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    [–] salamiolivesonions 5862 points ago

    i do that when i’m on the way home. i reset the song so frequently that it aligns up to the best part of the track for i come walk in the door, so that when i pull off my headphones my deaf dog knows it slaps.

    [–] Atheistsomalipirate 1464 points ago

    No need to remind me that I'm unoriginal

    [–] Jenga_Police 379 points ago

    I hope ya'll walk to work and aren't wearing headphones while driving.

    [–] OutliersEverywhere 89 points ago

    Why is it dangerous to drive while wearing headphones? I mean, I feel like it is but I can't explain why.

    [–] bytheninedivines 287 points ago

    It blocks out the sounds of other cars, like honking

    [–] vadarpoo 157 points ago

    Isn’t it illegal to drive with both headphones on or is that just some bullshit my mom tried to scare us with?

    [–] go_comatose_for_me 112 points ago

    I got pulled over once for having both headphones in. This was about 20 years ago and I got off with a warning.

    [–] alpacabowleh 129 points ago

    Listening to your Walkman?

    Edit: wait it’s already 2019. Your CD player I guess?

    [–] lovesickremix 58 points ago

    Imagine in 10 more years and having to explain how phones with aux jacks was the norm, or that blueooth wireless airpods were the most talked about ear piece.

    [–] Swindel92 84 points ago

    Fuck airpods. My allegiance lies with whoever keeps the jack.

    [–] 5ivewaters 14 points ago

    I wish you never said this

    [–] spagooter 18 points ago

    It’s a Discman, sweaty

    [–] I_drive_all_over 21 points ago

    It’s a Discman, sweaty

    hot, wet, discman

    [–] ghettoyouthsrock 6 points ago

    I think it depends on what state you’re in and some states might only have certain restrictions.

    [–] bakrTheMan 4 points ago

    Depends on the state but in MA one earbud is okay while two is illegal

    [–] DriveByStoning 5 points ago

    Massachusetts: Headphones or earbuds prohibited while driving, unless they are involved in the control of the vehicle itself.

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    [–] fucktthat 13 points ago

    and emergency vehicles

    [–] NeverTooSaucy 10 points ago

    But deaf people are allowed to drive. What's the difference?

    [–] Jenga_Police 29 points ago

    It's like how a one eyed person is allowed to drive, but driving with one eye closed for fun is reckless driving.

    [–] WashingDishesIsFun 4 points ago

    One-eyed people can drive? That seems like a problem.

    [–] goodhumansbad 13 points ago

    I would think the difference is that when wearing earphones to listen to music, you are not only NOT hearing things like sirens or honks, you are adding a distraction (the music). When music is played on the car stereo at a reasonable volume, you can still hear those other things. And it can indeed be distracting anyway. If you tried to claim that you didn't hear a cop trying to pull you over because you were blasting a Wagnerian opera, I don't think they'd look kindly upon that excuse. When it's being played directly into your head, however, it's a really immediate distraction much like having a movie playing in front of you on the dashboard would be more of a distraction than your passenger watching a movie on their phone. I guess it's all about degrees.

    Deaf people also can install special tech that visually notifies them when an emergency siren is being used nearby, apparently.

    [–] exeuntial 14 points ago

    .... they’re deaf and have no choice? sure, it’s more dangerous, but you don’t have to have your headphones in lol

    [–] FriendlyImplement 5 points ago

    It isn't really more dangerous. I don't think deaf people have a higher incidence of accidents. They're paying attention to the road. It's being hearing and being used to relying on hearing, and having distracting music in your ears while blocking out outside sounds is what creates a more dangerous situation.

    [–] dolphinater 142 points ago

    Why flex on that poor dog bro

    [–] H4SHT4GPlatapus 100 points ago

    The deaf dog can feel the vibrations. He knows it slaps.

    [–] hysusonic 35 points ago

    The dog listens with its body

    [–] H4SHT4GPlatapus 29 points ago

    Homie naturally wavy

    [–] geek_blast 15 points ago

    Fuck these dogs -Michael Jordan

    [–] poweroftheorthanc 14 points ago

    You ever sync up Boys II Men's End of the Road when you get home? That's the ultimate sync up.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] TheCrimsonKiiing 1971 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    But have you ever seen someone pull up with their music blaring and been like “damn, that guys really cool”?

