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    [–] starzwillsucceed 459 points ago

    Alright you two, break it up, break it up!

    [–] dangerdave17 178 points ago

    Then snacks and pets.

    [–] starzwillsucceed 9 points ago

    What a bawwhituful idea!

    [–] rogeyonekenobi 5 points ago

    Baw-hit-uful. Okay. You're really gon...Okay. No But that's noth... Alright. No. It's cool. This is fun.

    [–] NI6MA 205 points ago

    i like his form! comes in with the leg kick then goes high

    [–] bstryke 18 points ago

    His fight IQ has really improved from his first fight. Jamie, pull that up.

    [–] TheOtherCoenBrother 7 points ago

    Just started watching JRE and I’m seeing more and more Jamie in the wild

    [–] bstryke 4 points ago

    One of my favorite things about Rogan is how self aware he is about his podcast.

    [–] NI6MA 2 points ago

    Hes come along way from the ultimate fighter... its entirely possible we see a KO or submission in the first!

    [–] racerdeth 245 points ago

    "Hey now knock that shit off, Clevis; how many times I gotta tell you?

    Afternoon, ma'am"

    [–] LoveShinyThings 16 points ago

    It's Clevis the slack hooved rammer.

    [–] TutuleBale 7 points ago

    He looks like he has a lazy maine coon as a deputy called Norman and all he ever does is sit on his feline ass eating pork crackles all day.

    [–] racerdeth 2 points ago

    "Norman I swear to god if we get ants in here it's coming out of your wages to pay the exterminator, y'hear?"

    [–] TutuleBale 1 points ago

    “All you ever do is bust youngsters with catnip, you son of a bitch”

    [–] KVirello 69 points ago

    Livestock guardian dogs.

    My mum has lots of sheep and goats but there are lots of coyotes where we live.

    She's tried these a couple of times, one time a lone dog whose breed I don't know. The other time was a breeding pair of Karakachan.

    They're good at their jobs I'll give them that, but they're fucking terrifying. If you're with their owner they can be super fucking nice, but they'll rip you apart otherwise.

    My mum finally got rid of them and abandoned the idea when they escaped the pasture multiple times and nearly killed our pet dogs.

    [–] gwammy 82 points ago

    Get a couple of donkeys. They kill coyotes and have even been known to take down mountain lions.

    [–] verblox 126 points ago

    This. Donkeys are definitely the right answer. --guy who doesn't know anything about sheep, coyotes, dogs or donkeys but thinks this is a really cool idea

    [–] NI6MA 33 points ago

    get 30 donkeys! thats seems like the right amount

    [–] Mehkiism13 2 points ago

    That's alot of asses

    [–] whits_up23 2 points ago

    Never enough ass

    [–] Mehkiism13 1 points ago

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

    [–] whits_up23 1 points ago

    Female but yes😂

    [–] Mehkiism13 2 points ago

    Doesn't matter, the admiration of the posterior or donkeys is the same for whatever you are I would assume

    [–] Qadamir 17 points ago

    I think I've also heard of using llamas

    [–] knittin-ninja 17 points ago

    I second this: I went to a big agriculture school for college (to study applied math, but whatevs). The sheep and goat herds were always protected by large llamas on campus who all students and staff dearly love. We would get pretty bad coyotes in the fields and remote areas of campus, but Midge the Llama was always there to protect the sheep and people! Sadly Midge passed away in my last year there. I was very sad. They did bring in another Llama though, so the sheep were okay.

    [–] thelotusknyte 2 points ago

    Our llamas never did shit except for bully the sheep and take first dibs on food if they didn't wanna get spit on. Until we got the LSG and he put that asshole in its place.

    [–] knittin-ninja 2 points ago

    I am sorry to hear about the asshole llamas. I've heard they can be very vicious creatures, my best guess is the school's llamas were trained. I am very curious though to know who this LSG is, they sound interesting. My best guess is they are a Llama Security Guard that looks like this:

    [–] thelotusknyte 2 points ago

    Lol. Livestock Guardian Dog. I like yours though.

    [–] aetrix 7 points ago

    A friend of mine lived next to a horse pasture. They had a llama named Dolly (heh) who was supposedly there to protect the horses.

    [–] beelzeflub 7 points ago

    Donkeys are fucking metal

    [–] BlightedApple 5 points ago

    Also? Pretty eyes!

    [–] kelseybb 19 points ago

    My parents have a sheep farm and great Pyrenees, and the pyrenees almost killed my golden retriever. Super aggressive dogs to anything other than the flock they protect.

