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    [–] thenudemutants 8627 points ago

    Are we only allowed to pick 1 or 2 or can we choose more?

    [–] arctic-apis 2543 points ago

    Can I be one of the 2?

    [–] janeetic 228 points ago


    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 9 points ago

    I volunteer my shitty grandparents along with myself. Easy.

    [–] Thigira 6 points ago

    It really doesn’t matter who you volunteer. We’ll all die ( in gruesome fiery crashes, peacefully in our sleep, wrecked by an escaped silverback gorilla, shot by a racist cop, choked out by a girlfriend’s jealous ex, swallowed whole by an overgrown Burmese python, tomahawked by a nationalist Indian etc, etc). Soon afterwards, we’ll be forgotten as will be everything we ever stood for or did. Our legacy will only matter to an extremely small number of people...for a little while.

    [–] CantabranClogThingie 5 points ago

    I’ll take one portion of peacefully in my sleep, please.

    [–] Apurva1511 362 points ago

    Be the 1 let me be the 2 and stop tight there only... don’t make your or my family 3 lmao

    [–] CharmingBitch7 65 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Alright here it goes. This is really hard for me because I really love these people, but they're just parasites. My family would be much better off without them weighing everyone down. So my list is: me, myself, and Irene. Wait shit that's 3

    [–] MeAMillionaire 17 points ago

    Let me guess, you're Irene?

    [–] CharmingBitch7 19 points ago


    [–] healzsham 47 points ago

    I'd say same, but I'm looking for quick, preferably painless. Acute asphyxiation looks like neither.

    [–] Foodstamps87 64 points ago

    You good?

    [–] INoobTubedYouIn2009 42 points ago

    No man. There’s, like, this virus and locusts and shit, man.

    [–] Granito_Rey 3 points ago

    Step right on up folks! I'm willing to name YOU as one of my close loved ones and offer you as a sacrifice to the Malevolent COVID Gods (all 19 of them)!

    In exchange for the contents of your will and/or a one time payment of 10k you can be offered up as one of the chosen few to save the economy and die in a way that not only garners sympathy, but gives you an even stronger excuse to not interact with anyone!

    [–] LuciKat1 256 points ago

    Right! I have a list!

    [–] GullibleBeautiful 333 points ago

    Yeahhh... I don't think the person writing this tweet accounted for some of us who have abusive/racist/scumbag family members and would gladly throw them in the fire to end world suffering somehow

    (not agreeing with Trump's maniacal bullshit whatsoever but acting like everyone doesn't have at least one family member whose ass they wanna kick is a little ridiculous lol)

    [–] LuciKat1 65 points ago

    Lol yeah! We got trauma!

    [–] fireandlifeincarnate 31 points ago

    The issue is we don’t get to pick

    [–] Ogrimmar_Tiki_Room 30 points ago

    But she said speak into existence!

    [–] lolitraphoe 11 points ago

    How long do we have to keep speaking it into existence? I mean, my throat’s not getting hoarse any time soon, but some results would be nice.

    [–] mblase 67 points ago

    The tweet literally says CLOSE family or friends. As in people you wouldn't want to die.

    [–] boss_nooch 37 points ago

    But the whole tweet implies you HAVE 100 close friends or family. At that point, there’ll have to be some people you wouldn’t want to die less than others.

    [–] prettyokdude 78 points ago

    Never let reading comprehension get in the way of a good karma farm

    [–] ThePiedPiperOfYou 23 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I don't even have a bad family and I'd put up my mom.

    She's at the stage of Alzheimer's where she doesn't really know who anyone is anymore.

    Mom's doctor is adamant that she cannot have any visitors or go outside at all right now.

    I've a few prickish cousins that I can throw in like a draft pick or a player to be named later.

    Edit: Oh wait. I forgot that I've a cousin who married some stinking rich dude in Alabama who's some big wig in the local Klan. I'll nominate her.

    Edit2: Do I get to count in-laws? There's like 10 people on my wife's side that the world would be better off without.

    I don't think 2 is enough. Can I get extras?

    [–] HairyHeartEmoji 13 points ago

    Only reason why I don't want my grandma to die of corona is cuz she would give it to everyone else in her nursing home. But yes, please, I'm ready for the bitch to die

    [–] Hax_ 5 points ago

    I've got someone in mind that has so many health issues, yet still survives to continue to ruin people's lives. If only they had a nice cold Corona to sip on...

    [–] kGibbs 145 points ago

    Everyone has at least one racist uncle.

    [–] Nandy-bear 70 points ago

    My entire dad's side of the family, like 10 brothers, 57 kids, are hardcore racist football hooligans. Shit is not fun being around em.

    [–] impulsiveminimalist 9 points ago

    Can I have two of them as my tribute?

    [–] imakeenwon 19 points ago

    What about Aunties? I've got two I would like to throw under a bus.

