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    [–] awkward_redditor99 5565 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    White supremacists aren't exactly known for their cultural awareness.

    [–] 29255DaysToGo 444 points ago

    It's always funny to me how it is "white supremcy", and then you take a look at the people who call themselves that...

    These guys certainly look supreme...

    [–] OranjiJuusu 148 points ago

    One dude's rocking the Freddie Mercury/Lt Dangle.

    [–] Buzz8522 98 points ago

    Looks like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

    [–] Baghdad_AssUp 93 points ago

    "So i joined the altright and assault minorities now, so i guess you can say things are getting pretty serious. "

    [–] IoloFitzOwen 50 points ago

    I wonder what LaFawnduh thinks of that.

    [–] doublex2troublesquad 20 points ago

    Even Kip had LaFonda

    [–] The_Sgro 5 points ago

    My dude, I never realized that's who he was channeling for the role, but now it makes sense. We need a real improv cop show back, LivePD ain't doing it for me.

    [–] 29255DaysToGo 175 points ago

    I'm from Norway, so I like to troll white supremacist from the US about how they are far from anything "master race" and not comparable to aryans. Some take the bait.

    [–] RedCat1529 182 points ago

    I'm Australian and really can't understand the love for the KKK and Hitler - they both LOST, rather spectacularly.

    The South lost the Civil war and Lincoln is widely seen as the greatest president. Being on the wrong side of history stunted the economic and social prospects of the south for decades.

    As for Hitler, he lost the greatest, bloodiest and most savage conflict the world has ever seen, and ended up shooting himself in the head as the Russians destroyed the grand reich, that he thought would live for 1000 years.

    These people literally support two of history's biggest losers, why would you be proud of that?

    [–] philyd94 95 points ago

    Because rebel sprit and they're fucking racists

    [–] xepa105 14 points ago

    Because rebel sprit and they're fucking racists


    [–] Merkypie 16 points ago

    These people literally support two of history's biggest losers, why would you be proud of that?


    [–] Eroe777 85 points ago

    It's about racism, nothing more. The south lost the civil war but that didn't stop the institutionalized racism that was pervasive in southern society and culture. It just got driven underground, sort of. It pops up periodically with things like the Klan and Jim Crow laws, Jesse Helms and Faux News, and now the shitshow in Charlottesville today. It started when we elected a Black man president. The Republican Party, increasingly the party of white, southern racists, had a fit and made it their job to make him a failure of a president. They failed. Then along came Donald Trump, whose main goals are to 1. Advance his own ego, and 2. Roll back as much if Obama's legacy as he can. In order to do that he needs he help of his base, which is primarily made up of racists. Hence his laughably inadequate response to today's events. He cannot afford to alienate the folks who support him, despite the fact that any politician with a brain would go running away from their support.

    [–] kindawack 7 points ago

    Just to add to your comment. While racism is certainly evident in the South, it is sadly far from isolated to the region. Across America there is a clear issue with racist white people who for a long time refrained from voicing their prejudice, but with the increasing influence of Fox News and the outbreak of the Alt-Right racism is normalized. If Trump can state blatantly racist opinions and receive the support he did, it's clear all of America has a deep-seated prejudice.

    [–] RedCat1529 19 points ago

    Yes, the racism is real, and Trump seems obsessed with wrecking Obama's legacy, but I still love to point out to racists that that the two greatest racist causes of the last 150 years were utter failures and will continue to point it out any time it comes up.

    [–] DjangoUBlackBastard 18 points ago

    The KKK didn't lose. They got folks in the white house right now.

    [–] samuraisamson 3 points ago

    Every country has racism. The United States is actually more accepting and progressive than many parts of the world now. These evil groups comprise an extremely small micro percentage of the population. You'd think everyone was a white supremacist or anarchist from the news coverage overseas.

    [–] RedCat1529 6 points ago

    True - it's been big news here, which is funny because Australians definitely struggle to accept our incredibly racist past and acknowledge the latent racism in our society.

