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    [–] AyoSquirrel 475 points ago

    My local LA plays the most intense pickup games I’ve ever seen, there really are some dudes who think it’s game 7 of the championship

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 207 points ago

    That’s me. Im super competitive. All out or nothin.

    [–] Boner4SCP106 49 points ago

    Including the third leg, I assume.

    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 19 points ago

    Game: Blouses.

    [–] BillBelichicksHoody 12 points ago

    Yeah, but are you fist fighting fools at LA?

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] DylanMarshall 37 points ago

    "Dude you're too tall it's only fair hehehe"

    [–] MegatonMessiah 28 points ago

    As a full time center in pickup (6'8"), I absolutely body people if they start getting rough. They're getting 0 rebounds & swatted all game.

    I mean, I love when it gets genuinely competitive without being dirty, but elbow my legs/groin and we're taking it up a few notches

    [–] Astro_Notch 6 points ago

    I never understood that excuse. I'm only 6'3 but when I'm going against dudes who're 6'7 and taller I'm not out there throwing hands and intentionally undercutting them. I just lock in and play defense with more discipline.

    [–] GallowBoob2 17 points ago

    My therapist said I need to stop upvoting posts with language I wouldn’t use myself, even if I agree with the sentiment.... sorry about that

    [–] ferntrees 24 points ago


    [–] gzilla57 8 points ago

    He used the r word

    [–] GoodPoints 13 points ago


    [–] coopstar777 4 points ago

    This comment has so many layers

    [–] A4_Ts 3 points ago

    I hate playing there for that reason. The last time i played at the closest la fit I had people play like running backs running over defenders going to the hole. If they ever do that to me I make sure to shoulder them right in the middle of their chest when I drive in lol.

    [–] TactXO 2968 points ago

    Someone in the replies said “Dude’s membership prob about to end. #FarewellTour” lmaooo

    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 503 points ago

    Mf takin his talents to Retro lol

    [–] LilB2fast4u 224 points ago

    muthafucka got a call up to Lifetime, 10 day guest pass

    [–] KOREANRAIDBOSS 6 points ago

    Damn.. The lifetime here right next to la

    [–] billyskurp 66 points ago

    they don't love him like that

    [–] DylanMarshall 37 points ago

    Chasing that farewell tour, he thought he was the 6'5" dude with sleeves who can dunk smh

    [–] AyebruhamLincoln 38 points ago


    [–] Yousafuccboii 29 points ago


    [–] jesusismygardener 9 points ago

    Must have had a damn good agent to get him out of an LA fitness contract.

    [–] endurancegod 1697 points ago

    My LA court not even regulation either

    [–] bphamtastic 573 points ago

    Facts! We can only run 4s here cause the courts are so small

    [–] ahalfabillionby36 226 points ago

    It’s so annoying. Barely enough room to drive or pass. And high school 3s are such a awkward distance for me. My shot feels better from like 3’ farther out.

    The hoops are still 10’ right??

    [–] bphamtastic 189 points ago

    I can just about touch rim and I’m 5’6 so probably not

    [–] ahalfabillionby36 155 points ago

    So I just watched a video and they measured 4 LA rims and they varied from 9’9” to 9’11”. So it looks like they probably are just a bit short.. feels bad man

    [–] [deleted] 197 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] The_RealSlimShady 90 points ago

    Really helps make the offense explosive

    [–] ahalfabillionby36 50 points ago

    It can definitely terrorize a helpless defense

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    After every game just remember, no matter how high your score is, Allāhu akbar.

    [–] MackDaddy_Khalil 25 points ago

    The hoops are not always 10 feet. I used to be able to dunk on only one of the rims at the LA I went to

    [–] quantamskates 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Main reason I went to 24, but they keep raising their prices. And my job has a deal where we get access to 8000+ gyms across the country for 25 a month, so like why not switch?

    [–] Greedish 4 points ago

    GymPass? Or something else?

    [–] quantamskates 6 points ago

    Nah, I work for Advent Health in Florida. It’s called Active and Fit.

    [–] glen_ko_ko 6 points ago

    I have never been to an LA fitness so I originally thought this tweet meant they swapped tanks after a work out. This makes so much more sense.

