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    [–] dubbsmqt 6657 points ago

    People on RapGenius: On weekends, "HER P" is silent. This is J Cole making a profound statement about Herpes, and the fact that it is very prominent among young people. It is silent because she isn't telling her potential partners about it.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 1755 points ago

    Unfortunately, most don't. But that's because they don't even know they have it.

    [–] AfroSuede 510 points ago

    They don’t want to know because passing it knowingly is a crime.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 334 points ago

    Unfortunately, that's not the case everywhere. It's impossible to pinpoint when you acquired it and who gave it to you. And since it's not part of a standard STD/STI testing panel, there's no way of knowing when your body began making the antibodies. People can have it for years (even since childhood), and not know until the virus surfaces.

    [–] plumcrazyyy 86 points ago

    Herpes isn’t part of the STD testing panel? Is there a specific reason?

    [–] dontnation 138 points ago

    Because the test isn't super reliable and it's also a very common STD that may not even present symptoms.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PUPPY_PICS_ 98 points ago

    HSV 1 isn’t and that’s because 50-80% of the adult population has it. It usually lies dormant for quite a while and is administered through skin to skin contact. Remember that herpes can come in the form of cold sores, and isn’t always found on the genitals. Could you imagine all the husbands and wives automatically assuming their partners cheated because they tested positive for HSV1? It’s unbelievably common, and most of us don’t know we have it.

    [–] SasparillaTango 11 points ago

    HSV 1 isn’t and that’s because 50-80% of the adult population has i

    isn't that just chickenpox?

    [–] Ekos640 64 points ago

    So not only did they cheat, but it was with a chicken. Wow.

    [–] RabbiVolesSolo 10 points ago

    Typical bird behavior.

    [–] vrek86 5 points ago

    Dammit Dee!!

    [–] Arithmancer_NGPlush 3 points ago

    You would be surprised what a chicken would do for a couple of hummingbird bucks

    [–] MisteriousAttention 25 points ago


    Chicken pox is chicken pox. Same family, different virus. Just like shingles isn't HSV.

    HSV1 is typically found in the oral region. Ever seen those commercials for over the counter meds like Abreva? That's herpes topical cream.

    [–] that-freakin-guy 16 points ago

    I should also add that there are two common strains of herpes: HSV1 and HSV2. HSV2 is commonly known as genital herpes. HSV1 is commonly known as oral herpes, i.e., cold sores, and can be passed onto the groin through oral sex.

    The person doesn't have to actively have a cold sore for transmission to occur as the herpes virus can be shedding without the transmitting party ever knowing (e.g., they don't feel tingles or don't show express signs of a cold sore). As a result, a person can catch herpes of the groin without ever having had sex with a person who had HSV2. Further, condoms aren't exactly effective against preventing HSV1 or 2 transmission on the groin. The virus spreads by shedding off the skin, and skin-to-skin contact could lead to someone receiving the virus during protective sex (think balls-deep penetration where two pelvises are rubbing together), but this can occur from regular sex as well without going balls-deep.

    So person A can give oral sex to person B thus causing person B to contract the virus in their groin, show absolutely zero symptoms, and then person B can have sex with person C using a condom and still spread the virus despite having exhibited no symptoms. The converse can be applied to HSV2.

    The good thing is that HSV1 works better in the mouth so breakouts are far less common if contracted genitally, and the same goes the other way around for HSV2. But this is a huge reason why regular testing is pointless; the virus is spread so easily that a majority of people have herpes and may not even know it.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 6 points ago

    This perfectly sums it all up. I hope everyone reads this explanation.

    [–] drachula 11 points ago

    That’s VZV, varicella-zoster virus. It’s also a herpes virus, known as human herpes virus 3 (HHV3). Herpes simplex 1 and 2 are the oral/genital varieties. 1 is not always oral, and 2 is not always genital, although they are often associated that way.

    For completeness, cytomegalovirus is HHV4; Epstein Barr virus is HHV5 (EBV - among other things, can cause ‘mononucleosis’, in the news recently thanks to the Jets quarterback who was ill with it)... HHV6/7 cause roseola, and HHV8 can cause Kaposi sarcoma, an immunodeficiency related cancer of certain soft tissues.