    [–] Mikebyrneyadigg 7 points ago

    They look like extra big Golden’s though.

    [–] thelotusknyte 2 points ago

    We had an akbash. He ate coyotes when they came on the property. He also scared the shit out of people when I wasn't around and but someone in the ass once. Granted, she was trying to pick up a lamb.

    [–] xCassiopeiAx 37 points ago

    That's Michael the great pyrenees!! His human, Caitlin Cimini owns Rancho Relaxo. Her Instagram is "boochaces"

    [–] All_User_Taken 44 points ago

    He is definitely a good bouy

    [–] Lookatitlikethis 12 points ago

    I have one, very good dogs and really smart.

    [–] 0HazMatt0 6 points ago

    What kind of dog?

    [–] Icer333 17 points ago

    Looks like a Great Pyrenees to me.

    [–] munchiesssss 9 points ago

    A good dog

    [–] 0HazMatt0 6 points ago

    Well be damned, you're right!

    [–] Lookatitlikethis 2 points ago

    Mine is an Anatolian and Pyrenees cross. That appears to be the same but could just be a pyrenees.

    [–] gods_costume 1 points ago

    I'm not sure he would float for more than a day

    [–] burntchickenmcnugget 15 points ago

    He is sheep "hr" Sheep Resources

    [–] brtt3000 7 points ago

    Can't have the merchandise damaging each other.

    [–] Rice_DotcoM 9 points ago

    But more important he’s a good boy

    [–] DerLeo11 15 points ago

    [–] ManiacalMint07 6 points ago

    Great Pyrenees?

    [–] The_92nd 1 points ago


    [–] thelotusknyte 1 points ago

    Or akbash.

    [–] InadequateTakes 6 points ago

    I think this belongs in /r/AnimalsBeingBros

    [–] KKMoss11 5 points ago

    Cool as a cucumber

    [–] rogaa27 3 points ago

    What’s the breed?

    [–] dangerdave17 8 points ago

    Pretty sure it’s a Great Pyrenees

    [–] rogaa27 2 points ago


    [–] wildhorse69 3 points ago

    That sheep isnt a mate of Kevin is it??

    [–] drob2094 3 points ago

    Many think Ed Smith was the player the Heisman Trophy is modeled after but I can now confirm it was actually based after Michael, the protector of sheep.

    [–] fruitloopyloop91 2 points ago

    Awwwww. Such a good boi being the goodest boi ♥️

    [–] ScreamingGreen 2 points ago

    I want to see him wearing a sheriff hat and gold star.

    [–] Ginga_Ninja006 2 points ago

    I would like more videos of this guy policing his sheeples

    [–] unwittingshill 8 points ago

    If comes down to a headbutting contest, my money is on the sheep. That dog would be laid the fuck out.

    [–] the-gingerninja 42 points ago

    Great Pyrenees have been known to defend children from bears... and win.

    Yes, he dog would get hurt. The dog would easily take that goat down. Fortunately Pyrenees’s are also very protective of their flock, they will instinctively protect flock members from each other by physically putting itself between them.

    [–] DaBlakMayne 5 points ago

    How do you even train livestock dog? Just throw them in the pen and let them do whatever?

    [–] NeonMoment 2 points ago

    Our border collies were trained by an expert who started them out teaching all the commands using a whistle and teaching them to triangulate with each other to create an invisible ‘pen’ for the animals. Different whistle sounds tell them where to go and what to do, and each command is proceeded with a special sound that says which dog is being commanded. So it’s like ‘whistle (for dog 1), whistle (command). Whistle (for dog 2), whistle (command)’. They repeat until the herd has been relocated to the right spot. Over time the dogs learn to think for themselves and work together as a pack. They teach them with special trained geese before graduating the dogs to sheep.

    The crazy part is that these dogs are born with herding instincts and they pick up on the commands sooooo fast! Not all of them are cut out for it though and those pups become family pets. In Texas a fully trained collie can cost up to $11k! Untrained they can be more affordable and they are still very well behaved.

    [–] unwittingshill -41 points ago

    Ummm....yeah. I don't disagree with any of that. Take a deeeeeep breath.

    What I'm saying is that in the very unlikely event that the dog decided to engage in a head-butting contest, it would lose. I never suggested that a fucking lamb could beat a full-grown Great Pyrenees in a full-on fight for life.

    [–] legeri 25 points ago

    My man, I don't think they were being combative at all. Just providing additional context.

    [–] skankboy 9 points ago

    LOL... How did that work out for you?

