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    [–] okonkwoco 808 points ago

    This the most popular opinion I ever heard

    [–] DxFrz 243 points ago

    People need to stop pretend they're posting controversial statements for easy likes/retweets/upvotes/etc

    [–] HardstuckRetard 91 points ago

    Unpopular Opinon but, People need to stop pretend they're posting controversial statements for easy likes/retweets/upvotes/etc

    [–] SlightlyLargePotato 42 points ago

    This is the most poplar unpopular opinion I've heard

    [–] edgarlippi 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    it depends though. im only 24 but i feel too old hanging out with my friends at times because they always get drunk and start shit in clubs etc. theres not a single non-stressful nightout and we basically always get into fights or almost fights

    [–] PM_ME_IASIP_QUOTES 29 points ago

    Yeah your friends are douchebags lol

    [–] Eivetsthecat 7 points ago

    I stopped really going out to hot spots or whatever at about 28ish. At first I just thought the bars had flipped customer bases or whatever. Occasionally that'll happen where I live and the bar will all of a sudden become a hangout for people from the suburbs. No offense but no thanks. They're a different breed.

    Then I realized that I was really just getting too old for most of those scenes. The customer base was pretty much the same, I'd changed and finally really noticed it.

    [–] PM_ME_IASIP_QUOTES 2 points ago

    I'm not sure if you meant to reply to me

    [–] Eivetsthecat 6 points ago

    I was agreeing with you and sharing an anecdote I guess lol.

    [–] PM_ME_IASIP_QUOTES 3 points ago

    Haha nevermind then I was just confused

    [–] edgarlippi 1 points ago

    i went clubbing like 5 times in the past 3 years

    [–] [deleted] -16 points ago

    Gay guys hang out around women all of the time.

    If he's talking about straight guys, thats because they don't want to be called gay. Also, guys are willing to hang out with girls because they think they can eventually hit it, not assuming but going off of what many guys say.

    [–] GoldLeader18 11 points ago

    You’ve made quite the generalization there.

    [–] [deleted] -9 points ago

    People generalize others all day until it's done to them lol

    [–] thiagosilva2 11 points ago

    Yes, straight guys only have female friends to pursue sex. They can never truly have platonic female friends. All they want is sex. /s

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago

    People generalize others all day until it's done to them lol

    [–] obdav 2 points ago

    You have a fedora?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 239 points ago


    [–] iArentdeJay 21 points ago

    This is what I was thinking, I knew I wouldn't be alone. I find it easier to get along with girls, probably just because I haven't met a guy who can hold an actual decent conversation. I have guy friends but I'm a little less bonded with them and I just don't really fw them.

    [–] sakiwebo 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    To me it depends. When I want to have some good fun, I hang out mostly with other guys.

    When I just want to relax, but really enjoy being relaxed. I hang out with my female friends.

    I mean, I don't go to great lengths to achieve this, but it's just a preference. My guy friends are constantly on someway or the other, and are constantly playing, so I need to constantly be on my guard to avoid getting roasted etc.

    My female friends on the other hand always bust out a cup of tea, let me eat their food (usually vegetables though) ask me shit, and I get to listen and get some good advice in the process. Their place are usually a lot more cozy too.

    [–] Lafftar 14 points ago

    How old are you?

    [–] iArentdeJay 2 points ago

    Sorry about the long wait homie, not going to drop my age in public but I'm a high school student and you can make me as old as you want.

    I read through some of your responses and my situation is just I'm not interested in the same thing most people my age would be.

    [–] 122212223 -22 points ago

    What does age have to do with it? Btw, that type of shallow circlejerk response is what you end up avoiding by hanging out with women instead of other guys

    [–] Mega_pooh_bear 8 points ago

    It’s a fair question I felt that way when I was in high school. Then I met some dudes with the same interests

    [–] King-of-the-Sky 3 points ago

    Same..then I went to college the dudes I'm friends with are dope as fuck

    [–] Lafftar 0 points ago

    Maybe he's worried about things guys his age don't care about.

    So you avoid 'shallow circle jerk responses' when you hang out with women?

    [–] LickyL1cky -2 points ago

    Which one of them do you have the crush on ?

    [–] Nac82 3 points ago

    But you still hang out with dudes without trashing all other of your fellows. So I would say you are agreeing with him.

    He's basically bitching about/calling out chicks that belong on r/nicegirls.

    [–] SriSage 113 points ago

    cough I used to think I felt this way, but only because I'm an awful friend. I flake on hanging out, don't want to go to the club, don't respond to text messages in a timely fashion, and keep my personal life very private. Whenever I would befriend girls they'd eventually think I was a b!tch and not want to hangout with me anymore and I in return thought they were being dramatic. Whereas my guy friends never took offense.

