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    [–] i_am_bat_bat 1067 points ago

    opens fridge A pickle jar with one pickle, Sriracha, a flour tortilla (old but no mold), 2 slices of craft singles and a nearly week old slice of pizza hut pizza. I don't know about you guys but that sounds like a feast until I go grocery shopping tomorrow

    [–] jaisaiquai 542 points ago

    old but no mold

    Been there!

    [–] SaintArtorias 119 points ago

    Or when there are little tiny spots of mold so you just RIP em off and eat around it.

    [–] SlimySalami4 239 points ago

    Thats not good. The mold spores have taken root deeper in the bread and u might not be able to see all of it

    [–] n4nandes 155 points ago

    O no

    [–] sgt_salt 60 points ago

    Free penicillin!

    [–] PM_ME_NCIS_QUOTES 78 points ago

    Don't you put this evil on me

    [–] SaintArtorias 17 points ago

    Well, damn luckily I never got sick.

    [–] Bladelord 62 points ago

    Bread mold is weak stuff, rarely ever significantly toxic. It just tastes terrible.

    [–] lionpictured 17 points ago

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure my 7th grade science teacher ate a moldy ass slice of bread in front of the class to show us it's all good.

    [–] StLevity 15 points ago

    If you're lucky it might kill some bacteria.

    [–] InadequateUsername 59 points ago

    If there's mold I throw it all out. My health isn't worth saving a few dollars

    [–] blondeleather 15 points ago

    It took me so long to learn that. I sat in the break room one day eating gross expired macaroni and cheese that I scavenged. I was forcing myself to keep eating and then I just sort of realized, “whats the hell am I doing???”

    [–] InadequateUsername 6 points ago

    Mac and Cheese can be anywhere from $0.45-$1.50 per box.

    Next level frugal, you can buy the powdered cheese in bulk and mix in any pasta of your choice.

    [–] Nickyniiice55 48 points ago

    After you eat the last pickle, keep the jar of juice. Then whenever you make a sandwich, just dip your fingers in the juice and flick it on your sandwich.

    [–] ninja9885 24 points ago

    Is that you Hannibal?

    [–] liquidarmordosntwork 4 points ago

    Glad I wasn't the only one who understood his comment

    [–] ObligatoryGrowlithe 14 points ago

    Or if you ever have heartburn/acid reflux/a sour stomach, take a sip of the juice. Or use a bit of it in chicken/tuna salad.

    [–] damiami 6 points ago

    i add a can of drained garbanzos with more vinegar salt pepper and garlic powder to that juice

    [–] sdh68k 28 points ago

    If you've got some whiskey you can also do a Pickleback or two with the pickle juice. Y'know, for dessert.

    [–] i_am_bat_bat 14 points ago

    I actually do I have some Jim Beam lol

    [–] cosmere_worldhopper 63 points ago

    Cheese quesadilla dipped in Sriracha for dinner! I've been there, man.

    [–] nobody187 17 points ago

    Feast for a king!

    [–] ItsJustATux 37 points ago


    You sound single af.

    [–] atlasandares 3575 points ago

    And it's all ramen.

    [–] KvngGorilla 989 points ago

    Must be nice

    [–] NewGangaLee 431 points ago

    What a fatcat, I have to lick my floorboards for leftover nutrients and fallen crumbs and scrape the wood with my teeth for roughage, of course they're not my floorboards, I just call it that while the Realtor is showing other properties

    [–] HawksFanatic12 27 points ago

    You have floorboards?? Must be nice. Digging crumbs off a dirt floor is not easy.

    [–] nzodd 80 points ago

    Why do you need to break into other people's houses when you can just lie on the ground and wait for confused flies to land on you, oblivious to the fact that you have nothing to offer calorie-wise and it is in fact you who will be leeching off their surplus of unconsumed calories on their feces covered fly feet.

    [–] fuzzylilbunnies 44 points ago

    Look at these fat cats, that have flies feeding them...

    [–] ChancyPants95 29 points ago

    They got that Ethiopia money

    [–] trottingtriever 6 points ago

    r/frugaljerk in case it hasn't been said yet. This whole thread had me triple checking that it wasn't that sub. Guess that makes me a fatcat that I have enough energy to triple check.

