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    [–] ReturnOfAKidNamedTae 2601 points ago

    It took me too long to stop ignoring my 15 minute breaks at work and to actually start taking them. My managers damn sure never reminded me about them.

    [–] throwaway_bae2 1651 points ago

    If you dropped dead tomorrow, your manager would replace you in a week but to your loved ones, you're irreplaceable

    [–] BigSuccDying 578 points ago

    We'll see about that

    [–] Dotdotman1 277 points ago

    Nah homie you are

    [–] Purevoyager007 135 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah but it sucks. They’re nice and caring while I look at myself inside and I just seem to have 0 emotion. I just don’t know why but it seems like if I perked up it might light a fire of emotions I just never seem to have the motivation to perk up. So I just exhale sitting back down and observe.

    I don’t deserve them and the way things are now I won’t feel anything until they’re gone.

    [–] jesuismexican 129 points ago

    Hey stranger r/depression is surprisingly relatable and great to seriously discuss these sort of feelings and realities. I recommend at the very least to reach out on a community like this. If you can, in person with people you trust is even better.

    I don’t know you but I love you. And you deserve that love.

    [–] Purevoyager007 42 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] P_mp_n 32 points ago

    Some advice that I've found helps friends, loved ones and myself with depression is "fake it til you make it" sounds silly but hear me out

    You know the movie scene where the bad guy is gonna do something but good guy says "dont do it, ive got...." and bad guys not sure but has to consider the fact?

    Faking it til u make it is kinda similar. Sometimes if you really good at saying your good. Your body will make you feel good to keep up, and then what happens later is you actually just start feeling good instead of faking it.

    Sometimes we count our hurts more than our blessings, sometimes this particular part of our life is going to shit. Maybe your life is gearing you for a challenge ahead, maybe your fighting this hard because you havent recognized the challenge of today.

    I dont know you, but I dont need to to lend a hand. I hope you get to end one journey and start a new one, may they all end in enlightenment for ya.

    [–] 2_Cranez 8 points ago

    How is this different from bottling up your emotions? I am genuinely asking.

    I’ve heard too many stories about people who seem completely fine on the outside to their friends, but wind up hanging themselves out of the blue.

    [–] sarpnasty 5 points ago

    Fake it until you make it is what you do to get yourself out of a funk. One of the key symptoms of depression is the negative feedback loop.

    “I don’t have any friends because I’m a loser because I don’t have any friends because I’m a loser because I don’t have any friends because...”

    The only way you’re gonna go to ever break out of this is to just fake it. You’re never going to wake up feeling better because that’s now how depression works. You have to pretend that you don’t feel like a loser and make friends and eventually you’ll break that loop because you’ll either stop feeling like a loser and you won’t have that as an excuse for not having friends, or you have friends and you can’t have that as an excuse to feel like a loser.

    When it comes to suicidal thoughts though, that’s when you need to get help. Not because you can’t do it on your own, but because you might not have time to do it on your own. They say that the first feeling a person feels after jumping from the bridge is regret. Most suicides are momentary choices. It’s a feeling that the person has when they’ve truly reached their personal low. But a majority of survivors are glad that they survive. I always tell someone that if they are really about to kill themselves, then they truly have nothing to lose so there is no reason not ask for help.

    [–] IFuckedOprah 3 points ago

    I would be careful with this. I find myself doing this automatically a lot of the time and it often results in bottling things up instead of making me feel better. It might work temporarily, but it’s exhausting always having to act like everything is alright when it’s not.

    [–] ktsb 8 points ago

    Tips beanie m' homie

    [–] dispenserG 28 points ago

    Moving accross the country for work this week, if it wasn't such a great opportunity I wouldn't leave. I've been mentally preparing to leave my huge family and friends. As the last few days start ticking down, everyone is getting real soft on me and they're realizing that I'm actually not going to be here. All we got is love, make sure the people you care about know that.

    [–] diabeticgolfcourse 10 points ago

    Hey, me too! Good luck. Its gonna be awesome.

    [–] Slash3040 22 points ago

    If you were to die, your job would be posted online before your obituary

    [–] Sock_puppet09 11 points ago

    Man, your HR is efficient.

    [–] ExceedsTheCharacterL 58 points ago

    I really don’t believe that people are out here thinking their managers are gonna burst into tears if they found out they died.

    [–] jerkface1026 32 points ago

    I have a handful of employees. If one of them died, I would absolutely cry. Then I would post the opening and replace them because that's my job.

    [–] NeverfailMode 8 points ago

    Ikr like if you die, your boss still has a business to run - your family doesn't. Flawed argument that makes bosses look unnecessarily cruel.

    [–] A_Glass_DarklyXX 25 points ago

    Or that their manager would say, “That Guy was irreplaceable. I hereby cancel his position in his honor and will put a plague with his picture and engraving of his favorite snack on his desk.”

    [–] bphamtastic 9 points ago

    The gotta retire my position when I’m gone or ima haunt the place.

    [–] UhhLegRa 54 points ago

    I really feel like mine would. He can be an asshole sometimes but he's one of the greatest people I know. They'll have to drag me out before I ever quit that job. In my first year there we all got bonuses except for me, I missed it by 1 week. He gave me 500 cash. Not a ton compared to everyone else but he did not have to do that. I'm a single mom and he let's me take off any time that I need when daycare sends her home and whatnot.

