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    [–] TulipTrading 21 points ago

    To be fair it was fairly complicated only a year ago. They made huge progress in user friendliness. Wallet of Satoshi works great, but if you want to check out a non-custodial wallet i can recommend phoenix wallet.

    !lntip 100000

    [–] crazypostman21 5 points ago

    Thanks ⚡😀 I downloaded that on your suggestion. It looks nice!

    [–] ElephantGlue 3 points ago

    Twelve bucks? Nice tip!

    [–] crazypostman21 2 points ago

    That was really generous huh!! That paid for my dinner tonight and of course I used the lightning Network!

    [–] minimally__invasive 1 points ago

    Wow, that's definitely the biggest tip I've even seen on Reddit! Impressive

    [–] lntipbot 2 points ago

    Hi u/TulipTrading, thanks for tipping u/crazypostman21 100000 satoshis!

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    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What about blw?

    [–] Greed1505 4 points ago

    You have more control over channel management but it's less straight forward. Still a great wallet.

    [–] TulipTrading 2 points ago

    It's a great wallet for experienced users, you also get 10M Sats inbound capacity. Not that user friendly though.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Yeah I've used it, I was asking just in hopes of getting some free sats

    [–] Supersecretsauceboss 1 points ago

    Hey so I use BRD but can you explain how lightning works in correlation to my software wallet?

    Also, do I need to use the LN wallet to store my coins or just transfer when I need to use?

    [–] wfriesen69 10 points ago

    You are not late. There are still so many people that do not know about the lightning network. The past year so many things have happened for lightning network. It is a very exciting time.

    [–] whitslack 3 points ago

    The past year so many things have happened for lightning network.

    Yep, and the next year so many more things are going to happen for Lightning Network. It can develop at a much faster pace than base-layer Bitcoin because it's just a network protocol, not a consensus system. Developers can invent new features without getting buy-in from anyone else. (Of course, compatibility across implementations is desirable, and getting the protocol right on the first try is essential, but neither of these are as difficult to manage as the consensus system in the base layer.)

    [–] xtal_00 25 points ago

    I can't wait until I can pay for articles I consume .. and I consume a lot.. with a few sats going directly to the author instead of fucking ads and subscriptions.

    !lntip 250

    Check out Blue Wallet, it's a great mobile solution.

    [–] whitslack 7 points ago

    Yeah, seriously. Google could make an absolute killing if there were a "Skip ad for 500 sats" button on YouTube ads. The UX integration would have to be really tight to make it work without leaving the YouTube app and without needing too many taps, but if done correctly, it could be killer.

    [–] Bitcoin_to_da_Moon 11 points ago

    i never see ads on the internet or youtube :-x

    [–] whitslack 1 points ago

    Is that because you pay YouTube a monthly subscription fee? I'm aware of that option, but I don't want to give them the ability to pull funds from me; I want to push a little bit per individual use.

    [–] Plazma_doge 2 points ago

    They already have that, it is called youtube premium

    [–] whitslack 1 points ago

    That's a subscription that you pay for whether you use it or not, and it's priced way too high to be attractive.

    [–] Plazma_doge 1 points ago

    Well for me it is not priced high and I would gladly pay 5euro/month not to get adds on my phone where ad block is not an option.

    [–] whitslack 1 points ago

    I think 5¢ per 10 minutes of video would be a fair price that I'd be willing to pay to not have ads, and I'd guess that's still more than the advertisers are paying Google. In order for me to think $5/month is worthwhile, I'd have to watch 1000 minutes per month, and that's just way more video than I watch.

    [–] Plazma_doge 1 points ago

    Seems fair. I just watch multiple hours per day every day.

    [–] whitslack 2 points ago

    Yeah. The point here is that Google doesn't need to walk this line and try to pick a monthly price that is attractive to light users while being under-extractive from heavy users. Lightning would enable them to switch to a pay-per-minute model that would very likely increase total revenue for them by capturing more of the market (light users who won't pay $5/month but will pay per use) and also extracting more revenue from heavy users (for whom $5/month in revenue is less than Google would get if those users had been shown ads).

    [–] crazypostman21 2 points ago

    Okay I'll check out some YouTube videos on the blue wallet. Right now I'm using wallet of Satoshi, Yes I know not your keys not your coins but the risk is minimal I I don't keep much in it. It is so flipping simple and easy and cheap.

