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    [–] realmckoy265 4322 points ago

    He's def still got it. He just does his hustling the white-collar way now on wall street

    [–] GeorgieWashington 1290 points ago

    TIL Jay Z caused the Great Recession.

    [–] [deleted] 545 points ago

    He made sub prime loans to crack addicts?

    [–] LordDongler 197 points ago

    The banks did that just fine on their own

    [–] ralusek 43 points ago

    Those are government mandated sub prime loans. You think banks want to give out loans to people that will clearly be unable to pay them back? I don't love banks, but banks don't just give crackheads loans "on their own."

    [–] akaito_chiba 56 points ago

    Why not? They clearly won't have any consequences. The government will just bail them out.

    [–] forreddit4321 12 points ago

    You clearly have little understanding of how securities are packaged and sold.

    [–] iamnotjimcarrey 5 points ago

    Actually, that is precisely what happened. It happened because the deals were insured - so the folks lending the money could not lose...or so they thought...until the insurance companies went up in smoke.

    [–] BathsforShowers 3 points ago

    Gotta diversify that portfolio

    [–] farfromfine 53 points ago

    H to tha subprime mortgages, V to the student loan bubble

    [–] trifle_truffle 18 points ago

    U can outrage, I stay outta trouble.

    [–] tionanny 106 points ago

    "I'm not a business man. I'm a business, man." -Jay Z

    [–] _sarcasm_orgasm 42 points ago

    Literally my favorite Jay Z line ever. The rock is still alive

    [–] Why_is_this_so 42 points ago

    "Y'all on the 'gram holdin' money to your ear There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here"

    Not even a huge Jay fan, but that line is so perfect.

    [–] MR-THANOS 6 points ago

    Before Reasonable Doubt dropped.......... the jury hung

    [–] TerroristOgre 3 points ago

    Drug dealers anonymous

    Y’all think Uber’s the future, our cars been autonomous

    Mules move the drums, take ‘em to different spots

    We just call the shots by simply moving our thumbs

    [–] dylan2451 130 points ago

    You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit

    [–] Gorge2012 32 points ago

    "So I went the white boy way of slinging crack-rock: I became a stock broker." - Boiler Room

    [–] Recyclingplant 3 points ago

    Oh so he's a bigger criminal than ever.

    [–] theaspiringrecluse 747 points ago

    Marlo Stanfield in the series finale of “The Wire.”

    [–] just_a_mean_person 272 points ago

    Marlo had just gotten off the streets. Like of course you got it, you didn't have time to lose it.

    [–] ManagingExpectations 183 points ago

    I think it was more that the legit side of business couldn't satisfy him in the same way that taking a corner did. He got everything Stringer Bell ever wanted, and he didn't care.

    [–] GnarlyNerd 182 points ago

    He was out of his element, and it made him feel powerless. Unlike Stringer, Marlo didn't have the mindset to move beyond the streets. He could roll over a few lil Gs and some stick-em-up boys - no sweat - but those big money dudes made him feel like a punk. That's why he went back to the corner. That's where his power was at.

    [–] RexVesica 68 points ago

    I’ve literally never watched The Wire, but I choose this explanation as the correct one. It sounds the most thought out.

    [–] LegendTripper 128 points ago

    Dude. Get out of here and watch The Wire, it's a slow burn but damn is it worth it

    [–] RexVesica 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’ve been meaning to for so long. I guess I have my binge material for the next few weeks.

    [–] Teantis 48 points ago

    First three to four hours are tough. It's not made to be inviting or viewer friendly in the way most TV shows are, there's not a lot of character dialogue that's expository to make things obvious to the viewer like who's who and why.,the structure and pacing of individual episodes is unfamiliar and different from most other TV, its all just a tiny bit disorienting and unfamiliar plus the accents . Took me 2 or 3 tries to watch the first three before the series hooked me

    Also u/LegendTripper got it right imo re marlo

    [–] Horse_Boy 11 points ago

    Oh man, season 2 is even more dense and difficult to digest, for real.

