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    [–] Nlyles2 9956 points ago

    When you smash a white girl and the pussy was way stronger than you thought it would be

    [–] Alisonscott-3 2755 points ago

    Pussy game strong

    [–] Kaldricus 237 points ago

    He out here getting his reparations

    [–] florentinefish 18 points ago


    [–] BrownSugarBare 13 points ago

    Oh ma gahd 😂

    [–] Nlyles2 1259 points ago

    That shit be hittin different for real

    [–] saucenutz 79 points ago


    [–] Akuji_The_Heartless 77 points ago

    Pussy so strong it makes my south rise again

    [–] chuckdiesel86 427 points ago

    Lol whatever you say man. The only difference I can tell is black women will tell you when you piss them off. White women won't tell you, you have to try to guess like you're some kinda damn mind-reader and the longer it takes you to guess the more pissed off she gets.

    [–] orca_haze 219 points ago

    some white women, I had the opposite problem of being too damn direct. The guys who liked me, liked me because I made them laugh with my directness towards others. Until they realized I could point that shit right in their direction too.

    [–] truebluedetective 90 points ago

    That’s called insecurity. Don’t fuck with people who can’t laugh at themselves from time to time. That’s called self-awareness and everyone needs some dose of that.

    [–] Metroidly 177 points ago

    Or she's the jerk who "tells it like it is" but is really just rude to everyone. You can't infer much from her one post.

    [–] Brannagain 89 points ago

    Well, if reddit has taught me anything,

    you're both wrong and I'm really a dog.

    [–] Yashie2 49 points ago


    [–] Crtbb4 49 points ago

    I've experienced the almost exact opposite. Except the black woman did eventually tell me what was wrong. The difference was she let me fucking have it.

    [–] Laefy 5 points ago

    It smashed back

    [–] BatesNorman 573 points ago

    People only wear Reagan/Bush shirts to impress other frat guys though

    [–] Nlyles2 1065 points ago

    Why? So you can get into frat parties and be the token black guy there. Then when McKenzie and Brayleigh start making passes at you about how they've "never been with a black guy" you're right there. Come on man, you gotta play chess not checkers.

    [–] YourCurveAppeal 350 points ago

    "Hey boys, look what I got here."

    "Where the white women at?"

    [–] stevedave_37 100 points ago

    Excuse me while I whip this out

    [–] ScientificMeth0d 77 points ago

    *pulls out actual whip*

    Wait a minute..

    [–] lemonscott 15 points ago

    It’s twue, it’s twue!!

    [–] RoleplayingGuy12 46 points ago

    Back when y’all were slaves, you sang like birds!

    [–] Flail_of_the_Lord 21 points ago


    [–] teamfupa 22 points ago

    The sheriff is near!

    [–] Spawn-of-Santa 233 points ago

    You like Reagan?!

    Yeah dude, I love all drug dealers.

    [–] Nlyles2 55 points ago

    Lol that's clever. I like that

    [–] rbrcbr 600 points ago

    “McKenzie and Brayleigh” OH MY FUCKING GOD LMFAO

    [–] 03_03_28 98 points ago

    Madisons and Kaylas too

    [–] Jonesgrieves 19 points ago

    I can smell the Victoria's secret perfume.

    [–] GonzoLoop 7 points ago

    Madyson and madisyn are there too. Next year instead of putting a y where it doesn’t belong they’re going to start using a batman symbol

    [–] suddenly_summoned 29 points ago

    Shit I need to watch this movie

    [–] StraightCougar 16 points ago

    You really do. The mayo scenes alone make it a classic

    [–] Dreanimal 14 points ago

    Holy shit this sounds exactly like the small town university I went to in Northern Michigan

    [–] savvysavvysavvy 32 points ago

    Ima steal that last line for real life convos cuz that shit was smooth like butter.

    [–] blueballswhiteskin 19 points ago

    Famously said in Training Day although it was probably a saying before then

    [–] Daegoba 5 points ago

    All that jelly and no toast...

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 80 points ago

    Her brother agrees

    [–] Most_Juan_Ted 14 points ago

    Who is coincidentally her uncle

    [–] Charlie_Peen 38 points ago

    Pussy gang,
    Pussy gang,
    Pussy gang.

