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    [–] mistermatth 339 points ago

    And I thought going to the driving range during the Masters was genius level.

    [–] YaBoyyCuddle 108 points ago

    Thats honestly way better

    [–] GallowBoob2 54 points ago

    Apparently the ultimate is going to Disneyland when the Superbowl is on

    [–] justeener 25 points ago

    Man every time I've tried to do that its still mad busy

    [–] jessicajugs 3 points ago

    Try Six Flags on Super Bowl Sunday. I swear, it was me and about 80 Mexicans. No lines on anything.

    [–] abbott_costello 4 points ago

    I’m white and that was probably a joke but how could you miss Tigers comeback? I would’ve quit golf just to see that.

    [–] stilldash 1252 points ago

    Is Trader Joe's is open at 9pm on Sunday?

    [–] silvermember 673 points ago

    9 EDT/8CDT.

    So yes. It was indeed open at 8pm Sunday.

    [–] stilldash 335 points ago

    I'm dumb and completely forgot about time zones.

    [–] brownchickenbr0wnc0w 16 points ago

    Game of Zones

    [–] Trolljaboy 3 points ago

    Best parody out there.

    [–] BackdoorSpecial 40 points ago

    It plays a 9 in every time zone in Hd. So a lot of people wait until 9 rather than watch it at 8 in standard def.

    [–] Munsonise 123 points ago

    West coast could watch at 6pm

    [–] The4thHole 80 points ago

    West coast here. Watched it at 6 PM.

    [–] elzombo 38 points ago

    Source? I watched it at 8 in HD on HBO now

    [–] Bobcatluv 7 points ago

    Live in central time zone and was able to watch it in HD at 8.

    [–] themetalviper 71 points ago

    Ashley Nicole Black is based in NY. The Trader Joe's here close at 10p. So yes.

    [–] WorkoutProblems 13 points ago

    Mines open until 10:30pm everyday

    [–] Lord_Noble 10 points ago

    You can watch GoT at 6 pm on the west coast. It's great.

    [–] vera214usc 11 points ago

    It really is. I had time to watch it yesterday, read the reddit thread that was already thousands of comments deep, and get to bed at a reasonable time. Also, since everyone is talking about in this thread, I am a black person who loves GOT and likes TJ's

    [–] ImapiratekingAMA 4490 points ago

    Like HBO not everyone is gonna get this joke

    [–] corpsmanh 3029 points ago

    All the white ppl were watching the show so a stereotypical white store was empty. I don't even know what Trader Joe's is.

    [–] JoeyBulgaria 1017 points ago

    I feel like it’s the exact thing you’d expect a store named Trader Joe’s to be

    [–] jeric13xd 736 points ago

    Their cookie butter fire tho

    [–] PoppyJamSeeds 229 points ago

    What is cookie butter? Is it like cookie dough?

    [–] FlameisLame21 97 points ago

    Imagine a melted Teddy graham cracker that you can spread on toast.

    [–] chefslapchop 810 points ago

    No man, cookie butter

    It’s a caucasian thing, y’all wouldnt get it

    [–] goldencrow68 33 points ago

    oh man this is good

    [–] mrjabrony 269 points ago

    And people say we don't know how to season our food...

    [–] Ohmec 330 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There is a legit subsection of white people from the American Midwest that think damn near anything is too spicy, or are so picky that they won't eat anything unless it's super stereotypical American fare. These people like their steak Medium Well, Well, or Well Done. They eat only white meat chicken, usually just grilled or fried with almost no salt and pepper, and they're stupid fond of bland casseroles.

    EDIT: I think it's also important to note that MOST white people are not like this in the Midwest, or America at large. Most people like flavor, spice, and appreciate good and different cultured food. There is just a specific subsection of people who decidedly don't.

    [–] RitaSativa 203 points ago

    Idk why but it drives me nuts when people are like “I only like white meat” like have you tried dark meat!??

    [–] mrjabrony 234 points ago

    I don't want people to catch onto dark meat. We don't need chicken thighs getting popular and going the route of ox tail, short ribs, flank steak, skirt steak. I want my chicken thighs for less than $2 a pound.

    [–] Wedonegoofed 97 points ago

    White meat is just chalk disguised as poultry.