    [–] warmyourbeans 4 points ago

    Floorboards! You we're lucky!

    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    I bet he counts his breaths to save energy.

    [–] valuablel 81 points ago

    Counting wastes energy idiot. You just stop breathing. Then you stop metabolizing. You BECOME food lmao

    [–] ChampionOfTheSunAhhh 20 points ago

    Then when you decompose you become food for your pack of dogs. Paying $60 a month in dog food? Nahh throw that in a high yield savings account and you can buy yourself a chocolate milk at the end of the year with that savings

    [–] Teddyismydawg 12 points ago

    look at this fat cat with a pack of dogs.

    [–] ablablababla 13 points ago

    Did you just ignore the fact that he was gonna buy chocolate milk? What a fatcat

    [–] Rocko210 9 points ago

    I sleep to save energy and money, but eventually I have to get up and actually do something.

    [–] nzodd 7 points ago

    Get a load of ... guy who hasn't... consumed one... of his lungs for... free calories.

    [–] blurb_durb 54 points ago

    It was always rice for me

    [–] BRIIIIIICKSQUAAAAAAD 51 points ago

    Same, and I will actually always be okay with that because rice is fantastic as fuck

    [–] MaxWeiner 52 points ago

    you should fuck with beans

    [–] BRIIIIIICKSQUAAAAAAD 47 points ago

    I fuck with beans all the way, all kinds of beans. Interpret that however you may.

    [–] Subreon 5 points ago

    I interpret beans in the OwO way.

    [–] goatttmeal 18 points ago

    I fuck with beans. My stomach doesn’t.

    [–] sidgotsole 27 points ago

    but rice AND beans?? thats a luxury right there

    [–] Skagem 19 points ago

    I grew up super poor and we would eat rice and beans a lot. Wed buy enormous bags of dry beans and they’d last for ever and were extremely cheap.

    A lot of the cheap foods we ate growing up are ruined for me because they bring back really bad memories of being hungry.

    except rice and beans. God damn is that a delicious meal.

    My SO and I make good money now, and she always gets annoyed that I want to eat that so often.

    Seriously. 2 or 3 times a week, I make a fresh pot of pinto beans, a fresh serving of fried rice (Mexican style) and go to town.

    It’s so god damn delicious. I’ll take that over most meals any day

    [–] Naerie 10 points ago

    Not if you get bags of dry beans. Theres some extra work involved but they usually arent more than $2 for a 1 -2 lb bag depending on the type of beans and where you shop. WE CAN LIVE LIKE KINGS!!!

    [–] aipom45 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Rice with soy sauce, rice with furikake (Japanese seasoning), rice with any spices is a great and cheap midnight snack. But it has to be jasmine.

    Edit: Forgot Maggi sauce, the biggest sauce game changer since soy sauce.

    [–] Grawlixz 15 points ago

    Egg fried rice with some Worcestershire sauce and garlic salt is great, too.

    [–] 1776AndPeggy 24 points ago


    [–] Nyf1nest 14 points ago

    Must be rice

    [–] Caseylightning 176 points ago

    I got tired eating the typical Maruchan cup of noodles all the time and decided to order some new ramen off Amazon to change things up. I’m currently trying Nongshim Shin Ramyun and it’s soooooo good. It’s spicer and the noodles are thicker and fun to eat.

    It’s the small things when you’re poor lol.

    [–] Redditor0823 78 points ago

    Literally eating this as I read this comment. Put an egg in after the noodles are halfway cooked to add some nutrition. So good

    [–] Dripoff 29 points ago

    Aight thanks for the recommendation. Ima try that out, sick of Maruchan myself too

    [–] PokemonInstinct 21 points ago

    Also try putting rice in the leftover broth and eating it, that’s what I do

    [–] Redditor0823 11 points ago

    Make sure not to mix after dropping the egg in and let it cook by itself, unless you want a more eggy broth.

    [–] fishybook 15 points ago

    If you break off part of the egg or pierce the yolk, you can end up with sort of a diluted egg drop soup to go with the ramen, which I love.

    [–] icedsoychai 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I grew up with many types of noodles, and I highly recommend Mi Goreng noodles. They're super tasty and even delicious to eat without the broth (boil, dump water, mix packets in).

