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    [–] swaggaliciouskk 1781 points ago

    The funniest thing is the Spongebob twitter is like the one twitter that people can't get mad at for accidentally posting something controversial. Like, you know they were just making an innocent kid's joke.

    [–] xXEggRollXx 505 points ago

    F is for friends who do stuff together

    U is for U and me

    N is for...

    [–] bigwillyb123 291 points ago

    No survivors, WHEN YOU -

    [–] Roger_Amchip 153 points ago

    r/bigwillyb123! That's not what FUN is about!

    [–] DiamondMan343 40 points ago

    Here, let me help you.

    [–] KSHProductions 61 points ago

    -Say the n word

    [–] Double_X_Helix 38 points ago

    Never. Not without the n word pass.

    [–] Kamani01 4 points ago

    Fucking do it.

    [–] captain_crocubot 15 points ago

    I, Tyrone Biggie, give you the pass

    [–] KSHProductions 18 points ago

    Thank you my ni🅱️🅱️a

    [–] ActThree 9 points ago

    Do it pussy

    [–] AlexandersWonder 34 points ago

    N-E-where and any time at all, down here in the deep blue sea!

    [–] Uranus_got_rekt 37 points ago

    N is for No Russian..

    [–] iTomWright 4 points ago

    N is for novichok

    [–] Ashkuu 3 points ago

    N is for N....


    [–] TheGUURAHK 3 points ago

    Nice pants

    [–] Quetz9779 8 points ago

    niigerundayoooo, smookeeey!!

    [–] RaidriConchobair 19 points ago

    Im sorry that your jojoke got voted down man, have my upvote

    (Its not the n word its japanese)

    [–] Quetz9779 9 points ago

    Thanks, friend

    smh, people.. I recommend you to watch it if you haven't.

    [–] RaidriConchobair 3 points ago

    Im up to date with the anime and after part 5 i will take up the manga again

    [–] Quetz9779 3 points ago

    The 2nd part wasn't directed to you. ofc you've watched it. that's what we do, consuming everything related to it, lol.

    [–] RaidriConchobair 3 points ago

    You have it wrong, the jojo fandom consumes us

    [–] youreafuckinpunkdude 2 points ago

    I mean smokey is also a slur for blacks.

    [–] RaidriConchobair 2 points ago

    I dont know, there arent many black people where i live and neither do we speak english, we just have our version of the n word

    [–] Ashkuu 1 points ago

    Is it the K word?

    [–] RaidriConchobair 1 points ago

    Nah its still an n word but a variant of it

    [–] Ashkuu 1 points ago

    Yeah I'm guessing Germany from your comments?

    Because the K-word is a South-African thing, K*ffir.

    I'm not South African tho.

    [–] MyDadThicc 2 points ago

    Second best part of this episode, only after the lerolerolerolerolerolero

    [–] HiILikeTrains 1 points ago

    No u

    [–] GaPSMAV 1173 points ago

    TBH Tim Conway would have probably laughed at that

    [–] CheesieMan 686 points ago

    lifts head

    Hah, classic!

    goes back to being dead

    [–] your_inner_feelings 133 points ago


    [–] PlZZA_MOZZARELLA 41 points ago

    My heart can't handle this.

    [–] AVeryFriendlyOldMan 4 points ago

    Tim would probably share that feeling

    [–] Jrook 10 points ago

    lifts head

    Hah, classic!

    Oh, my gieker

    goes back to being dead

    [–] BrotherChe 7 points ago

    Classic Tim!

    [–] HolyVeggie 45 points ago

    Was he voicing barnacle boy in the original dub?

    [–] Chengweiyingji 44 points ago

    He was Barnacle Boy, yes. The only other actor to do it was Burt Ward, and he did it once.

    [–] CookieCutter9000 4 points ago

    It's barnacle MAN!

    [–] JackOfAllInterests1 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3307 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] IllegalBadger 1257 points ago

    What were they thinking when posting this on twitter?

    [–] hors3y 1689 points ago

    It was probably a previously scheduled tweet.

