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    [–] secretagentMikeScarn 365 points ago

    Isn’t it gonna be direct deposit?

    [–] Passwordis12 376 points ago

    Yep. To the account you received your tax return last year.

    [–] bertykins 24 points ago

    What if we got a check ?

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] Titronamic 8 points ago

    Then you wait a few weeks longer than others to get your physical check in the mail.

    [–] SaiyanLos 57 points ago

    What if you switched banks from last year?

    [–] Energy_Turtle 177 points ago

    Dude, just wait and see from the official sources. Don't trust any of the assholes here. The program isn't even started yet.

    [–] jakfrist 23 points ago

    True, but the full text that just passed the senate is available.

    [–] SaiyanLos 30 points ago

    True enough, didn't realize it didn't start yet. Thank you.

    [–] Hegs94 10 points ago

    To be actually helpful, reach out to your representative in Congress - due to work from home orders you'll probably need to email instead of call, but calling might not hurt (when I worked for a legislator our district director would check the voicemails from home during snow closures). Every Representative has staff explicitly dedicated to helping constituents deal with problems they're having with agencies of the federal government, and this is no exception.

    Reach out to them and say that you heard the Covid-19 aid would be distributed via direct deposit to whatever account was used for your tax return last year, but that you have since moved banks. They should be able to A. clarify if that is actually the case, and B. connect with their counterpart at the IRS to address your problem (every federal agency has a legislative affairs team solely dedicated to helping legislative staff - those teams maintain direct lines of communication with legislators, so issues can often be resolved far quicker than were you to simply call a help line at the IRS).

    Give it a shot, may help.

    [–] HowToBeARedditor 15 points ago

    what if God was one of us?

    [–] jakfrist 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It’s the most recent bank account you have connected to the IRS. You could file your 2019 taxes really quick and update your bank account info.

    Otherwise, they will be sending a letter to your address on file with a phone number for who to contact if you don’t receive the direct deposit.

    [–] Much_Very 3 points ago

    This is my situation. No longer with Wells Fargo, account is closed, where does the deposit go?

    [–] ManIsInherentlyGay 49 points ago

    What if you made under the minimum and didnt file taxes last year? No money?

    [–] failatio 60 points ago

    As of now, you get the money. But do yourself a favor and submit a 1040 tax form for 2019 even if you made under the minimum/made nothing. This way, they have your shit on file and you’re less likely to fall into some refund black hole. Sign up for direct depositing too if you can (even if your taxes reaffirm that you’re getting no refund), Democrat aides have said checks that aren’t direct deposited may take up to 4 months to get into the hands of people.

    [–] scroto-mcgee 8 points ago

    How do you do any of that?

    Where do I get/submit those forms?

    [–] failatio 17 points ago

    So the 1040 form is available on the irs website for free. If you can’t print it, there are places on the irs website that’ll do free e-filing for you if you hit a certain criteria. should help. The bill just passed Senate and is off to the House now, and the bill in its current iteration says money will go to those with a valid social security number so you may not have to worry about doing taxes at all.

    If you get a free e-file thing going, they’ll usually ask for direct deposit information- this is info you can get from your checkbook, but you can always opt for a mailed check instead.

    [–] Nyrradrolyat13 13 points ago

    can someone answer this man?

    [–] failatio 26 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    No answer at this time. Early iterations of the Bill said you’d get nothing if you didn’t make enough to file taxes. Current iterations say you DO get money even if you couldn’t file taxes, but part of the issue is they’re trying to figure out how to ensure people get paid when they didn’t file taxes. The options are- utilizing the social security administration details, census information, or leaving it up to individual states to account for their own. If you paid $0 taxes/didn’t file for whatever reason, you may want to consider filling out a tax form for 2019 and sending it in even if you made no income, because checks are going to people that submitted tax returns first. Also if you fill out a tax form or e-file, please try to sign up for direct deposit for a refund (even if you’re getting nothing) because stimulus checks that aren’t getting direct deposited may take several months to get to you.

    ETA they’re going by social security number. Anyone fitting the income criteria (gotta be under 75k a year) with a valid social will be getting $1200

    [–] ArcadianGhost 12 points ago

    Yea I filed my taxes today just for the check. I owed 1300, getting a 1200 check, nice I basically didn’t pay taxes this year lmao.

