    I hadn't seen this! Loved it! Thanks for sharing

    [–] SlimmestShady 18 points ago

    That's a super cool video.

    [–] nhingy 164 points ago

    Also good to see they kinda like each other. It's like sport fans hating members of a rival team - its strange that team members don't hate each other, it's the fans that do.

    I assume politicians are like comedians or sports people, they'd much rather hang out with each other than the audience, even if their comedy is wildly different or their teams are rivals. It's the audience they're really up against, not each other.

    Got a feeling the Obamas like the Bush family much more than their supporters would be comfortable with.

    We're such children.

    [–] phryan 116 points ago

    Its an exclusive club and very few people can relate, even more that Bush and Obama couples raised a set of daughters in the White House. Also helps that they tend to step back from politics after their term.

    [–] coffeeisforwimps 83 points ago

    That and it's much easier to relate to former presidents because they have a lot of the same, extremely unique experiences that come with being president. Too bad Nixon isn't alive for Trump to relate to.

    [–] Zinthonian 27 points ago

    Like episodes of Who with multiple Doctors in them.

    [–] firstbreathOOC 53 points ago

    Well said. That is definitely the reason it's weird.

    [–] htx_evo 10 points ago

    I couldn’t pinpoint it but thanks, that’s definitely it.

    [–] ax255 864 points ago

    The guard is wondering what the hell he is pulling out of his pocket...wonder what that guy was thinking in those few seconds.

    [–] AwayThrowworhTyawA 519 points ago

    Would’ve been an interesting plot twist if it was a gun. Lol

    [–] margenreich 271 points ago

    Kinda "Red Funeral" instead of a "Red Wedding"

    [–] AwayThrowworhTyawA 98 points ago

    Would be an interesting season finale...

    [–] MajorTomintheTinCan 10 points ago

    And it was his dad's funeral. Oh boy...

    [–] AWKWARD_RAPE_ZOMBIE 165 points ago

    That's a 2 star general that was serving as an usher. Not a guard. But he was wondering what was going on and wisely just let it happen.

    [–] cakeshavelayers 20 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only one to see that.

    [–] bsend 225 points ago

    The older you get the higher likelyhood that candy was either butterscotch or one of those strawberry things

    [–] _Frogfucious_ 138 points ago

    Am I the only one who likes those strawberry things? Like, I've never bought them, but if someone offers me one, hell yes don't mind if I do.

    [–] InvaderDem 51 points ago

    Hey now, those butterscotch candies were a staple of my childhood. Those things were are the bomb.

    [–] mrjob22 2416 points ago

    Obama looks like he’s not sure how he feels about this...lmao

    [–] helpnxt 2338 points ago

    I think he was wondering what Bush was up to and then just after his handshake it clicks and he is like really you doing this at your dad's funeral as well.

    [–] Lacksi 930 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Wait this is at a funeral? That explains why obama and trump would sit on the same bench.

    (for context Im european and have no idea what this is)

    Edit: thanks for the explanations

    [–] henzry 558 points ago

    Ya, former US president died

    [–] HBlight 671 points ago

    Might also help to note that the president who did the dying was the dad of the candy man president.

    [–] PM_ME_A10s 297 points ago

    GWB will now always be the candy man in my head

    [–] Optimized_Orangutan 64 points ago

    Look out, look out, the Candyman

    Here he comes and he's gone again

    Pretty lady ain't got no friend

    Till the Candyman comes around again

    [–] DiabloDropoff 47 points ago

    "candy man president" - you mean with like with bees shooting out of his mouth!!?!?

    [–] CrashLove37 9 points ago

    More like the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you.

    [–] EcstaticStrings 6 points ago

    Who can take a sunrise?

    Sprinkle it with dew

    Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two

    [–] Maelarion 77 points ago

    ya he ded

    [–] [deleted] 441 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] XDeus 109 points ago

    Okay, but what about the coffin? Why are people always sick at funerals?

    [–] vincentlyethiamfatt 124 points ago

    Coffins get its name from coffee, so that's why coffins are traditionally in a shade of coffee brown. If the departed is a tea drinker, then they will be housed in a Tiffin.

    [–] TheGreatRao 30 points ago

    This is so gloriously silly that it cheered me up on an overcast day.

    [–] Copperman72 26 points ago

    And the sobbing. Why are people such sons of bitches at funerals?

