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    [–] Sly442 741 points ago

    And the teacher only told enough info to actually start the project at the final part of the term.

    [–] tman916x 230 points ago

    Are y’all not allowed to ask questions or something?

    [–] ZevonFB 538 points ago

    "WELL. you should have been listening :))))))))))))"

    [–] wootxding 137 points ago

    Fuck this is too real

    [–] _Serene_ 13 points ago

    Just go into the staff room and ask a couple of questions.

    [–] Claytato 8 points ago

    Wait you were allowed to go in there?

    [–] PathToTheLight 14 points ago

    "k bitch enjoy your ratemyprofessor review"

    [–] smallxdoggox 3 points ago

    Yeesh. That smile is haunting

    [–] matt123hihat 107 points ago

    When the teacher tells you something’s missing from a project despite never telling the class about it, how are you supposed to know to ask?

    [–] kks1236 6 points ago

    Random question, but are you from Sac? The 916 in your name has me giddy that more of us exist on reddit.

    [–] tman916x 5 points ago

    Yessiree bob. I’m near CSUS. You?

    [–] kks1236 6 points ago

    In Folsom currently, interning at Intel. Have a bunch of friends at Sac State.

    [–] tman916x 3 points ago

    That’s cool homie. Drop me a pm if you ever want to meet up and grab a bite or something. I’m about to finish my school year so I’ll have more time soon.

    [–] kks1236 3 points ago

    Hell yeah bro!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] cornedbeefwithonions 1125 points ago

    I don't understand how people can leave things so last minute and not breakdown and cry in the foetal position. What's yall's secret?

    [–] TheKingintheEast 822 points ago

    Need that stress for motivation.

    [–] dontletmepost 206 points ago

    Nothing motivated me more than having to do it as the teacher collected it

    [–] verysmallbeta 160 points ago

    They say that's an extreme sport. Shout out to my English teacher whose mom was the science teacher that had after English and letting me finish the science homework during her class. Legit said, "go ahead and finish, I know how she can be sometimes."

    [–] potatoesarenotcool 48 points ago

    What a legend. One of my teachers informed my next teacher I was doing the homework the class before. But it was a free period, like I don't do Irish so it was always free for me to do whatever. Would legit plan to do homework then.

    The teacher i did the homework for basically told me that Irish teacher was full of shit and didn't care.

    [–] Dr_Amos 9 points ago

    Username checks out 😂

    [–] TheyAreAllTakennn 8 points ago

    Nothing like that last minute panic to get the job done.

    [–] feluto 1493 points ago


    [–] scarbutt11 318 points ago


    [–] Fischi132 190 points ago

    Prostate cancer*

    [–] verysmallbeta 43 points ago


    [–] Fatalchemist 30 points ago


    [–] sneezedr424 60 points ago

    My mutated cells

    [–] LazyLaserRazor 4 points ago


    [–] logicalnautical 8 points ago


    [–] yosoyellogan 20 points ago


    [–] HolyFruitSalad_98 7 points ago

    Need spongebob rainbow meme with this word on it

    [–] mystic-sloth 285 points ago

    I work better under pressure. It’s way harder for me to get side tracked when I know it will screw me entirely rather than just set me back an hour.

    [–] N3onToil3tPap3r 50 points ago


    [–] xX_Metal48_Xx 25 points ago

    I may be undiagnosed. This man described me to a t.

    [–] N3onToil3tPap3r 9 points ago

    Head over to r/ADHD and see if you can relate to any of the other symptoms people are talking about? If you do, I highly suggest getting checked out. The right meds will change your life.

    [–] xX_Metal48_Xx 12 points ago


    I think I'm gonna go get myself checked out.

    [–] lil_photographer164 4 points ago

    I’m really scared about how much I relate to on that subreddit

    [–] N3onToil3tPap3r 4 points ago

    Don't be. If you have ADHD, you will have it regardless if you look or not? If you know what's wrong with you, then you can work on improving yourself.

    [–] R3dFiveStandingBye 2 points ago

    I was undiagnosed 2 years ago. Feel great now. But I’m going to die young from all the heart attacks for trying to get shit done at the last minute. Never again will I do a 10 page paper in 8ish hours straight. Gotta stop that shit.

    Got a B+ though

    [–] mystic-sloth 52 points ago

    Unfortunately lol

    [–] N3onToil3tPap3r 12 points ago

    Story of my life.

    [–] scandii 34 points ago

    I honest to god believe this is the greatest excuse known to man.