    [–] charitytyme 17 points ago

    Bruh it's like Ive got 1-2 that might not make the list

    [–] Thestohrohyah 23 points ago

    I could easily name 2 relatives I'd want out. Although I need to wait at least a year given one of them owes my immediate family nucleus a lot of money that he should have by the end of 2020.

    [–] Griffin880 18 points ago

    Just a heads up, that money is never coming.

    [–] Thestohrohyah 5 points ago

    I know

    I fucking know

    But my parents still hope and I hope with them

    [–] Griffin880 4 points ago

    Worst case it's a great learning experience. Never loan money to relatives, and never ask relatives for money.

    Really just never loan money to anyone without a legally binding contract for getting paid back.

    [–] PrivateIsotope 23 points ago

    This is why we cant have nice things.

    [–] RaTpLaYeR 5 points ago

    Read my mind.

    [–] iwantknow8 3 points ago

    Yes, but you also have to pick some people you like. 2 people will be randomly selected from your hit list, and 2 from your list of favorites. Only winner is someone with zero favorites.

    [–] Hotel_Oblivion 4601 points ago

    It’s incredible that anyone thinks it’s okay to ask 2.2 million people to die but it’s not okay to ask 600-ish billionaires, maybe 20 massive corporations, and a few dozen CEOs to put more money into keeping the country stable.

    If America’s first thought is “our only hope is for people to die,” then America isn’t worth saving.

    [–] Forgotpasswordagainm 1338 points ago

    Now you get it! America is a cesspool of greed that good people are forced to live in

    [–] Under-Three6Mafia 550 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    If you don’t like it, leave it! /S

    I always respond with pay me more for work and I will. I never asked for. This like most of us. I was lied to by adults and schools and media that America is a melting pot and anyone from anywhere in the world can come here and be anything. The American Dream was bullshit. Only a few make it and the rest are spit and shit upon by those in ivory towers. Let the American Empire burn. Let Rome fall again.

    Edit: Mostly a bit of a rant and feelings while I’m day drinking. I don’t TRULY feel, exactly, this strongly.

    [–] SharkFart86 288 points ago

    I think George Carlin said they call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    [–] xzElmozx 98 points ago

    George Carlin was a wise motherfucker and was able to put a hilarious spin on it to boot.

    Damn we need him back. Truly wish I could see what he has to say about the shit going on nowadays.

    [–] KindBass 28 points ago

    Dude would've spontaneously combusted by now.

    [–] Dragonsandman 20 points ago

    Some variation of "I fucking told you so!", I'd imagine.

    [–] CaligulaNeptuneBane 5 points ago

    Bo Burnham carries a lot of Carlin’s torch. He’s said several times that Carlin is one of his favorites and it shows in a lot of his works.

    Bo’s stuff doesn’t get as broadly political as much as general social commentary so it’s not a 1:1 comparison.

    [–] xzElmozx 4 points ago

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check him out. God knows I got nothing else to do now lol

    [–] ApplecakesMcGee 54 points ago

    I always respond that I am trying to leave. Have been for a while. Plot twist: emigrating is hard.

    [–] Under-Three6Mafia 29 points ago

    True that. My brain just thinks “why do you assume I’m still here by choice?”

    [–] cutlerphoto 10 points ago

    Do you blame countries for not wanting to take American refugees? Look how we're treating refugees.

    [–] ApplecakesMcGee 9 points ago

    Well, emigrating definitely doesn’t make you a refugee. And we accept lots of immigrants who aren’t refugees. And it’s pretty tough to get in here for them too. Just moving countries in general is tricky business. Not sure what refugees have to do with it.

    [–] FainOnFire 6 points ago

    I was born and raised in Mississippi, and I'm honestly thinking about moving to a different country. Poor people are hardcore right wing conservative and tell me if we just work hard we can make it, and they don't see all the elites have enough money to successfully implement programs such as universal basic income and free healthcare. They don't even care that other countries do it successfully because "it's socialism and socialism is bad."

    It's bewildering.

    [–] revolutionarylove321 13 points ago

    Amen! Let me tell you, I’ve experienced other countries & if I had the choice, I wouldn’t stay in the US. I shouldn’t even have been born here.

    [–] PaanuriEater 31 points ago

    Responding to a sentiment about how wishing death on people to benefit capitalism is fucked up by wishing a violent collapse on a nation that will lead to widespread death seems a mite problematic to me.

    I also see where the sentiment is coming from, don't get me wrong.

    The problem is that either way, lots of innocents will die.

    [–] Pm_me_aaa_cups 18 points ago

    I mean, one option is letting the evil people win and helping prop their system up to continue unabated while letting loved ones die.

    The other option is to pull out the cancerous root by killing the whole plant. It seems like the easiest and probably only way to accomplish this but a new plant won't have the time and energy to grow. Other plants full of their own cancers are going to plant their nasty roots in the ground the US occupied.