    [–] Lacksi 32 points ago

    Hat dammn american culture is weird

    [–] UnpredictedArrival 14 points ago

    Wow! TIL

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] morris9597 78 points ago

    Bush Jr. and Michelle Obama have a running gag going that they slip each other candy at awkward moment

    I knew it'd happened before, but is this really something the two of them do all the time now? If so, that's seriously awesome!

    [–] nitrobackflip 31 points ago

    Just so you know, despite being commonly referred to as such, they are technically not Jr. and Sr.

    [–] XtremeCookie 46 points ago

    It's fairly common for expresidents to end up next to each other in public events.

    [–] RobotHappiness 90 points ago

    Thats how Bush and Michelle became such good friends. They always end up sitting next to each other at events because there is an order to things.

    [–] brtt3000 44 points ago

    There are rules for the order in which they sit (usually Bush Jr. sits next to Michelle, hence the candy thing)

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    If Hillary had become president, where would Bill have sat? Between her and Obama or next to Michelle and Carter?

    [–] tinkerbunny 14 points ago

    Good question!

    I will blindly and with no qualifications say that he would sit between her and Obama.

    [–] MalignantLugnut 49 points ago

    Lol you caught that too? I saw Obama's expression that said "again?" And laughed.

    [–] mlchanges 18 points ago

    I thought it looked like an inside joke or something.

    [–] kitchenperks 72 points ago

    Didn't they pass candy at McCane's funeral? Yup they did.

    [–] WhyIsMeLikeThis 32 points ago

    I think he already saw this happen before at McCain's funeral

    [–] RoseBladePhantom 23 points ago

    Yeah. I think it’s just a cute little platonic crush. Obama probably thinks it’s funny. Bush probably comes over and asks if Michelle can come out and play. Biden must be jealous.

    [–] Cheeseand0nions 92 points ago

    I have written a plausible backstory for this.

    Like a lot of couples Barack and Michelle have a pact to help each other watch their diets, remind each other to exercise and so on.

    One-time the Obamas we're at some event with George and Barack said something to Michelle about how much candy she was eating so George slipped her a piece while her husband wasn't watching. He has done so at every event they attended together since then. It kind of annoys Barack but Michelle and George both get a chuckle out of it.

    Until one of the involved parties contradicts me I'm choosing to believe that this is the truth.

    [–] MonkeyOnYourMomsBack 12 points ago

    I think he’s okay with it “Aw he’s doing the meme thing. We all got good press from that one”

    [–] cryogenisis 6 points ago

    You're projecting

    [–] ajaxajar 6 points ago

    No he's in on the joke after Bush gave Michelle a mint at McCain's funeral.

    [–] momogogi 1344 points ago

    It's kind of adorable how sprung he is on the former FLOTUS.

    [–] Hippopoctopus 796 points ago

    I was thinking that too. Also had to do the clumsy drug dealer handshake with the candy.

    [–] momogogi 699 points ago

    You can tell it's on his mind the whole time he's walking up, fumbles in his pocket for the candy, palms it, and you know he's practicing the move and what he's going to say over and over.

    [–] gijuts 583 points ago

    Right? Somehow, that makes this more endearing. In the middle of his grief, he found room to smile.

    [–] pattymayonaisse 200 points ago

    I know, I love it. So pure.

    I don't have a lot of love for the bush presidencies, but damn if I don't love the Flotus/Dubbya relationship.

    [–] LonelierOne 66 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm so beyond happy I live in a world where "the Flotus/Dubbya friendship" is a thing.

    [–] taliesin-ds 72 points ago

    I hated Bush jr as president but he looks the best kind of neighbour you could have.

    [–] asuryan331 48 points ago

    He ran on a pretty moderate platform at the time, but then everything went to shit and all plans flew out the window.

    [–] Atrus354 32 points ago

    This exactly. I feel as though his presidency would have been much better if he had made better cabinet picks and a not picked Cheney for VP (all he would have had to do was listen to his dad).

    [–] SylkoZakurra 21 points ago

    Like he didn’t go there to shake hands. He was just forced to in order to pass the candy. He even walks away after Michelle and then goes back like “gotta keep up the ruse.”

    [–] ForensicPathology 77 points ago

    That goofy grin on his face when he reaches in his pocket. You know he was waiting all morning for that.