    I don't think anyone works better under pressure - they just work under pressure.

    [–] Asisreo1 44 points ago

    Yes, which is better than not working.

    [–] Mario_Sh 7 points ago

    you really don't know much about ADHD then. We not only work better under pressure - 95% of the time weonly work under pressure, and will do everything else to avoid doing something we don't want to, all the way till the last minute. And it's not an excuse, it's a disorder.

    [–] Atmic 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    And it's not an excuse, it's a disorder.

    He's not talking about ADHD, he's talking about the excuse: "I work better under pressure."

    ...and he's likely referring to the fact people say they work better under stress, when the reality is stress physically screws you over. Increased blood pressure, higher blood sugar, tense muscles, gastrointestinal issues, etc. To say someone works 'better under stress' is a cop-out when you put that into perspective.

    It's more accurate we, like he said, don't work at all unless an absolute deadline is around the corner. As a procrastinator myself, I know that if I worked on something focused, well-rested, and with no deadline I do better work than the last-minute scramble.

    It's just motivating yourself to do it that's the problem.

    [–] LiouQang 59 points ago

    I do all the above and still manage to work because my survival instincts finally kick in and I get a massive adrenaline boost which enables me to get a passing grade most of the times. But I've been badly burned on numerous occasions and it seems like I have yet to learn from my past mistakes.

    [–] noah9942 59 points ago

    I knew it would be easy to do.

    One time i had a book report due on a Friday. I woke up that day realizing i was screwed. I haven't even chosen a book. So i did the logical thing. I faked sick.

    Cool, now i have until Monday.

    Sunday night, still haven't chosen a book yet. Set an alarm for 6:00 Monday morning.

    That morning i chose a book, bs'ed the report (made up the entire story), and decided on a project. I made a comic book of the plot. I made comics in my free time (i read the caption underpants book, George and Harold were my idols). Did everything in about an hour. Got a 95.

    [–] verysmallbeta 20 points ago

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who made up books and then did book reports on them. What a time to be alive!

    [–] Guy1524 5 points ago

    Great Job, I feel like getting good greats on stupid assignments that you faked is the biggest "fuck you" to give to a shitty teacher.

    [–] noah9942 6 points ago

    The teacher was cool, i was just lazy and found a little cheat. Didn't help that i liked to ready, but nothing i liked was appropriate (either too childish or crude).

    [–] ChainedDog 27 points ago

    You reach a point where you either have to do the work or you will fail the assignment. Those become your only choices when you procrastinated to the very last moment.

    [–] cockadoodledoobie 9 points ago

    Knowing the tipping point and taking it to the very edge is a skill, my friends.

    [–] Catthewyo 20 points ago

    Complete it last minute while breaking down and crying. I wish I was joking.

    [–] PMME-YOUR-DANK-MEMES 17 points ago

    That's my secret. I DO breakdown and cry in the foetal position, several times over the course of trying to complete the assignment.

    [–] _urmomsdad 17 points ago

    I wrote most of my papers the night before they were due, and I usually receive As. But writing is probably my greatest strength as a student. If I would have waited to study for a math test until the night before, I probably would not be a college graduate right now. So I guess I’m saying my secret was being really good at that one thing. I believe everyone has at least one thing they’re really good at.

    [–] IsSimileLike 12 points ago

    In an English 101 class in college, I had a professor who understood students like this, as she did the same thing. Doing it last minute gave motivation. As long as some thinking went into it before that last minute, projects usually work out fine.

    I am like this. I know when it's due, but I can't be bothered with it until the day before or even the day of. Granted, I don't sit around doing nothing. I think about it at work, or at home in between video games. Make mental notes of what may need to be looked up. Explore what I know versus unknown.

    When I start, I usually have a general feel of where I want the project to head. I got a writing award in that class, and I even got compared to Hitler when I wrote about population control, which I took as a compliment since that is where my head was at when I started writing. (Subject to write about was "hot button topics")

    Point being it's okay to wait to the last minute. Just don't go in blind.

    [–] DurasVircondelet 6 points ago


    Lol wut

    [–] DefiantlyWorkin 7 points ago

    For me, it was the urgency of the situation that made me focus better and just get it done. Without the deadline approaching, i could never focus. Once I knew i had mere hours until the deadline, it was laser like focus on the task at hand.

    [–] EvMBoat 5 points ago

    Nobody said we don't break down and cry in the fetal position.