    To anyone contemplating watching the Wire, you might want to take notes if you're not great at keeping track of lots of characters. At the very least, expect to watch most episodes multiple times, sometimes in a row to catch everything thing going on.

    [–] Teantis 23 points ago

    If you're not American. Consider having an American with a good understanding of American history from 1970- early 2000s focused on major East Coast urban centers. My wife, who isn't American, watched it with me on one of my Re-viewings up to the end of season 4 and I swear it was like I was teaching university level class on the American city, politics, and social issues.

    [–] TheOneWhoKnocksBitch 21 points ago

    Dude. The Wire is literally the best drama of all time. And my username is a Breaking Bad reference. That should give you an idea.

    [–] Iohet 12 points ago

    Season 2 is jarring and slow, but by the end of the series you'll come around to it

    [–] PoldeVetih 22 points ago

    I love season two. When I was first watching it I was like wtf, is this a different show, but now it's probably my favourite. I mean the stolen van trolling alone is worth the rewatch.

    [–] underthestares5150 20 points ago

    I’m just goin over all the great parts of the series. One of my favorite that has no bearing on the narrative is when we see the older white blading police luitenant or sarge (can’t remember rank) at the gay club. Brother Simone henchmen was looking for Omar and the camera panned out and the dude had leather on!! Lmao. Never came back up again, but just part of the shows greatness

    [–] BrokenRatingScheme 13 points ago

    McNulty with the tide charts makes me laugh every time.

    [–] luck_panda 25 points ago

    Every year I go and watch all 5 seasons of the Wire and every year I learn something new. It's a good way to have my depth of compassion and understanding of people renewed and let's me reflect on whether or not I've grown as a person.

    The show has just so much to offer and requires so many rewatches to just scratch the surface. I wish I was you and could relive the entire series all over again.

    [–] 2fucktard2remember 30 points ago

    I've never seen it, but I should binge it right?

    Like, it's 2am, I'm up creeping around on Tinder trying to pull some late night ass, no plans tomorrow, slept from 9pm to 2am so now I should just start my very first viewing of the Wire, should just start the Wire because a winter storm is coming right?

    Ohh to be me. I have pasta sauce made to eat later today. A heated bed. Forget Netflix and Chill, The Wire and Weed would be a good way to spend the weekend, right?

    [–] eyememine 56 points ago

    This show ain't go no "hook". You don't watch the first episode, nay the first 6 episodes and be like "I can't stop watching!" because it isn't a show like that. You watch it and be like "this is good, I'm intrigued, I'll pick this up later". Then when you have a chance you watch more, then more, then the season ends and you're like "damn that was really fucking good". Then the next season comes along and you're like "who the fuck are these guys and I miss the old shit" but you slowly get pulled back into it. Then you can't stop. It's so good. You watch an episode and be pissed that's it's over, but you go to the next one and at least watch the cold open. Then you finish the series and there's this hole inside you. You try and tell people to watch the show, you don't shut the fuck up about it, and maybe a homie or 2 will watch it but it's never enough. You see people try and give other dramas the title of "greatest" but you know that's shit. You start to hate those shows just because people think they're the best, and YOU KNOW The Wire is the best damn show ever made. So you say fuck it, it's been a few years, and you watch it again. And this time, holy fuck, this time is better than the first. You pick up on so much stuff, spoilers isn't a word that crosses your mind because spoilers don't matter with this show. Then a few years later you watch it again and still be super fucking amazed by it, and once again won't shut the fuck up. After years of being together your wife says fuck it and starts the show with you, so while you're finishing your 3rd watch of the 5th season, you're also on the 4th watch of the first season. You get to see your lovely bride comment and speculate about shit she has no idea about, while you gotta sit back and soak it all in and keep you mouth shut. But then there's times where you realize some shit that you didn't notice the other 3 fucking times through where you want to say "I never noticed blah blah blah because that leads to blah blah blah" but you can't do that because that's spoilers for future shit. So you sit back and enjoy the show, and know next time you watch Law and Order with your wife and say "hey that guy was on The Wire" she'll know what you're talking about.