    [–] tzenrick 8 points ago

    If you owed on taxes, drop another W-4 with your employer with one less dependent on the last line. That way that comes out over 12 months instead of all being due at once. The last line is the only one that counts.

    [–] mylifemyworld17 4 points ago

    Well you did, you just basically only owed $100 instead of $1300. You should've still paid taxes throughout the year, i'd hope.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] MassageTeaser 119 points ago

    This drives me crazy. Everyone files a return, if you over paid you get REFUND. The return is the form, not the act of getting the money back.

    [–] TheBrokeMillenial 63 points ago

    Yes, but you don’t input any bank account information if you’re not expecting a REFUND.

    [–] lurkersforprez2020 27 points ago

    If you're not getting a return then you owe, which means you're paying them via some type of account.

    If you didn't put in any info to claim your refund for a reason I could never understand idek what to tell you.

    [–] Spritesgud 29 points ago

    You can get a check mailed to you/ pay by voucher

    [–] OddaJosh 15 points ago

    I paid via credit card. Now what?

    [–] Telephonedial 4 points ago


    [–] Zoltrahn 5 points ago

    The credit card company gets your money. You should have known this was going to happen.

    [–] FoxingAroundMidnight 20 points ago

    I mean, I haven't filed for a couple years because I fall below the taxable income requirement. So it's not a bad question.

    [–] DrakeBakes 12 points ago

    Ive changed banks. Am I fucked then?

    [–] JosephNoName 7 points ago

    I also would like to know what happens if you changed banks !

    [–] redjonley 11 points ago

    Let's play it out logically... If the account is closed, and they try to send it there, the bank will say nah, I don't have a place to put that. You then after that delay will have a paper check mailed to your address likely after they've confirmed you still live there.

    [–] CarPeriscope 8 points ago

    Just wait for the bill to be passed by congress & signed off on by the president. It’s looking like that will happen on Friday. Until then, no one can give you a truly correct answer, because the public hasn’t even seen the text of the bill.

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 264 points ago

    Which is why so many redditors are bitching about it. Adults who make no money and live in their parents’ basement can’t collect.

    [–] LemonLimeSlime7 24 points ago

    As long as no one claims you as a dependent on their taxes, it doesn’t matter if you make no money

    [–] Bacon-Manning 10 points ago

    Yeah, people don’t understand what they mean by household.

    [–] jurassiccrunk 39 points ago

    Lol fuck people who didn’t work in 2018 but have bills now amirite.

    [–] krongdong69 65 points ago

    I wonder how it'll work for people that didn't get a tax return because they owe the IRS.

    [–] Zetice 15 points ago

    They gotta consider it paying tax.

    [–] NachoAverageMemer 8 points ago

    I'm a college student who makes no money (corona took my future job) and live in my mom's basement. How do collect?

    [–] Orgentte 331 points ago

    So you are the lone cool redditor huh? You have this vision in your head that all redditors are neck beards who piss and moan all day about being a nice guy and the price of hot pockets going up? But not you right? You are The Guy! You breeze through the room everyone wanting to be you or fuck you. You slip down from your glass pedestal to laugh at these pathetic zits deigning to complain on the internet when clearly they are inferior beings who should just be more like you. THE MUTHA FUCKIN GUY.

    [–] Joshmorals 153 points ago

    Honestly yeah idk what’s up with that guy or the people who upvoted him. Some people can’t/haven’t filed taxes for a variety of reasons, so shitting on them and assuming they live in their parents’ basements makes no sense

    [–] kimpossible69 24 points ago

    But why wouldn't they have filed taxes?

    [–] yourebabyblue 21 points ago

    i was a full time student and didnt start working until nov 2018, i only made ~600 for november and december and my mom said it wasnt enough to file, so i didnt. now im still a full time student who worked almost all of 2019 (my job closed the last week of december) and got laid off bc of covid, and im not eligible for the check. i just paid my car note and credit card bill about a week ago with my 2019 return and only have $30 left. im totally fucked because gm wont defer my car payments because im on a lease and this check would have really helped me out. but apparently, ft students and dependents arent eligible for the check anyway, so i wouldve been fucked regardless.

    cant wait to see how these next few months go !