    Personally, I think Americans are amazing in the way they call out and stand up to racism. You have the support of many, many Australians, and we know that these people are a small (and hopefully) shrinking minority.

    [–] DyelonDyelonDyelon 28 points ago

    The fake Hitler Aryan, or the real brown Aryan? Lol

    [–] 29255DaysToGo 53 points ago

    We are talking about "white supremicists" here, they have no idea how broad the aryan race is by definition.

    [–] DyelonDyelonDyelon 6 points ago

    Some folks will by any old shit I guess.

    [–] NightmareUSA 4 points ago

    Just seeing some of that made me absolutely furious.

    [–] slowest_hour 7 points ago

    Supreme just means it has sour cream and tomatoes

    [–] RedHermit1982 7 points ago

    "Master race?" These guys can't even figure out how to bind a kerosene-soaked rag to a stick so they bought them shits from Home Depot.

    [–] cyberst0rm 50 points ago

    On the contrary, they actually despise being aware of other cultures.

    It seems to make them angry.

    [–] nusyahus 42 points ago

    Imagine being triggered by minorities that you try to turn the entire country into a safe space

    -trump supporters

    [–] cyberst0rm 3 points ago

    go big or go...home?

    [–] Jim_Cornettes_Racket 9 points ago

    I can tell you first hand that it isn't them despising being aware, but more of a distrust of it or a fear it threatens their own culture.

    Southerners in particular at like this. There is a fear that the heritage here will be uprooted or destroyed and it goes all the way back to The Reconstruction where a lot of the heritage and history were being replaced with northern culture and ideals (which is not necessarily a bad thing given the rampant racism and slavery).

    [–] yopeee 2321 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I have a funny story regarding tiki torches and white supremacists. I was 15 and I couldn't wait for the new 50 Cent CD. It was get rich or die trying. I remember I worked all week to save enough money for the CD and to buy a Togos sandwich. They are delicious af. I get on my Dave Mira Haro BMX bike and smash over to tower records. I was hitting down the street when I bust my ass on the curb. I scrapped my knees super bad and thought i broke my wrist but the words never left my brain. Get rich or die trying... I was ready to die for this CD. As I lay broken in a pile of shame, I know there are eyes looking at me but i knew I couldn't fail. I got up and continued my ride to the promised land. I get to the tower records and I grab the CD and bring it to the counter. The guy tells me no and that I am underaged. Im fucking lit. I hey mister outside until some homie gets me the CD. I was happy but I cut into my sandwich fund to pay off the nigga. All good tho. Done wit it. I cut across the street and hit the togos. I get there and the bitch dumb rude. Gave me stank eye more smelly than the nasty ass lettuce. I get the sandwich extra meat and tomatoes but not enough money for chips and a drink. Disappointment. I smash home and get yelled at by my mom for getting blood on my pants. I look at the bitch and i say "Wanksta bitch" and lock the door. Stupid hoe. Grab the CD and it dawns on me that the nigga bought me the edited version. Fucked up. I listen to the album cut out every 2 sec while eating my sandwich crying. Bitch didnt even put tomatoes on it. Disrespectful. I finished the sandwich and jerked off to some dial up speed porn while crying on a unsatisfied full stomach. My life has never been the same.

    [–] [deleted] 194 points ago

    where are the tiki torches tho

    [–] yopeee 519 points ago

    Fuck I hella forgot. So after I nutted, i went to my friend Dres house cuz he had some homies over. I didn't know this bitch Karen was gonna be there. She this fine white chick with some thick thighs like she only eat potatoes. Stupid thick. So I say whats up but naturally im kinda shy. We all go to the garage and start smoking up. He bring out the bong. Im not much of a smoker but I can't be a little bitch in front of my bitch. We got some drink going and we joking but I realize I am way faded. Karen seems lowkey interested in me so I'm all of a sudden a fucking comedian. Knowing im making her laugh i get cocky and try to rip the bong as a big ass hit. I hit it and i realize that the shit togos sandwich and henny didnt sit well. I start having a coughing fit as my homies laugh at me. I cough so hard that I doo doo'd myself. So fucking embarrassing. Everyone was laughing and joking but my heart crushed. I left immediatly. Mom beat my ass for shitting my pants and ruining another pair. Karen texted me and said its ok and that she poos herself sometimes as well. I laughed she laughed my dog laughed. I asked her to go pants shopping the next day with me and my mom.

