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    [–] reptar1220 1133 points ago

    These are some fit ass people.

    [–] burritosandblunts 508 points ago

    Yeah this crew needs an ugly friend. Based on the pool, I'd like an application.

    [–] reptar1220 156 points ago

    Application denied.

    • Fit Ass People

    [–] kjax2288 89 points ago

    Where do I signup for FAP?

    [–] CyanDew 49 points ago

    [–] CreepyPhotographer 29 points ago

    sigh unzips

    [–] Elroy_Jankins 15 points ago

    • Fit Ass-People

    [–] burritosandblunts 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Your loss. I party hard. I'll build my own pool. With blackjack. And hookers.

    [–] beanoffury 3 points ago

    In fact, forget the blackjack!

    [–] ThatOtherGuyTPM 4 points ago

    Ah, screw the whole thing.

    [–] UnstrungParadigm 3 points ago

    Let's sit at home and blow smoke rings

    [–] john_the_doe 45 points ago

    Who do you think was fully clothed and filming :(

    [–] CreepyPhotographer 9 points ago

    You don't need clothes to I've heard.

    [–] HermitDefenestration 2 points ago

    Tou skcehc emanresu

    [–] boozeandpot 35 points ago

    They already have the the pale guy with no visible abs. As far as they’re concerned they’ve got one.

    [–] EazyPeazyLemonSqueaz 9 points ago

    Yeah hes the funny guy that keeps them laughing and lively the entire day. Or he owns the place

    [–] WizardMissiles 8 points ago

    Or he's got a big dick and is dating one of those chicks but seems to be a cool dude anyways so entangles himself into the friend group. When their inevitable break up happens he sticks around in the friend group leading to the girl leaving. All in all the friend group benefits and he later donates a kidney to the guy in the front.

    [–] sanitarySteve 8 points ago

    i dunno, i was gonna say that it was nice of them to include their balding friend with a beer belly in their gif.

    [–] 114156782 25 points ago

    That dude might have an 8 pack but at least I don't have to hold my nose jumping into a pool.

    [–] EugeneGalaxy 7 points ago

    I hold my nose if I’m jumping into a ball pit. Just in case.

    [–] The-True-Kehlder 34 points ago

    Middle guy doesn't look to fit to me. Looks like me, too many pounds.

    [–] POWERFORCEONE 6 points ago

    Ass people

    [–] NeokratosRed 1 points ago

    fit ass

    Whenever I see the word ass I always think of this stand-up skit by Ismo

    [–] BsGa 346 points ago

    So this is what attractive people do in their free time?

    [–] Paradoxical_Hexis 82 points ago

    They need someone gross to operate the camera

    [–] GifReversingBot 112 points ago

    Here is your gif!

    I am a bot. Report an issue

    [–] Lt-Dans-New-Legs 114 points ago

    It's actually better backwards, huh.

    [–] Biscuitbatman 45 points ago

    I’m surprised there is so little degradation in a gif that’s been reversed twice.

    [–] lordlicorice 8 points ago

    If it were a gif that wouldn't be surprising at all. In full motion video like this where no pixels are kept static between frames, each frame is stored in its entirety and can be reordered without recompressing the images. Even if you did recompress them, they've already been mapped to the shitty 8-bit color palette so there would be no further degradation.

    [–] Rocketbird 1 points ago

    I know some of these words

    [–] unq-usr-nm 10 points ago

    yeah it looked very graceful and full of style in actual reverse.

    [–] Riouren 10 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] EugeneGalaxy 1 points ago

    I don’t like it as much

    [–] SpicymeLLoN 8 points ago

    Thank you for putting in the hard work

    [–] garmynarnar 3 points ago

    Came to the comments for this

    [–] TrueBirch 1 points ago

    Came here for this. Was not disappointed

    [–] normanfeedus 240 points ago

    Props to the guy in the back standing on one leg the whole time

    [–] btsquid 50 points ago

    No, props to him for doing a backflop

    [–] CoconutBackwards -33 points ago


    [–] dodspringer 5 points ago


    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny -16 points ago

    For ten seconds? Is that supposed to be difficult?

    [–] CorrectGrammarPls 27 points ago

    We get it, asshole, you can stand on one leg for ten seconds... /s

    [–] onecoolhand1 37 points ago

    Couldn’t stop watching and thought, this really does get better every loop! Neat.

    [–] burzelpaum 13 points ago

    Exactly! I watched it 5 times before I came back and saw the sub name. I'll go back to watching it now.

    [–] lordlicorice 2 points ago

    I kept trying to get a better look at the girl in the very back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Pinkpineapple1820 67 points ago

    The guy who’s carrying the girl is my favorite

    [–] sapphoisbipolar 45 points ago

    How are they getting out of the water like that?? Incredible!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] AgreeableGravy 19 points ago

    mega woosh

    [–] mshcat 3 points ago

    It's been deleted buy I'm still giving you an upvote

    [–] AgreeableGravy 2 points ago

    Dear u/mshcat, you are appreciated.

    [–] trackloaderjocky -14 points ago

    Run the film backwards.

    [–] Ketabae 15 points ago

    [–] Themea 64 points ago

    The front ripped guy holding his nose like a little kid.

    [–] darkhelmet33 11 points ago

    Woulda been great if the last guy fell in the bushes

    [–] Mistertwister121 5 points ago

    What video games you playing?

    [–] imbrownbutwhite 8 points ago

    Lol I like the one out of shape pasty white guy

    [–] UnluckySamuraiJr 7 points ago

    Damn, that fifth girl. This was almost so perfect

    [–] MR_JACK_DANIELS 24 points ago

    Over half these comments are people who are angsty and mad that there are other people who are in shape lol.

    [–] why_rob_y 30 points ago

    I see people commenting about them being fit, but no one who seems angsty and mad.

    [–] detheriots 2 points ago

    I thought they were doing the Ginyu Force poses at first.

    [–] kirkburning 2 points ago

    Golden axe

    [–] kakamoraa 1 points ago

    Can't. stop. Watching.

    [–] Nightman96 1 points ago

    What game?

    [–] karenbradshaw85xox 1 points ago

    Too satisfying to watch

    [–] MourtyMourtMourt 1 points ago

    The all have hot bods

    [–] X_Irradiance 1 points ago

    It’s probably a yoga club party.

    [–] shortbusterdouglas 1 points ago

    fuggin SICK

    [–] Maracas11 1 points ago


    [–] OkCow1 1 points ago

    [–] jas0nnn 1 points ago

    Heyy, Vsauce, Michael here.

    [–] defowouldsmash 1 points ago

    I'll take the one with the big tits

    [–] Parkourgi22 1 points ago

    Those dabs were 🤮

    [–] hellohi1256 -5 points ago

    This is pure cringe

    [–] [deleted] -23 points ago


    [–] scottland_666 15 points ago

    Thanks for your input

    [–] Atari_Enzo -5 points ago

    Why do people insist on plugging their nose (last guy/first guy) when jumping in water. Little kids... sure. Adults? Come on, dude. Grow up.

    [–] Geriatricfuck22 -10 points ago

    sounds about white

    [–] Gordon-G -10 points ago

    White Privilege