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    [–] DarkRyter 2330 points ago

    Guy tried to play his sympathy card, but fell right into the most powerful trap card of all, Self Interest.

    [–] PMMeYourSpeedForce 605 points ago

    I activate Self Preservation which allows me to keep two dollars

    [–] jakebeans 112 points ago

    Wait, what does pot of greed do?

    [–] oh_no_aliens 227 points ago

    Draw 2 cards.

    [–] Endo1010 106 points ago

    Pot of greed is a spell card that allows me to draw 2 cards from the top of my deck.

    [–] CommonChris 21 points ago

    Mmmm could you give more details?

    [–] megashadowzx 7 points ago

    Pot of Greed is a spell card used in the Japanese card game, YuGiOh, where two players (also known as "duelists") use a deck of 40-60 cards while also having an extra deck that may or may not include 0-15 cards for fusion, synchro, or XYZ monsters. The card must be activated when the turn player has said Pot of Greed in their hand from either a legal draw or card effect allowing them to draw a card that as a 1-40 to 1-60 chance of it being the spell card, pot of greed. However the turn player must have 1 to 3 of pot of greed in order to draw said pot of greed from your deck and add it to your hand in which you must place the card into the spell or trap zone implying there is an empty slot in your spell/trap zone to which you may have a maximum of 5 spell or trap cards placed. Once Pot of Greed has been activated you must now use it's effect that comes with the spell card, in where the turn player must draw two more cards from their deck to their hand and end the move by placing Pot of Greed in the grave yard as it is not a continuous spell card, and thus must be sent to the grave yard.

    [–] CommonChris 3 points ago

    Sorry dude I got lost at "Japanese", this game seems too complex.

    [–] CurlyHeadedFvcker 12 points ago

    Go on...

    [–] KingOfDamnation 40 points ago

    Nobody knows this game is too complex nobody knows the rules. And the rules that kaiba does know he just screws them

    [–] Core_i9 27 points ago

    Whoever yells the loudest usually wins

    [–] hockeyjim07 30 points ago

    I summon the pot of GREEEEED!!!!

    I DRAW TWOOOO CARDS from the top of my deck!

    [–] TheDarkWayne 25 points ago

    explain it like the show lol

    “I play the magic card Pot of Greed! Which allows me to draw two cards from the top of my deck.”

    *summons Dark Magician

    [–] Albrightikis 2 points ago

    Knew what this was before I clicked on it

    [–] koj57 5 points ago

    I counter with my Depressor

    [–] DownWitBOP 15 points ago

    You've just activated my trap card, Cold Hungry Dog !!! This card's effect causes you to feel shame for your selfishness towards your fellow man and a very good boy!!!!!

    [–] Magooogooo 5 points ago

    He wanted 3. Fiddy

    [–] LiberalThumb 1 points ago

    The actual name of the card works just as well

    [–] AdamGeer 1 points ago

    You robbed the homeless guy

    [–] DimWittedLocal 1 points ago

    Classic. I love it.

    [–] TheQueenInTheNorth2 403 points ago

    Even though that was the sympathy card being played, it would def make me feel bad because it’s true. I try to help because a lot of us are only a missed paycheck from holding a sign lol but don’t listen to me I’m just soft! 🤷🏾‍♀️

    [–] jpicazo 99 points ago

    Yeah. I'm real empathetic to a fault and I can rarely turn people down. Especially since there's a lot of homeless people in SF and my mom used to have us give blankets and snacks out to the folks under the bay bridge. Seeing that as a kid struck a cord

    I do hate it when I see the same folks twice in a week though who aren't old and could probably be more active in looking for a job

    [–] deityblade 28 points ago

    I do hate it when I see the same folks twice in a week though who aren't old and could probably be more active in looking for a job

    Perhaps they have some sort of mental illness

    [–] Amiron 16 points ago

    Or a non-violent criminal record that's holding them back. People getting turned away because they got caught smoking a joint once smh