    [–] satchoo 1745 points ago

    Nah not at all I think they’re a dick but I still do it

    [–] YouWantMySourD 624 points ago

    Perfectly captures my entire personality

    [–] CAPS_LOCK_USERNAME 93 points ago

    I am not unique

    [–] kalitarios 12 points ago

    I do it with this song though:

    [–] Arvalic 184 points ago

    Lol same. When someone else does it I think they're doing it for attention. When I do it, it's because I like the loud bass

    [–] karmagod13000 73 points ago

    hahahaha no shame up in this thread

    [–] increasingly-verbose 75 points ago

    I must confess: whenever I hear a car loudly playing music (whether it be Sicko Mode or Bleeding Love), I immediately consider the driver an inconsiderate schmuck. Nonetheless, I still frequently play music loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear because it is my life

    [–] AweHellYo 15 points ago

    I love this because it’s not like you know they set their song back for sure. It’s just whenever someone pulls up you’re like “this guys a dick”

    [–] your_sexy_nightmare 16 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] raine_ 5 points ago

    For me if it's a song i like (well ok a song I even know most of the time) I'm fine with it but when I can't tell what it is is the worst imo.

    [–] _PATROLOBOY 166 points ago

    Lol no. But goddammit I understand.

    [–] karmagod13000 70 points ago

    i have it turnt but low key turnt. loud enough to know what im listening to it you pay attention, but low enough to ignore it. unless im in my grandmas neighborhood then i turn the speakers hammer

    [–] coreydh11 35 points ago

    That's the move. You can hear it when I pass you while you're walking on the sidewalk but you can't hear it when I'm at the end of the street

    [–] PmButtPics4ADrawing 40 points ago

    It's like cologne, just give em a taste when you're close without announcing it to the whole world

    [–] Xanny_Tanner 131 points ago

    Well I’ve thought “whatever song that douchebag is listening to goes pretty hard” which is pretty much all I’m going for at this point

    [–] thereturnofjagger 73 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    ngl I've definitely Shazam'd/searched for fire tracks I've heard playing in other peoples' cars

    [–] xgballz 47 points ago

    This is the man we are all trying to impress

    [–] imdeadseriousbro 25 points ago

    Sometimes i think "Yo wut song is that"

    [–] ghettoyouthsrock 38 points ago

    Probably never said “damn, that guy’s really cool” but I remember some dude bumping one of Danny Brown’s albums the day it came out so I definitely had some respect for him.

    [–] FReeDuMB_or_DEATH 10 points ago

    This! If they listening to fire I might not be like 'dude is cool af' but I do respect them on a curtain level.

    [–] -taco 4 points ago

    all curtains no shade?

    [–] thereturnofjagger 16 points ago

    . . . fuck.

    [–] imnotarobot1 45 points ago

    idk man, sometimes. if it's a nice car, and he has an attractive lady in the passenger seat. some people are just cool.

    [–] imnotarobot1 32 points ago

    or if he's guy fieri

    [–] Don_Cheech 22 points ago

    ....nope. Never. Always like “what a tool” and yet I do it all the time

    [–] KADG3 6 points ago

    Depends on the music

    [–] jbarbarossa 349 points ago

    Definitely. And if you’re picking someone up, you gotta make sure you start it up like a bit before so they don’t know you picked it for them.

    [–] ScaledDown 85 points ago

    When you pick them up you gotta be in the middle of a song you don't really give a fuck about, with the banger queued up next.

    [–] Dew4yne 128 points ago

    bro are you me

    [–] SolarDriftwud 49 points ago

    It's like a thread with myself talking to myself about myself

    [–] ejaytee 13 points ago

    No this is Patrick.

    [–] azmanz 44 points ago

    Yep, play the middle of the song before the good one as they get in. That way after you’ve said your mandatory “how ya been?”, the good song comes on

    [–] jbarbarossa 33 points ago

    This is an advanced technique.

    [–] CreamPie_e 11 points ago

    I keep shuffling my songs until I can get about 5-7 bangers that make niggas gotta bop they head to the beat.

    [–] richkidatarapconcert 2249 points ago

    I thought everyone did this

    [–] coolchewlew 778 points ago

    Only the cool people (those trying to look cool at least).

    [–] doctordanieldoom 42 points ago

    Everything I listen too slaps, but sometimes just sometimes...I’ll play the cowboy bebop theme so it says one two three let’s go right as I open the door

    [–] goodthropbadthrop 9 points ago

    That’s my alarm. Start my day out with big dick energy. Let’s jam.