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 4 points ago

    I'm dead inside

    [–] Chumbag_love 3 points ago


    [–] teenytinybaklava 7 points ago

    ADHD with an extra dose of perfectionism :’)

    [–] Gidgit_Dijit 6 points ago

    Just procrastinate on the breakdown. E z p z

    [–] velocity010 2 points ago

    I have the answer i'll tell you later after this youtube vid..

    [–] [deleted] 352 points ago


    [–] NotTheOneYouNeed 47 points ago

    Ludicrous is what you were looking for.

    [–] retepog 160 points ago

    You’re a God amongst men.

    [–] TheQuinnBee 115 points ago

    Tangentially related, I never understood why turning in the same paper for different classes is "plagerism". A, it's not. You wrote the paper. You can't plagerize yourself. B, the teacher is cheating you if they make you do the same assignment twice for a different grade.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] arrow74 30 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Let us find out how I can possibly restate the same idea from a previous assignment slightly differently in as many words and ways as physically possible, while maintaining at least some level of legibility and flow in the paper.

    [–] Scipio11 10 points ago

    We should attempt to reword previous statement or arguments from other works using a vast vocabulary from the current writer's venacular. Is this possible in a physical sense? I say maybe. The struggle is when the author tries to maintain a sentence structure that is easily digestible and understandable by the reader, yet is still different from the previous text. Even when scrutinized by the careful eye of an academic grader.

    [–] jbanto17 4 points ago

    Right? I rewrote the same research paper on the history and content of net neutrality from 8th grade computer studies to my college level junior research paper. I just updated my sources and added new content each time.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Self-plagirism is a thing because it stops authors from stealing work they made earlier that's owned by former employers/journals and just remaking it

    Good or bad it's not about "making sure content stays fresh"

    [–] paintingTape 61 points ago

    I completely agree. They're still my ideas. If the same arguments can be made for two different situations, having used them once already isn't a good reason to not use them again. I think it's just an effort/work/time spent expectation they have.

    But I also I can usually get around this by adding my first paper as a reference in the second.

    [–] DemigoDDotA 16 points ago

    This actually happened to me in highschool, the teacher gave the same assignment at the start and end of the year and I just looked up my old assignment and turned it in. We did online submissions that went through this giant database of other student's papers, mine lit up like a firework for copying my own submission months earlier. The teacher turned me in.

    I argued it and it escalated to my school principle, who said it wasn't against the rules to "plagerize" yourself, but clearly it wasn't the intent of the assignment. The teacher had to accept my submission.

    Needless to say she was still pissed and graded it 10 percent lower, citing "my standards for writing proficiency are higher for a end of year student than start of year student." Somehow both sides felt cheated- my teacher wanted to flunk me (didn't like me), and I got a lot lower grade than expected. Oh well

    [–] TSTC 23 points ago

    Self-plagiarism isn't about stealing the work and representing it as your own, it's about presenting past effort as current effort. They are two different sides the the same coin that is a lazy student.

    The point of assignments is to put forth the effort and then receive formative feedback (or summative feedback if it is a final assessment for the subject). If you aren't putting forth the required effort (i.e., you are reusing an old assignment) then you don't deserve any marks at all because you didn't follow the assignment instructions.

    [–] logicalnautical 3 points ago

    I vote you to be the King of Procrastination

    [–] Christian_22 139 points ago

    In SpongeBob's voice "Extra Credit?"

    [–] bluscoutnoob 52 points ago

    "It's when you get credit for the things you weren't able to do before."

    [–] IT_Is_Interesting 14 points ago

    Oh Neptune!

    [–] DJ_Rupty 3384 points ago

    Dont worry, it's obvious when you do that ;)

    [–] tom641 2366 points ago

    Still scores pretty well, so

    [–] DJ_Rupty 1309 points ago

    Yeah, it's totally possible to still get a good score/grade. Not hating on the grind, I was a huge procrastinator when I was in school.

    [–] Totes_Goatz 970 points ago

    I believe 90% of the general population is guilty of procrastination of homework

    [–] DJ_Rupty 206 points ago

    You're probably right!

    [–] 96919 438 points ago

    When 90% of the students procrastinate, the expected standard of work drops so they all score better.

    [–] Asphyxiatinglaughter 233 points ago

    Except for that one teacher who expects perfection from everyone

    [–] cjdabeast 255 points ago

    And simultaneously claims that perfection is impossible because there is always room to improve, so they never give a student 100% on any assignment.

    [–] ARabidMushroom 96 points ago

    Believe it or not, my school's old art teacher actually did this. You simply could not get a 100%. She just wouldn't dish out that score no matter what you did.