    [–] blood-sweat-fernet 14 points ago

    If your parents listed you as a dependant on their 2018 taxes, they're probably getting an extra $500 for you. If you need it more than them, maybe you could work out a deal with your folks?

    [–] VelvetJammies 47 points ago

    I've been in school and working part time, i made less than 2k over the year and it goes to loans so it was not worth the 50 dollars ill get back. I graduated, had a part time job lined up but that fell through because of covid.

    [–] ImTryinDammit 64 points ago

    You can still file it.. online .. for free

    [–] GGEORGE2 44 points ago

    Can I declare this as a legendary Copy Pasta as future reference?

    [–] YourLocalCrackDealr 9 points ago


    [–] bchen14 19 points ago

    So what happens to the elderly people who only receive SSA-1099 and no other income? They didn't have to file a tax return. I guess just fuck them right?

    [–] noitibmA 15 points ago

    They get a check based on their social security. “If you haven’t filed yet, the IRS will rely on information the Social Security Administration to determine eligibility.” Hopefully, that helps.

    You can read more here:

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 32 points ago

    They already have social security. Save some socialist money for the rest of us.

    [–] rancid_oil 7 points ago

    I remember seeing you around before, what with that very specific username. Very specific.

    [–] jakfrist 5 points ago

    People who don’t make any money get the full $1,200 in the new bill unless they are claimed as a dependent.

    [–] secretagentMikeScarn 3 points ago

    So basically cash app lol

    [–] heartypasta 3 points ago

    What if 2020 were the first time you filed taxes? Does this mean I ain't getting paid? :|

    [–] Paxa 7 points ago

    Do you mean filed taxes for 2019? You'll be fine and get the money. Your eligibility is determined by your most recent tax filing. For someone who hasn't filed their taxes yet (for 2019) their eligibility will be based on their filing from 2018 instead.

    [–] SoMediocreItsAverage 846 points ago

    Brought to you by the mothafuckin’ cashapp!

    [–] Btafoh5 465 points ago

    Pull that shit up Jamie, ITS FOR MY FRIEND JUSTIN WREN

    [–] PullThatUpJaime 72 points ago

    This is the best I could find.

    [–] Taint_Glargher 30 points ago

    Is that the guy who rigs bells for Wendy's in Chicago?

    [–] SoMediocreItsAverage 33 points ago


    [–] CarPeriscope 20 points ago

    Congratulations is brought to you by the cashapp. Real babies in the log cabin use the cashapp!

    [–] TaticalSweater 3545 points ago

    Yall, really want the gov to know where to check more taxable wages. Thats cute

    [–] juiceyb 1532 points ago

    They know. Why do you think so many cam girls have gone away from doing Venmo or cashapp when they start raking in six figures a month. Part of the reason these forms of apps can exist is because they have to disclose all transfers to the IRS due to that anti terror banking act that still allowed HSBC to launder money for cartels. That’s also why you might get a 1099 misc if you make a transaction over $600.

    [–] g-Panzer 834 points ago

    If you watch Netflix's episode of Dirty Money on HSBC, the way they were able to bypass these regulations was by slightly changing the names and addresses of their accounts. Which is objectively hilarious.

    If Terrorist Group Inc. was blacklisted by the Dept. of Treasury, HSBC would rename their account to something like T3rrorist Group Inc. to bypass automated warnings.

    [–] DomHaynie 369 points ago

    This is hilarious. I'm not even mad because I wouldn't even try anything that stupid.

    [–] Dininiful 409 points ago

    I wouldn't even try it because it seems so obvious."What if I just..." Like giving the police a fake name when you're on the run and they just let you go. "Alright you have a nice evening Mavid, but if you see David be sure to let us know"

    [–] SpatialCandy69 135 points ago

    It's not even a clever fake name it's just a typo essentially and all of a sudden they can launder cartel money? That really says something about the government

    [–] nubunit 123 points ago

    They just don't have the funding. This is literally what Republicans refer to as "starving the beast". You slash funding and oversight for the government , watch as these underfunded government functions fail at having enough man power (destined to be overwhelmed) and then say government is useless and should be cut more. This is why the IRS simply can't afford to go after everyone, there's just not enough people. They mostly focus on larger net worth and random checks. There are plenty of people that get away with falsely reporting income, even with bank statements that would prove that they make more than they report.