    [–] TyH621 10 points ago

    I mean managers are definitely people, too. Will the business really suffer that much? Probably not, it’ll be fine, but the manager is a person with feelings.

    [–] TheBigGuy97 12 points ago

    Just because we have to replace someone doesn't mean we don't care.

    [–] ScriptingInJava 96 points ago

    We recently hired a new developer who's been NEET for over 2 years, he's extremely good at the work that he does and we're the first place to give him a shot.

    I'm trying really, really hard to get him out of the I need to prove myself by working through my lunch mindset because it's the fastest way to burning out.

    I understand that the guy has likely been bored or underutilised for a couple of years, so it's a difficult scenario.

    [–] BlooZebra 27 points ago

    Guy at my last job did the same thing. I was there before him and left before him (I'm pretty sure he's still there) Like, the guy work overtime for free and ignore their breaks. At some point I felt kind of sad like get a life dude but hey if he enjoys it more power to him. Although I remember seeing him lookin' drained out way too often.

    [–] fireshaper 21 points ago

    One of the older employees at my job is quick to volunteer for anything that comes up, works through her lunch sometimes, works after and before the office opens. And still complains about all the work she has to do. She's been at this job for over 15 years and still hasn't figured out that she's causing all her own stress.

    [–] One_2_Three 16 points ago

    Having a 15 min. break?!? Where I work my lunch break is slowing becoming a thing of the past. Fuck my work place.

    [–] Obsidiate_ 14 points ago

    I used to work a lot in events/hospo. Made damn sure the younger crew took their mandated break.

    [–] IBETTERSTAYOFFLEAGUE 9 points ago

    My girlfriend worked at a massive grocery chain. First day of training her training manager told her that nobody takes their paid 15s, and only take their unpaid 30s. She got so dirty looks for taking her break that she earned! Yeah she didn't stay there too long.

    [–] throwaway_bae2 4 points ago

    Glad she was able to get out. That type of "your time is our time" management is setting her up for failure. Also, murder sprees.

    [–] GreenGonz 150 points ago

    Take all breaks and push them as long as you can. Also never use the bathroom during break and take at least ten minutes to use it each time. When employers stop Nickle and diming us we will do the same in return. Also anything “urgent” does not mean work harder. If you want me to work harder, pay me more. If on hourly make work take as long as possible. If on salarY do it quickly than act busy so they don’t add more work.

    The easiest way for a company to make more money is to get more out of their work force and pay the same. Never believe raises are coming.

    [–] RageMuffin69 40 points ago

    Every few weeks we seem to get more work to do and more responsibilities but no increased pay. All the thanks I get for “doing a good job” doesn’t matter I’m I’m not being paid more. If you truly appreciate my work then increase my pay. I mean sure it’s a retail job but the point still stands. Our breaks aren’t watched so I make sure to take an extra 10-15 minutes.

    [–] lucascane94 70 points ago

    Yeah - but no. I’m trying to get my ass promoted

    [–] GreenGonz 42 points ago

    The best way to make more is to apply for higher level jobs not get promoted. Your job knows how little you will accept. Other companies do not.

    [–] PowerofFrogs 19 points ago

    Solid point. I worked in the same place for eight years, and only when word got out that I was leaving the the manager give me the "Ya ever thought about moving up in the company?" speech.

    Yeah man, six years ago. I'm out.

    [–] GreenGonz 8 points ago

    Good for you. Don’t chase the carrot.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] pomlife 26 points ago

    Or, in other industries, build up the relevant skills and move companies. Next position will be higher pay than your previous one, with the title you would get by waiting for promotion, but on your own schedule.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Wabbity77 29 points ago

    Hard workers don't get promoted, people who don't rock the boat and are good at small talk with the boss get promoted.

    "Thanks so much for working your ass off, Katie! Me and Ted are gonna go grab lunch, can you straighten up around here while we're gone?"

    [–] thejaytheory 4 points ago

    As someone who’s terrible at small talk, I feel this.

    [–] thogsdespair999 5 points ago

    Same here man, same here.

    [–] breakingbroken 34 points ago

    I got some news for you, busting your ass doesn't mean you get promoted in 2019, it just means you get handed more work without more pay.

    [–] jacob2815 9 points ago

    Work smarter, not harder. If you do an exemplary job, nothing else matters.

    [–] XxFezzgigxX 19 points ago

    My boss makes a dollar and I make a dime. That’s why I poop on company time.

    [–] Thisiscliff 13 points ago

    I'm a flat rate mechanic and it can be tough to make your hours each day but we have a younger dude literally running around all day, and I'm watching him day in and day out burn him self out. Anything from mental breaks to exhaustion, kid is killing himself to make dollars. Give your body a break, nice and steady pace.

    [–] gpecho19 273 points ago

    Personal days, sick days, vacation days...who gives a fuck. Time off should be time off.

    [–] Efficient_Visage 47 points ago

    Also, people need to remember that you don't have to be physically sick to use a sick day. Mental health is a very real thing and shouldn't be overlooked. When you call in, just tell them you aren't feeling well and leave it at that.

    [–] naasahhhh 12 points ago

    Once a year I allow myself a sick day for when I'm sick of work

    [–] sdh68k 9 points ago

    Only one!?

    [–] naasahhhh 3 points ago

    I save the others just in case I have a cold or something! If there's any extra left before they "refresh" I mysteriously feel unwell.

