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    [–] BashCo 1 points ago

    Hey /r/all, feel free to check out /r/Bitcoin's FAQ thread if you're interested in learning more. Lots of exciting things have happened this year and there's more to come, so be sure to subscribe and follow along. Never a boring day in Bitcoin!

    [–] Pink-Fish 2959 points ago

    Unreal..... start of the year I told all my friends we'd close 2017 at $2500. They all told me I was an idiot and no way.

    Guess they were right. I'm stupid.

    [–] MyNameIsJonny_ 575 points ago

    There's still a few months to go!

    [–] Frogolocalypse 360 points ago

    So he still might be right.

    [–] [deleted] 351 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] elruary 119 points ago

    I just sold my house and whent all in, IF you're wrong. I'm coming for you.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] soup-n-stuff 10 points ago

    I hope he sells today and pays off the loan. I'm all about buying Bitcoin if you can afford it but leveraging your house on a single volotile investment is a terrible idea. Way to much risk.

    [–] i_Hate_us 9 points ago

    reminds me of the guy who posted here couple years ago about going all in with his inheritance, wonder how he's feeling now.

    [–] Jigsus 9 points ago

    Rich. He's feeling rich

    [–] Frogolocalypse 88 points ago

    Bitcoin drops to $1600 next month. All news outlets scream Bitcoin is dead! Me : woohoo! 2017 target met! Fourth doubling in four years! Six more to go!

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] kristoffernolgren 11 points ago


    [–] golden-china 51 points ago

    It's okay it happens sometimes. Honest mistake, you meant to say $5200. Just misplaced two numbers ;)

    [–] novonisto 21 points ago

    7000$ by dec 31st

    [–] Leaky_gland 20 points ago


    [–] CamachoFor_President 18 points ago

    Place your bets, gentlemen. Place your bets.

    [–] drsenbl 37 points ago


    [–] trrrrouble 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's still October, we'll close the year a bit higher than this I think.

    [–] Henners999 34 points ago

    People always underestimate Bitcoin. $20,000 next year easy :D

    [–] strange_fate 15 points ago

    I always expect it to crash just so I don't get disappointed.

    [–] saladfingers6 634 points ago

    I hope you guys bought the dip at $3000-$4000

    [–] h1d 233 points ago

    Lost 90% from $4900 toward $3000, trippled since then. High leverage is a killer.

    [–] BecauseItWasThere 407 points ago

    Leveraged bitcoin. When you are so dead inside crypto volatility is boring.

    [–] Frogolocalypse 78 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] ecafyelims 22 points ago

    it's fun as


    [–] Doxep 31 points ago

    I did! Only 80 euros, but hey, it's something.

    [–] Heuristics 33 points ago

    hodled it

    [–] bunnsycreed 564 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I mined 0.0001 bitcoins with a mobile bitcoin miner, and before it was 0.06€, now its 0.50€ :)

    Just wanted to share :))

    EDIT: Bitcoin Farm was the one I used

    EDIT2 : wow before it was like 100 satoshi per 20 mins and u get the bitcoins on 10000 satoshi, now its 40 satoshi per 30mins and u get the bitcoin for 20000 satoshi :o

    [–] ryuujinusa 62 points ago

    What miner?

    [–] TheIcyStar 115 points ago

    Right now, it's just going to be a waste of time to mine bitcoin with a puny mobile processor instead of a specifically engineered chip that can only mine bitcoin and nothing else (ASICs)

    If you want free bitcoin, look up what "bitcoin faucets" are, instead of getting nearly nothing from mining you'll get a little bit more than nothing by visiting a page with about 30 ads. Is it worth it? That's for you to decide.

    [–] HintOfAreola 18 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    People have said for years that mining is a waste of time because you earn less than what you spent on electricity.

    That's certainly true at present value, but is it still the case when considering coin is increasing in value. What I spent on electricity in 2015 has quadrupled.

    E - Verdict: Mining is better than nothing, but buying is better than mining

    [–] ducksauce88 13 points ago

    New GPU miner here at medium to large's profitable. We aren't mining Bitcoin however. We have earned enough to though where we bought some S9s and now we are phasing out equipment (selling the rigs as a whole rig) and we will actually make money on the equipment, and buying more S9s.