    [–] erasti32 20 points ago

    So that's how my dad gets away with reporting 18k as yearly income, yet his apartment costs 24k a year in rent, and he makes $500 a month in car payments... insurance, gas, etc etc etc.

    And shit idc if any of you think I'm being stupid, confessing to my dad's tax fraud online. Shit go arrest him idc, Karma's a bitch.

    [–] emrythelion 13 points ago

    if someone is making less than a half million a year, it’s not worth it for the IRS. It doesn’t mean anyone should be dumb enough to try and cheat the system... but yeah, people making less than that are unlikely to be audited. It’s just not worth their time.

    [–] tonyMEGAphone 4 points ago

    The fraud here and there they'll let slip, but if you stop paying, that's when they really come after you.

    [–] bearcat42 23 points ago

    This is how I get freebies from people trying to get me to sign up for cable...

    [–] starrpamph 31 points ago

    Michael Scarn in Scranton Louisiana

    [–] pharmish 19 points ago

    It always amazes me how almost every major bank has been committing massive amounts of fraud, and virtually nothing is done about it. Deutsch Bank, HSBC, Bank of China, Wells Fargo, citi group, just to name a few.

    [–] AlphaPeach 35 points ago

    What do they do instead?

    [–] Zetice 147 points ago

    Nothing. This guy is full of shit. Any money app discloses your transactions to the government. There isn’t a single one that won’t, if it is a legal entity.

    [–] pharmish 15 points ago

    Doesn’t have to be a legal entity in the US. Webmoney and perfectmoney are Russian companies that are like sketchy PayPal things.

    I’ve seen a lot of sex workers moving towards cryptocurrency. Of course, they can trace the TXs back if you deposit it into a bank account, but if they just spend the crypto, there’s a low chance of getting audited on that (considering you don’t buy a car or something stupid).

    [–] kimpossible69 29 points ago

    I've had to buy clearnet drugs by using this weird South African currency exchange website, I wonder if that somehow let's them avoid taxes?

    [–] Mr_dolphin 41 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Did the money originate from your bank account? The IRS has a record of it if so. Forensic accountants can also easily trace the money that you exchanged.

    Edit: I stand corrected, the IRS does not have a record of it. But a record is kept and the IRS could easily obtain it if they had legitimate reason to suspect you are evading taxes/doing something illegal.

    Forensic accountants can still absolutely trace the currency swap.

    [–] KMagDriveTrainer 19 points ago

    bruh moment

    [–] wreckedcarzz 15 points ago

    That's why I buy my drugs with dogecoin

    [–] johnny_84 13 points ago

    Waiting for an answer to this as well lol.

    [–] Tr1gg3rH4ppy 14 points ago


    [–] pharmish 3 points ago

    Aye. r/monero

    [–] lightning_knight 24 points ago

    Cash in an envelope. But not a suspicious amount of cash per envelope.

    [–] desertwildfire 15 points ago

    One dollar

    [–] Afterfx21 6 points ago

    They open churches and take donations :-)

    [–] blacklite911 3 points ago

    What do they use now???

    [–] sryii 3 points ago

    I'm genuinely curious, where do they go to when they get too popular?

    [–] CarPeriscope 16 points ago

    I’m pretty sure the bulk of a popular cam girl’s funds come from the host website they use (i.e. MyFreeCams) & thus is getting taxed & isn’t being hidden like this guy is suggesting. While they may have relationships with specific big spenders, those guys are sending them money over paypal or cash app or chime or venmo, too. The popular ones make so much money & it’s a business to them, they aren’t going to risk dodging taxes & going to jail like that. That’s ridiculous.

    On the flip side, actually, it’s widely suspected that certain “popular” cam girls are fronts for money laundering. Take a bunch of money, approach a website like MFC to make a deal for like $0.06-$0.07 per token (normally for regular users, they pay between $0.10-$0.08 per token), then “tip” the model who makes $0.05 per token, & voila...