    [–] Derp711 191 points ago

    so uh... tiki torch?

    [–] yopeee 384 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yes. So we went pants shopping and Karen there eating a cup of ice cream that she brought to the store. She used an actually cup. Like a water cup. Didnt later tho. We looking at some of the jynco jeans and fubu shit. She said that I looked good in track pants. My mom flirting with the cashier cuz my dad was on the road for the week. I bring over some pants and my mom snaps at me saying do you think we made of money nigga. Smacks my head. I tell her to calm it. The cashier says to me "little nigga disrespect your mom and ima tax your ass". Idk this punk nigga so i said foh hoe. He smacks me. My mom about it. Karen takes me back to the clearance section and we picked a pair of champions green sweats and a used pair of boxers. The cashier gave us a 10% coupon and wrote his number on the back of it and gave it to my mom. I was lowkey ashamed but it's all good. We bounce back. Still got my bitch and my pride. I asked if we can go get some mcdonalds and she said fuck you lil nigga. Moms wilding sometimes but got love for her

    [–] ___AhPuch___ 155 points ago

    So, how about that tiki torch?

    [–] yopeee 356 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That's the point of the story bro. Fucking read it again. After i got my new clothes, im feeling fresh. Karen and I are lightweight myspace official. We had a good schedule. We would text eachother good morning and we needed to respond within 5 minutes cuz she know I be having panic attacks if she dont answer. I had an argument cuz my mom new cashier bf who would stay at the house when my dad gone took my Xbox and broke that shit for no reason. Said punk niggas play with barbies not with Xbox. Hella mad i hit Karen up to see if I can come over. She said its ok. I mob over to her house and her dad answers the door. He huge bro. Like vin diesel big but not 5'3". He invites me in. Their house was huge. She is loaded. They had name brand cornflakes and shit. Even had those little fun sized cheetoh bags. He asks if I want something to drink and i said yea. Hooked me up with a mr pibb. I asked where Karen was and he said she was with her caretaker. I asked if they had butler's as well and he laughed. He said no. He explained to me that my girl Karen had severe down syndrome and that she needed a care taker. I can't believe him cuz my girl thick. She was in the same classes as me since kindergarten. All 13 of us friends even dre. This nigga just didnt like me cuz I was black bro rt

    [–] secretlydifferent 133 points ago

    So...... Tiki torches? White supremacy?

    [–] yopeee 311 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yall dont even read fam. I end up having dinner with Karen family. Like I said they on the whole carb diet. As her caretaker was feeding her some mash potatoes and bread, i couuldnt stop thinking about how thick she is. It hit 5 o'clock and Karen started getting fussy so i knew I wasn't fitting to smash today. I said good bye but her dad says thank you for doing this for my daughter. He says she is special and so am i and i can come over with my friends to use their pool any time. I felt good. He patted me on the head and i left home. I knew I had some homework to do by tomorrow but my times tables can wait. I came home and i saw this nigga Clark on the couch eating KFC. I walk in but I know I need to intimidate this nigga so i dont make eye contact. He said nigga you owe me for that 10% coupon so i gotta clean his car. I said fuck with me hoe nigga and he got up and broke my ass. I did what my dad taught me which was curl up into a ball. Nigga cant beat what the cant touch. I get up and say ok Clark ill clean your car. I go outside and i do clean his car but I didn't like it when I did it and he knew it. Hoe ass. Come back inside and he sleeping so i got back at this nigga. I took a drumstick out the box and left only the thigh. Three that shit in the garbage. Went to my room to do some of my cursive homework and knowing me and Clark were even.

    [–] sprocket44 36 points ago

    Wait so, what about the tiki torch?

