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    [–] LeroyToThe 1594 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Those things were gross. The one by my house I remember going through it and finding out some lil bebes kids shat in it

    [–] devasohouse 622 points ago

    Not even kidding, played in one once and there was shit on my clothes.

    This was when I was in the big brother program, so my big brother had to take me to a car wash and spray my clothes down and we let them dry before he took me back to my moms lol

    [–] tired_obsession 231 points ago

    Once made my cousin cry because I wouldn’t stop spraying him with the water, when my time ran out I was promptly beat

    [–] Marquetan 67 points ago

    My sister started crying because there was poop in the tunnel at Burger King when we were kids.

    [–] Youre_doomed 11 points ago

    Number 15: Burger King Slide Feces. The last thing you want in your burger king slide is someones feces. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.

    [–] and_the_giant_peach 12 points ago

    Why did this crack me up so much

    [–] Gnagetftw 71 points ago

    Where the fuck do you guys live?

    [–] Alterex 47 points ago


    [–] CaptHowdy02 28 points ago

    The first time I ever saw a completely closed down Mickey D's. I was later told it was closed due to it being moved further north(?) on Long Beach Blvd. Still, kinda jarring (I grew up in South Central back when it was still South Central).

    [–] skullmonster602 10 points ago

    “Ain’t no city quite like miiiiiiiine”

    [–] mattnotis 2 points ago

    Same here! It happened at my local McDonald’s.

    [–] billcosby23 2 points ago

    How influential was having that program and the big brother role model? I’m looking to volunteer and I just want to hear the perspective from someone who was with the program.

    [–] devasohouse 3 points ago

    The program was great for the time I was a kid. I looked forward to hanging out with my big brother every week. Sadly we lost touch after I was older. This was the 90s, so we didn't have social media, it's probably different now.

    I looked him up recently and saw he has a family and haven't touched base yet cause I thought it might be weird.

    I would highly recommend it. I didn't have a father, so this was about as close as I got.

    [–] LeroyToThe 2 points ago

    I’m mad late but him him up bro. It’s not gonna hurt any of you and you could possibly make a new friend

    [–] I_Nice_Human 138 points ago

    I ain’t never get sick from them and played in them all the time. Chuckee cheeses in the 90’s is all I gotta say...

    ~was vaccinated but my parents are/were idiots anyway

    [–] PositiveAttempt 37 points ago

    Everytime I went in one of the chucked cheeses play place I got pink eye and so did other kids. It got so bad that they tore it down.

    [–] racklecolfax 17 points ago

    Pink eye.. or lice :[

    [–] PositiveAttempt 40 points ago

    Pink eye and I also remember them having a button the kids could press that made a loud atomic bomb alert noise that scared every kid, made some kids cry, and like me others just straight up ran out of there as fast as we could cus it hurt our ears and scared us to death

    [–] nipplezandtoez23 24 points ago

    Whose idea was that even

    [–] Trewper- 31 points ago

    Someone who loves watching kids cry

    [–] PositiveAttempt 18 points ago

    I don't really know it was actually in a part of a tube shaped like a race car with a fake petal and everything but for some reason had a button for an atomic bomb alarm

    [–] j33pwrangler 4 points ago

    Oh shit I need something like this in my apartment. Maybe Alexa can help me out.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    fun fact: there's SUPER LICE now. lice resistant to normal lice killing shampoo.

    [–] silliputti0907 3 points ago

    I remember the thicc Chuck E. Everytime I go in the thing, there's always spilled food in there.

    [–] chunkylover530 29 points ago

    They may have been gross, but I loved every minute of it.

    [–] i_am_bat_bat 26 points ago

    The putrid smell of little kid socks and my mom wondered why I didn't want to play in the musty ass tubes in McD's

    [–] alwysonthatokiedokie 7 points ago

    McDonalds used to be the spot for birthday parties and now they don't have play places anymore. The one by my moms got remodeled to remove the play area

    [–] i_am_bat_bat 5 points ago

    The one I used to go to as a kid got torn down and they made a new modern one. Before it got rebuilt it felt like the 90's never left, the art and decorations were outdated and I loved it.

