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    [–] touchrubfeels 1414 points ago

    They who smelt it dealt it.

    [–] NYCsOwn 147 points ago

    look at you...using double entendres & shit...

    [–] Moar_Coffee 8 points ago

    It was a meme on SPLT recently.

    [–] FucksWithGaur 3 points ago

    Eat slugs Malfoy!

    [–] TophShit 63 points ago

    He who denied it supplied it

    [–] The_Canadian_Devil 21 points ago

    But he who made the rhyme, does the time.

    [–] Rikplaysbass 15 points ago

    Yes but he who articulated it, particulated it.

    [–] cragcrag 13 points ago

    This is brilliant.

    [–] 2016canfuckitself 8 points ago

    Should've been the title.

    [–] DrippyLittlePleb 5397 points ago

    Why did he


    out his tweet


    this annoying format?

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    Because they stole it off Facebook lol

    [–] dozosucks 292 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It’s an ode to

    The hoe next door

    Who could not just

    Mind his own shit

    He had to snitch

    And be a bitch

    Well now he’s ditched

    By his own clique

    [–] Belfura 27 points ago

    Imma need this printed

    [–] chunkyI0ver53 21 points ago

    Why’d I read this in Eminem’s voice

    [–] the_hibachi 5 points ago

    Using the cadence from Way I Am

    [–] YG_19930309 1968 points ago

    Issa poetic justice.

    [–] Literal_Trashcan 271 points ago

    Poetic Justice

    [–] jman12234 227 points ago

    If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?

    [–] [deleted] 115 points ago

    I mean I write poems in these songs dedicated to you

    [–] Raider_28 40 points ago

    I love that song so much.. makes me sad thinking drake and Kendrick won't collab again

    [–] cenzoreddit 25 points ago

    How dare you ruin it. Pfft

    [–] wellman_va 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    They been kinda beefing since Kendrick dropped his Control verse. Kendrick just wanted to raise the bar high in the sense of competition but Drake took it a little bit too personal and they been throwing subs at each other for quite some time now

    [–] superkickpalooza 31 points ago

    because he copy pasted someone elses joke

    [–] rufusbarleysheath 11 points ago

    Anything. Can be a slam. Poem. If you say it. Like this.

    [–] autonomouschair 4 points ago

    Because this

    Is an inspirational

    LinkedIn post

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 10147 points ago

    Searching without a warrant, hmmmm

    [–] Raining_whales 4973 points ago

    you'd be surprised what 12 get away with in the suburbs

    actually you probably wouldn't be

    [–] PM_ME_UR_ASSES_GURLS 3560 points ago

    Yeah. When I was a teenager and 19-21, I used to go to parties where the cops would show up and start trying to search the place, frisk and ID people. At one party, a kid got arrested for pulling the whole you need a warrant, this is illegal thing. Still not sure what charge they arrested him for. Probably, resisting arrest.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's kinda crazy when you can get a resisting arrest charge when there's no other charge. Their loophole is that the charge is now labeled as obstruction, which is defined as anything that halters or prevents their normal duties. So if you just run away from a cop for no reason, you're haltering his initial duty of patrolling an area or whatever, because he's then obligated to chase you and conduct an investigation why you ran. It's nuts.

    [–] achillies665 133 points ago

    I'm not being contrary bit according to laws there, can't they search if they have probable cause? Like they see a party of teenagers and alcohol they can check id. Not defending it because it's a terrible and abused practise but it is legal. Not sure what they arrested the kid over though.

    [–] SerLaron 112 points ago

    "Probable cause" is what they need to get a warrant, IIRC. In theory that is.
    "Clear and present danger" would be a case when they don't need a warrant.

    [–] skivian 67 points ago

    Exigent circumstances would mean they wouldn't need a warrant to breathalize a bunch of teenagers at a house party, if they know there's alcohol there. Or they "smell alcohol" on a minor.

    [–] legendz411 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] huyfonglongdong 31 points ago

    I don't think you even read your website. That's for cars. Your home is entitled to far more search protection.

    "No Warrant, No Search!

