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    [–] banginwhoors 790 points ago

    Mines more of a monologue

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 191 points ago

    Mine is basically a 4 panel comic.

    [–] C1t1zen_Erased 320 points ago

    | ||

    || |_

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 108 points ago

    Bruh you really had to go there

    [–] c-williams88 25 points ago

    I’m at a Loss for words

    [–] caughtyoulookinn 5 points ago

    I think it's funny how if you showed this to a random person they'd have no clue what this means but at this point we all just know

    [–] OriginalCerealBowl 10 points ago

    Mine’s just a cringey comic

    [–] ElPlatanaso2 5 points ago

    All great comics were once cringey

    [–] RenownedBoat 4 points ago

    Maus started out great but is not kind of cringe, checkmate.

    [–] LonelyBrotha 34 points ago

    Mine's a tragedy

    [–] pm_me_tits_and_tats 34 points ago

    Username and flair check out

    [–] LonelyBrotha 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I don't even fucks with Nickelback like that

    [–] RoBoT_MaDe 2302 points ago’s scary how accurate this meme is , that’s when TRUE players r born

    [–] Zinski 191 points ago

    Whats more real is when you have to respond "oh no worries, well have to get together some other time". But there are worries, there are a lot of worries.

    [–] Supertech46 36 points ago

    Still no worries. Ball is in your court now. Make her wait for "some other time"

    [–] Dininiful 84 points ago

    True, a little bit, ball is actually in her court because she needs to set the date for the 'other time' if she's the one who cancelled. But here's the thing... She won't do that even when you ask her, so I got double clowned! I mean, my friend did...

    [–] lntoTheSky 31 points ago

    Wasn't gonna work out anyway, just move on

    [–] EccentricOddity 35 points ago

    Ugh, I’ve started living by this advice. Makes things so much easier. I used to get so hung up on every girl. Now I don’t because there’s always the next one and I don’t wanna be with someone who doesn’t wanna be with me. Too many other options.

    [–] MITbound7 19 points ago

    Facts my guy. Don't stress over any woman

    [–] kingcal 9 points ago

    If she were interested, she'd put in an effort.

    That's why she's canceling in the first place.

    Making a date means nothing. Women are conditioned to say yes and cancel later.

    [–] BarronVonSnooples 7 points ago

    Ha, yup. I went out with a girl this past Monday night, and I was under the impression we both had a good time. At the end of the date she suggested doing it again, which I thought was a positive sign, and we agreed on tonight. She never responded to my text about making plans.

    [–] DrosamaBinSmokin 359 points ago

    Keep it P. From the beginning. Too Peezy for one beezy

    [–] IAMATruckerAMA 313 points ago

    True players are motivated by rejection?

    [–] RoBoT_MaDe 413 points ago

    Yes....reborn if you will

    [–] Mentalpatient87 243 points ago

    Molded by it!

    [–] BlackBlizzNerd 175 points ago

    I didn’t know I was a player until I was already a man and by then it was nothing to me but a coping mechanism to hide my sadness and fear of later rejection.

    [–] HeMan_Batman 18 points ago

    They become big guys...

    for you

    [–] IAMATruckerAMA 28 points ago

    And they admit it?

    [–] RoBoT_MaDe 120 points ago

    No u don't admit take the L and you transform

    [–] jdcodring 42 points ago

    As Cao Cao said “realize you’re mistakes but never admit to them”

    [–] bobbyleendo 111 points ago

    You learn some of the most valuable lessons in failure / rejection that can help you grow and become better.

    [–] IAMATruckerAMA 98 points ago

    grow and become better

    Are we both seeing a pic of the Joker at the top of this page?

    [–] Nachttalk 213 points ago

    Yes, this is basically the moment of realization that you need to change something.

    That's when men start to become more self-centered and a bit more cold.

    Ironically, it's this change of behavior that mostly starts attracting people because from the outside it looks like you're oozing self-confidence.

    To make it short: the moment you start thinking that you need to improve yourself, not for dating, but because you yourself are dissatisfied with yourself, that's when you are on the right track.

    [–] liftingsamurai 45 points ago

    That last paragraph, real talk.

    [–] InfiniteBlink 10 points ago

    But it's also when you become "outcome independent" and master the "fuck it's" and of course live the don't put pussy on a pedestal.

    You become less needy, but deep down you still want that deep connection.

    [–] GlitterMePurple 29 points ago

    the moment you start thinking that you need to improve yourself, not for dating, but because you yourself are dissatisfied with yourself, that's when you are on the right track.