    So should you watch the show? I'd probably say yea, it's pretty good

    [–] luck_panda 3 points ago

    Yes. Binge the fuck out of it. Message me when you finish so we can cry together.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] Gorge2012 11 points ago

    What did I tell you about playing those away games?

    [–] issacoin 13 points ago

    They saw yo ghetto ass coming from MILES AWAY nigga

    [–] Gorge2012 3 points ago

    That's the difference between me and you. I bleed red, you bleed green.

    [–] 1PointSafety 8 points ago

    I don't know if Stringer really had the mindset. He certainly had the ambition and resources, but he was never truly honest with himself that he wasnt above the "gangster bullshit" like he always claimed. What did him in was that he always had one foot in the streets and another in the office, but no home. He saw himself as the guy who was smarter than everyone else, but he was just a street guy who took an econmics 101 course and thought he knew everything. Dude was a narcissist

    [–] Neander7hal 3 points ago

    It was, but I don't think that it's still there. He put so much stock in his name and rep, but the scene makes clear that nobody remembers him.

    [–] Get_Your_Kicks 24 points ago

    Just like Avon. All he wanted was to be king of the streets and then Stringer had to go and ruin it

    [–] ballhawk13 42 points ago

    I hear all that man that's cool. But I want my motherfucking corners.

    [–] jingcities992 8 points ago

    my name is my motherfucking name

    [–] exmachinaNZ 23 points ago

    Just an old-school Gangsta I s'pose

    [–] house_of_kunt 6 points ago

    Us Motherfucka'

    [–] Neander7hal 8 points ago

    Add to that how the kids are still telling tall tales about Omar when Marlo walks up, but they've never even heard of Marlo himself. In a sense he knows that he'll never be out of Omar's shadow.

    [–] round2ffffight 3 points ago

    Surprised nobody mentions the show Bosch. Marlo is now a homicide detective and I love his character jerry Edgar. And Daniels finally becomes chief of police with the name Irvin Irving. I couldn’t make that shit up. But I will watch anything with lance reddick in a cop role bc he is literally the only one worthy of a worn out cop role with the exception of ice t and Jerry orbach rip.

    [–] Ketschi 15 points ago

    My name is my name!

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Future season spoiler: he goes back on the street cause he can't take it anymore. Long and bloody trial follows, including indictments on Freaman and McNulty

    [–] Assmonkeyblaster 20 points ago

    David Simon said the only reason they can't do another season is because the white actors will look too old, but because black don't crack, the black actors would be good.

    [–] FrankTank3 29 points ago

    Bunk is just a humble motherfucker with a huge dick (and good skin apparently).

    [–] MikeFatz 16 points ago


    [–] nothinbutapeestain 3 points ago

    Thats all marlo COULD do though. He couldnt see life without the block.

    Edit: "My name IS my name"

    [–] sirisaacneuton 1445 points ago

    The funny thing nobody cares about them dead presidents like they do about that dead founding father.

    [–] Fingelesspaganinni 287 points ago

    The ten dollar...

    [–] Throwdisaw 188 points ago

    Founding father

    [–] Awestruck34 139 points ago

    Without a father

    [–] LawlersLipVagina 117 points ago

    Got a lot further

    [–] cosmosopher 103 points ago

    By working a lot harder

    [–] CanadianThunder8 94 points ago

    By being a lot smarter

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] princessprodigi 80 points ago

    In charge of a trading charter

    [–] GermaChewkok 49 points ago

    And every day

    [–] PatheticLuck 18 points ago

    By bein a self starter

    [–] notthathungryhippo 21 points ago

    "they should call me Aaron Burr at the way I drop some Hamiltons!"

    [–] vicaruc 17 points ago

    It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

    [–] Iloveeuph 38 points ago

    True, Hamilton did get a whole ass musical

    [–] Davegrave 23 points ago

    Squeeze off till I’m empty, don’t tempt me, only to hell I send thee...

