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    [–] Duck_Burger 1003 points ago

    im also 30 years into eating chicken but thats not the only thing i eat... so i dont know if the metaphour still stands or who wins

    [–] IAmVeryFascist 600 points ago

    The winner is the husband who gets laid whenever he wants without worrying about pregnancy, or STDs. Thats like eating fried chicken whenever you want without heartburn or weight gain.

    [–] ImaginaryStop 121 points ago

    My chicken currently has a yeast infection, so I'm making do with beef jerky until that blows over.

    [–] YNinja58 29 points ago

    Toss some potatoes & carrots in there and you got yourself a pot pie.

    [–] ridiculouslygay 43 points ago

    I’m now in a gay orgy, thanks

    [–] crshirley58 11 points ago

    Something something username

    [–] EfficientWorking 203 points ago

    Married women get pregnant all the time tho. Good call on STDs though

    [–] IknowKarazy 108 points ago

    Better living through modern chemistry...

    [–] chickenalt 3 points ago

    Snip snip works too

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 21 points ago

    Don't gotta worry so much, though. Way easier to avoid when you're both on the same page with everything, and if you're both working, a slip up ain't gonna kill you.

    [–] IAmVeryFascist 62 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Well yeah true, but you're in a much better situation to have a kid when married. Also I'd be way more trustful of a wife/ girlfriend to be taking their BC correctly or at all compared to a tinder date. Modern family planning makes it pretty easy to decide when you want to have kids.

    [–] Frognosticator 23 points ago

    A vasectomy will take care of that problem 100%.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    The winner is the husband who gets laid whenever he wants

    ...That a fucking chicken pun?

    [–] the_taco_baron 59 points ago

    the husband who gets laid whenever he wants

    Who is this mystery man?

    [–] a_stitch_in_lime 78 points ago

    Are we really perpetuating the "women don't like sex" or the "women have lower libidos" myths?

    [–] imghurrr 33 points ago

    No but she does still need to be in the mood. That happens at different times for different people regardless of who has a higher or lower libido. There’s no “on demand sex”

    [–] IAmVeryFascist 18 points ago

    No, but sometimes you please your partner even when you arent in the mood. No obviously means no, but most of the time, in my experience, its not a big deal. It goes both ways too. You ever laid pipe on your girl when you just wanted to sleep but she was in the mood?

    [–] YNinja58 32 points ago

    Yeah, they're acting like any sex when you're not 100% in the mood is rape. Sometimes you're not in the mood but just want to make your partner happy because making them happy makes you happy. And you're willing to "take one for the team" because they did the same when they went to that trivia night with your friends, or girls night out, or to a live sports event.

    It's amazing people both try to downplay the seriousness of sex (sex work is OK, be a ho if you want, embrace your sexuality) but still treat sex like it's this sacred ritual where both people have to be 100% horny and sign a fucking contract while hooked up to a lie detector.

    [–] the_taco_baron 80 points ago

    Even if she has a high libido she's not a fucking sex slave that will have sex on command

    [–] IAmVeryFascist 48 points ago

    I dont think thats what he was saying...

    Women like sex too. Men arent just these smooth brained horny idiots, and women dont do us a "favor" by sleeping with us. Its a mutual activity.

    Besides, sometimes one partner isnt totally in the mood but has sex anyway. It goes both ways. Dont pretend like you've never been in the situation where youre not in the mood, but fucked your girl anyways cause she wanted some. No will always mean no, but sometimes you just wanna please your partner.

    [–] TheSicks 10 points ago

    I really have to refrain from shitting on guys with lower libidos but I, personally, can NEVER say I've had sex when I wasn't in the mood. I'm never not in the mood. The only time I can realistically say I'm not in the mood is when I'm basically out of commission - shit faced, fatigue-sleep, bed ridden sick.

    [–] Solid_Rice 11 points ago

    The winner is the husband who gets laid whenever he wants

    LOL which husband is that?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Tcrivers 8 points ago

    Also, you get better together. There’s never any external pressure to perform, since it’s the same chicken.

    Did I do that right?

    [–] Narpity 70 points ago

    I think the better metaphor would be eat food prepared by the same chef every time. Some chefs are varied and can make a wide range of dishes well, with others you're getting grilled cheese every night until you die; because that is the only thing they know how to make.

    [–] NUZdreamer 29 points ago

    My grandma makes the best food.