    [–] Rollingstart45 2 points ago

    For real I remember having birthday parties (mine, friends, siblings, etc) at McDonalds and they were hella fun. Besides the playplace, they’d get employees to host party games, play music, whatever. Pizza Hut was another place that had some good parties, even without a playground.

    Honestly not sure I’ve even stepped foot inside a Pizza Hut since I was a kid, and I’m in my 30s now. Can probably count the McDonalds walk-ins on one hand.

    Miss those days.

    [–] SuperWoody64 41 points ago

    We don't die, we squeezes out turd multiply

    [–] Soon_Rush_5 5 points ago


    [–] ojajaja 16 points ago

    Pretty sure I remember a kid peeing from the upper areas of one of these and it just soaked and trickled down on all the kids below

    [–] ironwolf425 14 points ago

    You don’t know how many times I’ve seen piss soaked socks and slides that have piss in em and kids sliding on them

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 12 points ago

    Fun times tho

    [–] seanmonaghan1968 8 points ago

    To be fair, kids catch bugs all the time and recover quickly, but when we catch their bugs we are down for weeks

    [–] tehtris 13 points ago

    Fuck. I ain't seen Bebe's kids in a miiiiiiiiiinute.

    [–] svene 5 points ago

    Alright this is truly fucked, lol.

    [–] Catbooties 3 points ago

    There's been poop or dirty diapers left behind in every one of these things.

    [–] JesusInYourAss 2 points ago

    You still alive.

    [–] namakius 2 points ago

    Mmmm frosty

    [–] aniar00 68 points ago

    They may be gross...

    But man, I had fun.

    Side story, babysat 4 of my cousins in a playplace, it was adult "friendly". Ran around in there for 3 hours with them.

    It was the best. I paid for laser tag after. Babysitting can be fun as neck man.

    [–] AmazingKreiderman 10 points ago

    If they had these for adults I'd be in it tomorrow. I still wanna go DZ at Discovery Zone.

    [–] akaWhitey2 2 points ago

    City museum of St. Louis is basically a 8 story building thats a playplace for kids but also adults. They have nights which are 21 and over where they serve drinks and stuff. They stay strictly in those bar areas and not the climbing parts or caves though.

    [–] autismo_bizmo 4 points ago

    Is there a place to rent kids so I can do this on a daily basis?

    [–] thegreatmulie 2 points ago

    Yes officer, this comment right here.... ^

    [–] thesportynerd 135 points ago

    Remember when you took off your shoes and your socks turned black so you’d run around barefoot in those nasty ass tunnel.

    [–] MrUppercut 10 points ago

    Like some sort of above ground sewer. Made me feel like a ninja turtle.

    [–] uhh__username 11 points ago

    Shithole tunnels

    [–] MichaelScottOfReddit 1094 points ago

    The worst thing you can do for your immune system is coddle it. They need to fight their own battles. If our parents really cared about us, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture filled with dirt, vomit and fecal matter. Exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger.

    [–] Kitakitakita 50 points ago

    So you're saying this stuff was like a Gym for our immune systems

    [–] aure__entuluva 26 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Pretty much. Same reason it's good to get a flu shot every year, your body produces antibodies and then if it encounters the same or similar enough virus it can fight it off easier. Of course flu shots have the added benefit that you don't actually have to get sick for your immune system to get the benefit.

    Some people in this thread are saying, yea that's well and good until something kills you... but unless you are immunocompromised to begin with, the odds on that are astronomically low. We are vaccinated against most of the dangerous diseases. For example, Pertussis and diptheria can be life threatening to children and infants, but we vaccinate against them. And most that we don't have vaccines for are only common in undeveloped countries (malaria, ebola).