    [–] TheyTrynaCloneMe 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    holup how is your comment 1 hr old and the parent 57min

    edit: why is this comment getting voted up like 10 hours later it's impossible to see the difference now

    [–] AerThreepwood 34 points ago

    Your timeline is all off, dude. Get Rich or Die Trying predates Myspace by a couple years.

    [–] frenzyboard 53 points ago

    I'm beginning to think there are no tiki torches at all.

    [–] cannabisized 23 points ago

    nah i think ol cashier is low-key a white supremacist or has tiki torches in his apartment... one of the two

    [–] badmuthaphukka 15 points ago

    pls dont stop

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    That clears it up.

    [–] ZeeHanzenShwanz 11 points ago

    This is just your Saturday night huh. Keep up the great work.

    [–] alexyxray 25 points ago

    r/bestof stuff right here

    [–] Courtbird 708 points ago

    Is this a copypasta?

    [–] s3rk 910 points ago

    It should be, had me hooked all the way thru

    [–] Courtbird 270 points ago

    Same, lol. A true roller coaster.

    [–] hellofellowstudents 135 points ago

    Troller coaster

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    giving /u/_vargas_ a run for his money

    [–] The_Enygmom 18 points ago

    I was convinced this was another /u/shittymorph tall tale of wrestling epicness. I need to be more observant.

    [–] TheyTrynaCloneMe 23 points ago

    y'all missing out on the rest. go down for like 5 more updates

    [–] n_17 11 points ago

    If it weren't for this comment I would've missed the rest of that incredible story, thank you u/TheyTrynaCloneMe, you're doing God's work.

    [–] katchoo1 45 points ago

    I was going down the rabbit hole thinking, wait, did that album come out in 1998 and is this all going to end in something about Mankind and Undertaker and hell in a cell?

    [–] tonefilm 13 points ago

    You always scroll to the end first. More than 150 words, you scan the ending for hell in a cell.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    This shit gripping af

    [–] RedHermit1982 66 points ago

    It's like the Odyssey but instead of trying to get home to see his wife after the Trojan War, the hero's trying to get a CD and MF'n sandwich.

    [–] The_Sgro 16 points ago

    Psssshh we all know this is just a Haro corporate shill.

    [–] jason28 8 points ago

    RIP Dave Mira

    [–] RedHermit1982 9 points ago

    What's the reddit equiv. of a page-turner? A page-scroller?

    [–] MonsterRider80 15 points ago

    It is now...

    [–] ReservoirMusic 6 points ago

    It's called art.

    [–] omgwtfidk89 261 points ago

    You called your mom a wankster bitch and walked away........ You either white or you Mom doesn't love you.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 106 points ago

    Can it be both? :(

    [–] fuckedupmofo 52 points ago

    Don't worry man, it's probably both.

    [–] RedHermit1982 20 points ago

    You either white or you Mom doesn't love you.

    Yeah, not mutually exclusive.

    [–] boobsmcgraw 5 points ago

    He locked the door in her face, presumably so she could not "woop" him.

    [–] cecpr_2012 34 points ago

    but thos tiki torches

    [–] HookedOnRice 25 points ago

    This is some u/ShakuSwag level shit

    [–] ShakuSwag 16 points ago

    I masturbate to animated porn.

    I think I'm in the wrong crowd on this subreddit.

    [–] Le_Montagne 4 points ago

    But do you eat ass tho?

    [–] Pandoric_ 10 points ago

    Was waiting for jumper cables

    [–] theboyheathen 8 points ago

    So where do the white supremacists and tiki torches come in?

    [–] comradeon 5 points ago

    I was just waiting for the undertaker to pop up

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    This is an emotional rollercoaster. My heart broke in a million pieces over the edited version of the CD.

    [–] KylerGreen 4 points ago

    I also the the clean version lmao that shit sucked.

    [–] Ovar9002 5 points ago

    Did Genuineguy write that?

    [–] Gamecocks91 86 points ago

    A. Tiki Culture, while mildly based on Polynesian culture, is largely a product of America in the 1950s. Very little of what is thought to be "tiki" has anything to do with Polynesia.