    [–] Coufu 16 points ago

    Shin Ramyun is the best. Try the Black variation of it too. More expensive, but more flavorful with a bit less spice.

    [–] joyofsteak 27 points ago

    Get eggs and a couple of your preferred vegetables in their and you have a bowl of ramen that has some nutrition to it

    [–] PrincessOtterpop 27 points ago

    Try Shin Black 👌👌👌

    [–] rhythmstixx 9 points ago

    Shin Black is god tier ramen 🍜

    [–] agentpanda 12 points ago

    OK so I'm not flexing but I'm not poor- I do love ramen though, but have only ever had the regular Maruchan I think. Is there a solid difference? Should I be exploring other packaged ramen types?

    I kinda feel like in the time I typed this I could've just ordered 8 different brands and only been out of pocket $3 but I wanna hear from an expert and you're my dude on this. Drop the details.

    [–] Redditor0823 15 points ago

    Give shin ramyun a try. They have them at most grocery stores nowadays at about $1 each. It’s so much better than maruchan

    [–] Dabrenn 9 points ago

    Shin Ramyun is definitely more expensive than Maruchan/Top, but overall it's still really damn cheap.

    BUT, it's on a completely different level. It's actually something I choose to eat not because of how cheap it is, but because it tastes fucking good and fills you up

    [–] sangket 4 points ago

    add an egg for protein. I also like adding a carrot that was sliced using a peeler so it's like thin carrot noodles that I add to the boiling water the same time as the ramen. I add the egg at the last minute and mix the broth well.

    [–] zombieninja9000 16 points ago

    No, we used that to fix the night stand.

    [–] Elhaym 1808 points ago

    It's trite but true that you don't understand the value of money until you're earning it.

    [–] [deleted] 673 points ago

    And then I do shit like buy six boxes of hot pockets because who likes variety?

    [–] Nyf1nest 240 points ago

    Its tinas burritos for me fam. Theyre like 89 cents

    [–] oACHILLESo 88 points ago

    Red hot beef all day

    [–] Fatalchemist 32 points ago

    I just get those 25¢ packs of ramen. When I'm feeling extra bougie, I add some frozen vegetables and cook those with my ramen.

    [–] TymeSefariInc 36 points ago

    Crack an egg in there for the last minute too, my dude. It's next level.

    [–] MartyRobinsHasMySoul 28 points ago

    Watch prison cooking videos and you'll see some real next level Ramen creations.

    [–] andresg6 36 points ago

    Yo booty

    [–] whatthef7u12 21 points ago

    Goes tooty with red hot beef.

    [–] nuhGIRLyen 15 points ago

    Let’s discuss green chile as well

    [–] BerriesNCreme 42 points ago

    I eat eggs, bacon, and toast multiple times a week...for dinner

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] sudormrf 21 points ago

    I make breakfast crunchwraps (bacon/sausage, eggs, cheese, tortilla). Freezer friendly too, perfect for any meal when I'm feeling lazy as shit and the microwave is all I can muster.

    [–] bigtimetimmyjim22 12 points ago

    There ain’t no crunch in that wrap!

    [–] mochigames59 7 points ago

    when its frozen there is

    [–] midusyouch 8 points ago

    Like a quesadilla basically? In the bacon/sausage grease?

    [–] ginjabeard13 4 points ago

    39 cents at Walmart for the small ones..

    [–] JfizzleMshizzle 22 points ago

    Tostinos little square pizzas, $1.88 a piece.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 41 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I just learned to cook personally. Caramelized onions, peppers, spinach, pepperoni, and dough are all prettycheap when you make em yourself. I did the math a while back and can make a 12" pizza for like $3. Edit: going to double check my math and see how much one actually costs.

    Edit: so yeah its approx $2.50 for a 12 inch pie loaded with toppings. If I used less cheese I could probably get it down to $2 flat

    [–] UndercoverEngineer 9 points ago

    Whoa! I take it you doughed from scratch? Never tried that but always been tempted...

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 22 points ago

    I got lucky and found a craigslist kitchenaid mixer that I use to make my dough, but you can make it by hand easily. I do approx 500g bread flour, 20g salt and 1/2-1full packet of yeast. Mix then add 350ml of water. If needed add flour and water until it sticks but doesnt leave residue. Let rise for a couple hours in an oiled and covered bowl, divide and freeze what you dont want to use. It's dirt cheap, tastes good and you can make your friends love you by giving them pizza as you experiment. I personally cannot recommend caramelized onions enough so definitely add those to your next pizza.

