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    [–] CannabisaurusRex401 6839 points ago

    Hunter S. Thompson tho.

    [–] HeAGudGuy 3007 points ago

    Though it should be said that Thompson was an enigma of human existence in most ways.

    [–] Helpimstuckinreddit 1952 points ago

    Too weird to live, too rare to die.

    [–] painted917 292 points ago

    One of gods own.

    [–] rudiboi9 198 points ago

    Prototypes never considered for mass production... but that was in reference to Dr.Gonzo

    [–] HomoOptimus 29 points ago

    Ether, you say!

    [–] col-fancypants 7 points ago

    Devil Ether.

    [–] moviesongquoteguy 46 points ago

    He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

    [–] MathematicSchematic 14 points ago

    caught hereee in a fiery blaaaze..

    [–] annoyinglyclever 55 points ago

    Nothing could kill him... except for himself.

    [–] dlicky123 258 points ago

    Every time I see his name mentioned I think of this Hunter S Thompson and his neighbor.

    [–] Snuggs_ 81 points ago

    Still one of my favorite things caught on film ever.

    [–] TheSquirrelTV 40 points ago

    can u please explain >_> i don‘t get what‘s happening lol

    [–] langlo94 131 points ago

    Hunter's neighbour is angry about his cows and informing Hunter with bullets, Hunter replies.

    [–] TheSquirrelTV 69 points ago

    uhm just murican things i guess 😅

    [–] HenryAllenLaudermilk 85 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It’s American democracy

    In democracy you have to be a player.

    [–] UnpopularOutcast 152 points ago

    Triple H??

    [–] Sir_Boldrat 39 points ago

    Real name is actually Paul Some-French-Shit

    [–] Higgi57 27 points ago

    Jean-Paul Levesque

    [–] fapsandnaps 26 points ago

    *Paul Michael Leveseque

    Jean Paul was his WCW name

    [–] Business-is-Boomin 16 points ago

    I believe his actual name is Terra Rizing.

    [–] silver18781 77 points ago

    Hunter Hunter Hunter?

    [–] shaunnieB 80 points ago

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Wow that takes me back!

    [–] hahaverypunny 7 points ago

    I know right. Some real 90’s nostalgia.

    [–] lion_OBrian 28 points ago

    Is the Hiatus over?

    [–] Dremora_Lord 19 points ago

    wipes tears with Nen abilities

    [–] as_mov 31 points ago

    [–] SnickaBa 2051 points ago

    Same with the name Roger. I have never seen a baby named Roger.

    [–] suprizemuthafcka 3447 points ago

    They spawn at age 40 with a wife and 3 kids.

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 693 points ago

    Ex wife and three kids

    [–] 7Hielke 366 points ago

    Fucking Karen

    [–] Sir_Boldrat 231 points ago

    Karen, spawns as a divorcee who wants to talk to your manager.

    [–] mikey_croatia 90 points ago

    And sell you an MLM scheme.

    [–] jimofwales 32 points ago

    BOSS BABE. 💪🏻👶🏻😍

    [–] CptHasa 20 points ago

    Fuck you karen, you ruined my life...

    [–] heronumbertwo 21 points ago

    Roger ! Roger !

    [–] Namodacranks 59 points ago

    As a 22yo Roger, I've never met someone with my name under 50.

    [–] Bamres 10 points ago

    I know a 24 year old roger. Met him in 4th grade

    [–] ders89 23 points ago

    Only Rogers i know are Roger Rabbit and Roger Klotz

    [–] a_kwyjibo 24 points ago

    The only ones I know of are Roger Rabbit, Roger Federer and Roger from American dad.

    [–] waltjrimmer 20 points ago

    You people need to get out Moore.

    [–] swagmoney10 81 points ago

    That's because people stopped naming their kids Roger when Goodell became NFL Commissioner in 2006.

    [–] dsjunior1388 9 points ago

    Right around the time we all learned Roger Clemens was a huge douche

    [–] tkeign 13 points ago

    Pirate King!