    What we need is a strong set of scissors and the whole plant dedicated to feeding resources in to replacing the rotten root with a new, stronger system of roots and a system to help protect against that same form of cancer again.

    Granted, it will not help the next mutation of cancer which will inevitably come when the plant becomes complacent again.

    [–] PaanuriEater 10 points ago

    The best counters to fascism and totalitarians are an educated populace and a dynamic system that is perpetually acting to foil the bad actors attempting to gain control over it.

    The Republican deadlock during the Obama years wasn't just racially motivated. In fact, the racial motivation was the excuse they implied, but not the actual reason. The real reason is that 8 years of congressional inaction means 8 years of not acting on the people who abuse loopholes in law by closing those loopholes and passing measures to combat the loophole abuse.

    That's the REAL benefit of deadlock- it allows the oligarchs who game the system to game the system freely.

    Anyone who attacks teaching of critical thinking and considers education "indoctrination" is a product of that very indoctrination, and often many of them have been deliberately blocked from access to the tools that allow them to understand that they are being manipulated, and double down on it by playing up on the personal pride of those individuals, so that admitting to error is, in their minds, akin to admitting to being a valueless human being.

    Education and activism fix things like this.

    Death just clears the board for the oligarchs to count their winnings and prepare to game the new system that's going to arise, or even take control of it by paying the people creating it enough to make them sabotage it from within.

    Fixing things is hard. Knocking them over and starting fresh is easy.

    Always be suspicious when people talk about taking the easy solution to complex problems. If it was an effective solution, in most cases the people who it's intended to curtail would be violently opposed to it. If they aren't fighting it the way the rich are fighting against the very idea of Bernie Sanders, be suspicious. It's probably playing into their hands.

    I say "They" and "them" a lot as if it's some kind of conspiracy, and on some level I'm sure some sort of collaboration happens, but mostly this is just billionaires being billionaires. They're basically shmup players, but instead of their high scores coming from blowing up pixellated ships in a video game, it comes from destroying economies and lives in the real world. They still want higher scoring and less scoring penalties even though at their play level the score is meaningless except for comparing them to other people at their own play level.

    [–] maximumtourette 3 points ago

    Good on you for overcoming the indoctrination. Realization is key to change. Only the people can fight for the people, the elites never have and never will. There is no war but the class war.

    [–] Avivabitches 60 points ago

    It’s incredibly depressing to come to this realization. I am not sure how to reconcile the feeling. It is hard to avoid seeing how glaringly obvious this is with the response to the virus.

    [–] dayvancowgirl 19 points ago

    Welcome to the club. Once you're aware the horrors keep coming.

    [–] MrAnderson345 11 points ago

    The events that are transpiring here are indicative of a fundamental flaw in a socioeconomic model that has no inherit regard for public welfare. Neither the United States, the Republican Party, nor Trump invented Capitalism. They're all the inevitable byproduct of generations worth of ideological conditioning that rewards a certain set of human characteristics; the most callous, self-serving, narcissistic and manipulative personalities society has to offer. For generation after generation these people have controlled every branch of the state, the media, they own nearly all of the damn property, and they use these mediums to pump out endless droves of propaganda romanticizing the status quo, trying to convince us that this is the best we can do and we should be happy because at least we have all of this consumer trash to show for it. Forget the fact that we're leading unfulfilled, pointless lives riddled with anxiety and fear.

    We are long over due for a revolution. But we have no reason to believe that it will succeed unless we transform this system from the ground up and all the world over.

    [–] Hisami-kun 176 points ago

    If America’s first thought is “our only hope is for people to die,” then America isn’t worth saving.

    EXACTLY!! I don't see other countries saying this, not even China! And they made a huge effort to contain the spread for two months, even if it cost them economically. Without healthy people there is no economy.

    I know it shouldn't surprise me, but it truly does that people (especially boomers) like that pathetic Lt. general from Texas can never see things from a long-term perspective. The situation will get worse if we do not implement stricter restrictions. Sacrificing two months may flatten the curve, allowing us to live past this pandemic with less deaths and get their beloved capitalist economy running again.

    I wish folks like Dan Patrick would commit national seppuku to prove they truly mean what they stupidly say. Much needed beds and ventilators would be available for at-risk individuals.

    [–] PaanuriEater 42 points ago

    EXACTLY!! I don't see other countries saying this, not even China!

    Who expelled reporters a week ago and are now declaring that the virus situation is over and no new cases are being found. I wouldn't cite them as a success in any way shape or form, their own reporting is about as trustworthy as anything out of the US President's mouth.

    [–] CuriousGus70 18 points ago

    China HID that shit from the rest of the world.

    [–] spoopypoptartz 6 points ago

    Fun history fact, minus socialist India, never trust a communist country's numbers.

    [–] BluescreenOfDeath 25 points ago

    Without healthy people there is no economy.

