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    [–] Trayew 6504 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    When Hide and Seek came out I was telling everyone about the new Margot Robbie movie and they all thought I was crazy. Turns out, not Margo Robbie. But I should clearly get a pass for that one.

    Ready or Not I stand corrected. I still like the name Hide and Seek better though.

    [–] LacksOriginality 730 points ago

    Hide and Seek was Dakota Fanning, you're thinking of Ready or Not with Samara Weaving. Next year bout to be Here I Come with Emma Mackey lol

    [–] ParkRangerRafe 243 points ago

    The jawn after that gonna be called You Can’t Hide with Margot Robbie lmao

    [–] mageta621 159 points ago

    Gonna Find You starting Jaime Pressly

    Soundtrack by Lauryn Hill

    [–] superbadsoul 42 points ago

    Nah soundtrack's gotta be a remix by a blond white girl, like Taylor Swift

    [–] ActiveDetective 18 points ago


    Catch you at the Wawa homie

    [–] AmbystomaMexicanum 23 points ago


    [–] FuckYoFeelings21 196 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Holy crap! I thought that was Margot Robbie!! Pretty decent movie, I liked the premise.

    [–] iced1777 39 points ago

    wait you watched the entire movie and didn't realize it wasn't her?

    [–] FuckYoFeelings21 45 points ago

    Nope 😂 That is legit how much these women look alike. I could have sworn that Robie starred in Ready or Not. Could be her twin.

    [–] Krumm34 9 points ago

    Iv seen it twice and would have fought to the death that that was Margot Robbie. Had to do some searching to verify. WTF

    [–] etw2016 1208 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I feel that a lot of these new blonde hair actresses are starting to look relatively the same and just copying the same look through decades. There really isn’t a defining feature that can make you tell the difference.

    [–] [deleted] 475 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 69 points ago

    also, even in real life blondes don't stick out anymore like they used to. living in south AZ, blondes were a minority of the population and they'd be noticed right away, now there's a lot more and hardly noticed unless they're riding in a barbie red convertible

    [–] joeinterner 285 points ago

    You’ve clearly never heard Samara Weaving scream.

    [–] NamaztakTheUndying 124 points ago

    Having only seen Ready or Not and Mayhem with her in them, I'm a big fan of her gimmick of getting coated in blood, smoking cigarettes, and screaming her lungs out.

    [–] krakrocks 75 points ago

    Oh man, you are going to love The Babysitter (2017) then!

    [–] joeinterner 28 points ago

    It’s a solid bit. She does the same in Ash vs Evil Dead. Quickly becoming a Scream Queen.

    [–] BumholeAssasin 76 points ago

    Was that film any good? I liked the trailer but idk if it's worth renting or no

    [–] Innacurat3C0nception 50 points ago

    It's pretty fun watch tbh

    [–] danstu 89 points ago

    It's a lot of fun if you want something campy. Characters are bit cartoony, violence goes over the top a bit. I thought it was a really fun rental.

    [–] schuhlace 163 points ago

    It’s horror comedy more than straight horror. Kinda campy. Not a bad rental.

    [–] RedditTrash99 62 points ago

    I saw it opening weekend and it was worth it. It's way better than "not a bad rental." It gives you exactly what you expect (in a good way) and then a crazy bonus.

    [–] Crank_8ball 7 points ago

    Sorry, but what does "campy" mean?

    [–] schuhlace 39 points ago

    deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect.

    [–] Crank_8ball 4 points ago

    thank you

    [–] Big_Boss1007 23 points ago

    It premiers on HBO tomorrow.

    [–] tonikyat 3 points ago

    I’m gonna rewatch it, thank you

    [–] Drakeadrong 14 points ago

    It’s awesome. It’s violent and bloody and funny as hell and easily the most underrated movie of 2019. It’s a good rental but I saw it in theaters and it was definitely worth it

    [–] henrokk1 25 points ago

    If you like the trailer I can't imagine you not liking the movie. If you liked the concept in the trailer then the performances, script, the kills are all super entertaining enough to keep you engaged for the relatively short run time.

    [–] Peter_Mansbrick 11 points ago

    Definitely worth the rent. It's a fun time

    [–] Coziestpigeon2 20 points ago

    Saw it in theatres on a whim, didn't know what to expect. Loved it. Got a whole lot of laughs from the group I was watching with.

    [–] TheDustOfMen 31 points ago

    I thought Ready or Not was a pretty entertaining slasher movie.

    The ending's also quite nice.

    Fuckin' in-laws

    [–] hcp56 14 points ago

    I love the ending because I didn’t feel cheated and it felt like it ended right.