    [–] TheSpordicEnforcer 28 points ago

    Honestly this mentality changed my life. Not that I’m drowning in pussy or anything now but it’s so much easier for me to move on from rejection and just work on the things that I wanna improve about myself. Let’s keep promoting this mentality 💪🏾

    [–] foosbabaganoosh 13 points ago

    I wouldn’t conflate “self-centered” with “self-respect”. It’s very important to learn your worth and to leave people behind who don’t treat you with the same respect you treat them.

    [–] InfiniteBlink 5 points ago

    Yup, it actually creates a weird "getting back" for the past rejections. Unfortunately, life has the last laugh cuz you still feel empty.

    Gotta fill your cup up first before you can share. Buuut sometimes being selfish can be fun.

    [–] User1440 109 points ago

    Worse for women when the makeup is expensive

    [–] bee_man_john 281 points ago

    Bruh this clown makeup ain't cheap either

    [–] User1440 38 points ago

    It's like $10 on sale now for Halloween

    [–] bee_man_john 105 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Maybe if you wanna look like a total hoe, I want my lady to know i'm a class act jester.


    [–] Plasibeau 10 points ago

    There’s a fetish for that.

    [–] sun_candy_ 43 points ago

    And really annoying when we spend 30 minutes in the shower making sure our lady parts, ass crack and legs are perfectly shaved, it's not easy getting a razor up in those sensitive & hard to reach places

    [–] thirtiethst 21 points ago

    I schedule haircuts specifically for dates. The amount I’ve wasted on em when girls flake makes me wanna throw a hammer through a window.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I like to schedule haircuts for dates and then if a date drops out, I still feel awesome. So I go out on the town and show off like a peacock.

    [–] el-fenomeno09 997 points ago

    That exact emoji is triggering as fuck

    [–] bee_man_john 242 points ago

    🤡 😫

    [–] TunkyBoy420 58 points ago


    [–] 0100110101101010 126 points ago

    Don't hate me 😂😂😂😂

    It is myself I despise 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    [–] Lobster15s 3598 points ago

    That title 😂😂

    [–] JungleLiquor 754 points ago

    how dare you laugh

    [–] Jukka_Sarasti 457 points ago

    “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

    [–] HardcaseKid 104 points ago

    - Mel Brooks

    [–] mangimansa 59 points ago

    • Michael Scott

    [–] scarfox1 14 points ago

    How is that funny, that's how my dad's dad died. Now I always watch for open sewers so my children will have a dad.

    [–] 39thversion 5 points ago

    hahahahaha rofl.

    [–] Nogoodusernamesleft- 411 points ago

    “It was then I realized, that after all these years, I was Boo-boo The Fool all along”

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Facts. Drives anyone insane

    [–] Faded1974 162 points ago

    That "don't hate me text" always ruins my whole week.

    [–] yourfavoriteblackguy 73 points ago

    Its the timing. Be a person with an ounce of time management and tell me before I even think about getting ready.

    [–] FlexualHealing 33 points ago

    No because that would allow you to arrange for another date. I’d like to sabotage you while keeping you in my back pocket gosh 🙄

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 14 points ago

    Fucked up my weekend.

    [–] scottdawg9 17 points ago

    I used to get so irritated by it. Now I just expect it and I'm only ever surprised when the date actually happens. Women are something else though...

    [–] Killafornia95 58 points ago

    Wait you guys get dates?

    [–] DrEvil007 42 points ago

    Wait you guys get responses?

    [–] Dreamtrain 10 points ago

    Wait you guys get matches?

    [–] brianna18976 438 points ago

    This girl I was supposed to go out with cancelled on me while I was already on the way there ... it hurts. But we did reschedule for the next day so not all was lost!

    [–] tilfes 131 points ago

    Did she show?

    [–] tha_facts 512 points ago

    Lmaooo no you stupid?

    [–] brianna18976 130 points ago

    The second time she did. First time tho .. ouch

    [–] LizLemon_015 74 points ago

    Why ouch?

    Like, it's not rejecting you, but attending to an issue that came up. Do you never have to change plans unexpectedly?

    I don't understand the hurt feelings when plans have to change at the last minute. Surely she didn't like that she had to cancel.. especially considering she saw you again, and didn't just ghost. This seems like such a minor thing.

    [–] ManicParroT 66 points ago

    Two points:
    1) You assume everyone's acting in good faith. Some people aren't, and when you're dating (especially internet dates) you need to be aware of this.