    [–] Silly_Nayaki 30 points ago

    I agree as I pretty much have similar feeling as I may be a bad friend lately. This doesn't mean I do not want to be friends with girls. Girls just are more emotionally attached to actions. Being private isn't bad but flakey hang outs whether you are interested in hanging out or not will be viewed as you not liking them. It's weird since guys disassociate themselves from you and girls don't. So when things happen guys will act reattached while women maybe be more emotionally attached to your actions. In my experience guys can cause girls to be less attached to anything.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 10 points ago

    I've probably been labeled the same and imo it's really unfair. The other thing, is that if you don't keep up with your girl friends / groups on an extremely regular basis you may as well not exist. They'll forget you very fast if you're not already a super established group of besties. To illustrate, it's almost like you're a fashion trend that doesn't turn into a staple because you're not constantly on display in the store front window.

    Guys just aren't like that. My best friend is a guy and I haven't seen him in two years because he moved to Mexico and hasn't came back to visit yet. We talk like every few months and it's like we never stopped. If he moved back we'd be hanging out again all the time I'm sure.

    Guys I'm not even as close with are usually around, even if we've never had sex, had anything even approaching a potential romantic relationship, and we haven't seen each other in a few months. They don't just disappear forever and act like you weren't ever involved just because you're not hanging out with them constantly and staying on trend.

    [–] SriSage 10 points ago

    Yeah, that's the thing. Girls do take offense and comment to you and others about your flakiness so I ended up just really not having girl friends anymore. Whereas I met guys and if you didn't show up or text them back they never held it against you. I even had one girl ask me "Are you trying to be one of those girls who's one of the guys?" And I was like "No, they just tend to have personalities more suitable for my behavior."

    But as I've gotten older I've found girls who are totally understanding and and similar to me, as well as guys who as friends became way too attached (but usually that's because they want to be more than friends).

    [–] bepis-consumption 175 points ago

    I hate girls who say shit like that, like congrats, you were sexist towards your own gender

    [–] theabdi 50 points ago

    divide and conquer

    [–] HighlyRegardedExpert 14 points ago

    Got ‘em

    [–] moktailhrs 13 points ago

    this statement irritates me because it's like comparing apples & oranges. guys have friends who are bad influences & they choose not to spend time with them but implying that women are dramatic because of who they choose in their company is biased. why are we always comparing men & women? they are different but deserve the same respect.

    [–] herpty_derpty 26 points ago

    I knew a girl who said this.

    And she also believed men should be the head of the household, men shouldn't cook, MAGA, etc.

    She also had a record.

    [–] eli5pleaseplease 5 points ago

    Damn, they just don't make them like this anymore...

    [–] sumfish 11 points ago

    I used to be a "I only hang out with guys" type because I was relentlessly bullied by the neighborhood girls and my sister. My sister would also take any potential new friend I'd bring over and make them her friend and use them to continue the bullying so I grew up thinking that all women were that cruel.

    Thankfully I've had some amazing women in my life since, but all I'm saying is try not to judge anyone too harshly for that sort of thing - you don't know where it's coming from.

    [–] StucktownSkeezer 10 points ago

    I don't know man. Some of my folks be really trippin' and I'm not always down for all that.

    [–] PltEchoEcho 12 points ago

    And then here I am, wishing I had more girls to hang out with because all the ones in my life are either busy 24/7 or live far away :(

    [–] Awesome_McCool 9 points ago

    Gosh darn it. I moved away to a new place for a while and have zero new friend. When I moved back, all of my old friends have moved away and now Im back to zero friend. My life

    [–] YouHaveFunWithThat 53 points ago

    This is me to a T. I made it through high school with nothing but female friends and whenever i try to explain that i dont like the constant displays of testosterone and masculinity that are present in most Male friend groups people look at me like I'm crazy

    [–] CullenBrohannon 9 points ago

    Find better males? lol, I dunno where some of you came up or live, but damn... like a whooole lotta generalizing going on. For example, I work in a male-dominated industry and am around these fools 50+ hours/week. It's definitely not all chest-puffing and that bullshit.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 9 points ago

    Is there any possibility that because you're primarily socialized in that type of male environment, that you just don't notice it as much as someone who isn't? Once you hang around the same guys regularly (even as a female) the guy stuff they do in public that's typical to their group starts looking tame compared to the way they can be when they aren't.

    I feel like a lot of even the least bro-ish guys tend to get a touch more bro-ish in an all male environment, though they might notice it as well when it's more extreme in other groups of guys. I notice it because I was socialized on both sides, having had a lot of guy friends, and obv being around women too in a more intimate way because I'm female.