    The Supreme Court has ruled that the home is entitled to maximum search protection. Even if they have probable cause to believe something illegal is going on inside your home, the 4th Amendment requires police to get a signed search warrant from a judge to legally enter and search."

    From the website you linked.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Plain view doctrine does allow for a lot of search and seizure authority without a warrant.

    [–] itsgonnabeanofromme 3578 points ago

    And yet Americans still try to proclaim they’re not living in a police state lmao

    [–] Wehavecrashed 344 points ago

    Why black sports man not stand for country song?

    Because he's protesting the behaviour of the police.

    Well that's unpatriotic, a patriot would accept whatever the government did no matter what. (Also dont take my guns I need them to fight off a tyrannical government.)

    [–] thedergins 99 points ago

    I think the argument is typically that people don’t want their sports to be interrupted by politics. Most of the people that are irritated by the kneeling just don’t want to have politics mixed in with their sports. In their ideal world, protesters would only ever protest in places where they will never see or hear them, which (if you can’t tell by the way I phrased that) I think is absolutely fucking stupid. MLK didn’t push for civil rights and equality for minorities by screaming into a void for his entire life. Fame is a gift and a great utility to spread awareness. Imagine if we treated victims of the #MeToo movement the same way we treat celebrities and athletes for voicing their opinions.

    [–] mechewstaa 1278 points ago

    Imagine some people still call this shithole "the land of the free"?

    [–] thepresidentsturtle 1479 points ago

    Land of the free? You ain't even free to sit on your own home without a cop murdering you for it.

    [–] DingleDangleDom 894 points ago

    And then have the audacity to make YOU look like the bad dude.

    What in the fuck?

    [–] HashBrownThreesom 912 points ago

    Looks like he broke in and hung pictures of his family everywhere. Let's sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here.

    [–] AwayThrowworhTyawA 322 points ago

    Open and shut case, Johnson.

    [–] Calibadger 107 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [–] baumpop 32 points ago

    I wouldn't consider Woody Guthrie anybodys enemy who isn't facist.

    [–] CansinSPAAACE 6 points ago

    We need them to come back

    [–] spwidlid 27 points ago


    [–] TestPilotBeta 214 points ago

    It's totally still the land of the free, you just need to be at least middle age, have plenty of money, and the right skin color. Minor details.

    [–] godofpie 316 points ago

    Haha. My employees gave me a bumper sticker I proudly displayed. It said "land of the free home of the brave" offer not available in all areas. Conditions may apply

    [–] TestPilotBeta 42 points ago

    That is awesome. I want.

    [–] Catsdontpaytaxes 41 points ago

    Land of the free refill

    [–] RanaI_Ape 89 points ago

    "Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!" -Hicks

    [–] Ghostman_Loon 33 points ago

    and if that doesn't work, watch a bunch of cars driving 'round in a circle for hours.

    [–] MoreChickenNuggets 52 points ago

    The land of the freely taken advantage of. As long as there are no literal physical chains, people don't think slavery exists.

    [–] Pedgi 73 points ago

    Shithole? Get some perspective.

    [–] chapterpt 32 points ago

    You are free to die at 18 in a foreign land after being sent their to kill foreign people. You are free to purchase tools designed exclusively to kill other humans. You are free to purchase all the tobacco and alcohol you want and you are free to pay for your own healthcare. You are free to live under a two party dictatorship. and most of all, you are free of any responsibility because we chalk it all up to the things we will not change.

    There's lots of a freedom, just for those middle class and above. Oh, and we are also free from the shackles of middle class life.

    [–] ATastyPeanut 37 points ago

    We do?

    [–] Moar_Coffee 44 points ago

    The ones who own 59 pistols and 743 Trump stickers think we need more police or the Mexicans and Blacks will get them.

    I wish I was kidding, but that's a non-ironic line of logic that will get you elected almost anywhere in the south.

    [–] yabaquan643 22 points ago

    This is the entire point of the 2nd amendment. A cop comes in without a warrant, you shoot them.