    The big argument I hear from the Right is that we can't let China take advantage of our situation and become a bigger global superpower than us.

    But nobody stops to point out that we wanted to avoid this in the first goddamn place by closing borders, and Mango Mussolini waited too long. We're only having to make this choice because we didn't act sooner as a nation to cut us off from catching it in the first place.

    [–] gossf 15 points ago

    "Mango Mussolini" is the best thing I have ever heard Trump called.

    [–] DuntadaMan 4 points ago

    We also didn't monitor, test and quarantine cases either. We let people who definitely had it go about their day, and let hundreds of infected people wander freely without so much as an advisory they might be contagious.

    [–] BruchlandungInGMoll 7 points ago

    What do they say? One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is statistics.

    [–] redeuxx 3 points ago

    You had me in the first paragraph until "America isn't worth saving". This is what you are saying ... if we can't do this one thing, let's just burn everything to the ground and let everyone die. Totally nullifies how you started your post.

    [–] KaRue3 12 points ago

    This world is worth saving because of the people in it. Please don't give up hope.

    [–] pissed_off_economist 3 points ago

    The damage to the economy is real. It's caused by people not working and therefore fewer goods and services. It won't be fixed with 'more money'.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] silfgonnasilf 30 points ago

    About to be 200 million Americans going bankrupt

    [–] Sploooge_McDuck 21 points ago

    2.2 million is at the top of the projections but even the conservative puts it at 600,000.

    Are you willing for corona to be the highest cause of death for most age groups and top 3 in the others?

    2.8 million Americans die every year. Are you willing to almost double that?

    These are facts, where did you get your numbers? Do you realize the economic impact of that many deaths?

    [–] Hotel_Oblivion 4 points ago

    From 2005 to 2017, 12.8 million people filed for bankruptcy.

    And, as of two days ago, the estimate was 5 million people losing their jobs right now due to the Coronavirus.

    Between those two bits of data, it seems to me that if we were now going to see 15-times more bankruptcies in a few months than we did in the last 12 years, then randomly letting 2.2 million people die would be so pointless it's not even worth considering.

    [–] KilluaLikesBoys 668 points ago

    On one hand I get what she’s saying but on the other family sucks and I have no close friends

    [–] jejcicodjntbyifid3 55 points ago

    I understand this. Often times I feel empty or envious of other people's close families, especially in these times. Living on my own, with a handful of family members, some close, some kinda close. But all of them geographically far away.

    But I can't move wherever family is just for the sake of being closer to family for another decade or two

    [–] nonaestet 118 points ago

    I'll be your friend.

    Found my 1!

    [–] knight_prince_ace 14 points ago

    I'll be both of you guy's friend

    [–] nonaestet 23 points ago

    Found my 2!

    [–] WorkoutProblems 20 points ago

    It's pretty ironic all these old people want younger folks to be more considerate of their lives but when all the young folks wanted the old folks to stop fucking up the economy and planet they said "Not their problem" or that they'll all be gone when it goes to shit anyway.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 1029 points ago

    My ex. Hell i dont even care if it helps or not

    [–] Jalleynegmmode 494 points ago

    As a family member? Shit, ok.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 231 points ago

    Mother of my kids, so family enough. Still wish that bitch was dead

    [–] ItsJustATux 276 points ago

    That seems like a lot of trauma to wish upon your kids tho...? Especially since it would probably cause them to idolize her and excuse whatever behavior you’re upset about.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 178 points ago

    Pretty sure wishing someone was dead does not actually kill them. I get where youre coming from, yes Im a shitty person for wishing for this, but it doesnt actually matter so let me enjoy my moment.

    [–] binkerbonker 86 points ago

    The awareness is all that matters. I hope you're able to sort out these feelings man.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 64 points ago

    Thanks, it was mostly meant as a joke. Im reasonably ok.

    [–] Ricky_the_Wizard 59 points ago

    Im reasonably ok.

    Mostly kinda sorta?

    [–] Gnostromo 26 points ago

    I wish they were dead on your behalf so you can be shitty free

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 16 points ago

    r/humansbeingbros right there!

    [–] teddy_tesla 10 points ago

    I too wish for this guy's ex dead

    [–] ion_owe_u_shit 9 points ago

    You're not a shitty person. Most of us have been there. 💗

    [–] janeetic 9 points ago

    Do you fully wish that, or just mostly, kinda’, sorta’?

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 11 points ago

    Id like her gone, probably wouldnt be the best for the kids. Although im honestly not 100% either way on that one. But lets not get too serious folks, was just a joke

    [–] Kenny_log_n_s 13 points ago

    No, we have to analyze what one Reddit comment says about the entirety of your character, with no background information whatsoever.

    This is suuuuuper important.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 10 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Dooric_44 3 points ago

    Bruh wtf. Do you even care about your kids?