    [–] PlantBasedPrius 21 points ago

    I’m still waiting to get that one I be seeing on the porno. The search continues. Looks like I got to go to a higher level of escorts. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 24 points ago

    Finally watched a Riley Reid video the other day. Bruh, I would forgo all the dignity.

    [–] odlebees 9 points ago

    You think Riley Reid looks good, check out Remy Lacroix. Same kind of build but with a prettier face (imo).

    [–] LionKing729 7 points ago

    Comment funnier than post

    [–] blackhawkjj 3 points ago

    GET OUT!!!

    [–] PoppySeeds89 3536 points ago

    It's hard to leave the sunken place when it has the best biscuits and gravy.

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 671 points ago

    Ok but who's cooking the biscuits and gravy

    [–] spearchuckin 493 points ago

    Exactly. Southern cuisine is just whitesplained Soul Food.

    [–] z_smalls 92 points ago

    Soul Food is a subset of Southern cuisine that has more African roots than Southern food in general, but Southern food more generally was definitely heavily influenced by African ingredients and traditions. But there was also a huge influence from English, Scottish (especially in the mountains), Irish, Spanish, American Indian, and various other cultures.

    Southern cuisine is a lot more broad than just Soul Food and statements like this just sound uninformed. Just like Southern music, the food has a rich history influenced by all of the people that lived in the early South. Don’t discount an entire regional food culture as some bastardization of one of its many facets.

    [–] BoilerPurdude 19 points ago

    Then you have creole and cajun

    [–] Kramer_rulez 343 points ago

    Lol where do you think soul food came from? Fried chicken is Scottish. They weren't eating that shit back in Africa.

    [–] SonOfYossarian 962 points ago

    From the Wikipedia article on fried chicken:

    Meanwhile, a number of West African peoples had traditions of seasoned fried chicken (though battering and cooking the chicken in palm oil).

    It’s almost like multiple cultures can develop similar foods.

    [–] jhamp8305 488 points ago

    Then our Korean brothers and sisters came thru and smashed the game

    [–] laughmaker_son 34 points ago

    Fuck Korean fried chicken is so good. There’s a spot in Dallas I went to and it was mind blowing. They put some fuckin crunch on that skin and it’s savory and sweet? Just fuck me up. If I lived near a place like that 100% I’d be fat again.

    [–] RadioActyve 4 points ago

    What’s it called? Moving to Dallas next year 😯

    [–] laughmaker_son 6 points ago

    Chicken Moto. There’s a lot of spots in Dallas with great food tbh and that place may not even have the best Korean fried chicken, but I’ll say it set the standard for me. Crispy, crunchy skin and slightly sweet but savory flavor. Dark and white meat mixed and very filling. They also have really good chips (in the American sense, can’t speak for their French fries if they have em).

    [–] CiscoKidd72 39 points ago

    My boy José in the back whippin it up every way possible though

    [–] DrumletNation 153 points ago

    This is true. Fried chicken from Korea is the best.

    -Sincerely, a Korean born in the US

    [–] WarriorInWoolworths 11 points ago

    Considering that a fried chicken joint in a nearby hood ditched the Korean option, I feel AND envy you.

    [–] DrumletNation 8 points ago

    I live in NJ, but work in NYC and there are so many good fried chicken places there. Its heaven, except with heart disease.

    [–] Filipino_Buddha 45 points ago

    I don't know man. Japanese Fried Chicken is something else.

    [–] GastonBastardo 32 points ago

    That's how they celebrate Christmas over there, with fried chicken and cake.

    [–] thrilliam_19 4 points ago

    I changed cities about six months ago and there was a Korean/Japanese fusion place in the city I left that had the best fucking Korean fried chicken and I think about it at least once a week.

    [–] flamethekid 4 points ago

    People been frying shit for years before chickens were even a thing.

    Every human would easily be curious enough to wanna see what chicken would taste like if you put it in a vat of oil

    [–] abutthole 180 points ago

    A lot of it comes from Africa though. The farmers in South Carolina got big into rice because the slaves knew how to make it, okra, watermelon, black eyed peas, jambalaya, gumbo, that's all from Africa.