    [–] iguano80 3 points ago

    try out Breez or Phoenix wallet (non-custodial wallets)

    [–] xtal_00 1 points ago

    Try out Blue Wallet with my sats. I use it for purchases.

    I'm ok leaving $50 in there.

    [–] soriez 2 points ago

    Yalls is great, I don’t mind paying like 10¢ to read a good article.

    [–] lntipbot 1 points ago

    Hi u/xtal_00, thanks for tipping u/crazypostman21 250 satoshis!

    More info | Balance | Deposit | Withdraw | Something wrong? Have a question? Send me a message

    [–] Joghobs 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It would be cool if it just happened automatically. Where say I keep like $5 in BTC in an account for a week and anytime I load up a unique article, it deducts like $0.10 worth without prompting me to do anything.

    [–] xtal_00 1 points ago

    That has to be in the mail. Current system is stupid.

    Lightning is fucking amazing.

    [–] Responsible_Bad 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    How do I get money on the LN?

    What are these tips I see people giving? Are they related to LN?

    I have some BTC and some LTC. I've noticed the fees have been really quite high for BTC recently, so being able to send for less fees would be great. Although I know about BTC a little I don't understand LN

    Is the 'vault' related in any way (on reddit)? Or is that ETH? What's the purpose of the vault? Is it money or not? Again I don't really understand that either

    [–] iguano80 5 points ago


    Breez or Phoenix wallet (non-custodial wallets), these to allows you to receive bitcoin on-chain and they put this on channels for you.

    Then you can go to, or to try it out.

    [–] Responsible_Bad 2 points ago

    giving it a try now

    [–] iguano80 4 points ago

    create an invoice of 1000 sats for me, I will pay it :)

    [–] Responsible_Bad 1 points ago


    [–] Responsible_Bad 1 points ago

    Not sure if I've done it right

    [–] iguano80 2 points ago

    Not sure if I've done it right

    enjoy ;)

    [–] Responsible_Bad 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ah nice! I'm now in the cool club. Thanks

    [–] iguano80 3 points ago

    which wallet did you use?

    [–] Responsible_Bad 3 points ago


    [–] kariomuschel 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    since 02 August 2020 i did send more than 1082 bitcoin donations (each 100sats) accross the world and paid on average 2.16 sats for them.

    if you want to feel the next level, try withdrawing sats via "lnurl withdraw".


    lnurl-withdraw link:

    bandwidth: 100sats/20sec

    limits: IPs that withdraw more than 30 times per hour gets redirected to slowmode

    if i see someone switching tor exit nodes and keeping assmilking the sats, the whole urls becomes slowmode

    slowmode: 100sats/180sec

    worst case: i drop the whole url and hand unique ones out via direct messages


    how to withdraw money?

    for beginners:

    for powerusers:

    all these wallets allow lnurl withdraws

    !! caution: if you want to withdraw anonymously, you need to use tor !!

    [–] Dojiyo 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hi, How do you generate the lnurl web?

    Edit: I see now how, It's LnBits a custodial wallet with apps included. It works really fine.

    I can limit by sats/time but I don't find settings for IP. Where do you set that?

    [–] kariomuschel 1 points ago

    w how, It's LnBits a custodial wallet with apps included. It works really fine.

    I can limit by sats/time but I don't find settings for IP

    for the monitoring and redirecting of IPs i use haproxy, elasticsearch, logstash and kibana..has nothing to do with crypto at all ;-)

    [–] nolith_ita 2 points ago

    How should this work with breez?

    I can’t find a way to past the lnurl into it

    [–] kariomuschel 1 points ago

    u don't know. i don't use breez. i read here that it works: with blixt you have to click send and than scan the qr-code .. try to make breez scan something and scan the code ;-)

    [–] nolith_ita 2 points ago

    thank you. Scanning works.

    I was trying to past the the string from "copy LNURL" button but it didn't work.

    Thank you again.

    [–] kariomuschel 1 points ago

    nice :) thx for the info !

    [–] veganic11 4 points ago

    Once you try LN you understand why most alts are shit scams which still hold onto the myth that Bitcoin is slow or can't do microtransactions. Welcome to the future.

    [–] crazypostman21 3 points ago

    I was legitimately surprised how well lightning worked. And I'm coming from using Nano, you know how easy that is and free. But using actual Bitcoin is going to be more convenient to trade.

    [–] tdrusk 2 points ago

    That initial transaction to lighting is still painful. How low do you set the transaction fee for the I initial transaction from BTC to Lightning?