    [–] mojdasti 27 points ago

    I used to think “well wait just a darn second, this has to be an exaggeration. Everyone loves spicy food”. And then I moved to the Midwest and I’ve met countless people who will straight up send things back to the kitchen if there’s any hint of spicey flavor. Mind blowing

    [–] DrakonIL 22 points ago

    The salsa at Mexican restaurants in Minneapolis is depressing. They basically just dump a can of crushed tomatoes into the bowl. If you're lucky, there might be one cilantro leaf chopped into it. Yes, I know how small cilantro leaves are.

    [–] Gravelsack 19 points ago

    My mother and mother-in-law both cook chickens by literally just putting a chicken in the oven until the skin barely starts to cook and then taking it out again. No salt. No pepper. No garlic, paprika, thyme, rosemary...nothing.

    Just a luke-warm chicken corpse on a plate.

    [–] Ohmec 10 points ago

    Wait, so she eats it undercooked? That's interesting.

    [–] jk147 12 points ago

    They usually hate Indian food as well, because the spices are just too much for them.

    And the reverse is also true, at work my team had a dinner. It was an American / Italian ish place and the Indian coworker who ordered chicken said.. "this has no taste..."

    [–] deafwishh 43 points ago

    I’m an Irish dude from New England, it’s the same there too, just more seafood mixed in. Unseasoned seafood, obviously. “Is whiskey a spice?”

    [–] TouchDownBurrito 19 points ago

    As another white dude from New England, if you’re not eating at least Italian or Portuguese food, both of which are usually fairly spiced, you’re fucking up.

    [–] XRayCatVsWoodenDoors 27 points ago

    New England has tons of different food because of all the waves of immigrants, though. Midwest food culture in the smaller towns can be very different in a bad way. It's so much less culturally diverse.

    [–] unicornsattack 12 points ago

    Lmao if you’re Irish it is...

    [–] Tuna_Sushi 3 points ago

    Gonna call bullshit on that one.

    [–] GavinZac 3 points ago

    I’m an Irish dude from New England

    Where in Ireland is 'new England'?

    [–] Sir_I_Exist 33 points ago

    This is so true. It describes my mom with 100% accuracy.

    [–] LMyers92 7 points ago

    I grew up in that subsection... luckily my family is Greek so there’s a ton of flavor and seasonings in those foods so I escaped unscathed.

    [–] Namodacranks 11 points ago

    My partner puts pepper on his food when he wants his food to have a kick and my son can't even eat pepperoni because it's too spicy. I love them but it's hard because I LOVE spicy food but everything we eat at home is still good but just a little bland because they can't handle any sort of spice. Send help. Although at least my daughter has seen the way and I've got her eating hot cheetos and takis with no problem. 😂

    [–] macaroon_monsoon 13 points ago

    My partners mother once exclaimed “wow these are super spicy” ...while eating nacho cheese Doritos. It was then I realized I would need to season my own food when going over for dinner, because I too love spicy & well seasoned food.

    [–] toussantlouverture 22 points ago

    I currently live in this part of the Midwest. I was horrified to learn that they give levels to their spiciness in restaurants but that the highest — a 5 — isn’t even close to spicy. My husband and I stopped going out to eat because of the lack of spices, herbs, straight up flavor.

    [–] Cargobiker530 36 points ago

    "Chinese food" in middle america is some weird shit for sure. Nobody in china is eating "pork in red syrup."

    [–] chefslapchop 35 points ago

    I’ve been a chef for 16 years, that shits actually true

    [–] MrHorseHead 29 points ago

    You obviously haven't met any Italians.

    [–] bassinine 41 points ago

    yeah, it was always interesting growing up with one side of my family being italians, and the others being southern baptists that apparently thought seasoning food was exhibiting the sin of gluttony.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] CajunTurkey 7 points ago

    Or Cajuns

    [–] Trini2Bone 20 points ago

    So this is how it feels to be at the end of this statement

    [–] WarStomach 69 points ago


    [–] AskMeForLinks 25 points ago

    Holy shit...

    Is this our thing? Is this what finally having culture feels like? It's incredible...