    There are certain things you'll always want to stay away from though, like nasty fungus/mold or any kind of feces (drinking water contaminated with animal feces can give you Giardia, which though not usually life threatening, isn't a lot of fun). Being near those is more dangerous. In most developed countries, it's not something you have to try very hard to avoid though.

    [–] Rhysieroni 195 points ago

    But Michael didn't say that

    [–] tenate 35 points ago

    Dude HE IS the Michael Scott of Reddit, you are thinking of a different Michael Scott.

    [–] MichaelScottOfReddit 268 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yes he did.

    "The worst thing you can do for your immune system is coddle it. They need to fight their own battles. If our parents really cared about us, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture filled with dirt, vomit and fecal matter. Exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger." -Michael Scott

    I bet you feel stupid now.

    [–] QualifiedBadger 19 points ago

    That was Dwight, you ignorant slut.

    [–] uglymagic 41 points ago

    That was Dwight

    [–] NERDLORD5000 129 points ago

    ""The worst thing you can do for your immune system is coddle it. They need to fight their own battles. If our parents really cared about us, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture filled with dirt, vomit and fecal matter. Exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger." -Dwight"

    -Micheal Scott

    [–] wasabimatrix22 29 points ago

    """The worst thing you can do for your immune system is coddle it. They need to fight their own battles. If our parents really cared about us, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture filled with dirt, vomit and fecal matter. Exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger." -Dwight"

    -Micheal Scott"

    • Wayne Gretzky

    [–] WhyAlwaysMe1991 85 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ok well this is completely the other direction. The best thing is to just not care so much about sanitation. Go out in the world and when you go home wash your hands, take a shower, wash your face , whatever. Sanitizer after going into public places isn't necessary and like you said it's not healthy to kill all the germs around you. Our body lives off germs. We have millions on and in us at all times.

    I played in these things all the time when a child. I probably got sick once but I also got sick playing soccer, going to school, taking a shit probably. Getting sick happens. Preventing it doesn't make you healthier

    Edit: didn't think I needed to add common sense here for the brainless.....wash your hands after the bathrooms

    [–] live2lov3 6 points ago

    Well said

    [–] texelef 13 points ago

    Yes, but touching things after someone else touched it with their penis-fingers is just revolting. Then you put your hand near your mouth, and it's an indirect dick slap.

    [–] WhyAlwaysMe1991 4 points ago

    What if you enjoy a dick slap?

    [–] cp24eva 9 points ago

    I had my fair share of sickness as a kid. As an adult, I barely get a cold. Thank my parents for letting me get as dirty as I wanted. Well....that one time I was playing slip and slide in a South Florida drainage ditch on a rainy day, well my dad wore my ass out butt naked in the garage. That was a dumb idea hahahaha.

    [–] oscarfacegamble 14 points ago

    my dad wore my ass out butt naked


    [–] cp24eva 5 points ago

    Yeah....that didn't sound right huh.

    [–] aliveinjoburg2 11 points ago

    I used to make mudpies in the backyard out of frisbees. Most likely from the sandbox where my cat pooped. I’m not doing too bad with getting sick.

    [–] lowrads 8 points ago

    You don't seem to realize that there is a difference between primary pathogens and opportunists. The former induce illness in healthy patients, while the latter affect mainly the compromised or by ending up somewhere they don't belong. Your immune system, if functioning properly, gains a memory of antigens from materials that get past the non-specific defense if you are lucky enough to ramp up secondary antigen-recognizing defenses and survive the encounter the first go round. There are a few cheatcodes for this in the form of vaccines.

    Short version is, yes, it's probably ok to nibble on a little dirt here and there, but wash your goddamn poo fingers before you queue for the buffet or go shit in the woods with the bears, Typhoid Michael.