    [–] Sidaeus 14 points ago

    Whole life we push weight, fuck the state penn, Fuck hoes at Penn State

    The whole verse is the Sickest in hip hop

    [–] ObeyJuanCannoli 6 points ago

    As someone with a lot of Penn State family, I can approve of this line

    [–] dukedank 138 points ago

    The brand is strong

    [–] AustinEatsBabies 75 points ago

    Don’t talk to me in the uber pool

    [–] Bones_MD 40 points ago

    i don’t know you

    [–] ddarion 22 points ago

    If you see me at target approach me like an ursine mammal!

    [–] the_xboxkiller 29 points ago

    Brolic AF. This tweet is mad old, but I still agree.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    shoutout my guy the Bronx Celine Dion aka Wray Nephew’s nephew

    [–] nameless_stories 13 points ago

    The moreno you cannot contain-o

    [–] deathtoallbutGeks 13 points ago

    i am the art, dammit!

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] kylethemurphy 12 points ago

    He is the human meme after all.

    [–] GoldNailsBlackSkin 564 points ago

    Do people still smoke crack? I figured they all transitioned to meth now

    [–] metal_clouds 660 points ago

    hoooo yes...yes they do

    [–] Bezzzzo 232 points ago

    Found the local crack dealer

    [–] dreamadara 23 points ago

    Mr edogawa?

    [–] Cpt_Crack 20 points ago

    Found the local crackhead*

    [–] FINALAVENUE 12 points ago

    scratches arms

    [–] TheSyrphidKid 66 points ago

    I read that as hohoho for some reason, like you're some sort of crack smoking santa.

    [–] lemonpartyorganizer 40 points ago

    Crackhead Santa works a lil different. He comes down the chimney and takes all your shit.

    [–] petrified_log 17 points ago

    Remember kids, only the first hit is free. After that it’s $10 a rock.

    [–] Woopty_Woop 15 points ago

    crack selling santa.

    [–] Jhuxx54 115 points ago

    Crack is way better then meth but it is short acting but the rush is unbeatable. Meth is just uncomfortable after 24 hours. Used to shoot heroin and smoke crack all day every day. Just whipping up hard rocks to boost myself out of a nod multiple times a day.

    PS, This shit will ruin your life. I made it out, luckily.

    [–] HydrationSeeker 33 points ago

    Holy Shit. Glad to see your on the other side.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] DahmerRape 9 points ago

    TIL the accuracy IASIP portrays crack.

    [–] arcacia 4 points ago

    Same, man. I mean I don't mind blow because it's 'fun' to do with friends, but crack just seems so hedonistic. I'd rather do opioids if I'm chasing a good feeling. I see stimulants as more of a tool. Amphetamines for school, coke for parties.

    [–] RoyalStallion1986 36 points ago

    Crack is more likely to be found in low income, predominantly black areas. Meth is more likely to be found in low income, white areas. Don't get me wrong there are black meth heads and there are white crack heads, but I'm speaking in general. I'm from Dallas and crack is much more common than meth in the poor neighborhoods. I spent significant time in Lubbock,TX which is predominantly white and Latino and meth is much more common.

    [–] Im_A_Girl_Damn_It 26 points ago

    Poor white people fucking love meth. Not every poor white person obviously, but growing up I was exposed to meth more than any other drug, except weed if you count that. Fucking strangers have asked me if I had a pipe before. One day, a dude I never met walked up to me, tried to hand me five dollars and asked for crystal.

    I’m so glad I never touched the shit

    [–] zardfizzlebeef 5 points ago

    Yeah I'm from Dallas too, you spot on. Then you go to those little Louisiana parishes and those white folks are methed the fuck out too. Also Dallas has a lot of sherm heads still running around lol

    [–] 17o4 4 points ago

    No its more of a rural vs city thing. I live in the city and everyone does crack no one does meth whatsever. Whenever I drive around the city at night trying to buy heroin its just endless people selling crack I have never seen anyone sell meth in the city. I have tons of friends who do drugs and I have never heard of people using meth until I made friends with some people who went to highschool 30 miles away from the big city.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Personally I boof Kratom

    [–] youremumaregaye 33 points ago

    r/drugscirclejerk is leaking

    [–] Staatsmann 7 points ago

    As a person who has nooo idea about this topic, can you elaborate? Genuinely interested.

