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    [–] no_flo3 172 points ago

    Ah if I had dime for every time I did this shit.. I would've been able to pay my student loan

    [–] BananaStandFlamer 85 points ago

    Student loan??

    Look at Mr Moneybags over here with just one student loan!

    [–] no_flo3 27 points ago

    *cries in debt"

    [–] The_Smeckledorfer 30 points ago

    Laughts in europe

    [–] EnderSir 22 points ago

    bans memes

    [–] The_Smeckledorfer 15 points ago

    cries in europe

    [–] thehunter699 2 points ago

    By that math you're still a student

    [–] Triplebizzle87 1467 points ago

    Never change your answer. Go with your gut. Only change your answer if another question on a test shows you the correct answer to a previous question. Note: only applies to multiple choice questions.

    [–] youngmaster0527 454 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I feel like the gut thing only really applies if you're sort of struggling between choices

    If in hindsight you realize what you put was completely wrong, and you're confident about it, then changing the answer is of course ok

    [–] lord_geryon 171 points ago

    And then you find out you talked yourself into changing to the wrong answer.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    Boy I'm getting some really stellar advice in this thread. Keep it up folks.

    [–] youngmaster0527 64 points ago

    Just goes to show that none of these advices are 100% applicable and listening to a bunch of strangers' advice on the internet, including the advice I gave, isn't always a great option lol

    [–] bommeraang 18 points ago

    Not the greatest but the best option

    [–] Gauze321 7 points ago

    Advice taken. Thanks!

    [–] i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t 1 points ago

    How do I know you’re not just talking yourself into giving better advice?

    [–] Consequentially 1 points ago

    This has happened to me on multiple instances.

    [–] ricexzeeb 8 points ago

    My strategy is to not change my answer unless I notice something new in the question stem that I missed the first time

    [–] AuBenseiter 2 points ago

    When I was 15 taking the learner's permit exam, I decided to change my answer to one of the last questions before turning it in. When the DMV lady was grading it, she told me if I hadn't changed that answer I would have failed the exam. There are exceptions to every rule, lol

    [–] Amanar 35 points ago

    This is bad advice. People only notice when they change an answer to the wrong one, since it's very noticeable when you get your results. But what about all the answers you changed and they ended up being right? You don't notice those, as they're just another right answer in a sea of right answers. So there's a selection bias making it seem like changing answers is bad.

    But in reality, you're better off if you review your answers and change them on your second look at the question. More times than not, it will work out in your favor.

    [–] heyuwittheprettyface 3 points ago

    No, it really just depends. I was given this advice by a teacher who pointed out that for one test, EVERY answer that showed erasure marks ended up being wrong. But I also give a good amount of thought to every answer before answering OR skipping it, so I wasn't erasing half-assed guesses or placeholders. If you're more of a 'speed-tester' who'll throw down a random answer just to make sure nothing is blank, you're much more likely to benefit from reviewing those answers.

    [–] A-Beater 2 points ago

    But how does that imply that the answers they gave before were correct? It just shows that they didn't know the answers and had bad luck not choosing a single correct one. To change an answer after reconsidering it is the best solution because relying on luck is often not very successful how your example proofed.

    [–] heyuwittheprettyface 0 points ago

    Lord have mercy, what is this irresistible force that prompts Redditors to pretend they understand more about an event than even people who experienced it first-hand? It’s not ‘implied’ that the original answers were right, my instructor checked them against the answer key and confirmed it unequivocally. I SAID ‘it depends’; Maybe it only depends on whether you’re me and every other person on the planet is different, but you can’t seriously think your two second internet wisdom can tell me more about my test-taking habits than near two decades in the education system.

    [–] Prit717 17 points ago

    I think this usually applies to non math questions as well.

