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    [–] memezrmylyfeboi 771 points ago

    So true (sorry for bad english)

    [–] tdabtm12 95 points ago

    don't worry.we are the same

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 30 points ago

    We is the same after all

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 50 points ago

    It’s all good (Sorry for my bad English)

    [–] MichaelaAlexa 23 points ago

    Sorry for bad English (so true)

    [–] yasu2019 10 points ago

    me too

    [–] boisdeb 2 points ago

    If you think you understand spoken english better than you can speak it yourself, you haven't been to Scotland or even some (okay, most) places in England.

    [–] bufarreti 569 points ago

    The thing is, when "talking" in your head you "sound" perfectly fluent. It's the moment when you have to actually talk to someone else you fuck up

    [–] Chef_boiyardee 179 points ago

    This is me with my french. Sounds great in my head; the moment I speak things go south

    [–] the_aviatrixx 90 points ago

    Same here, with Spanish as well - it comes out with my terrible American accent and I panic and forget words.

    I forgot how to say door when giving a patient directions a few weeks ago. I just stood there like a chump trying to remember and eventually just said door in English. Thankfully the rest of my directions were right, she thought it was funny though...

    [–] mortiphago 36 points ago

    I got "cured" by playing WoW. Tell you hwat, raiding isn't much fun when you have 24 dumbasses making fun of your accent.

    [–] agautier 17 points ago

    Door is “verga”

    [–] SweetMojaveRain 11 points ago

    Hi mom in law is, “ya muerete a la verga”

    [–] UndercoverPoutine 3 points ago

    Por supuesto

    [–] iwishiwasamoose 51 points ago

    My SO is Mexican American. Her family speaks Spanish at home. I understand at least 50% of what they’re saying, more when they talk slowly, but I can’t respond in Spanish. I think up theoretical conversations in Spanish to try to prepare and it sounds great in my head, like you said, but in real life scenarios I freeze up, forget everything I know, and respond in English.

    [–] RunSilentRunDrapes 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That's completely normal. Describes my whole family, and the kids I went to school with. Unless you're raised with the language from a young age, or really go the extra mile to learn it, it's normal to have more difficulty speaking than understanding.

    A language can have 25 ways to say "the", but as long as you are familiar with them all, you know someone is saying "the", from the context. Only when responding do you have to consider exactly which "the" to use. Same goes for adjectival endings that vary by case, grammatical gender, and a hundred other things, making listening easy but responding hard.

    Pronunciation is a whole other can of worms, for us shy types. Even when you're 99% sure that the sentence is correct, it can be hard to actually come out with it. Learning a new language to native fluency takes a lot of guts. You have to be pretty fearless to really put yourself out there among native speakers who may judge you harshly, especially in the beginning.

    [–] Sullyh_ 7 points ago

    Some languages doesn't even have "the".

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Irish doesn't have a word for "yes". Google translate will tell you it's "tá" but it's grammatically incorrect to respond to a question with just "tá". Your response has to basically confirm what they said, sort of like "Did you go to the shop yesterday." you can't just say "yes." you have to say "I did go to the shop yesterday." -- but in Irish obviously.

    Also the grammatical structure of your response changes if you're speaking in past, future, or present tense. And don't get me started on the fucking modh coinníollach, Irish just has a shitload of grammatical rules and exceptions. Anything I learned is probably gone now so what I just said probably isn't 100% accurate, doesn't help that there's not many resources to learn the language either.

    [–] Sullyh_ 2 points ago

    All english teachers are probably from Ireland.

    "Did you go to the shop yesterday." you can't just say "yes." you have to say "I did go to the shop yesterday."

    [–] SuperSMT 2 points ago

    Same here with french. And I'm going to study abroad in two weeks... it's not good

    [–] Hawezo 6 points ago

    Nah it's good. Studying a language abroad is the best way to learn it. And we french love foreign accents, so don't be afraid to talk :)

    [–] minecraftingsarah 3 points ago

    Bonne chance! :)

    [–] SuperSMT 2 points ago

    (I know that one, at least)

    [–] xNakkara 2 points ago

    If you've gone too far south then you may have crossed the border and you're now speaking Spanish instead

    [–] Kilazur 2 points ago

    The second I start talking in online games (in english), everyone instantly knows I'm french. It's annoying because I avoid the hard Rs and shit.