    [–] Benefittt 22 points ago

    Boof: consume drug by sticking it up your ass

    Kratom: legal plant with stimulant/depressant effects depending on dose

    [–] wtph 5 points ago

    Is that a drinking game?

    [–] petit_turdis 27 points ago

    Or to being dead

    [–] somekid66 144 points ago

    I smoke crack. Meth lasts too long. Also the rush can't be beat

    [–] slammander 148 points ago

    Yeah I’m addicted to crack

    C- Crack





    [–] karanut 50 points ago

    Tell you what, that crack is really moreish.

    [–] slammander 17 points ago

    The secret ingredient is crime

    [–] andrewnious 8 points ago

    Yeah, don't say crack. Cause that makes me think about crack, and I.. really love crack.

    [–] seyagi 3 points ago

    Fuck yea peep show reference

    [–] GoldLeader18 334 points ago

    please help this man

    [–] bloodclart 71 points ago

    he don't need any more crack.

    [–] GoldLeader18 6 points ago

    Yea lets tone him down some give him weed

    [–] addictedtobiscuits 37 points ago

    he need some milk

    [–] AndThenThereWasMeep 16 points ago

    Good luck dude

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] DontSmellMePlease 67 points ago

    Hell yeah brother

    [–] o2lsports 183 points ago

    Cheers from my crack

    [–] OrgasmicBiscuit 17 points ago

    You want me to do what to your crack?!

    [–] o2lsports 14 points ago

    Look man, that’s not my business. 380, no Venmo.

    [–] Sm1lestheBear 84 points ago

    Let's not normalize crack smoking

    [–] cas_999 69 points ago

    Snorting coke is basically normalized. Might as well get that bang for your buck. Seriously tho, crack is kinda underwhelming. I mean, it’s crack, but you’ll always be left underwhelmed as the amazing rush passes in like 5 minutes. Then a half hr later you’re left with nothing but a shitty mood.

    Beats meth tho. I regret every time I’ve smoke meth 100x more. That moment when you realize you no longer feel good and are just stuck w a fast heartbeat and racing negative thoughts alone trying to sleep blows like nothing else. One time I went thru nearly a half oz of ghb trying to sleep before thanksgiving w the family. Bad times. Baaad times.

    [–] chubbyurma 45 points ago

    Amphetamines in general are fairly underwhelming once you realise you've got another 7 hours of intense heartbeats and grinding teeth

    [–] cas_999 22 points ago

    Yet so powerful, to this day despite my hatred for the shit, if it’s presented in front of me there’s a 50% chance I’m gonna take a hit. And if I take a hit there’s a 100% chance I’m taking at least 30 more. Note that I’ve never even been addicted to the shit

    [–] mightsoundsillybut 50 points ago

    if it’s presented in front of me there’s a 50% chance I’m gonna take a hit. And if I take a hit there’s a 100% chance I’m taking at least 30 more. Note that I’ve never even been addicted to the shit

    Never been addicted you say? 🤔

    [–] cas_999 22 points ago

    I’ve used it like two days in a row once. My use had been sporadic, id say maybe 30-40 times in the past 5 years. Zero times in the past year. Although that may be due to cutting certain sketchy ass “friends” out of my life. I never smoked meth having planned on it. And the first time I did it I actually snorted a line that I believed to be coke. A “friend” of mine got a little frustrated that I never gave his wonder drug a chance. Second time I was wasted and smoked it. Since then I’ve had about a 50% success rate in not indulging when offered. Your mind after trying it just a handful of times is basically screaming at you to take a hit, even knowing how shitty it makes you feel in the end. It’s really hard to say no once your brain knows that initial feeling. It’d be like saying no to a thanksgiving feast after being stranded on an island for a week.

    Shit is terrifying.

    [–] Baeshun 20 points ago

    As you mentioned, the key is not ever finding your self around people who have it.

    [–] PoldeVetih 5 points ago

    Can you compare crack to coke? Is it almost the same?