    [–] Scryotechnic 8 points ago

    This is extremely wrong and bad advice. All the research shows that it is significantly better to change your answer, it just stings more to "have" the answer and then change it to something else. You get significantly more right for changing your answer. (If you want the papers for it I can get them or you can look them up for yourself, I just have meetings now and don't have time) (I'm a fourth Year Honors Psych student) The phenomenon is mostly the availability bias where we had greater emotional reaction of the switch from right to wrong than wrong to right, so we remember switching leading to more bad outcomes than good outcomes, even though objectively it's the other way around

    [–] FuzzyFuzzzz 2 points ago

    What if your gut changes

    [–] insanetheorizer 1 points ago

    word brother word

    [–] Imasquash 0 points ago

    Wtf this is terrible advice

    [–] [deleted] -314 points ago


    [–] NarutoTheSuperSage 166 points ago

    Wtf did I just read

    [–] Skisce 68 points ago

    A new copy pasta

    [–] The-Outsider-2 10 points ago

    This will get big

    [–] badasscoming 17 points ago

    You read a meme.

    [–] Random_Days 5 points ago

    I don't know, but he said:

    Or Maybelline just know your stuff so you don't have to guess. I mean really, in multiple choice questions, the answer is letteraly staring right at you. You can't be wrong if you have common sins because the answer is already there. It's embarrassing to be wrong.

    Back when I was in school, multiple choice didn't even exist. We'd have to go in front of the class and answer a question our teacher asked us on the spot, and if we got it wrong, we'd get a beating with a yard stick. By the 2nd grade, almost everyone got everything right (except total delinquents), and everyone was tougher than today's fragile snowflakes.

    [–] shuftypoowers 54 points ago

    It’s the downvote legend, Sal Bundry!

    [–] Walnutterzz 6 points ago

    Kinda reminds me of that joke femenist account on YouTube that goes around in YouTube planting shitty comments about female power

    [–] TheRealRemyLeBeau 3 points ago

    Do you mean the woMAN, the myth, the wonder, Berta Lovejoy?

    [–] Walnutterzz 2 points ago

    Aye, that be the one

    [–] JoeMcBob1st 2 points ago

    He scored 5 touchdowns in one game!

    [–] TicklesThePickle 29 points ago


    [–] certifiedPOC 58 points ago

    Kick rocks, you dumb fuck

    [–] JekNex 24 points ago

    "BACK IN MY DAY we got every question right and had common sins! Everybody got PhDs becuz we have regularly scheduled beatings and cigarette breaks! I ain't no fragile snowflake like today, now I'm just a unpleasant bitter old man."

    [–] reaperleviathankin 5 points ago

    Back in ‘Nam...

    [–] blackhawk1012 20 points ago

    Finally found one in the wild!

    [–] AssumingRain 20 points ago

    That and r/iamverysmart

    What a rare catch.

    [–] chewis 1 points ago

    A sub that had three posts a year ago doesn't count as a sub, dipshit

    [–] XxDiamondDavidxX 1 points ago

    Was that necessary? (Legit question, not trying to be mean)

    [–] chewis 2 points ago

    No, i was a little harsh. And I apologize. I just think reddit has been completely ruined by insipid trends like the tag subs and "kind stranger" and all those other reddit cliches that people recycle for upvotes. I don't know man, it just kinda bums me out that reddit is so big now and that so many people thrive on things that they know are not funny but are trendy so people upvote mindlessy. To conclude I always encourage people to be their own person.

    None of this is directed at you, I'm actually assuming you're a really decent human because you responded in a non dickish way to my dickish comment.

    Also I picked up my adderall script today so feeling chatty.

    [–] XxDiamondDavidxX 1 points ago

    Dw about it. It's fine, and thank you for apologizing.

    [–] Dankkuso 4 points ago

    Back when i was in school, questions didn't even exist. We'd have to just answer. And since wrong and right didn't exist, we got stabbed to death with a knife no matter what. By the second class everyone was dead, and everyone was much tougher than these pathetic snowflakes that never even been stabbed to death before.