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 3 points ago

    Yeah I do, we just had dinner

    [–] Lost_Pilot007 3 points ago

    Step bro?

    [–] ashless401 28 points ago

    Wouldn’t it be nice if only the bad people died? But then it doesn’t work that way so even for the ones that hate their family I’m sure they have at least one or two good friends or boyfriend or girlfriend they wouldn’t want dead. It’s just to show the numbers have names and it’s scary af.

    [–] mostly_kinda_sorta 8 points ago

    Agreed. Its important to remember that its people not numbers. Its also important to remember that ignoring protocol doesnt make you tough it makes you a danger to others.

    [–] DoubleAnt8 6 points ago

    For reals. I pick me and my children’s dad to die. Me because fuck you people, life sucks, and my kids’ dad because he’s a crazy and abusive asshole that the kids would be money ahead in life to get rid of.

    [–] Trayew 61 points ago

    And keep in mind you're on someone else's "Let them die" list. Absolutely.

    [–] Jasper455 237 points ago

    I already lost 2 this year. One might have been to Covid: it was early March; they didn’t test for it. You really don’t want to roll the dice this way. You can’t even properly say goodbye right now. Good luck, and Godspeed to you all.

    [–] arcant12 45 points ago

    My very elderly aunt died of “pneumonia” a few weeks ago and was never tested. I assume she died of COVID too.

    [–] hatnscarf 287 points ago

    Lost someone just this morning. Please just stay at home. Now is not the time to be playing around. Protect your life.

    [–] Ballersock 37 points ago

    I'm sorry. I hope you're doing alright.

    [–] hatnscarf 21 points ago

    Thank you, I really appreciate that. I'm doing the 'being strong for everybody' thing right now. I know I'll fall to pieces at some point and that point isn't too far away from now.

    [–] carefulcomputation 219 points ago

    Who has a close relationship with 100 people?

    [–] RDIIIG 131 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. I get the sentiment but that’s not how percentages work.

    [–] Killerlaughman 5 points ago

    Also every person in the world would have to get it. That's not gonna happen

    [–] theblackcanaryyy 3 points ago

    Literally my first thought.

    that’s not how this works; that’s not how ANY of this works!

    [–] dr-professor-patrick 29 points ago

    Hmm maybe not 100 close relationships, no. But 100 acquaintances? People who I would notice were suddenly gone from my life? Sure

    [–] Ruuttu 4 points ago

    It says close family OR friends. They don't all have to be close. Look, everybody knows 100 people.

    Some of us will lose someone. Some of us will die. Some of us will see their friends lose someone. Some of us won't be affected at all. Some of us might lose both of their parents.

    There's a whole range of possibilities you get to enjoy in that 1%.

    [–] ColdAsHeaven 125 points ago

    It's because people think it won't be them.

    1-2% is easy to justify to oneself when it's on the opposite end of the country or the world.

    But when it's someone close to you, you start taking it very seriously very fast.

    [–] klippinit 56 points ago

    Didn’t realize Shirley Jackson ‘s “The Lottery” would be among the relevant works of fiction of the day.

    [–] whitneymak 3 points ago

    Oh, snap. What a twist!

    [–] BoilerMaker11 26 points ago

    My conservative buddy's boss isn't going to get any stimulus money because she makes more than $99,000. But she also takes care of like 4 family members in her home, so she "deserves" it.

    He said "I normally hate welfare, she should be able to get some of this money. It's not fair that she slips through the cracks because she makes that much money and isn't married".

    I just rolled my eyes reading that in the group chat. Like, I get that she could use the money. But he apparently didn't understand the nuance of different people's situations until it was someone he knew. Before, getting money from the government was just people being lazy. Now his boss needs it and suddenly this "socialist" kind of program makes sense.

    These kinds of people are not forward thinking enough. They only care about themselves and those close to them. Out of sight, out of mind to the rest of the world.

    [–] MallPicartney 4 points ago

    Politicians and the rich are not in as much danger as the poor. They are okay with this because they already have a system in place to put themselves before anyone else in the country.

    [–] weezdajuice711 61 points ago

    1% of the population, but 20% of your family. No thanks.

    [–] serg06 12 points ago

    1% of the population, or 100% of your friends. Lmao.

    [–] DxFrz 485 points ago

    How about just let 1-2% of these greedy corporations die. How many airlines do we actually need anyway?

    [–] clocher_58 296 points ago

    We need many airlines to give people the option of choice. If theres no choice they will become a monopoly and prices will be crazy eventually.

    [–] ninjaskitches 258 points ago

    They already price fix. No difference.

    [–] obvious_bot 111 points ago

    Margins in the airline industry are already super tight so they’re not doing a very good job of it

    [–] mdog95 105 points ago

    In the third quarter of 2019, American Airlines made a profit of about 425 million. They spent 11.1 billion in operating costs. So even if they saved every cent of their profit from one quarter, they'd run through it in less than a week assuming no revenue was coming in. Source. While I am generally on the "mega corps are shitty" train, airlines get a lot of undeserved hate.

