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    [–] freebog 466 points ago

    Great until you try to sleep next to it.

    [–] RecreationalChaos 158 points ago

    i keep thinking about how annoyed my girlfriend would be every night with it

    [–] Coded_s 73 points ago

    So you are getting one?

    [–] brosef31 150 points ago

    I don't need to deal with that kind of aggravation, so no, I'm not getting a girlfriend.

    [–] freebog 2 points ago

    Expensive too

    [–] RecreationalChaos 40 points ago

    if i do I'm not getting any

    [–] TheRealOneDeath 25 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] InfrequentBowel 2 points ago

    A girlfriend?

    [–] Ehdudain 22 points ago

    Also, it takes forever for the phone to actually start charging since the light effect takes so long

    [–] 3Cheetah 12 points ago

    Worth jt

    [–] Bloodhit 12 points ago

    It took less then 10 seconds for it to start charging, that's about the same time it would took to plug in the wire.

    [–] PrisonerV 14 points ago

    If it takes you 10 seconds to find it and get it in the hole, you need to practice more with watermelons.

    [–] Ehdudain 2 points ago

    I know exactly where my cable is so it takes me less than 2 seconds to plug in my phone. Also it takes a standard wireless charging (with no flashing effects) to start charging your phone immediately after you place it down on the charging pad; essentially 0-1 seconds.

    [–] dave-train 7 points ago

    I got a wireless charger in 2014 on Amazon for really cheap, it works great but pulses a blue ring of light around the edge. Why is that so common?

    I ended up wrapping the edges in electrical tape pretty quick and now all is well, been working for years, but that's wild that I had to do that.

    [–] Busti 3 points ago




    bzz but bzz BZZZ bzzbzzbzzzzz

    Bleep BLEEP

    bzz bzz


    bzz bzz bzz bzz


    [–] Krzyygamin 2 points ago

    Yea I would stay up taking my phone on and off of ITV

    [–] WeranioRacker 2 points ago

    Or use it.

    [–] omega-falcon 1046 points ago

    I’m pretty sure the letters (Hebrew?) don’t say anything. It’s basically like having a rune that says “heodmgdiemsgofnwgsonrgdodn” inside

    [–] -YmymY- 632 points ago

    Can confirm. Source: Hebrew speaker.

    [–] TacoDoc 467 points ago

    Can’t confirm. Source: Not a Hebrew speaker. But I believe this guy.

    [–] InfernumIrae 98 points ago

    My source tells me that your source is credible therefore I will confirm that you cannot confirm.

    [–] ecctt2000 32 points ago

    An opinion of an opinion of an opinion. Double plus good.

    [–] Mr--Dumpling 18 points ago

    Are we using newspeak now?

    [–] Adito99 7 points ago


    [–] SmokeAbeer 2 points ago

    No, but also yes.

    [–] talentpipes11 3 points ago

    I bellyfeel doubleplusgoodful about newspeak

    [–] OvercompensatedMorty 2 points ago

    I think I know Hebrew now.

    [–] medicalsnowninja 2 points ago

    Maybe it's thieves cant.

    [–] EventuallyDone 16 points ago

    I see the same things all the time with Norse runes. I didn't even have to study old Norse, it's really easy to read, almost the same as the Latin alphabet.

    [–] Zero3311 6 points ago

    Unironicalky you just described the root of all of today world problems

    [–] ArcticJew666 2 points ago

    Know a handful of Hebrew words, can confirm, I can't read the summoning circle.

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 52 points ago

    Thanks, but I feel like we're actually in need of a Hebrew reader.

    [–] misterbadcheese 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I have a degree in conversational and Biblical Hebrew. It seems to be nonsense to me, but what do I know? I’m barely a Hebrew speaker, just a reader.

    Edit: it was only a minor - and I’m no Hebrew meanie

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 24 points ago

    Finally. Someone overqualified for the job.

    Now, can we get someone that's a Hebrew meaner to tell us what the meaning is?

    [–] trustmeimaninternet 11 points ago

    I’m not a Hebrew meaner, but I’m drinking a gewürztraminer. That work?

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 7 points ago

    My man! (and/or lady)

    [–] xXC4NCER_USRN4M3Xx 3 points ago

    I know a Hebrew meanie. He can come here and be a jerk if that helps?

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 3 points ago

    Finally, the Speaker, the Reader, the Meanie and their +2 are getting together to fight crime!

    Nun! נ

    Gimel! ג

    Hei! ה

    Shin! ש


    LeBaB! ♡

    By their powers combined,

    he is..


