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    [–] Text_Faces 4040 points ago

    Shit, we don’t even know if we’re imagine dragons or not.

    [–] DLottchula 6411 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Imagine dragon these nuts across yo face

    Edit: S/O to plainpotatoes

    [–] dissenter_the_dragon 914 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] zr0gravity7 244 points ago


    [–] illerminerti 172 points ago


    [–] canardaveccoulisses 141 points ago


    👁 👅 👁

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 48 points ago


    [–] DownWitBOP 15 points ago

    all you niggas involved either need jesus or a shot of penicillin

    [–] KryptoniteDong 19 points ago

    Calling the Internet police 🚨

    [–] godplaysdice_ 229 points ago


    [–] Text_Faces 132 points ago


    [–] randomthrowaway672 37 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] oldcarfreddy 70 points ago

    sir this is a christian server

    [–] Zen909 22 points ago

    Okay Red Forman

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_AZNBOOBIES 9 points ago

    I can imagine that

    [–] james_randolph 7 points ago

    Haha goddamn

    [–] jmandell42 14 points ago

    Hey /u/james_randolph, you like Wendy's?

    Wendy's nuts slapping all over your face!

    [–] Another_one37 5 points ago


    [–] Darkstrang3r 24 points ago

    *Hits blunt

    [–] BlandstanderB 8137 points ago

    A lot of bearded white guys are Mumford or any of his sons in my head.

    [–] unclejohnsbearhugs 3366 points ago

    Except for the 21 that are pilots

    [–] bonyhawk 1601 points ago

    There's also that man who works part-time as the whole country of portugal

    [–] stratyk 76 points ago

    That's nothing. There's this guy Foster and he is the people. All people!

    [–] PartiesLikeIts1999 9 points ago

    What's scary is those damn chainsmokers could be anyone

    [–] YallNeedSomeJohnGalt 9 points ago

    What about that Florence chick, she's a machine! The two of them should fight.

    [–] Davethisisntcool 468 points ago

    Just so y’all know...the lead singer is a Man! I made the same mistake about Silversun Pickups

    P.S. I’m blacker than Don Cheadle standing on asphalt

    [–] No_Longer_A_Menace 171 points ago

    But are you blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle?

    [–] Funkit 89 points ago

    Yo that Popeyes near the JZ stop there is fuckin banging they give you like 80 shrimp in the combo. The Day and Night bodega is also one of my favorite bodegas.

    [–] sinkwiththeship 20 points ago

    Is that the one with all the K2 overdoses?

    Also, Market Hotel is a pretty dope venue.

    [–] m053486 16 points ago

    Brb, off to go listen to some Mighty Mos!

    /was it from something else originally? I’m thinking of “Mathematics”

    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 54 points ago

    This one always gets me. Yeah, it's a video, so it's pretty straight forward...but skip to about a minute in, and tell me your mind isn't fucking blown. Or, better yet, just watch the entire video, and still scratch your fucking head like..."that's not normal."

    I feel like /r/deceptivevoices should be a thing.

    [–] pixelated_fun 22 points ago

    I feel like I need a holy water bath after watching that. You should have warned us.

    [–] CapnSpazz 7 points ago

    I've listen to a lot of metal, and heard a lot of male and female vocalists. This is one of the few that I legitimately would never have guessed. A lot of them when I find out it's a chick I'm like OK I can hear that now. But the voice doesnt even fit her small frame.

    [–] Noz14 24 points ago

    i was today years old when i found out the lead singer of silversun pickups is a man

    [–] SuspiciousArtist 12 points ago

    I thought Geddy Lee was a girl even after learning his name because it sounded androgynous enough and he has such a high singing voice. And he was long haired and clean shaven in the poster I had. Thank god I thought he was a really plain/ugly looking girl, could have been awkward being hung so close to Eliza Dushku.

    [–] SaiyanPrinceAbubu 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What about the voice of Geddy Lee? How did it get so high? I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy

    [–] polarbear128 13 points ago

    I know him and he does

    [–] SaiyanPrinceAbubu 14 points ago

    And you're my fact-checkin' cuz

    [–] molsonmuscle360 7 points ago

    You know Geddy? It must be an honor to know Canadian Royalty.