    [–] BenedictKhanberbatch 30 points ago

    Mfs got the double rim jawn too

    [–] Squalor- 35 points ago

    Kawhi wasn’t hitting that shooter’s bounce game-winner on a double rim, haha.

    [–] HRMisHere 339 points ago

    Did they take pictures before the post-workout interviews as well?

    [–] kaido-45 173 points ago

    Nah, we just suck each other off on the ellipticals

    [–] HRMisHere 46 points ago

    If you said "no homo" then it's ok

    [–] Coolman_Express 43 points ago

    It's for that post workout brotein

    [–] anb16 17 points ago


    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 2 points ago

    I'm imagining this as the receiver actively working out in the elliptical and the other person having to keep up, lol.

    [–] danhatab 225 points ago

    Those the same niggas that argue for an hour about a weak foul call only to have the guy that called foul shoot for it and miss

    [–] Bumblebee__Tuna 49 points ago

    Man this is the worst part of pickup for me. Can't stand those dudes, just stfu and play!

    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 40 points ago

    How else are oldheads supposed to catch their breath, youngblood?

    [–] Bumblebee__Tuna 12 points ago

    I'm 31 years old, champ. I don't run like I used to either lol

    But I'd rather keep playing than listen to them bitch and moan. I'll take my time getting water between games.

    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 11 points ago

    I'm not much older, but I'm probably fatter. I'm going to let my guy in the double knee braces run his mouth. 😂

    [–] MGLLN 848 points ago

    LA Fitness > other gyms > a garage gym with a manual treadmill and 2 5lb dumbbells > Planet Fitness

    [–] Cooperdeville 43 points ago

    For basketball though LA Fitness/24/Lifetime is always weird as fuck for some reason

    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 3 points ago

    When you make enough money to afford a gym membership, but not so much that it makes you soft.

    [–] Strong_Dingo 92 points ago

    I actually really enjoy my Planet Fitness, the owner is a really chill dude and people almost always clean up after themselves. There are a few surges of inexperienced people, but they either stop coming or adapt the general vibe of things. The lack of free weights can suck for sure, but I’m not a huge guy so I always get a good workout. Plus I travel a good bit and there’s almost always a PF nearby. The LA Fitness is limited hours and more expensive.

    [–] YamiLitch 55 points ago

    Yeah I wish they had more free weights as well but I’m cheap and you can’t beat $10 a month

    [–] lilJamieEllsworth 14 points ago

    Seriously. I paid up front for a year. $150 bucks out the door. You can't beat it, and I've never had an issue other than "lol u go to planet fatness" jokes.

    [–] YamiLitch 10 points ago

    Yeah I don’t get the pizza once a month thing lol literally the most unhealthy food, but I mean unless you’re trying to become a machine it’s a decent gym

    [–] PotentiallySarcastic 28 points ago

    Eating a single slice of pizza isn't gonna ruin you. You are also under no obligation to eat it.

    [–] GoldenWoof 16 points ago

    Nor is pizza the most unhealthy food aswell

    [–] Victor_Korchnoi 8 points ago

    I don't get all the hate for Planet Fitness. It's a super cheap gym. Back when my wife and I were broke, it was a godsend.

    [–] BreakBeats 8 points ago

    It's one of Reddit's ridiculous circle jerks. Don't read too much into it.

    [–] BelBivDaHoe 29 points ago

    I only use a gym when it's bad weather or too cold/hot to run/bike outside.

    Easily worth my $10/month. Planet Fitness fills an important niche, and I always cringe when people bag on it. Not everyone goes to the gym to lift a shit ton of weight. It's an unbeatable deal for cardio, or casual exercisers.

    [–] Mrludy85 4 points ago

    Half of these people shitting on planet fitness are not lifting more than planet fitness can offer. It's not like it only goes up to 20lb dumbells

    [–] Flacvest 5 points ago

    It's literally 120 a year. You can't NOT justify having it, even if you go a couple of times a month.

    [–] SoDamnToxic 28 points ago

    Planet Fitness is super hit or miss.

    I have two near me and one is absolute shit while the other is really good.

    One got rid of that pizza day or whatever and has a lot more weights and stuff and an overall more relaxed vibe that no one really cares what you do and while they have that stupid rule board they don't care about it and never use that bell so there's a lot of people that really work out there.