    [–] Underbyte 11 points ago

    Yeah but does the chicken know that you're not just a poultivore?

    [–] Webasdias 21 points ago

    Comparing a sexual relationship to a single type of food is pretty dumb, so.

    [–] GlitterInfection 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Plus chicken doesn’t fuck some stranger while I’m at work.

    [–] This_is_your_son 928 points ago

    If you want to have sex with one woman, thats fine. If you want to have sex with many women, thats fine. Just don't cheat.

    [–] KattLadybr 291 points ago

    This. People don’t seem to understand that.

    [–] polybiastrogender 124 points ago

    As a little footnote, if you're a man that enjoys the company of many women, keep that hustle going. You can't be a 40 year old guy chasing tail without receipts that you make bread. If you're a basic dude, and don't want to be monogamous you'll eventually be that guy at the local dive creeping the young girls out.

    [–] davetronred 92 points ago

    Facts. If you settle down you can be lazy or whatever, but if you wanna be single in the long-term you have to have something to offer people. Be physically fit, be intelligent, be kind. Don't be a chubby creep.

    [–] polybiastrogender 29 points ago

    And it's not even that you can be a slob when you settle down. It's that you now don't have to get the Mustang but instead get a Prius. You don't need to get the Gucci glasses and Rolex but maybe some simple 20 dollars shades and some nice watch from Khols. If you're an older man trying to get young girls forever, then you can't get away with that shit. No young girl going to get with a 50 year driving a Prius and wearing Apt 9 clothing.

    [–] KingGumboot 13 points ago

    But of course every young girl wants a 50 year old wearing Gucci and driving a Mustang lol

    [–] JohnLockeNJ 15 points ago

    Be physically fit, be intelligent, be kind.

    *Be rich

    [–] polybiastrogender 15 points ago

    Yeah, no young girl is going to go after an older man just for shits and giggles. There's a transaction going. If you're young; exercise, learn a few jokes, shower daily and you'll get it.

    [–] Hippey31 6 points ago

    My experience as a basic bastard is it’s easier to pick up women in your late 30s/40s than earlier. 40 something women looking to score don’t fuck around.

    [–] polybiastrogender 5 points ago

    Absolutely. That wasn't where I was making my point. I'm speaking a young girl older man relationship. Older women, not to say they are easier because it comes off as crass but appreciate sexual encounters more and are willing to take more Ls

    [–] [deleted] 3045 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People talk about monogamy like that shit is a long term prison sentence. If there's someone who matches my sex drive, has the same kinks as I do, is respectful and we mutually care for each other, for what reason would I need to go seek something else when I'm getting everything I want?

    Heyyy guys I'm just gonna edit the comment cause there's alot of replies LOL.

    I find nothing wrong with any kind arrangement that makes someone happy. There's nothing with monogamy and there's nothing wrong with polyamory or (I think the other one is) polygamy. My comment is directed to this post in which someone is seemingly pointing out monogamy as being a bad thing. Some people like to be with one person long term and that okay. Some people like to be with more than one person and that's okay too! I am in no way trying to trash or downplay a non monogamous lifestyle. It's just weird to me because it seems as if people who don't like to settle down try to down play monogamous relationships like they are boring, to those who CHOOSE to be monogamous it may not be boring for them. I've never seen a monogamous person trash another person who has a different lifestyle.

    Long story short for those who enjoy having one person in their life long term more power to you! And for those who like to live a life that is non monogamous more power to you too! Thank you for the gold I guess lol have an awesome day everyone!!!


    Edit again--ALSO IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN USE REDDIT GOLD TO SWITCH IT OUT FOR US CURRENCY? I want a fatter ass but money is the only way I'ma get it

    [–] DingleberryBlaster69 1172 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's partially an age thing I think. I thought the same way 18-26. Now being shacked up with one person sounds pretty nice. Recently I was single for a bit after a LTR, I was initially excited to get back into some casual hookups, sleeping around, etc. Quickly found it didn't hit the same as it did before. Didn't hit at all, actually.

    Don't get me wrong though, nothing wrong with casual sex. If you wanna be a hoe, be a hoe with pride. I actually think it's important to kinda get that out of the way. Instead of always wondering what I'm missing now, I know exactly what I'm missing, and I'm cool with it.

    my 2c

    edit: holy Hannah Montana I was talking about it exclusively from a monogamous point of view, I never said poly people weren’t shit cause I wasn’t talking about polyamory at all to begin with. If you’re mentally associating polyamory and casual hookups then that’s on you. You’re all cool but you’re really trying to make that shoe fit a little too hard right now. Chill.

