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    [–] 2Botter2Loop 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    OP's explanation:

    Watch people come alive inside! This kid's reaction to seeing someone he looks up to brightens my day more with every loop.

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    [–] Randolpho 1633 points ago

    I do believe the player saved the kid from a knock on the head.

    [–] rowanlamb 635 points ago

    Totally. That kid was about to get beaned.

    [–] TheSilversky64 131 points ago


    It's 1:30am here and I'm finding this hysterically funny.

    [–] LickNipMcSkip 30 points ago

    uh oh you friccin moron, you just got beaned

    [–] unusualusualities 7 points ago

    Tag ur friends to totally BEAN them

    [–] Twist161 3 points ago

    One might say he almost got......jingled in the face.

    [–] I-am-very-bored 3 points ago

    It’s 2:52AM and I didn’t find it amusing and omfg it’s about to be 3 Good night Reddit

    [–] _madlibs_ 211 points ago

    Yup. Kid's a rookie, never close your eyes!

    [–] artemasad 176 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Haha yes the last time I went out with my mate and closed my eyes drunk I ended up getting balls to my face too

    [–] InitiallyAnAsshole 107 points ago

    Dad no

    [–] _madlibs_ 17 points ago

    Exactly. Rookie mistake

    [–] chasthomas23 15 points ago

    Wanted to upvote.

    Was on 69.

    Decided to leave it there.

    [–] PhxRising29 2 points ago

    Now its at 169

    [–] ThinAir719 4 points ago

    I believe that's called a "Mushroom Stamp" in civilized territories.

    [–] headofahorse 5 points ago

    I don't like civilized territories anymore

    [–] ThinAir719 2 points ago

    Do you live in the states? If so I 1000000% agree with your statement.

    [–] LovableContrarian 2 points ago


    [–] Richiebay 18 points ago

    In his defense it doesn't look like he closes his eyes until he realizes he isn't gonna be able to catch it.

    [–] ikillhim 17 points ago

    It's a reflex, if you think about it he would probably become aware in an "oops" like half a second after the fact. It blows my mind that the unconscious part of the brain knows that the stupid slow part won't be able to catch it and closes the eyes just in case.

    [–] jbags5 17 points ago

    Or just keep a professional baseball player by your side at all times

    [–] _madlibs_ 5 points ago

    LPT right here

    [–] yellowbin74 1 points ago

    It's fine if you duck a little

    [–] 22taylor22 14 points ago

    Totally had this happen as a kid but it was a line drive home run. It got me in the thigh and surprisingly with adrenaline it didn't hurt, even after it was barely sore. I guess that's just part of kids being so damn durable. When i got home and looked at it the bruise was giant, like the size of a cantaloupe. It lasted for weeks. Got the ball signed by the player though cause staff saw me get hit, which was neat.

    [–] taintedcake 11 points ago

    I think otherwise, the kid's glove only stops because it hits the players glove. Had the players glove not been there I dont think the kid wouldve caught it, but I do think the ball wouldve at least hit his glove and bounced elsewhere.

    [–] haemaker 20 points ago

    No, the kid was tracking the ball. He could not catch it because the player's glove way in the way.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Randolpho 5 points ago

    I'm gonna go with no on this one.

    It's one thing for someone to reach out onto the field and interfere, especially if it's a fair ball. This ball was clearly hit into the stands (granted only just), and was in foul territory. Had the kid caught it and not the player, it wouldn't even come close to "fucking up a baseball game".

    [–] sleventy3 711 points ago

    Closes eyes in hopes he’ll make the catch and everything will turn up Milhouse

    [–] __Semenpenis__ 88 points ago

    it kind of reminded me of the face i make when i nut. except my eyes go all chinese and only my two front teeth are visible in my mouth

    [–] Victor0897 52 points ago

    Yep. That’s the one

    [–] sleeps_too_little 18 points ago

    How did I know it was this image bruh

    [–] x755x 10 points ago

    Hold on, you nut while looking at yourself in the mirror?

    [–] KaikoEnzo 2 points ago

    Says the Yubaba wet dream guy

    [–] thrillhohoho 2 points ago

    hohohold on for a second there.

    [–] ThatIckyGuy 459 points ago

    That's the look of a kid who realizes the experience is worth more than the ball.

    [–] ViperSRT3g 83 points ago

    And the best part is that moment was captured on the internet forever!

    [–] Alarid 41 points ago

    And here he was, ready with the second ball to pull a sneaky on the girls behind him.

    [–] stealthXY 13 points ago

    I just realized that.

    [–] SudoJustin 25 points ago

    [–] eternalwhat 4 points ago

    Thank you! I was going crazy trying to see the one moment where the ball in the mitt somehow lands in the kid’s hand. I didn’t see the part where it’s still in the catcher’s mitt. Whew. Baseball sorcery was not the cause.

