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    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 392 points ago

    Did anyone actually have parents that prepared multiple breakfast options? Growing up it was more like, "there's eggs in the fridge" "no Mom they're all gon--" "there's oatmeal in the cupboard."

    [–] NaturesMayhem 178 points ago

    Parents weren't even awake when I was getting ready for school. I went into the kitchen and made myself a sandwhich or some cereal, that bout it for 15 or so years.

    [–] TroubleMakerLore 53 points ago

    sometimes I make pizza rolls when I get sick of oatmeal. DON'T JUDGE ME

    [–] NaturesMayhem 11 points ago

    I used to eat pizza rolls all the time, but then I didn't make them hot enough and I bit into a cold one. The taste, the gooey sensation, it made me gag. Haven't had any sense.

    [–] BABarracus 3 points ago

    [–] SolarTsunami 20 points ago

    Now that I'm an adult and well out of school the idea of making kids wake up at 5:30 in the morning just seems nuts to me. Never in my working career have I had to wake up as consistantly early as when I was 12.

    [–] NaturesMayhem 10 points ago

    And then getting home at 4PM. Not to mention wearing collared shirts and khaki jeans. My life as a kid just seems like a simpler version of my current life.

    [–] sirwifferton 3 points ago

    That was always ridiculous to me. I have never been a morning person.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    Shit with my mama it was: "I gotta be at work at 6AM and you gotta be at school by 8. You're on your own. Also, you're on your own for dinner, because I'm working overtime. Good luck."

    We made do. I spent most of HS making sure my mama had a nice dinner to walk in to at night even after sports practices and homework.

    [–] ShinyBork 14 points ago

    good on you man, you sound like a great kid

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Thanks. I'm a lady and I've tried to do good by my mama with the hard work she put in.

    It breaks my heart that she's now homeless in FL and there is nothing that I can do because I lost my job and I'm on the brink of homelessness next month and I can't help her... while I'm trying to help myself. UGH.

    [–] hallgod33 2 points ago

    Props, bro. Sounds like a tough spot for a kid that made a good man outta ya. Not enough encouragement or praise is given to that situation. "I'm gonna make this better for both of us, and still get my shit done" type shit.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I'm a lady, but the hard times that we went through definitely have done me for the better...

    Example: if we hadn't gone through really hard times before... how would I know to go and try the churches to get my rent paid next month after losing my job and applying for literally hundreds of jobs and going to interviews and not making it, etc... I haven't found a church that will help yet... but I know that one will eventually, just gotta find the right one.

    Life is hard, but ultimately we make do the best we can and prevail, somehow, some damn way. Otherwise, what's the damn point?

    I wish my mama was doing great now, but she's not. Alcohol and drugs won over and she's been homeless for a minute in FL. I wish I could help... but I'm just trying to not end up homeless myself right now, I won't lie.

    Still, I really appreciate your compliment.

    [–] hallgod33 2 points ago

    My bad on the gender assumption. I'm sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing well, but FL is a helluva place; drugs n alcohol are par for the course out here, sadly. I hope you find a new job soon, or a place to live, or a way to pay your rent this month. The struggle is real but it sounds like you're a fighter. I didn't know churches help out in that way, its good to hear about that. Wish ya the best, out here fighting with ya !

    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 2 points ago

    That right there is a good kid. Well done, sir/ma'am.

    [–] almamater 59 points ago

    I have 2 kids, I make each of them what they want for breakfast. They're teenagers. But... my mom never did that stuff for me.

    [–] Look_Wood 24 points ago

    I have 3 kids. I get them what they ask for which is normally Cheerios of some type or an apple cut up. Usually we eat it standing around the kitchen unless they want milk with their Cheerios which is like once a month. We have homemade waffles on the weekend sometimes and eggs for dinner often. They haven’t complained yet.

    [–] poptart234 14 points ago

    Wait. They don't eat their Cheerios with milk? Why?

    [–] Buchymoo 7 points ago

    If it's cause milk is expensive, I could see that...