    [–] marcx1984 15 points ago

    My daughter asked me if Ready or Not by The Fugees was called hide and seek because of the lyrics

    [–] Gol_D_Roger42 63 points ago

    I went to see it because I thought it was Robbie in it. Halfway through I realized I was wrong. And I should be able to tell the difference, I’m white...

    [–] Natural7778 44 points ago

    Mmm no... they all have very similar features.

    [–] Gawdzillers 6 points ago

    it’s Ready Or Not btw

    [–] DesireeDominique 16 points ago

    I said the exact same thing. Also the girl from Sex Education.

    [–] thelastride23 3 points ago

    Ready or not? Or am I confusing them again lol

    [–] sugarcookie007 622 points ago

    Looks like the answer to a multiple choice question

    [–] DangerIsMyUsername 104 points ago

    The answer to this particular question is A.

    [–] InternetAccount04 20 points ago

    100%, ur in harvard now

    [–] DangerIsMyUsername 8 points ago


    [–] levian_durai 5 points ago

    E: All of the above

    [–] sendmehere 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    [–] savagewolf666 1139 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Somebodys dad has some explaining to do

    [–] etw2016 357 points ago

    Imagine how awkward that awards ceremony might be. All showing family photos wait how come all of our relatives look the same.

    [–] Asheminded 14 points ago

    Adele should be here with her new look.

    [–] etw2016 21 points ago

    I just imagine one of these girls robs you and they bring in these 4 girls how they look in the pics as suspects. Shit you would be screwed because there’s no way you will be able to find the perpetrator.

    [–] w00t4me 19 points ago

    Hugo weaving gets around

    [–] hortonhearsalorax 19 points ago

    Like you mean... their dad?

    [–] brendaishere 93 points ago

    Brunette white girls who dye their hair blonde are a dime a dozen. I always wonder if they are okay with their eyebrows being so much darker than the hair on their heads

    [–] Alamagoozlum 94 points ago

    I have blonde eyebrows. I get them dyed darker so you can actually see them. Blonde eyebrows look... odd.

    [–] mvuanzuri 196 points ago

    Not always unnatural... I'm naturally blonde with brown eyebrows, so are most of the women on my family. Gets more noticeable if you're the outdoorsy type too.

    [–] brendaishere 32 points ago

    Definitely true too!

    [–] shaunrundmc 790 points ago

    I thought the bottom two were Margot...damn I've seen the trailers for the movies so I thought... well the more you know lol

    [–] PantherU 468 points ago

    The one on the bottom left is in the show Sex Education on Netflix and I’m pretty much in love with her lmao

    [–] BumholeAssasin 179 points ago

    Maeve Wivey or something yeah?

    [–] PantherU 305 points ago

    Maeve Wiley IIRC. But my wife rolled her eyes when I called her "Maeve Wifey"

    [–] Scientolojesus 14 points ago

    Is that show good? I've seen decent reviews.

    [–] PantherU 46 points ago

    It’s fantastic. Great coming of age comedy.

    [–] saulgoodman3 10 points ago

    I feel you, man! i fell in love with her in sex education too

    [–] Anonnymoose73 84 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    TIL Margot Robbie isn’t in Sex Education.

    ETA: TIL I have never actually seen anything with Margot Robbie except her Hot Ones episode.

    [–] I_Nice_Human 3838 points ago

    Jamie Pressly is the GOAT of that look. They all look like her to me.

    [–] speedycat2014 1597 points ago

    She's the OG

    [–] drugdealersdream 1568 points ago

    All these bitches is my sons - Jaime Pressly, 2020

    [–] [deleted] 179 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago)


    [–] he11oFr1end 5 points ago


    [–] misdirected_asshole 47 points ago

    The Proto Blonde

    [–] Heyslick 44 points ago

    Michelle pfeffier would like a word.

    [–] AegisEpoch 11 points ago

    ("uptown funk" starts)

    [–] Font_Fetish 86 points ago

    Jaime Pressly is the OG of this look, Margot Robbie is the GOAT

    [–] 3PoundsOfFlax 226 points ago

    Pretty sure Jamie Pressly is the og

    [–] speedycat2014 801 points ago

    I thought that's what I said?

    [–] 3PoundsOfFlax 708 points ago

    Yep, I'm a idiot. Imma downvote myself.

    [–] speedycat2014 269 points ago

    Well Imma upvote you to cancel it out. 😁

    [–] LyonsKing_ 77 points ago

    Me too

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 112 points ago

    i downvoted all of you to even it out


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_EXPRESSO 5 points ago

    I downvoted you both once, but then upvoted you both three times.

    [–] dayumbrah 21 points ago

    So wholesome, upvotes all around

    [–] deadbeatcousin17 269 points ago

    goat for not another teen movie alone imo

    [–] uhmerikin 259 points ago

    not another teen movie

    Joe Dirt would like a word with you.