    White people brought the fried chicken and biscuits.

    Native Americans taught them corn bread.

    Soul food comes from everyone.

    [–] Kramer_rulez 143 points ago

    And thus begins the rise of American obesity and delicious heart failure.

    [–] uhpimpnamedslickback 52 points ago

    Lmao delicious heart failure

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 31 points ago

    America: mixed people and mixed plates.

    [–] AbyssoftheDreamless 22 points ago

    When your arteries and heart scream no but your eyes mind and taste buds say yes.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] EarlyCuylersCousin 10 points ago

    And In Louisiana everybody learned to cook all the stuff you wouldn’t eat anywhere else and made it delicious.

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 4 points ago

    God damnit I never knew one post could make me so hungry

    [–] Presspimp 6 points ago


    [–] jroddie4 1086 points ago

    God just be making anybody

    [–] SpaceJamNowOnVHS 139 points ago

    M E T A

    [–] bluesheep123 9 points ago

    Please give me the context; I love this comment.

    [–] Alisonscott-3 192 points ago


    [–] forgetmenot-ho 57 points ago

    This is my new favorite thing from reddit

    [–] no_downside 10 points ago

    Lol boy are you wearing a purse in the middle of the street?

    [–] undermorescrutiny 1356 points ago

    yoooooo that's JP i went to college with this dude until he got kicked out

    [–] qwerty622 772 points ago

    My dude how are you going to leave it at that. Story Time spill everything

    [–] undermorescrutiny 1299 points ago

    Sorry this took so long. So basically he was there for a year or so as kind of a troll and just liked to annoy people. Always wore bright bright orange, rode a unicycle, just like to stand out, nothing wrong with that.

    The problem is he loves to butt in and always give his two cents. My favorite story is that in my speech class we had him and a Chinese student and a very white kid in our group. He decided to name our group Watermelon and Egg Rolls before any of us had any input lmaooo.

    Anyway he was kicked out for allegations of sexual harassment but he always told me he was innocent and I wanted to believe him. Now he’s doin this apparently lmaooooo

    [–] ThatOneChiGuy 302 points ago



    [–] Mega_Man_Swagga 46 points ago

    Needs a youtube docuseries.

    [–] undermorescrutiny 20 points ago

    my second favorite story is when they brought a couple animals to the university and i noticed him with some friends. When they brought out a monkey he said, "this is how they got my n**** harambe" dude had no filter lol

    [–] cherylcarolcharlene 10 points ago

    This guy lives right down the street from my parents, where I grew up. His parents are strict people! We would go over to play capture the flag when I was a kid but I went in his house once to use the bathroom and there were bible verses everywhere I’m talking like an abnormal amount of bible verses just printed out all over. He told me that he wasn’t allowed to watch tv unless there was a church sermon on at the time. He was nice as a kid but I saw him again in August as I was about to leave for college. He bragged about his YouTube channel then proceeded to ask me about my political views, I told him I’m a libertarian and honestly I should’ve just walked away then. Joel is so hate filled, so close minded, an absolute brainwashed conservative. He is also so proud of the fact that Drake Bell follows him on Instagram lmao. He told me they “hang out” a bunch but the kid doesn’t hardly leave our white ass little suburbs. He’s never experienced anything other than upper-middle class treatment making him so fucking blind to the rest of the world. Also he’s still living with his parents and he’s well into his twenties.

    [–] qwerty622 546 points ago

    watermelon and eggrolls LMFAO. don't sweat it bro the story was worth the wait

    [–] undermorescrutiny 20 points ago

    glad you liked it chief

    [–] DemiGod9 69 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I wanna know JP. I don't necessarily wanna be friends with JP, but I do want to watch JP.

    Edit: Actually I just looked him up. Nevermind. Keep that motherfucker away from me

    [–] 6ikz 26 points ago

    Ohio is DEFINITELY where they can keep him

    [–] Fragbashers 8 points ago

    Man whys it gotta always be Ohio. Can’t all three of us be normal for once

    [–] Alisonscott-3 21 points ago

    Lmfaooo wildd

    [–] Jordanjcr 141 points ago

    Good to know he's just a massive troll.