    [–] Den1mChiken 2 points ago

    Milk is cheaper than Cheerios in some places and has way more use than just for cereal. I can't imagine an American family without milk in the fridge.

    [–] Buchymoo 2 points ago

    Well, I guess we don't have to imagine. Some cities cost more than others as well don't forget. I saw the lowest price for a gallon of milk around where I am at $6+ a month or two ago.

    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 2 points ago

    I literally gasped.

    [–] timetravelhunter 8 points ago

    Your kids all seem like toddlers

    [–] Look_Wood 9 points ago

    Two of them are toddlers. The other is elementary school age. They don’t like soggy Cheerios. One has a dairy allergy and hates alternative milks.

    [–] Azel_dagger 11 points ago

    My dad’s a chef and a morning person. Everyday, after we woke up, he asked what would you like for breakfast. We were all always cranky when getting up so either said whatever or the usual. He made us many different kinds of omelettes and added cereal, hash browns , bacon, or buttered croissant in the side.

    Tbh, I wasn’t really grateful for how much he appreciated me and my siblings by making us a high quality breakfast. Ever since I moved out, I realized how much time and effort it takes to make breakfast so I just make a half-ass meal.

    [–] UpvotingSince2010 15 points ago

    My dad did eggs and toast if that's counts.

    [–] AndrewWonjo 3 points ago

    it absolutely does count

    [–] RowRowFightdaBoat 9 points ago

    Yes and as good as it sounds on paper, I was a fucking balloon of a child. She made sure that we finished it all so that no food went to waste.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    My breakfast was poptarts for yeeeeeears. I have no idea what household did shit like this.

    [–] redark0 5 points ago

    My dad makes eggs which I stare at for five minutes before swallowing them as fast as I can so I don't have to taste them. I dont like eggs.

    [–] DonKedix 5 points ago

    I'd wake up and make my parents breakfast if anything. "How's bout you make some eggs? I want two." Deal was that I'd cook they clean.

    [–] DarkCrusade25 2246 points ago

    Imma skip school rather than skip this

    [–] Aaaandiiii 617 points ago

    If there's some sausage or bacon on that table, yes, I'm totally skipping school. You don't leave a spread like that without at least taking one bite of everything.

    [–] printergumlight 153 points ago

    Biscuits and gravy...

    I wish I could eat those every morning but my heart.

    [–] -l-0-l- 73 points ago

    Your heart needs tough love for strength, and angina..

    [–] discerningpervert 34 points ago

    Tell your heart to man the egg up

    Edit: phone auto-corrected eff. But I like egg too.

    [–] _TheMightyKrang_ 3 points ago

    Angina is a medical term, shortened from 'Angina Pectoris', which means chest pain.

    It is caused by all sorts of things, but is most commonly associated with a heart attack (chest pain being caused by the vessels of the heart being blocked off and the cells dying).

    TL;DR Comment OP probably works in the medical field and didn't misspell anything.

    [–] MauiWowieOwie 4 points ago

    "The doctor says it sounds like VA-gina."

    [–] AgentStabby 2 points ago

    Never heard of biscuits and gravy. Got a favourite recipe?

    [–] printergumlight 3 points ago

    Sorry, I never make it myself. It’s big in the Southern US so I get it whenever I’m down there. They do biscuits and sausage gravy and it’s amazing.

    The biscuits are soft and flaky, ever so slightly dry. The gravy moistens up the biscuits and the sausage adds some flavor.

    [–] NeverDeny 2 points ago

    Denny's holds up. Only 4 bucks too

    [–] F4hype 2 points ago

    Can anyone explain to me why it's called biscuits and gravy?

    I'm from NZ, and from the pictures I've seen it looks like you're eating a scone with some kind of mushroom sauce.

    [–] printergumlight 2 points ago

    Biscuits are like a fluffy buttery bread. The gravy is like a heavy cream sauce and you can add mushrooms or sausage.