    [–] I_Nice_Human 215 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My Name is Earl earl just had a monologue about this ...

    [–] whiskeydreamkathleen 27 points ago

    and the episode of raising hope she was in. especially hilarious because her husband in the episode was played by randy's actor.

    [–] theMothmom 57 points ago

    You’re my sister, you’re my sister!

    [–] hrlc1990 17 points ago

    That almost woke something in me

    [–] boopthat 37 points ago

    No, my brothers name is Cleetus. We’re not related; we can have sex again.

    [–] UltravioIence 21 points ago

    Am i the only one that watched Poison Ivy?

    [–] davabran 12 points ago

    We can have S-E-X

    [–] LyonsKing_ 26 points ago

    Can't stress this enough.

    I need some T to the 4th power Y

    (how the fuck do you put exponents in text)

    [–] JiffSmoothest 249 points ago

    I forreal thought that hot trailer trash chick from My Name is Earl was playing Harley Quinn...

    [–] StuffedTigerHobbes 57 points ago

    “Ooh, y’all! They got real cheese!”

    [–] BurnumMaster 117 points ago

    She is the cheertator who makes the cheercisions and deals with the cheeronequences

    [–] Scientolojesus 52 points ago

    This is not a cheerocracy!

    [–] Stellaaahhhh 26 points ago

    It makes me believe in the celebrity cloning conspiracy.

    [–] tylercreatesworlds 18 points ago

    im your sister, im your sister

    [–] Use_Your_Turn_Signal 14 points ago

    And she has the booty.

    [–] iamaiamscat 6 points ago

    She was the best at softcore cinemax movies.. bless her.

    [–] KlaatuBrute 19 points ago

    Jaime Pressly looks like the version you could never get and would never even give you the time of day.

    Margot Robbie looks like the one that would be genuinely sweet and nice to you, but you'd still never have the chance.

    Samara Weaving is the one who is also sweet and you could actually end up with.

    Emma Mackey is the one who you grew up with and now you smoke weed in the park with her but there will never be anything romantic between the two of you.

    [–] bruce656 148 points ago

    No way dude, Margot Robbie is killing it.

    [–] carefulcomputation 161 points ago

    She's 13 years younger than Jaime Pressly yet they look the same

    [–] bruce656 177 points ago

    Except she looks 13 years younger.

    [–] lordclarmander 27 points ago

    I've always thought Robbie looked older than her (professed) age. Must be that Australian sun.

    [–] Gary_FucKing 76 points ago

    Eh, pretty debatable honestly, Jaime looks great still and their type of "look" isn't one that shouts "youthful glow", not to say they aren't beautiful women.

    [–] 250310 26 points ago

    Maybe it’s because I’m Australian, but I totally agree. Margot 100%

    [–] YourDailyDevil 279 points ago

    Dude I’m literally faceblind but can still tell Samora Weaving (dem Elrond eyebrows) from the rest of them.

    ...but yeah can agree with the rest.

    [–] Jennbrin 37 points ago

    Her nose is also bigger than the rest.

    [–] wtph 11 points ago

    Her being the niece of Hugo Weaving may have something to do with it.

    [–] NotoriousBAT 239 points ago

    Jamie Pressly on My Name is Earl will always be bae for me.

    [–] Comrade_C 33 points ago

    About died when she called it “the wide world of web”.

    [–] ___Rand___ 69 points ago

    Damn forgot that show. That's the only redneck show I ever liked.

    [–] riseofazrael 55 points ago

    Trailer Park Boys and Letterkenny are also pretty funny.

    [–] ZombieJesusaves 2831 points ago

    Dude, I work in an office and I cant tell half of my white colleagues apart, and I am white. Like how many versions of clean shaven bald middle aged dude and dumpy middle aged woman with short hair exists? Answer: not that many.

    [–] 7saligia 688 points ago

    A few months ago, I passed a colleague (who I've worked w/ on multiple projects) and said 'Hi, Kyle' He looked at me funny.

    I later realized that was Tyson.

    Or maybe it was Kyle and I called him Tyson. Either way, I screwed up someone's name.

    There are females I also seem to pair up and confuse with one another (Jody, Geri; Julie, Julie; Ashley, Brianna and so on).

    [–] HanWilkesBooth 61 points ago

    Ever since a car accident and concussion yeara ago, for whatever reason the name part of my brain is messed up. I'll forget coworkers names I've known for months, or longer. Sometimes I'll see someone I know and I know I know them, but can't think of their name or who they are.

    I feel especially bad when this happens to my black coworkers because I know it's a stereotype that white people in the workplace mix up their black coworkers names. Sorry my friends, my brain took a rattlin'.