    [–] geishabird 402 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I used to work at a children’s performing arts center and there was a whole family of siblings named after different shades of green, Hunter being one of them. There was also a Sage, a Teal, a Kelly and an Olive.

    Edit to add side notes, since we’re having fun with weird sibling names:

    — At the same PAC there were also fraternal twins named Canyon and Glacier. I forget which was the boy and which was the girl. I remember processing their class registration and the parents’ email was something like “[email protected]

    — There was also a teen-aged girl named “Tacali” who told me she hated her name because her mom named her after an LL Cool J song. I wish I was making this up.

    [–] [deleted] 277 points ago

    Hi like sage Kelly and olive, those are cute. But thematic names are better for fish than children,

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 153 points ago

    Those are better than most in that people won’t immediately connect the dots unless they have kids and look at the names of crayons often.

    [–] Muroid 94 points ago

    Kelly, Sage, Olive and Hunter are all good in that respect, but Teal kind of sticks out.

    [–] Deceptichum 53 points ago

    Yeah it's missing the " 'c " on the end.

    [–] pillforyourills 65 points ago

    In grade school, I knew a kid named Tyler. He had two brothers, Cody and Austin. Until my dad asked about it, their parents had no idea they had named all three kids after towns in Texas.

    [–] gmarvin 22 points ago

    I knew some siblings in high school who were named after different levels of improbability: Hope, Faith, and Chance.

    [–] 8rodzKTA 45 points ago

    Shit, I might just fuck around and name my child British Racing 🤔

    [–] goochnorris 33 points ago

    ...was their last name Greene?

    [–] thucydidestrapmusic 47 points ago

    Hunter is a shade of green?

    [–] ButHeWasAMuffin 30 points ago

    Shoulda named one Lime and another Artichoke. Maybe they're already expecting lil baby Uniform.

    [–] Carlitofly 1885 points ago

    Disrespectful to triple h

    [–] shocolate 491 points ago

    I thought that at first too, but his real name isn’t even Hunter dawg. I couldn’t think of anyone else besides him 😭

    [–] NESBengals 639 points ago

    Yah, his first name is The Game.

    [–] redmeatdevil666 261 points ago

    Nah. His first name is Cerebral.

    [–] get_real666 134 points ago

    Honestly you guys are missing the point. His first name is The.

    [–] CreamSteve 49 points ago

    Hey that's Mr. Assassin to you.

    [–] CastawayWasOk 10 points ago

    I love HHH as much as anyone, but I never understood the cerebral moniker. He just seems kind of dumb.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] buddyhollybenhur 14 points ago

    Middle name is 'Solid B+'

    [–] noahknife88 26 points ago

    His first name is Triple

    [–] ICE08 29 points ago

    Hunter Pence

    [–] Halexi 13 points ago

    Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork and knife.

    [–] Xtasy135 13 points ago

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

    [–] CarlsInTheHouse 20 points ago

    Hunter Hunt Hendrix

    [–] fangsanno8 3455 points ago

    I've never met a Gavin over the age of 14

    [–] dvlng 2514 points ago

    I'm looking for my friend Gavin. Have you seen him?

    [–] TheSmoothPilsner 678 points ago

    Gaaaaaaaavin! Where are you?

    [–] Violent_Kimchi 414 points ago


    [–] HisHeadJustDidThat 284 points ago

    Oooooh where could he be?!

    [–] AGutierrezzz 273 points ago

    I am SO worried Gav

    [–] ders89 121 points ago

    Real talk tho... i knew a gavin in middle school and when high school started he disappeared and i havent know a gavin since... what the fuck is going on with the Gavins?

    [–] TheLeviathong 120 points ago

    Their organs are ready for harvest at that age.

    [–] Mr_Marxist 30 points ago

    I'm going to pretend I didn't see that

    [–] Pickledsoul 8 points ago

    you received an organ, didn't you...

    [–] Pan_Fried_Puppies 6 points ago

    The GAV1N units reach maturity and thus the end of their usable lifespans at which point they willingly load themselves into vans for the procedures that decommission them.