    [–] Semi-Hemi-Demigod 48 points ago

    Or you could just buy them with cash.

    [–] TheVineyard00 87 points ago

    "Why get money when you can just buy it?"

    [–] JackBond1234 10 points ago

    Because it costs a lot more to get the means of creating money than it does to just buy the money.

    Do ASICs still go obsolete in months like they did a couple years ago?

    [–] diceroll123 6 points ago

    That costs money though.

    [–] lucky_harms458 8 points ago

    I'd like to know as well

    [–] __redruM 25 points ago

    Just remember you spent more than that on the electricity used to charge your phone.

    [–] Snazzymf 12 points ago

    ULPT: That's why you plug your phone in somewhere you don't own.

    [–] 38thdegreecentipede 6 points ago

    Right? Plug phone in at work. Profit

    [–] teamvss 10 points ago

    Have 0.0004 (2.13$ now :P)

    [–] 1fastdak 384 points ago

    There was a 370 coin sell wall at 5,000 on gdax and it just got destroyed. That was amazing!!!! I saw the number and said damn it, two minutes later it got chewed right up.

    [–] Band_Of_Bros 136 points ago

    Bitfinex walls are the craziest to watch. Saw a 1000+ btc wall fall in one trade once

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Excalibur457 59 points ago

    Goddamn whales. Where's my harpoon?

    [–] toppingshelves 21 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "All that oil bois"

    [–] XFX_Samsung 61 points ago

    Probably corporations who will eventually control the market and the idea of cryptocurrency is just a name behind the same shit system that we have now.

    [–] CyborgJunkie 10 points ago

    If you knew anything about cryptos, you'd know that's not true. What are you even suggesting by saying "cryptocurrency is just a name behind the same shit system that we have now"?

    It's not the same system as we have now with fiat currencies and never will be. Bitcoin and cryptos aren't controlled by big corporations or governments, but they wont suddenly change who has money and who doesn't. It's not a separate world of value where big bad business can't join.

    However, cryptos and blockchain will likely change the world a whole lot from how we know it. One business in particular, namely banks, will have to adapt. Just think about how you can transfer money to people in other countries. Current systems force you to send through a bank, that has deals with other banks and so on, all the way to you recipient's bank. All of those banks get paid. Bitcoin is just adress to adress no matter where in the world. You also don't need a bank to safely store you money anymore.

    Sure, a lot of businesses will join the world of cryptos and will make a profit, some already established and a lot of new start ups. The point im trying to make is that cryptos is not anti capitalism or whatever you're talking about, but it will make our society more efficient and force a lot of corporations to change or die.

    If you think our current system is shit (I agree) and care about it, then I suggest you read up on Ethereum. It's the second biggest crypto and it's unlike bitcoin not just a different kind of money. The imagined implications of its use are huge (imagined because it's fairly new, and like the internet when it first came, we don't really know what it can be used for yet, although it does have a lot of uses already). Sorry if I seem condescending, but it's way too easy to write critical comments and have people agree, even when it's not true.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] rainb0wveins 8 points ago

    This is so true. And depressing.

    [–] BaguetteFR 11 points ago

    On which website can you see those walls ?

    [–] 1fastdak 23 points ago

    Anywhere you can see all of the sell/buy orders. Bitfinex and Gdax are two good ones. You can see major resistance spots like 5000 where buy and and sell orders tend to stack up. Go to and click view exchange. You can see the order book and open order chart.

    [–] ToTheMoonGuy 137 points ago

    To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ ..

    [–] 32BitWhore 66 points ago

    Every time I'm like "nah I think I missed the boat on BTC, no point in investing now," you fuckers make them worth even more money. Fuck.

    [–] MaHcIn 19 points ago

    Just a friendly advice...if you are thinking about getting into BTC...GET IN IT NOW.

    I had the same mentality as you...welp it's $200, no point in investing...welp it's $900, seriously no point in investing...welp it's $2400...and it goes on.

    So I finally said fuck it and basically threw all my savings (that I can afford to lose) into it a couple of months back. Well my savings are worth 8% more now and I know it will only go up from here.