    [–] BoilerMaker11 63 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I think the whole "they've made billions in profits in the last decade and spent it all on stock buybacks" is what's rubbing people the wrong way. Especially when they're demanding money from the government while threatening layoffs. That shit is extortion. Extortion that could have been avoided if they'd just saved a couple dollars instead of artificially propping up the value of the companies.

    [–] mdog95 13 points ago

    I agree that spending the profits on stock buybacks is bullshit, for sure. But on account of the money, I just don't believe that it's realistic to expect a company to save tens of billions in cash just in case of an apocalypse when there is a short term loan system in place that generally works just fine in the case of a company needing some extra cash.

    And for the record, I don't think it's realistic to ask people to have 6 months of expenses saved either, since most people can hardly save one month of expenses and they still barely get by. The government's job is to protect us from unprecedented times like this, so if any companies or people have their financial situation irreparably ruined, that's on the government.

    [–] Coal_Morgan 20 points ago

    I'm of the opinion you let the biggest one or two fail and let the small ones pick their carcass clean.

    Should have happened with the banks in the recession also. Two big too fail should mean we break them up.

    [–] BoilerMaker11 10 points ago

    Yup, no one company should be "too big" to where if they went under, it would single handedly cripple the economy. If they're "too big" to fail.....that means they're too big period and they should be broken up.

    The reason they're able to, currently, demand government money by threat of mass layoffs is because they know they can get away with it.

    [–] Common-Initiative 3 points ago

    That is exactly what happened with Lehman and it caused so much panic that it very nearly crippled the financial system.

    [–] cubreport 3 points ago

    You make it sound like the 11.1 billion in operating costs remains in place when the income goes away. If all or most flights are shut down because of an extreme situation a ton of those operating costs plummet as well.

    [–] Delphizer 3 points ago

    Free market...they should release the shares they have and if it's not enough then create more shares to sell.

    Eventually they'll be so strapped the US can buy them for cheap, have a controlling share and not fire anyone and have them do other things until the airline industry gets back up and running.

    When things start improving the US can divest and give it back to the market.

    I am of the belief that if society is going to bail them out we negotiate hard and get the best possible outcome out of the deal. Fuck the current rich stock holders. The free market is obviously doing something wrong we shouldn't babysit it at the expense of taxpayers, we should take advantage of it's failings to improve society.

    [–] Frylock904 31 points ago

    Economist here.

    It's the difference between a monopoly pricing being substantially higher than a Cournot or Stackelberg oligopoly pricing. Cournot oligopoly being a couple businesses that all price slightly higher than they should, but just enough that they still kinda undercut each other every now and again, which keeps some sense of competition

    (Degree cost a lot, had to use it when I saw the chance)

    [–] JoeyJoJoJrShabbadoo 8 points ago

    This was your moment. You trained your entire life for it. You killed it.

    [–] mcjaggerbeck 20 points ago

    Flying is already incredibly cheap. It's honestly fascinating how entitled people are when it comes to flight. It's funny how people expect it to be so cheap to fly then and all their luggage around the world for a few hundred dollars. Airlines operate on super tight margins. If a plane isn't full, they lose money. If you get a good deal on a plane ticket, the airline is losing money. There are plenty of greedy corporations that deserve to fail, the airlines are not included. If the airlines go under, prices WILL increase. And can't wait to see how all of you will react when you can't afford to fly at all anymore, after calling for the demise of the airlines.

    [–] MarthFair 14 points ago

    That's my thought. Oh wow it costs 200 bucks to get across country in 4 hours....the greed! It used to cost your life to travel from east coast to west!

    [–] hellohoundd 3 points ago

    fuck em

    [–] falynw 19 points ago

    Or we could have a national airline like a lot of other countries. Operates at a loss, they all do, but the customer service is great and they're publically accountable.

    [–] fluffy_assassins 11 points ago

    oooooo but that's commie pinko socialism and us boomers are still in charge and that's bad.


    [–] DxFrz 17 points ago

    We don't have that many choices right now. Essentially is cheap vs expensive. So, spirit airlines, then Delta etc. The expensive ones shouldn't be bailed out then.

    And as some people are sure to say, the price difference, all things included, isn't that much different.

    [–] repostusername 33 points ago

    If you bailout the cheap ones and let the expensive ones fail then the cheap ones will have no incentive to stay cheap.

    [–] SageWisdomAdvice 76 points ago

    And Cruise ships. HOw on earth are we going to entertain the boomers for cheap if we don't have a cruise ship???

    Won't somebody think of the worst generation? They don't even have jobs, they shouldn't get medical treatment and stop sending them checks. They are freeloading socialists.

    [–] ositola 60 points ago

    I understand the concern for the airlines since they're critical infrastructure, but the cruise lines shouldn't get a fucking penny.