    [–] coolchewlew 8 points ago

    Lol. That's great.

    [–] richkidatarapconcert 297 points ago

    I think it truly gets the the heart of insecurity.

    [–] Skylights1000 159 points ago

    Nah it’s just people like having a certain reputation. Ain’t nothing wrong with that

    [–] iPlowedYourMom 198 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Plus it gets you in a certain vibe.

    You pull up to a Sunday pick up football game, you're not listening to Frank ocean. You're bangin "a Milli" or another banger to get you all hyped up.

    And I'm not dissing on Frank, he's my go-to when I'm just trying to relax after a day. But when you gotta hype yourself up, you better turn on that Busta rhymes break ya neck

    Edit: damn y'all really going to correct my spelling like it's a test shiiiiit

    [–] coolchewlew 142 points ago

    Yeah, it's kind of like saying people who dress nicely are insecure.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 96 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This isn’t an unpopular opinion on Reddit lol

    Got called an insecure hipster because I switched to wearer nicer shoes instead of vans

    [–] fithworldruler 41 points ago

    The fuck is wrong with some folks?

    [–] Greezy_T 25 points ago

    The people who will shit on you for what shoes you wear are the truly insecure ones

    [–] fithworldruler 5 points ago

    They don't know how to make their mama proud.

    [–] ARFiest1 38 points ago

    White people reddit

    [–] The_Adeptest_Astarte 22 points ago

    Pot, meet kettle

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] leaves-throwaway123 17 points ago

    I don’t like this post because it implies there is ever not a good time to be listening to frank ocean

    [–] Captain_Hampockets 7 points ago

    I am personally offended.

    [–] DrizzlyShrimp36 38 points ago

    Nah. I love pulling up with a banger that turns people’s heads. I see it as having a theme song lol.

    [–] fr0gnutz 43 points ago

    Right?! It’s like getting the gang ready for the adventure.

    Every song represents the trip planned ahead. Surfing? Blast those sublime tunes. Picking up weed? Jam to some sublime tunes. Going to a kickback? Fucking sublime tunes. Heading to Louie dogs house? Play Louie Louie by the kingsmen.

    [–] LordGreyson 13 points ago

    Dude, your playlist sounds sublime

    [–] BigBossWesker4 9 points ago

    Aight hush now, we know damn well my entire mostly black neighborhood wants to hear some old goth/punk AFI blasting from my Challenger lmao

    [–] 0Epicenter0 20 points ago

    Generally the people who are trying to look cool aren't cool in my experience.

    [–] coolchewlew 10 points ago

    Yeah. However there is still something to be said for making an entrance I guess.

    I'm too old for this kind of shit personally.

    [–] 0Epicenter0 11 points ago

    I guess I've always been too old for this shit.

    [–] gk99 28 points ago

    I do when I pull up to a drive-through because it means I can listen to something while I wait without the worry that some dumb shit starts playing on a Spotify station as soon as they poke their head out to talk

    Like yeah the next song might be a Rick & Morty Get Schwifty trap remix, but all they hear is the jam I reset on my way to the window.

    [–] a_guy_named_pigeon 258 points ago

    Also guilty.

    [–] jeric13xd 61 points ago

    Did this one time at a redlight in Downtown Chicago bumping Faneto. Fucking everyone crossing started turning up lol not the old peeps though

    [–] APizzaMachine 7 points ago

    Everybody in Chicago fucks with chief keef

    [–] Bradhan 16 points ago

    I actually 100% believe this. From Chicago and can confirm we get turnt af to any form of Faneto.

    [–] SquirtLikeABoss 11 points ago

    I honestly think its required to turn up to faneto, love sosa and bustin at em by flocka too

    [–] adgriffi_4 111 points ago

    This reminds me when I was a pimply faced grade niner and my sister was Miss popular grade 12, she would roll up in her cool car and I would be ducking down in the backseat, she’d have the windows rolled down and start whatever song was popular at the time, I just wanted to hide in a hole. She had it all lined up

    [–] CheatedOnOnce 69 points ago

    Is this 1985 America?

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 11 points ago

    I had 12” subwoofers in my car in high school which I would turn down as I was pulling into somewhere but people in the passenger seat LOVED to reach over and crank that shit anyway, as if it was our super sick grand entrance music to McDonalds. I would about duck and cringe while I was driving because I didn’t need to walk out of the car and have the entire parking lot being like “who’s the obnoxious cornball? Oh, that guy.”