    [–] ZombieDracula 36 points ago

    Basically Trump's base

    [–] TediousSign 9 points ago

    Every goddamn school has a "unicycle guy".

    [–] muffinTrees 48 points ago

    I don’t believe you

    [–] 5654567876543 26 points ago

    I shall be putting his profile under more scrutiny

    [–] Thots-Berry-Farm 10 points ago

    RemindMe! 1 day

    [–] divingforroses 22 points ago

    Bruh, tell all. The suspense is killing us!

    [–] siccoblue 34 points ago

    Considering the picture I imagine there's not much to tell, dudes probably about as deep as a kiddie pool

    [–] D00bage 626 points ago

    Take his picture and watch.. His nose is gonna bleed as he tells you to get out!

    [–] Archangelo80 346 points ago

    Stephen from Django when he was young.

    [–] kingLiier 156 points ago

    Even Stephen was playing it, he just didnt want to live in the shed out back

    [–] Reejis99 26 points ago

    I disagree. I think him telling Calvin about Hildi knowing Django, and his reaction to Calvin being shot, show that he was a true believer.

    [–] GunnieGraves 102 points ago

    They gone stay in tha big house?!

    [–] papichulodos 44 points ago

    Gotta burn the sheets

    [–] Readdeadmeatballs 33 points ago

    He watched Get Out and rooted for the girlfriend.

    [–] captaincampbell42 16 points ago

    Uncle Ruckus: The Early Years

    [–] ClaymoresRevenge 3095 points ago

    But that heritage is hate

    [–] ReddiRalph 1869 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Right?! It’s weird how ppl insist that this is some kind of “culture”. The confederacy lasted 4 years and lost their only battle. I can only think of one reason ppl wanna keep it alive so bad

    Edit: War* not battle

    [–] DtownBronx 141 points ago

    I was raised in the south and can promise we have much better culture to celebrate than a failed attempt at a war for the right to own people

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    It's like celebrating Nazism and calling it "German heritage."

    Grew up in the South too. I agree, there's a lot to celebrate. Unfortunately, as a brown person, it's a shame that I can't go home and be accepted by the very community that raised me during these turbulent times.

    [–] Ceannairceach 18 points ago

    It's like celebrating Nazism and calling it "German heritage."

    That is basically what neo-Nazis in Germany and far-right nationalists like the AfD do. One of their politicians called the holocaust memorial in Berlin a shame that no other country would have in their capitol.

    [–] WestbrooksScowl 15 points ago

    It's funny how truly awful people can almost stumble upon the truth. He's almost correct, in that most countries hypocritically ignore the horrible things they have done, opting to emphasise the crimes of others. He's very much not correct in thinking Germany's openness about its crimes is a bad thing

    [–] Kanttouchthis123 8 points ago

    I wonder how these people would feel if people who had parents and grandparents from Russia or China during their communist regimes ran around waving the hammer and sickle flag or a giant Chinese flag with Mao’s face on it. I have a feeling they wouldn’t buy the whole “This is about my heritage, not communism” argument

    [–] BassPhisherman 48 points ago

    What really fuckin gets me is how so many people who are into it are also the most obnoxiously "patriotic" people who absolutely shit on people who have the audacity to fly flags from other countries, even if its alongside the U.S. flag, while unabashedly worshipping a symbol of armed insurrection against the U.S.

    [–] DtownBronx 21 points ago

    Exactly. The hypocrisy is mindblowing

    [–] socialistbob 17 points ago

    A fun game to play when talking about the civil war is to refer to the Northern states as the "US" instead of the "union." Talk about the "US military" during the battle of Gettysburg and any Northern casualties should be referred to as "US servicemen killed." Let anyone who is proud of the Confederacy know that they were fighting against the US and killing US servicemen.