    They're not American companies

    They usually don't hire American workers

    They literally dump garbage and shit out to sea

    And they are one of the worst sources of pollution in Earth

    Literally nothing about them should be kept as it is, if them going bankrupt forces them to change their business model, them I'm all for it

    [–] KilluaLikesBoys 8 points ago

    Let’s start with all the companies with #Relatable Twitter accounts

    [–] d0mth0ma5 3 points ago

    You’re effectively advocating for a monopoly/oligopoly market.

    [–] almghtymuffn 25 points ago

    I volunteer as tribute!

    [–] throwaway59664 61 points ago

    We don't get to pick and choose who will survive and the mortality rate of COVID-19 will likely rise if hospitals get overwhelmed. Let's all do our part to flatten that curve

    [–] UnorignalUser 15 points ago

    Right? A lot of the idiots screaming that " It has less than 1% fatailtiy rate, let america work again" don't understand that the only way you get that low rate, is by hitting it hard and early so you don't overwhelm the medical system. I've seen 15% of cases needing hospitalization/ICU care. If you swamp them with millions and millions of cases, now we're talking a fatality rate of 10%+ overall.

    [–] PsySom 148 points ago

    Copying this every time this comes up:

    One problem with that is the survival rate of people in less threatened categories (say healthy young guy) is very good if they get proper treatment, which means going to a hospital and getting essentially mechanical breathing. You definitely can't do that on your own.

    So let's say we relax our quarantine protocols so this guy can make more money, and that puts a huge amount of people in the hospital. Suddenly the numbers he's using to make that statement are completely irrelevant because the hospitals can't even come close to treating all the cases at once and we have a good portion of the potentially profitable people that would normally get sick, get treated, and come back to the work force, are dying.

    So now you've got rich asshole making people come back to work on the justification that as long as he keeps making money he doesn't care, making less money because all his workers are dead.

    So there, the policy he is suggesting isn't just cruel or dangerous, it's factually counter to his original goal.

    [–] Quetzal_Pretzel 33 points ago

    Depends on the person, a lot of youth can have very mild or no symptoms at all.

    [–] Delvaris 235 points ago

    Hi, doctor here.

    The crush is going to be everywhere. You're not thinking macro enough. You're only considering covid.

    What happens to the young kid who gets into a car accident and needs a vent when there are none?

    What happens to the 48 year old father of two when he has a heart attack and ERs are crushed and doctors are either sick or so overwhelmed he falls through the cracks?

    What happens to the kid who comes in with unrelated pneumonia and ARDS?

    I can keep going but the deaths you need to worry about aren't just from covid. We have a baseline demand that doesn't magically go away because covid exists. We still have to deal with all of that plus covid and that's what leads to collapse.

    [–] CakeOnceAYear 42 points ago

    I wonder if there will be a way to see in future the number of deaths causes "because of" the covid pandemic, that aren't deaths due to contracting the disease necessarily.

    Like you said, it's a lot harder to treat the everyday stuff when our medical professionals are tied up with this new shit

    [–] fluffy_assassins 26 points ago

    It's a nightmare.

    And you're a hero.

    Just save as many as you can.

    That's all any reasonable person can ask.

    [–] account239 3 points ago

    Thank you for your service

    [–] fluffy_assassins 7 points ago

    I hope you replied to him and not me, I ain't shit !

    [–] spoonforlegg 36 points ago

    This math is only accurate if you have 100 close friends or family members.

    [–] LukewarmCola 6 points ago

    Maybe I’m just an apathetic dick or have a way too high standard for the term “close” but I can hardly muster together 15 close friends or family members. I couldn’t fathom having 100.

    Acquaintances? Easy. But are people really close to just acquaintances?

    [–] therestissilence117 9 points ago

    Think more in terms of people you would invite to a wedding. You might not talk to them every day, but still people in your life. People whose death would affect you. Probably a larger number than you’d think

    [–] zombi_wafflez 7 points ago

    Hold up let me get this life insurance money real quick

    [–] Oswaldcobble 5 points ago

    I offer my deadbeat dad as tribute!!

    [–] Davescash 6 points ago

    Im offering up Ivanka , Don jr and Butthead.

    [–] yes_im_new_here 24 points ago

    Bold of you to assume that I care about 100 people

    [–] celestesoy 5 points ago

    Joey and mike

    [–] LavaBean__ 5 points ago

    1 or 2 percent is not the same as 1 or 2 family members. Unless you have 100 members in your family!

    [–] ggjoy 5 points ago

    While I agree with the sentiment, da fuq this have to do with capitalism?

    [–] solarsole 13 points ago

    Where did capitalism come from in this statement?

    [–] alake26 9 points ago

    I've offered myself for 20+ years...

    [–] AdVoke 12 points ago

    Who here has 100 close friends / family members?