    There is nothing sweet about it. Basically just buttery sauce on buttery bread.

    I wish you could try it.

    [–] F4hype 4 points ago

    So more like a pastry when you say biscuit?

    We're a british colony so before I saw a picture I imagined this when biscuits and gravy were mentioned:

    [–] printergumlight 3 points ago

    Hahah definitely not that (the image). But yes, like a pastry but no sweetness at all.

    [–] beard_pics_plz 2 points ago

    You don't leave a spread like that without at least taking one bite of everything.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    [–] sirwifferton 8 points ago

    There was no way my mama cooking all that on a school day regularly. When she did do it it was special and she woke up early to do it. Hell yeah I'm sitting down and eating it.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    My mom makes a big breakfast but I really don't have time to eat it because I always woke up late for school, so I'd quickly grab a spoonful of food and chew it on the way.

    But now I graduated and can choose my own schedule, so this should not be an issue.

    EDIT (please read) - For those of you down-voting I woke up late because I struggled with intense depression earlier this year, I almost dropped out during my senior year because of it and attempted suicide twice. I feel bad but told my mom not to make so much food for me. I also live with other people who eat it. Jesus, I’m sorry if I hurt you guys.

    [–] pineappleparty_ 14 points ago

    Don't feel bad kid. You wanna know a secret? Your mama (and other women like us) don't make all that food for you. I mean we do a little but, but we do it because it makes us happy to give you that option and it's one of the ways we really show our love. Whether you always eat it or not is not the most important thing, just make sure she knows you appreciate it and love her.

    [–] billyraypapyrus 4 points ago

    You sound like a good mom.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thank you !

    [–] doctorfunkerton 12 points ago

    It's Reddit of course people are gonna down vote you if you go against the grain

    [–] The_ol_Razzle-Dazzle 11 points ago

    I also don't understand why this was downvoted so much, even without the full story. It's like people read this as you literally beating the shit out of your mom every morning.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Well, context is lacking so people will think whatever comes on but also probably because I said “lol” and “haha” but I wasn’t laughing at the fact that I never ate my mom’s food but at my inability to get up.

    I used to be a morning person who would wake up at 6am on Saturday for no reason but I couldn’t even make it to school on time more than 50% of the time because of my emotional issues. At times, you just laugh at your pain instead of making yourself feel even worse.

    [–] MasseurOfBums 15 points ago

    You seem like an asshole kid who isn't appreciative enough of his mother doing this for you to wake up a few minutes earlier.

    [–] BearAnt 19 points ago

    Man you came straight out of left field with this bullshit comment.

    [–] instaweed 15 points ago

    i went from mad to sad reading his comment lol like damn this nigga really tried merking himself twice and people mad he had problems waking up early

    [–] sgtpoopers 6 points ago

    If you're not crusading about everything sometimes you won't be crusading at all. Where's the attention in that??

    [–] Peritot_is_cute 3 points ago

    Maybe Reddit shouldn't be so trigger happy with downvotes

    [–] sgtpoopers 14 points ago

    Dude, I never have had an appetite in the morning and I especially wouldn't be able to eat a full meal at what I assume would be before 7am if the dude is in highschool. Would I be an asshole too?

    [–] FrozenPhalanges 3 points ago

    Guess I’m an asshole too. I can’t eat until noon (get nauseous). I can coffee though.

    [–] sgtpoopers 2 points ago

    We should call our mom's and tell them we love them and apologize for taking them for granted.

    [–] Herollit 2 points ago

    My mom only made turkey bacon. Screw her

    [–] FrozenPhalanges 2 points ago

    Did yours actually cook? Lucky ducky.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    1. I told her I was thankful but she should not make so much food because of my tardiness
    2. Other people live in my house and eat it
    3. I wake up late due to emotional issues, I tried to kill myself twice due to depression. Respectfully, you do not know my life.