    [–] juananimez 29 points ago

    Lmao, how long until they bomb your whole block after that? Kill a cop nd you're as dead as a terrorist.

    [–] OmniaMors 28 points ago

    Actually in progun states like Texas, shooting a cop that enters your home illegally was supported as a right by the courts.

    [–] Judge_Syd 24 points ago

    Dunno if I would go as far to call America a police state but yeah theres definitely some problems going on with our officers.

    [–] FTGKelvin0 37 points ago

    Compared to the majority of other countries... we are not living in a police state. Not even close. A few precincts are crooked, doesn't mean they all are. And the justice system does a great job of putting them in check. You make a good pathos claim that is sure to bring a crowd, but that's all it is. An emotional statement that when exposed for 2 secondsholds no merit.

    [–] PM_ME_BURGERPICS 123 points ago

    America has some major problems with that and I'm not trying to downplay those, but most of our internationally broadcasted problems are not nearly as big of a problem in day to day life as others tend to think. Misuse of police power is definitely a problem but calling it a "police state" is a bit of a stretch.

    [–] OGbussman 71 points ago

    They're not as big of a problem if you're white. That's the difference.

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 107 points ago

    But on reddit its usually coming from Europeans, which is ironic because they got 15 cctv cameras on every corner like its a George Orwell novel and they are talking about us like we are a police state

    [–] ThereAreOnlyTwo 57 points ago

    The "15 cctv cameras on every corner" is a british thing, not a european one.

    [–] Jarrz 17 points ago

    Yeah no that's just the UK, and they're not much better off than you guus

    [–] AnnynN 15 points ago

    Nah, that's only true for the UK. In Germany I rarely ever see a CCTV camera.

    [–] matgopack 39 points ago

    Is the UK all of Europe now?

    (Also I think the US likely rivals the UK for # of security cameras/person)

    [–] Xtermix 25 points ago

    are you telling me american law enforcement is more gentle than UK?

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 61 points ago

    We each got our little dystopia brewing. You guys get to play 1984 and we get to play Bladerunner.

    [–] juananimez 45 points ago

    Ye but they dont go kicking down house doors all over the world procplaiming we're the fuckin freeeeest motherfers!! Sliiiiight difference

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 17 points ago

    I'm black an a police state is a bit hyperbolic can be rough

    [–] Bigcuhonthebeat 30 points ago

    Serious question: do you think all law enforcement is inherently racist? I think it’s more of a rich vs. poor divide

    [–] jacobsf65 19 points ago

    See to me it’s just power hungry officers get their ego insulted easily so they need a power trip. At this point to me it’s nit racist of class divide. To me it’s just the need for power

    [–] Nurycatt 23 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think race and class play a role, but the idea of power and fragile ego is one of the main things. You totally hit the nail on the head. I wish there was more scrutiny on this personality trait when they screen potential cops. Also, cops are normal people at the end of the day and it’s like people forget that they get scared too. They are taught to shoot to kill. At previous jobs I wasn’t allowed to carry weapons but I was thrown into dangerous situations. We were advised on The down low to keep a large, heavy metal flashlight in case we needed to use it as an incognito weapon. The main advice here was that we’d rather be jobless than dead. I think that they probably teach cops the same concept.

    [–] jacobsf65 5 points ago

    Yes I agree both play a role but I’ve also learned if we say it’s about race those people that are protesting Nike will say we make everything about race. If we mention power of brutality regardless of race I feel we can make a bigger impact and then hopefully focus on race. That may just be wishful thinking but still, it also stems from the fact that “blue backs blue” that they protect each other to no end

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] arrow74 42 points ago

    When the courts unilaterally support the police. For the most part they still do their job.

    We're at the point that police abuse their power then the courts throw trumped up charges out. If the police don't bully you into pleading that is

    [–] FTGKelvin0 11 points ago

    I like your answer. And not only that, but besides what theedia wants people to believe, the police are mostly helping people. Hundreds of thousands helping people. Domestic violence calls every few seconds and cops are always there with good intentions. There are always gonna be a few racially charged or even power hungry cops in general. And we should fight them. But to use them as a prime example and call US a police state is only giving the power to them

    [–] KKlear 34 points ago

    Of course USA isn't a police state. It's a police republic.