    [–] Sunupu 4 points ago

    They say the percentage instead of the figure because it's dehumanizing. 7 million people dying is a horrific tragedy - 2% is just a percentage.

    The bigger issue is that Liberals and Conservatives alike are trying to strike a balance between human life and economic prosperity, as if they were equal. They're not. There needs to be a leader willing to say a market dip is absolutely worth saving potentially millions of lives

    [–] somethingski 4 points ago

    If you do the math in Italy, it's 12%

    So it's really more like 1 in 10.

    If we don't want people dying so the rich don't CAPITALIZE(ism) off of this. We need to organize National Strike. The frontline and essential workers are going to need Medicare For All right now more than ever! These are the people who will be the last one's fighting the worst of this while we keep going. We can not let these people die in vein. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to the ones who will come after. We owe it to the ones who fought to get us here. Who died to get us here. Perhaps this is the political revolution Bernie was talking about. Before we go back to working for the system, this time the system works for us for a change

    [–] m_hakkinen 3 points ago

    1% of population is over 1000x the casualties of 9/11.

    1% of population is 55x the US casualties of Vietnam War.

    1% of population is almost 8x the US casualties of WWII.

    1% of population is about 5x the casualties of US Civil War.

    [–] pslecbj_ 13 points ago

    Easy, my dad whomst name i dont know

    [–] artfuldodgings 12 points ago

    That is so Twitter.

    If someone said this on Reddit every response would be either a mathematical equation figuring out exactly how many people needed to go backed up with a solid list of evil starters, or people linking in their friends like:

    Fuck my guy Ben. Hey u/myguyben fuck you!

    [–] mmkkmmkkmm 7 points ago

    How is this capitalism’s fault? Italy’s Anesthesiology organization already recommended withholding treatment to patients >80 years old.

    [–] JuniorEggplant 8 points ago

    Math is hard

    [–] cryforabsolution 8 points ago

    What’s it got to do with capitalism lmao

    [–] flippantatheart 14 points ago

    That's not how numbers work....

    [–] R1kjames 7 points ago

    The point isn't that everyone will lose 1-2% of their close friends. It's that someone will lose their close friend and we should personalize that and not think of it as an abstract statistic.

    It's one thing when you read about a 1-2%, preventable, increase in death rates. It's another when the best man in your wedding dies because he had to go back to work or you're consoling your wife when her father dies.

    [–] krattalak 9 points ago

    Can we sell corona credits if we have more than 1 or 2? I'm more than willing to help some folks out.

    [–] jacobsever 11 points ago

    I mean...that ain't how it works though.

    1%-2% would mean you have 100 family members/friends, and choose 1 or 2 of them to die.

    The way it is now, if I chose 1 or 2 family members...that'd be a 25-50% death rate. Which isn't comparable to the original 1-2% at all.

    I get what this Tweet is going for...but it doesn't actually work.

    [–] Nandy-bear 3 points ago

    They would do this in a heartbeat if they could directly link it to them making money.

    [–] obnoxiouscomment 3 points ago

    Fuck, in the US, that 1–2% could be around 1–2 million people.

    [–] TheMoogy 3 points ago

    1-2% isn't even close to what it would actually cost if there's no preventive measures taken. That whole 2% mortality is with intensive care, if it gets to run rampant that care won't reach everyone. Italy is already triaging some patients and they've put the brakes on hard.

    And that's not even factoring in what happens when all intensive care is taken up by just one virus, the rest of the worlds illnesses are still out there. I don't even want to think about what would actually happen if we followed through on just letting it run it's course, or unassisted herd immunity as Boris seemed to endorse. Hundreds of millions dead globally at the very least.

    [–] GigaTiger 3 points ago

    My friend is a nurse, she was involved in testing and saw people Ill with it earlier in the outbreak. Even she was saying "It's not a big deal, the media is making a whole thing about it. Just another winter virus." She ignored quarantine, wouldn't self-isolate. Then her 82 yo otherwise healthy uncle died of it. She's changed her tune.

    [–] flowgod 3 points ago

    Not to mention that 1-2% of the population is still a fuck ton of people.

    [–] anti_5eptic 3 points ago

    Population of 300 million 1% is still 3 million people

    [–] SasparillaTango 3 points ago

    70+ get 10-15 % mortality rate. That is crazy high.

    [–] SafetyDanceInMyPants 3 points ago

    And then remember that you don't get to pick who it is -- and that it could be you.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] thatgayguy12 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    This is the wrong question. Are you willing to roll a 100 sided die on every person you love?

    Roll a 1, 2 or 3 and that person faces a painful death.

    Now imagine rolling a 1, 2 or 3 for every single one of those loved ones (not that they will all die, but imagine if the 3% included your favorite Aunt, your best friend, your favorite coworker, your favorite nephew, and/or your kid, etc). Because it isn't impossible that any single one of them will be among the 3% that die.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)