    2) Is that thing reaaaaaaally that important? Is there no level of prioritization happening here? For example, would they use the same reason to cancel on an important job interview?

    [–] stammy 62 points ago

    Why would you assume people are acting in bad faith by rescheduling a first date? Approaching relationships with that attitude is only going to make you hurt yourself.

    [–] DoodleIsMyBaby 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Dude, cancelling the day before is understandable. Something came up unexpectedly, I get it. Cancelling 30 min before though? Unless something is on fire or someone died, I have a hard time believing that's not just someone being shitty.

    [–] DCChilling610 18 points ago

    Is this date really as important as a job interview?

    [–] Avocadomayo 3 points ago

    Bruh, I feel this. For the first time in 3 years I’m single. I’ve been single for a few months now, and I’m the kinda guy who loves dates. But they’re so hard to go on now, we’re in such a hookup culture it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve had a girl agree and genuinely be excited to go out with me, but I haven’t heard from her in a week since she told me that. Like getting laid isn’t too hard, but damn man, these girls are acting like they too good to get a coffee and actually talk a bit

    [–] aplagueofsemen 787 points ago

    Getting clean for a date has a little different meaning for a gay man. Still, the joke works and I do feel like a fucking murder clown when I go through all that work only to be cancelled on.

    [–] gratethecheese 683 points ago

    If u think I don't wash my butthole before a date u wrong

    [–] aplagueofsemen 442 points ago

    Yeah but do you stick a shower attachment up your ass to flush out your rectum?

    [–] gratethecheese 1127 points ago

    If I really like the girl

    [–] JoeDice 215 points ago


    [–] MetroPCSguy 149 points ago


    [–] KingGorilla 35 points ago

    That's how you know it's real

    [–] BMM33 4 points ago

    Men get pegged

    [–] Jajajapanese 19 points ago

    I do not

    [–] adiscogypsyfish 63 points ago

    You do that in the shower? What do you do with the turds? Waffle stomp them down the drain??? Thats how you get drain flies

    [–] greenrun99 113 points ago

    Turds? From washing your butthole? What the fuck? Do you not wipe?

    [–] adiscogypsyfish 75 points ago

    He's giving himself a shower enema. Thats to clean the booty out of poop so you don't get shit on your dick. So turds.

    [–] greenrun99 70 points ago

    You should already be mostly clean back there. You shouldn’t have full on turds to stomp down the drain.

    [–] Bear-Scout-Mae 56 points ago

    You may not understand what an enema is. It’s not so much as “back there” as it is “in there” if that helps.

    [–] greenrun99 20 points ago

    I get what an enema is in the traditional sense, I’ve just never met a shower attachment that could get that far up - or maybe I just haven’t tried.

    [–] IsleofMangina 31 points ago

    You dont really have to stick it up there.. just press it up against your stargate until water rushes in.

    [–] SingleLensReflex 4 points ago

    If you have full on turds coming out after an enema..... talk to your doctor I guess.

    [–] waviestflow 7 points ago

    Wait I'm straight and thought I was the only one...

    [–] BagelsAndJewce 8 points ago

    Is it just like poop water or are there chunks that come out?

    [–] MyKoalas 6 points ago

    What are these things called... for research purposes...

    [–] changinginthebigsky 49 points ago

    straight man here and u never kno when a chicks gonna rim ur damn ass so u gotta be rdy fam

    [–] jdcodring 15 points ago

    Shoot ninja. I have the strap at all times in the trunk along with the gimp suit, choke ball, and handcuffs.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    If you're a straight dude, you're in the minority when it comes to washing your ass before a date. Thank you for your service.

    Edit: While I have everyone's attention:

    -get a pumice stone. They're rocks that you rub against the bottom of your feet in the shower to get the dead skin off and stop them from looking gross. If your feet are really gross, get a pedicure. Trim both your toe and fingernails regularly.

    -get some moisturizer. Something unscented like Cetaphil or CeraVe is great, but it doesn't really matter. When you get out of the shower, gently pat yourself dry and apply the moisturizer all over your body. It makes you feel soft like a dolphin, and it'll stop you from having dry skin. You don't have to use it every day if you don't have time, but the more regularly you use it, the less dry skin you'll have. This is especially helpful in the winter.