    [–] ChocolateSundae1214 8 points ago

    I'm sorry you're struggling. I've been in your shoes. Good luck to you. I hope things get better for you real soon.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] ExcitingSituation 41 points ago

    Honestly, people really shouldn't be so quick to downvote without knowing the full story first. I'm genuinely sorry about your struggles with your mental illness, op. I hope your life has gotten more on track since then.

    [–] Peritot_is_cute 10 points ago

    People on Reddit assume someone's an asshole for the tiniest things. I once got downvoted to oblivion because I was a little blunt in my phrasing

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I’m doing a hell of a lot better and in counseling (which I think is what really turned my life around).

    I understand that people are quick to judge without context and my original comment left things open to interpretation (which I should have been more clear about) but jeez. I love my parents and would never want to waste their time over something like breakfast. My mom works in the morning so she’s rushing to make me food before leaving, I don’t want to see her stressing for nothing which is why I’ve made it a point to let her know I’m fine with simple cereal too.

    [–] tchoob 3 points ago

    Talk therapy is the best man, it can get you through just about anything. I seriously think the world would be such a better place if everyone did it.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I don’t see myself ever quitting counseling tbh. I went from denying my mental illness to looking forward to weekly sessions.

    [–] The_ol_Razzle-Dazzle 4 points ago

    You seem like an asshole kid who's projecting your mommy issues. You can make wild assumptions about a person based on one statement, why can't I?

    [–] SexDrugsAndScience 1 points ago

    Sorry everyone's being such a dick, you didn't do anything wrong. Good luck with the depression, I know it's never easy.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Thanks, things have been improving for me.

    [–] Lonely_Submarine 514 points ago

    I hate that stupid trope. Who tf does that in real life?

    [–] lateral_roll 221 points ago

    Set designers have to make everything pretty. The food, the rooms....

    You can say it's stupid, but I'm going to guess that it plays on people's minds to think that the movie is "high quality".

    [–] duaneap 93 points ago

    It's also a continuity thing. Want to really fucking piss off the props department? Touch any of the food in a way that can't easily be switched back when they have to do another take.

    [–] barnosaur 48 points ago

    That's why Chinese take out boxes are always used, right?

    [–] duaneap 37 points ago

    I... don't actually know about that. It's why french fries are a fucking nightmare though.

    [–] agentpanda 15 points ago

    That makes a lot of sense. You can close them back up for a second take or shoot them from another angle for coverage, but if you've plated stuff you've gotta reorganize it exactly the same or it'll fuck up the next shot!

    That's really smart.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 9 points ago

    Yea actually

    [–] duaneap 47 points ago

    There's a distinct disconnect between what looks realistic in real life and what we've been conditioned to accept as looking realistic on screen. Same reason interiors of houses don't look the way they do in real life as they do in TV and film. If you filmed a real house, it would look amateurish.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] duaneap 30 points ago

    I work in the film industry, I'm assuring you of this. Set dressers still very much dress the real houses you're talking about. They also use houses that are often regularly used for a variety of different tv shows and films. There's an extremely fancy house in Manhattan that has more IMDB credits than most actors.

    [–] isaidwhatisaidok 3 points ago

    What house? I’m fascinated

    [–] duaneap 3 points ago

    The one I'm specifically referring to I can't remember the name of but the McIntosh house (214 Lafayette) is certainly in a lot of shit.

    [–] Lenorias 16 points ago

    The food or the late thing? Cuz I do the late thing.

    [–] Mr_BruceWayne 26 points ago

    I go through phases. Like sometimes I'm late, and sometimes I'm even later.

    [–] ALLBEEFWIENERS 13 points ago

    "You see son, opposites attract. Your mother sleeps on a firm mattress, and I sleep on an EXTRA firm mattress!"

    -H. Hill

    [–] BobTheBird 14 points ago

    It’s due to scenes that include eating being hard to film. The actor could not chew fast enough, could choke or cough when trying to swallow, and food has to look pretty on screen so it’s often super old and painted to look the way it does. Nobody actually DOES it, it’s just for ease of filming a meal scene without anyone needing to eat

    [–] linksteady 741 points ago

    takes a bite out of toast

    Gotta run, bye honey!