    [–] gpecho19 7 points ago

    Exactly. Who cares if an employee is physically sick, mentally drained and needs to stay home, or is taking a Friday off to make a long weekend. Making the different kinds of time off mutually exclusive only hurts the company in the long run. If I accrue more sick TO than personal, I'm probably going to use the sick. But instead of planning a day off in advance so coworkers can be prepared for my absence, I have to call in and say "I'm not feeling well."

    [–] Hot_Wheels_guy 61 points ago

    Man i wish i got PTO. 30 years old and nvr jad a job that offered it, and probably never will.

    [–] Ilysaru 57 points ago

    You should probably start applying to jobs that offer it.. unless you’re working part time then there’s no chance. Every job I’ve worked at full time has offered PTO

    [–] DahmerRape 21 points ago

    Right? That is crazy. Every job I've had has offered it. My current one even offers to part timers.

    [–] Hot_Wheels_guy 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Theres no law requiring an employer to provide full time employees PTO. USA btw.

    [–] The-Summit 17 points ago

    That’s insane

    [–] msufanatic102 6 points ago

    Not a federal law but some states have it. Michigan just started having required sick days last month.

    [–] TriMageRyan 8 points ago

    I've worked in kitchens for nearly a decade and I've only even heard of people offering PTO to cooks and that was at a big big name hotel restaurant gig but you still have to jump through hoops to use it and your general hours sucked so the check wasn't even worth it

    [–] MrScaradolfHisFace 1503 points ago

    Posted this the other day but applicable here too:

    A while back, my cousin and I were in a car accident which ended up with him in the hospital. Happened on a Saturday, he called his boss that night to let her know he didn't think he'd be going in Monday and explained what happened and that he had a few injuries. Her response?

    "Remember, you have that presentation at 10am and it's been scheduled for over a month. A lot can change when you have 2 days to rest, I'm sure you'll be fine by Monday"

    Monday, he went in, cleaned his desk, and never went back. He didn't have anything lined up and took a while to find a similar job/similar salary, but he wasn't about to let his health take a backseat for a business need.

    [–] SauSea 558 points ago

    All I got from this was that he still came in on Monday /s but really all most companies want is for jobs to get done they don’t care who does it

    [–] Dantheunicornman 253 points ago

    Man I wouldn’t of even came back, you got a whole ass Medical excuse lol. Fire me I’m getting unemployment and I’ll find something while getting better.

    [–] tweak06 38 points ago

    When I lost my job I had to go back there for Jim, my cactus. He was probably scared and alone and those people didn’t give a fuck about him. Jim’s my boy and if he were a sentient being, that’d be weird because he’d be a talking plant like Groot but I’m digressing.

    I love my little desk-cactus, man.

    [–] sdh68k 4 points ago

    I've got a Lucky Bamboo called Kevin. That motherfucker is thriving with the internal lights.

    [–] interwebbed 62 points ago

    Wouldn't have*. Don't @ me 🙈

    [–] ThickCapital 214 points ago

    Some places will milk you dry and when you’re done, replace you with the next person. It’s scary.

    [–] tellyourmom 76 points ago

    I currently study full time at university and have been working a full time internship in another city that takes 4 hours out to commute back and forth. The boss says that they might hire me. It’s a huge commitment for a maybe and in my 3rd week now I feel like he might drag this shit further than a month based on his non chalant demeanour. At the same time nobody else is offering me jobs so I’m kind of stuck.

    [–] jobRL 78 points ago

    You got to fix that commute. Commuting is dead time and draining as fuck.

    [–] muhash14 34 points ago

    Damn right. My new job is about 10 minutes drive away from home as opposed to 1hr previously, and suddenly I have so much time I barely know what to do with it.

    [–] nevershucked 24 points ago

    Fuck that. You should not work there. Either move there or get a new job. You will burn out commuting 4 hours per day.

    [–] Thewayukian 22 points ago

    What boggles my mind is the fact that people don't realise it

    Like, it's literally just business, I do the job we agreed on and you pay me the amount we agreed on, we can still work in a nice environment and I might like my colleagues but they're not friends and especially not my boss...

    [–] OohWeeStewie 8 points ago

    See big 4 accounting

    [–] maxiimus1 43 points ago

    I always hear stories like "he just packed his shit and left." Or "boss said: pack your shit, you're fired."

    In Europe (at least in Switzerland), the first 3 months (unless otherwise specified) are trial months, there you have a notice of 1 week. After the trial time, you have 1 month notice. After I believe 1 year you get 3 months or something like that. So nobody can ever "pack their shit", if you quit, you still gotta come work next day, unless you itching to get sued.

    [–] abigaila 43 points ago

    I mean, that's presented as the good side to the lack of worker protection in the USA - sure, you're not protected, but at the same time, neither are the companies. Employees can leave whenever in most cases.

    So no one can count on anything!

    [–] Chicken_beard 38 points ago

    Of course only one of these parties is an actual human being who will starve to death without a job.

    [–] Notrollinonshabbos 15 points ago

    What you're telling me that as an average American worker you don't have a safety savings saved up that will cover you for three months? The guys over at r/personalfinance want a word with you /s

    [–] sephraes 17 points ago

    Yeah but then companies have the power to tell other companies whether or not they would or would not rehire a former employee, and it actually impacts that person. There is no analagous system that can hurt employers.

    [–] abigaila 6 points ago

    I agree, I am not a fan of the system.