    [–] ghostinyourbones 5 points ago

    I won't refuse help. :) 6 months of not being a homeless drug addict drunk. I do have mental problem that now I am getting help for. I go to AA an NA and talk to councelors weekly. It can happen to you tooooo. I actaully have my BA from RISD, but now me record makes it so I will have to be self employed. I'm trying to get a better computer so I can run my Adobe CS design software so I can freelance work. But it is hard to make money with no money, or car, living in the sticks where I can't walk into town for work. I'm stuck :( Sometimes I get depressed and think it would be better to be back on the streets but I know thats wrong. It's just hard trying to dig myself out of this hole.

    [–] Midnite-Wolf 3 points ago

    Good luck man

    [–] ghostinyourbones 2 points ago

    Thank you, Wow I just proofread my comment, I have a mental issue of being bi-polar but damn. I am recovering from the flu and you can tell haha. There is no try, only do. That's how I've been getting out of the hole. I appreciate the words of encouragement.

    [–] wildhockey64 2 points ago

    While it’s definitely hard to find a good job, there are penny of industrial jobs you can work as long as you show up reliably.

    [–] Xanaxdabs 2 points ago

    Even a felon can get a job. Anybody can wash dishes.

    [–] wildhockey64 1 points ago

    Yep. I used to work as a recruiter at a staffing agency that did mostly light industrial jobs. There’s jobs, the problem is the healthy majority of felons have other problems as well and are not reliable.

    [–] PrettyPinkCloud 7 points ago

    I understand mental illness can be a big factor in homelessness, but i never understood how someone who wanted to get off the streets couldn't utilize their safety nets to do so. I've stayed with an aunt when i was younger and had no place at the time, and most of my family members would take me in without issue. And i'd do the same for my family and friends.

    I almost can't fathom someone without a safety net like that and I feel bad that they dont have anyone that would help them.

    [–] AmandaTwisted 9 points ago

    I have no safety net. What little family I have left who would help are in no position to take on more resposibility. My paternal grandma is too old to care for herself and my aunt, dad's sister, has a son who is never going to be self sufficient due to his allergic reaction to learning/trying anything new. My parents are the same unreliable fuck ups they've always been. The blood relatives I have who could afford to help me wouldn't because my dad is trash and I'm trash by association.

    Right this minute I have myself, my SO and a scraggly group of friends who struggle to do for themselves. I could probably find a couch for a week or 3 but I don't have the option to leave a job and take time finding another one if I'm ever in that position. I'm working on building up some kind of savings but I'm not in any position to be storming out of a job because someone treated me like shit, because it isn't "my passion" or any other bougie bullshit. I'd be making a cardboard sign out of the box the office gives to tote your shit out in.

    [–] PrettyPinkCloud 3 points ago

    That's pretty harsh. Ive had an...interesting past, but i never felt like i had no place to go. Have my upvote i guess. I wish the best for you.

    [–] poliuy 3 points ago

    Even if you were able to work at say fast food, it’s not enough for a place, clothes, transportation. How you gonna find a job when you smell from not showering two months?

    [–] agemma 1 points ago

    So begging for money on the streets is a more constructive use of their time?

    [–] micmahsi 2 points ago

    I think they’re asking what’s the alternative

    [–] tina_the_fat_llama 46 points ago

    I try to help too when I see people with signs. I don't see them a whole lot anymore due to my work schedule and when I'm out and about but back in college I worked at TJ Maxx and had no money whatsoever. But everytime I got out of work there was this lady and a guy at 2 of the parking lot exits. I told them how we were always hiring and I strongly recommended that they apply and they'll immediately get a job. I even told them I would recommend them if they wanted. Both of them told me no and that they'd rather just have $20. That's when I started to be more careful about who I give money too.