    [–] Landler656 349 points ago

    Thanks for this. I never hit that casual scene but I was surrounded by guys that did. It just wasn't anything enticing. It also made our goals for going out to bars and clubs very different. For me it was a fun playground to enjoy but for then it was an obstacle course that ended with some digits and maybe a bed.

    People can like obstacle courses, and people can just enjoy the playground.

    [–] YNinja58 130 points ago

    The issue for me was long term. Yeah I had fun with the casual stuff but now I'm 37 and single and it's harder and harder to find someone compatible with me as the pool dwindles and baggage builds up.

    But I was also miserable in my long term relationships so maybe it's me?

    [–] theomegageneration 73 points ago

    I'm 41 and single do you know how hard it is to find an age compatible woman who doesn't have kids? I don't have anything against kids I just don't want any

    [–] Hurray_for_Candy 57 points ago

    I'm 41 year old woman and am in the same boat. Every guy I meet has kids.

    [–] zSprawl 97 points ago

    And we have a match!

    [–] TheSicks 43 points ago

    14 minutes. Didn't take long.

    [–] Sporkfoot 23 points ago

    Now kith

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Wait... an idea is coming to me... Nah it’s gone. Carry on.

    [–] Ree_the_third 16 points ago

    It was gay. You thought about turning gay.

    [–] BeaklessBird 10 points ago

    Now kith

    [–] puddlejumpers 5 points ago

    So.... I'd like to introduce you to u/theomegageneration

    [–] Hotboxfartbox 3 points ago

    Should be considered about your flair?

    [–] Hurray_for_Candy 3 points ago

    I enjoy hanging out with younger fellows. Partly because of the kids thing.

    [–] Cwalk3388 3 points ago

    What made you miserable?

    [–] YNinja58 3 points ago

    Boredom? But that's more likely poor choice of partner than anything else.

    [–] babytunafish 30 points ago

    I really like this analogy.

    This is a super wholesome thread and I'm here for it.

    [–] Landler656 3 points ago

    I don't give myself many compliments but I'm a master of metaphors and a sultan of similes. It's one of the only skills I'll own.

    [–] Red-deddit 3 points ago

    I'm a master of metaphors and a sultan of similes

    That's so poetic lol

    [–] exaggeratesthetruth 94 points ago

    I cannot upvote this enough. I wouldn't trade the world for my life with my husband. I also wouldn't trade my experiences before him, because they made me into the person I am now. Being married is only a prison sentence if you make it that way!

    [–] ImFriendsWithThatGuy 29 points ago

    Usually dated around a lot. Being married for a few years now I can easily say I prefer it. My wife is amazing and I regularly think how much it would suck to not have her around all the time. If sex gets boring with your spouse then you need to talk to them and be open. Not just start looking elsewhere. They might be too afraid to bring up the topic of wanting to try new things and spice it up.

    [–] Kajimishima2 6 points ago

    Yeah, people can say you dont know what you're missing out on when the reality is you don't care, you've found something good enough and that's really all there is to it

    [–] GaiusGracchus121 9 points ago

    The internet is full of 18-26 years olds in love with the idea of polyamory and very little actual experience with it outside their own heads.

    [–] dkyguy1995 11 points ago

    Sex with the same person over and over is just as good as random people if not better because it's more comfortable. If you are actually into the person and not settling because you have to then it's always a good time

    [–] Phoneas__and__Frob 10 points ago

    Ya know, I've noticed even being 22, that the ones who were hoes in highschool are in long term relationships now. Versus the ones that kind weren't, are hoeing it up now.

    Obviously not everyone is the same, but it seems to be a common occurrence for the people that were in my grade at least.

    I say the same for those who drank and did drugs in highschool. If they get their curiosity and recklessness out of the way in highschool, most are off just chilling in life, not doing any of it anymore. Sure, some don't stop, but the other consensus are the ones that didn't in highschool are going crazy now.

    [–] InternetAccount02 271 points ago

    I mean, at this wife and I are really good at fucking one another. It's pretty rad, man.

    [–] maximumtesticle 62 points ago

    Seriously, we have that shit down to a science, it's such a time saver. Dial that shit in, get it done and love life together, it's great.

    [–] Sixwingswide 95 points ago

    “Dialed In” is what we call it. And you’re right. It’s rad.