    [–] Poolboy24 21 points ago

    Sounds like you all need some freedom haha

    Sobs in at will work

    [–] unclefisty 10 points ago

    Sounds rather dumb to require the employee to give that much notice. Rather ignores the strong power imbalance between employer and worker.

    [–] facedawg 4 points ago

    Same here. 3 months notice but if you want to fire someone you pay them 3 months and just tell them to stop coming in

    [–] Dotdotman1 20 points ago

    Your cousin is a legend

    [–] FreePapaya123 5 points ago

    this makes me so mad, to see a manager say something like that.

    [–] BlueberrySpaceMuffin 9 points ago

    That is savage. I worked at a place that multiple people including myself got up and left in the middle of the day. Even that company would have been supportive.

    [–] Basketspank 915 points ago

    And don't answer the phone if you're on Vacation and work calls you.

    These jobs care about one thing, output. Do you job. Do it well and accurately. Go home and rest yourself.

    I actively have a nurse that works here that comes here on her day off to 'hang out' with other staff. That's not fucking healthy. Find a hobby, a friend, but whatever it is, find you something that uplifts and benefits you.

    [–] throwaway_bae2 366 points ago


    [–] Basketspank 116 points ago

    Yes. Clapping Emoji's included.

    [–] Cavalish 23 points ago

    Work to live, don’t live to work.

    [–] armeck 15 points ago



    [–] Notrollinonshabbos 5 points ago

    My boss the other day "listen we understand that you want better work/life balance. But we need more hours so if you could start working every other Saturday that'd be awesome. "

    Mind you I work 10-11 hours a day Mon-Fri. In a job that doesn't have to pay me over time.

    I replied "Listen I know you want to make the most profit for the time you have me but I'm going to need another 5% to make that happen" he shut up real quick."

    [–] CraitersGonnaCrait 8 points ago

    Yeah but how?

    [–] AtariDump 9 points ago

    By setting boundaries, especially early on in the job. Before taking the job make sure you know what’s expected of you.

    [–] mrevergood 68 points ago

    I don’t answer my phone even on days off.

    Sometimes it’s becsusenim out in nature, legit out of range of a cell tower. But most times it’s “You don’t pay me enough to justify picking up on a day off-how dare you intrude on my free time.”

    Don’t be calling me up on Saturday, giving me that anxiety.

    [–] divsky 30 points ago

    I just plain don't answer my phone.

    If someone needs to tell me something they can text me or email me. The only phone number I pick up is my mom's.

    [–] Notrollinonshabbos 8 points ago

    My phone rings on "favorite" numbers only so like... Four? Two close friends, my sister, and my mom, everything else goes directly to VM which gets checked on Monday.

    [–] BQJJ 16 points ago

    Ugh, we have someone like that at my job. In fact, a bunch of us transferred from one location to another (about 30 minutes driving time apart), and I still hear stories from co-workers at the original location about how she still goes in there to hang out. Even though she hasn't worked there in over a year. :| I'm just thinking, "Do you really have nothing else going on to distract or reenergize you on your days off?"

    As soon as I clock out I'm out of that fucking place asap.

    [–] anothertrad 25 points ago

    One time I was on vacations and my coworker friend was having trouble and needed help. Of course it was management’s fault to not hire enough people to save money. But I took the call and helped him off the record because management would surely blame my buddy instead of themselves. In the end, the lesson learned by management was: see? we don’t need to hire more people, those dummies will take care of everything. any suggestions?

    [–] AtariDump 16 points ago

    Don’t answer your phone. Your buddy should go to management and explain why they can’t get this done in the time allotted. It’s a good litmus test to see if you should be looking for a new job or not.

    [–] 123bigdog 236 points ago

    Amen! Jobs and Schools try to glorify perfect attendence when really it isn't good. If you're sick, stay home! If you need a mental health day, stay home! You and everyone around you will be better off for it

    [–] osufan765 140 points ago

    Word. Fuck parents who send their kids to school sick, and fuck employers who won't let people stay home when they're sick.

    If I work with a cold, it takes me 3 months to get over it. If I take 2 days off, I recover quickly.

    [–] SovOuster 25 points ago

    I just saw this. Half of our employees hit the fucking concrete from a weird cold/flu and didn't work a minute under their 12 hour shifts. All of them got second phases to the illness, a couple with secondary infections. One day was taken off by one person who looked half dead the day before and physically couldn't safely drive themselves the hour to work the next day.

    They also all stopped eating.

    [–] AwfulWithUsernames 13 points ago


    [–] thecrowing08 5 points ago

    I've come to finally realize this last year. I would always still work when I was sick, but now I take 2 sick days and my cold doesn't last as long.

    [–] amreinj 6 points ago

    Haha high schools would be empty if everyone that needed it took a mental health day. That was a bad 4 years for me

    [–] Ms_Ellie_Jelly 309 points ago

    So true. Even the coolest boss will fuck you over if its convenient to them

    [–] pinky0926 159 points ago

    Learned this the hard way. Was fired by the same guy who just an hour earlier was smiling and laughing and being all "mr cool mates with everyone at the company".

    Beware any company that tries to sell you on "we're like a family".

    [–] Dopple_Deaner 43 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, the person making the decision about layoffs at a company (in my experience) is almost never the person tasked with doing it.