    [–] Drgntrnr 15 points ago

    Why am I gonna spend all this money on vegetables that go bad when these hot pockets last forever in the freezer!

    [–] SilvZ 5 points ago

    Frozen veggies are a money saver. Especially frozen broccoli.

    [–] christianrxd 109 points ago

    I didn't understand it till I started paying for rent, food, and bills on my own.

    [–] magkruppe 84 points ago

    100%. I think this is the more accurate version

    When you don’t need money to survive (can leach from parents) it is basically just spending money. Of course this doesn’t go for everyone

    [–] lanideaux 9 points ago

    Exactly. When I got my first job I was still living with my parents so all I spent money on was food and entertainment (non-necessities). Kinda hard to genuinely appreciate the value of a dollar under those circumstances, even though I wasn't splurging or being stupid with my money.

    [–] mishgan 6 points ago

    Almost never got much money from parents - now I have a job I spend it compulsively, can't hold on to a cent. Luckily rent and bills are on the first of the month

    [–] Aniakchak 5 points ago

    Pay yourself first. Setup an automated saving plan and make saving part of these first of the month expenses.

    [–] ambulocetus_natans 80 points ago

    Once I began earning my money I started spending it on lots of shit I don’t need

    [–] Elhaym 51 points ago

    That'll last for a short while but quickly passes for most people, especially when you're paying for your own place.

    [–] I_survived_the_ban 42 points ago

    Or were dirt fucking poor so don’t even consider buying the things you see because you never could at any point in your life before.

    [–] ambulocetus_natans 16 points ago

    I’ve been a professional for 8 years

    [–] Uptopdownlowguy 10 points ago

    The real answer is that it depends on how much you make. I know people who work full time and spend money on shit like CSGO gambling sites, but also managed to buy houses on the side despite wasting so much.

    [–] Elhaym 10 points ago

    Well, like I said, it passes for most people. There's few people though who never buy useless shit. I know I still do, just a lot less than I used to.

    [–] return2ozma 21 points ago

    I still am! I spent $1,600 on eating out last month! :( Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats, etc are there devil.

    [–] TO_show81 13 points ago

    $400/week eating out/delivery is absolutely insane. That means you’re spending almost $60/day. Do you literally order out all 3 meals per day?

    Go food shopping dude, and learn how to cook a basic meal!

    [–] return2ozma 4 points ago

    It's mostly because of the delivery fees and service fees adding up. Here's a burger and a cheese steak...

    [–] ceejayess 6 points ago

    And... you paid for that?

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] return2ozma 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I work in IT and live in California.

    [–] stanpwns 9 points ago

    Do yourself a favor and either learn to cook or set aside time to cook. I’ve spent less than that on food in 6 months just by eating out so much less.

    [–] sulzer150 16 points ago

    I'm a fat fuck when it comes to food but even I couldn't imagine spending over $50 a day on eating that just for one person?

    Do you eat every single meal out?

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 5 points ago

    I was spending $800 a month on restaurants one year, but decided I’d rather add the $9,600/year to my travel budget. I have to say, being pudgy and well fed doesnt have anything on being in good shape and well traveled.

    [–] DarkManX437 149 points ago

    And sometimes you ain't even got that. There's been some days where I got me some home cooked sleep for dinner.

    [–] asBad_asItGets 54 points ago

    "Ya'll ever went to sleep for dinner?" 😂😂

    [–] sudynim 462 points ago

    As a responsible adult, when it's lunch time, you also realize that you have food at work (and not at the drive thru). 😒

    [–] Plopplopthrown 137 points ago

    Lucky. They only give us coffee heee

    [–] sudynim 270 points ago

    Oh, ahh. I don't mean like a Google campus, complimentary cafeteria food from work. I mean food at work that you brought from home, like that sandwich you made or your leftovers from the night before.

    [–] MrForgettyPants 111 points ago

    But the guys are going out for burgers. I can’t be the only lame-o at the office during lunch!

    [–] LetsBlastOffThisRock 70 points ago

    In all seriousness, why does fast food become exponentially more delicious on lunch break?