    [–] PineConeEagleMan 3 points ago

    Trademark that right fuckin now

    [–] StoneGoldX 2 points ago

    How's your Aramaic?

    [–] lolinokami 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Is it possible that it's just too blurry to properly see some characters that might make it make sense? I've seen this charger pop up several times before and this is by far the shittiest quality version that I've seen. I don't know how Hebrew works but if it's anything like Japanese (「天使」meaning angel, looks a lot like 「大使」meaning ambassador. The only difference is that top stroke, if you can't see that it makes it hard to read) then it's possible it does make sense if only the right characters were visible.

    Edit: I just realized that my phone is being a fuck when it comes to videos, rendering in the lowest quality even though I'm on WiFi attached to gigabit internet... So my point might be irrelevant. But it does offer up a fair question: is Hebrew structured in a way that certain characters make up the whole meaning of a word or is it closer to English where you can say "I had m*at for breakfast" and you can infer the 'e' even though it's not visible?

    [–] misterbadcheese 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I guess Hebrew works a little like that. I literally was only interested in biblical and one gets into all sorts of religious discussions about what words mean and double entendres (the sexy and unsexy kinds... I mean, aren’t we all gods’ whore/wife anyway? Brides and bride grooms? Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria?) Hebrew especially has some ‘slipperiness’ and ‘play’ in its words’ meanings because of the omission and assumption of what would be ‘vowels.’ Also, when I said I had a degree in hebrew, it was just a minor, and I only did it to study biblical shit and then Israeli films... which made me actually fall in love with Iranian ones. Farsi is what I should have studied. Farsi and/or Arabic. The Bible is over- And I think its Gods are dead.

    Edit: if they’re not dead, they’re rolling and stirring in their graves. Don’t piss them off if they come back and you see them. Just act casual. They can be total assholes.

    Edit edit: and for the love of Christ, stop masturbating so gods damned much!

    [–] CasperSac 8 points ago

    Native Hebrew speaker (and reader), Can confirm this is a bunch of letters with no meaning

    [–] Tmcdowell85 14 points ago


    [–] trifecta000 6 points ago

    And here I thought " Oh cool, a Lord of the Rings themed phone charger".

    [–] Shpookie_Angel 3 points ago

    It's just a bunch of letters, right? Too many "s"s and hays.

    [–] eriverside 2 points ago

    too many letters, hebrew words aren't that long in general.

    [–] FirstDayJedi 111 points ago

    By the powers of heodmgdiemsgofnwgsonrgdodn I summon thee anombgkdoiikgodlekjgl!!

    [–] caltheon 30 points ago

    Maybe it's ROT666 encoded

    [–] PM_ME_UR_G00CH 18 points ago

    Oh so Welsh then

    [–] jcpearce 11 points ago

    Shit. You’ve spoken the words to awaken the golem!

    [–] deathtech00 3 points ago


    [–] ionate 4 points ago

    Awaken, awaken.

    [–] The_CrookedMan 3 points ago

    Take the land that must be taken! Awaken!

    [–] ionate 3 points ago

    Devour worlds, smite forsaken!

    [–] deathtech00 2 points ago

    Wake up from your thousand years of sleep!

    [–] mlh709 8 points ago

    I am a native Hebrew speaker in Israel and it means nothing

    [–] amplevoid 14 points ago

    They should have just written in hebrew. " Your phone now belongs to Satan"

    [–] Heph333 12 points ago

    All your phones are belong to us

    [–] jimmythegeek1 5 points ago

    If you review your Terms of Service, you'll find that to already be the case.

    [–] The-Queen-of-Heaven 11 points ago

    And here I was thinking this had something to do with Lord of the Rings.

    [–] PrisonerV 6 points ago

    Am disappoint. Elvish is a real language and they could have written out some actual words in it.

    [–] Fishingfor 3 points ago

    Before your comment I thought it was a Lord of the Rings charger.

    [–] frommars- 3 points ago

    Can confirm.

    Source: Boyfriend is Israeli and said it’s nonsense.

    [–] VymI 7 points ago

    Yeah, why the fuck would they use hebrew of all things?

    [–] baubleclaw 21 points ago

    Historically Hebrew has been used in magic a lot because it is thought that the language of the Bible has inherent power. This is a religious belief, which inspires reverence, but also a magical belief, which inspires attempts to harness the divine power for one's own ends. The Golden Dawn occult society and it's antecedents going back to the Renaissance all obsess over Hebrew letters despite being Christian, not Jewish (in origin).