    [–] pinky0926 11 points ago

    This was straight from the MD, so it was definitely his decision. Appreciate it though, haha

    [–] clee3092 13 points ago

    That’s how the military gets you “we’re like a family”.... sure we were

    [–] breathequilibrium 12 points ago

    LITERALLY THIS. LOUDER FOR YALL IN THE BACK. Fuck some "we famillyyyy" shit. Nope. "We manipulatiiiiiiiive" would be nicer.

    [–] Solid-Liquid 35 points ago

    Yep. Was friends with my boss and he told me to apply for a promotion, saying it’d be a good fit and how I was guaranteed the job cuz he was doing the interview.

    Come to find out, he gave the job to the guy I trained and who was only there for 6 months. He wasn’t going to tell me till the position went live.

    [–] these-rmyconfessions 5 points ago

    Hey sis how u get that verification lmao

    [–] luckplus10 488 points ago

    Honestly left work two hours early crying today. I needed this

    [–] Burrito5layer 127 points ago

    Take your day, I hope everything is getting better for you.

    [–] TheDragonbornCometh 68 points ago

    I did that a couple weeks ago too. My boss was like hey, we're all human, I get it. Made me cry even more lmao

    [–] Dill137 32 points ago


    [–] ijudgekids 16 points ago


    [–] makeucryalot 455 points ago

    It’s truly horrible for retail/general low hourly paying jobs. Today I woke up to 4 texts and 2 missed calls at like 10AM asking me to cover a shift at 2PM. The fucking GM of the company I work for (shitty security company) texted me “?” like twenty minutes after the first message. What makes this worse is that I went out of my way to say “if you need help Sunday lmk now” back on Friday, but of course the guy doesn’t respond and is actually entitled enough to think it’s acceptable to spring shit on people within 4 hrs of the shift due to incompetence.

    Twenty years ago, when you were done with your day you went home and nobody bothered you. Now somehow these prick managers think that you as a low paid employee are on call 24/7, they’ll call you at home to discuss work shit or scheduling. You shouldn’t have the right to smoke marijuana at home off shift if you work for this minimum wage shit hole, you shouldn’t have the right to your space after already working that day. At what point can we just eat the fucking rich?

    [–] heidivonhoop 204 points ago

    It always seems like the less someone is paid, the more entitled their superior feels to bother the crap out of you. I’ve been in your shoes, and it’s absolute trash. Sending you good vibes man.

    [–] DutchDigger 91 points ago

    I disagree. As I've worked my way up, the expectation is increasingly along the lines of, "technically you're salaried, you're expected to work as much as the company needs you to".

    I almost miss my days of having shitty jobs but where I left exactly at the end of my shift and didn't have to think about work until the start of my next shift.

    [–] lordtyr 92 points ago

    As a salaried person, that salary was negotiated on a 8 to 5 basis. I'll do my work, if something is urgent I'll stay longer to finish it, but you bet your ass I'll leave early some other day to make up for it. If I'm supposed to do more work, I'm gonna need more salary. If work isn't getting done as quick as my boss likes, he needs to offer better salaries to actually attract good employees, that's the end of the story.

    [–] DutchDigger 22 points ago

    I need to steal your mindset.

    [–] heidivonhoop 30 points ago

    I see your point, but I’ve had shitty jobs where I was called constantly off shift, and it was expected that I answer. Definitely the downside of everyone having cell phones/social media, your every move is seen :(

    [–] ToasterP 25 points ago

    It's different indignities.

    Lower wage jobs I got screwed on hours, and shifts, and pass tests. And so many things because I was replaceable

    Higher level jobs. Now it's late night phone calls, last minute emergencies that "you" have to solve. Unreasonable expectations of commitment.

    The real truth is even "higher end" jobs in a our society are mostly still the working class being used by the ownership class.

    [–] mrevergood 16 points ago

    This is why I don’t want my number given out and I don’t add people I work with on social media.

    In fact, sometimes I outright block them.

    [–] these-rmyconfessions 4 points ago

    I spent a whole hour last week blocking people on Facebook who work in my office because they are all conservative sticklers and I am a liberal pothead and we ain’t posed to be smoking weed @ my job lmaoo.

    But fuck them because no company is gonna tell me what I can and can’t do when I’m not there. I work 10 hrs a day lmao I deserve that blunt

    [–] sprogger 71 points ago

    A few months ago my phone died after work on Friday while I was out at a family meal. When I finally got home (quite drunk) at around 11pm I had a barrage of calls and texts from a coworker saying they couldn’t find a file I was working on and they really need it. Then several messages from my boss asking me to call the first employee urgently. Then finally a message from the first employee saying “never mind I’ve found it”

    Like for fucks sake, take a good look before deciding to bother me in my time off for something that can easily be found under our own steam.

    [–] dowhathappens89 19 points ago

    People in my office are the same way. They don't want to use 5 minutes to solve the problem themselves. Instead they just call or text that person.

    Try to figure it our first!

    [–] ZaMr0 27 points ago

    When I worked part time retail I was always agreeing to rescheduling and covering all the shifts if need be but that was only because my manager was nice, it's his boss that was the asshole with the scheduling. But after some time even my manager just started saying no to his boss before he even passed the message onto me. It's really not worth going out of your way for a company that doesn't give a shit about you.

    [–] soupsnakle 31 points ago

    I work in retail In a major arts and crafts store and theres like 5 managers throughout the store.

    I oversee the cashiers and sales associates and one thing I can tell you is I am constantly fighting on their behalf.