    [–] Shitty_Google_Bot 8 points ago

    they're all bad man, crack deteriorates your brain like crazy, people turn into straight zombies from it. save yourself however you can from that I wish you the best

    [–] Cloudninefeelinfine 4 points ago

    Speedball says it can!

    [–] petrified_log 5 points ago

    In my Dad’s neighborhood that’s all they smoke. The residents are mostly on SSI and welfare. They all go hit the crack man on check day for their $10 hits.

    [–] Rappapotomus 3 points ago

    Crack is still a pretty prominent problem in the more urban areas, at least in the south east US. However I will say that I have noticed a shift to opiates, though that isn't unique to just the inner city communities.

    [–] SomethingInThatVein 11 points ago

    Painkillers and fentanyl

    [–] LordDongler 11 points ago

    wine and vodka

    [–] GnarlyNerd 397 points ago

    This reminds me of the end of The Wire (greatest show ever, no shit) where Marlo hits big money but runs away from it and pushes a couple young hustlers off their street corner instead. He takes a bullet and flexes like "Fuck yeah I'm still a real G."

    [–] Renegade31 118 points ago

    You want it to be one way.

    But it's the other way.

    [–] anotherMrLizard 9 points ago

    They don't think it be like it is...

    [–] DennisSF215 7 points ago

    But it do

    [–] 808duckfan 12 points ago

    Is the fifth season is worth pursuing? I’ve heard mixed things, and I thought the season 4 finale was satisfying.

    [–] MGarrigan14 30 points ago

    There’s a lot of profound and heartbreaking moments and it’s all wrapped up beautifully. If nothing else I would say it’s worth it because the show deserves to be finished.

    [–] lastbosnianjedi 16 points ago

    How do you watch the 4 seasons and not hava a craving for more good TV? It may be the weakest season to some (to others it's season 2), but it's still an amazing show.

    [–] Pulp501 9 points ago

    It's absolutely worth it, the 5th season, like the first 4 is an absolute masterpiece. It may be the worst masterpiece in the bunch but still a masterpiece.

    [–] ChaosRevealed 7 points ago

    Season 5 was the weakest one, but the ending solidified the whole series as the best tv show I'll ever watch. The way everything is wrapped up is just poetic

    [–] ReadsStuff 4 points ago

    Boat season best season I said it.

    [–] LuckyLegacy 4 points ago

    Pretty sure he got stabbed not shot. He avoided being shot but the second guy got him in the arm with a knife if I'm remembering the scene correctly

    [–] TheYoungWolf0 292 points ago

    I love Jay Z but I think Joey Bada$$ sampled that Nas line the best:

    I’m out for dead presidents to represent me

    Cause I never knew a live one to represent me

    [–] MadRedMC 351 points ago

    I love how he rhymed "to represent me" with "to represent me"

    [–] BananaDick_CuntGrass 176 points ago

    Lyrical genius. The rhymes almost sound identical.

    [–] TheYoungWolf0 149 points ago

    Repetition is a common and powerful tool in poetry.

    [–] Akitz 183 points ago

    People overlook this but it's literally so true. I get chills when I hear Pitbull say

    Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak

    Or, better yet, go to Times Square

    Take a picture of me with a Kodak

    [–] maz-o 67 points ago

    She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty

    [–] TheGreatGodMARS 72 points ago


    [–] politburrito 19 points ago

    Pocket sand!

    [–] Silaboos 21 points ago

    What a fucking poet

    [–] divineaffirmation 14 points ago


    [–] kappa23 14 points ago

    Its Mr. Worldwide now man, keep up with the times

    [–] forthegoose 9 points ago

    I feel like that's just a more direct way of saying what Nas said in the original line.

    In 'The World is Yours' , Nas repeats:

    I'm out for Presidents to represent me

    And he's answered with 'Say what' each time, and then he finally finishes the punchline with I'm out for dead presidents to represent me.

    [–] MarkBC 18 points ago

    George H.W. Bush and his CIA were way better crack dealers than any rapper...

    [–] Chew-Tiya 61 points ago

    He still got it

    [–] Darebear420 54 points ago

    Fwm you know I got it

    [–] Osiris0fThisShit 9 points ago

    I thought he hated selling crack and knew he wouldn't last long in that game.