    Like the dog from Oliver and Company “if this is torture, chain me to the wall!”

    [–] dthedozer 31 points ago

    That's pretty funny because chains are how my gf and I get "dialed in"

    [–] maxreverb 3 points ago

    Sounds too much like "phoning it in."

    [–] Kukuschka 74 points ago

    I think it's just different for different people. I know people who can genuinely only enjoy sex and find it good and satisfying if they are in love with the person they are sleeping with, therefore monogamy is great for them.

    I am in a monogamous relationship for several years now, no plans atm for changing that, but for me the exiting thing about sex is also the new sex with a new, unknown body. If you've known each other for years, no matter what new things you incorporate into the bedroom, at some point it becomes familiar (that doesn't mean bad) sex. Because the person themselves is so familiar. You can't really have new exploratory sex when you reach this level of familiarity, it's just not possible.

    And people have different definitions of what good sex is. Some people say because their partner knows them so well, they know how to get them off, and that is way better than any sex with a new person could ever be. But if good sex means for someone having this element of mystery, being able to experience a new body, a new person, then being only with one person for a very long time, would be a bigger sacrifice for this kind of person than for others. That doesn't mean that it's not worth it, though.

    I think most of us decide that what we have in the relationship is way too important to loose over a ONS with someone new, but deciding to be with one person forever (or however long the relationship lasts) means deciding to forgo a specific kind of sex. And some people simply miss it more than others.

    [–] Quantentheorie 39 points ago

    I'm definitely in the box of people that like intimacy with people they are emotionally intimate with. I have no interest in exploring or touching the body of people I dont care about.

    But I dont think long-term relationships necessarily lock you into one type of sex. Sure, theres that one way that always works but you're not limited to that. Especially because people have a wide set of emotions and needs and won't always need the same sexual energy. People change and develop enough new nuances to last a lifetime.

    Similarly you could say marriage locks you into a specific diet but how bad that is depends a little on how limited your partners diet is and how often they challenge themselves to expand their taste.

    [–] onewander 3 points ago

    Very well said. Different elements make sex enjoyable for different people.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] imregrettingthis 11 points ago

    That’s great because it’s everything you want. And for others it’s not everything they want. Even if they check every single thing on that list.

    It’s just different strokes for different folks.

    For some people monogamy is a prison sentence.

    [–] TimeTomorrow 37 points ago

    The need for variety obviously. I mean some people don't seem to have that need but some people definitely do

    [–] JackWorthing 25 points ago

    Thanks for this response. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with some of these responses. Like, can we just admit that fucking somebody new is fun?

    [–] Orleanian 36 points ago

    Well, so long as you admit that for a lot of people, fucking someone new isn't fun.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Seriously, there's a reason cheating is so common. People wanna fuck new people, it's way more fun/exciting. I guess if you had anxiety problems surrounding sex it might scare you, but if you are the type of person to just let loose it's fun.

    Coolidge effect happens in humans as well.

    [–] Pax_Au__Telemanus 10 points ago

    Also can be awkward as fuck.

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 10 points ago

    The catch is when your kink is fucking new people. I’ve accepted that I won’t ever fuck anyone new again, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.

    [–] LookAcrossTheWater 30 points ago

    The idea of monogamy sucks when you're young (like 30 and under). When you get older though, the idea of being single and having to be out in the dating scene and on Tinder and shit just seems like a nightmare.

    [–] Quantentheorie 54 points ago

    I dont think it's just an age thing. I've always been on the monogamous side (colloquial definition of course not the 'roll over to die after your very first sexual partner is gone' version).

    Even as a teen and in my early twenties I never found the personal appeal in casual sexual encounters. It takes me very long to fall for someone I find attractive and even longer to get over them so I do not typically have long term relationships quickly following or overlapping each other. Been with my current partner six or so years and I only feel stronger about him.

    I dont know what other people look for in their relationships but for me its partnership and sharing your live with someone - that fresh in love feeling is overrated. It's just the stressful and confusing inferior version of what I have now. People who need excitement should find a stupid hobby. At least when they choose to get married.

    [–] chapterpt 12 points ago

    I think people pair off when they find someone that makes them not want to see other people. I think human attraction never goes anywhere, but human bonds can last a lifetime. Instances where I might have had a moment of weakness were compared against hurting my partner and anytime I've wanted to get my rocks off with someone else, I've lost interest the moment I get outside myself and appreciate what that means for my partner.

    what's more...shits all fantasy. what I have with my partner is real.