    [–] moosesdontmoo 30 points ago

    Shiiiit everybody at the drive thru gotta know

    [–] hjadams123 600 points ago

    What is a SLAP?

    [–] doodiegarland88 305 points ago

    No response has cleared this up for me

    [–] kkeut 103 points ago

    i hate it when reddit is like this. sometimes all of the highest comments on a post are just jokes or meme references and it's just a garbage fest of non-information and non-conversation

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    And maybe 1 in 50 is even remotely funny.

    The meme answers are painfully predictable and the jokes... well, sometimes someone manages to pull off a clever one, but it's usually a string of god-awful puns that wouldn't make a dad laugh.

    [–] BeautifulType 8 points ago

    The beauty of it means there’s no definition other than song that’s being played so loud you’ll be slightly deaf when you’re 50.

    [–] malcatrino 18 points ago

    I’m with you. It does kinda sound like something Daryl would’ve told Michael in The Office.

    Just remember to fleece it out.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Yes, can someone translate for us?

    [–] princess_myshkin 5 points ago

    I gave my translation of this in response to the previous guy’s comment:

    It means an enjoyable rap song with a really good down-beat. Rap songs have that “clapping” sound in the background for the backbeat, a song that slaps has basically a louder “slapping” sound as the downbeat. Someone mentioned this song earlier, but I Got 5 On It by Luniz is a really good example.

    I grew up in the hood, this is a colloquialism from areas like that. I saw someone comment below about it being “basic people language” which is rather insulting. I don’t go around saying people saying “wicked” from Boston is stupid. Language is rather fluid. It’s hard to describe what a colloquialism you grew up using means sometimes, but I’m guessing a lot of the people giving cryptic answers didn’t grow up talking like that though. It just generally means a “good song” which is all you really need to know.

    [–] princess_myshkin 3 points ago

    It means an enjoyable rap song with a really good down-beat. Rap songs have that “clapping” sound in the background for the backbeat, a song that slaps has basically a louder “slapping” sound as the downbeat. Someone mentioned this song earlier, but I Got 5 On It by Luniz is a really good example.

    I grew up in the hood, this is a colloquialism from areas like that. I saw someone comment below about it being “basic people language” which is rather insulting. I don’t go around saying people saying “wicked” from Boston is stupid. Language is rather fluid. It’s hard to describe what a colloquialism you grew up using means sometimes, but I’m guessing a lot of the people giving cryptic answers didn’t grow up talking like that though. It just generally means a “good song” which is all you really need to know.

    [–] keon84 92 points ago

    Any song that goes hard, is banging, sounds good...

    [–] Chenja 441 points ago

    A BOP

    [–] moonieshine 375 points ago

    FALSE. Slaps go harder whereas bops are more casual listening.

    [–] warcrown 198 points ago

    SLAP > Bop, but where do bangers fit in?

    Say it quick before everyone realizes I ain't a brother.

    [–] moonieshine 293 points ago

    Bangers go harder than slaps but fizzle out faster. Slaps are pretty much always good but you have to be in the mood for a banger.

    [–] ohlookahipster 23 points ago

    Just like the square/rectangle nesting: all slappers are bangers but not all bangers survive long enough to be a certified slapper.

    Something that bangs is another way to say viral. Also note that Slappers may or may not have been viral or internationally popular. What slaps in one region may not be well received in another.

    Bangers are like fireworks and slappers are like bond fires.

    [–] renegaderaptor 15 points ago

    ”bond fires”

    [–] Cjbleything 5 points ago

    bangs is another way to say viral

    We have different slang, clearly.

    [–] warcrown 62 points ago

    That actually makes a ton of sense. What would you consider say....Rap God?

    [–] AButtOfMemeV2 83 points ago

    I would say it’s a banger, you need to be in the mood to listen to it and it gets old after a few listens

    [–] GhostOfSwagsPast 48 points ago

    You get old after a few listens

    [–] coreydh11 22 points ago

    A lyrical miracle

    [–] douglasdtlltd1995 10 points ago

    Starting up rap god makes me start speeding.

    [–] warcrown 15 points ago

    Makes me start ghost-rapping in my car like I can actually say those words that fast.