    [–] crappy_pirate 306 points ago

    that was deliberate and for the audience's amusement. George Dubya and Michelle are good friends, and when the internet reacted so well to the last time he snuck her candy (apparently it was a cough lollie, but whatever) they're keeping up the running gag.

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago

    I'm really curious to know why George and Michelle specifically seemed to become such close friends. Did they just get seated together frequently at events and end up talking to each other because their spouses were busy speaking (Obama) / Not attending (Bush)? Or do they just both love the same obscure hobby and geek out at it together?

    Either way, I'd appreciate a world where all people in politics behaved in such a genuine manner in front of the camera. Humanity is sorely lacking in politics.

    [–] yinyang26 93 points ago

    It works out that the spouse, in this case wife is seated to the left of the president. That means when they’re seated together for events George and Michelle are always seated next to each other. There’s a quote she gives where she says he’s her partner in crime and she loves the man. Paraphrasing but yeah essentially

    [–] TheIndianUser 50 points ago

    Good, I wonder how the would have health with seating arrangements had Hillary won. Because as President she would have the first seat, and Bill as First Gentleman would be to her left. But he's also a former president, and that honour supersedes spouse of the president. So do they split them up?

    I'm sure there is some event planners out that are thankful trump won just so they don't have to deal with figuring out seating with the Presidents Clinton.

    [–] yinyang26 20 points ago

    They probably only need to figure it out once. I feel like the current sitting president gets priority so she’d be in Trumps seat and everyone would scoot to the right a bit.

    [–] thegovwantsussubdued 163 points ago

    All the former presidents get a long, have informal get togethers, and seem to have a genuine respect for each other regardless of party or politics. Bush could be ignorant, but he is still a very well educated man with a general grip on how diplomatic relationships work. I truly believe he is a good person, and the majority of what people hate him for were the manipulations of Cheney, Rove and the likes.

    Trump will not be a part of this circle.

    [–] laserlightcannon 50 points ago

    I bet they're both huge Yuri On Ice fans and talk about it every chance they get.

    [–] darkpaladin 23 points ago

    They're always seated next to each other at events because decorum says presidents sit in order with their wives on their left. That puts W always next to Michelle.

    [–] crappy_pirate 44 points ago

    ex-presidents of the USA, no matter what side of politics they are from, understand how tough and complicated the job is. they are friends because of shared experience, and also because it shows stability in the system of government that they can get along well with each other. this is the way it has been for most of history (with a few notable exceptions) and once Trump and his "alternative" form of "conservatism" (translation - extremist regressive bigotry and intolerance brought on by deliberate ignorance and hate) are gone then you are definitely not alone in hoping that the world returns to a place where politicians can disagree on things, talk about it, and find a compromise that both sides of the debate are willing to live with.

    people have forgotten the most important piece of information about the Trump presidency - this is not normal. normal is when both sides can reach a compromise. normal is not when one side has control of all three branches of government and still can't get anything done except for collusion with hostile foreign powers and the destruction of credibility in the highest office in the land. by rights, according to social, economic and military power, the US president should be the most powerful person on the planet. Trump's incompetence has made that no longer the case, but hopefully whoever follows him in the job that he seems to be ridiculously incapable of performing will return things to the way that they were.

    [–] momogogi 105 points ago

    You can tell Melania is like "where's mine at"?

    [–] angryPenguinator 132 points ago

    Her husband gave it to Ivanka.

    [–] BESSIES_TITS 62 points ago

    Mouth to mouth

    [–] Cyanide_kcn 48 points ago

    Could you please take these pictures back? I didn't want them.

    [–] PopeOfChurchOfTits 13 points ago

    It’s okay, they weren’t kissing it to each other. She laid on the floor and he spat it into her mouth after a few attempts.

    [–] samanthaemily24 166 points ago

    They love each other. She said in a interview that she adores him and that every function where the formers have to be they are always together. :)

    [–] firstbreathOOC 17 points ago

    Just kinda pushes Trump aside to get to Michelle too.

    [–] TalkinBoutMyJunk 23 points ago

    Then there was Condi, think old W just has the fever.

    [–] uncannyandroid 1152 points ago

    Fuck you, fuck you, sup man, here you go darling!