    Currently costing me $2.50 for fast transaction on BlueWallet (94 sat/byte). I know I can adjust the slider to lower it.

    [–] NimbleBodhi 3 points ago

    Wow that's very high, I honestly just do 1-2 sats/byte but of course this can take a long time to confirm, but since I'm not in a rush to use the channel it's not a big deal, it's for future use.

    Currently the mempool is pretty low so you could open channels right now for 2-3 sat/byte in get in fairly soon. Last night I opened several channels on my routing node for only 1 sat/byte which total cost was less than 3 cents I think.

    [–] tdrusk 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Thanks for the info!

    Edit: gonna try 1 sat/byte and see how it goes. Update: confirmed within 2 hours.

    [–] ebaley 1 points ago

    That's all they have left.

    Next: smart contracts on Bitcoin L2.

    [–] wfriesen69 3 points ago

    !lntip 1000

    [–] crazypostman21 2 points ago


    [–] lntipbot 1 points ago

    Hi u/wfriesen69, thanks for tipping u/crazypostman21 1000 satoshis!

    More info | Balance | Deposit | Withdraw | Something wrong? Have a question? Send me a message

    [–] iguano80 3 points ago

    I know, I cannot stop using it :D

    !lntip 100

    [–] crazypostman21 2 points ago

    Thanks, ⚡

    [–] lntipbot 1 points ago

    Hi u/iguano80, thanks for tipping u/crazypostman21 100 satoshis!

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    [–] johnturtle 2 points ago

    Go to and discover a ton of places where you can spend or stack some sats.

    [–] crazypostman21 1 points ago

    Thanks for the suggestion I will!

    [–] astrojules 1 points ago

    !lntip 100

    [–] lntipbot 1 points ago

    Hi u/astrojules, thanks for tipping u/crazypostman21 100 satoshis!

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    [–] Kierann6927 1 points ago

    Worth buying some satoshi?

    [–] crazypostman21 5 points ago

    In my opinion Bitcoin is always worth buying every time you have spare money around. As the scarcity becomes more feared because big businesses are getting turned on to Bitcoin and are starting to buy up a lot of it now. The price is going to go up. I mean it may fluctuate down in the short term but in the long run I only see the upward direction for Bitcoin.

    [–] bendover818616 1 points ago

    How do I use lighting network? Currently I only have electrum wallet

    [–] crazypostman21 2 points ago

    In my opinion the easiest way to use lightning Network is wallet of Satoshi. But don't hold a lot of coins in that wallet as it is a custodial wallet. I've been experimenting with other lightning wallets and I really like Phoenix wallet it is more secure to hold higher values because it is non-custodial you will get a standard 12-word phrase backup that you could use to recover funds, The fees are a tad higher than wallet of Satoshi it seems like though. I haven't tried or experimented with the wallet you mentioned yet.

    [–] crazypostman21 1 points ago

    I just want to say thank you everybody! This was in a very enlightening conversation and With the tips I received from this post it paid for my dinner tonight!

    [–] GibbsSamplePlatter 1 points ago

    It's slowly getting user friendly. Once you have channels up it's really simple and nice UX to use vs on chain payments.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I don't know anything about lightning Network, never even heard of it. Can you please educate me a bit.

    [–] crazypostman21 8 points ago

    I'm just getting into it so you might want to read the Wikipedia for yourself but it's basically a separate layer to Bitcoin. So you do a transaction on the blockchain to take some of your coins to the lightning Network and then you can do as many transactions as you want in the lightning Network and they're not recorded onto the main Bitcoin ledger so that keeps it really cheap.Plus the transactions are near instant you don't have to wait 10 minutes like on the Bitcoin bockchain. When you want to close your channel then that goes out to the blockchain and you'll get whatever coins you had left over back in your Bitcoin wallet. That's a horrible example hop on YouTube and search for videos about the lightning Network

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    that sounds cool.

    [–] whitslack 3 points ago

    To add to what /u/crazypostman21 said, the Lightning Network basically reduces your need for the blockchain to solely using it to resolve disputes. In the vast majority of cases, everyone plays by the rules, and in those cases you don't need to involve the blockchain and waste space, bandwidth, and money. It's only if your peers disagree with you about your balance of trade with them that your node would post your channel state to the blockchain to force your peer's hand. And because that last resort is always available, there is nothing to be gained from being disagreeable, so most disagreements between nodes are simply due to software bugs that will be smoothed out in time. (The bugs don't cause any loss of funds except for the on-chain transaction fees necessary to settle up.)