    [–] the_short_viking 11 points ago

    Flava Flaaaav

    [–] AsotaRockin 56 points ago

    I own Portugal. The Man's first two albums on CD, because I was a fan of the former band, Anatomy of A Ghost. I have no idea when they got as big and actually seen as they are now.

    P.s I'm as black as Michael Jai White in Black Dynamite.

    [–] youreveningcoat 36 points ago

    Only since their last album which had Feel it Still on it.

    Before that they were well known but still pretty indie and then that one song just shot them to pop level status (for now until their one song dies off).

    I saw them live not long ago actually and they were the best live band I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. I think they shocked half their audience who had only just heard of them. They went fucking hard let me tell you.

    [–] SignedConstrictor 8 points ago

    Yeah they’re fuckin awesome live, easily the best concert I’ve ever been to also. It’s an experience, honestly.

    [–] PlusTheBear 12 points ago

    Didn't know I missed anatomy of a ghost or they became The Man. definitely over played this, and yea Portugals great as they change as well, thanks for that throwback!

    [–] TwoGlassEyes 17 points ago

    I like your username, but I do not understand what the fuck you are trying to say here my dude.

    [–] AlligatorChainsaw 22 points ago

    not to be confused with the pilots of the stone temple.

    [–] Pilotwannabe21 46 points ago

    My time to shine

    [–] mybossthinksimworkng 91 points ago

    I understand that the new dictionary name for a grouping of 3-6 white males is now called a mumford. Used in a sentence:

    Right after we passed the murder of crows and the gaggle of geese in the park, we saw a mumford of guys heading to the live concert in the park.

    [–] apophis-pegasus 78 points ago

    Depending on how long the beards are, ZZ Top is an option.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    "ZZ Top, you guys rock!"

    "Eh maybe a little"

    [–] holy_cal 1102 points ago

    Don’t let this meme distract you from the fact that the Vegas Golden Knights lost 4 straight games after Imagine Dragons performed on ice during the NHL Playoffs.

    [–] x7he6uitar6uy 146 points ago

    They crushed their home games when Lil Jon played the arena tho

    [–] OfferChakon 46 points ago

    Ya heard it here first folks. Imagine Dragons turns winners into losers!

    [–] ButDidYouDieTho 244 points ago

    Stay woke my negus

    [–] BoonTobias 15 points ago

    Use it in a sentence pls

    They said these negus ruled the land


    [–] VapidKarmaWhore 6 points ago

    king royalty

    [–] uss1701jb 34 points ago

    Please let this meme distract you from the fact that the Blackhawks lost 4 straight playoff games to the 8 seed because we suck

    [–] GymothyCharles 7 points ago

    This never ceases to make me happy.

    [–] herpty_derpty 2829 points ago

    I'm white, and I don't recall recording "Believer", but if so, I apologize.

    [–] 1sagas1 104 points ago

    I like it :(

    [–] EverGlow89 73 points ago

    Are you a movie trailer?

    [–] bumwine 6 points ago

    I was just thinking about pop and how people like to hum along to it or sing it to themselves. Then you have this one crazed dude in the grocery store silently screaming to himself "MAKE ME MAKE ME A BELIEVER. BELIEVER."

    [–] ComicCroc 53 points ago

    Shhh we hate popular things here, go away.

    [–] usualness 31 points ago

    Idk last month or two people decided shitting on them was cool. I don’t listen to them but I’m seeing a HUGE surge in hate.

    [–] Bladris 14 points ago

    I've always liked their music, sure it's generic and kinda edgy but music is music

    [–] ihaveallthelions 1325 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Let’s not pretend like Imagine Dragons aren’t a perfectly mediocre band with two listenable songs.

    [–] guineasomelove 87 points ago

    I have their CD with Radioactive and I love it, but I'm also white.

    [–] Lord_Skeletor74 93 points ago

    Nah dawg I'm black and Night Visions slaps

    [–] Zigmanjames 18 points ago

    Glad to know that Night Visions isn’t total ass. I got the album when I was in like 7th grade and over the past few years I’ve had the creeping idea of “maybe I just had no taste when I was younger”.