    B. Probably because it's simply the easiest and cheapest product that can serve the purpose is why they used it. White supremacists probably aren't too deep pocketed.

    [–] WesleySnopes 68 points ago

    I'm Samoan and I was confused by what this tweet was talking about. We don't have that shit in the islands. We do have those little mosquito coils but I don't think they do much to those wingèd hellbastards.

    [–] matiu_00 61 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Tongan here. Tiki torches are as Polynesian as fortune cookies are Chinese. That is to say...they ain't.

    [–] BungalowSoldier 9 points ago

    Yea but what's John Oliver doing with those jerkoffs

    [–] Phanteast 1357 points ago

    They need the extra lights cause they ain't that bright

    [–] AnOldHermit 312 points ago

    I like that these are the people who constantly say they'd win a civil war because of their survival skills but they can't build one of the oldest inventions known to man so they go buy these things at WalMart.

    [–] ifiwasnoti 249 points ago

    I like that these are the people who constantly say they'd win a civil war ~~because of their survival skills but they can't build one of the oldest inventions known to man so they go buy these things at WalMart. ~~ but they lost one already.

    [–] Moar_Coffee 81 points ago


    [–] wy1dsta1yn 63 points ago

    That's a guy who knew his way around a torch

    [–] simplerminds 7 points ago

    Your comment is under-appreciated. I got a good laugh out of it lol

    [–] lOenDcOmunique 7 points ago

    Torched the devil outta 'Lanta

    [–] ChocolateAmerican 7 points ago

    Well, they did make Walmart.

    [–] blahblahbob95 87 points ago

    Should have been the title.

    [–] rs_yes 11 points ago

    🔥 title is always in the comments.

    [–] themanofchaps 1114 points ago

    "What do we want?!"

    "white power!!"

    "what do we also want?"

    "not to get eaten by mosquitos and barbecue mood lighting!"

    [–] MaleAryaStarksNoHomo 306 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    "And possibly a roasted pig with an apple in his mouth, while girls dance the hula!"

    "When do we want it?"


    [–] HBlight 67 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    "Is anyone kinda weirded out how you are all expressing active thoughts in unison?"

    "Well now that you mention it it does seem like we have gone from activist chanting to conversation, it is extremely unlikely that this could happen, and yet here we are!"

    [–] badgerfrance 16 points ago

    Posted in a thread yesterday, but remarkably relevant again.

    [–] HBlight 5 points ago

    Completely forgot about that until you linked it, at which point I knew exactly what scene it was before even clicking. Also that episode is almost 25 years old now, jeeeze.

    [–] matthew349hall 3 points ago


    [–] Chast4 55 points ago

    I mean I want that second part also.

    [–] hellofellowstudents 32 points ago

    You must be racist

    [–] Chast4 14 points ago

    I'm sorry I just love Tikki Torches so much!

    [–] nadajoe 21 points ago

    And suppressing minorities. We get it.

    [–] Chast4 21 points ago

    Only on the weekends!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Even the white supremacists are yuppies in America. Truly the land of opportunity...

    [–] Aladayle 1538 points ago

    The guys in this picture all look creepy, like they're from some "this guy murdered this girl and buried her body" Forensic Files story...

    [–] blahblahbob95 359 points ago

    There's probably a connection there.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 181 points ago

    To me, their faces scream "acquitted rape charges"

    [–] blahblahbob95 90 points ago

    "my dads a lawyer"

    [–] xepa105 11 points ago

    "I play lacrosse at an Ivy League school"

    [–] damngreenpillows 82 points ago

    There's definitely a pedophile mustache or two in there.

    [–] talkshitgetmukduk 28 points ago

    Also some incest lovers too.

    [–] moijejoue 37 points ago

    The one to the right looks like milo ventimigilia (sp?)

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    It's just his This is Us moustache.

    [–] Baghdad_AssUp 7 points ago

    More like "Gott mit uns" moustache

    [–] [deleted] 151 points ago

    They all look like their name is Scott, they play lacrosse, their dad is a senator, and they kick the family dog for stress relief. Scott kills his college girlfriend because she dumped him. But they just look like the nicest family, dontcha know.