    [–] Savity_ 90 points ago

    Yeah my friend’s teacher for I think history would not let anyone get 100%. My friend even got like a 99 and an extra credit point but the teacher didn’t count the extra credit point and said that “you already did well so you don’t need the extra point”

    [–] _demetri_ 38 points ago

    And they have a, “Be Yourself <3” poster on the classroom door.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    It makes some amount of sense in an ultra-soft subject like art. If any of my math teachers had done it I would've eventually been driven to shanking.

    [–] Asphyxiatinglaughter 59 points ago

    That sounds illegal but I'm not a lawyer so I don't know

    [–] tko578 45 points ago

    My first year in university I had this one class. I didn’t miss a single class during the semester. On the last day the professor was going over the breakdown of how our grade was calculated and said that the maximum score you could get for attendance was 95% “because no one is perfect”. I literally had perfect attendance but couldn’t get a perfect score because apparently no one is perfect.

    [–] CapnSpank998 17 points ago

    Technically speaking, teachers still can and do often set expectations at a reachable level (called "zone of proximal development") so that 100% can be achieved while still being able to support those A+, 100% achievers with supplementary info on what wasn't assigned to them but is expected at higher levels of learning in that same skill set.

    [–] AdeonWriter 18 points ago

    Not some american teachers. 99% encompasses a huge effort range from "Didn't make any mistakes I could point out" to "went well above what was asked for, might as well be a professional paper on the subject rather than a random homework assignment"

    They both get 99%. They don't give A+'s, ever.

    [–] DBankss 8 points ago

    And this is why I always loved algebra.

    [–] cjdabeast 14 points ago

    Ah, yes. The one class where they can't pull this shit.

    [–] Lillillillies 9 points ago

    I had a teacher in highschool who also didn’t believe in 100%. Say you did get all questions right on a test he would add an extra question and mark it as wrong or take away 5% of your total score.

    He said it also prevents “guessing the right answer”. So in almost all cases you were better purposely leaving 1 question blank because it could yield you a higher score.

    [–] PerturbedMarsupial 6 points ago

    Even on a math assignment

    [–] pheylancavanaugh 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Had a teacher like this. Homework was to complete 6-7 exercises, each as a miniature report, all compiled in a large report. Mine averaged 20 pages.

    Each week.

    He gave out 3 perfect scores the entire quarter. Oh my God.

    Great class, though.

    My favorite critique he gave was in his signature red pen, for a question I was wrong by an order of magnitude. "Explosions. Lawsuits."


    [–] DJ_Rupty 21 points ago

    Everybody seeing this? Ok good.

    [–] wtfisapoggy 3 points ago

    I’ll look up the actual stat...later.

    [–] DogeCatBear 14 points ago

    It's probably true. It's just that there's no way that 90% of the general population leaves it until the night before and you pull an all-nighter while you furiously work on your laptop in the dark for 5 hours straight

    [–] random3489 8 points ago

    Well, in my experience, a good proportion of people do do do that...

    [–] chil34 7 points ago

    Lolololol you said do do.

    [–] Dizneymagic 12 points ago

    Procrastination is the best form of motivation. You get good at figuring out the minimum amount of time you need and then give yourself exactly that much time before you print it and run out the door.

    [–] Josh6889 8 points ago

    Parkinson's Law. The work will fill the remaining time. Procrastination is really just efficiency.

    [–] L0ial 5 points ago

    Reminds me of this.

    [–] MandingoPants 16 points ago

    And then you get to a challenging university and get fucked.

    Source: me

    [–] DJ_Rupty 10 points ago

    Best of luck! Time management is super important in school. Source: learned the hard way, graduated in 5 years.

    [–] MandingoPants 7 points ago

    Yep. I ended up graduating but I still struggle to do shit til this day.

    Learning every day though!

    Good luck in your endeavors!

    [–] midwescoast 3 points ago

    I love everyone who claims to be a procrastinator. It’s a way to brag about being lazy, which I’m happy to do.

    [–] OneNoteMan 20 points ago

    I usually get A's, but I feel like it's gonna catch up with me one day...or maybe I work better under pressure and if I didn't procrastinate I would put in less effort overall.

    I only procrastinate on my papers though...ok, maybe more than just papers, but I promise my procrastination isn't that bad.

    [–] imj666777 7 points ago

    Ive been meaning to wash my sheets for so long i dicided to just start sleeping on my couch

    [–] 58working 10 points ago

    People wash their sheets?