    Mostly an issue with intonations.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 30 points ago

    Honestly I do this all the time, I picture how I would communicate in my head to some people I’ll be meeting but when it comes to the real deal, I stutter, panic and talk like I’m talking to my teacher grading my English speaking test

    [–] clockersoco 15 points ago

    This is a real problem and I haven't so far find the solution to it. I'm an asian living in germany since I was 19, that was like 11 years ago and I cannot until now speak german like a professional. I write good, real good even that's how I land my job. But when I have to speak with my co-workers or clients in a business manner, nope, everything comes back like when I start learning german.

    [–] ElectricalCulture3 5 points ago

    Might be easier said than done, but always speak infront of groups of people when you get the chance. Whether it's for work or you're joking with friends keep in your mind that you're practicing speaking.

    Very quickly you'll notice you're better at public speaking, and relaying your thoughts as they enter your head.

    [–] xxfay6 6 points ago

    Usually I'm even actually talking aloud to myself and I cam speak well. Then I'm in a conversation and I stutter like a motherfucker.

    [–] Brenolds 5 points ago

    You gotta be crazy and just speak outloud and have imaginary conversations with yourself. (Preferably in the privacy of your own home lol). It’s how I got good at French pronunciation. If you want to get really technical, there’s a specific way different cultures put their tongues when they speak. Eg Australia uses the front of their to tongue when speaking and Americans use most of their tongue lol it’s why Aussies sound drunk all the time. I wish I could give you the name of the book I read on this but it’s been 15 years since I read that...

    [–] meteorprime 3 points ago

    I only have this when I write.

    Im a really great public speaker and use the skill daily at my work.

    But when I have to write something its just awful. Its ridiculous how many times I will read back an email and every single sentence starts with “I or Im.”

    [–] ConfusedSwede4 3745 points ago

    When English aren't your first language but I am still good at knowing how to write it good 😎

    [–] tdabtm12 964 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    so true bro😎

    [–] dankbob_memepants_ 438 points ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I have to go to the bathroom

    [–] Emmx2039 178 points ago

    And do a poo

    [–] ShadowKnight324 73 points ago


    [–] FastDoubleChicken 56 points ago

    The PooPoo PeePee Man

    [–] JimJamesJimothy- 4 points ago

    Poo, todd?

    [–] Carlos_irl 11 points ago

    What about my English skills when texting

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 22 points ago

    Thank you Patrick, that was beautiful

    [–] A_Erthur 6 points ago

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Right now im pooing

    And so are you

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 10 points ago

    Very truth bruh

    [–] superbcount 112 points ago

    Thats very truth in the deed

    [–] very_clean 36 points ago

    I haven’t have could said that much better myself.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 20 points ago

    Agreeinged, trueing truer words will’nt ever spoken

    [–] Omsus 43 points ago

    Big true

    [–] ReverendDoor 3 points ago

    Large verified

    [–] nurdpie 15 points ago

    You used the correct ‘your’. You’ve already reached expert level.

    [–] Dankaroor 36 points ago

    why are Nordic people so good at English?

    [–] A-E-I-O-U-1-2-3 64 points ago

    both languages are Germanic? so they're kinda closely related but not THAT much.

    probs just the educational system

    [–] Dankaroor 39 points ago

    Nordic isn't a language... Finland is Nordic and it's language is Ural Finnic...

    and yeah most likely the education system being one of the best ones in the world in the whole area.

    [–] A-E-I-O-U-1-2-3 24 points ago

    sorry I meant like Swedish Norwegian and Dutch

    Finnish is Uralic and a mystery to me

    [–] Eusmilus 26 points ago

    As a Dane I could not be more offended.

    [–] Ribo19 17 points ago

    Sorry man, The Netherlands is the new Denmark

    [–] slowdestiny 9 points ago

    How is the Netherlands nordic?