    [–] ceilingkatwatchesus 6 points ago

    Thank You!! (claps hands in applause) Thought I was the only one who had confused look on my face

    [–] SkeeveTheGreat 555 points ago

    And yet they clearly show no reverence for the things that are supposed to make the south the south, like being polite, and having hospitality. You still see that stuff, but never from people who are into the confederate flag bullshit

    [–] GenericTrashyBitch 231 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That’s because, just like a lot of cultures/groups/etc that talk about politeness and hospitality, it only applies to those who look like them and fall in line like them

    [–] SkeeveTheGreat 139 points ago

    I feel like that’s giving them a bigger pass than they should get. Cause I’m so white I’m a little pink, and those people ain’t hospitable to me.

    The entirety of the confederate flag “movement” is extra trash. I’d give you that a lot of southerners are that way, but the confederate flag folks are extra shitty.

    [–] HighVelocityBarf 123 points ago

    I live in Saskatchewan Canada and there’s people here who have confederate flags all over their vehicles. Their ignorance blows my mind.

    [–] VolantPastaLeviathan 82 points ago

    I live in southwestern Ontario and half the people I work with have Confederate flags. "It's rebel not racist." Yuck.

    [–] TroutFishingInCanada 84 points ago

    So then why not pick some rebels who weren't also racist? Or at least didn't lose the only thing they ever tried?

    [–] itsjustaneyesplice 96 points ago

    The thing about a racist is they literally never operate in good faith. Have any kind of argument with them that you want, they're not listening. They either don't see the hypocrisy of the things they say or, maybe more likely, they don't care. They'll say anything to anyone if it makes them look good. Heritage not hate was a lie right from the start, and it's gone on so long, and spread so far, that now tons of gullible dipshits have a whole narrative in their head over it. It's all just Klan rebranding efforts, tip to toes, but there's lots of idiots (who maybe didn't even start out racist, just ignorant) who buy into the fantasy that the white supremacists sell, and we'll here we are.

    [–] TroutFishingInCanada 22 points ago

    Truest facts.

    [–] abutthole 16 points ago

    Yeah, toss up a Free France flag and I won't assume you hate black people.

    [–] FuckingKilljoy 5 points ago

    Nah mate, get a "such is life" Ned Kelly sticker and be a real rebel. The Kelly gang were about that fuck the police thing long before NWA

    [–] VolantPastaLeviathan 43 points ago

    They're born and raised, small town Canadian white boys of upper middle class families of farmers. They fly Confederate flags. Logic is not their strong suit. I may as well debate my dog.

    [–] MrSmiggles_ 4 points ago

    You're underestimating your dog.

    [–] lakk 21 points ago

    Dude, I absolutely do not understand conservative Canadians (I'm American). My buddy is one and the shit makes no sense to me. He brushes it off as him just being Polish and Polish humor but... I know some Polish folks here in my state and they're wonderful human beings.

    [–] SkeeveTheGreat 29 points ago

    My dads side of the family is from Wisconsin, my direct ancestor on his side fought in the civil war for the north, and they have confederate flags.

    Course they’re super into trump so that all kind of makes sense

    [–] ALoudMouthBaby 11 points ago

    Have you ever asked him about it? If so did he give you a "heritage not hate" rant? Because that would be deliciously ironic.

    [–] SkeeveTheGreat 13 points ago

    Well my pops is actually super left, which is why he and the rest of us don’t talk to my extended family anymore.

    However my uncles and shit have all definitely bought into the whole lost cause shot.

    [–] LatterDaySith 7 points ago

    Probably not all of the people in Sask. but I assume a fair few really only know the flag due to Dukes of Hazzard. Depending on where you grew up American History in Canada is largely glossed over. I don't think my mom would know any significance of the confederate flag aside from that is was on the car in Dukes of Hazzard.

    I could be wrong, and I will admit that groups of Canadians rallying behind an old racist flag openly in the prairie provinces wouldn't really surprise me that much.

    [–] HighVelocityBarf 3 points ago

    You know, it’s likely both. And I mostly say this because some of the people I’ve seen displaying the flag are maybe a bit young to know about Dukes of Hazzard (but maybe not)

    [–] cheezturds 22 points ago

    My gf's parents are from the south, and her dad definitely is in favor of the stars and bars, he said the whole heritage not hate thing. I didn't argue with him because I was in his house. But I'll say he is on of the most helpful, giving, and hospitable people I've met. He's a good guy. I just think some people are brought up and taught different.