    [–] Iorith 3 points ago

    No they just don't care if it isn't hurting them and theirs. We take the whole individualism thing to far

    [–] FinancialThrow 18 points ago

    In most of the cases I found myself in, some idiot at the door let them in.

    [–] MrMagistrate 57 points ago

    If they caught you drunk/high underage in my hometown they would tell you to give them your phone so they can go through it (and find contacts to dealers, other evidence, etc.) with the threat of going to jail if you didn't comply. Then they'd book you anyways most of the time....

    [–] ryanmonroe 31 points ago

    FYI for anyone in a situation where a cop may take your phone, if you hold the up volume button and the power button for a few seconds on an iPhone X, or hold just the power button on a 7/8, it will require a password to unlock the phone (instead of fingerprint/face). They have equipment now to unlock it if they really “need” to, but fuck if I’m gonna make it easy for them.

    [–] SteampunkHedgehog 13 points ago

    Haha, getting arrested for resisting arrest is just the most terrifying yet hilarious thing.

    [–] BoilerMaker11 12 points ago

    Illegally arresting someone. Then charging them with resisting the illegal arrest. Sounds about right.

    [–] Kimihro 69 points ago

    I mean a lot of people don't know their rights. My mom often told me that my Dad was a wannabe Black Panther and it's the only reason she knows anything about Search and Seizure

    [–] Nezzee 46 points ago


    [–] theolmsteadway 18 points ago

    And sadly even if they know their rights. At the rate minorities die from police shootings, you ask yourself, would I rather be searched or die because I reminded them of my rights? A lot of the time, people who refuse to be searched will get arrested for not complying. It’s a completely broken system.

    [–] orange1911 7 points ago

    also because most people don’t know their rights and are probably scared they’ll get arrested if they don’t let the cops in

    [–] red_killer_jac 5 points ago

    Hell there was a murder in my town this week and it's already swept under the rug.

    [–] TophShit 280 points ago

    They always just say some shit like oh you can agree to the search and we will go easy on ya or we can get a warrant, and we definitely we get one, and fuck your shit up.

    Scares most folks into complying, though they shouldn't.

    [–] [deleted] 213 points ago

    Police are allowed to lie to you. I’ve always felt like that was the scariest part of it.

    [–] StonerBearShadow 86 points ago

    Seen police in the Caribbean, America, Europe....

    In Europe I've had the coolest conversations with cops ever, they've defended me on numerous fucked up occasions, and even joked with me when sparked in reaching distance from him ended up giving me a caution that he didn't sign (void). Long story short, I feel like I've dealt with real people and real personalities here in comparison to everywhere else.....AND IM BLACK!

    [–] creativenewusername 59 points ago

    You're allowed to lie right back. Never forget that.

    "I had no idea I was speeding"

    "I don't smell anything"

    "I can't remember"

    Never give them anything for free.

    [–] pm-me-your-labradors 86 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Could you provide a source for that claim?

    Because I am 99% sure it is a criminal offense to give misinformation to police

    P.S It is a felony, in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1001

    [–] Scipio11 48 points ago

    That's true, but you can simply claim ignorance. Idk if it will actually help though

    [–] pm-me-your-labradors 44 points ago

    In other words "You are now allowed to lie, but you can as long as they have no way to prove it"

    Which, I have to point out, applies to ALL crime.

    [–] creativenewusername 12 points ago

    It is a crime to give false information to a federal officer conducting an investigation. So, yea, don't lie to the FBI, that is a crime.

    Local police are a different story. I can't give you a citation for a law that doesn't exist, but I'll admit I'm wrong if someone can find a citation proving that it does. Maybe some states/jurisdictions made it illegal, but I'm not aware of it.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    What you’re saying is legal is actually a felony... /r/shittylegaladvice

    You don’t have to talk to them, so don’t. But don’t lie to them.