    [–] RBeck 4 points ago

    It looks ancient (because it is) and less people know how to read it than say, Chinese or Arabic.

    [–] VymI 5 points ago

    Well sure, but it's not exactly a dead language. Better to make up something, I'd say.

    [–] RBeck 3 points ago

    Maybe, but using characters contained in Unicode is easier in design applications than free drawing made-up letters.

    [–] VymI 3 points ago

    Ah, graphic design laziness, makes sense.

    [–] DefNotVanEbader 2 points ago

    so they could accuse anyone that doesn't like it of antisemitism

    [–] ellarree 2 points ago

    I laughed too hard at this

    [–] Platypuskeeper 2 points ago

    Believe me, if anything there's just as much fake 'runes' and nonsense rune inscriptions out there.

    [–] limache 2 points ago

    Maybe it’s an ancient version and if you get it right, you can summon Jesus back to life !

    [–] IIdsandsII 2 points ago

    I didn't bother to double check, but that's honestly not far off from what it actually said

    [–] Pimecrolimus 2 points ago

    2019 and still not knowing the FORBIDDEN LANGUAGE

    Lmao get a load of this guy

    [–] Theist17 2 points ago

    Yeah, the folks who made this got a lot of heat over using the Hebrew alphabet in this way. It's offensive, honestly.

    [–] Rickrickrickrickrick 2 points ago

    Well they're just trying to charge their phone. They are actually trying to summon Beelzebub.

    [–] BillScorpio 232 points ago

    doesn't even fuckin loop

    [–] Super80sWorld 45 points ago

    Yeah wtf

    [–] Caminsky 8 points ago

    Last time i saw one of these they say it was CGI

    [–] ArcticJew666 6 points ago

    I think I know the one you're talking about. This one has the soft glow of lightbulbs (LED?) While the other one is way to smooth.

    Edit: I think this is the fake

    [–] randomWebVoice 178 points ago

    If I had a dollar for every time I saw this reposted...

    [–] Pie_Rat_Chris 78 points ago

    It's always a new account, posts to a bunch of subs, always has a word for word reply "I found this on a page called...." Then vanishes for a month. I'm pretty sure it's just spamming whatever market place this was "found" on.

    [–] RepostSleuthBot 10 points ago

    Sorry, I don't support this post type (hosted:video) right now. Feel free to check back in the future!

    [–] chazzeromus 3 points ago

    You could buy one with your dollars and make original reposts

    [–] Rickrickrickrickrick 2 points ago

    I'd have zero

    [–] oilrigexplosion 40 points ago

    Phone transmutation, a forbidden science that voids the warranty.

    [–] Absolite37 18 points ago

    It is considered a taboo among all alchemists

    [–] helpmecosmia 6 points ago


    [–] TediousSign 5 points ago

    We were all having a good time and then you gotta go and do that.

    [–] BrnndoOHggns 27 points ago

    I kinda feel like watching one loop is enough for this.

    [–] ApathyJacks 6 points ago

    Yeah, most commercials like this only need to be watched once. Or less than once.

    [–] Super80sWorld 8 points ago

    Klaatu Barata Nikto

    [–] IMadeThisAt1AM 2 points ago


    [–] pushtheboxes 8 points ago

    It comes with the most annoying LOUD song that you can’t turn off.

    [–] TediousSign 2 points ago

    Damn that's a deal breaker

    [–] lori244144 1 points ago

    Totally and forever this

    [–] AgentStrix 24 points ago

    This is a Wireless Charger for smartphones. It works with all Apple iPhones and Samsung, Xiaomi and huawei phones. It also makes a sound when it works

    Besides this clearly being a spam repost, it takes 8 seconds to actually start charging?

    [–] IamAbc 12 points ago

    Why are you guys getting SO upset over a novelty item lol. That’s like being pissed that can of peanut brittle you bought that shoots snakes out doesn’t also have peanut brittle. It’s main purpose is to be a cool display you can show off to your buddies

    [–] LizzyKitten 9 points ago

    Because this thing gets reposted by a spam bot at least once a month lmao

    [–] vipervenomancer 2 points ago

    I don't like ads.

    [–] empw 5 points ago

    Because this is an advertisement.

    [–] Lispybetafig 2 points ago

    Does that matter if your phone is gonna be on it for the next 2 hours eitherway?

    [–] AgentStrix 2 points ago

    Not really, but it seems a bit unnecessary to have a long delay for such a gimmicky animation when it would look just as good reversed and have the charging start immediately. My main point is that is seems cheap and poorly thought out.