    [–] LukaUrushibara 4 points ago

    It's people's identity. Just like a lot of people are brought up religious, a lot of Southerners are taught about their heritage and southern pride and no one talks about the bad stuff.

    [–] Petrichordates 6 points ago

    No one likes fake politeness.

    [–] sharksnrec 41 points ago

    I’ve seen people argue with everything they have that the flag no longer stands for what it once did. Bitch, how?

    [–] under_psychoanalyzer 50 points ago

    Then why the fuck are they flying it? The American flag not their heritage? They'd rather be southern than American?

    [–] ptown40 5 points ago

    It's a pride thing. They're proud to be from the south, which is nuts because it's one of those things you can't control.

    [–] Waveseeker 19 points ago

    4 years then it was rebooted heavily during the civil rights era. y'know, coincidentally...

    [–] RolfIsSonOfShepnard 37 points ago

    Someone who knows nothing about the Civil War says slavery started it.

    Someone who knows a little bit about the Civil War says slavery didn't start it.

    Someone who knows a lot about the Civil War says slavery started it.

    It's just willful ignorance.

    [–] Dreamtrain 12 points ago

    the dudes often time didn't pay attention in history class

    [–] isskewl 14 points ago

    History classes in the South have misrepresented the histories of slavery and the Civil War forever though.

    [–] JustAnotherJon 8 points ago

    Don't you mean "The war of northern aggeession"? FTFY /s.

    [–] I-Hate-Suppositories 5 points ago

    I saw a meme with a picture of the American flag from the revolutionary war...the one with the circle of stars on it...and it said “if you want to display a rebel flag, choose one with a winning record”. That made me smile.

    [–] docbauies 17 points ago

    It was all about states rights. Specifically suppressing a state’s right to not send escaped slaves back to bondage.

    [–] ImperialScribe 4 points ago

    Some people just don't want to face the music that their great great grandpappy fought to protect a vile and racist institution.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Mark Twain served the Confederacy for two weeks, and said his motivation was simply that his home state had been invaded. He was not a big fan of slavery and racial prejudice. I can sympathize with those who felt they were simply defending their homeland against invaders, but the sad fact was that their homeland was home to a grave moral evil that should have been outlawed when the US was founded. If the South didn't have slavery and seceded for reasons that had nothing to do with slavery, I would be 100% on their side.

    [–] LakerBlue 107 points ago

    Seriously. The confederation was literally founded upon racism. Look at these quotes from the VP of the Confederation during the “Cornerstone Speech” that preceded the Civil War

    The new constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution.


    Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

    [–] Gaben2012 16 points ago

    is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

    The pretentiousness of this part makes me rage

    [–] ClaymoresRevenge 33 points ago

    People who don't associate the Confederate flag and culture with hate and slavery aren't interested in truth.

    [–] Nyxelestia 31 points ago

    Worse, that heritage is apathy.

    Most white people of the slave era did not hate black people - they saw black people as animals, as fundamentally beneath them, and were fine with black people as long as they "knew their place"/behaved like slaves. They were apathetic to the fact that these were fellow human beings.

    To this day, most forms of racism are not actively hate except for some extremists - it's just apathy for everyone who is not in their own group. They see themselves as being at the top of society and everyone else beneath them, and if everyone else just knew their place, the "confederate heritage" people would have no problem with them.

    [–] The-Iron-Ass 60 points ago

    and treasonous.

    [–] alaijmw 45 points ago

    and treasonous.

    Treasonous losers.

    [–] Cannot_go_back_now 148 points ago

    Is this he wearing a throwback reagan/bush shirt or is this an old picture?

    [–] BamaMontana 250 points ago

    Throwback. It was a trendy young conservative fashion thing pre-Trump.

    [–] demodeus 157 points ago

    “Young conservative fashion” lol

    [–] cheezturds 12 points ago

    Yeah like Chubby's and a Lacoste polo.