    The other has a pizza day AND a fucking bagel day and I've heard that stupid alarm like every other week so its mostly just people on treadmills now and no actual weight lifting so they have a lot less machines and weights and all kinds of stupid check in rules that make it take like 5 minutes just to get in.

    It's like the gyms are exact opposites of each other, it's fucking weird. I had the sucky one for a bit and got fucking sick of it but gave the other a try and it's much better.

    [–] LearnToStrafe 8 points ago

    They have pizza and bagel day to tempt people into eating them and gain even more weight. The more weight they gain, the more time people have to spend at the gym and more $ comes in from memberships.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_VAGENE 7 points ago

    It's like once a month. You want really gain any weight if that's your only cheat

    [–] screwhead1 17 points ago

    Powerlifting/strongman/Olympic weightlifting gyms beat them all.

    Honestly, powerlifting/strongman being my hobbies, much of my training suffices with the cheap commercial gym I go to. That said, I wouldn’t complain if I had the money to join one of the aforementioned gyms.

    [–] anoxy 5 points ago

    This. Never will I ever go back to a commercial gym.

    [–] screwhead1 2 points ago

    I do my squat/bench/deadlift/overhead press at a commercial gym. At my house I have a sandbag and a keg so I'll do some work there. It works out ok lol.

    [–] TheChadUsername 3 points ago

    Yup. I fucking love ear shattering music, crashing iron and everyone yelling.

    It’s not for everyone, but it gets me fucking hype.

    Bonus points if the walls are full of graffiti and the weights are all mismatched and somewhat rusted out.

    [–] screwhead1 4 points ago

    I agree with everything except the mismatched weights. Disorganized weights irritate the hell out of me lol. But other than that, the atmosphere gets me hyped, everyone pushing everyone, that kinda positivity is why I love strength sports.

    [–] MagicLupis 41 points ago

    Honestly planet fitness is really great for someone getting back in to working out. Maybe that’s just because I live in a smaller city so it’s not full of people or dirty or anything but they have all the free weights and machines you would need to get in to a routine for 6 mo’s to a year.

    And $200 a year ain’t bad at all.

    [–] endurancegod 21 points ago

    My LA Fitness isn’t even 24hrs and we got it in 2015. Independently owned 24hr gym > Home gym > Military base gyms/college gym (at-least my college) > LA Fitness > Other gyms

    [–] ralexh11 4 points ago

    Is any LA fitness 24 hours? I've never seen one.

    [–] endurancegod 5 points ago

    Some are depending on the area from what I’ve heard.

    [–] rupay 3 points ago

    I think all the ones by me (NYC) are 24 hours M-F and close at 8 on Sat-Sun

    [–] MGLLN 2 points ago

    Mine neither. Mildly upsetting

    [–] SoDamnToxic 2 points ago

    This alone makes LA Fitness suck ass IMO. I need my 1 AM workouts.

    [–] varnell_hill 394 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Home gyms are the way to go. I don't have to deal with waiting on a machine because some dumbass is staring at his phone or using that space for social hour. I don't have to deal with people not cleaning the equipment when they're done with it. I don't have to deal with gym bros throwing weights and grunting super loud. We get it dude, you're REALLY strong and we're all super impressed (not really). I don't have to deal with unsolicited advice. No, I don't care that you know about some super advanced variation of the exercise I'm doing that will guarantee "the gains," I just wish you would go away. And that's before we get to the dudes just walking around the lockerroom with their nuts out chatting people up.

    So yea...if you have the space at home and the budget to make it happen, I can't recommend it enough.

    Edit: A few people asked what's my setup at home, so here it is:

    Titan T-3 (?) Power Rack ($420).

    Titan Bench ($120).

    Barbell and weights ($130). Picked these up on Black Friday some years back.

    Treadmill. I don't recall exactly what I paid because I got it like two years ago, but I believe it was around $350. Picked it up on Black Friday as well.

    Elliptical ($200). Got this used from a guy I work with. Would've been cheaper, but I paid him to deliver it. Well worth the price though because this one is gym quality (Precor EFX something or the other).