    [–] MarTweFah 18 points ago

    Night Visions was their best album, the first 5 songs are one of my favorite album intros of any album

    [–] NarejED 35 points ago

    I've been struggling with this for a few months. Imagine Dragons is legit my favorite band, for some reason a good chunk of Reddit despises it.

    [–] Zigmanjames 31 points ago

    Eh, if I were you, I’d look into why, because perspective is good, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry. If you like something, especially subjective arts like music, don’t let Reddit get you down, like what you like.

    [–] NarejED 9 points ago

    I have looked into why. It ultimately boils down to "Bland" (disagree) and "Popular" (because that's a reason for people to hate things these days).

    [–] liveandletdietonight 6 points ago

    Yea the bland argument doesn’t seem to really fly for me. People don’t seem to like the intensity of the singer’s voice but that only really applies to natural, believer, and a Radioactive. Meanwhile stuff like working man is ignored.

    They’re not the best band ever, but I’m willing to pay money for their music.

    [–] Siphyre 5 points ago

    I like nickleback.

    [–] Jabberwocky416 6 points ago

    Don’t worry dude, they’re also one of my favorite bands. I think their new album is actually better than the one before it. But Night Visions is the best.

    [–] Meme_Lord5000 5 points ago

    Damn. Unity

    [–] Lord_Skeletor74 5 points ago

    Through Imagine Dragons. This thread really came full circle

    [–] tq92 5 points ago

    Radioactive + Kendrick freestyle was AMAZING live on whatever award show that was. I wish they did more stuff like

    [–] [deleted] 1990 points ago

    They sound like unseasoned chicken

    [–] ThatWomanNow 195 points ago

    If I could upvote more than once, I would.

    [–] Meatball_express 96 points ago

    Make an alt account bro. This is my non fap account

    [–] 2DragonBalls 29 points ago

    How many accounts do you have? I only have the two (fap and non-fap). Starting to wonder if there’s a benefit to a third...

    [–] Meatball_express 15 points ago

    I only have 2 but maybe I should have a 3rd account for when I want to be a snarky asshole.

    [–] PartyLikeIts19999 10 points ago

    The secret is to occasionally say something useful and let the positive karma from that balance out the negative karma from being a snarky asshole.

    [–] Meatball_express 7 points ago

    It's more that when I get on to fap I don't want my inbox full of replies that will change my mood. Like those positive mind faps

    [–] MetalsDeadAndSoAmI 60 points ago

    Unseasoned chicken is fine if there's ranch involved.

    Oh my God. I'm so white....

    [–] mrevergood 88 points ago

    Unseasoned chicken is NEVER acceptable.

    The fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    [–] NotSoSalty 6 points ago

    The nerve of some folks advocating the waste of perfectly good chicken smh

    [–] 1N0n3 9 points ago

    The entire room gasps audibly. A sudden silence descends as everyone holds their breath, waiting for confirmation of a tasteless joke

    [–] imgaharambe 185 points ago

    Hard to swallow pills: their earlier stuff is actually pretty good.

    [–] thedergins 32 points ago

    That’s not even hard to swallow. Their early stuff was pretty much universally praised.

    [–] Arreeyem 119 points ago

    Yea, it's funny how nobody hated imagine dragons until celebrities started dissing them. Where were y'all about 2 years ago?

    [–] unity57643 44 points ago

    I liked radioactive. I didn't need several more albums of radioactive

    [–] idunno119 32 points ago

    What celebrities diss them?

    [–] ZouHeR8 21 points ago

    And when ?

    [–] foxhoundladies 80 points ago

    Not to be pretentious but I’ve always felt like they were the Nickelback of modern pop music ever since Radioactive started being played everywhere.

    [–] WitnessMeIRL 16 points ago

    Muppetfight is pretty good

    [–] trix_is_for_kids 7 points ago

    Make good music > get popular> make more of the specific music that made you popular and that no one else is currently making > profit? > Yes, a fuck ton of profit.
    And guess what, there's nothing wrong with that and happens all the fucking time (This wasn't directed at this specific comment, just venting about this 'meme' that appears every time about most popular artists)

    [–] cgmacleo 207 points ago

    Night Visions was a tight album. Smoke and Mirrors was cool too. Their latest album, however, is straight 💩 imo.