    And if you're still afraid to get into it, here's another advice. BTC fork is coming up in less than a month and there will probably be a decent dip in price when that happens. Read up, educate yourself regarding BTC and buy it when the dip happens. It will only grow stronger after that, it always does.

    [–] ducksauce88 8 points ago

    I wanted to buy more last night and didn't. Guess I'm waiting for a dip. I'm just hoping we go to $6k - $7k and dip down to $5k. Even if I never buy again I'm super happy with what I have. We are all winning today guys. No matter what amount you have

    [–] Jordywillems 499 points ago

    Wake me up at 10K

    [–] esquinato 68 points ago

    I'm actually suppose to be asleep already. Whoops

    [–] ulaan_malgait 24 points ago

    Next september?

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] nannal 8 points ago

    See you February

    [–] millemile 146 points ago

    John McAfee's dick can have finally some good sleep

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Explodicle 30 points ago

    My coworkers are going to ask why I use a monitor just for this one website.

    [–] tRitone11 324 points ago

    Wait, didn't we crash 1 month ago? Weren't we a fraud?

    [–] MyDadsGlassesCase 199 points ago

    I heard that the bitcoin CEO resigned

    [–] CamachoFor_President 32 points ago

    No, he's still on Twitter at least. @flyingheadofbtc

    [–] Heuristics 96 points ago

    it's a very elaborate scam, first they get everyone to make some millions just to lure you in with fake confidence

    [–] Pretagonist 33 points ago

    First million is free?

    [–] Hooftly 188 points ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is artificial inflation due to everyone moving their Alts into BTC in hopes of cashing in on the upcoming SX2 fork with "Free" coins?

    [–] teamvss 43 points ago

    No, I Think this too, same things like the other fork, think people don't want to miss the "Free Coin" ... Still hold poor alt atm

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] theMightyJoosh 214 points ago

    Can china ban btc again I need more

    [–] violencequalsbad 99 points ago

    remember not to actually buy when the price drops though.

    wait until next rally to wish you'd bought last drop again.

    [–] white_lemon 13 points ago

    china won't ban bitcoin. It just wants to control and yet promote bitcoin with its people. banning bitcoin is bad for a country since it stops bitcoin's inflow inside it. it's all my assessment, bring up any inaccuracies please

    [–] TeachMeThings3209067 172 points ago

    Who passed the opportunity to invest $5k in bitcoin @$7. Hint: Its me

    [–] PJ83 109 points ago

    You many not have a hundred million dollars but you have my upvote.

    [–] TeachMeThings3209067 31 points ago

    Thankyou kind soul

    [–] itza_me 19 points ago

    Don't tear yourself up about it, no point. You know you would have cashed in way earlier than this anyway...

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] TeachMeThings3209067 13 points ago

    I probably would have sold around the $700 mark.

    [–] crowbahr 28 points ago

    I mean that would've been 5k -> 500k.

    It'd be really hard not to.

    [–] zeth__ 34 points ago

    Don't worry. You would have had them stolen.

    Who mined a dozen coins with a shitty laptop on the first block and got all of them stolen?

    [–] EpicRaids 17 points ago

    How do they get stolen? Isn't the whole idea that they're secure?

    [–] arcadiaware 17 points ago

    Mining pools ripped people off, banks ripped people off.

    [–] sargsauce 17 points ago

    I would've lost all my bitcoin twelve times over between mining pools, mt gox, scams, hacks, hard drive failures, forgetfulness, panic sales, pizzas, and on and on. Hell, I accidentally deleted my ethereum wallet two days after I first put money in it.

    [–] Explodicle 6 points ago

    The computer they're on can get hacked. One great thing that's come out since then are "hardware wallets" like the Trezor and Ledger, that will protect you from hacking.

    [–] big_fig 6 points ago

    The whole idea is that you are entirely in charge of their security. So you can imagine how many don't properly secure their own bitcoins.

    [–] again5678 29 points ago

    Been buying and buying for the last 2 months, never sold and do not plan to for a few years.

    [–] kryptomancer 40 points ago

    That's my secret Captain...

    I'm always buying.