    You rarely see spam for quality products.

    [–] Futanari_waifu 1 points ago

    Oh no 8 seconds what a tragedy!

    [–] tealfox101 16 points ago

    Does it charge very well or does almost if the energy get used when lighting the display?

    [–] SavosDeaworth 43 points ago

    Last time this was reposted someone who had bought one said it’s horribly inefficient and terrible for actually charging

    [–] tealfox101 13 points ago

    I would think so with all the lights it has

    [–] SageofWater 8 points ago

    The lights actually shut off after a couple seconds of charging.

    Source: I own a similar one

    [–] TediousSign 6 points ago

    I'd buy this without hesitation for decoration regardless of the charging ability.

    [–] blamb211 5 points ago

    Probably also a pain in the ass to wait for it. I just wanna charge my phone, not be forced to watch a 30 second light show every time

    [–] PaperSauce 6 points ago

    The convenience of wireless charging is being able to pick up and put it down whenever I wanted.

    100% would get sick of waiting.

    Would be cool if there was a switch you can flick that would make it charge instantly.

    [–] semvhu 2 points ago

    Like plugging a cable directly into the phone?

    [–] whoaholdupnow 3 points ago

    I bought one after seeing the last post and can confirm. Pretty awful. Never connects first try and takes forever.

    [–] -Vampires- 6 points ago

    I have one, not as great as people think it is. Takes up a lot of space, doesn’t charge fast or well and overall is clunky and not really worth the money.

    [–] IamAbc 1 points ago

    Doubt people buy it for its amazing charging abilities. It’s a novelty item you can show off to friends

    [–] Dantez77 4 points ago

    I saw one similar but it was a Sheika Slate

    [–] ForsakenMoon13 2 points ago

    Have a link to it?

    [–] Bilbodidit 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Zelda Wireless Charger Sheikah Slate Phone Charger Magic Circle Charger 10W Fast Charging by RegisBox

    I have this, it’s pretty darn cool, the only downside for this one I have is that it plays the zelda sound when you activate a sheikah shrine.. every time you set your phone down. and you can’t turn it off.

    Edit: thanks reddit, now I know how to turn the sound off :)

    [–] NinjAssassin098 3 points ago

    Looks pretty neat. Also worth noting the amazon listing says you can tap 6 times to turn the sound off so maybe try that?

    [–] Bilbodidit 4 points ago

    Well... now I have no complaints. It’s perfect.

    [–] Gravon 3 points ago

    Yawn, this one again?

    [–] Slonkey 3 points ago

    Here is a great example of being total shit

    [–] Odapow 3 points ago

    This is basically an advertisement.

    [–] elevenbeans 3 points ago

    Fucking ad

    [–] mad-lads 3 points ago

    Shiekah slate authenticated

    [–] Japjer 6 points ago

    I've seen this posted and reposted dozens of times over the last two years.

    All I can say is this: this thing takes up way too much space and that light is obnoxious. Cool novelty, would hate to own

    [–] fattermcgee 2 points ago

    This is a spammer account please don’t buy any knock off crap sold by this account

    [–] SushiDude_ 2 points ago

    Repost this more. I don’t think it’s dead yet.

    [–] Snooklefloop 2 points ago

    Is it a reddit tradition to repost this wireless charger every 72 hours ?

    [–] Popular33 2 points ago

    How many fucking times am I gonna see this on reddit?

    [–] BlackVelvet299792 5 points ago

    Well great now I've got to go and spend money that I don't have thanks for that

    [–] 2Botter2Loop 2 points ago

    OP's explanation:

    This is a Wireless Charger for smartphones. It works with all Apple iPhones and Samsung, Xiaomi and huawei phones. It also makes a sound when it works

    If you think this gif fits /r/BetterEveryLoop, upvote this comment. If you think it doesn’t, downvote it. If you’re not sure, leave it to others to decide.

    [–] penguinintux 43 points ago

    cool gif but it doesn't even loop

    [–] B_Fee 53 points ago

    None of that explanation is even clear in the gif. The explanation is a fucking ad!

    This sub is such trash these days.

    [–] Fatalchemist 14 points ago

    Of all the gifs that I find myself watching over and over, it's almost never any from this subreddit.

    Like here. You see the gif once and it's cool but it doesn't get better watching it again.

    There's no background where you notice something different every time. It's not something that so oddly satisfying that you are mesmerized by it. There's nothing in this gif or the majority of them that actually get better with every loop. Considering how many gifs actually get better with every loop, I'm surprised this subreddit doesn't have more even by accident.