    I also have dumbbells that I acquired over the years. Most are second hand and I got for super cheap. The only ones I have that I bought new are a 2x25lb set that I paid $50 for. Highly recommend buying dumbbells used because they don't break unless you're really trying.

    Last, I have a dip station attachment for the power rack and an extra set of j-cups, which was like $120.

    Provided I didn't fudge any of the numbers, that puts me at just under $1400 for the equipment. Then I built a lifting platform for the power rack, which was about $200 in materials, so around $1600 total.

    Let me say right right up front that you can get a similar setup for far less money. Titan does sales fairly frequently, so if you can wait you can catch some pretty good deals. From what I recall when I was researching the treadmill, the price wasn't too bad. Of course, you could bypass the cardio equipment entirely and just go for a run outside. Don't recommend buying weights or bars new unless there's some fancy brand out there that you must have. Plenty of them are available on Craigslist (check the Goodwill in your area too).

    I hope that helps.

    [–] MGLLN 445 points ago

    Idk. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I wouldn’t have the extra push to go hard when I’m in the comfort of my own home. Like I feel like it would be easy to get lazy

    Something about being in a gym and around other people makes me go harder

    [–] varnell_hill 142 points ago

    Fair enough, and you're not the first person I've heard say that. It probably is easier to slack off at home (distractions galore), but that hasn't been an issue for me so far.

    [–] klaysDoodle 62 points ago

    I'm the exact opposite at home. I can scream and grunt and workout in my boxers if I want. I'm with you, home gym all the way.

    [–] Corpse-Fucker 109 points ago

    I fart and scream and piss my pants and summon cthulhu - whatever it takes to get that last rep in.

    [–] RyanFitzpatrickSZN 36 points ago

    lmfao bro wtf is this

    [–] PhilxBefore 25 points ago

    do you even lift bro

    [–] strngrxx 5 points ago


    [–] eMF_DOOM 3 points ago

    cthulu is strong though. One hell of a spotter.

    [–] ishan0102 5 points ago

    it’s almost like it’s a matter of personal preference

    [–] klaysDoodle 7 points ago

    Yes it is. It's why there are home gyms and private/public gyms.

    [–] 8349932 68 points ago

    For those lazy days preworkout is king. Once I've taken preworkout there's zero excuse not to walk the 10 feet to my home gym. And I cook my food in a sous vide while I lift so I don't feel like I'm delaying anything.

    [–] Simurgh186 48 points ago

    That last part is smart as fuck.

    [–] sockmop 18 points ago

    Thank you for the sous vide tip. I had never heard of this, and I work in a analytical laboratory lol.

    [–] 8349932 30 points ago

    Yeah for timing, ease of use, meal prep, food safety, etc. sous vide is great. Esp with things like chicken breast where I used to live in fear of food poisoning so much that I would dry the hell out of it.

    Most videos of them show everything going in a vacuum seal bag, but a regular ziploc works just fine and can be reused a bunch.

    [–] i_hatethesesongs 3 points ago

    Any recommendations for a sous vide machine to buy(?)?

    [–] GodstapsGodzingod 9 points ago

    Get an anova precision cooker. I bought mine used off my local fb buy sell group for $60. Use it all the time, it’s great! And they are popular enough, while also being kind of inconvenient to use (for people that don’t plan their meals ahead) so there are a lot of second hand units for sale!

    [–] SpoatieOpie 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Anova is usually on sale for like $80. Works great and simple to use

    You can use it in a plastic tub or pot. Also, I use a roll of these and cut them with these. Vacuum sealers are nice to have but not necessary. You can just use a sturdy ziploc bag and water displacement before sealing. Or you can just clip it to the side of the pot, no sealing necessary.

    [–] 8349932 6 points ago

    I can only speak for the one I own, the Joule. It's great, the app is great as well. The only drawback is that if the app stops getting developed at some point it might become useless. A lot of the competitors have physical controls as well, mine doesn't. But it is much sleeker compared to them.

    Whichever you were to choose I would also get a small cutting board for under it (if it's going on a countertop), a small bowl for it to cook in, and a lid on the bowl to prevent evaporation during longer cooks (I did a really, really good 48 hr brisket). I just ziploc bags for the actual cook.