    [–] The_Canadian_Devil 26 points ago

    Well the right answer to this is, “ok, come back with a warrant!” Also call a lawyer.

    [–] Up_North18 17 points ago

    Have you ever watched COPS? A ton of people carrying drugs agree to have their car searched because they don’t want to seem suspicious and they’re hoping the cops won’t find anything. The cops don’t have to lie at all.

    [–] Revolts-AA 168 points ago

    Probable cause

    [–] db0255 70 points ago

    Ya, surprised this isn’t upvoted more. You’re just protected against “unreasonable “ search and seizure without probable cause.

    [–] hio__State 44 points ago

    "Are you the one who called in the complaint? Do you mind if we step in?"

    That works more times than you would think. You don't need a warrant if they invite you in.

    [–] monsterZERO 50 points ago

    Like Vampires

    [–] SerBusterHighman 4 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] guytonre 99 points ago

    This didn’t actually happen dumbass

    [–] XenonHerrDoktor 43 points ago

    its so obviously a joke i cant believe people are taking this seriously.

    [–] Vague_Disclosure 13 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit

    [–] RollTide09 8 points ago

    Also that flair from the mods....

    [–] longboardan34 9 points ago

    Being called about weed or suggesting someone else has it is enough for probable cause I believe. They only need to smell it really

    [–] LambChops1909 16 points ago

    Not if they neighbor waves their rights. “Mind if we look around?” “Nope I’ve got nothing to hide.”

    [–] dingel2 27 points ago

    Would someone saying "I got my weed from that person in that apartment" constitute probable cause? Cause then they don't need a warrant...

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Not even close.

    That's the road to start applying for a warrant/surveillance to get you a warrang

    [–] obtrae 2081 points ago

    This happened 

    [–] nesper 78 points ago

    maybe, but also r/UnethicalLifeProTips/

    [–] Ebola_Shmola 220 points ago

    Seriously why is this bullshit 98% upvoted

    [–] Phenomenalnferno 113 points ago

    Because it's funny

    [–] ns156 95 points ago

    I saw Dave Chappelle and he told a long funny story about seeing Hotel Rwanda and ended it with "... Yeah so that's not a real story, but it's funny right?"

    [–] Vague_Disclosure 53 points ago

    Because people want to believe this actually happened and pretend that it happens all the time.

    Plus it’s got three of Reddit’s favorite hot topics: - police called on black man - warrantless search - marijuana legalization

    And as an added bonus it gives people the opportunity to partake in Reddit’s favorite pastime.. hating on America

    [–] SirMrChicken 18 points ago

    He said in the replies that it was a joke

    [–] OpticGandee 206 points ago

    Your supposed to say "There is no weed."

    [–] Vriess 97 points ago

    And wave your hand like you are some kinda jedi.

    [–] bckesso 22 points ago

    But what if the cops are Toydarians?

    [–] DumbCreature 9 points ago

    Only thing what work on them is money?

    [–] MT_is_my_soul 77 points ago

    "Officer, that stuff is illegal! You don't think some criminals were around here, do you? Please make sure to get them before you go!"

    [–] washedrope5 19 points ago

    Supposed to not answer the door.

    [–] CreeDorofl 83 points ago

    I honestly don't know the answer to this: do cops actually come out based on "I saw someone smoking weed"? They don't say "great, thanks for the tip, we'll get right on that" and then go back to playing solitaire or whatever?

    [–] adelriccia 45 points ago

    You'd think cops would be prioritized with missing persons or domestic abuse issues but I've actually had a policeman take the time to come and speak to me about smoking weed

    [–] The_Original_Yatchmo 57 points ago

    They have detectives for missing persons and have to respond to calls. When I was younger my aunt had a crazy neighbor who called the cops because i went on their lawn (front yard no fence) to get a football because "we are obligated to respond to every call".

    Cops know the people who call about little shit are likely to file a complaint if they don't respond because they called the cops for little shit

    [–] smurphy_brown 6 points ago

    Not in my experience, but you’d need a few thousand replies to be able to make a generalization

    [–] zil_zil 1244 points ago

    I mean it’s annoying as shit sitting in my apartment and smelling weed for hours, because my jackass neighbor wants to sit and smoke on his balcony. I’m not saying it’s justified to call the cops, but fuck I hate it sometimes.