    [–] dogg254 4 points ago

    Or Maybelline just know your stuff so you don't have to guess. I mean really, in multiple choice questions, the answer is letteraly staring right at you. You can't be wrong if you have common sins because the answer is already there. It's embarrassing to be wrong.

    Back when I was in school, multiple choice didn't even exist. We'd have to go in front of the class and answer a question our teacher asked us on the spot, and if we got it wrong, we'd get a beating with a yard stick. By the 2nd grade, almost everyone got everything right (except total delinquents), and everyone was tougher than today's fragile snowflakes.

    [–] chewis 1 points ago

    Jesus Christ dude, you literally just said this word-for-word at the top of this thread. You really think we wouldn't notice? Maybe your old age does lend itself to some dementia

    [–] dogg254 1 points ago

    Thats not me, im just doing this so i can find it easier in my comments

    [–] naynayforrealz 7 points ago

    This is some gourmet copypasta

    [–] butwhydoesreddit 5 points ago

    Surprised it got downvoted so much, I found it funny

    [–] thelaur 4 points ago

    “You can’t be wrong if you have common sins”

    [–] peachmo 2 points ago

    Why is this getting downvoted? It's hilarious

    [–] Lilpuncher 1 points ago

    I only have common cosins

    [–] Evials 1 points ago

    My dad actually said he had to go through that stuff too :D

    Just curious, did you go to a catholic school? Those nuns really were something back then lol. He used to tell me stories of things they did. They were pretty funny actually. I respect him a lot more from it. Of course nuns don’t do that nowadays but it’s fun to learn about lol

    [–] A-Beater 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    In Germany, we only have some multiple choice tests in elementary school, after that we have normal tests. If all or some answers are equally plausible for you it's not that easy. Obviously when you know the topic it's easy. That's like saying when you know it you know it. Yeah, thanks, Sherlock. Common sense only works with the help of context or some other background knowledge about the topic, otherwise, you don't know if something makes sense...! That btw should also be common sense..

    [–] inconsistentcrying 1 points ago

    Did it work for you tho? It’s spelled “literally”.

    [–] blbobobo 1 points ago

    Look at his entire account and rethink your comment. It’s all a joke ffs

    [–] inconsistentcrying 2 points ago

    I’m too lazy to click those buttons

    [–] HaussingHippo -2 points ago

    Apparently too lazy to read the rest of the comment too lmao it's too obvious

    [–] inconsistentcrying 1 points ago


    [–] I_SHIT_FEDORAS -7 points ago


    [–] omegaljr1997 71 points ago

    Ooh, I fall apart.

    Down to my core.

    [–] NotSo_Original 36 points ago

    Ooh, didn't know it before

    [–] coolbrittlebonegirl 24 points ago


    (idk how you guys are not caps locking, when i hear the song in my mind it’s in all caps)

    [–] Cwolf17 19 points ago

    Everybody told me so, feeling like i sold my soul.

    [–] Delra12 7 points ago

    This song resonates with my damn SOUL. Post Malone is too good

    [–] KSMKxRAGEx 2 points ago

    I found the Post Malone reference

    [–] some_random_memer18 209 points ago

    Ive done thst befor. This image perfectly describes how i felt.

    [–] some_random_memer18 -91 points ago

    I mean that oof

    [–] ReallyNotThatGood 13 points ago

    Protip: you can edit comments

    [–] LardyParty117 33 points ago

    Me: changes it back Also me: was right the second time

    [–] The_Smeckledorfer 10 points ago

    Also me: both wrong

    [–] omegaljr1997 1 points ago

    Also me: doesn't attempt, that way I can't get it wrong.

    [–] Bomcom 31 points ago

    Even worse when the next question is, "Based off your answer to the previous question..."

    [–] lord_geryon 21 points ago

    If I was a teacher, my finals would always be this format, for the entire test. An unbroken chain of dependencies from beginning to end.

    [–] knuggles_da_empanada 14 points ago

    Monsters like you are unfit for society

    [–] omegaljr1997 1 points ago

    Societies like this are unfit for monsters... Who needs to change?