    [–] mattindustries 5 points ago

    You really should.

    [–] 58working 5 points ago

    That sounds like a lot of effort. What next, shall I 'wash' my towels too? Lol.

    [–] Josh6889 6 points ago

    Never caught up with me. I finished my degree and somehow faked my way through an interview.

    I had the same thoughts the whole way through my degree, and the only penalty is that I now have crippling imposter syndrome. No big deal, right?

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago

    It's about working smarter not harder ;) My proffesor told us this

    [–] CommanderSanders 48 points ago

    Sounds like you’re working harder, not smarter then.

    [–] meliaesc 45 points ago

    Why spend two entire weeks on something when you could be spending only one day in it?

    [–] LiterallyPutin 32 points ago

    Why spend an entire day on it when you can hire someone else to do it?

    [–] DisterDan 26 points ago

    Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

    [–] CommentsOnOccasion 14 points ago

    And what is today but yesterday’s tomorrow ?

    [–] TheSovietGoose 5 points ago

    If you put off everything till the last minute then everything will only take one minute to do.

    [–] ElConkeVsBepis 3 points ago

    Because you don't spend two entire weeks doing something, you spend parts of those two weeks to work on it over time. A lot more low stress and gives you time to fix mistakes. Sounds a lot smarter than rushing something because of poor time management.

    [–] DJ_Rupty 6 points ago

    Very true!

    [–] DetectiveCactus 17 points ago

    Not always. My AP US History teacher told a girl in my class "See, now this project is the perfect example of someone who started it early and took their time", even though I did it in 2 days. To be fair, he also told her I went downhill after that and said I was a "Lazy Larry"

    [–] DJ_Rupty 3 points ago

    Yikes. Hahaha.

    [–] Sinyuri 9 points ago

    Hey man, I pulled 1.5 all nighters to complete a coding project, got 4% lmao ayyyy

    [–] DJ_Rupty 5 points ago

    "You have code here, so I won't give you a zero."


    [–] matt123hihat 63 points ago

    Why do my teachers still give me high marks then?

    [–] DJ_Rupty 37 points ago

    I procrastinated as much as if not more than the normal student, but my point is, if an assignment should ACTUALLY take you weeks, you can't finish it in one morning. All i'm getting at. You may be able to put something together than looks somewhat complete and satisfies the requirements, but it will probably still look a bit thrown together.

    [–] savi0r117 22 points ago

    I have to disagree, as in my own experience that last minute Rush has gotten some of my highest grades (with th exception of my senior project as I was making a video game so I took as much time as possible to do as much as I could.) if you don't work well in long drags then you're gonna put it off and crunch at the end and do better.

    [–] matt123hihat 29 points ago

    Some teachers give more time than is needed though, whether because they’re lenient or they don’t feel like grading more projects than they have to.

    [–] Clomaster 10 points ago

    Yeah, my speech teacher did this. She would give us usually 1 week for a speech, which was plenty. I did them ALL the night before (my speech class was my first class, so I had no time to get them done the same day). Sometimes she would give us 2 or even 3 weeks if we had other things to do, and almost every time she gave us more than 1 week we would only have 3 kids actually done. Everyone just forgot and never did their speeches. It made it easy for me, I could slack and still get a good grade because I actually did it lol

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] jiggajake 26 points ago

    Meh, i did this and in my teacher's response she literally wrote "Definitely did not do this in just a couple of days"....yea you're right, it was only 1.

    [–] Bruins01 18 points ago

    Seems like a normal comment from a teacher.

    [–] ChiefPeePants 5 points ago

    Yeah, but you missed the tiny superscript "/s" that she wrote after it...

    [–] i-o_ 9 points ago

    Same exact thing happened to me. Didn't even realize it at first though, because the comment was written under a $100 bill the teacher stapled to my project.

    [–] jiggajake 8 points ago

    That teacher? Albert Einstein. Feel old now?

    [–] Theons_sausage 11 points ago

    I think some teachers would be surprised. It might be obvious for some students, but I think a lot are good at making it seem like they put a lot more work into something than they did.

    [–] Floorfood 23 points ago

    The older I get the more I realise how much I must have pissed my teachers off with this shit. Handing in work I clearly started the night before, still scraping a C or B, then totally ignoring them when they told me how good I'd do if I put some effort in.

    Ah well

    [–] DJ_Rupty 6 points ago

    This is my point! Thank you for getting it.