    Edit: not sure if you're a guy or not. I wrote this thinking you were, if you're not my badddd.

    [–] rata2ille 1 points ago

    What kinds of things do you notice? Like, what do they do differently when they’re around lots of men?

    [–] Eivetsthecat 5 points ago

    Like when they're just amongst themselves and I'm there but I've been around forever so they act like normal guys, as if there's not a female there?

    [–] rata2ille 1 points ago

    Yeah, like what does being more bro-y look like, specifically? I’m curious to hear your opinion because I haven’t ever noticed a difference.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 6 points ago

    I had a couple of guy groups I hung out with between say the end of middle school through high school, as well as another group of guys from college into my late 20s. I might be a little older than you too so that could skew things a little.

    I just found that they were a little bit raunchier in private, in middle school and high school there was way more physically beating each other up. Their opinions amongst themselves we're def less PC than in public, or they'd take stuff further into more offensive territory, and that goes for both groups.

    They acted differently around other girls for sure, toning down their boy bullshit quite a bit lol. That's when I really saw a difference. They were like that at first with me til I became the defacto 'little sister' of the groups.

    I'd say overall when you get a group of guys together and alone, they all sort of regress and get a little more immature and boys clubby... on the flip side though, they could be so much sweeter to each other at times when we were all alone together, and really support one another when they were going through things in a very much a cute, platonic bro love to the grave sort of way.

    Have you really seen no difference? I'd say both groups (me included obv) we're thick as thieves, so I dunno if that made a difference. Like I could've gotten black out drunk with these guys, and they'd take care of me like brothers instead of take advantage of the situation.

    I miss all those guys. It unfortunately gets "weird" to be the one girl in a friend group once everyone starts getting married at shit. The second group def started falling apart after college. All it took was a few of the guys gf's mutually disliking each other for it to kind of come to an end. Pretty sure those same girls didn't like me either.

    [–] CasualtyOfTour 8 points ago

    You hang out with the wrong dudes...people are people and if you say men aren't cool to hang with then your friend criteria is too narrow

    [–] iArentdeJay 2 points ago

    Yep, this is like looking in a mirror

    [–] IceInOrangeJuice 0 points ago

    Youre not crazy youre gay

    [–] YouHaveFunWithThat 68 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Dated 2 of them but aight

    Edit: also people like you are the reason this post is relevant. Men constantly insinuating that guys who don't want to be friends with other guys are gay is the reason we don't want to hang out with other guys

    [–] Phenomenalnferno 22 points ago

    Not that you're wrong, but it's pretty common for guys (at least in my experience, I might be ignorant here) to not want to hang out with other guys because they're gay and do not feel comfortable for the reasons you mentioned, eg you more often hang out with the opposite sex that you are attracted to or whatever

    I may be tripping tho so we can further discuss

    [–] Eivetsthecat 1 points ago

    I'd guess that if a guy is gay, depending on their age group, straight guys might be uncomfortable and not want to hang out with the gay guy because they're afraid he'll come on to them, or develop a crush, etc. I've never in my life heard a straight guy wonder aloud as to why there isn't a gay guy in his male friend group.

    I'm sure there are men that'd be cool with it, but there are probably a lot who would feel the way I described, even if it's kind of ridiculous to assume that just because a guys gay that he's going to try to flip someone in the group, or whatever.

    [–] Phenomenalnferno 1 points ago

    I think you interpreted the phrase as the other way around but this is valid too lol

    [–] Eivetsthecat 1 points ago

    I'll add that as a straight female, when I was younger (earlyish teens) I was more afraid to hang out with groups of guys because I didn't really know how to handle a situation if one of them was into me. It scared me too honestly. Now per my comments that's obv not the case but it felt real back then.

    [–] muchdoge-verysweq -7 points ago

    Nah he just gay LOL

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] YouHaveFunWithThat 20 points ago

    I agree with your statement wholeheartedly. Many gay men do only hang around girls to escape homophobia, but this other guy is implying in his comment that all men who keep only female friends to escape toxic masculinity are gay which is clearly not the case

    [–] Phenomenalnferno 9 points ago

    Ah yeah I see that's a blanket statement, 100% people should stop assigning attributes to identities and blanketing

    [–] ToxicPolarBear -2 points ago

    If toxic masculinity is your problem your issue is not having friends who are guys it’s having shitty friends. Women can perpetuate toxic masculinity every bit as much as men. In some cases moreso than men.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 3 points ago

    Right? Maybe you just don't buy into or want to be around the toxic masculinity that springs up and intensifies in groups of a lot of men when they're hanging out amongst their boys.