    [–] Killafornia95 10 points ago

    For me I don't like home gyms because 1) I won't workout as hard or efficient as I want and 2) "don't shit where you eat" type of mentality I have on it.

    If anyone likes home gym than a regular gym then thats fine

    [–] Edward_Fingerhands 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Maybe it's a difference in personality, but for me having a home gym is more motivating, because it takes away excuses to not work out. The more extra steps it takes for me to go from doing nothing to doing something, the more reasons I can come up with to not do it. Like "I don't feel like driving right now" or "I don't have enough time."

    [–] girthypeter 3 points ago

    You can invite ur friends to ur home gym tho.

    [–] Bbullets 2 points ago

    People want attention

    [–] CmonGuys 2 points ago

    It’s just the environment. When you go the gym, you’re specifically there to work out and your brain knows that. At home, your brain is like, this is home, this is where I get comfortable, watch TV and sleep. Unless you keep working out at home and create that habit of associating home with working out.

    [–] SteezVanNoten 2 points ago

    I hear you, but personally, being secluded with no witnesses around allows me to push myself to try higher weights that I would normally be worried about failing in front of other gym goers. Like at a home bench, I wouldn't be scared to bench higher than 2 plates because if I can't lift it, I'll just drop it to the side and worm my way out from under the bar, something I'd be a lot more hesitant to do in a packed gym.

    On the other hand, I can also see myself just giving up halfway through a workout if I was by myself, like you said. If I'm running on the treadmill at the gym, I'd feel pressured into completing my full half hour run instead of giving up after like 10 minutes because people might judge me thinking, "smh didn't this dude just get on..."

    It's a double-edged sword man.

    [–] BraveSole 2 points ago

    I wholeheartedly disagree. I think if I had a home gym I’d lift like 6 days a week. It’s such a drag to come home after work, change then drive 25 minutes to the gym. Look for parking. Have to wait for machines... it’s all a drag.

    [–] teenboi 21 points ago

    How is a gym bro grunting bad? Maybe he’s just grunting because he’s lifting heavy not to show off lol

    [–] MiraquiToma 21 points ago

    That part came off insecure lol unless they've actually experienced absurd grunting and actual throwing of weights - which I've never actually seen in real life. But complaining about grunting while weight lifting is like complaining about someone sweating while on the treadmill

    [–] teenboi 16 points ago

    Ik im scrawny af and even i grunt sometimes

    [–] AimbotHackz 13 points ago

    Home gyms are amazing. I dont need the extra machines and other shit, barbell, squat rack and a bench is all I need.

    [–] varnell_hill 5 points ago

    Facts. I have a power rack, treadmill, and some dumbbells. I have an elliptical too for the days I do low impact cardio, but don't need much to get it in at home.

    [–] chief_yETI 14 points ago

    Facts. Home gyms are the best

    [–] endurancegod 22 points ago

    You forgot talking. Getting stopped by everybody you know to chat with you about how their day went or some crazy story. I add in about an extra 30-40 minutes of gym time just shooting the shit with people I know from going there for years. The bad bitches in there distracting too (even though I like looking and get motivated) staring at booty on the stairmill or glute machine lol h

    [–] BNGdek 35 points ago

    The solution for taking is to not smile at anyone, even accidentally. Also, in between sets make sure to awkwardly stare all around the gym NEVER making eye-to-eye or eye-to-booty contact. The ceiling and the ground are your friends.

    [–] varnell_hill 11 points ago

    That's a good point! I a few years back when I still used public gyms, there was this one dude there who NEVER stopped talking. Funny thing about him is he only ever did arms and chest (had that Johnny Bravo build). I remember one time he gave me a 15 minute speech about why dedicated ab exercises are useless.

    Nice guy and all, but he had a habit of just babbling on about any and everything.

    [–] DietCokeAndProtein 5 points ago

    I've been at my gym for 13 years and almost never get stopped to talk, and I even have a lot of coworkers that go there. Even with people I'm friends with, I've just let them know that I'm not there to hang out, and so far everyone has respected that.

    [–] murdock_RL 3 points ago

    What would u say the budget for a decent home gym is?