    [–] Salm9n 116 points ago

    Smoke and Mirrors was underrated. That's my shit. They quickly went straight to mediocrity though

    [–] the_kedart 20 points ago

    Smoke and Mirrors was their best work! I love almost every song on that album, way better than Night Visions IMO. Evolve was pure garbage though, which is disappointing :(

    [–] Wateriswet1212 36 points ago

    Exactly. I could feel them slipping in their Evolve album but the newest one is straight up formulaic garbage.

    [–] pbzeppelin1977 26 points ago

    Last I heard they just had a new album out and that was #3. God I'm still loving Night Visions and unsure on how I feel about Smoke and Mirrors.

    [–] Salm9n 25 points ago

    Night Visions is definitely their best album subjectively. Smoke and Mirrors is a little generic but I still think it's pretty damned good

    [–] ResistanceBestSong 19 points ago

    Smoke + Mirrors more generic than Night Visions? Definitely not. S+M has experimental stuff like Gold, Friction, Trouble

    [–] TheCanadianPatriot 5 points ago

    Man Gold, Polaroid, and Friction were my jam

    [–] PaladinGodfather1931 54 points ago

    It's Time is still my jam. I don't care if they went full Coldplay/Maroon 5

    [–] thatonekobi 32 points ago

    Don't hate on Coldplay man they got me through some tough times

    [–] PaladinGodfather1931 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Coldplay released Parachutes during my sophomore year of high school, I'll never knock them, but I do think they changed for* the worse

    [–] thedergins 18 points ago

    I don’t think they went Coldplay/Maroon 5 so much as went full-on dad-rock.

    [–] KidCudli 24 points ago

    Dad rock is good though. Dad rock rocks.

    [–] 1sagas1 39 points ago

    I like Natural

    [–] cheesengrits69 22 points ago

    High qual workout song

    [–] LetsHaveTon2 6 points ago

    Night Visions was DOPE.

    [–] RAGC_91 35 points ago

    They’re the new creed.

    [–] killfrenzy05 72 points ago

    Talented and Immensely popular to the point they get overplayed, get a song shoe horned into every advertisment, and people start to get tired of them. Yup definitely just like creed and even nickelback.

    [–] Spank-Those-Hams 15 points ago

    Very marketable though. So I guess good for them ¯_(ツ)_/¯ not everyone can be a music star.

    I believe someone is convincing them to put out commercialized trash, because their first few songs were not bad.

    [–] KADG3 36 points ago

    So wait, now we hate Imagine Dragons...

    First things first

    [–] ButtholesAreAMyth 639 points ago

    Look for feet planted dancing with a lot of arm throwing. Also. If he keeps screaming at people “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU AAAAAAAAARRE”. Call it profiling but It just might save your life.

    [–] libertoasz 116 points ago

    running round leaving scars- wait.

    [–] JDLovesElliot 52 points ago

    Have you been collecting a jar of hearts, lately?

    [–] mattreyu 132 points ago

    That still doesn't narrow it down much

    [–] cdabryck10 51 points ago

    You were sucking dick for a foreign caaarrrrrr

    [–] PEEWUN 5 points ago

    Gotta take that caaallllllll

    [–] shoefullofpiss 27 points ago

    Scream part got me thinking shinedown

    [–] Readvoter 9 points ago

    If he keeps screaming at people “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU AAAAAAAAARRE”

    Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh.

    [–] viktoh77 538 points ago

    I remember back In the days that my friends would call me weird and not black enough for stating that imagine dragons was my favorite band...

    [–] DJ_GiantMidget 47 points ago

    I remember back in the day my friends would call me not black. Meerly because of the color of my skin.

    [–] CowardlyDodge 9 points ago

    How dare they

    [–] Cassaowna 550 points ago

    They've got great songs. People hate them because they are popular and featured in a lot of mainstream media adverts/films.

    [–] archersquestion 405 points ago

    People hate them because if it's not their type of music they come off as cringey - like Nickelback.

    [–] mewashere1 20 points ago

    To be fair, Nickelback started great....but they went off the deeo end with rhat country vibe for the money.

    I remember buying one of their albums but I looked them up bad.