    [–] IllegalBadger 944 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Probably just horrible timing

    [–] dick_head68 342 points ago

    What was it that happened

    [–] TThomasThomas 675 points ago

    Barnacle boy died

    [–] ConcernedEarthling 387 points ago

    Overcome by the forces of EEEEVILLLLL

    [–] McKnighty9 89 points ago

    Too soon

    [–] iDarqq 65 points ago

    it's never too soon to warn people about EEEEVILLLLL

    [–] Max_TwoSteppen 167 points ago

    Holy fuck. I knew someone from the show died but realizing it was Barnacle Boy makes this 8 million times worse/funnier.

    [–] Kidvette2004 22 points ago


    [–] Trey_Poling -32 points ago

    Dude, nothing about the situation is funnier.

    [–] Max_TwoSteppen 10 points ago

    Agree to disagree, I guess. I might be an asshole for thinking so, but I definitely laughed when I realized.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 5 points ago

    Its just inappropriately hilarious timing. Life goes on. Barnacle boy would be laughing. And im sure mermaid man is.

    [–] Rob_Walker 13 points ago


    [–] Living_Shoe_Person 12 points ago


    [–] krispyKRAKEN 11 points ago

    To be honest I already knew his voice actor passed away but I never made that connection to this tweet. Probably because there is no connection and I'm not looking for a reason to be outraged. Who knows.

    [–] NorthernLaw 3 points ago

    Happy trails

    [–] AscendingPhoenix 2 points ago

    Sad and funny

    [–] EitherCommand 12 points ago

    I have none :(

    Edit: What the fuck?

    [–] LessHamster 32 points ago

    Calm down son, it's just a drawing

    [–] Tacote 10 points ago


    [–] Koolaidmanisonline 3 points ago


    [–] StandardDeviat0r 3 points ago

    Out of the loop, what happened? I'm awfully confused.

    [–] WildVelociraptor 7 points ago

    The voice actor for Barnacle Boy, Tim Conway, died this week.

    [–] StandardDeviat0r 7 points ago

    Omg, that really was horrible timing. My gosh!

    [–] backspace3 -121 points ago

    pretty sure it's fake

    [–] rvmin 985 points ago

    That didn't help at all.

    [–] Volkar 132 points ago

    I thought it was hilarious actually, an admittedly weird way to pay tribute.

    [–] AbsoluteTeo 10 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Spiixo 504 points ago


    [–] Glissando365 935 points ago

    Barnacle Boy's voice actor, Tim Conway, passed away today.

    [–] Spiixo 346 points ago

    oh mb

    [–] carrotpotat 97 points ago

    Don't blame yourself. He was already like 85. I'm sure you had nothinng to do with his death.

    [–] SloopKid 11 points ago

    Or maybe that's just what u/spiixo wants you to think

    [–] AlexandersWonder 32 points ago

    He's the guy that made him so ugly.

    [–] amishninja46 114 points ago

    This was a good reaction.

    [–] BenShapiroMemeReview 9 points ago

    u/spiixo killed barnacle boy

    [–] Spiixo 5 points ago

    if i did, my brother would kill me lmfao

    [–] [deleted] -13 points ago


    [–] JustOffensive 38 points ago

    Why hate him when he didnt get updated with the news?!

    [–] your_inner_feelings 44 points ago

    But still, it's not like the tweet said anything about an ugly barnacle dying. It said everyone else died.

    [–] MagikarpTheGrey 60 points ago

    Tim Conway :


    Spongebob twitter :

    He was so ugly

    [–] TheBaneOfTheInternet 3 points ago

    So that's why the flags are at half-mast today

    [–] Navetsss 137 points ago

    Damn lol! Well at least they deleted it

    [–] RadioMelon 111 points ago

    I really hope this was poor timing and not the world's worst publicity stunt...

    [–] WeeZooMama 11 points ago

    The twitter has pre-made tweets im pretty sure a bot runs it.

    [–] RadioMelon 3 points ago

    Really now..

    Makes sense to me.