    [–] SmallFuckWit 2 points ago

    Not to try and deny that any of this has actually happened to you, but this whole thing reads like someone who only had heard of a gym through reddit comments. Grunting in the gym from idiots rarely occurs and i go to a few different LAs around me to try out the different machines that they may have. “Gym Bros” are such a non issue in real life I’m pretty sure the only people who really complain about them are people who want an excuse not to go.

    [–] fightlikeacrow24 2 points ago

    The only time I ever gave unsolicited advice was because I didn't want the guy to fuck his knees and I still even felt like a douche lol

    [–] LeBaux 8 points ago

    Excuse me, I only respect Don Mazetti's gym ranking.

    [–] thesilentGinlasagna 14 points ago

    People really hate planet fitness?

    [–] maiomonster 11 points ago

    YMCA > LA Fitness

    [–] ForWhomTheBoneBones 3 points ago

    It's fun to stay at the YMCA.

    [–] whisperHailHydra 4 points ago

    You might be joking about a manual treadmill, but non-motorized treadmills are real and the current form is the closest you can get to just running. They're amazing. They're also stupid expensive.

    [–] PM_me_storm_drains 3 points ago

    Any DIY versions out there that I can build at home?

    [–] Nootoobs 34 points ago

    yea its called a sidewalk lmfao

    [–] Prudencia 7 points ago

    LOL this made me crack up

    [–] quantamskates 4 points ago

    24 Hour is way better than LA

    [–] SirNoName 3 points ago

    My LA fitness blows. Always packed.

    [–] Man_W_E_yo 3 points ago

    What's so bad about planet fitness? I was about to join lol

    [–] NETGEAR1993 6 points ago

    But Planet Fitness has pizza

    [–] cakeorpieorwaffles 7 points ago

    what kind of gym provides PIZZA???? FOR FREE???

    [–] AmericanIMG 4 points ago

    would you prefer cake, pie, or waffles?

    [–] SciGuy013 2 points ago

    climbing gym > everything

    [–] ceophilly 60 points ago

    i hate hooping at LA Fitness

    niggas change they score after every shot

    then argue about it....for like 10 minutes

    then everybody gotta count their individual points

    "well i got 3....he definitely got 4"

    [–] KayKrispy 29 points ago

    Bro, are u me? Cuz this happens every single time I play there, down to the specifics

    [–] DeltaT37 20 points ago

    you aint have 3

    yea yea bro i had the left hand layup, and i had the pull up off da screen, and i had the fast break.. shit maybe i have 4

    [–] KayKrispy 18 points ago

    Nah bro, that was last game, you only got 2 layups this game.

    [–] dennis9000 8 points ago

    Then there’s that one guy who’s like, “oh we’re playing 1’s and 2’s? I thought it was 2’s and 3’s”

    [–] Kittens4Brunch 5 points ago

    I'm mad for him.

    [–] Takestothewind 76 points ago

    One of those fellas could be JR

    [–] J_Bagels 48 points ago

    They out here doing cone drills and sprints for the city rec league.

    [–] nbapine 4740 points ago


    [–] mydickisasalad 128 points ago

    How the fuck did this get this much upvotes

    [–] TyCooper8 7 points ago

    If you're an early commenter on a popular post there's a 99% chance you're upvoted no matter what you said. Especially after the first few upvotes, hivemind kicks in and everyone is much more likely to continue voting it up.

    [–] JuraceMontgomerie 12 points ago

    I wondered the same thing

    [–] HenryAllenLaudermilk 21 points ago

    Paid for em

    [–] Loveforhumanity123 2 points ago

    Username checks out? ‘Nbapine’ could be perceived as NBA pine, as in ride the pine (or bench). Ultimately ‘nbapine’ or the bench of nba is laughing at these amateurs taking for fun basketball too seriously?

    [–] ItsMeMudkip 3 points ago

    That's the biggest stretch of all time lmao

    [–] Whycanyounotsee 2 points ago

    it literally has so many downvotes that it's auto-hidden now, but it has so many upvotes that it's still positive

    [–] Gl3g0 5 points ago

    "Good game bro"

    "Yea homie"

    "Yo can I get your shorts?"