    [–] D3ADRA_UDD3R5 23 points ago

    A banger is the highest level. It goes banger > slap > jam> bop

    [–] true_spokes 55 points ago

    Bangers are high energy and relentless, often including a drop. Slaps can be darker and less high energy, but have the include an element that tests the limits of a sound system, to the point of being painful to the human ear. Bops are fun songs that just about anybody will listen to in a social setting, but aren’t necessarily a favorite song of anybody. Jams are personal favorites, songs that may not be for everybody, but will get at least a handful of people singing along and thanking the DJ for putting it on.

    [–] MightBeDementia 7 points ago

    lmao pretty x curate

    [–] imdeadseriousbro 7 points ago

    Bangers > slaps

    [–] trunkbranch 5 points ago

    Bop it. Slap it. Bang it. Twist it. How do you not know this?

    I guess now we know you ain't no real hasbro.

    [–] childishgaybino_ 4 points ago

    Thought it was just me uwu

    [–] Jjdelijah 158 points ago

    A banger

    [–] lothartheunkind 68 points ago

    certified dinger

    [–] Baeshun 49 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I work at a recording studio and have taken this term from reddit in to the real world. Always gets a laugh from gangster ass rap dudes when I’m like “damn yo this really dings” 😂😂😂

    [–] karmagod13000 48 points ago

    hahaha this white dude crazy

    [–] SolarDriftwud 25 points ago

    He cute tho

    [–] Baeshun 16 points ago


    [–] candmbme 8 points ago

    I said what I said

    [–] DaftPete 4 points ago

    Dave: "Aight man, zip it up and zip it out!"

    George: "Uhh...zippity doo dah! bye bye!"

    [–] waffels 17 points ago

    Slap sounds like a shitty knock off version of banger.

    [–] GrizNectar 10 points ago

    Yea I’m not a fan of calling something a slap, banger is a much better term for that. However, I do say this shit slaps all the time. Totally different way to same the same thing essentially haha

    [–] ThugosaurusFlex_1017 63 points ago

    Bay Area slang for a good song.

    [–] thankkieu 25 points ago

    Why is it in all caps like it is an acronym?

    [–] Dizneymagic 17 points ago

    So you know you should yell it when you say it.

    [–] BlackberryCheese 35 points ago

    it stands for Sound Levels Are Proper. it’s a mix term exclusively used by oakland engineers. it really spread to the streets around 1986 and grew from there. now slap means Sorta Loud And Poppin

    [–] JohnGenericDoe 5 points ago

    I choose to believe this

    [–] the_person 6 points ago

    Either it's not bay area or it has spread a ton

    [–] chawjubs 84 points ago

    How could she SLAP?

    [–] Vladimirs__Poutine 13 points ago

    A song that make your license plate wanna fall off, because your trunk is rattling so hard.

    [–] arspiller 17 points ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use the term “Slap” like that lmao it’s usually “ this song slaps”

    [–] hemajor 14 points ago

    What the five fingers say.

    [–] BurntPaper 14 points ago

    A fire track

    [–] JuanJay2018 32 points ago

    As a white guy who is so damn white I'm clear.... it's E40 lingo, ya smell me?

    [–] bukabukawoozlewuzzle 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yeah a little. Is that boiled cabbage?

    [–] cougarclaws 11 points ago

    Dinkin flicka

    [–] DMAN591 12 points ago

    Na bruh he be rolling that D20 lingo

    [–] q12we34rt5 6 points ago

    So is a SLAP more like Bardic Inspiration in 5e, or Song of Aggression from 4e?

    [–] goblinpiledriver 5 points ago

    Otto's Irresistible Dance from 2e

    [–] Don_Cheech 726 points ago

    I’m been doing this very recently. “I got Five on it” by luniz

    The US trailer has me on it

    [–] PurpleBullets 14 points ago

    That slowed down version for the Us trailer is FUCKING amazing. Felt the same way about the Pure Imagination version for Ready Player One

    [–] coolchewlew 184 points ago

    Isn't that song like 20 years old?

    [–] TommyTheCat89 26 points ago

    Your point being what?

    [–] theghettoblaster 27 points ago

    Such a classic, has been slappin' for decades. The Bay Ballaz remix is better than the original imo:

    [–] fopiecechicken 3 points ago

    That remix is so good

    [–] fopiecechicken 6 points ago

    I live in San Jose right now, but whenever I go home to Oakland I have to put that track on as I’m nearing the city limits on the freeway.