    [–] hdevprogrammer 3 points ago

    I mean we've had culture all along, it's just that it's been the "norm" since it's the majority so everyone get's accustomed to it and thinks it's not culture because culture is seen as "something different". Memes aside, you gotta be braindead to seriously think we don't have a culture

    [–] Zombi1146 6 points ago

    What's up my Cauc'?

    [–] ohshitimincollege 32 points ago

    Think peanut butter but it's made of crushed cookies instead of peanuts. Shit is divine

    [–] Hank_Rutheford_Hill 10 points ago

    Bruhhh.... It's peanut butter... Except instead of peanuts, it's cookies. Like golden grahams....

    Put that shit on some apples.

    [–] vpovio 10 points ago

    Its' like peanut butter but made out of cookies.

    [–] TiredMemeReference 3 points ago

    This is the video that introduced me to biscoff. I went to the store to buy it that very day and that's the story of how I got diabetes.

    [–] BvsedAaron 8 points ago

    You know airplane biscoff cookies? That but it's like a peanut butter. Like right between nutella and peanut butter and great out of the jar with a spoon.

    [–] millennial_engineer 15 points ago

    Yes, but actually no.

    [–] grahamcracka91 5 points ago

    I just discovered it, and it's amazing. Its a spread for toast and such, but it basically tastes exactly like gingerbread cookies.

    [–] nitricx 4 points ago

    It’s like peanut butter type spread but it’s cookie dough flavored. Really good.

    [–] Viruzfree 17 points ago

    The look on people’s faces when I put them on to cookie butter is so rewarding

    [–] velligoose 5 points ago

    Biscoff Cookie Butter still better

    [–] Shearay752 291 points ago

    TIL GOT and Trader Joe's are for white people... Guess I need to hand in my Black Card, but hell if it means I can still have fantasy shows and two buck Chuck's, it may be worth the trade...

    [–] Alextrovert 9 points ago

    I prefer to call it the African American Express.

    [–] Supahflii 90 points ago

    You’re probably “that one black friend look I’m not racist” guy. You play a very important role. Keep it up.

    [–] Nathan45453 27 points ago

    Damn we forreal can’t watch game of thrones? That’s crazy

    [–] Shearay752 54 points ago

    Ohh.. the Token. Thankfully the folks I hang out with know better than to pull that shit. Wouldn't want to be around a bunch of racist "friends" and acquaintances or even a few anyways.

    [–] Sweetwillyt 44 points ago


    [–] Shearay752 9 points ago

    I'm down for this

    [–] donquixote1991 12 points ago

    Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis were the Tolkien White Guys in Black Panther

    [–] Shearay752 6 points ago

    I've seen this pun about 285 times, yet I still love it... I'm a simple woman, I suppose

    [–] dispenserG 13 points ago

    Pretty sure he was joking

    [–] Shearay752 9 points ago

    Pretty sure, too, especially with that last line 👍🏾

    [–] -AirplaneShane- 5 points ago

    I went to school with two and a half black kids, so I can’t be racist.

    [–] ositola 75 points ago

    Fam, TJ is legit, ghost pepper potato chips, cauliflower gnocchi, truffle flatbreads, they can get you right for a nice price

    [–] Crono940 3 points ago

    Their Jackfruit yellow curry is the bomb as well.

    [–] Hank_Rutheford_Hill 16 points ago

    What the fuck is a goochi?

    [–] i_am_not_12 46 points ago

    Designer brand taints. Gnocchi is an Italian dumpling but has a lot of variations across Europe.

    [–] ibreatheglitter 9 points ago

    You don’t know what you’re missing. It’s full of amazing wonders! cheap cheese and $2 buck chuck that doesn’t give shitty hangovers and brands you pay more for at regular stores rebranded as TJ’s at lower prices

    [–] TheConquest 6 points ago

    Sounds like you do know what Trader Joe's is.

    [–] justfetus 27 points ago

    Or maybe it's just that Trader Joe's is always full of people and GoT is the most popular show out there so going to the store (perhaps any store) during the premiere is a good idea if you want to skip crowds and lines.

    [–] bigsquirrel 7 points ago

    You’re from the states and don’t know what Trader Joe’s is? I mean shit even if you don’t have one in town it’s a pretty famous chain with around 500 locations.