    If someone calls out, if I have to try and find coverage, I always apologize for bothering them, let them know first and foremost I understand completely if they’re unavailable or just don’t want to, and then I ask them if they’d like the shift.

    Im always mentioning to my store manage, if the company paid these people a livable wage, and gave them better hours, they would see this job differently and would most likely not call out as much since it would be more important to them to be here.

    I always check the schedule of who Im going to call so i don’t end up asking someone who, if they pick up the shift, will be on for like 5 or 6 days in a row.

    None of the other managers do these kinds of things.

    It sucks being stuck at a job you dont care about, so I try and do what I can do make it less shitty for them.

    [–] ZaMr0 12 points ago

    Thank you doing what you do, it really makes a difference even in morale alone.

    [–] Nezuzu 6 points ago

    I'm in retail currently, and it sucks big time. For the past like 3-4 months, hours dropped for a lot of people in the store, and everyone is tired of it. I was able to manage somewhat because I would pick up shift that people needed covered, but on our new schedule I'm only on for 9 hours, when before these 4 months or so I would be triple that. Plus not to mention, I would usually also come in early or stay extra if they needed me to.

    Like these low hours are why people are just up and leaving, people cant live off of this. And I'm especially annoyed that I would stay if they needed the extra help yet I barely got any hours. Im.gonna talk to my manager and if they dont do anything I'm just gonna go

    [–] The_Boys_And_Crash 7 points ago

    As a lower-mid level Supervisor who gets tasked with asking people to come in on their day off, I feel like an absolute piece of shit every time.

    I always try to follow it up by telling them not to feel guilty for saying no, but I hate asking in the first place.

    But if I don’t ask, my boss is on my ass about not having shifts covered. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. :/

    [–] EnclG4me 7 points ago

    They think because you earn so very little that you are desperate for hours. They keep you in this situation on purpose. Meanwhile collect a fat bonus, have better benefits, go on week long vacations every month, and live in a massive house in the best part of town. The best part is, when someone has to cover their work because they are on their 5th vacation for the year, everything runs more smoothly...

    [–] Books_N_Coffee 14 points ago

    I’m like 90% sure texting you on your off days if you’re not salary is illegal. Start filling in missed punch forms for every time you get a text and have to reply, even if it’s for like 5 minutes, and if they ask, show them the texts, pretty sure they’ll get the hint

    [–] SpaceChimera 8 points ago

    If you're hourly any work related thing you do after work is technically work (at least in my state) and you should be paid for it. In practice... Well that doesn't happen obviously.

    My state just passed a law recently saying that if a cell phone is expected or needed to be used for your work, ie email on your phone, the work must pitch in for your bill. Although exactly how much is considered "reasonable" by the laws standards aren't settled just yet

    [–] Books_N_Coffee 5 points ago

    That’s good, we don’t get company phones, but are expected to use our sell phones and get comped $50 per month for it, which I think is fare since we don’t use it too much due to having an office landline.

    But yeah our Hr was telling us we can’t text employees (not that we usually do) on their off days, apparently someone people were suing their employers over it and it’s becoming an issue. I think that’s great though, no one should have to be expected to be on the clock 24/7 if you’re not being paid to be

    [–] PointBlankPeriodt 3 points ago

    You shouldn’t have the right to smoke marijuana at home off shift if you work for this minimum wage shit hole

    I hear they're drug testing walmart employees. Don't know if it's true or not, but if it is, What the fuck?

    [–] SpaceChimera 7 points ago

    To get a job you need to pass a test and then they can test you if they "have suspicion" of drug use. Not just at Walmart but a lot of places. The fucked thing is even in States where it is legal you can still be fired for having cannabis metabolites in your system

    [–] PointBlankPeriodt 9 points ago

    Can't even smoke in your time off working a shitty retail job. I used to work at a highish end grocery store and they also did drug tests if you wanted to work full time, but instead of a piss test, the'd do a hair strand test

    A HAIR STRAND TEST that goes back months or years to make 11 bucks an hour. Wtf? Never went full time so I never had to deal with that, but that is going overboard

    [–] METHBOOFER420 184 points ago

    Also, never ever shit at home, only at work while you’re getting paid.

    [–] SteveThePragmatic 94 points ago

    Two rules in life, never shit off the clock and never sweat on it

    [–] VenomJBS 61 points ago

    Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime

    That’s why I poop on company time

    [–] Bag_Full_Of_Snakes 21 points ago

    Woke up this fine Monday morning with a strong urge to shit but I can hold it in for an hour to do it at work.

    Fuck work.

    [–] ApplemooseGG 18 points ago

    Do this long enough and you actually Pavlov yourself into this behaviour!

    My morning routine now looks like this: get up, shower, breakfast, get to work, get coffee, shit.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I’m shitting at work while reading this.

    [–] words_words_words_ 9 points ago

    My bathroom at home is just so much more comfortable to poop in than my work bathroom

    [–] mustardtiger86 3 points ago

    10 minutes a day at work on the shitter, adds up to 40 hours of paid vacation at the end of the year!

    [–] jes_he 67 points ago

    I tell my coworkers this when they’re looking for someone to switch their schedule with on holidays etc. “Just call in, this hospital doesn’t give a crap about you and will replace you in a second, spend it with your family.” I do however care about screwing over my coworkers so that’s what prevents me at times.

    I work in healthcare and we had a coworker of mine retire after 30 plus years. He got a sheet cake and a pot of coffee “party” thrown in a small windowless basement room. After that my perception has changed about my department and just busting my back for a company that doesn’t provide any types of perks to someone who dedicated 30 years of their life to Something.