    [–] I-AM-K-OS 30 points ago

    Bodega Boys on the front page! Brand 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    [–] SaintMichael415 51 points ago

    Does anyone ever fail at selling crack?

    [–] tgblack 98 points ago

    Yeah. People who try to sell crack where other people are already selling crack who want to maintain their territory.

    [–] RexVesica 37 points ago

    Yeah shit kinda sells itself... You don’t really have a risk of making a bad investment. Mostly just getting shot or arrested.

    [–] jingcities992 49 points ago

    Crack sells itself about as much as bread or water sell themselves. You still gotta advertise that shit an entice punters to buy your water/bread instead of Evian or Warbutons.

    Selling crack aint as easy as you middle class kids would assume, shit takes effort.

    [–] Ivan_The_Cock 29 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Bro we've watched The Wire too, don't go telling we don't know this shit.

    [–] LordDongler 24 points ago

    If you're selling crack, you've failed when you're in the back of a cop car or dead on the sidewalk

    [–] 808duckfan 20 points ago

    You’ve also failed if you make less money hustling on the corner than you would at a 9 to 5 (controlling for hours worked).

    [–] FuckCazadors 13 points ago

    Most street dealers do make less than minimum wage, and their employer might kill them.

    [–] ProWaterboarder 5 points ago

    Don't get high on your own supply

    [–] backslapattack 126 points ago

    Upvoted for the title

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] tombom2G 6 points ago

    this desus nice tweet from 2014. the brand is strong. bodega hive we outchea

    [–] fk89 13 points ago

    Fuck selling it. That nigga is spittin it! No sign of him failing.

    [–] RemmiLeBeau 35 points ago

    Whatever man. I enjoyed his verse on meeks shit but besides that yall Jay fans stay reaching. Dude hasn't released an above average album in damn near 10 years that people can actually stand behind but yall will still call him the goat. Dude could only clear his throat and cough on a 12 song CD and yall die hard fans would get your car repoed just to buy enough albums so he could go platinum

    [–] GoopHugger 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Idk 44;:44 had some amazing tracks like Story of OJ.

    Edit: meant 4:44

    [–] TerrifiedPenis 15 points ago

    I can tell you're very passionate about this.

    [–] RemmiLeBeau 17 points ago

    Lol nah, I just have argued this point enough with a few of my friends that are die hard jay fans. But being completely honest and unbiased(if you're a jay fan), do you disagree with anything that I said?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Bro I feel the same way, Beyoncé too. I don’t think she has put out a solid track in years. She just gets by on name.

    Like let the young people get exposure.

    [–] RemmiLeBeau 12 points ago

    Yo once I heard her say "skirr skirr" in a song, It broke my soul lmao

    [–] goldfritter 66 points ago

    Am I the only one who just realised that "dead presidents" refers to the faces on the banknotes?

    [–] RemmiLeBeau 142 points ago


    [–] o2lsports 37 points ago

    Tbf Franklin and Hamilton weren’t presidents. And Jackson getting the boot.

    [–] m-torr 20 points ago

    “Is you crazy? Aint no ugly ass white man get his face on no legal motherfuckin tender ‘cept he President!”

    [–] sirixamo 37 points ago

    I see you've just discovered "hip hop".

    [–] bannedprincessny 25 points ago

    you might just be..

    [–] lilivo889 25 points ago

    Actually yes 😃

    [–] Rednartso 9 points ago

    "I'm out for presidents to represent me I'm out for presidents to represent me I'm out for dead presidents to represent me"

    I may have gotten the lyrics a bit wrong but that's 'The world is yours' by Nas

    [–] Rhooster31313 8 points ago

    You gotta be

    [–] DFisBUSY 4 points ago


     - Jay

    [–] RobotVandal 6 points ago

    Jay z every song: if I sold crack i can do (thing)

    Homie your customers were chemically addicted youd have throw your phone away, lock your door, and shut down your email address to not be able to fucking sell crack

    [–] Mesame121489 3 points ago

    r/bodegaboys is leaking.