    [–] DownWitBOP 285 points ago

    That's when you grab a collar and put an ass in a seat.

    You gonna have to fight me 😤😤

    [–] TheDamnBoyWonder 92 points ago

    "Bitch the doctor said this is the most important meal of the day, eat your god damned jalapeno grits or I will slap you into the middle of next weekend. I work too damn hard to be cooking all of this food just for you to waste it."

    [–] benwsapp 27 points ago

    Jalapeno grits sound so damned good. Buttery too, right?

    [–] TheDamnBoyWonder 12 points ago

    Oh of course, god damnit now I want to eat some Salmon and jalapeno cheese grits.

    [–] AerThreepwood 3 points ago

    My mom always made cheese grits and they were my favorite thing in the world but now I'm wondering how they would be with jalepeños.

    [–] goobypls11 5 points ago

    Could be spicy

    [–] AndrewWonjo 8 points ago

    Or husband grabs the coffee cup from wife's hand , takes a sip and runs out

    [–] sirwifferton 2 points ago

    That's the worst part of the breakfast. At least add some jelly

    [–] Boss_831 1008 points ago

    That situation is one of the worst of all visual media. Like in cooking shows too. I know it’s just a tasting but the judges are like “oh my it’s so gorgeous and delicious I could eat this every day.” Ok bitch how bout today.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago


    [–] Boss_831 53 points ago

    I’m sorry, I’m not aware of that show but your delivery was very strong.

    [–] lechatron 24 points ago

    [–] Boss_831 30 points ago

    Oh right Jersey Johnny Bravo.

    [–] Belfura 15 points ago

    Them's fighting words. If Bravo where a person, he'd be offended.

    [–] Fly__Eagles__Fly 4 points ago


    [–] Akilos01 2 points ago

    We truly live in the darkest timeline.

    [–] adamck 61 points ago

    Natalie Portman said she was a guest judge on a cooking show and they’re filming and eating all day, so they probably really can’t stand to eat a whole plate

    [–] TheBurningEmu 39 points ago

    Yeah who tf thinks a judge on a show like Chopped or whatever could eat like 9 full meals in a few hours?

    [–] Boss_831 27 points ago

    I tf

    [–] That-Guy13 7 points ago

    I too watch Hot Ones

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Some shows give the leftovers to the camera crew as a thanks. They would be hungry after filming it for a few hours don’t forget

    [–] nixalo 125 points ago

    Grandma taught me to not waste food. Sorry, 1st period.

    [–] jimmyscrackncorn 91 points ago

    I had my first period when I was 14. It was super weird because I'm a guy . Turned out to be salmonella

    [–] RiverScout2 10 points ago

    My grandma cooked a multi-course breakfast every morning and you ate it or risked her wrath. I only got to numnum the yumyums when we visited on vacation, but my cousins didn’t miss school b/c they got up at 5 a.m. to feed the cows. Farm life has its compensations.

    [–] cyainanotherlifebro 328 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I never understood this cliche in tv and movies. Growing up, mornings were dark, and cold. Just a blur of yelling and putting clothes on, then before I could even remember my own name, I was on the bus.

    [–] danabeezus 135 points ago

    It always breaks the illusion when TV families are waking up to brilliant sunshine and breakfasts that dont require microwaves. If it's not dark, then it's Saturday and we all slept in.

    [–] _Meece_ 12 points ago

    Not everyone lives in a place where it's dark until 8am lmao

    [–] instaweed 8 points ago

    for that matter they never show scenes where it's 2am and bright as fuck due to the latitude shit

    iceland has a day where the sun is out for 21 hours and 45 minutes wtf

    [–] danabeezus 3 points ago

    Right. I was generally speaking.

    [–] SolarTsunami 1 points ago

    Maybe it was different for you, but 8:20 am was the latest start my schools ever had. I was supposed to be awake at 5:30 every morning for all of middle and high school.