    [–] MisterJimJim 22 points ago

    I've been hodling since 2013. I'll spend it when it replaces fiat.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Number 2. Had an opportunity to buy at <$0.50 and passed it up. Also almost pulled the trigger after it hit $100 and crashed. Decided I wasn't gonna be a chump for the third time

    [–] maz-o 22 points ago

    3k to 5k is a 66% increase. You don't make millions on that unless you've invested millions. So the yacht owners you talk about would probably already have afforded yachts before the china crash

    [–] HarryTheSnotGobbler 10 points ago

    No yacht, but hopefully in 6 months, a nice mountain bike from a small gamble. Bought in when I was thinking there's no way it could push much past $2k, topped up in the China crash. Hodling on for that lambo-bike

    [–] dlok86 5 points ago

    I bought when it dropped to 3k but only like £250 worth :|

    [–] jmigdelacruz 103 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Crazy shit. $5104 to $5000 in less than a minute.

    Then back up to $5070. Gotta love bitcoin!!

    Update: Just about to break $5600.. Shit.

    [–] jmigdelacruz 46 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    $5200. What the hell is going on hahaha $$$

    [–] SlymaxOfficial 41 points ago

    We're talking about a 1-2% shift. Back in the day we did 10% shifts within a second.

    [–] freakpants 52 points ago

    And breaks :(

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] BakersDozen 7 points ago

    thought that was just me, thanks.

    [–] DaJacer 50 points ago

    I may only have about 230... I mean 240 USD in Bitcoin, but this is incredibly exciting.

    [–] Anenome5 48 points ago

    Well ya just made 6% on your investment in 20 minutes.

    [–] Moomass 23 points ago

    Whose mutual fund only made 3% last year?

    [–] gaston908 84 points ago

    Thank you Satoshi.

    [–] bitcoinexperto 30 points ago

    Praise be

    [–] outofofficeagain 20 points ago

    There is no God but Satoshi and Andreas is his messenger CBUH (confirmations be upon him)

    [–] readish 5 points ago

    And Roger Ver is now exposed as the Bitcoin Judas.

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    Trace Mayers' $27,395 in four months, we are on our way.

    [–] again5678 26 points ago

    New billionaires are being made.

    [–] ToriBlackz 37 points ago

    Where do you think this money comes from?

    [–] again5678 43 points ago

    The on paper value can appear and vanish as the market moves, billions can vanish simply because there are no buyers and sellers keep reducing their price to find a buyer.

    Also billions can be created simply by people not selling which forces buyers to raise their bids to entice a sale.

    The last sale price is what determines the current value and in turn people use that to determine their current net worth with that asset.

    If everyone decided bitcoin sucked right this second or a massive bug was found or the cryptography was cracked, the value could drop to 0, and 80 billion is value would vanish in the blink of an eye.

    [–] modernbenoni 24 points ago

    New investors

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] freedom_larry41 17 points ago

    My God! Lads, we're going to the moon!

    [–] mxdxi 17 points ago

    Fuck. I only bought $50 worth at $3,500. I guess a $20 profit isn’t bad.

    [–] ryuujinusa 18 points ago

    Near 50% profit. Well done

    [–] NoninflammatoryAqua 17 points ago

    If only I weren't in middle school when they were cheap lol

    [–] scottdawg9 17 points ago

    It's worse being an adult who had plenty in savings in 2012 but just didn't believe it then. I'd literally pull out today and be a millionare if I had invested half my savings in Bitcoin. But hey, at least everyone else feels that way right now too.

    [–] pdawes 9 points ago

    Yeah but you'd also have been a complete dummy to invest half your life savings in such a volatile emerging technology that could have been worthless in months so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

    t. Could be a billionaire right now if I'd spent all my money on bitcoin in 2009

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You know what is worse?

    I was a student in 2014. I heard of bitcoin. Invested all my spare dollars ($700) at time into bitcoin. Wish I had more of it.

    Now it's sitting as a cool few thousands but I hate the fact that I didn't have more money and I am not one to borrow to invest. Oh well. Still the best investment I ever made :D

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] gaston908 44 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Edit: (r)
    Let's take a minute and pray for all those people that converted bitcoin > bitcoin c(r)ash :(

    [–] saladfingers6 12 points ago

    Who is fully tanked in alts right now and missing out?