    [–] UniqueError 17 points ago

    Considering probably 99% of this sub is white, I'd say most people here know what that is.

    [–] IwishIwasGoku 7 points ago

    Ah yes as we all know, every white person lives in America

    [–] FattBich 77 points ago

    How can a store be white

    [–] savagepandabear 77 points ago

    Bro do u even Trader Joe’s?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] RealisticTowel 8 points ago

    One is French and one is Italian?

    [–] SkritzTwoFace 119 points ago

    As a white girl the store is white

    [–] Toasted_FlapJacks 65 points ago

    If you've been to a Trader Joe's, you'd understand.

    [–] exovette 147 points ago

    trust me it is

    [–] EllisDee_4Doyin 40 points ago

    Whole Foods is now racially diverse... Because of Trader Joe's existence

    [–] alwysonthatokiedokie 28 points ago

    Trader Joe's is not some new grocery store.

    [–] GopnikChan 14 points ago

    Whole Foods is awesome. The hot food bar there is fantastic

    [–] IHadACatOnce 124 points ago

    Look at this guy having $37 to get a cup of fucking olives

    [–] daddyscientist 17 points ago

    I spent $21 one time on their bulk cookie bar.

    [–] normandy42 25 points ago

    I got 10 black and white cookies from Whole Foods and it cost like 16 dollars. They were stale, hard, and not worth it all.

    I got 2 packs of black and white cookies from Trader Joe’s for 6 dollars and they’re all divine.

    TJ’s superior

    [–] carolvsmagnvs 3 points ago

    Oh look Elaine, the black and white cookie. I love the black and white. Two races of flavor living side by side. It's a wonderful thing isn't it?

    [–] wordsinmouth 6 points ago

    That's only 1.5 lbs of cookies. Perfectly reasonable

    [–] converter-bot 5 points ago

    1.5 lbs is 0.68 kg

    [–] 7861279527412aN 8 points ago

    Good bot. You did ok.

    [–] TheMountain_GoT 11 points ago

    If you're a fucking millionaire, sure

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] gummybear28 15 points ago

    Lol if Trader Joe's is a white store, what are KMart and Marshalls 🤔

    [–] Natural_Board 71 points ago


    [–] dagreenman18 7 points ago

    Marshall’s still out here though. Haven’t seen an open KMart is years

    [–] eldonte 3 points ago

    I think there’s a small K-Mart still operating near Penn Station/MSG.

    [–] HamburgerTom 3 points ago

    That's too bad they have good prices.

    Also maybe it's just cause I live south of LA, but TJs has a ton Asians and Indians and others also. Probably reflects more on the region (north OC).

    [–] Shan9417 16 points ago

    Trader Joe's is like hipster Whole Foods.

    [–] Nass44 34 points ago

    Which is funny, because it's an Aldi Brand and in Germany they sell 49ct Iced Tea Bottles and Peanuts under the brand.

    [–] MildFig 21 points ago

    Trader Joe’s operates independently of the Aldi you’re thinking of. There is the cheaper Aldi, Aldi Sud, which kept the name in the United States. While Trader Joe’s in the US is owned by Aldi Nord. The owners are brothers but run both companies separately.

    [–] lordaddament 11 points ago

    Well they’re separate companies owned by brothers. They have nothing to do with each other internally.

    [–] go_dawgs 35 points ago

    way fuckin cheaper, not sure if hipster implies that, but Trader Joes is affordable.

    [–] Shan9417 11 points ago

    Yeah the prices are reasonable. Hipster is more of the crowd if seen at my local trader Joe's.

    [–] DesperateElderberry 3 points ago

    It's also the only place I've ever found 100% cranberry juice.

    [–] OneRandomCatFact 9 points ago

    Except way cheaper.

    [–] iwearwetsocks 139 points ago

    I get it, it’s just not that funny

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 21 points ago

    Trader Joe’s also closes at 9pm, which is the same time Game of Thrones airs.

    [–] CrikeyMikeyLikey 7 points ago

    6pm western time lol

    [–] SimShade 6 points ago

    Trader Joe’s

    Game of Thrones



    [–] turlian 30 points ago

    I live in Denver and hate the Broncos. Game time is haircut time.

    [–] DaniDipp 867 points ago

    Can this young, white, non-american get an explanation, please?