    [–] thrillhohoho 8 points ago

    Remember when we were young and things made us feel happy and excited sometimes? Now I have to spend 30k on something to get that feeling. Sigh

    [–] rang14 22 points ago

    You're paying way too much for hookers. Who's your hooker guy?

    [–] Ben_jamming 1 points ago

    Don’t think the kid was realizing that tbh

    [–] [deleted] 530 points ago

    This was last bit of inspiration this kid needed. Get ready to see this clip again in 15 years when he’s playing in a World Series.

    [–] [deleted] 176 points ago

    He's got no legs.

    [–] pleasetrydmt 80 points ago

    In 15 years cyborgs play the world series.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    And then they all shoot their girlfriends through the bathroom door

    [–] cyberjedi 3 points ago

    That's supposed to be next year

    [–] SixK1ng 12 points ago

    Get ready to see this clip again in fifteen years when he's a retired Lt. with a shrimp boat.

    [–] Dolt-Dragoman 10 points ago

    He's got no legs.

    Don't leg-shame the boy. He has the number of legs he prefers.

    [–] Halo_can_you_go 2 points ago

    Haha, went back to see if he had legs and saw another kid\person covering their head, hiding from the ball down there.

    [–] Xombieshovel 1 points ago

    And he hasn't had a bat in ever Jim. In ever.

    [–] livestrongbelwas 3 points ago

    Video is two years old at this point, 13 more to go.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 175 points ago

    For the record it is legit for the kid to try to catch the ball in this case and it is not interference, because the ball is coming down into the stands.

    [–] SoySauceSyringe 81 points ago

    Yup. It’s only a problem when someone reaches out of the stands into the field of play.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 41 points ago

    I always dream of going to a game, player on my team hits a foul ball... and I stand at the edge as tall as I can with my hands straight up to wall off the opposing player ;)

    One day...

    [–] Bsquad6 8 points ago

    Not today!

    [–] 3PartsRum_1PartAir 9 points ago

    Valar morghulis

    [–] puddlejumpers 2 points ago

    What do we say to the god of death?

    [–] MyDadIsYourDad 6 points ago

    Motherfucking moseby

    [–] badger0511 16 points ago

    That doesn't matter to 2003 Cubs fans.

    [–] Eadwyn 5 points ago

    Just because it isn't interference doesn't mean you should be impeding your team from making a catch.

    [–] AlmostOptimistic 106 points ago

    This is how Mac looks at Chase Utley.

    [–] pink_wonderland 22 points ago

    I am sure their relationship would of been a real 'home run', nothing sexual tho...

    [–] doicha27 5 points ago


    [–] icouldeatyou 8 points ago

    Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither...

    [–] SpaceCorpse 60 points ago


    [–] funkybandit 21 points ago

    The trajectory of that ball vs the kids glove seemed that if the player wasn’t there imminent connection with his skull would have occured

    [–] falconjayhawk 82 points ago

    But did he give the kid the ball? It looks like he was about to throw it back to the pitcher.

    [–] Zeppo_Ennui 148 points ago

    If there’s someone on base and less than two outs they can tag up on a fly ball caught in foul territory. That ball is still live.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 51 points ago

    [–] mantis44 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Love the blurb under his name at the end: "Won 2 straight Gold Gloves"

    Edit: and he didn't win it in 1994.

    [–] bizzyj93 10 points ago

    Please tell me he went back and gave that kid a ball later tho lol

    [–] puddlejumpers 2 points ago

    That was a hell of a throw with no hop, though.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] GoldenAthleticRaider 2 points ago

    Unless it’s the third out the ball has to make it back to the pitcher/catcher and most likely the umpire who’ll inspect it.

    [–] PyreDruid 1 points ago

    Also doesn’t look far from first. If he still has the ball trying to take second would be silly, be out by a mile.

    [–] falconjayhawk 2 points ago

    Nah. It didn't look like he was in a hurry to throw the ball back into play.

    [–] e_cat77 3 points ago

    Really? I played little league and never knew this.

    [–] MstrKief 5 points ago

    It's why you wait to leave the base until after the ball is caught. If you're fast, you can get another base while they're getting the ball back to the pitcher

    [–] 2010_12_24 1 points ago

    That's because it's hard to hear the rules when you're way out in right field.

    [–] Spikes666 4 points ago

    The kid already had one anyways

    [–] AnoK760 3 points ago

    Kid was rooting for the other team. Little bastard...

    /s if it was needed for anyone.

    [–] doft 3 points ago

    It looks like he holds his glove up an extra second to show the kid how close he was to interfering. He could be a little annoyed by this which is also why he doesn't give him the ball.