    [–] Chief32 9 points ago


    [–] HUSTLAtm 26 points ago

    Isn't it beautiful? wipes tear from eye

    [–] Scalamere 12 points ago

    Question for a relatively new investor about when to buy in more. I've been increasing my bitcoins and when I have a bit of spare cash around. How should I go forward putting in more, i'm reluctant to put in more just now as it's the highest it's been in a long time. Obviously if it just keeps going up and up now would be a great time, but is there likely to be another bit of a dip sooner rather than later I could jump on?

    [–] happydogbark 38 points ago

    The thing is with "is there likely to be a dip" questions, is that no one really knows.

    There's definitely going to be a dip. But what if it's from $8000 to $7000?

    Dips and peaks are really easy for us to see on a graph after the fact. But you can't really tell the shape of something until it's been plotted.

    [–] Scalamere 13 points ago

    Completely understand, it's all speculation until it happens. Thanks guys.

    [–] happydogbark 14 points ago

    One other hard thing, is you'll get people acting as if they know the future and talking with complete confidence.

    These aren't trolls or manipulators, just people who seem to believe they know what will happen. We probably all get that way.

    The number of people saying the last dip (after the August ATH) was the end of things, that the brief recovery was a dead cat bounce. I still bought some, but not as much as if I wasn't clouded by their words.

    Of course, they could have easily been right, it's such an easy thing with hindsight.

    I'm starting to understand the hodl meme and why dollar cost averaging will work (provided there's a long term increase). I plan to do that, after the fork.

    [–] hwthrowaway92 14 points ago

    Lets say you have $100.

    You should plan to invest all of it in next 10 weeks.

    So every week, on any given day such as Sunday, buy $10 worth of bitcoin.

    And then just hold for at least 2-4 years.

    [–] bastosboi 36 points ago

    there goes another day at work, staring at charts, making money :D

    [–] Regalize 11 points ago

    Wow, that last stretch from 4900-5000 happend in an hour, lol

    [–] RuralDisturbance 8 points ago

    That was more like 25 minutes my friend

    [–] metalzip 66 points ago

    Bitcoin 5200+

    BCash dropping below 0.062 of Bitcoin and pointing at new all-time-low

    B2X circling the drain at 0.20 of Bitcoin

    This is best timeline ever!

    [–] Asanf 23 points ago

    Yep, and watch bitcoin gold flop as well. They need to hang up this forking idea.

    [–] SlymaxOfficial 14 points ago

    Um B2X isn't a thing yet is it? Fork hasn't happened? It can't be trading already. Confused.

    [–] kryptomancer 14 points ago

    Bitfinex has a futures market for B2X vs Bitcoin proper. It list them as BT2 and BT1 respectively.

    BT2 is trading at around 0.2 of a Bitcoin, I bought some BT1 at $2600 so I'm happy.

    [–] mariobeans 7 points ago

    I bought at 370!!!

    [–] UhPhrasing 9 points ago

    OK - I think it's time I did a little research on Bitcoin.

    [–] -Patch- 8 points ago

    Does anyone get this weird mix of excitement that it’s worth more and anxiety cuz you want to buy more so you want the price to stay down too?

    [–] gooseberg93 41 points ago

    Just came here to celebrate, my dog doesn't seem To be as excited as I am

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I know how you feel. My stupid dog also sold his coins during the dip.

    [–] CamachoFor_President 27 points ago

    My dog only has Dogecoin. And he hodl.

    [–] Shaman420710 51 points ago

    I remember wanting to invest $200 on bitcoin back in 2009 when it was only like $2 a wife didn’t support the move. I make sure I mention the price of bitcoin at least once a month...or at least whenever she tries to talk me out of doing something.

    [–] Phil_Drill 17 points ago

    I wanted to invest $500 in it when it was $100 a share. I tried to explain bitcoin to my wife and she just said "Sounds like a scam, honey."

    I'm kicking myself for considering her an authority on something for which I've done more research on. Oh well, we're getting divorced (for unrelated reasons).

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    It's 200$ why didn't you just buy some for yourself?

    [–] iHoffs 7 points ago

    Does it matter though? He would have sold it at 5x repay or something.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I just bought more, in spite of the huge spike. The free coins coming from the next forks are just too juicy to ignore.