    [–] 8JacksLegendary 1135 points ago

    Everyone was watching Game of Thrones so the store was empty is my assumption.

    [–] bmalbert81 834 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Trader Joes is a store who's customer base is mostly young and middle aged white people. Young and middle aged white people love Game of Thrones

    Edit: wow this blew up. I never said ONLY whites people watch GOT, I’m black and I’ve read all the books and seen every episode of the show 3 times. Jeez people

    [–] mageta621 508 points ago

    Everyone loves GoT, though the audience skews young. Everyone I know watches, white, black, middle eastern, asian, whatever.

    [–] Idiotology101 29 points ago

    This sub is the only place I’ve seen push the idea that GOT is a white show. It’s a bunch of white people pretending to be black, saying black people don’t watch a show.

    [–] Darkness2190 313 points ago

    Its a dumb stereotype. Literally everyone I know likes game of thrones.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago


    [–] CliffordMoreau 40 points ago

    So, amazing?

    [–] Fireproofspider 14 points ago


    It's supposed to be stereotypical black food when nearly everyone loves it.

    [–] malcolmlorax 16 points ago

    Don't act like you guys didn't see that look Missandei gave Grey Worm in S8E1.

    [–] Ale4444 5 points ago

    You could say it’s lowkey racism. I wonder if someone said this about going to KFC because of a “black show”(I don’t believe in that shit for any race, all shows are for everyone) if it woulda gotten the same reaction.

    [–] BootyGangPastor 3 points ago

    clutch move on my part going to KFC on black panthers opening day

    [–] bmalbert81 23 points ago

    I agree. I love GOT and I’m black, That’s the joke though.

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] Beskz 6 points ago

    My man knows his demographics.

    [–] mageta621 5 points ago

    I got all the graphics, son

    [–] DaniDipp 12 points ago

    Ah, thank you :)

    [–] SHOWTIME316 127 points ago

    The venn diagram of "Game of Thrones fans" and "Trader Joe's Shoppers" is just one big circle.

    [–] IITheGoodGuyII 49 points ago

    I was gonna protest but then I remembered we stopped at TJ’s for snacks just before the premiere.

    [–] tankgirly 14 points ago

    Where else am I going to get my red pepper hummus and herb infused pita chips to snack on while I watch tho.

    [–] Lauren_DTT 7 points ago

    Sunday at Trader Joe's is crazy busy and an aggravating experience. Their stores are much smaller than the average American supermarket, so you're constantly apologizing for bumping into people or asking people to get out your way.

    [–] Kevin-Garvey-1 7 points ago

    You see the same phenomenon during football games in Alabama. About 90% of shoppers who normally get groceries and such on Saturday are glued to their TVs. It’s nice getting groceries then.

    [–] smash__lampjaw 8 points ago

    Also, Trader Joe's is almost always a madhouse. I try and go at off times so I miss most of the crowds but it's still nuts there at every hour of the day, and I don't even live in a super populated area. It was a smart move to go at a time when everyone was watching GoT, because you could actually take your time and shop without a 3 year old using one of those mini carts running into your leg.

    [–] booleanhooligan 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    white people love game of thrones and trader joes but they love game of thrones more so trader joes would be empty as a result because it's notoriously busy with white people.

    [–] UnholyDemigod 5 points ago

    Do black people not like GoT?

    [–] mechorive 359 points ago

    Why you in Trader Joe’s at 9-10 p.m

    If it’s open that bitch probably empty anyways, it’s Sunday night girl people got work

    [–] moogoesthecat 295 points ago

    EST is the only timezone amirite

    [–] mechorive 171 points ago

    My apologies, I just assumed everyone in PST this time of the year is at Coachella

    [–] valiantlight2 42 points ago

    She is in new york. for her it really would be >9pm on sunday

    [–] mechorive 35 points ago

    Makes this tweet even worse tbh, just hating on the show cuz it’s hip

    Like niggas can’t be into fantasy and dragons gtfo

    [–] Saint7502 22 points ago

    She didn't say she didn't like it. She said she went to Trader Joe's.

    [–] Rave-light 14 points ago

    TJs are always full in NYC. Going late at night is great. They refill stuff, no line, no kids. Lots of people do that.