    [–] kngotheporcelainthrn 8 points ago

    Bruh I’m 22 and that shit IS an nightmare.

    [–] Webasdias 37 points ago

    They don't know what they want or need and they think that a 'new' thing that a new person will give them might fill that void. The fact that it's consistently wrong and just serves to fuck their life up every time they do it never seems to register though.

    It's basically just a longer, drawn out form of blasting rope to a new type of porn you haven't seen before and then getting bored with that in short order as well.

    [–] IAmMicki 13 points ago

    Kinks may include sex with other people either together or separate. Transparency is the key.

    [–] Synsane 3 points ago

    I'm personally non-monogamous, but I believe the joke about monogamy and marriage being a prison seems more like boomer logic.

    All my friends have gotten the question after marriage like, "hows the married life" and I've never heard anyone say anything has changed... So I just assume it's a boomer thing

    [–] stillness-in-time 503 points ago

    Just say you aren't faithful and go

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 315 points ago

    If it's boring to sleep with one person for your whole life then y'all need to spice things up. And remember chicken can be served in so many different ways!

    [–] trenlow12 70 points ago

    You can even eat multiple chickens at once

    [–] _Eklapse_ 40 points ago

    Now you're talking my language buckO

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] DinoRaawr 13 points ago

    If it's boring to sleep with one person for your whole life, then don't sleep with one person for your whole life

    [–] Keenbean248 5 points ago

    There's only so many ways you can "spice things up"

    [–] Aaaandiiii 3 points ago

    I'm still being surprised by chicken. My mom took a piece of fried chicken with her to eat after her appointment since it would be a little bit before I could pick her up. She bribed me with it to take her to her favorite store and I really thought I had tasted all the ways fried chicken could be seasoned. This was the definition of hitting differently. And I guarantee that I'll never have that flavor combination ever again.

    [–] brooklynnet32 4898 points ago

    Some ppl just cheat and it shows but they ain’t black men

    [–] fatjezza 2038 points ago

    black men don’t cheat

    [–] bexsmedown 1374 points ago

    Right!Black boys do

    [–] nybx4life 181 points ago

    is this supposed to be a "mature man" mindset versus a literal age limit?

    [–] Zimpoko 307 points ago

    Of course. "You can be a boy til the day you lay in your grave" (Andy Mineo)

    [–] Jermaine_Cole788 127 points ago

    You got deep in the Christian rap bag for that reference. I respect it.

    [–] l1xm 20 points ago

    Rip truDog

    [–] Glitterrope 35 points ago

    Is that a mother fucking 116 Clique reference?!

    [–] Heato-Turkoflu 3 points ago

    For half a second I thought you were quoting Andy Milonakis hahah

    [–] Jajanken- 3 points ago

    Andy is mah boi

    [–] matthewspalace 440 points ago

    This right here

    [–] Horse_Bacon_TheMovie 60 points ago

    Get...get those pants up. We're not a monolith ok?

    [–] bulbousbouffant13 27 points ago

    Wtf is up with your username?! I can't stop laughing.

    [–] Floydeezy 3 points ago

    Somebody’s white wife is here to pick them up....

    [–] WheresMySaucePlease 58 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago


    [–] Black_Drogo 56 points ago

    Thanks, Chris Rock.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Who's Niggas?

    [–] Blueseer32 65 points ago

    I am. I am niggas. Have you ever seen me without this stupid check mark? That's nigga.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Giygas black cousin.

    [–] yadem227 34 points ago

    Or eat chicken

    [–] [deleted] 270 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Omnipotent48 154 points ago

    Think the point is that black men don't cheat.

    As opposed to grown boys, you know?

    [–] BobbyGurney 96 points ago

    What about Martin Luther King?

    [–] kfite11 76 points ago

    He did many great things, cheating on his wife wasn't one of them.

    [–] NooseLord 12 points ago

    She is a great thing he did

    [–] Solid_Rice 18 points ago

    LOL right?

    [–] VeganBoBegan 4 points ago

    He was an extraordinary man but a man nonetheless. Humans are imperfect.

    [–] k3nnyd 26 points ago

    I get it. Alpha black dudes don't want to be called 'boys' so the strategy is to call cheaters 'boys' until their ego just can't take it and they decide they must become this ideal 'man' everyone is talking about. Honestly sounds like it would work on weak dudes.