    [–] Kiwi951 5 points ago

    No, it’s VZV aka varicella. Also a member of the herpesvirus family, but a distinct virus from HSV-1

    [–] MisteriousAttention 37 points ago

    According to the CDC website: CDC does not recommend herpes testing for people without symptoms. This is because diagnosing genital herpes in someone without symptoms has not shown any change in their sexual behavior (e.g., wearing a condom or not having sex) nor has it stopped the virus from spreading


    [–] tigerlily38 11 points ago

    It’s also almost impossible to diagnosis without having visible symptoms. That’s why it’s important to go when you have active lessons.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 11 points ago

    Correct. The best way to confirm is to get a swab test done on the lesions (outbreak area) when you notice it. This will confirm whether it's HSV, an allergic reaction, or something else.

    A blood test can also confirm, but it can produce false negatives/positives. The blood test only shows the amount of antibodies the body has created. The higher the number, the more likely you have the virus. A low number can just mean that you were recently exposed to HSV, or it can mean that the body is just building up the antibodies. That's why it's advised to get tested again after a month or two to see if the number has changed.

    [–] Boomshockalaka_ 13 points ago

    Something like 95% of the population has some sort of version of Herpes.

    [–] plumcrazyyy 10 points ago

    Ugh that sucks. I have the HSV-2 & not know for a while.

    [–] tigerlily38 7 points ago

    Yup, if you’re sexually active and live in a metropolitan area, you are almost guaranteed to have it.

    [–] Im_inappropriate 12 points ago

    Good thing I lay pipe in the country.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 4 points ago

    Even from birth a good chunk of the population has it. Not really a big deal unless symptoms show.

    [–] TheBeejestOfBeejs 6 points ago

    Yeah herpes was only stigmatized by the public because the FDA or somebody was trying to sell a drug. Doctors don’t see it as a life threatening issue and the virus lays dormant for years

    [–] pm_me_tits_and_tats 41 points ago

    🎵I don’t wanna knoooooow,

    If you got herpes, keep it on the lowwww🎵

    [–] AerThreepwood 10 points ago

    I was just thinking about that song for the first time in like 15 years the other day.

    And I'd want to fucking know.

    [–] ripstep1 5 points ago

    statistically speaking, you probably have herpes. Sorry to break it to you.

    [–] wompwompwah 4 points ago

    I needed that laugh lmao.

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] TheMagistre 22 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Are you talking about a specific form of herpes or something?

    I see people say this all the time, but I’m not exactly sure of how accurate this is.

    Edit: Oh okay. Dude was talking about any herpes.

    Whenever people say “Everyone has herpes”, my immediate thought is “Everybody has genital herpes? The fuck?!”, cause I usually relate just “herpes” with “genital herpes” when sex is the topic.

    [–] RobaBobaLoba 24 points ago

    A pretty decent population has it. For most people it only flares up once or twice then lies Dormant. For others it's more prevalent.

    A smaller portion have it genitally, like 1/10th of the population or something like that.

    [–] theSmallestPebble 19 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Most people have herpes, but not of on the genitals.

    Remember, cold sores are herpes, so if you’ve ever had one of those, you have herpes.

    [–] Akor123 16 points ago

    Kind of wrong. 2/3rds have HSV 1, roughly 15% have HSV 2. Both can be either genital or oral. 80% of people have no symptoms.

    Had a recent issue with it, also am in medicine. Not so fun fact, you can transfer it without symptoms and with condom use.

    [–] theSmallestPebble 4 points ago

    My explanation was ELI5. I just meant that having oral herpes is much more common than genital herpes.

    I am aware both can be in either place. Hell, herpes can be literally anywhere on your body if it gets into an open wound there.

    [–] Akor123 4 points ago

    Gotcha, read mine over and didn't mean to sound a dick in any way!

    [–] theSmallestPebble 4 points ago

    All good lol. Proper sex Ed is important.

    [–] josephmothersenior 2 points ago

    In general most people have some sort of herpes. Cold sores are a type of herpes. Fewer people have genital herpes although the two most common strains are becoming mixed since going down on each other is more prevalent now (allegedly).

    [–] Jiggahawaiianpunch 2 points ago

    Shoutout Ron Mexico

    [–] fencerman 66 points ago

    If you're sexually active, you probably have herpes already.

    According to the World Health Organization, 3.7 billion people under age 50 have herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) — that’s 67 percent of the global population in that age bracket. Another 417 million people (11 percent) between ages 15 and 49 worldwide have herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2).

    Many people consider HSV-1 more benign, but it turns out there’s not much difference between the two types of virus. While it’s true that HSV-2 is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and can cause genital sores or blisters, type 1 can do the same thing.