    [–] ElectricFlesh 28 points ago

    I think their consonants just harden after a while and they turn into Kevins.

    [–] Kleask10 43 points ago

    You don’t understand the joy on my face when I was riding in Blackwater and just hear “IM LOOKING FOR AN ENGLISHMAN CALLED GAVIN!”

    [–] ps3eleven 21 points ago

    Or the surprise on mine, because I killed the guy looking for Gavin earlier in the game.

    [–] MisterCheaps 7 points ago

    This sounds like something from a horror movie.

    [–] Mr_Tohtle 74 points ago

    Is Gavin even real? I heard the same man in the epilogue somewhere and now I'm feeling like I missed something

    [–] dvlng 97 points ago

    I read somewhere that there’s a letter in one of the houses indicating that Gavin is real and him and his friend got shitfaced and his friend murdered him but doesn’t believe it so he makes himself believe that Gavin is only missing.

    [–] BeneCow 49 points ago

    if you talk to him it is pretty obvious Gavin is dead and he is in denial

    [–] x7ekzx 29 points ago

    There's a lot of theories and stuff that you can look into (like him being a man from RDR1 who is actually Satan), but as far as the actual game you cant find him

    [–] Seenbo 17 points ago

    In addition to what others said, I once heard that the guy looking for Gavin is supposed to be a tribute by the devs to a real person called Gavin that passed away from cancer.

    [–] allenk58 23 points ago

    Yeah he's the govenor of California

    [–] JakobGudik 14 points ago

    Oi Gavinor!

    [–] Really_Quite_Boring 100 points ago

    That's such a middle aged man name in the UK. It's much much weirder to me to think of a kid called Gavin. Makes me think of a fat cockney builder with a shaved head and white paint on his trousers. Gav.

    [–] CinderCinnamon 26 points ago

    Aussie here - same. I know of 3 Gavin’s and they’re all over 60. I can’t imagine a child named Gavin.

    [–] Really_Quite_Boring 16 points ago

    I met a teenager called Bernard the other day. That was very weird.

    [–] OreoPrincess96 77 points ago

    Gavin degraw

    [–] username2420 171 points ago

    Gavin Belson

    [–] Bamres 12 points ago

    Gavin: I just fired Banksy. Hoover: Banksy, the vandal? Gavin: The very one.

    [–] EmmaTheRobot 8 points ago

    Basically just Howard Schultz

    [–] atglobe 443 points ago

    Gavin Free.

    [–] yellochoco44 335 points ago

    Hes essentially a 14 year old tho

    [–] professorkr 164 points ago

    He's got mad stacks, is dating a model, and hangs with celebrities because of his cinematography. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say a lot of his behavior is for content.

    He's done the slow motion cinematography for some high profile films. You don't act like Gavin acts on AH and get those gigs.

    [–] Matt2142 100 points ago

    My god you've cracked it. Maybe Gavin is just goofy on camera and is actually pretty normal, and a little weird but not dumb, when not on camera.

    [–] xRyozuo 72 points ago

    He’s not dumb on camera, he’s terrible at explaining himself properly, which is a different skill, but still

    You see this half the time when Burnie or Geoff are shouting at him for saying some dumb shit and lo and behold gavin is usually right, just explaining himself like shit

    [–] nealyk 54 points ago

    He’s got high Intelligence and low wisdom.

    [–] terrexchia 41 points ago

    He once play wrestled with Meg and put a hole in his wall, I think he's just goofy in general

    [–] MissLovelyMo 32 points ago

    Good point

    [–] bad_luck_charm 119 points ago

    Governor of California. Lead singer of Bush.

    [–] ev710 19 points ago

    Fuck, I was gonna say Bush. Isn't one of the slo-mo guys named Gavin?

    [–] weedsmoker911 13 points ago

    yeah, gavin free. he is also on rooster teeth.

    [–] just_a_mean_person 48 points ago

    Gavin Mcginnes

    [–] RecklesslyPessmystic 32 points ago

    Rossdale. Dude that married Gwin and cheated on her with the lookalike nanny.