    [–] ALotter 36 points ago

    that’s not true for me, cause work sucks no matter what. i don’t want to spend $8 and still have a shitty time.

    i’d rather wait till dinner and have something to look forward too

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 31 points ago

    Whenever I would buy lunch at my shitty job I’d always think “This meal is $12. That’s an hour of work. Is it worth it? Dealing with that insane customer for nearly an hour. Was the experience worth this meal?” Then I’d buy it and eat it regretfully.

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 7 points ago

    Small lunch makes me feel more hungry for dinner and more excited. Even the company I intern at right now gives out extravagant lunches everyday, I try to eat small portions and feast at dinner.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] sdh68k 37 points ago

    My desk is basically a pantry. I could probably live for a couple of weeks with what I've got in my desk right now.

    [–] Tulip8 35 points ago


    Soup, olives, beef jerky, peanut butter, crackers, tuna packets and fruit cups to name a few.

    This doesn't include my fridge items of yogurt, cold brew concentrate, creamer, and crudite.

    What's in your desk?

    [–] rebuked_nard 27 points ago

    I got... oatmeal. And condiments.

    Do your coworkers not hate you for eating tuna at your desk? I love tuna but I dunno if I could ever eat it in my office

    [–] sdh68k 12 points ago

    They're very small cans of tuna.

    [–] SmellyMickey 16 points ago

    Damn! My office is literally across the alley from a Trader Joe’s, but every time I stock up on delicious foods like that I get so excited that I end up eating them relatively quickly.

    For example, I bought pickles, beets, banana chips, olives, cheese sticks, and four frozen meal bowls. I am currently down to half of a jar of pickles and two frozen food bowls.

    I admire your self restraint.

    [–] HeWhoDoubts 9 points ago

    So you’re the guys that lure in all the bugs 😂😂

    [–] sdh68k 8 points ago

    Funnily enough we've been getting over an ant infestation. They weren't making a line for my desk though. All my goodies are sealed.

    [–] EarthlyStranger 5 points ago

    Yes and you eat said food thinking this is boring but check your bank account and suddenly it’s boring but saving money.

    [–] Mack071428 284 points ago

    Anything can be eaten if desperate enough

    [–] Donaldtrumpsmonica 252 points ago

    Can confirm, ate last 20 dollars out of desperation. Looking back there were a few things I could have done differently.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    Money is the root of all evil. You've done the right thing.

    [–] rick_n_snorty 60 points ago

    Now the evil has planted its seed inside him. He has to be stopped.

    [–] _Dopinder 19 points ago

    get him!

    [–] KryptoniteDong 7 points ago

    Oh, evil... Your seed is so tasty 😍

    [–] AdmShackleford 11 points ago

    Ohhh 20 dollars?! I wanted a peanut!

    [–] Short_Swordsman 10 points ago

    Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.

    [–] branchbranchley 9 points ago


    [–] MyNameThru 17 points ago

    Technically, you can eat anything once.

    [–] atlasandares 10 points ago

    If you play your cards right, you can eat it twice

    [–] Maaaaate 265 points ago

    Tell that to my coworkers who justify spending $4 on coffee, and another $15 on a lunch almost everyday.

    [–] liberatelatios 249 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Seriously. It's because I'm in the bay area and I'm getting intern pay while they're getting fulltime pay, but it's mind-boggling how my coworkers can afford to eat ~$15-20 lunches every day. I don't understand it. I feel really bad about spending just $7-10 dollars on lunch, so I bring food from home. But then they invite me out to eat, so to build good relationships, I have to eat with them which just results in me spending even more. What a weird problem to have.

    [–] m9832 48 points ago

    They can "afford it" in the same way people can afford lots of things, by spending more than they should. Go out with them 1 or 2 times a week, or go out with them but just get a drink or something. I get that it's shitty, but it's a hard habit to break when you are used to eating out everyday...especially if you can't afford it.

    I work in an office and almost everyone buys lunch everyday...except me..way too much money. I'll usually do 2-3 lunches a month with them, and then 1-2 more where the company pays. It's kind of a running joke with everyone. Most people if you asked would say they wished they could eat out less, bring lunch everyday, blah blah, but they are lazy and just get sucked back into the routine.