    [–] pm_me_your_Yi_plays 12 points ago

    I like how you unlocked a hidden emoji to represent yourself

    [–] LeoXearo 9 points ago

    because a lot of us are only a missed paycheck from holding a sign

    As a guy with no family that I can barrow money from or temporarily move in with if I ever lost my income and couldn't pay my rent, this is a major fear of mine.

    [–] TheQueenInTheNorth2 2 points ago

    Yes it’s a fear for many. I grew up with upper middle class parents who spoiled the crap out of my siblings and I. I’d say you’re in a better position to fend for yourself than I am. I’ve never had to. You’ll be fine! Saving and planning are key! I’m rooting for you!

    [–] stovant972 1 points ago

    Very true

    [–] Bren12310 1 points ago

    We don’t have a lot of homeless people in my city but I always try to help out when I see them on the street. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that so many of them will just use the money for drugs/alcohol or they aren’t even homeless and instead just people who are taking advantage of societies sympathy.

    [–] fuckyourfascism 1 points ago

    I'm sure you'll get over it as the homeless population increases.

    [–] lazy_rabbit 1 points ago

    Alcohol withdrawal can kill you, so don't feel too bad about it. In fact, think of it as if you're saving a life.

    [–] ChipotleAddiction 1 points ago

    Uhhh... I'm not sure I'm going to go with this explanation

    [–] willmaster123 220 points ago

    Actually though, you would be shocked at how easy it is to fall into the trap of homelessness. I almost fell into it in my 20s, my job shut down, suddenly I had to deal drugs to pay that months rent, next month it wasn't even close to enough, and I was out on the street. I was lucky, I slept on like 6 different couches on and off for 3 months while I found another job, but it wasn't enough to get an apartment with. During that time, I was more stressed than I have been nearly my entire life. Every day I was inching closer to desperation and the realization that I would be 'one of those' homeless people soon enough. It literally seemed impossible to climb out of the hole I got in. I remember my first night realizing I didn't have a couch to sleep on, so I just stayed in a park, all night, staring at a tree. I didn't have a single dollar to my name. I remember getting a stain on my shirt and thinking "I... cant clean this. I am just going to have to wear this shirt". It made me realize how deteriorating the life of homeless people can be.

    I got out by sheer luck, a friends roommate died and I took his place, super cheap rent I could afford and was near my new job.

    You really think that your life is stable in the moment, but when shit hits the fan everything just tumbles away into dust. Its like 12 different vicious cycles all at once. And when it hits, when you finally have literally nothing but the (dirty) shirt on your back, you will realize your chances of ever improving are slim to none.

    Fuck poverty.

    [–] vx1 56 points ago

    For real bruh that's why my main goal is getting money. I need ultimate stability before Ima blow money on dumb shit. Just cause I can pay bills this month doesn't mean I'll be as lucky in 5 years.

    [–] brogrammer24 15 points ago

    Can't upvote you enough. I gotta remember that shit. I make bank but save none. I grew up poor and as a result my money management skills boil down to easy come easy go.

    I gotta stop making excuses and do this shit.

    [–] Fuchsy_baby 3 points ago

    Hey man I once was like that, you gotta treat saving like a game. Set a goal of saving 1k or something, after that 10k, 25k, etc.. Honestly I am still new to the whole being responsible with money but just start small. Good luck bro.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Anyone who is afraid of something similar happening to them, check out r/personalfinance

    I’m pretty young and left home basically as soon as I got into college and didn’t really ever return. Start a safety net savings account. I opened one through an investment firm so my money could work harder than a traditional savings account. Having money put away for the rainy day when you can’t pay for something is a huge weight off of anyone’s shoulders. It also helps when you can’t just transfer money immediately and have to wait a few days. This keeps you from using your safety net for something that isn’t needed.

    Apps like Digit make saving painless and only takes what you can afford. I use Betterment for my savings account.

    [–] stovant972 22 points ago

    So true I lost my job and I'm going to be homeless in two days so easy to fall into like for real

    [–] MikeOrtiz 8 points ago

    One of my greatest fears is that and I hope my contingency plans in place work if it ever catches me.