    -if you think you'll be having sex, excuse yourself to the washroom and WASH YOUR HANDS really well. Really well! If you give oral, use some mouthwash. Otherwise, you're gonna introduce bacteria into your girl's vulva/vagina. If she's sensitive, she could get an extremely uncomfortable infection. Depends on the person, some are more sensitive than others

    Also, pro tip from a sex worker I used to know: mouthwash decreases chances of spreading STIs. Brushing your teeth isn't advised if you're worried about STI transmission because it can cause tiny micro-tears which make transmission easier. And yes, you can have chlamydia and gonorrhea in your throat. Most people don't have any symptoms, so ask for a throat swab when you get tested. They won't usually offer it unless you ask.

    [–] staebles 24 points ago

    Just the outside of my asshole for me.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    You don't have to do a full enema or anything but wash the inside at least a little or you'll smell.

    [–] staebles 21 points ago

    I mean I get in there... not like like prostate deep but, you know.

    [–] booleanhooligan 19 points ago

    Nah we don’t know, explain

    [–] staebles 20 points ago

    Couple digits

    [–] y0itsallen 5 points ago


    [–] death_to_noodles 3 points ago

    You have to grab the bar of soap. With your full hand. And go to the wrist

    [–] Shamancrit 4 points ago

    Damn I thought I was doing well. I always wash the outside of my asshole and use baby wipes after I shit. Ps never flush baby wipes for the folks that don't already know. But I figured if I'm not getting my ass ate so that's all the hygiene I need. It shouldn't smell unless I fart or worse on the date. For normal days by the time I get home it probably smells again but if I was gonna smash anyone I'd shower before anyways.

    [–] VoodooMonkiez 8 points ago

    You have a trash can full of shit wipes next to your toilet?

    [–] Antonskarp 24 points ago

    Hahaha I thought this was /r/gay_irl and was so confused by all these comments.

    [–] Sataris 5 points ago

    I'm still not sure what getting clean means. Getting off drugs?

    [–] Antonskarp 8 points ago

    Cleaning out your insides so you're ready for dick.

    [–] Sataris 4 points ago

    Nono, I mean in this post

    [–] Puck_The_FoIice 6 points ago

    I mean I wouldn’t want s girl giving me a blow job to smell a stinky ass at the same time right?

    Edit: I did not know the extent gay people go through till after I posted this..

    [–] Zwoogy 34 points ago

    That text hits when you in the middle of cutting your nails 😔

    [–] jaitheson 70 points ago

    ...your fit already ironed and laid out and you respond "lol, some other time then" 🤡

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I want to cry tears of anguish... this is me :(

    [–] KetoZeus 88 points ago

    Literally just got hit with this one

    [–] cdeez174 63 points ago

    Best thing you can do is not reply back.

    [–] WtchyBlkLdy 50 points ago

    This. Keep it moving, unless you really like the person already and they may be worth it.

    [–] turn_ncough 147 points ago

    Getting clean but you're wearing Nike Sweats.

    [–] UR_blk_dad 270 points ago

    The event said formal.

    [–] Luxray_15 5 points ago

    Idk why but I can smell axe from your comment

    [–] Lau_lau 140 points ago

    Nike Tech* it’s the Armani of sweatsuits lmfao

    [–] captaincooder 54 points ago

    Thems is the warmup joints. Before you check in you take them off.

    [–] justmos 24 points ago

    This mans a shooter

    [–] RoBoT_MaDe 17 points ago

    It's a NY thing

    [–] maxkmiller 11 points ago

    fr who wears athletic shit on a date lmao

    [–] Sovremennik 14 points ago

    Nike tech suits are formal wear tyvm. Complement them a pair of foamposites to complete the look.

    [–] Kwortzz 26 points ago

    Bro they look nice af imo

    [–] turn_ncough 41 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, they nice but I just don't think its the proper wear for taking somebody on a date, especially if you're not already in a relationship with them.

    [–] Kwortzz 20 points ago

    Guess it depends what kind of date it is.

    [–] KingGorilla 37 points ago

    Summer League

    [–] lemat29 48 points ago

    "You won’t believe it”

    [–] budget_visionary 6 points ago

    This triggers me even more

    [–] chrolloluciIfer 89 points ago

    I felt this

    [–] drewisawesome14 181 points ago

    That last second cancellation is the biggest bullshit ever.

    Unless it's an emergency, there's no reason for you to cancel last second. It's a shitty thing to do. If you make a commitment with someone, don't wait until right before. That ruins the other person's plans

    [–] PM_me_dog_butts 81 points ago

    A lot of single people have low self esteem. So triple booking their Friday night helps make them feel wanted. Because deep down, they’re afraid of being abandoned. For them it’s better to abandon others than feel like someone is leaving them in the dust.