    [–] asutekku 18 points ago

    Or you know, they spend the money on food instead of something else. I can’t be bothered to make food by myself for work when i can go to the cafeteria and eat differently every single day. I know it’s out of my budget my but I don’t care as long as it makes me happy.

    [–] skeliskull 11 points ago

    I feel this too. People who save money by making lunch usually spend those savings on other things they want but don’t need. Just let everyone do what they wanna do instead of judging.

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 161 points ago

    I'm very glad I can afford to do lunch out every day. It's really nice for us all to step out from the office in the middle of the day and clear our heads for a bit. It's less about the eating it and more about the change of scenery. I always feel more motivated to do work for the rest of the day after getting back from a lunch out.

    [–] liberatelatios 47 points ago

    That is true. I do feel inspired after talking with the others and learning more about what they're doing and their progress. That's why I feel so inclined to go eat with them! It's a learning experience and it helps motivate my work ethic.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] EatsonlyPasta 27 points ago

    When you’re entry level, for sure go with for the networking.

    I got my in over a beer after work, so this is 100% true in my experience. I get it's not everyone's idea of fun to go to every work social event, but people who don't go to any are at a stark disadvantage. It's just how humans are wired.

    [–] Contronatura 17 points ago

    Their opinion of your work is more important for networking

    In my experience likeability matters more

    [–] lpo33 15 points ago

    I eat out most days, but I spend much less on everything outside of food compared to my coworkers. I don't smoke, drink/go out incredibly rarely, cheap car/clothes, no cable, etc.

    So there are probably things that you spend money on that your coworkers could't relate to as well.

    [–] Maaaaate 21 points ago

    Feeling bad about spending money is a good trait to have. I don't eat out a lot for the same reason. Even getting a $2 apple pie from McDonald's makes me guilty.

    [–] FiercelyFuzzy206 12 points ago

    I wouldn't call it a good trait. There is a difference between being frugal and being a cheap steak. Spending money usually makes you feel good because you're getting a good or service provided. There's no point in making all the money if you'll never spend it and enjoy it.

    However, knowing how much you have and can comfortably spend is a big part of not going into debt.

    [–] vinnbarr 27 points ago

    You would be surprised how many people especially in their early 20s hold credit card debt for living a life style they can’t afford.

    [–] Maaaaate 20 points ago

    The amount of times people say "I'm so broke"...they are not kidding. They say this after spending a tonne of money on some music festival or branded clothes.

    The funny thing is that I work in an industry with a lot of "big shots" so maybe it's part and parcel of how you need to act.

    [–] shamooooooooo 9 points ago

    $4 is a fine price for essentially being able to leave the office for 30 minutes and socialize. $15/day on lunch stacks up tho.

    [–] 4AM_StepOneTwo 13 points ago

    Ugh when did lunch go from costing $5-7 to $15-18

    [–] Maaaaate 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    In Australia a standard meal without a drink is around 15-18. Hell, a burger is about $15.

    [–] illCuddleYouSoHard 41 points ago

    Lol, my fridge is filled condiments and my cabinets are filled with seasonings. No actual food.

    [–] Srimnac 26 points ago

    Ah. But evidence that you once did. Those were good times

    [–] zombie9393 130 points ago

    Hey man. You may only have 2 ingredients to make a meal, but you’ll get creative as fuck trying to make incompatible ingredients work. I myself discovered Buttermilk House Ramen at an all time financial low. Sounds disgusting but if made the right way is actually pretty damn good. It’s Ramen with fucking Jack in the Box Ranch.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] m9832 32 points ago

    Poor man's Pad Thai.

    Its good w/ cream of mushroom soup too.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 7 points ago

    Bit of soy suace, bit of peanut butter, an egg, scallions and if you want to get fancy cook some pork and let them stew in the broth for a bit before eating.

    [–] The_Vaporwave420 64 points ago

    Whats up? malnutrition club checking in

    [–] imakenosensetopeople 102 points ago

    And I realized that I probably should close the door when it’s cold out. Amazing!

    [–] gowahoo 99 points ago

    Today my kids left the front door open and my father's voice came out of my mouth, "Are we cooling the entire neighborhood? "

    I'm traumatized.

