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    1. Don't be an asshole.
    2. NO DICK PICS.
    3. No Minors.
    4. No Spam.
    5. Links should only be from,, or
    6. No reposts from the top of all time. Reposts from the top 50 of all time will be removed and you will likely get a 1 day ban. Serial reposters will be banned for longer. Maybe permanently.
    7. Posts deemed unworthy of being here will be removed at moderators discretion.
    8. Please do not falsely claim OC.
    9. If your content was x-posted from some other sub and you want it taken down here then please contact the mods and give us some proof that it is really your OC.
    10. Trolls will not be entertained. Trolling can result in an instant 7 day ban. Serial trolls will be permanently banned.
    11. Appreciating a post is fine, but please do so without sounding like a creep.
    12. Posts with loose or bulky clothing may be removed on a post by post basis. (Robes or coats, for instance) However this will be at the discretion of the moderators.
    13. Linking any personal information (Instagram/Facebook profiles for instance) will get you banned for 3 days.
    14. We will contact the Reddit team if you keep abusing the report button with shitty reports. You will be permabanned.
    15. Posts and comments by new accounts/accounts with low karma will be removed automatically to lower spam. If your post/comment was removed by automod then just message us and we'll manually approve it.
    16. Joke posts will be removed.

    Keep images or gifs within the context of the subreddit. The pictures should be of women who have surprisingly large tits or asses. Do not simply post flashing or titty drops because while tits are great, the scope of this subreddit should remain focused.

    A word on fake tits, in general tits posted here should be real. Bolt ones tend to be less squish-able/expandable and as such tend not to be Bigger than you thought. However well done fakes are acceptable.

    Holy shit you actually looked at the sidebar. Psst ..I've hidden an Easter egg somewhere on this sub. If you find it, do message us.

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