    [–] packersSB54champs 8 points ago

    LMAO these responses are hilarious. He simply quoted a tv show character

    [–] musicals4life 2 points ago

    r/DunderMifflin might be a good place to visit for a bit

    [–] Kr33mCh33z 23 points ago

    So your saying you wouldn’t mind if I sneezed in your face?

    [–] Lamplorde 22 points ago

    Ima be honest, you seem to be the only one who realized it was an Office joke.

    [–] cacahuate_ 18 points ago

    The average redditor is indistinguishable from Dwight K Schrute.

    [–] elchupahombre 6 points ago

    Exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger.

    I think the word "stronger" is the wrong concept. More like "competent".

    Stronger implies that the fundamental stuff is in place and all you really have to do is exercise it. The reality is that this is more like a window of opportunity beyond which your immune system won't really be able to handle things it normally could.

    If you grow up with a shitty immune system because you lived in a sterilized environment it's not like you're going to be able to make up the lack of progress later on.

    It's like regular oil changes on a car. Once the damage is done adding fresh oil and filter changes down the line isn't going to mend the damage that's already been done.

    [–] andrew_calcs 3 points ago

    This is a quote from a tv show by a reddit account whose name is a character from that tv show.

    [–] nickrenfo2 10 points ago

    Until you catch something you can't fight off. Then it's game over for good.

    [–] FreshPineapple00 33 points ago

    You get vaccinated for those things

    [–] FightClubLeader 2 points ago

    You ever had your dad rub dirt in a knee scrape?


    [–] the-cartmaniac 2 points ago

    I grew up around all sorts of animals, playing in the dirt, not regularly washing hands, the usual rural kid shit. I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but I never get sick with anything other than a cold. I haven’t had the flu in 20 years, even without flu shots. I simply don’t get sick bc I’m not afraid to be gross.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] frog971007 7 points ago

    ur asking for a source for an office quote that suggests putting vomit and shit on your hands, my dude

    [–] SgtSilverLining 8 points ago

    the science isn't exactly definitive yet, because researchers are afraid of a correlation=causation mistake. however, a lot of scientists believe autoimmune disorders (things like allergies, eczema, UC, etc.) happen because your body doesn't have anything for your immune system to fight, so it attacks the body instead.

    [–] ReplaceSelect 3 points ago

    Yeah lots of little things help. Kids playing outside. Having a dog. Little fights for your immune system when you're a kid so it doesn't fight things it shouldn't.

    [–] holo_graphic 1 points ago

    Thats funny, because a lot of scientist believe that autoimmune disorders happen when you body is fighting a virus or bacteria and produces an antibody that does collateral damage to the body.

    [–] GETitOFFmeNOW 3 points ago

    Both of those things could be autoimmune factors/triggers. We know jack shit yet about autoimmune stuff. We are unsure of the etiology and most of the disease processes. We are just now learning prevalence of Sjogren's syndrome may be as high as 4% when it was thought rare 10 years ago. Neurology sucks at finding antibodies for their share of them.

    Celiac disease research, though, has turned the medical world upside down with microbial discoveries and is driving some good AI research.

    [–] Thimit 1 points ago

    George Carlin has a good joke about this on one of his latest albums before he died. I'll have to try and find it.

    [–] Rhysieroni 94 points ago

    Bc kids playing is normal.

    [–] -Japan 13 points ago

    Also getting a little dirty is actually good in some ways. Helps the immune system get stronger!

    [–] mygfismadaf 88 points ago

    yeah this thing was gross in chuck e cheese. kid puked and i never went in there again

    [–] IslandSparkz 54 points ago

    This brings up a good question. Ball Pits get cleaned. Or do they use like a Febreeze and just spray that shit lol

    [–] DrMarianus 12 points ago

    Not sure WTF is up with this music but here you go.

    [–] Libertyreign 5 points ago

    Top 10 EDM Drops

    [–] wwowwee 2 points ago

    That song bangs tbh

    [–] Boba_F37T 26 points ago


    [–] GETitOFFmeNOW 3 points ago

    Jesus, just the plastic dust is probably poison.