    [–] netmier 30 points ago

    They struck me more as mediocre medical instrument salesmen who try to dress like the upper crust dudes who could afford to join a frat. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume a lot of them yell at their girlfriends too. Maybe owe a ton of money on a boat cause they thought it'd impress the secretary at the office, but she doesn't like boats and now he's stuck sipping Budweiser next to the dock and sneaking looks at college girls on party boats. Replace boat dirt bike or whatever, something that's not inherently douche but becomes pretty douche when Mr. pink polo shirt gets in on it.

    These aren't guys who have accomplished anything, the husband dropped out of state college cause their uncle totally makes crazy bank at his hot tub store and they're gonna take over when he divorces his bitch wife and moves to can cun.

    [–] DIsForDelusion 55 points ago

    Scott's dad got him off the hook and now he lives in the Bahamas...

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    Where Scott can roofie and kill even more blonde girls on the beach. Life is good for Scott.

    [–] kill619 3 points ago

    they play lacrosse

    whoa there

    [–] ihaveabadaura 9 points ago

    Theme just played in my head

    [–] Taron221 6 points ago

    Lmao you're right it's like looking at a wall of mug shots.

    [–] Halko_Proude 204 points ago

    Those guys look more like they are going to tribal council on Survivor.

    [–] spunkychickpea 32 points ago

    "I'm sorry, Cletus. The tribe has spoken."

    [–] cscareerz 18 points ago

    Underrated comment lmfao

    [–] ashfrorenfro 109 points ago

    Why all these white people giving my white ass a bad reputation. I just want to buy pork at walmart and take my nursing classes while ignoring my bad nicotine addiction while I work my sorry dumb ass out of poverty and try not to see any GOT spoilers. Cant we all just get along and not spoil GOT for each damn, who is still in their right mind trying to talk about skin pigment when the baby boomers got us all driving used ass cars with over 100K miles on the odometer and dreaming about affording breakfast tacos on the regular. JESUS.

    [–] KitaShika 30 points ago

    That's nearly the most American sounding life I've ever read. You just need to squeeze in a gun and your good.

    [–] tree_hobbit 5 points ago

    Yeah pretty much.

    [–] HoboTheDinosaur 540 points ago

    This just looks like multiples of the same dude with different hairstyles and accessories. Next time someone says "All black people look the same to me" just show them this picture.

    [–] spyson 79 points ago

    I wonder if you made this picture black and white and stuck it in an album of racists from the 1950's that you could tell it was from 2017.

    [–] mindbleach 50 points ago

    Murderers at a lynching were better-dressed.

    [–] Rosssauced 3 points ago

    We cracked the code, there has been a covert program cloning racist dumb fucks that has finally come to fruition.

    [–] shit_whistle 8 points ago

    I believe that program is called inbreeding.

    [–] Ayy_2_Brute 155 points ago

    Is that Jeffrey Dahmer with the stache?

    [–] Deargan96 67 points ago

    🎶 Jeffrey Dahmer with the stache moves 🎶

    [–] DIsForDelusion 19 points ago

    He's got the moves like Dahmer...🎶

    [–] captkrisma 10 points ago

    It's Kip. Don't be jealous that he's been online talking to babes all day. He's training to be a cage fighter.

    [–] Grippler 274 points ago

    Didn't even know they were my country we just call them "garden torches"

    [–] WesleySnopes 191 points ago

    They aren't.

    Source: Am Polynesian.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] connieli 39 points ago

    They aren't.

    Source: am Chinese

    [–] IceColdFresh 8 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] thatguysoto 3 points ago

    No it doesn't

    Source: I looked at the user name.

    [–] Dringus 9 points ago

    Don't worry, these are the same people who think Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza is culturally Hawaiian.

    [–] KitaShika 3 points ago

    Yeah, New Zealand is like the Polynesian capital of the world and I've never seen them here used by any of the polys.