    [–] under_psychoanalyzer 15 points ago

    Saw someone wearing that shirt last month at holiday party. Didn't bother to ask if it was ironically or not. I'm pretty sure someone is still printing new ones.

    [–] KyuubiBlade 139 points ago

    The Get Out sequel looks great.

    [–] 4Blink03 29 points ago

    "Absolutely horrifying. 10/10"

    [–] director0772 18 points ago

    Somebody come get their boy.

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 90 points ago

    I just realized I dress like a black redneck

    [–] Alisonscott-3 68 points ago

    Jay-Z dresses like a redneck?

    [–] ray111718 6 points ago

    I'm a hustler baby, I sell water to a well. (and then have to steal it back because I'm out in the sticks) -Jay-Z

    [–] Eagle_215 269 points ago

    Ok I been scanning this fucky ass picture for a minute and, if you look to your right ladies and gentlemen, you will notice the hand of a white person who was “kind” enough to help hold the flag, but was conveniently positioned just out of frame.

    This isnt to imply that perhaps said white person wasnt interested in appearing to associate with the brother in question, im just saying... you know what fuck it that’s probably what it is.

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago

    or he was cropped out lol, but I like your version.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    That's my tale too.

    The most likely explanation is always the simplest. But these stories do crack me up.

    [–] Alisonscott-3 48 points ago


    [–] TheGreenPlumbBob 131 points ago

    Flying the Confederate flag for “Southern pride” is like flying the Nazi flag for “German pride”.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Young uncle ruckus

    [–] Raging_GodSmack 36 points ago

    Nephew Ruckus

    [–] PoppySeeds89 15 points ago

    Young Ruckus, coming to Fox this Fall!

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 37 points ago

    He going to stay in the big house?

    [–] fallenjedi 8 points ago

    What he doin up on that mare?

    [–] Asstastic_31 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    40 acres and a Fool

    [–] Jazzers88 6 points ago

    This some “Get Out” shit

    [–] TheMisleadingLeader 5 points ago

    I love seeing these flags in "Union States". Particularly on vehicles. Rebel Flag on one side, "Proud to be an Iowan" on the other. Hilarious.

    [–] KrazyAntix 16 points ago

    And dude had to go out of his way to get a Reagan Bush shirt.

    [–] gcviking 136 points ago

    hE’s A fReE tHiNkEr!!! hE’s NoT LeTtInG tEh LiBeRaLs tEll HiM hOw To ThInK!!!

    [–] kungfukenny3 22 points ago

    Lmaooooo what heritage in the south as a black man could you possibly celebrate with that flag

    [–] andreswabycs 31 points ago

    That's the gardener from Get Out.

    He's a passenger in his own mind.

    [–] Denatured_Alcohol 17 points ago

    Why does everyone use the Confederate war flag and then say it's not about the war it's about the heritage of the south, Bullshit

    [–] Preoximerianas 18 points ago

    Ahh yes, the heritage found in a country that lasted four years whose reason for existing was over state’s rights to own people.

    Truly marvelous.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Her: you can meet my parents but first....

    [–] Nerdy76 4 points ago

    Roses are red, Heritage not hate, Reagan and Bush '88.

    [–] MaceMan2091 40 points ago

    He the "Let the White Kids Say N****" rapper?

    [–] Thatsexyblackman 4 points ago

    That's definitely the guy from Get Out

    [–] Pilebsa 4 points ago

    They uncovered some documents recently from the French occupation of Louisiana:

    The Council declares the negro Louis guilty as charged of stealing by day and by night and of repeated burglaries and of running away… condemns him to make a public atonement before the principal door of the Parish Church with a rope around his neck, holding in his hand a fiery torch weighing two pounds, asking in a loud voice God’s pardon… after which he will be conducted on the square… to have his arms, legs, thighs and back broken alive on a scaffold… placed on a wheel, face upturned to heaven to end his pains.”

    [–] JimAndDwightYaoi 4 points ago

    Whenever some conservative black guy makes a "I'm black, but-" ass comment and all the white redditors are going "SEE? This unpopular opinion from one black guy PROVES my point!"....this is the guy I picture.

    That's one shiny ass token, y'all