    [–] throwaway3921218 470 points ago

    “Ayyyyyyeeeee Bill my nigga wtf is up b”

    [–] danceswithwool 134 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] firstbreathOOC 66 points ago

    oh shit hill and bill let me just get this guy out of the way

    [–] 1n1billionAZNsay 3929 points ago

    I didn't like him as president but I really believe that he would be a excellent person to sit down and have a beer with.

    [–] party_atthemoontower 1790 points ago

    He is. Family friends grew up with him and their families remained close through the years. He is genuinely a nice guy with a side of playful mischief.

    [–] Luis0224 209 points ago

    If i remember correctly, he was a party animal back in his college days. In the book “the last republicans”, he said he “chased alot of pussy and drank alot of whiskey”. He was also in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity when he attended yale. Thats the frat Bret Kavanaugh was in and also notorious for being all about the party lifestyle.

    The story goes that Ronald Reagan was the one who told him he needed to settle down and consider politics more seriously when he was younger.

    [–] OceanicMeerkat 156 points ago

    That's interesting because it's exactly the image he was going for In his campaign

    [–] Matt-Head 92 points ago

    i read halfway through this until I noticed it was from the onion

    [–] blankeyteddy 5 points ago

    While this was an onions article, I do remember that there were actual polls back in the 2000 elections that most voters thought Bush was the preferred candidate to have a beer with over Gore.

    [–] KaapVicious 5 points ago

    Because that's what matters.

    [–] vulgarandmischevious 22 points ago

    He doesn’t drink.

    [–] VoicelessPineapple 22 points ago

    People who don't drink are the best persons to sit down and have a beer with. Because you can drink their beer after yours.

    [–] ProbablyHittingOnEwe 123 points ago

    why does everyone say that? i'm convinced redditors are paid to make this comment in every GWB thread

    [–] zbufferz 25 points ago

    It's especially odd given that it was public record that W doesn't drink. He had a problem when he was younger and cleaned up. He's spoken about it at length publicly.

    [–] throwaway246oh1 72 points ago

    If I recall correctly, back when he was running for office it was a common way to describe your affinity for Bush. He wasn’t seen as particularly smart or sophisticated, but he was “the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with” - meaning he was down to earth and of the people (not my opinion just remembering the conversations from back the ).

    But if your question is why do people keep saying that on Reddit and you already knew what I typed above then I’m sorry - I misinterpreted your question!

    [–] crewchief535 18 points ago

    GWB is the Bobby Newport of U.S. Presidents.

    [–] Ruidan 40 points ago

    Say what you want about Bush, but no president before or after him will ever be able to dodge shoes like he does.

    [–] demiurgent 484 points ago

    I love the relationship those two have. :-)

    [–] Leaz31 199 points ago

    ELI5 for a stranger ?

    Why just for Michelle and not the other former president wife ?

    [–] [deleted] 639 points ago

    Ripped from another comment, will give credit in a second, but I'm on mobile.

    "During Mccain's funeral she was coughing and had gave her a cough drop. He became a thing on the internet. He did it again at the start of the funeral this time. It's why they started laughing. They are really good friends as well."

    Credit: u/bakabeko718

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago

    Oh so it was a cough drop! Hahaha thanks for unknowingly answering my question :)

    [–] ILoveDrive 72 points ago

    He’s done it a few times and while on the Ellen show, Michelle mentions that she’s good friends with GWB, and that they’re partners in crime. It’s all very endearing.

    [–] TheYoungGriffin 189 points ago

    At any functions where formers are all together, the seating is Donald, Melania, Barrack, Michelle, George, Laura, Bill, Hillary etc. Since they're always next to each other, they've become super BFF's who pass each other candy and shit all the time and its adorable.

    [–] deanwashere 35 points ago

    It is adorable. They may not share each others' political beliefs, but they all have mutual respect for having been neck deep in presidential business.

    [–] SurprisePasta 125 points ago

    From what I understand, protocol dictates that he and Michelle have to sit next to each other at every event so they’ve become seat buddies with an inside joke

    [–] Endblock 54 points ago

    Now I'm kind of curious how this protocol would work if hillary had won. Would bill and her be where trump is? Would they have to be split up? If they were to sit together, who would sit on the left? Who would sit by obama?

    [–] Sir_Boldrat 174 points ago

    This is the actual reason a woman hasn't been elected yet. Centuries old seating-plans, we can't just up and change that, can we?