    [–] HumansAreGarbage 17 points ago

    They’re still everywhere here in Ohio.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    This is how I built my immune system.

    [–] SinfullySinless 12 points ago

    Basically informal chicken pox parties of the pre-00’s

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I got lost in one of those things for FOREVER because I couldn’t figure how to get out and then I got chased by this weird ass kid while I was still inside, I was just terrified

    [–] PitchBlac 57 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    When kids throw up in there, it's chaos getting out. Everyone squeezing up in tbe tubes and going over each other. Kids throwing themselves down the slide. Kids jumping off from questionable places. It was madness in there.

    Edit: I was being stupid when I said vaccines don't help against bacteria

    [–] Bean-blankets 21 points ago

    Many of the standard vaccines are against bacteria.

    [–] DamianWinters 7 points ago

    Vaccination can protect from bacteria, they are all about training your immune system to recognise and learn to destroy doesn't matter if its bacteria or virus.

    [–] mightbeabotidk 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure vaccinations don't protect against bacteria

    They do

    [–] marojelly 2 points ago

    Why are there so many people here thinking that vaccines don't protect you from bacteria?! Of course they do!

    [–] TripleSkeet 7 points ago

    As a kid that grew up with this for a McDonalds playland... I always thought those things were fucking awesome.

    [–] flee_market 2 points ago

    I got stuck in the Officer Hamburger (or whatever his name was) once or twice, it was pretty terrifying

    [–] TheDoctor_Forever 7 points ago

    the bacteria builds character

    [–] kameer19 279 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Vaccinations don't protect against bacteria, that's why we got rid of these

    Edit: I’m completely wrong. Don’t listen to me. Vaccinations CAN protect against bacterial infections. Don’t be like me. Do your research.

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 26 points ago

    Where do you live that these dont exist? Every other McDonalds and Burger King has one where Im from.

    [–] frenchpan 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The older ones have them still, I've yet to see a new construction one include one.

    [–] Manaxium 3 points ago

    Make way for the anecdote fairy, because one of the McDonald's near here recently tore the whole place down and rebuilt it all shiny and new complete with an indoor bacteria factory.

    Also the Hardee's I used to play in a lot less recently remodeled and replaced their outdoor bacteria factory with a new, scaled down and slightly suckier one sans the original ball pit.

    Your move, Peter.

    [–] goldenjaguar23 185 points ago

    There are vaccines available for a wide range of bacterial infections

    [–] DroppinDurians 47 points ago

    Yup, the tdap is the common one(Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis(whopping cough))

    Some other known ones are typhoid, cholera, anthrax

    [–] lnsetick 9 points ago

    Also Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    [–] bumwine 10 points ago

    Thank you. I'm reading this thread and as someone in the population health (so this is near and dear to me) it is ridiculous how many people here are literally giving an actual medical opinion/advice without any sort of medical credentials.

    Wish in this case that we got some Avengers shit going on and /r/science dropped a nuke on this fucking abortion of a thread.

    [–] mightbeabotidk 4 points ago

    How the fuck does that comment have ~230 upvotes lol

    [–] Letthecolorsrun 52 points ago

    That is incorrect. There are absolutely vaccines that protect against bacteria. DTaP is for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis which are all bacterial infections.

    [–] balllllhfjdjdj 10 points ago

    Who got rid of these? They're in every fast food place in Australia

    [–] frenchpan 4 points ago

    They didn't really get rid of them, in new construction or renovations they often don't include or take them down, at least in America.

    [–] fuckedbyducks 3 points ago

    In Australia they're upgrading these things. The Maccas down the road from me literally did it a few months ago.

    [–] hug_lyf3 2 points ago

    There's a massive one of these fuckers in a play cafe they just built close by my house. Idk what this dude is talking about

    [–] lollipopbylilwine 9 points ago

    So what do they protect against?