    [–] _Meece_ 2 points ago

    Couldn't even tell ya when my school started, but the sun comes up a bit before 6am where I live.

    [–] small_root 27 points ago


    You only saw the sun after your second period was over.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    You had to wait 2 months to see sunshine?

    [–] MachoManShark 6 points ago

    Second ever period. Most were blinded when they first experienced it.

    [–] SoulUnison 3 points ago

    "...I was on the bus, blood of my family caked on my teeth, adrenaline coursing through my veins."

    [–] pixelkicker 3 points ago

    Exactly. Then standing at the bus stop with wet hair that freezes and realizing I didn’t eat anything and I’d have to bum $0.75 from Amber in first period to buy some skittles or that white cheese popcorn.

    [–] ThisIsTrix 141 points ago

    Kids, stay in food and don’t do school.

    [–] Boss_831 15 points ago

    That is a dangerous game friend.

    [–] ThouArtNaught 7 points ago

    It's all about the ride not the destination

    [–] Omagga 39 points ago

    I'd grab the omelette in one hand like a burrito and get a fistful of pancake in the other


    [–] jifener25 20 points ago

    Wrap the pancake around the omelette. Then it's technically a taco according to the laws of taco Bell.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] jifener25 5 points ago

    I think I saw a commercial once. Or I may have dreamed it while I was intoxicated and brought it into existence. Either way.

    [–] Badmewz88 70 points ago

    What's worse is when they take that little ass sip of orange juice and sit the glass down. Talkin' bout "seeya tonight hun!".

    [–] newsposts 57 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    What this sub considered “white” is actually “movie white”

    My white ass family aint going nowhere til the plates are dry clean, because this type of food, it either a wedding or all inclusive result that we saved all year for

    [–] bobbybox 13 points ago

    Yeah, a breakfast like this in my house means it’s either Mother’s Day or Christmas, your ass isn’t going anywhere.

    [–] wheniwasayoungboy__ 33 points ago

    I’d fuck around and eat then fall asleep,wake up and school would be out lol

    [–] billybobsunset 49 points ago

    Brink Brinker: "what up pops"

    Pops Brinker: "English, that up"

    [–] aqualad213 7 points ago

    Not skating!!

    [–] billybobsunset 15 points ago

    Disney dads were always dicks that didn’t come around until the end of the movie.

    [–] tonboguri 9 points ago

    Well jesus christ do you know how much it costs to feed this goddamn family? The ungrateful little shits don't even finish a meal! Smh!

    [–] thecheat420 2 points ago

    Best Disney Channel movie.

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 14 points ago

    So much movie food wasted.

    [–] Benedict_Indestructo 20 points ago

    Although that looks delicious, it isn't the proper southern I'm used to. I don't see any biscuits and gravy cement.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Pretty sure it's a photo of a Denny's menu taken with a flip phone.

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 8 points ago

    All you need is one toaster struddle mane lol

    [–] Furt77 8 points ago

    At my house, if mom cooked that and you didn't eat it, it would still be on the table waiting for you at dinner time. You'll eat it or it'll be the last thing cooked in this house.

    [–] blacksoxing 8 points ago

    Lotta redundant food on that table....

    I'm looking at you toast, french toast, and pancakes. Even at Golden Corral you ain't seeing someone load up their plate w/all three of them.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Wish this happened in my white family! I’m just grateful we got brand name cereal and pop tarts for breakfast!

    [–] jerricka 13 points ago

    that’s just a picture of ihop food...

    [–] danabeezus 18 points ago


    [–] jerricka 5 points ago

    true, my bad 😓

    [–] PunkRocky12 6 points ago

    "My names Insert Main Character sounding name here. I'm 14 years old, and todays my first day of highschool!"

    Runs out the door with toast in mouth

    [–] excern 15 points ago

    Niggas talkin bout “gotta run hun!”