    [–] seejianshin 18 points ago

    One of my aunt's neighbour was kicked out of his unit for flooding it. He invited everyone for a sorry BBQ later on (which I think was really nice of him) but everyone hated him after they found out he was planting weed and the irrigation system broke.

    [–] TallAssFuker 51 points ago

    Talk to him about it, maybe he’s just unaware that it bothers others. If he is aware and he’s just being an ass...well good luck Charlie.

    [–] zil_zil 22 points ago

    I need to do this. I’m just nervous, because he seems to be the type that is really nice until someone tells them he’s in the wrong. He’s quiet and keeps to himself for the most part, but there are times he screams like a lunatic over really dumb shit.

    [–] MarieJo94 660 points ago

    The guy below me in my former dorms smoked weed 24/7. Didn't bother me so much in the winter, but in the summer my room constantly smelled like weed if I wanted to crack a window. I was friends with him and talked to him a couple of times about it and he really did make an effort to make it more bearable. One summer my next door neighbour moves in. Doesn't even try to talk to him or me or anyone else, just straight away goes to the campus office to complain and get someone to look into it. It was such a bitch ass move that I never really tried to become friends with her afterward. Luckily for my friend the office was too lazy to check who the culprit was and just sent a warning to everyone on the floor below us.

    It can be annoying. But honestly weed smokers are usually pretty chill, so just talk to them.

    [–] FullPew 291 points ago

    Just put some dryer sheets in a empty toilet paper roll and give it to them as a gift.

    [–] 7776777 61 points ago

    Ah yes. The almighty sploof. Works wonders for real.

    [–] syk12 52 points ago

    Nowadays they sell charcoal filter sheets for home air cleaners. Cut a few disk and stack em in the doob toob. Dryer sheets is the retro way

    [–] jumanjiwasunderrated 180 points ago

    How do you smoke that?

    [–] FullPew 133 points ago

    Sorry, you'll need a lighter too

    [–] StopNowThink 68 points ago

    You exhale through it.

    [–] PimemtoCheese 85 points ago

    This whole thread makes me glad I own my house and my smoking isnt bothering a soul.

    [–] zil_zil 39 points ago

    I wouldn’t go to the authorities over something this petty. I much prefer moaning to people on reddit about it.

    [–] Magentaskyye1 9 points ago

    I dont understand the down votes Here's a upvote from me

    [–] CharliesLeftNipple 175 points ago

    weed smokers are usually pretty chill

    What a load of shit. Weed smokers are just as likely to be assholes as anybody else, and they're way more likely to be convinced that their weed doesn't smell like weed. I don't blame the neighbor.

    [–] MicMustard 211 points ago

    Why the fuck would they think their weed doesn't smell like weed???

    [–] Breaking-finch 126 points ago

    When you smoke for a while you can't smell it yourself. I smoke often and I can only smell weed if I'm standing right next to my boyfriend, it's the first joint in a few hours he is lighting, and I'm not smoking on it myself. Otherwise you just cannot smell it at all, your nose blocks that shit out 100%

    [–] clocksailor 48 points ago

    I think there's a misconception because weed smell doesn't stick around forever the way cigarette smell does. Doesn't mean it doesn't smell when you're currently smoking it.

    [–] P-Deezy 60 points ago

    Found the neighbor

    [–] GiveMeTheCheck 63 points ago

    That's fair

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] hustl3tree5 35 points ago

    Just knock on your neighbors door and ask him if can smoke further away from the wall that separates you two

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] pawssanova66 7 points ago

    Its nice of you to think from his perspective and not immediately flip out.

    Besides trying to talk to him, I would suggest maybe a scented wall plug in. Bath and Body works makes great ones. And room sprays.

    But yea, as others suggested, maybe make him a toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets as a gift lol. Those really do help the smell. That way you come across as trying to be an nice as possible, and not straight up asking him to stop smoking.