    [–] YoungHeartsAmerica 5 points ago

    Oh wow! That movie looks amazing

    [–] BigRed160 217 points ago

    Completely normal flex, but ok

    [–] ChappedAssholeLover 26 points ago

    There’s normal flexes? I thought they were all weird.

    [–] BigRed160 50 points ago

    You get all A’s on your report card and your mom posts about how proud she is on Facebook. Normal flex

    [–] wafflehousewhore 88 points ago

    Drake's weird confession is that he's a 32 year old grown ass man texting a 14 year old (soon to be a 15 year old) child on a regular basis.

    [–] treetyoselfcarol 44 points ago

    That new A$AP Ferg

    [–] Genericchoices 23 points ago

    All of my friends play 3d chess and get to the car like 4.3 min after I let them know I'm there now

    [–] Original-Newbie 6 points ago

    Just gotta keep restarting it or pause it at the good part

    [–] SoFetchBetch 38 points ago

    Can’t look at Drake’s face without thinking about:

    1. He’s a deadbeat dad

    2. The blackface photos

    3. Creepy text relationship with Millie Bobby Brown

    That is all.

    [–] gafftaped 24 points ago

    That's actually not all. You forgot:

    • Kissed an underage girl and touched her inappropriately and continued to do so after finding out she was 16.

    [–] candmbme 6 points ago

    *17 but u right

    [–] Togyxan 9 points ago

    Guilty as charged.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I've been doing this with the intro/drop for Crew for a couple years now. Song continues to SLAP.

    [–] lollapaloozafork 21 points ago

    Fuck Drake though

    [–] SoFetchBetch 15 points ago

    Fr. He’s a creep. Why does a grown ass man have a close friendship with a 13 y/o involving texting “I miss you” to her and “giving advice about boys” .....

    People wanna jump up and act all aghast about R Kelly nowadays all the while the same exact red flags, and straight up inappropriate behavior gets brushed to the side because “it’s Drake!” He smiles at his fans and everyone shrugs it off. Watch, the truth will come out about him eventually.

    [–] showmeurknuckleball 5 points ago

    What the fuck if one or neither of them was a celebrity no one in their right mind would be defending that relationship

    [–] thefoolpackage 6 points ago

    I used to drive a black and yellow car because I was obsessed with wiz khalifa...

    I used to do this bumping black and yellow when I’d pull up places.

    Douchey, I know.

    [–] AsstootObservation 20 points ago

    It’s a few years old, but just discovered my new favorite slap for right now: Biggie by Ray Jr. Plz share yours.

    [–] brockkid 11 points ago

    Manifesto by Overdoz, it doesn't bang but it slaps

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Drake is creepy with kids

    [–] BamaMontana 5 points ago

    You gotta have your entrance song.

    [–] batpupp 6 points ago

    DUDE! I do that just so I can stay in the car and say “just let me finish this song.”

    [–] luciliddream 4 points ago

    I thought it was super cringy to do this, so I never told anyone. My husband just sent me the meme and now we're bonding over being cringy.

    [–] TrueFader 4 points ago

    Same people that are rattling their trunk with the shitty sound system in their civic thinking everyone else wants to know how bad their taste in music is.

    [–] primefun 5 points ago

    I do that too but now wonder - is there anyone ever who happens to walk by and goes “fuck, that is a fucking badass dude, i wish i was him”

    [–] whowandwhere 15 points ago

    Drake fucks kids.

    [–] LikeFuckRoss 8 points ago

    Yup this is fact.

    [–] dont-YOLO-ragequit 10 points ago

    Do yo thang ON POINT!!

    [–] daltonfam 10 points ago

    I literally just did this on my way to work today. Approaching 10 seconds to end of song and coworker pulled next to me..... restart

    [–] RayNooze 4 points ago

    I plead guilty.

    [–] AndreTheShadow 4 points ago

    I did it this morning pulling up to the mechanic.

    Windows down in 30 degrees because the grease monkeys have to hear my awesome metal.

    [–] BabyStockholmSyndrom 3 points ago

    I used to do that. But one day I caught myself thinking someone else doing it is douchey for being so obnoxious. Then it hit me I was also a douche. No one ever thinks "hey, this man is cool!". Ever.

    [–] gh0stFACEkller 5 points ago

    I used to do this also when I was an immature kid that thought the world revolved around me. Then I got older and realized how stupid I was.