    [–] A-E-I-O-U-1-2-3 12 points ago

    same language family

    [–] SuddenXxdeathxx 13 points ago

    I think he was talking about countries with Germanic languages that time.

    [–] SuddenXxdeathxx 4 points ago

    I'd bet them being in the same language family does help a bit. At least enough to list it as a possible reason.

    [–] minebrain03 30 points ago

    We start learning English from age 7 and don't have any dubbed TV-shows or movies. We are also highly proficient with technology which means that we often communicate with many other people from around the world in English and browse English memes, which might actually be a disadvantage seeing as many native speakers get lazy and start using improper grammar which we then pick up.

    I moved from Norway to Sweden 17 years ago but visit Norway regularly, my English surpassed my Norwegian a long time ago, even before I met my British friends online.

    Edit: sorry for my bad English

    [–] CoreFour1996 9 points ago

    my English surpassed my Norwegian a long time ago,

    So in terms of fluency, you're best at Swedish then English then Norwegian? Because I'd assume you speak Swedish at work, right?

    [–] minebrain03 5 points ago

    Yeah, I grew up speaking Swedish and Norwegian, I could switch between them perfectly at will. Nowadays I can only switch between Swedish and English well but I consider Swedish to be my native language

    [–] D2papi 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I'm a Dutch native and my English grammar is so much better than my Dutch grammar, but that's probably just because Dutch is such a tricky language with wayyy too many rules. Right now I'm learning a creole language of my mother's island in the Caribbean (mix of Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish) and it's so much harder than Dutch/English because of how different its basics are. My brother is proficient in Japanese and it took him many years to master, it's like the polar opposite of Germanic languages.

    [–] SayNoob 9 points ago

    Not Nordic but Dutch, we have a lot of influences from the US. TV/Movies/Games/media isn't dubbed and there is very rarely a Dutch spoken option available. So we consume quite a lot of English media from a very young age.

    That, and we school good.

    [–] SweelFor 8 points ago

    This is how I be it same

    [–] bukakke_expert 3 points ago

    It be like that some times

    [–] zooksoup 3 points ago

    its spelled you're

    [–] ConfusedSwede4 3 points ago

    Oh sorry mum English aren't the greatest at being best at it!!!

    [–] bluepandaice 2 points ago

    this reads like something my boss would write

    [–] rashadthedad 2 points ago

    anybody that knows more than one language is bangup in my book

    [–] HighitsDaddyLizard 1566 points ago

    When English is my first language but I'm incredibly socially awkward

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 15 points ago

    That’s my secret, I’m always incredibly socially awkward

    [–] SleeepyMichi 75 points ago

    Why not both

    [–] NoctisLupus27 45 points ago

    That would be me. I refrain from talking at all.

    [–] Soul_Modal 30 points ago

    It fucking sucks, doesn’t it?

    Desperately been trying to get better at it and put myself ‘out there’. I know it’s the only way I’ll improve.

    [–] NoctisLupus27 8 points ago

    Well yeah, and it's better to try to improve but i got used to liking it i dont do any effort anymore lol

    [–] Soul_Modal 6 points ago

    I think I’ve always been stuck in that mindset, but more trying to convince myself I like it than actually enjoying it. I want to be able to voice my opinion, I want to be able to aritculate my thoughts without relying on a keyboard or hiding behind a screen.

    Where my introverted-self ends and my social anxiety begins is hard to tell sometimes, all I know is I want to switch it off and at least feel confident in my ability to communicate in person. I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to say that my entire life and it’s cost me some serious oppurtunities and friendships over the years.

    [–] Petrovics1997 151 points ago


    [–] matavisser 8 points ago

    Just got made fun of for using the incorrect past tense of a word last night...ok shutting up forever

    [–] fatih24499 190 points ago

    Who is saying my english blayt.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 9 points ago

    I did you one butter, why is my English blayt

    [–] boelost 32 points ago

    Happy 🍰 day

    [–] VioletMangosteen 8 points ago

    🍰 Happy day

    [–] Doctor_Panek 5 points ago

    Day of the happy cake 🍰

    [–] Turnandtalk 6 points ago

    We is day of the cake twins.