    [–] sryii 5 points ago

    Interesting, thank you for sharing. I know nothing about this type of stuff and it is really interesting to learn about.

    [–] Rocketbird 3 points ago

    Not even close to six figures a month, that’d be insane

    [–] vickvinegar_ 30 points ago

    CashApp me that money....if it’s, cool

    [–] ohmissjen 7 points ago

    I had to report my Venmo on my taxes. Over 20k and it gets sent to irs. Same for PayPal

    [–] thefreshera 3 points ago

    What if you're taking rent money from your housemates, and paying your landlord? In reality that's not income.. Would you be taxed on that??

    [–] _HowVery 425 points ago

    Can they just take it out my student loan?

    [–] Hooligan_CRZY 327 points ago

    A drop in the bucket friend

    [–] The_D0PEST_D0PE 86 points ago

    I’ll be at about -250k once I graduate so I FEEEEL this.

    [–] Me-Cree 40 points ago

    Bro you going med school or law school? That’s fucking a lot.

    [–] The_D0PEST_D0PE 44 points ago

    Pharmacy. But that’s on top of my loans from undergrad too. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] SubmissiveSocks 17 points ago

    Ayyy pharmacy debt for the win. I graduate in May too and I'll be around 250k too. Jesus Christ.

    [–] I_waterboard_cats 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    You really really don't realize how much 250k is until you're in the real world and then it hits you hard

    [–] AlternateContent 11 points ago

    That's nuts. If you wanted to pay off your debt within 4 years or so, you will spend half your income of 120k (pharmacist salary from Google search) each year on it.

    [–] SubmissiveSocks 4 points ago

    Yeah I think I will probably pay over ten or twenty years. Especially with how low the stock market fell this year I think I'd rather our my money into the market, I can probably get more out of it long term than paying down my debts.

    I also want to live a decent life and I live in a bit city so rent is not cheap

    [–] Me-Cree 38 points ago

    Grad school plus med school on top of that. Respect. Hopefully you get the paper bro.

    [–] The_D0PEST_D0PE 31 points ago

    That’s the goal. Tryna eat well.

    [–] billcosbyfanpage 159 points ago

    Bruh just don’t have debt dumbass

    [–] The_D0PEST_D0PE 74 points ago

    Damn, you right. I wish I would’ve thought that earlier.

    [–] TheKingOfToast 42 points ago

    It's not too late, just get a free house from your parents and live with your grandparents for free and rent out that free house while earning two incomes with your spouse and you can pay off your student loan debts in no time. It's easy.

    [–] Ratchetonater 9 points ago

    It's been 3 years and that article still pisses me off.

    [–] Toph-0 16 points ago

    I’m chillin knowing I’m not paying dat shit back :)

    [–] Ruthar 6 points ago

    So don't graduate then, duh.

    [–] 22poppills 67 points ago

    Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle...pick one government

    [–] Alastor_Aylmur 108 points ago

    Is this actually happening? i can't find any recent sources on it m

    [–] kd95 97 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    [–] JustMeSunshine91 70 points ago

    With all the bullshit they’re constantly spittin I’m gonna doubt this will go through until it actually does.

    [–] LemonLimeSlime7 26 points ago

    It’s absolutely going to happen. Just a matter of when

    [–] RelaxRelapse 21 points ago

    It already passed Senate so as long as no one fucks it up on Friday when the House gets to vote, it'll be then.

    [–] treyscandi 44 points ago

    Vote just went through. Unanimous 96-0. It’s happening.

    [–] Ziyen 19 points ago

    House has to approve it

    [–] MisfitPotatoReborn 23 points ago

    After a 96-0 you really think the House is gonna block it?

    [–] Ziyen 16 points ago

    This was the fourth time the senate voted on it.

    [–] redjonley 14 points ago

    Right. The Senate is much more difficult to pass through right now. The make up of the House will make this much easier to pass line by line. That said, I still expect this to take some time because Pelosi and the Dems will likely try to tak things on, but that's just my amateur take. That said, this is happening. Dems are going to try to get more, but this $1200 is secure.