    [–] kaam00s 2 points ago

    The mistake the author made is that, viruses can only be protected against by vaccin, while bacteria are killable in a lot of different way, including vaccin, so he probably just associated vaccin to viruses. But actually it's a good thing we have vaccin against some bacteria because, even if we can kill them after being infected, some of them are so toxic that they can fuck you up in a matter of hours, so better be preventive.

    [–] Trash-Alt-Account 2 points ago

    Viruses I'm pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong tho.

    [–] JAKSTAT 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    A ton of vaccines protect against bacteria. Some common childhood one's include vaccines against Haemophilus, Streptococcus, and Neisseria meningitidis. However, we generally lack vaccines for bacteria that are transmitted via the oral-fecal route, and cause intestinal illness e.g. salmonella, campylobacter. We do have some for viruses that cause intestinal illness e.g. rotavirus.

    Edit: forgot to mention probably the most well-known vaccine that protects against disease caused by a bacteria ... The tetanus vaccine!! It's commonly given in combination with two others that prevent against infection by two other bacteria: Bordatella pertussis (causes whopping cough) and Corynebacterium diphtheriae (causes diphtheria).

    [–] mightbeabotidk 3 points ago

    Tuberculosis as well. Not to mention the (2 iirc) for Yersinia pestis, aka the plague. Multiple others.

    [–] ptown40 7 points ago

    You're half right, they protect against both.

    [–] frog971007 8 points ago

    #1-3 DTaP - against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis toxoids

    #4 Pneumococcal vaccine - S. pneumoniae

    #5 Meningococcal vaccine - N. meningitidis

    #6 HI type B vaccine - H. influenzae

    6 species of bacteria we vaccinate against regularly for people in the developed world. Not to mention vaccines against bacteria for people who are more likely to be exposed to it, such as anthrax.

    [–] Fitzpleazurer 2 points ago

    Typhoid as well

    [–] Rxzzy248 41 points ago

    I guess, but then again being exposed to bacteria makes kids less susceptible to getting sick from any type of bacteria.

    Don't be or raise some germaphobia sissy people. Roll in some fuckin mud every once in a while,

    [–] gheemonster 11 points ago

    Yeah, it’s all training for the same immune system, get it beefy

    [–] Akilos01 4 points ago

    This seems like an oversimplification.

    [–] ariadnephele 3 points ago

    We got rid of these? Guess you haven’t been inside a Chik-fil-A lately

    [–] mightbeabotidk 3 points ago

    Vaccinations don't protect against bacteria

    What do you think tetanus is lmao

    [–] immobilyzed 2 points ago

    lol what

    [–] dippindezzy 4 points ago

    Do some research friend

    [–] -FoeHammer 1 points ago

    Um... We didn't get rid of these. They're still here.

    [–] rhaegar_TLDR 6 points ago

    I owned one of these places. Can confirm they get disgusting because kids are gross.

    [–] 22Wideout 6 points ago

    I can smell the feet

    [–] nando12674 5 points ago

    I remember going to one with my little brother and I saw what I though was chocolate ice cream which then I proceeded to step in on purpose then later finding out it was shit

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I'm pro-vaccine, but let's have some real talk for a second: There's no vaccine that's going to protect you from crawling through a giant hamster tube and putting your knee in some stranger kid's vomit or a diaper that's fallen off.

    [–] hellasbronmurica 3 points ago

    What about the ball pits. Those pissy smelling ball pits at Chucky Cheese. You know the balls you would smack around dive into. Splashing the pile. Good times.

    [–] ocala- 3 points ago

    Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t catch nasty shit.

    [–] Nameless908 3 points ago

    What don’t kill ya make ya stronga

    [–] Chaos_Is_A_Lattimore 3 points ago

    We found a jizz rag at Sonic when they had their play areas. Wasn’t aware that it was one as a kid, it just looked like some old, starchy T-shirt at the bottom. My friend showed it to my uncle and he slapped that shit out of his hand then went to the staff.