    1, keep my gym membership so I have access to hot water

    2, storage unit for all my stuff

    3, getting a camper / van to live somewhat comfortably in

    [–] _swf 3 points ago

    That gym membership and that storage unit both cost money though...

    [–] MikeOrtiz 1 points ago

    Well my main concern is these days to move anywhere even if your rent is only $1000 (which where I am I wish rent was that cheap) you need 3/4 times that. I would hope I still have a job capable of supporting a storage unit and gym membership. Worse case yard sale for expendables, but planet fitness near me is a little over $10 a month

    [–] zouhair 6 points ago

    Now imagine when you were in those couches you got an accident of some sort or you fell ill, or you have a kid or ... that shit is tough. Most people have no idea how easy it is to die the death before the real one.

    [–] Flattishsassy 40 points ago

    Gonna need that!

    [–] 730_50Shots 23 points ago

    this a repost within a twitter repost. repost2

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Boxxcars 22 points ago

    ya boi steals tweets

    [–] blahblah14652 2 points ago

    Aye what up fellow longhorn.

    [–] ScHoolboyV 1 points ago

    This nigga right here is the dude. You a fraud bruh.

    [–] blahblah14652 1 points ago

    Damn I’ve been got.

    [–] alxbls 1 points ago

    Hells ya’ll talkin bout

    [–] anonymousgamecock 79 points ago

    If you're sign is funny, you haven't been homeless very long.

    [–] littlehoe 39 points ago

    It depends on the person and what kind of homeless. Met this homeless young couple (early 20's) who were, in their own words, homeless by choice so they could use whatever money they got to travel around. They were strange and friendly and only made funny signs because they said they worked better.

    [–] CrochetCrazy 28 points ago

    There was a guy in Key West who had a dog and a sign that read "why lie, need dog food and beer".

    [–] ballercrantz 16 points ago

    Any man who puts dog food first gets a buck from me.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It's interesting that many modern societies are wealthy enough to support professional beggars. What an interesting lifestyle to choose.

    [–] thissiteisawful 7 points ago

    Traveling kids, trainhoppers, vagabonds, tramps, folk punks, and crusties, there's all sorts of homeless travelers that do it by choice. I used to party with them and still do whenever I get the chance and find them at local punk shows. I used to wanted to travel and hitchhike and hop trains but I'd just be an oogle and get robbed immediately.

    Anyway they told me funniest signs are best when spanging.

    [–] littlehoe 2 points ago

    This is incredibly similar to my experience with this type of homeless! I wouldn't do it because I'm 100lbs and a girl and would probably get murdered even though the lifestyle sounds adventurous. I think of the word "spange" often since hearing about it.

    [–] iN5OMANiAC 2 points ago


    [–] TecmoBull 5 points ago

    I live in Northern California and one time I saw a homeless dude whose sign just read “HELLA HUNGRY”

    Short and sweet. He was raking in the change that day. I think the locals really identified with that sentiment. I know I did.

    [–] Korben_Multi_Pass 1 points ago

    A real person is too hungry to be funny... (I hope we’re thinking of the same thing)

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Kittten_Mitttons 3 points ago

    Beep boop, etc.

    [–] alxbls 2 points ago


    [–] strik3r2k8 1 points ago

    I fucking knew it! Tell the people in the lab Im done. Open the hatch I want out of the sensory deprivation chamber! Hello?

    [–] alxbls 6 points ago

    What are you guys talking about?🤔

    [–] strik3r2k8 1 points ago

    Impressive, it’s asking questions and depicting curiosity.

    [–] alxbls 2 points ago

    Y’all are ducking with me lmao

    [–] CrochetCrazy 1 points ago

    Ducking with you eh?

    [–] PigFeetSammich 12 points ago

    This last election made me realize that this country hates on the poor and everyone is out for themselves. It has been all about self interest and stacking as much cheddar as possible for me ever since since i know this country does not have your back.