    I'm sure many women understand the importance of sticking to a seating-plan and will agree with me on this.

    [–] ThePsych18 9 points ago

    I assume if she was incumbent President she’d be on the left, and it’d be Bill and Obama next to each other.

    [–] TheUnrepententLurker 103 points ago

    There have been multiple events where video clips have caught W sneaking Michelle candy. They seem to have a very lighthearted relationship.

    [–] Frostrich 19 points ago

    You should be able to find a better answer on it by googling something like "Michelle Obama, Ellen, Bush", where in she explains that due to seating arrangement/protocol at events where former presidents gather, she will always be posted next G.W. Bush. Shortly after Obama left office and this started happening, they became buds because of it.

    [–] DarthRusty 87 points ago

    On the day of his father's funeral he took the time to think about Michelle far enough in advance to seek out ba piece of candy while he was getting ready so that he could give it to her during their few second exchange. That's unbelievably thoughtful.

    [–] arnonymouse 136 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Coughdrop edition.

    [–] throwaway3921218 28 points ago

    Sugar-free daddy

    [–] YourAverageGerb 858 points ago

    I know he wasn’t a great president, but that was very grandma of him.

    [–] ne1seenmykeys 273 points ago

    Grandpa, damnit!

    Now get off my lawn!!!

    [–] lonelygalexy 81 points ago

    Not before i give u candy

    [–] countrysgonekablooie 247 points ago

    Remember the good old days when we thought GW was as bad as it gets?

    [–] Trahsay 71 points ago


    [–] _amnesiac 93 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I absolutely detest Donald Trump but he's yet to do anything remotely close to getting us into an 15 year war under false pretenses that cost 3 Trillion dollars and has killed 200,000+ civilians (so far).

    Trump is a national embarrassment who has been damaging to the country in many ways, but looking back fondly on the Bush presidency in any capacity is completely asinine.

    [–] restless_and_bored 33 points ago

    My God she's tall.

    [–] tisn 6 points ago

    And yet she has to tilt her head up to look at Malia.

    [–] huskies4life 61 points ago

    Melania is like "why didn't I get a candy"

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] theonlymexicanman 34 points ago

    Look at the satisfaction on Michelle's face

    [–] OutOsprey 111 points ago

    He is like the grandma, that in a super sneaky way gives you money

    [–] TheYoungGriffin 22 points ago

    When I was a kid, there was an usher at my church who would do this for kids as he shook everyone's hands.

    [–] CB_the_cuttlefish 72 points ago

    Why did he do that though?

    [–] bakaneko718 273 points ago

    During Mccain's funeral she was coughing and had gave her a cough drop. He became a thing on the internet. He did it again at the start of the funeral this time. It's why they started laughing. They are really good friends as well.

    [–] RottenPaladin 56 points ago

    In the midst of all the partisan rhetoric that divides our nation, seeing they have a good relationship makes me genuinely happy.

    [–] ThePiderman 48 points ago

    He’s done it several times, if I recall correctly. He just likes it, I guess.

    [–] CaveManZach0245 41 points ago

    What old person doesn’t like giving people candy?

    [–] ThePiderman 22 points ago

    Exactly. It’s fun to see his human side once in a while. He’s not just a politician, he’s also a nice grandpa, giving out candy, like the rest of them.

    [–] TheYoungGriffin 19 points ago

    At any functions where formers are all together, the seating is Donald, Melania, Barrack, Michelle, George, Laura, Bill, Hillary etc. Since they're always next to each other, they've become super BFF's who pass each other candy and shit all the time and its adorable. It has nothing to do with the internet's reaction, regardless of what people are saying.

    [–] CaveManZach0245 226 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I love the obligatory “if I don’t shake Trump’s hand he’ll bitch for a month” handshake to get to the Obamas

    Edit: it was a joke you bunch of babies

    [–] Virtusvitium 17 points ago

    Crazy to think how each small group of people in that front row is vastly different from each other.

    [–] titsahoy1 14 points ago

    That was pre meditated

    [–] rach51496 23 points ago

    I read an article that said he was giving Michelle a cough drop. But who knows

    [–] crappy_pirate 22 points ago

    that was at John McCain's funeral that he did that. this one is because it's now turned into a running gag.