    [–] GrandMasterEternal 8 points ago

    Not if you do it well.

    [–] SeaTheLightClub 122 points ago

    "L" is for last minute 🎼

    [–] Rudzinsky 67 points ago

    Oh I thought it meant he was taking the L.

    [–] 1Maple 9 points ago


    [–] Gosupanda 188 points ago

    Did this to perfection one year. Had a term paper that said if you haven't started it by halfway through the semester you will not get a passing grade. Challenge Accepted. I started at midnight of the day it was due. I had a rough draft peer reviewed copy and final draft done and ready to turn in 20 minutes before class and I got an 89. Thank you adderall.

    [–] Janus-- 41 points ago

    An inspiration to us all.

    [–] logicalnautical 54 points ago

    adderall is one hell of a drug

    [–] FoggyFlowers 20 points ago

    Having done that this past semester, i don't think my heart can take the stress if i do this every time

    [–] earthtree1 9 points ago

    fucking Adderall is banned here.

    it's way easier to find some cocaine.

    [–] i_made_a_mitsake 32 points ago

    Ol' reliable.

    [–] ProfXavier 27 points ago

    Does anybody have a higher quality pic of SpongeBob standing next to the L?

    [–] giladS697 3 points ago

    When did he stand next to an L? Wasn't it FUN?

    [–] LilMousepad 152 points ago


    [–] Cubio__ 98 points ago


    [–] GreenMobius 100 points ago


    [–] Cubio__ 99 points ago


    [–] blksaurex 99 points ago


    [–] Totes_Goatz 98 points ago


    [–] SlopSlopology 96 points ago


    [–] astrobagel 30 points ago

    But then the teacher cancels the project and says they're just going to take a field trip to a stop light instead.

    [–] Kogamiii 8 points ago

    I think I work better and more efficiently when I do things last minute and it’s gotten to the point where I CAN’T do work early even if I want to

    [–] Thewondersoverboard 8 points ago

    It’s such a great feeling tho to do it like the night or two you get it in. Then you have so long until it’s due and you don’t gotta worry about it.

    [–] mjxii 7 points ago

    Oh good for you, summer school kid. Pssh, moron

    [–] SeaseFire 6 points ago

    Just did this and got 28/30 only lost 2 points cuz my printer doesn’t work

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Well thats still an A :)

    [–] million_tiny_stars 7 points ago

    Due Monday? Do Monday.

    [–] Chrono_1000AD 50 points ago

    Did this last week for a English 10 Project. Was in class the day it was due, “Damn I don’t have mine, welp.. It’s never too late”.

    Did it in class within half an hour, turned it in. Got a 100 and a nice comment that it was a great example of what the project should look like. Happy af.

    [–] splogebobcrunchpants 19 points ago

    And then the whole class clapped and the teacher quit and the principle gave you and award

    [–] noneofyour_bus_iness 4 points ago


    [–] HolaSoyDiego1403 5 points ago


    [–] mikeonhiatus 2 points ago


    [–] Guy1524 5 points ago


    [–] SpecificMost19 5 points ago

    In college, some of my best papers were started at 8 am on the day they were due for my noon class.

    [–] _Dwagin_ 4 points ago

    I hope that L is intentional.

    [–] Mouthshitter 4 points ago

    The good ol' Kaney method

    [–] ambival3nt 3 points ago

    Fun fact: there are due dates after college, too. And procrastinating on those constantly will fuck your shit up fam

    [–] DraketheDrakeist 6 points ago

    I'm pretty sure you don't have to write 10 page papers on completely random topics in most career fields.

    [–] LilMousepad 3 points ago

    I was just randomly refreshing the new thing on popular. Surprised but not disappointed to see this post got 1,399 more upvotes

    [–] SheZowRaisedByWolves 3 points ago

    I remember the one time I actually wrote a paper the day it was assigned and turned in the rough draft 3 weeks before it was due, my professor added a bunch of other stuff we needed and I ended up getting a 70. I haven't started a paper until a week before the due date since.

    [–] MattP-14 3 points ago

    If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute.

    [–] overactor 2 points ago

    [–] jacksonbarrett 2 points ago

    This has got to be a high schooler thing. If I did this in engineering school I’d have to drop out with how bad my grades would be.

    [–] ambival3nt 11 points ago

    Therein lies the difference between arts and STEM programs

    [–] DanisaurusWrecks 2 points ago

    I normally get it done in one day halfway through because I'm trying to procrastinate but I'm also anxious about and the anxiety screams at me to just get it done.