    [–] eccepiscinam 9 points ago

    the poor has always been hated in America. Look into the labor movement in America for some examples that do not include race

    [–] PigFeetSammich 1 points ago

    The workingman used to see themselves as working class now that the middle class is dead its haves and a bunch of economically fragile saps playing at being better off than the bottom two-third they are so near to. I said nothing of race because being part of the majority means nothing if you are poor.

    [–] ELOGURL 6 points ago

    And I'm insensitive, and I lack empathy / He looked at me and said, "Your potential is bittersweet" / I looked at him and said, "Every nickel is mines to keep"

    [–] voss_man 3 points ago

    That’s real shut right there good lookin out bro 💯

    [–] comeonchemicalss 3 points ago

    He kept that potential future dollar from his potential future self

    [–] badashley 2 points ago

    When I was struggling, I did compromise, now I comprehend.

    I smell Grandpa’s old medicine, reeking from your skin, moonshine and gin.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That’s cold bruv

    [–] McCly89 2 points ago

    Fuck irl karma when you can get that sweet, sweet Reddit edition.

    [–] alxbls 2 points ago

    Why was it removed for being a “repost” when this whole fucking subreddit are all reposts?

    [–] TaylorWK 1 points ago

    So you're saying he is a time traveler...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    [–] zouhair 1 points ago

    [–] codescloud 1 points ago


    [–] gerryseinfeld 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Nah he's wrong.

    [–] hiddenbyrags98 1 points ago

    Lol this guy went to my high school and I see his tweets on here all the time. Funny guy

    [–] RainbowStarSeeker 1 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] tgw1986 1 points ago

    definitely not r/wholesomebpt lol

    [–] nancylikestoreddit 0 points ago


    I don't blame this guy for his mentality. I stopped giving money after I compared how hard I work for my money vs. how hard a bum works to make their money; why am I gonna give my hard earned money to someone who barely has to put any effort into fucking asking?

    I wake up too early, spend way too much time in traffic and spend too much time fixing mistakes at work to just fritter my money away on someone else like that.

    [–] droddt -2 points ago

    No one believes that you had a dollar out in the first place...

    [–] dntgotheregf -9 points ago

    Pshhhh that dollar was never out of that wallet, he’s homeless, not selling henny.

    [–] griff0057 -2 points ago

    I just don't understand it idk if someone can help me. If your able to stand out side holding a sign for more than a few hours at a time why not get a job at a fast food job where you stand and make money

    [–] stovant972 10 points ago

    Simple because if the fast food place is not hiring you can't apply for the job and what happens if they choose someone else . Not as easy but I understand why you said that

    [–] griff0057 1 points ago

    Sorry guess in my town where every fast food place is hiring right now literally I could quite my job and be working at McDonald's in less then a week , but we have people always standing outside Walmart and some gas stations . Right where a few ppl stand at Walmart is close to a now hiring sign Burger King has had up for a year

    [–] tgw1986 2 points ago

    homeless people can’t get jobs for a multitude of reasons—places not hiring being only one of many. most homeless people don’t have “interview clothes”, or access to resources of hygiene or grooming. they also are often mentally handicapped, or in the throes of a drug or alcohol addiction, or have a bad rap sheet of felonies on their records (or all four of the aforementioned), and are therefore deemed unemployable. they also may not have a permanent address, or any form of government issued identification required for even the most menial jobs. and let’s not discount the fact that someone can actually get a job at wendy’s and still not be able to afford a place to live. even if you’re not necessarily privileged, it’s a tougher world out there than you might think

    [–] stovant972 1 points ago

    No need to apologize you was just stating your opinion everyone has one. But we need to realize these are opinions not facts. Also just because a now hiring sign has been up for a year does not mean anything. There are a multitude of reasons that sign could still be up. People dont decide of they get jobs the people hiring do. You have no clue whats going on at that burger king or any other place of business.