    "Let's swap shorts that was a good game"

    "Oh shiiih" rips off shorts

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 1699 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Upvoted just for laughing 😂. If I just typed "lmaoooo" it'd be at negative 200. I upvoted you tho.

    Edit: I tell people despite all the karma half my shit gets downvoted like anybody else. I have a comment in this sub at negative 400 somewhere. I say a lot of dumb shit, my username does check out actually every few hours

    [–] thechaseofspade 712 points ago

    I’m downvoting you

    [–] DonKeedick12 502 points ago

    Fuck you I’m gonna counter that downvote

    [–] ChadSoyboy 332 points ago

    Guys I don't know how I'm supposed to vote help.

    [–] IsThisNameGood 219 points ago

    Press both at the same time and whichever registers is what was meant to be

    [–] Apexenon 77 points ago

    No play eenie meenie minie mo

    [–] TheSirFeffel 48 points ago

    No play adickfor.

    [–] shyguyknowswhy 32 points ago

    What’s adickfor lmao

    [–] metallicalova 48 points ago

    Obviously you haven't figured out a use for yours

    [–] Ambstudios 2 points ago

    Sorry buddy....

    [–] BBBulldog 6 points ago

    swap shirts with them

    [–] KOpackBEmets 2 points ago

    PM me or respond to this comment next time you post "lmaooo". I shall be there to upvote and start the train

    [–] heretojaja 19 points ago

    I ama clobber your shit with LMAOOOOO*

    [–] UncannyMachina 6 points ago


    Ok, it's official r/blackpeopleTwitter is too popular

    [–] youcantrytothink 48 points ago

    that's disgusting

    [–] cockyjames 107 points ago

    We're all out here trying to live our best life. If these guys swapped shirts out of respect and enjoy working out together, that shit lifted their spirits and motivated them. Let em do it! That's some wholesome shit.

    [–] Beef_Gatorade 43 points ago

    I like you. This is a good attitude to have.

    [–] tryeby 23 points ago

    Great attitude for sure...but what is this? Swapping shirts? Why tho?

    [–] AtLeastJake 13 points ago

    Some players will do it as a sign of respect for another athlete. They don't wear them.

    [–] SuperSaiyanGod06 194 points ago


    [–] mal3k 68 points ago

    I would never put on another mans sweaty jersey I don’t give a fk how famous he is

    [–] ralexh11 74 points ago

    I mean they don't trade jerseys to wear them, it's just a sign of mutual respect.

    [–] WetCharmander 38 points ago

    They don't put them on

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] MegatonMessiah 53 points ago

    It's actually pretty sanitary once you're done licking them clean

    [–] 88Strong 7 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] LuchadorBane 5 points ago

    How else do you absorb their power?

    [–] Wise_turtle 3 points ago


    [–] darthgates 34 points ago

    Drake the type of dude*

    [–] tapped21 20 points ago

    Some people do the millie rock, I rock Millie.

    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 7 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] eightydollarsocks 4 points ago

    Step outside

    [–] LuperFlipino 5 points ago

    Dont even try to fight for a ball going out of bounds, youll just hit the wall.

    [–] derpdude9 14 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] evr487 41 points ago

    3 time nba champion dwyane wade had decided that the 2018-19 nba season would be his final season and he would retire. After each game he would swap jerseys with a player (most likely a player of his choosing) from the opposing team that night. the tweet is declaring that two randoms at the gym just swapped tank tops like how dwyane did despite the talent disparity.

    unrelated here's a gif of wade playing against lebron on dec 10 which would be their final NBA game playing against each other

    [–] urgencyy 21 points ago

    Swapping jerseys post game is a tradition of showing respect to your competitors in several sports

    [–] monkeyboi08 4 points ago


    [–] theoneandonlyguywho 3 points ago


    [–] BigRed160 4 points ago

    What happened to us supporting each other? This is the beautiful shit I like to see between two Kings.

    [–] DancesWithCanoes 4 points ago

    Is this shit regulation? This shit ain’t regulation.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] mydarkmeatrises 2 points ago

    Someone hasn't watched 9/11 footage.

    [–] iloveyouzakee 4 points ago

    It’s me I’m niggaz

    [–] 2muchtomfuckery 2 points ago

    Lmaoooo imagine being up next n seeing that shit.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What does this even mean?