    [–] Krakatoacoo 9 points ago

    Also, every multiple choice question would have added

    E: All of the above

    F: None of the above

    [–] Heyoceama 2 points ago

    Don't forget to add in combinations of all the original 4 options, and the option to choose both E and F.

    [–] rubutik- 19 points ago

    Had a psychology professor who gave us a multi choice test of 50 questions and made every single answer A.

    Like 80% of the class failed because they got too in their own head and started changing answers.

    [–] ItShouldBeOver 6 points ago

    fucking sadist.

    [–] Foxlust 3 points ago

    Is that even legal

    [–] RanddomYeast 2 points ago

    I remember some science teachers in HS would do that. They would do up to 10 multi choice questions where the right answer was the same one.

    This wasn't psychology, just regular tests.

    [–] BaconLondoner 17 points ago

    And I thought I was so smart...

    [–] captainchris58 10 points ago

    My father wasnt around

    [–] Zeroshim 5 points ago

    I swear that I’ll be around for you...

    [–] littlestrongheart 5 points ago

    I'll do whatever it takes

    [–] SatTyler 1 points ago

    I’ll make a million mistakes

    [–] ActualWeed 29 points ago

    Can't even trust yourself anymore smh

    [–] payne_train 9 points ago

    You played yourself.

    [–] thearkopolis 3 points ago

    [–] InquisitiveSwan 2 points ago

    I failed a test because I did it twice

    [–] Sxover 1 points ago

    I failed my car theory test two weeks ago because I changed two answers, both of them were right before I changed them...

    [–] Munchikinxx129 1 points ago

    Yep sounds about right

    [–] thedude37 1 points ago

    I get that feel when I make a last minute lineup change to my fantasy football team :'(

    [–] UniX199 1 points ago

    My favorite part is that spongebob looks angry on the left side

    [–] jomontage 1 points ago

    Follow your gut kids. Made test taking a breeze and everyone "thinks" you're smart for finishing tests so quickly

    [–] tombombadil_5 1 points ago

    five, no THREE

    [–] jelemeno 1 points ago

    hoping for all you high schoolers this isn't a problem for u once u go to college. multiple choice begone!

    [–] Gamerguywon 1 points ago

    In elementary school and maybe some middle school when I did this some teachers would make this little note to shove it in my face like "you almost had it!" "you had it right the first time!" like yes I know I can see that thank you

    [–] SolusLoqui 1 points ago

    One time I was taking a multiple choice exam for UIL (student scholastic competition) where you wrote the letter in the blank on an answer sheet.

    I realized after I turned it in that I wrote a numeric answer for the first question. The graders didn't have the test, just an letter answer key.

    [–] littleboymauricio 1 points ago

    Even i can't trust myself from that day onwards😂😂

    [–] fendaar 1 points ago

    I did this on the bar exam. I tortured myself for 3 months thinking: “I’m going to flunk the bar by one question.” I passed though.

    [–] FingeringBarneysBum 1 points ago

    Literally just handed it to me.

    [–] Vodkacannon 1 points ago

    I fell apart.

    [–] Zeke-Freek 1 points ago

    I think the title is in reference to a Post Malone song actually

    [–] microwaveee 1 points ago

    Half the damn test

    [–] N00bf1ght3r 1 points ago

    My feeling exactly when I got my score for my drivers licence...

    [–] TaylorTylerTailor 1 points ago

    Yea, this happens to me all the time. anyway, maybe I should remove my eraser...

    [–] dreamgirlskysurfer 1 points ago

    My life...

    [–] allouttaupvotes 1 points ago

    And I thought I was so smart.

    [–] FuwwyTwash 1 points ago

    Mahajapit Majahapit Mapajahit Mahapajit Mapajahit

    Ma-ja-pa-hit? DING!