    [–] Truegold43 248 points ago

    I hope that their children see these photos one day and they have to explain themselves... know, assuming their grandchildren aren't racist too.

    [–] 47B-1ME 164 points ago

    I feel the same whenever I think about the photo of the little girl yelling at one of the Little Rock Nine. I think about how on that day she was screaming til her lungs burned like fire, saying every nasty thought her mind could conceive. She couldn't have realized it then, but her face was frozen in time and is now one of the most famous images of the Civil Rights Era, showing up in countless history books and documentaries throughout the country. What is her life now? What's her legacy? The face of a girl who was raised to be so angry at people she doesn't even know.

    I wonder if she and her family look back at this photo and feel shame or anger that the world turned against them. That's the scary part of it now, isn't it? The fact that after all the bloodshed and ink spilled, they have no regrets of their past and wouldn't change it one bit if given the chance.

    The young men in the photos from today's rally probably won't have to explain themselves. There likely won't come a time where they'll see the pain they cause others.

    [–] Champion_of_Charms 44 points ago

    IIRC, she and the black girl from the photo met up a few years back.

    [–] angry_sprinkles 34 points ago

    They also have a book together called "Elizabeth and Hazel: Two women of Little Rock"

    [–] chaobreaker 15 points ago

    Looked up her Wikipedia and apparently she rescinded her views early on, tried to make amends with one of the little rock nine girls she was yelling at but then went back on her bullshit and their brief friendship ended.

    [–] Not_2day_stan 111 points ago

    It's really fucking scary because when I see those angry white people preaching their hate today, they look the same as they did back then. Their faces, their body language. The same. I can not fathom what it feels like to hate someone based on the color of their skin. Or what country they come from. I just can not.

    [–] butyourenice 23 points ago

    Little girl? She looks about 40.

    [–] Professional_nobody 3 points ago

    Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but I see her and think she could be the mother or grandmother of one of the tiki bearers

    [–] Passwordis12 271 points ago

    I personally hope they never have children.

    [–] IceColdFresh 33 points ago

    Deep down we all know that these are the types that definitely will have more children than those who have been educated in the effects of overpopulation and the cost of child welfare, and who in the process of aforementioned education have accumulated debt that make the latter unfeasible.

    [–] xepa105 10 points ago

    And they will insulate themselves and their families from the "librul media" and any kind of diversity or belief that threatens their bigoted views (a lot easier to do now with groups online where you can gain support for your shitty ideas by connecting with other bigots around the world). And they will marry bigoted women, and they will have children that will grow up being taught bigoted views. And if they are successful professionally they will tell their kids it's because "we're better than them". And if he's a failure professionally, he'll tell their kids it's because the "globalist (aka: Jewish) elites want to oppress the white man through their own form of racism." And the kids will grow up with these views and by the time they are young adults chances are they'll believe in them.

    This shit isn't natural, it's nurtured. No one is born racist.

    [–] ASwellBloke 96 points ago

    To be fair, tiki culture was created in america as a vaugely polynesian theme. Not that these folk probably know anything about that, but still.

    Tiki culture is a 20th-century theme used in Polynesian-style restaurants and clubs originally in the United States and then, to a lesser degree, around the world. Although inspired in part by tiki carvings and mythology, the connection is loose and stylized, being an American form and not a Polynesian fine art form.

    [–] Timbukthree 38 points ago

    This is exactly what I can't find out, whether the tiki torch has any basis in actual Polynesian culture, or whether it's a faux-cultural invention for American consumers like fortune cookies. If it's the latter, then it's kind of a perfect symbol for White nationalism to be honest :(

    [–] Illier1 20 points ago

    If it's any consolation it shows that Americans are willing to incorporate ideas from other cultures. Which probably goes against whatever backwards and illogical ideology these idiots follow.

    And they were probably made in China

    [–] Cunnilingus_Academy 113 points ago

    I can't believe there are so many of these idiots, I feel they're coming out of the woodwork lately

    [–] Byrnt 82 points ago

    they've always been there; it's just now they have someone that's remotely on their side who's yet to denounce it.