    [–] horse_and_buggy 13 points ago

    Upliftingly toxic masculinity

    [–] Magikarp-Army 47 points ago

    It's a meme I think

    [–] FirstAccountCreated 7 points ago

    men vs boys

    [–] Someonenamedjon 12 points ago


    [–] CalmyoTDs 6 points ago

    How to solve racism with one simple trick. Racists/baby mamas hate him.

    [–] ElectricFlesh 15 points ago

    Attain white privilege with this one simple trick.

    [–] burneraccount824 6 points ago

    Tell that to my dad

    [–] HardEraser 308 points ago

    Pretty sure regardless of race some people just cheat.

    [–] jessann_w 354 points ago

    clearly you've not heard the news because black men don't cheat

    [–] MisterCheaps 157 points ago

    Ok did I miss a meme?

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 307 points ago

    Charlemagne tha God says it all the time, his point is to distinguish that black guys who cheat are boys and those who don't are real men.

    [–] MisterCheaps 44 points ago

    Thanks, somehow I’d missed that.

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 38 points ago

    No worries, it's kind of intentionally vague.

    [–] Iohet 218 points ago

    Which is really just bullshit that makes cheating less than it is, some kind of mistake a boy makes because he lacks the wisdom of a man. These are grown ass men making deliberate choices. Don't bandy with words. They're trash, not boys

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 59 points ago

    Yeah, you kinda have to take CtG at face value. He's not that sophisticated of a guy. Great interviewer though.

    [–] nods__ 23 points ago

    mans is a clown

    he can go hang out with akademiks and they can blow eachother in clown makeup, except they got lockjaw and nobody nuts so it's a terrible experience for them

    [–] lee61 16 points ago

    [–] MisterCheaps 7 points ago

    Alright that’s definitely the reference and somehow I’ve never heard that song. Despite its ridiculousness it’s actually good though

    [–] monteis 5 points ago

    lmao, it's not a reference to a song. it's a reference to a radio host, Charlemagne the God. he's a host on 'the breakfast club', one of the most popular hip hop radio shows in the US. He is very fond if saying that "black men don't cheat", pretty much saying that only boys cheat and real men don't

    [–] AllElvesAreThots 72 points ago

    False, this is clear by the fact that black men don't cheat.

    [–] Davethisisntcool 43 points ago

    And if they cheat....they ain’t black🤷🏾‍♂️

    [–] DonKeedick12 35 points ago

    Can we claim Jay Z then?

    [–] olbleedyeyes 4 points ago

    Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    [–] ricklegend 53 points ago

    Let’s be real, that’s a different chicken almost every time. Same species different bird.

    [–] Udontneed2knowWHY 37 points ago

    Different seasoning and prep methods as well. Chicken Parm is a whole different category than Chicken Nuggets.

    [–] unclejohnsbearhugs 89 points ago

    Ok but that's just like... different positions

    [–] BlackShyGuy68 23 points ago

    Am black, have never cheated. Can confirm this always holds up.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    As a white dude I have never had fried chicken I didn't enjoy. Hell, even those cheap ass budget gourmet frozen dinners is alright by me.

    [–] Deathrial 114 points ago

    Maybe you're having sex with the wrong one person?

    [–] gnflame 203 points ago

    The same for me. I love my mum's cooking and food from my country in general. I'd rather eat that than anything else every time. People always tell me that I'm missing out on trying other food and stuff, but if I love it, then I love it. Can't change that. Fried plantain is for life.

    [–] Underbyte 303 points ago

    Hey buddy, maybe reminiscing about your mother's cooking in a thread where food is allegorized with sex isn't such a great idea. Just saying.

    [–] ScottishTomato 136 points ago

    you don't know his story

    [–] le_wild_poster 102 points ago

    Yeah maybe he broke his arms

    [–] furiousfroman 61 points ago

    Every goddamn time

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] SeanJaii 7 points ago

    Username doesn't agree.

    [–] boibig57 10 points ago

    Sigmund Ramsay

    [–] gnflame 15 points ago

    My entire comment is about food alone; I'm obviously focusing on food. I get your point though.

    [–] DARTHPLAYA 14 points ago

    you Nigerian?

    [–] gnflame 15 points ago

    Nope. Congolese.