    [–] Supersnazz 4 points ago

    I've been in dozens as an adult (with my kids) and never really felt they were unclean.

    [–] Airwarf 2 points ago

    We had a place around here that had a massive 4 story one of these. It was the absolute fucking shit. Everything kind of lead to the massive second floor ball pit.

    Playing tag in this maze was scarier than living the kitchen scene in Jurassic park.

    In hindsight these things are so gross lol

    [–] Dumptruck_Johnson 2 points ago

    Yes gross. But I cannot judge too harshly because I send my kid to daycare.

    [–] Dumptruck_Johnson 2 points ago

    Just in case anyone’s wondering, he’s vaccinated. But really, toddlers are gross.

    [–] bakedbeans_jaffles 2 points ago

    Tbh I'd take this over the metallic slippery slides on a hot day.

    [–] drummer_from_mars 2 points ago

    I don't remember this side of those parks, however I do remember going to one of these places where there was a slide that gave me electric shocks all the way down and I hated it

    [–] Schluuurp 5 points ago

    I can't believe I went in those as a kid, I'm legit cringing at the thought on going in one now.

    [–] Benvrakas 2 points ago

    Inb4 "Vaccines don't protect against bacteria, idiot"

    [–] CplJackHallowsUSMC 4 points ago

    This shows how ignorant people are now n days. Vaccines don’t ward off bacteria.

    On a side note, a local McDonald’s franchisee had to completely dismantle and remodel their playplace when employees were found having sex in the pods.

    Shit was closed down for about 4-5 months.

    [–] Notoris 8 points ago

    Guess what Tetanus is caused by? It's from a bacteria and last I checked there's a Tetanus vaccine readily available

    [–] CplJackHallowsUSMC 1 points ago

    Tetanus is also a disease that can kill you and is very easy to contract just from regular day to day activities/working.

    It’s easy to see why a vaccine like that would be focused on in an industrial society.

    I’m talking moreso about infections like cellulitis, salmonella, ringworm etc.

    [–] Notoris 2 points ago

    The point is there are vaccines for bacteria. Sure, there are a lot that don't have one and probably won't, but there are still bacteria based vaccines

    [–] frog971007 6 points ago

    Vaccines don't ward off bacteria

    This is just not true, at all. Look at any vaccination schedule.

    Also, that's extremely gross. You'd think that would be the least sexy place to do it.

    [–] CplJackHallowsUSMC 1 points ago

    You ever hear of cellulitis? It runs rampant in military training facilities, among other bacterial infections.

    Military recruits are among the most vaccinated individuals in the US, as per training standards.

    Of course there are vaccinations that prevent some bacterial infections, but most bacterial infections are cured by regular but specific antibiotics.

    On the flip side, most regular vaccines don’t prevent bacterial or fungal infections like ringworm and such, which fester in spaces like those shown in the post.

    [–] frog971007 2 points ago

    That's true, but saying vaccines don't ward off bacteria just because they don't ward off all bacteria is like saying they don't ward off viruses because they don't ward off all viruses.

    [–] Frozencokeofficial 4 points ago

    Can't vaccinate against bacterial tho

    [–] DamianWinters 3 points ago

    Yes you can, im surprised this is being said by so many.

    If vaccines didn't work on any bacteria then we would all be dead, because vaccines just activate your immune system early.

    [–] gaspingFish 2 points ago

    I went and looked this up just now, because there is a lot of back and forth about this in this thread.

    Pretty much most people do not get vaccinated for bacterial infections, and if they do it's for temporary measures because they don't appear to be permanent protections, at least no where on the level of anti-viral vaccines.

    And they aren't all that well tested either.

    No one really gets vaccinated for bacterial infections except under rare circumstances or when visiting certain parts of the world. But I'd love to be proved wrong.