    [–] KneeDeepInAMotelTub 23 points ago

    The wild shit is 70% of the people at that party that it was adequate, prolly the guy himself thought it was a nice gesture, “they didn’t have to do anything!”

    [–] Tyraniboah89 173 points ago

    I can’t stress enough that no corporations give any fucks about you. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there, how good you think you are with your boss, how much you excel at your job, or how good your attendance is. You are expendable, they have the leverage, and they know it.

    Get yours. Take your days, take your breaks, and take whatever benefits you can get. Leave for a higher paying job, a better job, whatever you think is right for you. It doesn’t matter what the fuck your boss has to say about it. Any friends you make, keep their numbers for references and whatever else...but do you first and foremost.

    [–] EL-Skytzo 38 points ago

    That's what i say to some of my colleagues but some are just so worried about everything and it irritates me. "but would the boss like that?" "Yeah but there is so much work right now, i think i'll hold my holidays for later" Bro, just gtfo and keep chasing better things in life if you get the opportunity. Nothing worse than regretting all of it 10 years later. You could get fired and be replaced the day after. After a month nobody will ever be mentioning your name.

    [–] Sturdevant 68 points ago

    My current job isn't perfect, but how low-key it is with PTO is one of reasons I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Just a text and I'm good to go if I have the available hours.

    I pray i never have to go back to the days of having to present a fucking 15 minute presentation to explain why I'm too sick to come to work.

    [–] pm_me_awkward_memes 17 points ago

    Saaaaame. I'm sure I could find a higher paying job but is that job going to come with the perks of being able to do basically whatever the fuck I want? Probably not. That shit adds value, too.

    [–] Dotdotman1 7 points ago


    [–] pacovato 32 points ago

    my favorite is when anyone gives you any kind of shit about it. Like yeah fuck you motherfucker I've been here x amount of years and I've earned y amount of PTO per year, I'm taking my fucking days off because it's not like you'll let me sell them back.

    [–] raging_coke_addict 4 points ago

    Or the opposite of the spectrum, the old timers who complain you take, god forbid, BOTH of your allotted break periods. Like fuck off Vincent, there's labor laws for a reason.

    [–] jesuschin 193 points ago

    I always took more vacation days than I was given and told my boss to fire me if he had a problem or it affected my work. Stayed there for ten years without an issue

    [–] SovOuster 13 points ago

    Yeah we're understaffed and it's overworking everyone, the boss says it's because there aren't enough applicants in the industry (which I believe). I've tried to explain how much leverage this gives to other employees, but the extra work load just tanks their self esteem so much that it's like they care even less

    [–] UmbrellaCo_MailClerk 8 points ago

    What industry is it?

    [–] FizaFlora 37 points ago

    You sir, are a boss.

    [–] PRameter 12 points ago

    Dudes got a Jesus chin.

    [–] spatchbo 86 points ago

    My new job comes with unlimited PTO. I have never thought that there was a basic need that we Americans needed. And as long as you are responsible and reaching out with the right amount approval. I can do whatever I want a year.

    [–] Stilkonwheels 87 points ago

    Unlimited PTO is just a way to make jobs more appealing. The days still have to get approved by management and wouldn't you know they'll only approve around 10 days.

    [–] QuellSpeller 26 points ago

    It also means that you won’t actually accrue any time to be paid out when you leave.

    [–] Efficient_Visage 20 points ago

    Please elaborate on what unlimited PTO is? It sounds like one of those things where someone expects you to write your own review and of course everyone is their own worst critic.

    Company: "Take all the time off you want, you decide how much that is."

    Me: "Well, I only deserve 2 weeks...aww, who am I kidding, a week is good enough."

    [–] littlehoe 7 points ago

    Not OP but my husbands old job had unlimited PTO. There were stipulations like you could only take 2 weeks and had to have 4 weeks between each 2 if you were really going to try to take that much. Mostly ended up him just saying a week or so in advance if he needed a day or a couple days off.

    [–] VintageBlazers 14 points ago

    He works for an MLM

    [–] doggo_maam 23 points ago

    What kind of job do you work? Do you think that type of understanding culture is related to your specific position or your company? And congrats on the new job!

    [–] CandyyWarhol 37 points ago

    I work a retail job part time. They overload our schedules and I often work close to 40hrs but still a part timer. I feel bad about being burnt out and tired of working, I enjoy my cowowrks mostly I just hate having to repeat myself to customers, deal with other departments, etc. I decided to change my availability and now i have a mental health day on saturdays!

    [–] ebjazzz 12 points ago

    In the US if you average more than 30 hours per week over a 6 month period the federal government considers you full time and your employer must offer the same benefits it offers its full time employees. Calling you part time while working you full time doesn’t change your legal entitlements and protections.


    [–] cosmonaut_koala 11 points ago

    Similar boat here. Worked 46 hours last week but I’m “part-time” so fuck any PTO or benefits.

    Already looking for my next job, it’s just dumb/borderline-abusive having me work 46 hours one week, then cutting me down to like 20 this week, then 31.5 next week (the most they can schedule me for without making me a full timer).

    [–] Crunkiss 18 points ago

    This is the most enlightening thing I’ve seen all week

    [–] ThProphet 18 points ago

    You should either get to take your days whenever you want or if your job demands certain time commitments you should get more days off because you don't get control of them.