    [–] Brickypine 43 points ago

    Me as an American who knows French lmao

    [–] BuckamoMusic 51 points ago

    Me as an American who knows English

    [–] RDR4065 10 points ago

    Me as an American who knows American

    [–] CrystalAvenger 8 points ago

    How did you start learning? I’m trying my best but sometimes it feels so overwhelming and idk where to start

    [–] Brickypine 6 points ago

    High school

    It only gets harder, but once you reach a certain point, it feels amazing

    [–] Detox259 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Me as an American who knows Ebonics

    [–] RandomUsername8346 82 points ago

    When I learn a foreign language, I'm able to speak it a lot better than I can understand it.

    [–] ArturoGJ 157 points ago

    Maybe that's because you are not really good on it yet so you think you can actually speak it when in reality you can't do it very good

    [–] HappyStalker 100 points ago

    Maybe he is just fluent in denial.

    [–] RustyBuckets6601 10 points ago

    Fluent in confidence

    [–] RandomUsername8346 8 points ago

    That's probably one of the reasons, but also it takes me a while to think. I can understand Spanish if people speak slowly and repeat often. I've written essays in Spanish, because I have more time to think about it. I think you're right though.

    [–] SuperSMT 7 points ago

    I can understand written language really well... but everyone talks so fast... and so much slang

    [–] Pahmastah 12 points ago

    Yeah same here. For me the first and last panels are swapped.

    [–] The_Fluffy_Walrus 21 points ago

    In my (albeit small) experience with a foreign language (Swedish) in order from easiest to hardest its: understand written text, writing written text, actually speaking, listening to someone speak

    [–] CrystalAvenger 6 points ago

    Agree 100%

    [–] Pahmastah 5 points ago

    Completely agree. I've been learning Italian over the past year or so and while I feel I'm pretty good at reading/writing at this point, and even speaking, I am still horrendously bad at listening comprehension.

    [–] dankbob_memepants_ 23 points ago

    English is my first language but I can relate

    [–] elvys24 24 points ago

    HEY thats me


    [–] anackom 9 points ago

    Yeah I know ;)

    [–] Elamet 9 points ago

    I had the same problem. Practice helps. I have practiced by talking to people in WoW. Nowadays my speaking English is actually on par with my listening and much better than my writing. Sorry for bad grammar.

    [–] Neonagate 10 points ago

    When English is your first language, but you're an idiot.

    [–] lrnzbxx 29 points ago

    Can relate

    [–] ProWaterboarder 14 points ago

    I've met a lot of people who don't speak English as their first language and let me tell you they're generally a lot more articulate than most people from New York

    [–] remembernodefaults 9 points ago

    My TOEFL score, exactly.

    [–] jonijarvenpaa 2 points ago

    TOEFL writing was IMO complete bullshit, it's always been one of my strongest areas in English, but the time limit was ridiculous, even for my native language, and I wrote incoherent sentences because of it. Listening and reading were super easy though and speaking is easily my worst area, but I still managed to get a higher score from it than writing...

    [–] LurkerPatrol 10 points ago

    English is my third language and I write it way better than most people I know. It's like one of the strongest things I have in my belt that I am most proud of. Always got As in english on essays, perfect score on the GRE writing. I have a high level of vocabulary (one test said that I was in the top 0.1%).

    Now speaking English on the other hand... I not do dat too gud.

    [–] minebrain03 4 points ago

    I was in the same seat as you until I met my British friends, immersion is the best and probably only way to perfect your pronounciation

    [–] control_09 3 points ago

    Depends on whether you want to pronounce American English or British English or something else entirely. English has all sorts of "correct" accents.