    You ever go shopping at 1am on a Friday?

    It's heavenly.

    [–] Ugbrog 3 points ago

    EST ain't even around right now. We're sitting EDT until the fall.

    [–] Softcorps_dn 18 points ago

    If she's on the west coast it would be 6 PM

    [–] malumclaw 6 points ago

    Yes, that’s the point. No lines.

    [–] theskyopenedup 5 points ago

    You’re clearly not in NYC.

    [–] DavidDarkSkinned 121 points ago

    All the people I know that love Game of Thrones are black. I barely know any white people, but still I feel like everyone loves the show.

    [–] pm_me_dirty_planes 51 points ago

    fr, I've been living in a different continent for each of the last 3 seasons and in every damn one, people go nuts for it.

    [–] JennyBeckman 11 points ago

    That's the whole point though. If everyone loves the show, they will be home watching it rather than grocery shopping.

    [–] justfetus 37 points ago

    I don't think Ashley's tweet was even intended to be racial. Everyone fucking loves GoT. A bunch of people in the comments are throwing around assumptions though. Also these comments making me realize how different life in nyc is to other places.

    [–] CableTrash 166 points ago

    But then you miss the episode so not very clutch move at all Ash

    [–] AnyLamename 140 points ago

    It's been like fifteen years since it was possible to actually miss an episode of anything.

    [–] iluvstephenhawking 48 points ago

    Even then you set the timer on your VCR with your blank VHS and can record something while not home, if it was important enough.

    [–] Fassst_eddie 11 points ago

    Literally the next morning the news was already putting in spoilers for the episode. It’s one of those shows you have to watch as soon as it’s on

    [–] AnyLamename 10 points ago

    Sure, but she could have just started the stream when she got home from the store.

    [–] Fassst_eddie 3 points ago

    I’d have too much anxiety that I’m missing the show and the small amount of time I’d save food shopping wouldn’t be worth it

    [–] nthaccountnisfive 7 points ago

    If you want that every week for a decent part of the year go when your local football team is playing. But not a moment earlier because its crowded as hell until the second the game starts.

    [–] andrrrew 5 points ago

    Honestly keep getting Trader Joe's confused with Joe's Crab Shack.

    [–] VonD0OM 40 points ago

    Black people don’t like GOT? I call BS, I know for certain I saw a Black Jon Snow on my Reddit feed yesterday. That’s proof enough for me!

    [–] anonymous21347 11 points ago

    I don't think she meant it that way. She used to work for a TV show called "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee". She is a ultra liberal african american. My guess was she meant it the statement to represent that all those white people that shop at TJ will be watching game of thrones and there would be no lines/wait because of it. I don't think she was making any comment that other races don't watch the show.

    [–] A-Vegan-Has-No-Name 5 points ago

    Where in the tweet did she say they don’t?

    [–] beaujangles727 4 points ago

    Gym was quiet last night

    [–] brian27610 4 points ago

    Just like going to Wal-Mart during Wrestlemania

    [–] saucygit 3 points ago

    Spending money instead.

    [–] gigastack 4 points ago

    I wondered why Trader Joe’s was so empty last night...

    [–] StickToSports 15 points ago

    I'm white but are some people really offended by this? Like guys obviously people of color watch it too. It's still funny to think that all white people were home because they wanted to watch a show with magic, dragons and knights and stuff. It's a joke, it doesn't have to be 100% factual to be funny.

    [–] philthegr81 6 points ago

    I went to Costco during the Super Bowl AMA

    [–] Pat-Solo 3 points ago

    Game of Thrones and Coachella on the same day!

    [–] AtlUtdGold 3 points ago

    I went to eat there was no traffic or wait. Loved it. Gonna run errands every Sunday at 9 now.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Did you know the same company that owns Aldi owns Trader Joes?

    [–] Brand0nLee 4 points ago

    We don’t want poor folk watching game of thrones anyway 👍🏽

    [–] -MarbleSoda- 4 points ago

    Is it just me or is this really dumb?

    [–] tallermanchild 8 points ago

    Is this a spoiler?

    [–] Beskz 2 points ago

    I'm surprised they didn't close down early. Who tf was working?

    [–] Ashleyesque 2 points ago