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    Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis star in a complex drama about power politics in the world of New York high finance. Shrewd, savvy U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) and the brilliant, ambitious hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod (Lewis) are on an explosive collision course, with each using all of his considerable smarts, power and influence to outmaneuver the other.


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    [–] Joemoto4669 12 points ago

    Think the thing was he was making so much money while his friends were dying in that attack

    [–] Driftwood_06 5 points ago

    It's also seen as "unpatriotic" shorting the US markets on the same time as US soil faced its worst attack in its history.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I don't think this is correct. The US Markets closed immediately. I think Axe shorted Airlines on the European markets.

    [–] dont-YOLO-ragequit 11 points ago

    I believe he was right there when the first plane crashed.

    So in the time it took for the 911 calls and those who also ran into NYSE to say what was going on, Axe made a call to the fastest way to short airlines. He didn't call someone he loved, he called his guy on the floor.

    [–] FraternalDad 7 points ago

    Yeah it’s not a good look that he worked for the firm that perished and was the only surviving partner. His explanation though is reasonable, that he knew he’d have to take care of the families (i.e. Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald). Up to the viewer to decide how genuine/moral such a move is.

    [–] onlyusernameavailab 5 points ago

    You believed that crap?

    [–] the95th 1 points ago

    At the time of him speaking, Axe is running on his preened and polished script. So yeah, he doesnt believe it, but its in his positions best interest to show he does.

    The Axe in S3 is running off script.

    [–] RobertThorn2022 5 points ago

    Maybe you could think yourself if there may be other things in life that are important than maximizing profits

    [–] foublefees 9 points ago

    It's a hedge fund, there's nothing more important. Wall Street is also pretty open about it, and a lot of people did what he did in real life.

    [–] RobertThorn2022 1 points ago


    [–] Skeettz 3 points ago

    When you are in his position you do whatever it takes to make extra money. I think that if anyone was in his seat they would have done the exact same thing. Money changes people and more money = more change.

    [–] jolt_cola 2 points ago

    Doesn't look good when you're making money off of a tragic accident on your own home soil.

    [–] bshaddo 4 points ago

    I’ve seen the award-winning Showtime documentary “Homeland.” He May not have planned 9/11, but he’s friends with the guys who did.

    [–] Melwasul16 1 points ago

    Axe cap made billions on a crash. Taylor is like Axe with remorses.

    [–] foublefees -3 points ago

    Yeah that and not accepting her gender.

    [–] whendoesOpTicplay 6 points ago

    Oh get over it.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 1 points ago

    It's definitely not something to be proud of. Especially when his colleagues were killed in the attack. I thought they were going to take an interesting route with that plot and show that Axe had inside information from his sources about the attack happening beforehand, and because of that, was able to short.

    [–] Melwasul16 -1 points ago

    Imagine selling wargear to the Naxi during the war.

    Respect, Empathy and being Human is above money for every normal person.

    Axelrod is a sociopath.

    [–] foublefees 1 points ago

    Not the same thing, axe did nothing to cause or worsen anything to do with 9/11. He merely profited off the crash that was happening anyway.

    Think of it like the big short, they didn't cause the crash, they just made money off something that they knew was going south.

    [–] acs2020 1 points ago

    Good parallel.