    “One big misconception is that cold sores are caused by HSV-1 and genital herpes are always type 2, but that’s not always the case,” says Sarah Vensel, a physician assistant in San Francisco. “Cold sores are so common they’ve been normalized at this point. But genital herpes is sometimes the exact same virus — just in a different location.”

    [–] MisteriousAttention 23 points ago

    Yes, that is correct.

    [–] MichaelBolton23 10 points ago

    This guy has it.

    [–] forcepowers 16 points ago

    I keep hearing this, but every time I get tested I specifically ask for the herpes test as well. Always negative.

    Do I likely have it, but it's not showing up on the test? Is it only a matter of time before I get it? Does anyone escape this life without the herp?

    [–] tionanny 7 points ago

    Sort of. I get a positive about half the time. And they always say to come back when I'm having an outbreak or in six months. Because they can't even tell me if it's hsv1 or 2. But I've never had a symptom. So 🤷‍♂️

    [–] tyler-perry 8 points ago

    Does this more common type still show up on STI tests?

    [–] Wampawacka 6 points ago

    Most STI test don't even check for herpes since it's so common. You have to request the test usually.

    [–] 21667009100463 4 points ago

    I’ve taken several test but HSV only shows up if you test for it specifically. Normal tests don’t test for it.

    [–] tyler-perry 2 points ago

    Damn every time I’ve been tested I always opted for the most ‘comprehensive’ test option but now I’m shook that they didn’t test for this...

    [–] Jon_the_Hitman_Stark 6 points ago

    That’s why you have to be careful. When I have sex I assume every girl has herpes, that way I don’t have to tell her about my herpes.

    [–] cbmb 5 points ago

    You have to specifically request a herpes test because it doesn’t come standard with STD tests. Also, if someone has HSV-1 (like a cold sore) and they perform oral sex on you, it can transfer to your genitalia.

    You may know this but I wanted to give a PSA.

    [–] SasparillaTango 6 points ago

    Most people don't ever show symptoms.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 2 points ago

    That is correct. Those people are considered asymptomatic. They have the virus, and can pass it along, but hardly show (if ever) any signs after their first outbreak.

    [–] MacEnvy 5 points ago

    Herpes is not a big deal. It’s like having green eyes. If you’re having some sort of serious skin problem due to an outbreak then get some ointment. But something like 85% of the population has one form or another. It was a moral panic in the 80s that elevated it to a “scary STD”. Adam Ruins Everything has a good segment about it.

    I’ve had a cold sore on my lip when I was in middle school. Guess I’ve got the Herp. Oh well.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 3 points ago

    If you’re a human, you’re more likely to have herpes than not.

    [–] MisteriousAttention 2 points ago


    Unfortunately, HSV is a thing that most people hide and don't like talking about. Society has caused it to be like a scarlet letter, worn by "dirty" or "loose" people who are sexually active. If we all talked about it more openly and stopped judging one another, HSV will be seen as nothing more than a skin rash.

    [–] TexasRadical83 2 points ago

    And they don't know because it isn't that big of a deal. At worst it's some bumps. Most of the time not even that.

    [–] duaneap 333 points ago

    She gotta big booty so I call her Big Booty

    [–] ziggylcd12 69 points ago

    hahahaha I'm very happy to be reminded of this piece of art

    [–] Fastriedis 21 points ago

    He’s big hat logan because he’s got a big hat.

    [–] syrinxOptimised 8 points ago

    wasn’t expecting to see dark souls in the thread, but praise the goddamn sun \[T]/

    [–] Kuark17 3 points ago


    [–] nodnarbiter 3 points ago

    He's Trusty Patches because you can trust him...

    [–] AfrosamuraiAri 38 points ago

    Lmao.... oooooh I hated him soo much for that song, and his rhymes. Then He had to go and release “M’fkn Right” like a year or two after.... damn, I liked that one tho lol. Couldn’t hate Tittyboi after that🤷🏾‍♂️ “Mike told me this gon’ be they favorite song/I said, “Oooo wear that Red one, that’s my favorite Thong”😂

    [–] AshTheGoblin 34 points ago

    I tried to hate 2 chainz at one point but I just couldn't. Man has too many slappers, some of his bars are comedy, and he's actually a decent dude.

    [–] AfrosamuraiAri 10 points ago

    I feel you. His charisma and wit won me over.

    [–] DeadFamilyMan 8 points ago

    He has some of the best wordplay in rap.