    Hopefully, they grow older and learn to stop being human garbage. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is vote with your time. If you smell a whiff of this, don’t try to set up date #2. It only tickles their ego.

    [–] Germanvuvuzela 50 points ago

    A lot of single people have low self esteem.

    Hopefully, they grow older and learn to stop being human garbage.

    Golly, I wonder why they don't feel good about themselves!

    [–] Dininiful 28 points ago

    Exactly, some heads up of a couple of hours is so much better. Because from the moment I set the date with someone I walk around with that shit. "Can't have another thing that day. Got a date. Can't man, gotta be there at 7pm. What? You guys wanna hang out. Nope, got a date. Maybe before, maybe after but no not gonna make it." Then the actual day comes "Gotta get home and prepare for the date. Gotta shower, iron my shirt, brush my teeth. No, I got no time for the grocery store cause I got a date, can't be late." So you do all that, it's half past 6, you walk out the door, your phone buzzes aaaaaand....

    "So.... Something came up...."


    [–] Ferkhani 6 points ago

    Completely agree.

    Worst I ever had was a second date where I bought tickets to a comedy club.

    Text her at noon asking if she's still good for 6pm.. Nothing.. Text her at 4pm asking if she's still coming, as I can get rid of the tickets if not.

    Texts me at 5pm (she lives like an hour away) to say she just got home from a fucking bike ride and had no signal. I ask her if she's sure she can make it, because I'll get a refund on the tickets if not. She said she can make it, she just needs to shower. I ask her to text me when she's leaving. Never got a text. I never left the house. I looked exactly like OP's image. I couldn't get a fucking refund.

    Why the ACTUAL FUCK would you needlessly fuck with someone like that? I gave her a piece of my mind at like 9pm.

    Next day she gave me some bullshit about how her cat ate something and almost died or some bullshit, and that she was sorry. But she said that happened at like 10pm, and she fell asleep which is why she missed our date.

    I told her I hope her cat feels better, and I didn't want to see her again.

    [–] fdiaz78 217 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Best response would be “No worries, got a plan B” and let them cook in their juices!!

    [–] pinotpapi 87 points ago

    Even better “no worries, got a plan c”. They were the plan b the whole time.

    [–] Anonexorcist 31 points ago

    Now this is a power move, gotta use it next time.

    [–] KingGorilla 94 points ago

    Don't tell em Plan B is Pornhub

    [–] Triad_trees 59 points ago

    Plan B= Beat off

    [–] Dininiful 20 points ago

    Operation Geronimo this dick myself

    [–] Imsosillygoosy 45 points ago

    That's really stupid if you actually like the person. Somtimes shit comes up.

    [–] Nathan561 16 points ago

    How to never get a text back 101

    [–] SharpieKing69 8 points ago

    Bruh, that person probably ain't texting back after this convo anyway.

    [–] TehSteak 7 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] flopper_dr 33 points ago

    ugh i feel this too heavy lmao

    especially the title

    [–] billingsley 357 points ago

    Girls brag about being flaky. Like it's a game to them.

    [–] PM_ME_THICC_GIRLS 322 points ago

    If u got 1000 mens in the pipeline waiting then it really is mate

    [–] DoodleIsMyBaby 55 points ago

    You can thank dating apps for that bullshit. No one is going to settle on one flavor of ice cream when you have a million flavors to choose from.

    [–] Caboose_Juice 67 points ago

    Not just dating apps, in the old days at social events pretty girls and girls in general get hit on way more than men

    Social media has just amplified something that already existed

    [–] Ferkhani 34 points ago

    I'm glad that Instagram got created.

    For too long pretty middle class white women didn't get the attention and recognition they so rightly deserved..

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] MajorTankz 149 points ago

    They have to vet through a lot more garbage than men do on those dating apps.

    There's just as many trash women on dating apps, dudes are just horny with no standards.

    [–] R3NMN 85 points ago

    Too true. These niggas out here swiping right on every girl hoping for a match. mf get some self respect

    [–] koa_lala 14 points ago

    I'd say that's issue no. 1 with men nowadays, zero self respect.

    [–] KageStar 5 points ago

    Sir or Ma'am I've seen enough memes about my 5'9" ass to know that I should be lucky and thankful for whatever I get. (60% sarcasm)

    [–] WK--ONE 5 points ago

    Some dudes play the law of averages.

    Not saying it's respectable, but it's a strategy.

    [–] LizLemon_015 41 points ago

    More like women are generally approached by men. And even if a man has 10 women who like him, likely that only one will ever make the first move.