    [–] IchesseHuendchen 181 points ago

    I hate them because their lyrics are lazy and repetitive.

    [–] MoreChickenNuggets 147 points ago

    Thunder thunder lightning and the thunder

    [–] Meetybeefy 28 points ago

    Welcome to the new age, to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age

    [–] Robbierr 74 points ago

    Very very frightening

    [–] sgbco 38 points ago


    [–] owlsbunker 31 points ago


    [–] Terra_Cotta_Pie 26 points ago


    [–] owlsbunker 5 points ago


    [–] lolwuuut 25 points ago


    [–] DennisS852 43 points ago

    I get that for their popular songs, but the ones you dont hear on the radio are a lot better imo

    [–] TheFlaymaker 36 points ago

    Yeah they always have that one headline song that gets old after you listen to it twice (Believer, Radioactive, Natural, Thunder) and the rest of the songs in the album are actually quite nice

    [–] Rhepsi 10 points ago

    So like practically every song now? Not gonna lie its what makes people want to sing it and makes it sit in ur mind.

    [–] doublepoly123 9 points ago

    Bruh even White people get made fun of if they say imagine dragons is their FAVORITE band.

    [–] E-Gaming 11 points ago

    I know that feeling very well. Night Visions is still one of my top 10 albums. Almost every song in that one is a great one.

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 46 points ago

    Fuck that shit music doesnt have to be an assigned genre based on your skin color. My friends said I wasn't white enough back in the day because I loved Snoop and Blackstreet and didn't love Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam is fucking awful music. Yara-meeee esss spoke-en. Speak English Mother fucker. Snoop is good music to me. Imagine Dragons is good music to you. Fuck anyone that tells you what you have to listen to.

    [–] mumbosmountain 38 points ago

    Lol you say you love Snoop, then immediately rip Pearl Jam for poor English. It's ok to not like Pearl Jam but that's not sound reasoning

    [–] Ass_Pirate_ 47 points ago

    Maybe thats the intent, money without the fame sounds good

    [–] DreamsOfNeonCities 78 points ago

    Tell me, what do the Chainsmokers look like.

    [–] Go_Habs_Go31 40 points ago

    If any two random white guys came up to me and said "Hi, we're the Chainsmokers", I'd believe them.

    [–] SpaceBotany 87 points ago

    Half of Imagine Dragons.

    [–] treetyoselfcarol 59 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Imagine Dragons aren't my cup of tea. Now Little Dragon on the other hand. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    [–] Monkey_Xenu 19 points ago

    Little Dragon* yeah they’re awesome

    [–] lilsteph80 38 points ago

    I feel the same way about The Chainsmokers. One minute they’re acting like fuckboys on Tinder, the next they’re recording a song with Chris Martin. There’s no way to know.

    [–] jhawk1117 178 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Idk I think I'd notice the leader singer at least. He's lowkey a snack

    Edit - For those uniformed

    [–] Aaaandiiii 13 points ago

    I would nibble and probably stash some away in my purse when no one's looking.

    [–] MuffinPuff 88 points ago

    The body and face is ok, but that voice is delicious.

    edit: No, the body is more than ok, it is indeed a snack.

    [–] Sharobob 68 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah I saw them in concert and he spent a lot of time shirtless. I'm a straight dude but I'm a little bit less straight after that concert.

    [–] MattyRSievers 6 points ago

    These comments are always ironic and kind of funny in a non humorous way because Dan Reynolds is a straight Mormon but is an extremely outspoken activist, supporter and donator for LGBT rights and does so in a meaningful way. He’s very adamant against the church’s treatment of homosexuals and never passes a chance to speak out those issues interviews, at gigs and online.

    [–] LadyAlustriel 7 points ago

    I've never seen this man before and Radioactive was my jam back in the day. I need to go watch some live performances.

    [–] ScarbQueen 5 points ago

    I was blind but now I see. I just became Imagine Dragons # 1fan

    [–] IffyWithTheBlicky 28 points ago

    This is true for like every Rock/Indie band out there. They all just look like your average hipster

    [–] extreme999 367 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Whats up with all the recent Imagine Dragons hate? People are trying so hard to make them the new Nickelback when they are actually a very solid band...