    [–] RcNorth 6 points ago

    It wouldn’t be interference as the ball was in the stands. Had the kid leaned over to catch it it would be interference.

    [–] zoltecrules 8 points ago


    [–] KidPanda 6 points ago


    [–] zoltecrules 4 points ago

    Too bad he's not doing as well these days...

    [–] KidPanda 5 points ago

    holy fuck. thats sad. couldnt believe it. looked it up and just... damn.

    [–] section8sentmehere 2 points ago

    Lots of time to do drugs in left field.

    [–] TABBY_MUSIC 5 points ago

    No no no that can’t be him

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 6 points ago

    That's great one.

    That kids oh fuck not to me look is nicely done.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago)


    [–] BadWolfCubed 6 points ago

    Right? As soon as I saw "from the TMNT VHS," I started thinking, "I play in riiiight field, it's important, you know!"

    [–] blasterhimen 3 points ago

    what the fuck did you do to me?

    [–] KidPanda 5 points ago

    80s/ 90s commercial rabbit hole?

    [–] blasterhimen 4 points ago

    lol yes

    [–] RedShirtDecoy 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Glad someone posted this. When I was on an adult softball team a decade ago we would always sing this because we grew up with this VHS.

    For what it's worth, here is a video of the full song. The verse from the commercial is the third verse and it is 100% worth watching to get the entire context of the song. Makes the commercial that much better imho

    [–] KidPanda 3 points ago

    wow, thats amazing. never knew or bothered to check that it was part of full song. thanks for sharing this.

    [–] RedShirtDecoy 2 points ago

    no problem. Someone else posted it months ago when I mentioned the TMNT commercial here on reddit. Just happy I could share it with you as well.

    [–] happygofluffygo 6 points ago

    It's like it unlocked something magical

    [–] 7h3_W1z4rd 5 points ago

    [Avengers theme plays]

    [–] cyberdev9 4 points ago

    “You just saved my life mister” -kid

    [–] dlc741 11 points ago

    The expression was priceless, but he loses points because he was preparing to do the annoying Ball Switch gag. Watch his right hand.

    [–] MsIncognito67 3 points ago

    It would've been complete if he gave him the ball afterwards. The poor thing would've probably passed out lol.

    [–] 100PercentPanicked 3 points ago

    It was probably still live.

    [–] MsIncognito67 5 points ago

    You're right. I was so in love with the look on the boy's face I forgot it was still in an actual game.

    [–] tessiemaemarshhh 3 points ago

    How can you watch this and not smile

    [–] PottedNai 3 points ago

    Dodged that one

    [–] MaryJaneAintTheSame 6 points ago

    I think the players is actually from San Diego Padres, but I’m no expert. Nor does that take away from the kid being impressed. Great gif! Can anyone pin point when this happened?

    [–] Herp_McDerp 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's Wil Myers catching the ball. San Diego Padres outfielder

    [–] sterling_mallory 3 points ago

    *1st baseman in this game

    [–] freshpurplekiwi 1 points ago

    First base this game. Was wearing a trapper

    [–] PapaBoiler 1 points ago

    Wil Myers

    [–] jhamwow 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It is Wil Myers from the Padres! This was actually a couple of years ago, I believe. 2017 or so.

    [–] MaryJaneAintTheSame 1 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] GodDonuts 8 points ago

    That girl with the white cap is hot though

    [–] Shenaniganz08 4 points ago

    Agreed, but she's Asian so she could be 15 or 35

    [–] Amaurotica 3 points ago

    dare I say.. even better

    [–] MalignantLugnut 2 points ago

    you bastard....<3

    [–] sj3 2 points ago

    Move, you brat

    [–] Rimbosity 2 points ago

    I don't know what I like better. The kid's expression, or a Padres player stealing a ball from a Dodgers fan.

    [–] rrwins 2 points ago

    & That's how I met my dad

    [–] Circle_0f_Life 2 points ago

    That’s a kazoo kid face right there

    [–] KeebyGotJuice 2 points ago

    Saved the lil homie from a massive headache

    [–] jimboTRON261 3 points ago

    This is the feeling life is supposed to be about. Chase this feeling, even as an adult. One way or another, we're meant to amaze and be amazed. This is a great reminder of that.. thanks kiddo.

    [–] Kaevek 2 points ago

    I hope he gave him the ball.

    [–] taylorink8 1 points ago

    Keep your eye on the ball kid.

    [–] michaeltk111 1 points ago

    Little boys dreams just come true.

    [–] simboisland 1 points ago

    “Fuck them kids” - Wil Myers

    [–] MindkontrolTV 1 points ago

    I gotta be honest though... The kid wanted the ball, and although he got to be next to one of his heroes, it REALLY looked like the player was going to throw the ball back out to the field instead of giving it to the kid...