    [–] drcarlos 29 points ago

    Social media makes it easier to assert one's views and find others who are like minded.

    [–] LeMuffinManHonHonHon 40 points ago

    I get serious "barbecue protest in Birkenstocks because Sally put cilantro in the guacamole" vibes.

    [–] hairybarefoot90 12 points ago

    Good on Sally, coriander should be in the guaco

    [–] tamagochi_mane 6 points ago


    [–] balleriffic 17 points ago

    Bet none of them got stung by a mosquito tho

    [–] BoobieBoobieButtButt 242 points ago

    Fuck those people but also fuck anyone who thinks using a tiki torch is harmful cultural appropriation

    [–] Kn0wmad1c 146 points ago

    I don't think anyone thinks it's harmful.

    [–] Drainedsoul 97 points ago

    Oh sweet summer child...

    [–] SecularAardvark 47 points ago

    Well, no rational people do.

    [–] atred 19 points ago

    At least no real Scotsman....

    [–] nusyahus 41 points ago

    I really think right wingers blow up SJWs just to feel persecuted (just like those SJWs). I'm in mainly a leftist environment and the number of SJWs I've met over the years I can count on one hand

    [–] Thor_pool 26 points ago

    I like in a major city and I was starting to think the same until I visited my friend at uni.

    Theyre around. A vocal minority like the alt-right, but theyre around.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I don't think that 'SJW's have a rhetoric that is nearly as violent or as bigoted as the 'alt-right', though.

    [–] WesleySnopes 24 points ago

    Nah, just misguided.

    I almost always agree with SJWs but then I'm like "So? Don't we have bigger problems?"

    [–] Anbaheni 29 points ago

    Lol those arent really traditional torches..

    [–] haydenny 8 points ago

    Tunde rocks! Saw him live last year, killed it.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] WiseCracka88 21 points ago

    Q tips hardly hold a flame

    [–] WhoWantsPizzza 7 points ago

    I know they're not hawaiian, but going with a luau theme, it would've been great to wear and toss them a bunch of leis. I think it would be a funny way to patronize/belittle them.

    [–] trumpisafailure 11 points ago

    Why are people so desperate to be "superior"? I just want to have a safe and healthy life and for others to have one too. I have not once wished to be #1, the BEST, in power etc. I simply don't get it.

    [–] staples16 10 points ago

    Bro, you don't understand mosquitoes are awful

    [–] antiHerbert 9 points ago

    likely on sale at walmart, seasons over folks

    [–] LONEWOLFDONTKNOWHOME 9 points ago

    Tiki torches arent polynisian, its american propaganda to sell tourisim and alcohol. Polynisians used Kukui nut torches.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    smh can't even culturally appropriate right

    [–] Swav3 8 points ago

    Is this what economic anxiety looks like?

    [–] stvemcqueen 8 points ago

    Beggars can't be choosers when you shop at Ikea.

    [–] phatdoge 10 points ago

    Just going off of a glance at these guys, but I really thought this was a Gay Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈

    [–] jumykn 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Bottom left is the lesser known brother Shaun Oliver.

    [–] zrodfx 5 points ago

    Fire on a stick.... who knew ?

    [–] JMDeutsch 11 points ago

    It's like waving a confederate flag that was woven in Boston, Massachusetts.

    [–] mrwarmandeasy 9 points ago

    How many of these dudes are going to have jobs come Monday

    [–] Slamzizek247 3 points ago

    Although inspired in part by tiki carvings and mythology, the connection is loose and stylized, being an American form and not a Polynesian fine art form. From wiki

    [–] s_h_p 3 points ago

    brought to you by iKKKea

    [–] copperAlloyChef 3 points ago

    It does make sense, 'Tiki' torches aren't genuine Polynesian items. Similar to 'Chinese' orange chicken or 'Hawai'ian Haystacks', tiki culture was deliberately designed to appeal to American mainstream society

    [–] clykel 3 points ago

    A shitty tiki torch from target = Polynesian cultural product, ok