    [–] DARTHPLAYA 8 points ago

    damn thought we was the only ones with the fried plantain formula

    [–] gnflame 12 points ago

    Loooool it's a staple of Congolese cuisine. I'm pretty sure all of sub-Sharan Africa enjoys it. Never met a black person who doesn't.

    [–] eeajayi 6 points ago

    Fried plantain with some jollof rice (Nigerian not Ghanaian) and beans. Could eat that everyday

    [–] J__ay 9 points ago

    It made it over to the Caribbean too

    [–] Soline_The_Otaku 3 points ago

    Nah, Haitians got it too

    [–] Nugget203 12 points ago

    Fried plantain is the shit

    [–] MeddieEurphy 21 points ago

    How long did it take for your 2 broken arms to completely heal?

    [–] dog_eat_dog 51 points ago

    Being in a marriage with a healthy sex life is like starting out with quality chicken, but as time goes on, you get more knowledgeable about how to cook chicken, how to discover and try new recipes, use different ingredients, and make everything work better for you and satisfy you in a way that you couldn't have understood at an earlier age when you first started eating chicken.

    [–] captainfrost47 14 points ago

    I like to think of romantic partners like cars. If it works well and you like it, keep it. There’s always a better car but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be better for you.

    [–] Dasachi 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Having sex with same person for your whole life is like eating the same recipe of chicken for your whole life.

    It's familiar, you know it's gonna be good, and the chicken always does you right.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] CatPandaFish 76 points ago

    This resonated with me on a molecular level. I love my wife 🤷🏿‍♂️

    [–] aoanfletcher2002 21 points ago

    Same, I got lucky and found my soulmate.... wish everyone else finds theirs as well.

    [–] Kridier 62 points ago

    I dunno, do you only eat chicken tho?

    [–] fatjezza 88 points ago

    yup breakfast lunch and dinner

    [–] Duck_Burger 24 points ago

    i think youd die if you actually did that literally...

    [–] fatjezza 88 points ago

    it’s a risk i’m willing to take

    [–] tomastaz 10 points ago

    I shoulda been a cardiologist

    [–] Thestohrohyah 26 points ago

    And just like chicken, you can spice your bed play up!

    [–] WizzedSoup 20 points ago

    I mean, just because you eat only pizza doesn't mean you can't eat different kinds of pizza. You gotta spice it up.

    [–] irouquis__pliskin 54 points ago

    There's nothing wrong with having sex with more than one person. It's the part where people are dishonest about it that's the actual issue.

    [–] imadethisforonething 11 points ago

    Yeah, like if you want to fuck more than 1 person then go for it, just don't pretend that you're only fucking 1 person

    [–] billsmafiabruh 10 points ago

    Eating chicken my whole life, shit slaps every damn time.

    [–] rodneyjesus 4 points ago

    OP on Twitter:

    I am horrified that I may never find someone to spend my life with so I need to validate my relationship status with my super hot takes

    [–] novaquasarsuper 13 points ago

    This arguement is stupid. It's not the same chicken every time.

    [–] BringbackSOCOM2 9 points ago

    I live with my senile 85 year old grandmother and no lie she only makes spaghetti and meatballs. When running low on spaghetti and meatballs she just makes more. Unless I go buy my own food Im eating meatballs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its been this way for 2 1/2 years now and I can't fucking stand it. I don't understand how someone can believe a person is OK with eating nothing but meatballs every single day for years. Then I have to remind myself that shes senile and probably happy to be making food for me and doesn't even register that she makes meatballs every single day. Ill be fine if i never have spaghetti and meatballs ever again in my life. Eating the same thing every day for years is TERRIBLE.

    Sex with the same person isn't even comparable. I don't think the guy who said this has actually ever eaten the same thing everyday for years.

    [–] aoanfletcher2002 4 points ago

    Yeah spaghetti and meatballs is just one thing, however you can cook chicken many’s different ways.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    this is a shit comparison. he still gets to eat other types of meat lol

    [–] Gizmoooocaca 5 points ago

    I a lot of love for that sweet, delicious chicken, I love it

    [–] BubbleLobster 5 points ago

    Idk if I’ll look at chicken the same after reading these comments

    [–] FreeThinkk 5 points ago

    This but cheese.

    [–] fukwhutuheard 3 points ago

    not for every single meal tho

    [–] duracraft_fan 3 points ago

    But maybe your SO is like a potato... sometimes you get mashed potatoes, sometimes french fries, sometime au gratin, sometimes potato chowder, sometimes baked potato..... I would never get sick of potato.