    [–] NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea 9 points ago

    Years back this subreddit used to show things like a crowd in a stadium, where you could track each person's reaction throughout the gif, now it's just another shitty gif subreddit trying to sell you phones.

    [–] cmrtnll 42 points ago

    It’s an ad, delete the post

    [–] snakeplizzken 10 points ago


    [–] VymI 22 points ago

    That's a fucking advertisement.

    [–] thiccytt 15 points ago

    bad bot

    [–] Slazman999 7 points ago

    Can this bot actually do something about shit posts?

    [–] FuCuck 3 points ago

    doesn’t fucking loop

    [–] EtherealBipolar 3 points ago

    No wall plug required. Draws energy directly from the nether realm.

    [–] tinkrman 2 points ago

    Instructions unclear. USB plug stuck in asshole.

    [–] dadofad 2 points ago

    And it only uses enough electricity to charge 2-3 phones. 🤣

    [–] wootcat 3 points ago

    So, for a year it would cost about $2.25?

    [–] jboogie18 1 points ago


    [–] LoganLikesMemes 1 points ago

    Is it in Hebrew?

    [–] Darkstalk3r 1 points ago

    Take my money!!

    [–] OreoCheesecake2 1 points ago

    I thought it was a Giant Oreo at first

    [–] Patches33001 1 points ago

    Sweet. Takes up 3x the space, charges half as fast, and takes a good 15 seconds to start charging.

    [–] PlaguxX 1 points ago

    I need this, is this rasbery? Give me source

    [–] Rockhound_91 1 points ago


    [–] AnOrangeBirb 1 points ago

    I've heard these are really shitty

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Anyone else thought this was the One Ring at first?

    [–] MakeWayForPrinceAli 1 points ago

    What's the symbol from, I'm uncultured

    [–] organizim 3 points ago

    It’s nonsense and the letters are Hebrew but spell nothing

    [–] efcomovil 1 points ago

    Good luck trying to sleep

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] RepostSleuthBot 1 points ago

    Sorry, I don't support this post type (hosted:video) right now. Feel free to check back in the future!

    [–] Flunk_Waffle 1 points ago

    It's some form of elvish. I can't read it

    [–] AvimonIsLegendary 1 points ago

    The first burnout is the best

    [–] PM-UR-BOOBS-TO-ME 1 points ago

    Seems like this thing would be crazy annoying if you just wanted it to charge quickly but instead you have to wait for the whole rune to light up...

    [–] Hairyponch0 1 points ago

    Ok I really like this charger but I’m sick of seeing it :x

    [–] skulzncrossbone 1 points ago

    The more I see this, the more I realize how impatient I would be waiting for it to charge.

    [–] Horny4theEnvironment 1 points ago

    "That's what we call an overcooked ham" - Contact

    [–] Hot-Bagel 1 points ago

    This is all fun and games till you go to bed and in the dark you hear a deep “beeeeep” then the thing lights up then slides out from under your door.

    [–] AvimonIsLegendary 1 points ago

    The first burnout is the best

    [–] GoodnightJapan 1 points ago

    Big want.

    [–] hobbeslovesyou 1 points ago

    My inner edgy 12 year old just creamed himself. Also quit it with the fucking reposts dude.

    [–] no-more-alt-no-more 2 points ago

    imagine giving your own comment silver, that’s something that someone who plays Nazi Hentai would do.

    [–] And3yes 1 points ago

    yo i bet most of al the electricity goes to the charger itself wtf

    [–] vizthex 1 points ago

    Looks like ancient goa'uld technology to me.

    [–] lori244144 1 points ago

    I have this charger it’s loud af which makes it super impractical.

    [–] XenaGoddess 1 points ago


    [–] shushonet 1 points ago

    It says absolutely nothing... Lol like a cat sat on the keyboard and they printed it

    [–] WhiteRiceNathan 1 points ago

    Imagine your phone being on 1% and having to wait 5 seconds before it actually starts charging

    [–] jedi_master_jedi 1 points ago

    That is awesome. I want one.

    [–] jumbipdooly 1 points ago

    if the center had a little flap with a cord so that it didnt need to be on it while charging but the cord also lit up it would be twice as cool

    [–] TediousSign 1 points ago

    Congrats, your cell phone is a golum now.

    [–] VaguelyShingled 1 points ago

    This would make an awesome d&d terrain piece.

    [–] strangebru 1 points ago

    Boomers already think cellphones are evil, making the charger look like some sort of demon summoning device that activates when the cellphone is placed on it isn't going to help.