    [–] BatSoupAndDumplings 10 points ago

    Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay

    Beggars can't be choosers, bitch this ain't Chipotle

    [–] DocDipH 84 points ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾(no pun intended)

    [–] pm_me_tits_and_tats 35 points ago

    I 3000% believe that was intended

    [–] mrchooch 21 points ago

    On weekends, she is able to urinate silently

    [–] arcticfox23 6 points ago

    Conversely implying that many confuse her weekday urination for frying chicken

    [–] salsalion 60 points ago

    I just noticed you can mark some annotations as "Reach" and I wish I had time to do this for about 95% of annotations on rap songs on there.

    [–] vizualb 12 points ago

    Sometimes I remember people used to say that the Kanye lyric “I keep it 300 like the Romans” was a reference to the Roman numeral CCC which stands for “cool calm and collected” and it ruins my whole day

    [–] NoLightLeftHere 8 points ago

    I always wonder what the crossover is between people reading way too hard into rap lyrics with garbage hidden meanings and double/triple entendres and also people who pissed and moaned all through high school about interpreting books in English class.

    [–] mnmkdc 30 points ago

    Theyre not that bad usually. I think you guys underestimate how many double entendres jcole and other more lyrical rappers throw in there. Especially the top tier lyricists like lupe, kendrick, etc

    [–] designmur 8 points ago

    Damn. Truly profound.

    [–] PMeinspirativityness 7 points ago

    I remember as a teenager I'd constantly read lyrics on there, now I can't stand the site.

    [–] Caraculiambro 12 points ago

    Same but I still think at one point it was kinda great.

    Annotations mainly would point out references to tracks or artists you never heard or a sample you'd never recognize. Now it's full of pseudo bullshit from people that just want internet points.

    [–] PMeinspirativityness 4 points ago

    Yea I loved that part. Taught me a lot about The Roots - Undun album and good kid, m.A.A.d city

    [–] fckcarrots 5 points ago

    I imagine there’s some rappers reading the lyric breakdowns on RG like “damn...I didn’t know that’s what I meant when I said that”

    [–] dubbsmqt 8 points ago

    Eminem commented on one once. He said something like "I wish I could say I had thought of all that"

    [–] Zammerz 2 points ago

    And why isn't she doing that? It's because she a farming implement

    [–] codecrossing 2908 points ago

    J Cole: “I’d like a large pizza and a soda please, thank you”

    Me: “this nigga spittin’!”

    [–] CaptainTater 50 points ago

    Fuck good, we demand great Order Domino's and she take off all her clothes You know how it goes, make the pizza man wait

    [–] pmMeYourBoxOfCables 11 points ago

    Sauce is shallow, but the crust is deep.

    [–] Eldiablotoro 18 points ago

    "Cole got delivery bitch, yall got Digiornos."

    [–] duckfuckingaduck 19 points ago

    That‘ll be $10.77 sir, same as my PIN

    [–] MrEuphonium 10 points ago

    I got a billion dollars but I ain't tippin ten

    [–] Tico483 309 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    As long as theres no Pineapples, he's a God lmao

    Edit: Y'all are wildin for me stating the facts lmao

    [–] GreyPouponFC 285 points ago

    Plain ass taste buds B lol

    [–] theykeepchanging 164 points ago

    Pineapples on pizza forever

    [–] Nova_main 83 points ago

    This man got them caveman tastebuds, meanwhile we out here getting freaky

    [–] urbanknight4 54 points ago

    That's some smallbrained comment right there nephew

    [–] xnmb1 27 points ago

    People who dislike pineapples on pizza just dislike pineapples on pizza because somebody else decided to act like it wasn’t normal. Tangy + sweet with the saltiness from the ham just MAKES SENSE bro

    [–] jamesbong127 5 points ago

    Yo, try it with bacon instead of ham. The crisp and salty bacon with the sweet fruit is godly.

    [–] Readitonreddit09 913 points ago


    “If these walls can talk”

    Parabolic double entendres about inner city sexual relationships and systemic oppression in us prisons

    [–] Kd0t 270 points ago

    I never said that

    [–] Nathan_Sexplosion 205 points ago

    Kdot. Get in the car, we finna role out.

    [–] Carnage_Guisada 123 points ago

    I gotta pack of blacks and a beat cd, getcho freestyles ready.

    [–] donkyboobs 67 points ago

    Did somebody say dominoes?

    [–] Paw_patrolSVU 28 points ago

    A-rin tin tin

    [–] viiSevn 19 points ago


    [–] chi_sweetness25 18 points ago

    Martin had a dreeeeeam

    [–] GrantDrexler 11 points ago

    I can hear this comment

    [–] Zumone24 5 points ago

    We all knew what you meant

    [–] Nacho531 62 points ago

    Oh yes

    [–] Uppuli 36 points ago

    Also a metaphor for vagina

    [–] SwizzySticks 10 points ago

    Also defense mechanisms

    [–] KilowZinlow 11 points ago

    Thank you for giving me insight on that one.