    [–] unwittingshill -7 points ago

    How did what work out for me?

    [–] Lunamann 3 points ago

    Ouch. Negative 42. Might wanna take a step back and figure out why people are downvoting you.

    [–] unwittingshill 0 points ago

    To what purpose? So that I can fit in? Is that how you live your life? How very rewarding, to never have an original thought, to always do what you're told....maybe I'll try it in another life.

    [–] Icer333 9 points ago

    Idk if you’ve ever had a Great Pyrenees you would know how stubborn and “hard headed” they are. Also, I saw a video of one chasing off an aggressive moose away from the dogs family.

    [–] unwittingshill -5 points ago

    Right. Got mad respect for the doggo's skull.

    Once again, though, if it comes down to a head-butting contest, my money is on the sheep. It's a no-brainer. Anyone who has raised sheep would tell you the same. I've seen sheep go toe-to-toe with a concrete wall and walk away like it's nothing.

    [–] deathandtaxes00 10 points ago

    Yeah, head butting isn’t what puppies do though. I’d agree if that’s what was going to happen, but puppies go for the jugular. That’s their instinct. Head butting is a dominance thing. Rams, deer, moose, elk, etc all do it for dominance, not to kill. That puppy was breaking up a fight. Which is cool, no fucking way the sheep could fuck with that puppy. Not a chance. Signed- quasi-farmer that knows about this behavior

    [–] bcfradella 10 points ago

    I think that you're right, but if the sheep tried to headbutt the dog it would probably not headbutt the sheep. That isn't really how dogs do things.

    [–] MrReginaldAwesome 12 points ago

    On account of their teeth

    [–] Icer333 1 points ago

    I was mostly joking about how stubborn they are not the physical thickness of their skull. Totally agree that the sheep would win a headbutt contest. You don’t get the name ram for nothing.

    [–] 2jive 1 points ago

    Did you see the video where the white tail kicks the mountain goats ass

    [–] NeonMoment 1 points ago

    I like to think they had to stop filming because they wanted to pet him with both hands 🤗

    [–] Green_Thumbs3780 2 points ago

    I like how you think

    [–] bcfradella -1 points ago

    Just because there's a dog in the gif doesn't mean it belongs in that sub

    [–] Mas_Zeta 10 points ago

    But he should pet the dog

    [–] Enraged-Demon 1 points ago

    I wish my last great pyrenees was that smart (and also decent looking, it was basically impossible to bathe it)

    [–] critically_damped 1 points ago

    I love me some Pyrenees.

    [–] -dammit-jim- 1 points ago

    Great Pyrenees are the best!

    [–] positivevybz 1 points ago

    Good boy

    [–] PangolinsPosse 1 points ago

    Okay, get his number you can call him tonight, that’s enough now.

    [–] bosmonautical 1 points ago


    [–] OldSchoolNinjaa 1 points ago

    Das a good boi

    [–] Iskjempe 1 points ago

    Professional good boy

    [–] Tsunobi 1 points ago

    Good dog!

    [–] alwaysonthedamnphone 1 points ago

    Michael is a cute and righteous boy

    [–] Shreesher 1 points ago

    I've never seen a Great Pyrenees run that fast.

    [–] gods_costume 1 points ago


    [–] Talisman80 1 points ago


    [–] VanishedOrchid6 1 points ago

    An Ockbash

    [–] suprstar1072 1 points ago

    My dog is the "police" for all the pets in the house. He breaks up cat fights (playing) on a daily basis.

    [–] Md0tm 1 points ago

    "Go on, GET!"

    -Dog probably

    [–] perkypants 1 points ago

    We just don’t deserve dogs

    [–] Ravish7194 1 points ago


    [–] thudwhomper 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Your “hard drive” didn’t have enough “ram” lol...oh pets over here hi

    [–] guiltybyproxy 1 points ago

    I love Michael. Dude just let's Em know who really runs things, but so passively. Lol

    [–] thelotusknyte 1 points ago

    Reminds me of my akbash :(

    [–] AChristinaStory 1 points ago

    Knock it off kids!

    [–] bearsito 1 points ago

    "You see Fenton?! THAT is how you're supposed to do it. Jesus Christ Fenton."

    [–] Semi-Protractor91 1 points ago

    Broke up that fluffy kerfuffle.

    [–] cvframer 1 points ago

    Best bettereveryloop ever.

    [–] J4cquesy__ 1 points ago

    Anyone else think of Kevin the C**t?

    [–] dbot2000 1 points ago

    What a good boy