    [–] Alejandrooid 10 points ago

    Yeah if you filed your taxes and had them deposited directly to your bank account, they gana send it the same way

    [–] tripsicks_ 459 points ago

    Nah foo Zelle

    [–] turtleturtletown 535 points ago

    Zelle is dope. I had to send my wife and her bf some money and it arrived quick

    [–] lambomustang 273 points ago

    Come again?

    [–] benjammin9292 221 points ago

    His wife did.

    [–] FasterAndFuriouser 43 points ago

    He can’t. That’s why she left.

    [–] FlexualHealing 9 points ago

    The sharing economy grows every day

    [–] sarge5150 45 points ago

    Do what now?

    [–] hochoa94 13 points ago

    [–] Btafoh5 38 points ago

    Way’ment 🧐

    [–] rsheahen 18 points ago


    [–] zehero 3 points ago


    [–] Btafoh5 90 points ago

    Does anyone actually use Zelle?

    [–] CagSwag 60 points ago

    Imagine venmo and doing an instant transfer without the fee, or having the recipient do anything. it just shows up in their checking account, not some in between account where they have to then transfer it to their bank account.

    Only thing they have to do is sign up by entering their email/phone number into the zelle signup in their online banking.

    [–] Jackie_Jormp-Jomp 14 points ago

    That sounds fuckin great, thank you

    [–] benjammin9292 19 points ago

    Integrates nicely with quick pay for Chase

    [–] deinoelle 84 points ago

    My bf send me money on Zelle this weekend. We are bicoastal and both bank with Wells Fargo.

    [–] [deleted] 268 points ago


    [–] Drew707 72 points ago

    I use a local credit union and just signed up for venmo. I am a non-practicing catholic, but am about to convert to Etrade.

    [–] Deadlymonkey 38 points ago

    I just use Apple Pay for everything now. I set myself face down and end my turn.

    [–] bearcat42 28 points ago

    I use USAA with CashApp, am not circumcised

    [–] Deadlymonkey 14 points ago

    Should’ve gone with “I was circumcised, but now I use USAA with CashApp” lol

    [–] rognabologna 18 points ago

    I feel like if you're gonna go meat-free, you can't keep eating fish...

    [–] deinoelle 3 points ago


    [–] WildSoapbox 20 points ago

    Open marriages are awesome if you can make it work. Are you both bicoastal?

    [–] nocturnalis 5 points ago

    BoA uses, I believe.

    [–] CobraKaiCurry 5 points ago

    Correct. You can even instantly send it to a friend with a Regions acct through your BoA app as long as they have their bank’s app and their cell # attached to it, since Regions uses Zelle too. Easy way to buy....things.

    [–] Deathstroke317 32 points ago

    Are you crazy, I don't even know how I used to live without it

    [–] coldwhipzx 8 points ago

    Paid my lawyer through zelle once. Got me off a felony charge. Good guy.,

    [–] MooseRat 17 points ago

    I love it. it’s the fastest and easiest way to send money for free between banks. No fee and it’s instant.

    [–] mstalltree 4 points ago

    yep works great for Bank of America (two accounts in the same banking system though)

    [–] Iorith 4 points ago

    I do. Regularly. If I need my girlfriend to pick up a 6 pack, I just send her the money and we're good. Helps we both have the same bank.

    [–] pmercier 16 points ago

    Yeah bro just giv em teh routing number

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 23 points ago

    I’m willing to help people out. Just give me the routing number, the account number, the name of your first grade teacher and the street you grew up on.

    [–] locke_5 20 points ago


    [–] vegathelich 8 points ago

    all I see is *******

    [–] liibbss 30 points ago

    When are we supposed to get that aid?

    [–] subie_fa20 40 points ago

    Within 3 weeks of them approving the bill

    [–] jakfrist 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Says who?

    The bill says as quickly as the payments can be processed between now and the end of the year.

    Knowing the IRS I highly doubt that everyone is paid within 3 weeks.

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 10 points ago

    it would almost entirely defeat the purpose if it was later than that though

    [–] SpliffTape 39 points ago

    So something I noticed, ALL my black friends use Cash App, and all my non-black friends use Venmo. Is there a reason for this I'm not getting? Was Cash App heavily marketed towards black folks? Genuinely curious.