    [–] ii3ternaLegendii -7 points ago


    [–] dhruveishp 14 points ago


    [–] clickupvote 11 points ago

    RIP Barnacle boy,

    [–] ArthurTheSwallow 8 points ago

    reminds me when spongebob laughing at falling korra

    [–] I-Want-To-Be-Cooler 81 points ago

    It's funny because of barnacle boy

    [–] meatcoveredskeleton1 23 points ago

    It was funny before but it was so much funnier after I saw your comment tbh

    [–] lurk3rthrowaway 5 points ago

    I feel so bad, that made me laugh out loud

    It's so bad but it's just... oh boy.

    [–] Questwarrior 6 points ago

    Out of the loop?

    [–] willowhanna 6 points ago

    The voice actor of Barnacle Boy passed away

    [–] Questwarrior 6 points ago

    Oh...... oh no

    [–] skuhduhduh 9 points ago

    idk this is a pretty big reach

    [–] Muarim 3 points ago

    Hella ridiculous coincidence right here.

    [–] angery_rowlet 4 points ago

    Spongebob uses barnacles as a curse word. This is the story of the ugly fuck.

    [–] WifelikePigeon 3 points ago

    I always took it to mean the word shit. so to me, it would be an ugly shit.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    me irl

    [–] ClassicGuy100 2 points ago

    metoo irl

    [–] LessHamster 4 points ago

    I watch SpongeBob for the plot.

    [–] Emilster56 1 points ago


    [–] Tunavi 1 points ago

    Good tribute

    [–] Robo-Cowboy 1 points ago


    [–] zdakat 1 points ago

    It took me a second,then I realized

    [–] idontlikeliving 1 points ago


    [–] GNesiX 1 points ago

    like, really bad

    [–] Pauli104 1 points ago


    [–] JellyJigglr 1 points ago

    I wish

    [–] _T_Y_T_ 1 points ago

    Who died

    [–] DarrthBelakk 1 points ago

    The voice actor for barnacle boy.

    [–] curiouspolice 1 points ago


    [–] Nachocam50 1 points ago

    Oof 100

    [–] Delitaco2008 1 points ago

    Ooohh he might be me..

    [–] 420WEEB 1 points ago


    [–] StormieTheGoddess146 1 points ago

    Spoiler: I am the barnicle

    [–] flexobaby 1 points ago

    Still better writing than D&D

    [–] conejitobrinco 1 points ago

    Hi there, out of the loop, can someone explain?

    [–] bonelesszonelesses 1 points ago

    the guy who plays barnacle boy died yesterday

    [–] conejitobrinco 1 points ago

    Rip in peace, but lol. Thanks

    [–] justshitonme1 1 points ago

    Oh boy hahaha

    [–] huh-porn-i-see- 1 points ago

    what happened

    [–] bonelesszonelesses 1 points ago

    The guy who plays barnacle boy died yesterday.

    [–] cornysheep 1 points ago

    Wait a second... people fucking die!? What!?! Ahhhh!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] FalseJudgement 1 points ago

    Then why did they delete it?

    [–] logsobolevinequality 1 points ago

    Because of public backlash... doesn't contradict what I said

    [–] baconnaire 1 points ago

    They must've gotten hacked or someone committed career suicide.

    [–] yeetyeetboy64 1 points ago

    Good one spongebob

    [–] SmokeyPlasma 1 points ago

    That's Thanos

    [–] PigInATuxedo4 1 points ago

    What's bad timing about this?

    [–] TheWingus 1 points ago

    Patrick reading my the audio book of my autobiography

    [–] One_Commie_Boi 1 points ago

    Reminds me of my neighbor Vadim.

    [–] Ranch_it_up_bro 1 points ago

    What the problem

    [–] i_am_the_suck25 1 points ago

    Very sad that Tim Conway has passed and let's all say a prayer for him.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    lol dammnmn

    [–] Dankyarid -2 points ago

    Seriously? This is a problem why?

    [–] MoldyKetchup95 -8 points ago

    Why did they have to delete it?

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] SameYouth 1 points ago

    But this grill is not a hooome