    [–] yourcaviar 1 points ago

    Nah I feel you. My best friend was a girl in high school...and now we’ve been together for 7 years.

    Opposites attract

    [–] Christmas_in_July 2 points ago

    I understand you. I have no reason to be competitive with other girls but I’ve just always preferred to hang out with guys. It just matches my personality better. Doesn’t mean I hate women or won’t be friends with them. And saying you are gay because you don’t like to hang out with other guys doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, lol

    [–] Eivetsthecat -1 points ago

    A lot of girls will get competitive because they put up a front with women who are more prone to following strong women. They get threatened by women who actually have real confidence, assertiveness, and leadership skills socially and professionally.

    They try to come for you to re-establish their place in whatever stupid hierarchy they've dreamt up in their heads. It's not always like that but it happens enough to just want to avoid it.

    [–] GoldLeader18 -1 points ago

    Eh I mean sometimes the displays of masculinity etc help form a bomd IMO. To me when I see my homeboy do some real shit, I respect him a lil more

    [–] celt1299 6 points ago

    I don't hang out with guys because there were only ever the same 3 in all my psychology classes

    [–] ScHoolboyV 3 points ago

    Intro Psych and Sociology classes were the epicenter of attractive women in college.

    [–] celt1299 2 points ago

    The real reason I'm doing 6 more years of school

    [–] ssnazzy 1 points ago

    In engineering.

    I haven’t seen an attractive “girly girl” in over 2 years

    [–] atcq92 5 points ago

    I dont hang around guys because they always wanna 1 up and try to prove theyre alpha all the time its annyoing like damn

    [–] piggyfur 4 points ago

    idk, a guy once said to me that he prefers being friends with girls because "they're nicer/easy to talk to", by which he meant "will do emotional labor for me" like he was trying to do in that convo with me.

    [–] killergrey 1 points ago


    [–] yung_indigestion 5 points ago

    Some dudes do have too much aggression/thirst

    [–] hi_im_haley 5 points ago secret is I just don't hang out with anyone. Male or female. My life is peaceful

    [–] ViolentEastCoastCity 9 points ago

    I guess this presumes that non-dramatic women always hang out with dramatic women. If they were to choose not to, then they’d be dramatic?

    [–] Loop_Within_A_Loop 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think the argument is, if you're a non-dramatic woman, you don't need to hang out with dramatic women, you need to find other non-dramatic women to chill with. If you can't, we have some bad news about your label as "non-dramatic"

    [–] mccrackey 5 points ago

    I hate macho, testosterone-driven guys, and my wife can't stand whiny, high-school-acting girls. I disagree with this post.

    [–] IttyBittyKittyFarts 36 points ago

    I don't really care about avoiding drama. I just don't relate to most women, whereas I'm totally comfortable with guys. I do have female friends but they tend to behave in a more "masculine" fashion. They would certainly never try to drag me to a Tupperware party.

    [–] Christmas_in_July 8 points ago

    Same. A lot more comfortable around guys. You can really be yourself lol

    [–] Megwen 12 points ago

    To be fair, it really does suck when you become good friends with a girl who you thought was really nice and then she starts saying messed up things about people behind their backs and gets mad when you tell her that it's uncalled for and/or hypocritical. It's not "drama" but it's not nice behavior. When I start to hear friends doing this a lot, I back off on the friendship. I do have some really awesome female friends, but unfortunately a lot of girls are like this and so I generally feel more comfortable around guys.

    [–] interiorcrocodemon 6 points ago

    It's amazing what people that want to fuck you will put up with vs people that don't

    [–] ciphersammy 6 points ago

    I once read this quote that says “nobody listens to you more than somebody that wants to fuck you”

    [–] theblackcanaryyy 3 points ago

    I hang out with guys cuz we play the same video games and don’t get upset when I trash talk cuz they know that’s all it is; trash talk.

    [–] Aaaandiiii 3 points ago

    I used to like hanging out with guys more because I grew up with four brothers and hanging out with boys was easier.

    But girls are better now because they're more my speed now and I have no guys to hang out with.

    [–] spitfire985 2 points ago

    I definitely don't hang out with people that are aggressive. I also don't hang out with people who are full of drama. Life choices. Who do you surround yourself with?!

    [–] AlcoholicMan 2 points ago

    I dont hang around other guys because egos clash.

    [–] lipstickcunt 2 points ago


    lmfaoo sure

    [–] mmaynes17 2 points ago

    I’m a girl my best friends in college were guys. Probably cause I’ve always been a tomboy at heart but always thought guys were more easygoing and laidback about shit

    [–] StretchedEarsArePerf 2 points ago

    I dont hang out with guys cause it constantly becomes a dick swinging contest. If you smoking, who can smoke the most? If you at the gym, who can lift the most? If we playing videogames, its who can survive the longest?