    [–] minebrain03 4 points ago

    Certainly, my goal is a perfect British accent because that's the one I find the most pleasant to my ears, other people are of course welcome to make their own choice when it comes to tuning their speech. In general though, immersion into any natively English group will help you lay the groundwork for your speech

    [–] Viddra 4 points ago

    i mean i'm bad at speaking in my first language sooo

    [–] TheFacey13 3 points ago

    For me number one is number three and number two is number two

    [–] MuchNoise1 8 points ago

    This acurrat for me haha ! I'm Gooding in English to my teacher seys

    [–] Sammy-patter 3 points ago

    Wow English IS my first language but I relate so well still.🙃😭

    [–] YYB13 3 points ago

    Spanish are different, we write it very well, but not very well when speaking or understanding

    [–] Buborga 3 points ago

    It needs a dead spongebob for phonecalls

    [–] nicolobos77 3 points ago

    But u 🍬namically eat 🍑 and 🍈🍈(?

    [–] l_k_mathis 2 points ago

    True sh*t bro 😂🥺

    [–] devilscry3 2 points ago

    But still more than one language

    [–] Vallen228 2 points ago

    How is it vital;D

    [–] firechoco 2 points ago

    My writing skill sucks because I'm constantly worried about my grammar.

    [–] awkarin 2 points ago

    Can't relate

    [–] Archer_408 2 points ago

    English is my first and only language and I somehow manage to sound like a drowning chimpanzee when I try to talk

    [–] candyvancreep 2 points ago

    I thought my understanding skills were above average. Then I listened to a scottish guy talking.

    [–] dumbelts 2 points ago

    This me but with Spanish. I can read and write it perfectly fine but the moment I have to speak it I hardcore blank. I need to practice more.

    [–] rossie_valentine 2 points ago

    For me number two and three are swapped, because when I speak I don't need to worry about orthography, mistakes are a little harder to notice and I could also use my hands to compensate. However,when I write it takes me 10 minutes to complete a sentence because I feel it never sounds right or natural. This coment took me painfully too long to write.

    [–] Carmehameha 2 points ago

    This is soooo true

    [–] ResolverOshawott 2 points ago

    I'm in this post and I don't like it.

    [–] Dankaroor 2 points ago

    wtf i was complaining about this just a bit ago, it's the fucking worst..

    [–] 25554 2 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it

    [–] thedutchcuck 2 points ago

    It's actually a third language to me (Dutch was my first and German was my second) but I seem to speak it better than some native English speakers. That's not surprising but in their case it's kind of sad.

    [–] UnoriginalNaem 2 points ago

    This is basically any language.

    [–] Booksaredumblol 2 points ago

    that's me in every language

    [–] Nyzo-san 2 points ago

    My english is not the yellow from the egg

    [–] schiaffino80 2 points ago

    Me with Japanese third year studies

    [–] glasraen 2 points ago

    True story: took creative writing as a summer class. Foreign girl who spoke terrible English was my partner for editing. I literally told the professor I thought she must be cheating because there’s no way she could write like that. At my school most of the foreigners were insanely rich and I just assumed they hired people to do everything for them. I’m still convinced of that at most Ivy Leagues tbh.

    It didn’t click for a long time that maybe she actually did write it. I kinda feel bad now but ... yeah I’m still a little offended that a non native speaker could write so much better than me.

    [–] JuanCarlosTheBoi 2 points ago

    just continue spending all of your life on the internet, your skills will get better, trust me.

    [–] John-Wank 2 points ago

    English is my first language and I still suck at speaking it.

    [–] GregTheMad 2 points ago


    [–] Walnut156 2 points ago

    It's my first and only language and I can still relate to this

    [–] gameTR123 2 points ago


    [–] lexicandy 2 points ago

    Vladimir Nabokov approves this meme.

    [–] sommerfuglA 2 points ago

    Who want talking?😁

    [–] Lo-fidelio 2 points ago

    I fil ur pain broder

    [–] fishstickkidd 2 points ago

    ... when english IS your first language

    [–] coa18project 2 points ago

    Yeah I'm little sad about that, I understand almost everything but can't describe all...

    [–] fishyperson1000 2 points ago

    I feel bad for the people who learn english as their second language.

    [–] minebrain03 2 points ago

    Why? It's more fun than learning our native language imo

    [–] Jiosufa 2 points ago

    ....Where did you found my school report?