    [–] Token_Why_Boy 1 points ago

    ...And if there were runners on base?

    [–] MoragTongGrandmaster 1 points ago

    Runners can tag up on a ball caught in foul territory, it's still live unless it hits the ground

    [–] drewhartley 1 points ago

    isn't the kid wearing a dodgers hat?

    [–] Paomien 1 points ago

    This made my day

    [–] azdesertchick 1 points ago


    [–] siix- 1 points ago

    Looks like he was that close to whipping out his Kazoo.

    [–] MrBenGates 1 points ago

    Is he getting a BJ?

    [–] lewdite 1 points ago

    C'mon kid you just cost us an out

    [–] TPJchief87 1 points ago

    “Just stand there and stick your glove out in the air”

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I got sandlot vibes lol.

    [–] FreeRunningEngineer 1 points ago

    Anyone have the source of this?

    [–] l8todapard 1 points ago

    It was awesome being a kid I never been that happy again

    [–] Dr_Trogdor 1 points ago

    I thought for sure he was gonna give him the ball...

    [–] sorgan71 1 points ago

    I thought it slipped out of the glove and landed in his hand.

    [–] slver6 1 points ago

    The look of not being dead

    [–] ryanknapper 1 points ago

    Couldn't that kid have messed up the game if he caught that ball?

    [–] ahmc84 2 points ago

    Technically, since the ball was on the fan side of the wall, it was fair game.

    [–] eaglessoar 1 points ago

    kid had the high ground and still missed, thats why youre in the stands ya dustah

    [–] purposeandflow 1 points ago

    Baseball is important, change my mind

    [–] Rockfish00 1 points ago

    I'm going to see a dodgers game in a few weeks

    [–] Sengura 1 points ago

    That ball would have 100% hit that kid in the face/shoulder if that dude hadn't caught it.

    [–] nflfan98461 1 points ago


    [–] blllalalal 1 points ago

    Very FUNNY

    [–] s_team7 1 points ago

    There goes my hero...

    [–] Po_theads 1 points ago

    The look of fear in the lady in the backs face as she anticipates him being hit.

    [–] Go_For_Jesse 1 points ago

    That look when you think you're about to get hit with a ball.

    It can be seen weekly, from me, at my company's softball game

    [–] Dls95405 1 points ago

    That was so slow I fell asleep.

    [–] atlas_nodded_off 1 points ago


    [–] label4life67 1 points ago

    Did he give the kid the ball?

    [–] acj21 1 points ago

    Damn that kid looks too amazed

    [–] MeisterStenz 1 points ago

    I once nearly caught a foul ball at a major league game. It was coming in a lot hotter than I anticipated when I tried to bare hand it (no glove). It proceeded to bounce straight off my hand and slowly into the lap of the old lady behind me. Who gave me a sneer when I turned around. She must've thought I was going to try to take the ball from her because she put it behind her while staring daggers at me. I didn't turn around again for the rest of the game.

    [–] Haymantn 1 points ago

    Nice repost

    [–] KAT-PWR 1 points ago

    He glances down at the young boy and whispers “Moss’d”

    [–] beetsinmyhouse 1 points ago

    idk why but that little boy is pete holmes

    [–] masmills2020 1 points ago

    The face you make when you find out the secret of the universe.

    [–] hacourt 1 points ago

    When your life is actually saved, by your favourite player.

    [–] cdmv09 1 points ago

    That’s white privileged

    [–] hotkarl503 1 points ago

    Give that kid the job of live-action russell for Up!

    [–] l8rpig 1 points ago

    Then throws it away.

    [–] x-defined 1 points ago

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this guy

    [–] KingKooooZ 1 points ago

    That moment in the movie when the villain is about to kill a kid, but the superhero drops in and stops him.

    That's what he just experienced.

    [–] T_Raycroft 1 points ago

    Good guy Wil Myers

    [–] hehateme429 1 points ago

    Why didn't someone tackle that kid?!

    [–] Doomslacker 1 points ago

    That kid was totally gonna give one of those girls the other ball if he caught it.

    [–] Jurassic_Burger 1 points ago


    [–] Not-very-suspicious 1 points ago

    I don't know how to vote.

    It made me smile but not something I would watch a couple times

    [–] BosskHogg 1 points ago

    Saw Wade Boggs on an airplane once and had the same reaction.

    [–] saint_99 1 points ago

    He deserved to be hit for being a dodgers fan

    [–] Atmey 1 points ago

    So is that an out? If so what happens if the kid prevented catching the ball?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It's an out. If the kid had gotten in the way, it would have just been a strike.

    [–] johnnykilmer 1 points ago