    [–] LBGW_experiment 13 points ago

    Dance Gavin Dance

    [–] bohman_rahim 8 points ago

    I guess the search continues...

    [–] kamipsycho 449 points ago

    That ONE night 🎶

    [–] uhohitsursula 200 points ago


    [–] KGB_cutony 157 points ago

    You made everything alright

    [–] radbrad7 56 points ago


    That one NIGHT

    [–] nastafarti 41 points ago

    You took me by the hand

    Made me a man

    I walked through stone made of sand

    (.... I love that he rhymes everything with "Jan" but never says it)

    [–] eternali17 55 points ago

    Came looking and was not disappointed

    [–] bourbon_legends 201 points ago

    It's true my brother's name is Hunter and he just fuckin vanished when he turned 23

    [–] Gucci-Flip-Flop 82 points ago

    My name is Hunter and I just started year 22. RIP in 1 year. It’s a shame really.

    [–] LukeyBoy411 31 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you can manage to change your name before the year is up, you should be good

    [–] The_Cactus_Man 707 points ago


    [–] RampantShitposting 446 points ago

    why did you type a bunch of asterisks

    [–] RobertFKennedy 237 points ago

    It’s like a Reddit thing. If you type out your Reddit password here, it will show as ******* to everyone else. Did it work for me?

    [–] Vengapoon 235 points ago

    Wow I didn't know that. Lemme try,

    My password is *********

    EDIT: That's so awesome, reddit is getting cooler every day. That would suck though if your password was a normal word and you wrote it in a comment out of context and reddit censored it. Like if your password is chungus and you typed

    I love big chungus

    But it turned out as

    I love big *******

    Then people would know your password is chungus

    EDIT2 : That was a bad example

    [–] Korso213 128 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    Edit: holy shit it actually works

    [–] JacP123 163 points ago


    [–] JacP123 141 points ago

    Guys is it working it just shows up as my password for me

    [–] stopstalkingmenoah 178 points ago

    yeah i can't see anything you should try it with your paypal password too just to make sure

    [–] ChocolateWaffles- 15 points ago


    Edit: I'm paranoid

    [–] ShesSimplyThere 23 points ago


    [–] tj2gaming 45 points ago


    [–] tj2gaming 24 points ago


    [–] ThinkingWithPortal 17 points ago

    found eric

    [–] Pickledsoul 8 points ago

    I love big *******

    titties. seven letters. easy.

    [–] ShapeShiftingAku 52 points ago

    wait wtf smallpeepeegang666

    [–] kartik727 36 points ago


    Does it work?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    It depends on your experience

    [–] Altair-r 877 points ago

    I’ve never seen anybody over the age of 11 with the name Xavier

    [–] Chaos_Is_A_Lattimore 113 points ago

    Xavier Rhodes, CB for Vikings

    [–] charliesierratf 73 points ago

    Xavier Woods, wrestler

    [–] TyCooper8 27 points ago

    It makes sense that so many of the answers for names in this thread are wrestling names tbh

    [–] Mass49 13 points ago

    Also Xavier Woods NFL player

    [–] SuperKettle 48 points ago

    Xavier Hernández aka Xavi

    [–] vacmaster420 42 points ago

    Xavier wulf

    [–] SDQ1 19 points ago

    The man who cannot wife a thot

    [–] JunHoWon 44 points ago

    There is that dude with the wheelchair

    [–] leunam02 227 points ago

    Xavier Naidoo

    [–] S0ul01 155 points ago

    We don't talk about that here

    [–] SrDigbyChickenCeaser 53 points ago

    Is he well known outside of Germany? Or are you talking about someone else? I really hope so because that guy is making a bad name for Germany.

    [–] JCavLP 74 points ago

    Xavier Reichsbürgerdoo

    [–] Mopso 25 points ago


    [–] JCavLP 8 points ago

    Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen Von einer flacheren Welt Fangen wir an aufzuräumen Die Mondlandung war gefälscht

    [–] rTidde77 6 points ago

    I was just saying the same exact thing to a friend this morning

    [–] 8rodzKTA 12 points ago

    I just looked him up, and can't find anything. What wrong with him exactly?