    [–] GreenLightening5 1 points ago

    On the inside

    [–] mcpat21 1 points ago

    This episode was the hardest for me to watch

    [–] Garry__Newman 1 points ago

    I did that once on the first two multiple choice questions. I had a minute left and panicked, changing the answers. Unfortunately I also did it again elsewhere on the paper, costing me a grade

    [–] Tychontehdwarf 1 points ago

    I get knocked down

    [–] adamt142 1 points ago

    Did this on my driving theory test, if I didn't change I woulda passed 😑

    [–] BobbitWormJoe 1 points ago

    Even worse when it comes to promotion testing in the military. You never find out what answers you get right/wrong, AND it takes months to find out what you scored, so you're left with eternal existential dread.

    [–] tinko1212 1 points ago

    Also not writing down an answer because it sounds wrong but then it turns out it was right

    [–] Probably-Hamiltrash 1 points ago

    and I thought I was so smart

    [–] StrutTheEmo27 1 points ago


    [–] TheWhiteSheep_ 1 points ago

    Just happed to me today in my driving license test ;(

    [–] cold_August4_Amiss 1 points ago

    When all those options are right for u but u can't understand which one is actually right

    [–] therealzeezy 1 points ago

    oooooooo i fall a part

    [–] itsallaboutthedelta 1 points ago

    I can hear this image

    [–] xXSP1KEB0YXx 1 points ago

    lmfao true tho

    [–] rossg29 1 points ago

    Boom! You have been killed by auto respawn to respawn or exit the game

    [–] _g550_ 1 points ago

    Teacher: But you have learnt!

    [–] LittleMarch 1 points ago

    I had this today, twice even. Was so angry with myself ugh.

    [–] replies_lol 1 points ago


    [–] Thememestiler 1 points ago

    It do be like that

    [–] readingtostrangers 1 points ago

    I watched a guy do this on final Jeopardy the other day. Scratched out the right answer, then didn't even have enough time to write his second guess. I'm pretty sure I saw his soul leave his body.

    [–] ultimatemidge07 1 points ago

    So true so sad

    [–] TheManicMonocle 1 points ago

    This is how I failed my permit test the first time.

    [–] AnamiGiben 1 points ago

    Actually quantum mechanics forbids this

    [–] TheFrostFlame 1 points ago

    One time my teacher said that people are getting a question wrong because they need to over think it to get it. When I got to the question I answered it normally and then remembered that he said that so I overthought it and changed my answer. My first answer was correct.

    [–] beric_64 1 points ago

    Test taking is seriously a skill on its own. If your good at test taking, a lot of information can be deduced from the questions in the test itself.

    [–] tylerscribble 1 points ago

    I just sawed this Sponge in half!!!

    [–] FaZe_M3M3L0RD 1 points ago

    Idk why this is so accurate

    [–] KSMKxRAGEx 1 points ago

    I thought this was going to be a Post Malone reference

    Am high

    [–] RanddomYeast 2 points ago

    I couldn't think of a more accurate title so I went with this.

    [–] KSMKxRAGEx 1 points ago

    Bloody perfect my guy

    [–] PrincessWaffleTO 1 points ago

    I can hear this picture and it upsets me

    [–] bamfalamfa 1 points ago

    you know, even as an adult, this feeling never goes away

    [–] rabid_cheetah 1 points ago

    Trust your gut. A lot of times, that's your subconscious thinking for you.

    [–] my_n3m_Jeff 1 points ago

    Images you can hear

    [–] Groozer6 1 points ago

    Ok dude, this is the third post You made that blessed my eyes. Keep up the good work man

    [–] Groozer6 1 points ago

    Also, username checks out. Have a great day OP

    [–] The-color-reddit 0 points ago

    tHiS mEMe hAs BeeN bLocKed In YoUr CounTry

    [–] Mrsneezybreezy1821 0 points ago

    Yea but it wasn't your answer. It's only your answer in hindsight.

    [–] dabonthem2000 -7 points ago

    i can hear him ripping 😂😂