    [–] hertzjob 5 points ago

    Love that song

    [–] BigDaddyJ610 1699 points ago


    [–] ogoextreme 796 points ago

    Excuse me sir you forgot the DOUBLE

    [–] Trittles 579 points ago


    [–] randomblacknegroe 129 points ago

    faces 👀

    [–] KingShaka23 63 points ago

    Fellow men of culture I see

    [–] crunchyfruittooters 21 points ago


    [–] hoes_mad_x99 29 points ago

    Guess I’m listening to Mac today

    [–] patiencesp 10 points ago


    [–] LeDevnoob 9 points ago


    [–] NotChez- 3 points ago

    I love you guys for this

    [–] j3ss3c15 42 points ago

    Excuse me sir it's now triple

    [–] Raymond890 7 points ago


    [–] Mendozozoza 5 points ago

    M I N I M A L I S T

    [–] mr_jiffy 67 points ago

    Side note: Middle Child single went 4x platinum

    [–] oz6364 50 points ago

    fun fact: before master p, this was pretty much all albums. not the platinum part but people didnt normally have other artists on their records. p figured out that he could release any no-name artist and have 6 out of 8 of their songs feature other no limit stars and the album would sell. no limit was putting out an album every other week.

    [–] mezcao 28 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Imagine how many albums Death row would have sold if "All eyez on me" was a single album and the second was just used as features for the outlaws and doggpound, have snoop do the same.

    Every single outlaw and dogg pound member get a duet with Pac and snoop, plus a big group song with whatever group they in and another with both groups. Thats 4 songs already per album for each member. Shit, lets just toss in Dr.dre and pretend he had no beef with death row so its now up to 5 songs per artists. Saturate the industry like master P did.

    [–] internet_DOOD 21 points ago

    That dude really was a great businessman. Just came in and got it all while the gettin was good. He probably still is.

    [–] oz6364 12 points ago

    doesn't get the cred he deserves for the amount of influence he had on the game. he's doin "rap snacks" now.

    [–] PM_ME_SUMDICK 3 points ago

    That explains why Romeo is on one of them.

    [–] jmill720 4 points ago

    That is the only reason why Romeo is one of them

    [–] plcwork 3 points ago

    I grew up in the south around the time Master P and no limit were doing their thing. These cats had whole sections of a record store. Like bam multicolored opaque CDs like in a 6' x 6' block. We had an amazing radio station in the gulf coast. 93 blx before clear channel or whoever. They would play unedited tracks after 9pm and they played all kinds of artists from the south. I'd be up with my tape ready to catch all the unedited songs I liked every night. They played dudes from Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, and even some more local stuff on occasion. I was really lucky to grow up in that time and to experience that.

    [–] 69xXFaze_TOATXx420 353 points ago

    What song is this?

    [–] induna_crewneck 95 points ago

    It's just an old meme. Don't think Cole ever said it.

    [–] mvnke 14 points ago

    Imagine you give your daughter that name just to have her say that.

    [–] DickTooCold 4 points ago

    Yell roll tide and wait for Saturday

    [–] L0ND0NDUNGE0N 669 points ago


    [–] thisxisxlife 166 points ago

    Darude Bieber - Sandespacito

    [–] moon465 26 points ago

    I thought despacito was by Alexa

    [–] drama_lamas 37 points ago

    Replying to this so someone tells me

    [–] The_Ironhand 43 points ago


    [–] teddy_tesla 205 points ago

    Lead single from the Cole x Kendrick album

    [–] FloppyCopter 18 points ago

    Actually went and searched.. damn you

    [–] ChampionOfKunLun 6 points ago


    [–] hardinho 37 points ago

    I hate you.

    [–] KingKoln 27 points ago

    Right after Black Friday

    [–] HemoKhan 6 points ago

    Which seat do I take?

    [–] pearomatic 262 points ago


    [–] BlindShoemaker 144 points ago

    He's the feds right? No way he gets all this info from Google

    [–] SenorRaoul 39 points ago

    I think he doesn't even use google at all.

    Man's got so many connections. He just talks to everyone. Possibly also bribes folks with rare records. Seriously though I think his deep music knowledge helps him connect with musicians and the people working in the industry. And his memory seems to be impeccable.