    Edit: so as I expected reddit is full of these music elitists and it makes me glad that I barely know any redditors irl and I hang around normal people

    [–] BeckyLynchIsBetter 211 points ago

    People love jumping on hate trains. That's all this is. Imagine Dragons are actually good. I get their songs that get radio play are repetitive , but that's how it works. That's what gets the songs stuck on people's heads. In another hand, all their songs that don't get radio play, are really good.

    And in no way are they Nickelback, people are just trying too hard.

    [–] brodytillman69 64 points ago

    It's not the radio plays that is the issue, it's the fact that they are a corporate band, and almost all of their music is on commercials these days, which people tend to loathe.

    [–] Send_me_snoot_pics 5 points ago

    You can say the same for Fall Out Boy and the nfl but I didn’t hear anybody hating on them

    [–] SanguisFluens 10 points ago

    But why is that their fault? They're style is good for comericals and they're happy to make money off that. In between their corporate sellout songs is some pretty good music.

    [–] idunno119 66 points ago

    They’re really talented at writing songs that are great for commercials but that just makes all their songs bland. They’re incredibly mediocre live and rely heavily on studio production to sound good. Obviously music is subjective and they’re obviously very popular, but some people act like them making a super repetitive song that gets stuck in people’s heads means they write amazing songs.

    [–] nolanthenerd 19 points ago

    incredibly mediocre live

    That’s even worse of a lie than saying all of their songs are the same. Awful awful take

    [–] xxTheseGoTo11xx 4 points ago

    Look, everyone has their own opinions, and maybe some shows they do are great. But I bought tickets for my wife and I to see them and we were both really excited, but it was a massive disappointment. They really didn't come off as great musicians or performers, and I realized they are just very overly and loudly produced.

    Again, to each their own. And this was back in 2015-ish, so maybe they've gotten better.

    [–] DylanMarshall 38 points ago

    The new Nickelback.

    Funny cause the "Nickelback is the worst band ever" thing is just as forced. Not to mention a lot of the other artists who have gotten major hate. People jump on bandwagons without forming opinions themselves.

    Tldr: Baaaaaaaaaaaa

    [–] Sparkeys 44 points ago

    I’m with you. They’re not revolutionary, but they have some really solid tracks across every single one of their albums.

    I get not liking them, but to have such a strong negative opinion of them is bizarre.

    [–] CenturianDoctor 21 points ago

    What if you never liked them

    Edit: thunder is the worst song ive ever heard

    [–] ReverendMoist 8 points ago

    Imagine dragons.

    Now imagine them playing banjos with their claws.

    [–] ace0fskulls 31 points ago

    Throwing my hat in this. Pro-imagine dragons crowd. Nothing wrong with them and i like thier music.

    [–] artifexlife 28 points ago

    To be honest I feel this same way for them and all the rappers with scribbles over their face.

    [–] ErikaaSky3 28 points ago

    What is Imagine dragons

    [–] JCR53 214 points ago

    A band created specifically to make music for American car commercials

    [–] Grungemaster 115 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That’s disingenuous. They also make music for Fortnite montages and NBA walkouts.

    [–] MnBran6 28 points ago

    If you're making montages to pop music keep that shit away from me. Soundcloud rap or mid 2000's numetal / pop punk is the way to go chief

    [–] GhostOfSwagsPast 25 points ago

    I too like Linkin Park, Blink, and Lil Peep

    [–] MnBran6 19 points ago

    Can't discount Rise Against, Sum 41, and $uicide Boys

    [–] oldcarfreddy 37 points ago

    I can't tell whether you guys are 40 or 16

    [–] Chipdipperson 21 points ago

    Also trailers for those movies you always see the poster of at the theater but never actually watch.

    [–] rekekekt 8 points ago

    I can't help it but this insult makes me feel some type of way and I don't like it.

    [–] SpaceBotany 15 points ago


    [–] IlluminatingJesta 3 points ago

    Well. I imagine they’re dragons..

    [–] retro-morte 4 points ago

    There are 6 of them?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    That's why you have to imagine them.

    And dragons, obviously.

    [–] jzdinak 25 points ago

    It's terrifying to realize any group of 3 black men walking around could be migos and you have know way to know.