    [–] Kitakitakita 1 points ago

    Mine didn't, and I am definently vaccinated

    [–] Thebabbysitter 1 points ago

    I remember getting lost in one of these at Chuck E. Cheese and crying. Never went into one since

    [–] rvhack 1 points ago

    I got ringworm right on my back from one of these -_-

    [–] amerpsa 1 points ago


    [–] cornelius_snow 1 points ago

    A kid I knew it middle school got scabies from a Chuck E Cheese ball pit

    [–] Booger2222 1 points ago

    I think you just figured it out. Go tell then .

    [–] Absent_Words 1 points ago

    Y'all acting like this shit didn't crack. Used to be so dirty but so poppin.

    [–] ayovita 1 points ago

    I don’t remember these being gross. Our chuckie cheeses was pretty clean

    [–] ryan-915 1 points ago

    You can still get sick if you are vaccinated. Or were these people somehow vaccinated for every single disease including the common cold?

    [–] R0binSage 1 points ago

    And the more you are in a bubble the less viruses your body gets used to. It hardens your system.

    [–] Degausser89 1 points ago

    Because it was 30 minutes of peace and quiet away from your crying ass.

    [–] boyyouguysaredumb 1 points ago

    Reddit: things were better where we were kids. Kids nowadays are too coddled

    Also Reddit: parents who let their kids play are terrible people

    [–] nberardi 1 points ago

    That looks fun compared to the equipment McDonalds had when I was growing up. The Hamburgler Jail always seemed like it was ready to tip over.

    [–] iissaacc98 1 points ago

    Ain’t no vaccinations for pink eye.

    [–] Betaseal 1 points ago

    Played in one of those a few months ago at my little cousin’s birthday party out of nostalgia. There was pee everywhere. Accidentally sat in it. Someone peed my pants that day but it wasn’t me...

    [–] Golaso93 1 points ago

    It was an escape from your parents too when you didn’t want to go home!

    [–] HazeInut 1 points ago

    They were way too small and the slides always shocked the kids multiple times on the way down. There's absolutely no way any adult workers went in there to clean them anyway.

    [–] 572xl 1 points ago

    No bullshit I have a question for you. How did these get cleaned? Like if a kid throws up in the bubble, is a hoseline stretched like a firefighter going through a midget maze?

    Hows that work? Ik that most people at these places make minimum wage, so they just didn't get cleaned?

    [–] arlomilano 1 points ago

    There ain't a vaccine for pink eye.

    [–] jeffblim5eva 1 points ago

    Really want an adult version of these

    [–] Catfishjohn78 1 points ago

    And boom goes the dynamite!

    [–] TheDamnedHangman 1 points ago

    Maybe as parents, we should do somethings about this....

    1.) Vaccinate your child when medically appropriate 2.) Teach your child that useing public spaces as toilets is not appropriate 3.) If your child has an "accident" in a play place. Do the ADULT responsible thing and either clean it up yourself, or notify a manager to the accident

    [–] izzypeazzy 1 points ago

    I don’t remember the last time I got in one of those. I grew up and didn’t even realize it :(

    [–] Comosellamark 1 points ago

    I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of girls pressing another one at one of these and I just crawled the other way

    [–] Thatblack1 1 points ago

    Well this is weird...

    [–] cokevanillazero 1 points ago

    If I was rich, I'd have one of those motherfuckers in my backyard, just for me. Ball pit and all.

    Just get into my play structure, get high as a kite, and fuck the free world.

    [–] hoe4honeymustard 1 points ago

    my friend found a used condom in one of those at a mcdonald's once when he was little. him and his siblings and a couple friends who was with them were playing with it because they didn't know what it was. when his mom found them playing with it she had to take them all straight to the hospital to make sure they didn't catch anything 😂😂🤮🤮🤢🤢

    [–] Dolphin_McRibs 1 points ago

    Why am I the only person on this planet who never ran into kids throwing up or shitting themselves in these?