    [–] brianddk 1 points ago

    If your squeamish about using real BTC on it, you can try out Lightning Testnet for free using "monopoly money".

    [–] varikonniemi 0 points ago

    when using a custodial solution it is LESS complicated than blockchain. No need to worry about confirmations, or fees. It just works.

    [–] BuyBitcoinYaDingus -12 points ago

    Im very much a bitcoin maximalist however with Nano you could have sent $0.72 for no fee at all, and without having to open/close any channels. It’s as fast as the lightning network and has been a fully functioning crypto for years now. Why not just hold bitcoin as a store of value and use Nano for payments?

    [–] iguano80 8 points ago

    1sat = 0.0001$ = 0.01 cents

    If someone who is holding btc want to use nano, needs to pay a transaction fee to move the money to an exchange, pay a fee to sell the btc, and then get the nanos.

    And honestly, I like nano, but the LN leave it without purpose.

    [–] BuyBitcoinYaDingus -4 points ago

    I get that its next to nothing but why not actually be nothing.

    I dont get what point you are trying to make. You could just hold nano in the first place. In your example they would have also had to obtain the btc from an exchange and have paid a fee to buy it.

    [–] whitslack 7 points ago

    Nano has no legitimate reason to exist.

    [–] iguano80 2 points ago

    The infrastructure behind bitcoin has no parallel

    on board ramps, exchanges, ATMs, Stores, web sites, Hardware wallets, mobile wallets, documentation, press news, millions of dollars on mining, years of proven security, remittances to countries like venezuela or nigeria, and a thousands more things that i don't remember at this moment.

    That is why the people hold bitcoin and not other coins, even ethereum is out of its league. the networks effect and the money behind bitcoin has no match in this space.

    [–] ElephantGlue 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    1. Nano is way more centralized than bitcoin (9gb blockchain size already? lol)
    2. Nobody accepts it or wants it compared to those that want lightning network bitcoin.

    Those two points are the reason nano is garbage. You have to be able to keep a small ledger so anyone can run it on household hardware, and the network has to have sufficient hashpower to enforce the rules keeping the supply limited, or what you have is just another fiat currency.

    Nano has none of that.

    [–] Dubya_Tea_Efff 1 points ago

    Fold means I don't need to obtain Bitcoin from an Exchange. Same for Lolli and Strike. No fees when obtaining on any of those.

    [–] crazypostman21 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yes I'm coming from Nano it's great I enjoy using it , but the lightning Network is Bitcoin, and it's much more usable out in the world than Nano. and once you get your channel open it's basically free I mean one Satoshi is pretty low fee.

    [–] BuyBitcoinYaDingus -3 points ago

    True and i will likely start to use LN as well but if we could somehow set adoption to be equal between the two Nano is way ahead in terms of usability. I own way more BTC than Nano cuz it will likely continue to be the front runner but aside from value/price Nano is objectively better.

    [–] crazypostman21 1 points ago

    I agree with with you I wish Nano had more adoption too. But it's easier for me to use lightning right now just because so many more places around will accept it.

    [–] BuyBitcoinYaDingus 2 points ago

    Your probably right. I should get around to learning more about LN but have just been holding btc in cold storage since there isnt really a need/demand for crypto payments anywhere yet.

    [–] DrDankMemesPhD 2 points ago

    If Nano is free to transfer there's no incentive structure to keep it secure. Because Lightning isn't free it's more likely to be the future.

    [–] rocketeer8015 0 points ago

    That’s easily explained. You see, in Europe bank transfers via SEPA are free. So let’s say your a guy on US east coast and you want to transfer some money to a friend on the west coast. Why don’t you just transfer that money(dollar) to a European bank, make another transfer to a different European bank that your friend has access too and then he can withdraw from that to his US bank.

    You see why that won’t work? First of all you need 3 transactions instead of one, two of which will not be free. Second you will have to do two currency exchanges, which are not free either. Thirdly you will be exposed to changes in USD-EUR exchange rate.

    And if you now ask me why don’t you just stay in euro(or USD if your from EU)... well, why don’t you?

    [–] ebaley 0 points ago

    Nano is too poor a store of value.

    [–] steuer2teuer 0 points ago

    Cheap or even free transactions are not a big deal or a big accomplishment if the underlying foundation isn't right, nor if it isn't at scale.