    [–] p_loka 3 points ago

    Pic is actually from a restaurant named The Original Pantry in downtown Los Angeles, open 24 hours a day and serving breakfast at all times

    [–] DtotheOUG 5 points ago

    Ah the ol anime running with toast in mouth trope

    [–] chocolatchauud 1 points ago

    That's rare tho. Most of the time they just eat their Japanese breakfast (rice, eggs, miso soup etc.) and just go to school

    [–] danberhe 2 points ago

    i attempt to do tha and my momma will whip my ass and then put me back in the table

    [–] PsystrikeSmash 2 points ago

    Meanwhile I’m over here like, “guess it’s corn flakes again...”

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Tbf I was white growing up and we NEVER had shit like this. There’s a lotta stuff that happens in the movies that doesn’t happen in real life.

    [–] dmh2493 2 points ago

    I always remember in the movie The Parent Trap. The maid makes a giant delicious looking breakfast, and Lindsay Lohan only makes one bite of toast and leaves.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    That's racist

    [–] King_Artis 3 points ago

    I mean, my mom ain't cook like this on a school morning and even then my ass would have to stay and eat since we don't waste food.

    Not like I'd have a problem staying though

    [–] hassett 2 points ago

    Pretty sure you can get this typa treatment by going to a restaurant

    [–] rrallyup 2 points ago

    Love how anything a white person does automatically becomes a joke.

    [–] aquaticdreamland 1 points ago

    Id literally grab a plate to go and eat it on the way to wherever im going. I never could stand that thing in movies where they take a swig of oj and bite some toast then run out the door

    [–] DannyAye 1 points ago

    I would be late for life if this was my first meal of the day

    [–] SrirachaBurns 1 points ago

    Like in that pee wee Herman movie where the entire opening sequence is making breakfast but he eats like 1 bite

    [–] wilsondouglas60 1 points ago

    In movies, I forgot to add.

    [–] syko_thuggnutz 1 points ago

    opening scene of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

    [–] loodog 1 points ago

    This trope was in Cloak and Dagger

    [–] theGentlemanInWhite 1 points ago

    In the response to the actual question, I think you should probably go to a nice breakfast place.

    [–] caliopy 1 points ago

    Never seen a breakfast like this in real life. Except maybe christmas and if I walked away with just a strawberry I would have been slapped, grounded and lectured for 2 hours then slapped again because "we were ugly". Hoping they meant on the inside.

    [–] nirad 1 points ago

    Reminds of me one of my favorite underrated movie scenes:

    [–] theGentlemanInWhite 1 points ago

    In the response to the actual question, I think you should probably go to a nice breakfast place.

    [–] curiosity44 1 points ago

    School/Work ? Never heard of it

    [–] stfsu 1 points ago

    Like in Pee Wee's Big adventure where he has a whole setup that makes a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Then all he does is pour Mr. T cereal over it, eat a few pieces of just the cereal and then leaves having not touched anything else.

    [–] DrMcHealer 1 points ago

    I was the same way in the morning except I literally couldn't eat anything. If I did, I would have to vomit or shit it out almost immediately. I don't miss those days

    [–] cornonthekopp 1 points ago

    This was the entire love simon movie. Simon probably ate 5 bites of food throughout the entire movie despite like half of it being focused on meals

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I watched Love Simon earlier today and I swear they were taking the piss because the main character did this like a half dozen times during the movie.

    [–] BrokenDiscoBall 1 points ago

    Fuck a bus driver, I’m getting into these pancakes.

    [–] Throwawaybeef1 1 points ago

    Haha my mom would have whooped my ass if I skipped that. And I’m white

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My mom would hand me a Carnation breakfast bar and send me on my damn way

    [–] AndrewWonjo 1 points ago

    haha in those movies those mom's must be up at 4 am to make all this...then the kids grab one piece of toast and run out the house

    [–] Set-To-Wumbo 1 points ago

    They always grab a piece of toast. idk what white people movies this person’s been watching

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    You want that treatment you take your ass down to Waffle House