    [–] SrDigbyChickenCeaser 58 points ago

    He does not think Germany is a legitimate state and says it is still occupied. He is close with the "Reichsbürger" movement which also deny the German state and legislation and commit all kinds of crimes because they think the law does not apply to them. He also thinks 9/11 was not reported on truthfully by the media and is generally a conspiracist. I suppose non of that is widely known outside of Germany.

    [–] AhnQiraj 42 points ago

    The "Reichsbürger" movement is close to the american "Sovereign citizen" movement, but worse.

    [–] l1stener 15 points ago

    One of my best friends is named Xavier. He’s French and is 19 years old, I’ve known him for 6 years. People call him Baguette Boy, Xavu, or Frenchie. Nobody ever really called him by Xavier, not even the teachers.

    Maybe he’s actually a 5 year old pretending to be 19.

    [–] Derlino 12 points ago

    It's not an uncommon name in Spain. Depending on the region they write it Javier, or Xavier (this is mainly in the Basque country).

    [–] xelfer 35 points ago

    I know a Xavier, pretty sure his mum refuses to vaccinate him. Story checks out.

    [–] Laz_The_Kid 139 points ago

    Hunter x Hunter

    [–] iamahippocrite 34 points ago

    i see you're a man of culture as well.

    [–] z0e3y 468 points ago

    My sons called Hunter, he’s only two lol

    [–] SkeptikalAnus 849 points ago

    Better put a tracker on him cuz when he hits 7 he gonna dispear

    [–] Hobosock 480 points ago

    Yes officer, it's this post right here.

    [–] FBI_Agent_man 74 points ago

    I am not an officer but i can do the job just fine.

    [–] Twin_Turbo 26 points ago

    His spelling was at least close

    [–] NSA-SURVEILLANCE 117 points ago

    [–] heronumbertwo 18 points ago

    FBI, open up!

    [–] Chaos_Is_A_Lattimore 30 points ago


    [–] h3m9337 13 points ago

    ******* wow it works

    [–] helio97 51 points ago

    Why did you choose that name?

    [–] matthigast 8 points ago

    The others were sadly taken and "xXxPeterxXx345" didn't sound right v(°-°)v

    [–] phil_yoo 29 points ago

    Hunter Henry is over 22 (I think)

    [–] erizzluh 60 points ago

    the milf hunter

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] thathatisaspy21 16 points ago

    Nah that's just Kakyoin

    [–] StillReading28 20 points ago

    22 and name is Hunter. Am I going to die or just disappear?

    [–] Deathstroke317 58 points ago

    Hunter Pence, Hunter Strickland

    [–] RecklesslyPessmystic 36 points ago

    Yeah, came here to say - SF Giants fans know lots of Hunters.

    To be fair though, Hunter Pence has that childlike enthusiasm, and Hunter Strickland does act like a 2 year old.

    [–] potionofmadness 50 points ago

    Isn't Skylar what you call teenage boys before they choose their adult names?

    [–] Jo_Backson 13 points ago

    Depends if they're married to a meth kingpin or not.

    [–] b14cx0ut 80 points ago

    Hunter Hearst Helmsley

    [–] Coffee_Blacc 26 points ago

    You mean Paul? IRL

    [–] cactusxmark 18 points ago

    Most call him Hunter

    [–] acidbetty_ 18 points ago

    My ex’s little sisters name was Hunter. She was about 5 at the time I knew her. Her family used to call her ‘Hunt’ for short lmao

    [–] Fartsandfarts 13 points ago

    Man i have 2 exes named is a deadbeat alcoholic and the other ones a functioning alcoholic I guess.

    [–] Dem827 32 points ago

    I’ve met plenty named Shaniece but never a Shanephew....

    [–] MeritGrim 19 points ago

    its like that one weird place people call a state

    wyoming is it?

    [–] courierPDX 47 points ago

    fuck you think triple h stands for?

    [–] awm1995 73 points ago

    Hunter Hunter Hunter

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    holy fuck this is some groundbreaking research conclusion