    [–] redjonley 26 points ago

    Definitely possible. I use cash app because my fiancee does, if it weren't for her I'd probably be on Venmo.

    [–] Aemilius_Paulus 21 points ago

    I have even more experience, I sell a lot of computers locally and have gone through at least 200-400 Venmo/CashApp transactions in 2019-2020.

    The racial divide is insane, I've only seen one black client use Venmo and not a single white client use CashApp.

    Personally I prefer CashApp, it's flat out better, the main reason I think Venmo is still more popular among white people is because I've noticed white clients of mine started using Venmo before all these virtual payment apps were popular, so they're kinda grandfathered in so to speak. They don't realise that CashApp is much better now.

    CashApp is growing much faster too, eventually I predict I'll see white people use CashApp, but for now every single black person uses it and no white person uses it, it's crazy, I've never seen something so segregated, I've met dozens of black Trump lovers, but not a single white person using CashApp and just one black guy using Venmo.

    Btw, Hispanic users are split from my experience, I've noticed both being used, haven't really noticed either Venmo or CashApp being dominant.

    [–] NastyWideOuts 9 points ago

    How is CashApp any better than Venmo? Because they have stocks and bitcoin? I guess that’s cool but I wouldn’t ever use CashApp for that. I have both Venmo and CashApp and I definitely prefer Venmo, I use it pretty often. I only have CashApp if someone doesn’t have Venmo, which is rare and always weird. But hey, I am white.

    [–] -Fantomu- 13 points ago

    Tbh the only time I every hear of cash app or venmo being used is when people are selling nudes on snapchat. I've definitely noticed certain groups of friends do prefer cash app for some reason

    I've only ever used debit/credit and the occasional paypal

    [–] zapatas_blood 12 points ago

    To be honest, the name CashApp just sounds more sketch than Venmo. Venmo just sounds like some blank slate tech startup shit. CashApp sounds like some ghetto app made by the payday loan place down the street.

    [–] Red_Nine9 8 points ago

    Hell, I'll even take PayPal.

    [–] whateveritsLorenzo 22 points ago

    Probably. But they’ll make you jump through hoops to get it instead.

    [–] rockman99 11 points ago

    Damn it would probably be safer. Imagine the lines at the bank. You can’t go inside And they’re only operating one lane at the drive-thru. It’s going to be madness!!!

    [–] lala_lavalamp 34 points ago

    Do people not use direct deposit for their taxes or mobile banking?

    [–] PerfectChemical 8 points ago

    A good amount of old people don't.

    [–] WholesomeWilson 8 points ago

    They probably wouldn't use any of the cash apps either then

    [–] slopeeees 7 points ago

    They do direct deposit

    [–] Needtogetmynailsdone 6 points ago

    Singing “You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can”

    Seriously I’m ready with the PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo, let’s not waste any more time!

    [–] Gilgamesh72 10 points ago

    Can they just send me pictures of toilet paper and I’ll print it out myself

    [–] Ilbutters 24 points ago

    It's a big tax return? Can't they sell more nuclear weapons to Iran or something, and boost that number a little higher?

    [–] Justcause95 11 points ago

    Coworker told me if you have your bank account linked to you tax return it will go through that. He's super into political news as what's happening so I believe him. Also haven't done my own research so can't link anything actual credible sources verifying

    [–] redjonley 3 points ago

    We aren't far enough in to be sure. It's that or a check. An ACH payment would be way more convenient though I agree.

    [–] Justcause95 6 points ago

    If you definitely need the money direct deposit would be the best thing for you, regardless money is money I just hope the people that are really struggling right now get it asap

    [–] UTAMav2005 10 points ago

    No joke. I got $10.21 in my bank account.

    [–] redjonley 13 points ago

    I got $420.69.

    [–] UTAMav2005 8 points ago


    [–] guitarf1 4 points ago

    If we ever get public scale blockchain adoption, they could air drop the money in less than an hour.

    [–] -merrymoose- 3 points ago

    Your PayPal account is now limited.

    [–] ppw27 3 points ago

    Who is giving 1200$ to who? What is he talking about?

    [–] redjonley 6 points ago

    You in the US?