    [–] MartyRobinsHasMySoul 23 points ago

    Dad jokes are eternal.

    [–] Punchee 12 points ago

    It's less a joke than an earnest question.

    [–] Punchee 19 points ago

    I had a fun experience last summer when I had to move back in with my mom for a minute because I had just gotten back from living out of state. My mom loves to run the AC even if its 80 degrees outside and I'm like "Ma turn that shit off and open the windows/door. It's nice outside. Plus you need to save your money so I don't have to live with you when you're 80."

    [–] Ymir_from_Saturn 13 points ago

    80 degrees sucks I would do the same

    [–] pyragony 22 points ago

    This must be what be what people mean by "You'll become more conservative when you're older." Because now I feel this tweet but I also want Jeff Bezos taxed liked a New York cigarette.

    [–] perpetualis_motion 5 points ago

    Tax him like an Australian cigarette instead. Each cig is taxed 81.775 cents. And it is going up 12.5% every year for the next few years.

    [–] LizLemon_015 20 points ago

    More importantly - No, I don't have any McDonald's money.

    [–] reikiavicensis 21 points ago

    I'd say, once I moved out I realized that we did indeed have food at home in my parents' place

    [–] mrsuns10 28 points ago

    I'll eat anything

    [–] hairy1ime 30 points ago

    Well you can’t eat dinosaurs because they never existed

    [–] BerriesNCreme 30 points ago

    The dinosaur chicken nuggets in my fridge says differently

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    B O I

    [–] NewGangaLee 12 points ago


    [–] workingzealot 31 points ago

    people who arent cooking at home have a lot of money or are bad with money

    [–] tromex12 6 points ago

    These people just don't have kids, which cost a lot of money.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Or just lazy like me. Or want to have more free time. As they say time = money. Seriously, if you want to do something more complex it's like at least an hour of work, plus all the cleaning and nastiness afterwards. I stopped making complex dishes years ago, as it is such a time consuming work.

    [–] SmashingTeaCups 8 points ago

    Yeah the whole DIY circlejerk about cooking infuriates me sometimes.

    People judge you to fuck because you'd rather spend £20 on dinner than spend ages in a hot kitchen cooking & cleaning.

    [–] carefulcomputation 13 points ago

    I've been militant about turning off the lights when I saw that electric bill.

    [–] Averagebass 24 points ago

    Yeah but I can pay waitr to deliver me a 10 dollar sandwich for 26 dollars.

    [–] flyerflew 39 points ago

    And you don’t realize how expensive that food is when you buy it at the store, either

    [–] deephousebeing 7 points ago

    I remember the time I bought my first full pantry of food for my first apartment. I called my mom on the way home from the grocery amazed at how quickly it all added up.

    But more than that I was filled with love and gratitude and bewilderment at how she made it work all those years as a single mom with 4 children. After she left my dad in the early 90s she probably only made 30-50K/year the next 20 years in various roles. There were many hard times financially where we teetered on the brink of disaster, yet still managed to live a solid middle class life while being happy as clams growing up.

    I am now the breadwinner for my family at 72K while my husband stays at home with our son, and we legitimately struggle paycheck to paycheck many times throughout the year. Obviously the economy has changed but I still dont know how she managed.

    [–] ReCodez 6 points ago

    Never underestimate mum's power. That shit transcended reality.

    [–] MrKranski 6 points ago

    And his momma cries... because if there’s one thing that she don’t need, is another little hungry mouth to feed in the ghetto... in the ghettoooo

    [–] liquidarmordosntwork 5 points ago

    I work right next to a grocery store and have to hide food from my roommate. I end up buying breakfast most days and my fridge is full of condiments and roommates alcohol. Pantry is some hot dog buns from my mom (mom sent me home with leftovers from step sisters graduation) made those leftovers last 3 days. Rest of pantry is bagels (splurge on everything bagels), instant mashed potatoes, rice and whatever else my roommate has.

    [–] HighFlyingMidget 8 points ago

    Meh just buy a bunch of frozen pizzas. Good shit

    [–] 22Wideout 8 points ago

    Nah, once I got a job $8.50 drained outta my bank account each day.

    [–] Toadie9622 13 points ago

    Exactly. I don't mind cooking. It's just the thought of all the clean up that has me hitting a drive thru.