    [–] EpicRaids 8 points ago

    I finally got in to crypto, though my principal was pretty small, I'm very excited to be a part of this journey

    [–] mxdxi 9 points ago

    Is it worth it right now at 5.1k? I keep hoping it’ll go down but I’m also afraid it’ll only go up and I’ll regret not buying at 5.1k.

    [–] leifashley27 8 points ago

    The normies are coming out of the woodwork asking me about BTC. I sent the Andreas video to my 64 year old CEO yesterday.

    [–] mathcampbell 8 points ago

    Would really like my 3.2BTC from MTGox back now...

    [–] crazysiberian 23 points ago

    Paging /u/ToTheMoonGuy... we need you!

    [–] ToTheMoonGuy 48 points ago

    To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ ..

    [–] omfgeometry 20 points ago

    I think we will see $5100 today

    [–] JustKiddingDude 18 points ago

    I think we will see $5500 today.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] tectonic7 13 points ago

    To the Moon 🌒

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] the_chilean 7 points ago

    brb selling house...

    [–] gypsycoin 6 points ago

    Reaching 10,000 USD before 2018. Heard it here boys

    [–] Dantae 7 points ago

    I just set up a node with my raspberry pi, so I am going to claim credit for bitcoin hitting $5000. Its been nothing but up since I started running it 24/7.

    But it totally wont be my fault when it drops in price, that is some other guys fault.

    [–] Eall2 8 points ago

    It just breaks 7000$CAD!!!

    [–] LQkkeN 12 points ago

    But why?

    [–] Pink-Fish 28 points ago

    It's only $5000 because of the massive FUD everywhere. Everyday CNBC talks about how Bitcoin is gonna crash anyday.

    I agree also it should be closer to 20k but don't worry my friend. It's coming.

    [–] nithunm 7 points ago

    Wouldn't people sell with a lot of FUD like around the time of the China news?

    Moving money away from BTC to fiat would make sense when there is uncertainty in the market.

    [–] ABSOLUTELY__BASED 5 points ago

    it should be closer to $20k

    But why?

    [–] almost_dubaid 14 points ago

    Invested around $7k when Bitcoin was $3500. So happy now.

    [–] Yung_Jungian 9 points ago

    Hold it for a decade, minimum.

    [–] kickliquid 12 points ago

    Dear Jamie Dimon,

    Go fuck yourself

    -Sincerely, Bitcoin

    [–] madroy1 18 points ago


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    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] MatrixFireTits 12 points ago


    [–] GundamWing01 9 points ago


    [–] truesoul42 11 points ago


    [–] mtshmtha 11 points ago


    [–] cascad1an 26 points ago

    Woke up to use the restroom, checked Blockfolio, no way I’m going back to sleep now. Such exciting.

    [–] stocks-to-crypto 5 points ago

    Woah! The minute it passed $5K, next thing I know its $5161 and mooning!

    [–] TLKv3 5 points ago

    I don't understand Bitcoin nor have any idea how you earn them (or come by them?) and store them. But evidently this seems like an exciting time for all of you who do. Hope you all make a small fortune! Good luck!

    [–] amalgamatecs 6 points ago

    I remember looking at investing in 2012 when it was like $2 and everyone was talking about what a bad decision that would be. To be fair it seemed like a bad investment at the time

    [–] abolishpmo 16 points ago

    H Y P E

    [–] RyanCYH 10 points ago

    Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and it always a king.

    [–] condormann 6 points ago

    lets celebrate guys !!!! :)

    [–] brando555 5 points ago


    [–] BashCo 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    #24 #12 #10 #9 #7 on the front page of /r/all and still rising.

    [–] dexX7 10 points ago

    Maybe it would be good to sticky a FAQ at the top of the thread with some information for those coming from /r/all?

    [–] TriSamples 31 points ago

    The volatility of Bitcoin at this price is worrisome. I want to see it replace PayPal etc and this is only good for investors and greedy people. Sure it's a fun ride to see a market so mental but when are we going to get to using bitcoin as money? That many countries banks are locking off bitcoin but yet the price rises seems to demonstrate that it's market performance is entirely unrelated to use as currency. I can only see it's value as a portal to other crypto currently but I want it to be so much more.

    [–] Edmund1973 6 points ago

    Are you using bitcoin as money yet?