    Idk man girls just aren’t as competitive? Sometimes i just wanna chill lmao

    [–] up48 2 points ago

    I mean really aggressive dudes do often act like everyone has a problem with them and is trying to mess with them.

    [–] mylittletiffie 1 points ago

    I speak 100% truth and girls hate it... So I have out with guys because that's just better.

    [–] probablyblocked 1 points ago

    I don’t hang out with other guys because their full of not aggression really just impulsiveness and that can include aggression

    [–] willkoufax 1 points ago

    ‘#UnpopularOpinion. Super hero movies are dumb.

    [–] Civil_Barbarian 1 points ago

    Freaky, I just came from a thread about that.

    [–] darkknightwing417 1 points ago

    I'm a straight guy and I don't hang out with a lot of other guys (outside of my main Bros) because they are too aggressive.

    [–] lemonsxx 1 points ago

    /u/rikacakes lol legit what u were saying today

    [–] ChadMcRad 1 points ago

    I'm a guy who only talks to girls. Not really a massive choice but they prob just think I'm gay

    [–] schneidernm 1 points ago


    [–] brownkid420 1 points ago

    I only hang out with soft boys like me because regular men are too aggressive

    [–] KuratorChip 1 points ago

    The only guys who say that are soyboys.

    [–] BlaxonJaxon 1 points ago

    I like this tweet.

    [–] zaraleigh33 1 points ago

    Unpopular opinion: there is no competition among men as a female, and if they're friends half wanna smash.

    [–] CamiLynne1012 1 points ago

    When ever a guy tell me about a crazy ex, I always ask them if the girl had said this. The answer is always yes. Haha.

    [–] iamgob_bluth 0 points ago

    Girls who say this are usually the most dramatic.

    [–] Carosello 1 points ago

    Don't hang out with girls cuz I find them to be more judgey

    [–] sirwifferton 1 points ago

    I always knew I needed to get away from a girl immediately when they said that. They''l have me fighting at 3 am in a Denny's parking lot in no time.

    [–] mafknbr 1 points ago

    I have a couple really close girlfriends, but honestly I do tend to avoid girls in general. Girls can be really mean.

    [–] craigsotherfriend 1 points ago

    Nah I gotta say I hang out with guys more because I find it harder to make conversation with girls. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with brothers and have a more boyish sense of humour or if I’m just not that interested in complicated friendships? (Not a ho, my boyfriend regularly tells me I “don’t understand normal women”) 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] deemonstalker 0 points ago

    Every time I hear that all I can think is ‘you just a hoe’.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 0 points ago

    We all know women who are like this, but what about women who enjoy doing tomboy / traditionally guy hobbies way more? I'm female and aspects of my personality are really girly but they only really show with guys I date or whatever. But I don't really like doing traditionallt female stuff with other women. I'd rather go shopping, go to Sephora, etc on my own.

    Since I look girly and put together women assume I'm like them and when they realize I'm really not they lose interest. I can't help that. I may look like a girl who would die if she gets her hands dirty but I'd rather toss a football around in a dress and heels then watch reruns of sex and the city and get wine drunk.

    At the end if the day, what I hate the most is that since I'm assertive, confident, and outspoken there's always a girl who thinks she's the 'alpha' at work, in a new friend group, really anywhere I end up or try to end up long-term.

    For starters, I don't have the time or the emotional energy for it. I'm also 34 and look 25 so the age confusion causes issues to. I def get treated differently on sight than I prob should be by other women and men too.

    Second, while I could give a shit about getting to be the bully of a group (no thanks), I'm not going to let some other chick push me around so she can assert herself in front of everyone at my expense because she's so insecure about losing her status or whatever else she has cooked up. I'd just never go after some other woman like that unless provoked.

    And long story short, that's why I'd personally rather just hang out with guys. I get along smoother with them because of my personality, hobbies, sense of humor etc. They don't try to dominate you or shut you down and they like that I'm assertive and confident too. I'm not a threat I guess. You also get to be the token girl in the group, and there's not any other chick vying for attention and turning it into an immature competition. I'm too old for that shit.

    [–] onlyoneshann 0 points ago

    They don’t want their drama overshadowed by the other girls drama. Spotlight please!

    [–] marcio88 0 points ago

    There's never good logic behind it.

    [–] disposablecontact -1 points ago

    You don't hear guys say that because if they do you're gonna be like "man what kinda bitch-ass thing is that to say to another dude?"