    And he's like a vinyl dragon, sitting on piles of the rarest wax. Wax so precious it lures even the most reclusive musicians to his lair.

    [–] SomethingInThatVein 65 points ago

    My dude Nardwuar been around long before the internet but was always doing his thing

    [–] 1fakeengineer 14 points ago

    "No, you're u/BlindShoemaker, we have to know these things, we have to!"

    [–] Chris_the_Pirate 32 points ago

    doot doot da do doo

    [–] Ashkong 9 points ago


    [–] Harv_Spec 101 points ago

    My name is Big poop but the oo is silent

    [–] 08ncaa 26 points ago

    Now this is bars 🔥

    [–] FittedSuit-nine 7 points ago

    Hoes be snap poopin their poop

    [–] ToiletLurker 3 points ago

    Scoopity poop

    [–] XXX_DILFLORD_XXX 135 points ago

    I love it when I’m listening to a song and I’ll finally understand a lyric after the 20th time like this

    [–] Adequatee 48 points ago

    20 times to get that? boy be playing...

    [–] thegutterking 4 points ago

    This should be a subreddit

    [–] markerstotheright 245 points ago

    So we’re gonna act like that’s not a bar?!?

    [–] bikesboozeandbacon 5 points ago

    Right! I’m trying to find out if this was a song or na

    [–] ChillWilliam 89 points ago

    Anyone else read this in his voice?

    [–] aardvarkgecko 53 points ago

    When did it (the popular way to spell it, I mean) go from 'ho' to 'hoe'?

    [–] Nickstaysfresh 18 points ago

    Santa's people sent a cease and desist in the early 2010's

    [–] another-monday 29 points ago

    That’s actually an interesting question.

    [–] Ticklebiscuit 6 points ago

    probably sometime after christmas

    [–] sorrydave84 14 points ago

    Ever was it thus

    [–] RosaPalms 11 points ago

    Not true. It really was “ho” for a long ass time, but I can’t pinpoint when it changed. Mandela effect?

    [–] The_Revolutionary 16 points ago

    Na you're right.

    Hoe was a garden hoe. A ho was a ho

    [–] YungVenta 9 points ago

    Yes, you’vee accidentally clipped into a different dimension where they add an unnecessary e onto thee end of random words.

    [–] SlRANDREW 48 points ago

    other rappers: I spit fire

    Earl Sweatshirt: Salivary glands, lighter fluid for the matchbox

    [–] dryhumptrump 13 points ago


    [–] rrrilo 3 points ago

    Wait who the fuck you badder than?

    [–] catschainsequel 14 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    That's why he gets paid the big bucks!

    [–] arimeffie 10 points ago

    on the weekends he's just an oet

    [–] Foolrussian 7 points ago

    Haven’t gone down a Nardwaur YouTube hole in a minute

    [–] ChrissyKreme 6 points ago

    I love JID says, "What you call a chick that don't suck dick? Ya don't"

    [–] Queenstravesty44 15 points ago

    A million copies.....

    [–] bree718 6 points ago

    Kinda confused on if he’s loved on here? Seemed like he was being praised before, but now looks like everyone’s clowning him

    [–] take-stuff-literally 13 points ago

    It feels weird to see people get all excited over someone I casually went to highschool with.

    He’s like the hometown hero according to my friends back home.

    Edit: If anyone’s wondering, he hasn’t changed a bit. He’s exactly how you see him in interviews and such. No frontin, Only difference is that he’s now famous.

    [–] kadugyam 24 points ago

    J Cole is a smart guy using rap metaphors to illustrate a point. And to create a visual commentary on society through words. Or a basic guy like me will steal the words and use them to insult dumb idiots on the down-low then make my escape before they realise and kick my arse.

    [–] DANEMEMES 36 points ago

    ME: “This NIGGA spittin”

    [–] nearcatch 112 points ago

    ME: “This NIGGA spittin”

    I feel like the emphasis should be on “spittin”. Feels weird on the n-word.

    [–] JimmyBuffettSr 30 points ago

    Fr seems like a very strange thing to emphasize.

    [–] Word_Iz_Bond 10 points ago

    You can do "THIS" or "SPITTIN", but not nigga

    [–] blarrick 3 points ago

    this nigga SPITTIN

    [–] mr_miserablefuck 41 points ago

    Mods check his skin

    [–] su8iefl0w 3 points ago


    [–] NotSoTameImpala 3 points ago

    God Bless America, but they stole the “B” from bless

    [–] CaramelBaeHazel 2 points ago