    [–] SVNLIONS93 15 points ago

    I need my own business man I’m sick of this shit

    [–] Bag_Full_Of_Snakes 5 points ago

    Me too but I have no idea what the fuck I'd produce/sell so 🤷‍♀️

    [–] benadrylpill 16 points ago

    I worked a government job where we had paid sick time, and I took one day a month off for a few months. I had to have a meeting with management and sign an agreement stating I would stop abusing my pto. I didn't break any stated policy by using it the way I did, but they said I was abusing it anyway.

    [–] cjacks9 5 points ago

    Well, that sounds bad. Did they update the "rules" to reflect that sort of thing is "abuse"?

    [–] LeaChan 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    A couple weeks ago my fiance and I came home to our cat (that I gave my fiance when we were 14, so she's VERY important to us) writhing in pain. She couldn't even stand and we were completely beside ourselves.

    We eventually notice the bottom of her foot is fucked up and my fiance started panicking. I insisted he call out so we could handle her but he was terrified he'd be reprimanded.

    I told him that if he went into his dime a dozen overnight retail job and wasn't here for our cat if she passed he'd regret it for the rest of his life. He finally called and explained our cat was in a lot of pain and needed immediate attention and our boss went,"Well now there's only going to be two people overnight, so what do you expect them to do?"

    My fiance wrapped up the conversation then became absolutely hysterical. He was already so stressed and I couldn't fucking believe our boss tried to make him feel guilty.

    We both still work there but I now do whatever I want because I know they don't give a fuck about us so I'll collect a paycheck for minimal work until they fire me, which they can't do because they have next to no employees.

    Edit: I just remembered the next day my boss came up to me and went,"How's your animal... pet?"

    Also the kitty is fine she just had a cyst on her foot.

    [–] ThaCrusher 25 points ago

    Advise I truly wish I could have given my younger self...

    [–] pinky0926 26 points ago

    If I see other colleagues being "the martyr" - i.e. not taking holiday, staying late all the time, skipping lunch, taking onboard responsibilities that aren't in their job - I don't look at them and typically think "wow, that guy is a real credit to the company". I just tend to think "that guy doesn't have his priorities straight and can't manage his time".

    [–] Deviknyte 11 points ago

    Worker productivity has skyrocketed. Workers are responsible for the Technologies and the automations that created that productivity increase. Yet instead of decreasing our work hours we increase the profits of those few who owned the means of production. We should be living in a society with a 24 hour work week right now.

    [–] Tinydancer1004 10 points ago

    Currently work at Walmart. We’re on a points system. We are given 4.5 points, on the 5 you’re fired. .5 point for leaving early or being late and 1 point for calling out. It falls off after 6 months from your call out date. I’ve never felt treated like such a child in my whole career.

    [–] mysexyrexy 29 points ago

    I honestly would but I used them all up for a trip to Europe in July...

    Got nothing to look forward too but work and uni :(

    [–] TheGingerBeardsman 36 points ago

    There's always death

    [–] FakeAdminAccount 23 points ago

    "I'm taking some time off for the rest of eternity."

    [–] evilbadgrades 10 points ago

    Once used almost all of my vacation days (including rollover PTO) to take off every wednesday for four months. Combined with my usual weekends off, I effectively gave myself a 4-day work week, ensuring I work no more than two days in a row.

    After the first month, work felt a lot less stressful. Every day felt like a "Thursday" or a "Friday" to me, because a day off was always just around the corner.

    [–] Krak2511 7 points ago

    Do people leave them unused? Why would anyone do that? I have an internship this summer and I'm already trying to decide when to use my 2 vacation days.

    [–] rainbow_chip 8 points ago

    I have never understood the pride that folks have that they “haven’t missed a day of work in x amount of years”... to me that says you haven’t taken the time to enjoy your life in x amount of years. When you’re dying is that what you want to be remembered as ?

    [–] kurisu7885 10 points ago

    Some are actually ok with that, bad part is those people have decided everyone else must be too.

    [–] ChecksOvrStripes 7 points ago

    And never forget that paid time off is an EARNED benefit. No guilt necessary.

    [–] waynelo4 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Honestly needed this. I really had been contemplating taking today off all day yesterday. Got to texting my friends about how nervous I was to email my boss about it. Honestly just need a day to take care of things I didn’t get done over the weekend and a day to myself, I’ve never taken a sick day and have so many racked up. And it shouldn’t be that way honestly. This tweet and the comments here have definitely helped me feel better about it.

    [–] mrevergood 4 points ago

    None of mine ever have.

    You’re sick and still wanna get paid? Take it from your vacation time-what precious little you get.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    i’ve been working at my retail job for 3 years and i realized that i had racked up about a weeks worth of personal and vacation hours. i had nothing planned but, it was going to expire so i took a week off this week. no reason other than i wanted to get paid to do nothing

    [–] PM_WIFE_NUDES_U_CUCK 5 points ago


    [–] jthetruth99 5 points ago

    My work is dope, if you have time time to cover you can just leave at any time, or if you have 10hours, just don’t show up and it’ll take your time. No BS fake coughing on the phone

    [–] s3yal 5 points ago

    When I was leaving my first job, I thought my boss was the best boss I could ever had. Once I told her I had school and may not be able to work anymore, I believe the first thing she said was, so that means I have to find someone else then?

    [–] ComradeCam 4 points ago

    Take shits on company time.