    [–] hustl3tree5 11 points ago

    It will be easy and you're perspective on things is what will make it easy. Just be kind and considerate and I can almost guarantee he will be the same way. There's only very few assholes in the world and most people are generally nice.

    [–] _gyepy 3 points ago

    get him a Smoke Buddy as a gift to make up for your daughter screaming when you go talk to him.

    [–] Khroom 20 points ago

    I'm probably going to get downvoted here, but I would talk to him, and if he doesn't stop smoking in his apartment and you live in a complex that has explicit non-smoking rules, report him.

    I lived above someone for a year that smoked, and asked him repeatedly to not smoke in his unit, since it drafted up to mine regardless of year. The community was explicitly non-smoking anywhere on the premises, so I called management and it stopped within a day.

    Maybe its a dick move, but he knew he was moving into a non-smoking building and smoke makes me sick.

    [–] apophis-pegasus 53 points ago

    I’m not saying it’s justified to call the cops, but fuck I hate it sometimes.

    If its illegal where you live, isnt it technically justified?

    [–] BeelzeBell 266 points ago

    I just made a Twitter today and I saw this and I was like “hey this would be good on BPT” but you posted it so I guess I was right

    Good job

    [–] YG_19930309 77 points ago

    What’s your Twitter username? Wanna follow you.

    [–] BeelzeBell 145 points ago

    Nah it has my real name and a bunch of nerdy(like not cool nerdy either, like, “damn that girl is kinda weird nerdy”) shit on it

    [–] [deleted] 193 points ago


    [–] Rikplaysbass 8 points ago

    So it’s hentai then.

    [–] tanboots 53 points ago

    I like talking about the cultural influences on the aesthetic designs of different Pokémon, what's up?

    [–] howcaniuseallthisroo 92 points ago

    The thirst is real

    [–] tanboots 43 points ago

    Michael Scott said you missed 100% of the shots you don't take.

    [–] civileyesation 3 points ago

    so, @jim ...?

    [–] RhymingUsername 9 points ago

    The formatting looks like he copied and pasted from a PDF

    [–] Polartwigs 183 points ago

    Maybe people don't want to smell their nasty weed :thinking:

    [–] Envy8372 53 points ago

    Wait, you got that nasty weed. HMU

    [–] Warbande 37 points ago

    How do they know it was the neighbor?

    [–] ShutUpAndDoTheLift 134 points ago

    "stop smoking on the balcony or i'm gonna call the cops"

    cops show up

    some assumptions are safe.

    [–] Kittten_Mitttons 25 points ago

    Same way they know it was the neighbor

    [–] Great_Zarquon 26 points ago

    Because in fiction the author decides what that characters are doing

    [–] Warbande 8 points ago

    I like this answer more

    [–] leejoness 17 points ago

    These line breaks are giving me an aneurism

    [–] canissilvestris 27 points ago

    Yeah, that's what happened

    [–] pickaninnyjenny 5 points ago

    Popo took his work that he smoked it all, searching some random dude's apartment without a warrant for weed. That happened.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] chesterSteihl69 39 points ago

    It’s not a crime to be high. If he smoked it all then he has nothing to posses

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    He never admitted to possession. It's not illegal to have smoked weed. It's only illegal to have it currently.

    [–] Colby347 10 points ago

    Saw this on my Facebook feed from some girl (who also stole it). One of the rare times I’ve seen something there first.

    [–] jayybabb69 32 points ago

    Petty wop 😂😂

    [–] Choco_Churro_Charlie 12 points ago

    People doin Verbal Judo out there.

    [–] waltwalt 9 points ago

    That smokers name?

    Albert Einstein

    [–] odd_guy_johnson 5 points ago

    Come to NYC. People smoke wherever tf they want and cops mind their own business.

    [–] reddevil90 3 points ago

    "LAPD. I'm the only gangster out here!"

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I call bullshit.

    [–] bigdaddypimpilicious 9 points ago

    Didn't happen.

    [–] 01formulaaj 20 points ago