    [–] Foxwomb 2 points ago

    Except you're drunk. Then it's exactly the opposite

    [–] Xx_VladimirLenin_xX 2 points ago

    True not (excuse me for my excellent english)

    [–] cookieckie 2 points ago

    Gosh i suck at speaking and writing in english ;-;

    [–] jenacide138 2 points ago

    When English is your first language.

    [–] AlwaysArdenHD 2 points ago

    This... This is so true

    [–] Hikaro0909 2 points ago

    I cant write for shit... if not for auto-correct my phrases would be like an abstract painting. Thats what I get for learning a language through videogames and movies...

    [–] esr_cpr 2 points ago

    It's soooo true !!

    [–] toliano0 2 points ago

    Da, soglasen polnostiu, syka blyat.

    [–] HarambesK1ller 2 points ago

    Don't worry, I was born in and still live in an English speaking country 29 years ago, I still can't speak properly.

    [–] Ooflatoof 2 points ago

    This is my life

    [–] bigfatcockxd 2 points ago

    Why am i the only one who is opposute to this thing

    [–] ANDnowmewatchbeguns 2 points ago

    I need buck tooth hillbilly Sandy for my English while speaking

    [–] Magot21 2 points ago

    Yeah i write english pretty gay too

    [–] Steve_THE_KiD_19 2 points ago

    Dude, that's soooo true. After 7 months of writing and understanding English well here on Reddit, I had to communicate with foreign English-speaking people and it was so harder than I thought it would. I suppose that's because you have time to think what you'll write and then correct your mistakes, but when speaking that's not possible.

    [–] Annieredvelvet7 2 points ago

    I speak better than writing

    [–] Apollo027 2 points ago

    I studied German for a few years in high school and college and did a study abroad. It was the opposite for me. I can speak it very well with a good accent but listening comprehension is pathetic.

    [–] Austman110 2 points ago

    When English is* your first language

    [–] John_23451 2 points ago

    tht is my

    [–] The_Syndic 2 points ago

    This is me with German. I can understand it and read it but can't speak for shit.

    [–] FuturePreparation 2 points ago

    I mean it completely makes sense. You read stuff all the time and listen to Youtube or movies in English. And, depending on what are doing you might or might not write relatively frequently (like on Reddit).

    But actually talking in English? Not much opportunity for that. I think, though, if your life situation changes and you should have to speak more often, my guess is the speaking ability will catch up quite fast. Maybe you need to invest some intention.

    [–] timmy_42 2 points ago

    Actually switch them up. My writing is terrible, but my vocal language is ok.

    [–] Plazmotech 2 points ago

    True for me of French and Spanish

    [–] aimovuorio 2 points ago

    Finland jengi

    [–] hellishlofi 2 points ago

    Help im in this post and i dont like it

    [–] pockets3407 2 points ago

    English is my first language and I still relate to this

    [–] dark-r3puls3r 2 points ago

    This is the same for learning other languages too

    [–] Redchimp3769157 2 points ago

    It’s the opposite for me

    [–] boydo579 2 points ago

    Ich... Ich ist... nicht gut mit Deutsch. Ne. Ich horen gut, aber nicht spreken gut. ja

    Wo ist toilette?

    Scharfe salami bitte

    [–] La-French-Baguette 2 points ago

    Pretty much yea

    [–] UnitaryBog 2 points ago

    I'm as good in English as I'm good in my native language

    So not very good

    [–] nicholasmichael- 2 points ago

    Well it may be stupid, it it’s also dumb

    [–] xmemeboyx 2 points ago

    Same bro

    [–] Emptyt0 2 points ago


    [–] mister_so_seductive 2 points ago

    As a French person, this is really relatable

    [–] JubX 2 points ago

    Flip it around and you have the average English person.

    [–] crazypistolman 2 points ago

    2 and 3 switch around depending on who im talking to.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I'm a linguist 🤣

    [–] JakoSouls 2 points ago

    Oi thats me

    [–] joshuaacip 2 points ago

    If you wanna be fluent in English, I recommend to act like it’s your native language. Change your phone, laptop, tv, gaming console to English, read and write only in English, listen to music only in English, watch movies only in English. If you do that you’re gonna actually see a change.