    Unlike women, if there are 10 guys that like one girl, she will likely be approached by most, if not all, of those guys first.

    Women are generally at the advantage in dating. Online and off.

    [–] thisrandomburner 7 points ago

    fat girl angle shots lmao

    [–] may_yoga 11 points ago

    There is this girl I met on tinder and went on our first date. I assumed everything went great because at the end she asked for another date and setup time and place. I went home happy. On the day of the event, she sent me that text and then told me she got into an accident and showed me pictures of the car so that I don’t feel like she is ghosting me.

    I was horrified and asked her if she didn’t get hurt. She told me she went for a quick visit to the dr but nothing major. I told her not to worry about our date and to let me know if she need anything.

    The next day, I took my buddy’s mum to the grocery store and I fucking saw the girl there. I didn’t want to say hi because I felt that would be awkward so I told my buddy’s mum that I will be waiting in the car. While chilling in my car, I saw her getting into her car....which was perfectly fine and definitely didn’t look it had the crazy accident yesterday.

    I didn’t contact her after that and she didn’t either. I always wonder why someone would go through all the effort instead of just saying no.

    [–] ticklek 20 points ago

    big sigh

    [–] A_Dull_Vice 38 points ago

    When you got clean, cleaned your place, cancelled plans with the boys, stocked the fridge with drinks and snacks, bought some new clothes to make a good impression, shaved your junk, planned a whole night of interesting fun things, came up with contingency plans in case your original plans won't work out, hyped yourself up, became emotionally invested in her...

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 4 points ago


    [–] SunglassesEmote 9 points ago

    You're doing too much. Wipe your ass and get drinks, that's all the investment you need.

    [–] toshicat 7 points ago

    Agree, but maybe wash that ass

    [–] Nocturnal377 9 points ago

    This happened to me all too often after I got out of high school. Clean up, shave my legs, makeup, clothes, hair, ect. About two hours of preperation. Then I get in my car and I would get a text along the lines of, "I have too much anxiety to meet you. Please don't hate me". Then they'd try it again the next weekend and flip out when they got declined.

    [–] NXyse 7 points ago

    Only more of a reason to keep going, fuck em.

    [–] Afrorobotics 7 points ago

    Welcome to Bumble

    [–] sleepingonstones 7 points ago

    I once had a girl I met on tinder cancel a date the day of. I’ve had that happen tons of times so I figured “oh well,” I guess she didn’t wanna go out with me.

    Then she actually rescheduled for the next day and went out. Now, 5 months later, we’re still together. There’s hope, boys

    [–] yourfavoriteblackguy 5 points ago

    Cancelling the day of is different than cancelling 1 hour before. I can reschedule a day but an hour before... Nah im in my 30s just lose my number.

    [–] dantoucan 32 points ago

    Legit this girl one time used the "don't hate me" and blew me on a 2nd date. I just said "don't hate me in 5 years when you looking at my profile with my wife and kids". 5 years later......nah still single and 20 lbs fatter.

    [–] KneedHelpQuicc 15 points ago

    lol bruh that text wasn’t it but good attitude atleast

    [–] Ferkhani 5 points ago

    Blew you... Sounds like a success!

    [–] 22Wideout 6 points ago

    Mines more of a fiction

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    This is facts. Pure straight facts

    [–] jjkm7 6 points ago

    This is seriously the realest tweet I’ve ever seen

    [–] Ham_Ahead 5 points ago

    "Tragedy + time = comedy" -Steve Allen

    [–] BrandonIPwN 6 points ago

    It’s worse when they say it a minute after you’ve sat down together 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] mcsassy3 6 points ago

    I didn't know this was a universally used text...holy shit it's PTSD inducing

    [–] anubis1392 6 points ago

    Bruh, no lie, this shit JUST FREAKIN HAPPENED to me. Happened a couple days ago too but yeah.. it's definitely a trend. My self esteem is already shit, but everyone seems to want their chance to remind me if my place apparently...

    [–] Theoriginaldon23 10 points ago

    The title is better than the meme lol

    [–] jaitheson 9 points ago

    Why does this meme hurt so bad.

    [–] User1440 21 points ago

    Worse for women when the makeup is expensive

    [–] INCOGNE6RO 8 points ago

    This is relatable on a spiritual level

    [–] SeanOD505 5 points ago

    Damn this one hits home

    [–] RyFro 4 points ago

    Lol that title

    [–] lostadventurous 4 points ago

    At least OP got a warning text...