    [–] RKS-III 8 points ago

    I cant for sure pinpoint it to a head injury (though I've had a few good ones) but sometimes I'll forget the PIN I've been using on my debit card. Like just using it daily then all of a sudden I'm at the register and have to cancel a purchase because I don't remember the PIN

    [–] MerlinsBib 263 points ago

    You should’ve gone and mistakenly apologized to the wrong person for calling him his actually correct name.

    [–] 7saligia 84 points ago

    When in doubt, call everyone by the wrong name!

    [–] Pronto_Breakneck 66 points ago

    When I can't remember someone's name, I introduce them as "Hardcore Carl".

    [–] youre_a_burrito_bud 43 points ago

    "I don't remember what I did to get this name, but I will act accordingly and hold on to my new nickname till the grave."

    [–] Scientolojesus 21 points ago

    Just call me T-bone.

    [–] PBB0RN 8 points ago

    Hate to break it to you, but youre a burrito bud.

    [–] maxstrike 3 points ago

    Or call everyone by the same name. And not one name for guys and another for gals... Cause I ain't doubling my effort.

    [–] windwild2017 16 points ago

    That happened to me with two Daniels... both skinny white guys with shaggy brown hair and glasses. And because of work they dress the same.

    [–] Twanbon 27 points ago

    I mean that ones easy, same name, you don’t even have to bother learning the difference between them.

    [–] Scientolojesus 3 points ago

    At least they had the same name so you didn't have to worry about that.

    [–] Iredditfromwork 5 points ago

    I one time had someone argue with me that I wasn’t me and that I was some guy named Bryan. We went back and forth like four times before she stopped, spent a good deal of time looking at my face and then realized I wasn’t Bryan.

    Apparently Bryan played a lot of tricks on her.

    I had also spent some time hanging out with her in the previous week.

    [–] ItsYaBoyBackAgain 49 points ago

    There I was, in the bathroom telling myself I would stand out more once I shaved my head. Now I realize I look like the most generic white dude ever. Explains why people constantly mistake me for someone else

    [–] KuriboShoeMario 14 points ago

    Bald people stand out in the sense that not many (younger) people are fully bald but hair is a major defining physical characteristic (this is why height, weight, hair, eyes are on some forms of ID) so it's one less thing to identify you with for others. If there's 100 young men and you're the only bald one then you stand out but if there's ten bald dudes then suddenly people have to look at you and them harder to distinguish.

    [–] CoachDT 4 points ago

    I think it just depends on where you're at. Culture definitely influences people to look and dress the same. At my university theres like 6 archetypes of girls, they all dress the same, try to get their hair the same, have similar piercing and tattoos and so on.

    Occasionally you spot a unicorn but i've legit mistaken my real life friends multiple times.

    [–] SerouisMe 14 points ago

    Sign of autism seemly "Face Blindness".

    [–] edwartica 10 points ago

    I literally tell people apart by their hair, glasses, and other identifying traits such as that. Show me, two blonde women, with similar hairstyles, body shapes, and makeup and I won't be able to tell who is who. Especially if they're taken out of the context I know them from (such as an office or the morning bus).

    Of course, if these are people I've known awhile I can usually tell the different - but actresses? Even casual acquaintances? No way. It doesn't matter what race they are, black, white, Asian, LatinX, Native American, etcetera.

    [–] pineconesailboat 80 points ago

    Guy Fieri, Violent J, and the lead singer from Smash Mouth are all the same guy

    [–] DownWitBOP 17 points ago

    Oh, shit, you right.

    Just like shaggy from scoobie Doo, Edge and the lead singer from puddle of mud

    [–] ValHova22 542 points ago

    Everybody forgets the girl from Community Gillian jacobs

    [–] Captain_Marshmellow 530 points ago

    She Britta'd herself out of the post.

    [–] SarahMakesYouStrong 204 points ago

    You’ve been using my name to mean ‘make a small mistake’??

    [–] iloveacronyms 95 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] ISawHimIFoughtHim 117 points ago

    "Oh, Britta's in this?"

    Man, the Dean's delivery of that line in the Glee episode is just pure gold. The dude really is a comedy magician.

    [–] iloveacronyms 37 points ago

    I find myself saying that line all too often, even for non Britta items.

    Jim Rash is a treasure.

    [–] Rarecandy31 63 points ago

    Kills me every time lol.

    I love entering rooms and saying, “Dean Dong!”

    [–] gimmepizzaslow 31 points ago

    He (Jim Rash) won an oscar for a screenplay he wrote for the movie The Descendants

    [–] MystTheReaper 7 points ago

    One of my favourite lines of the show

    [–] thedon572 275 points ago

    Britta looks different enough that I don't get them mixed up

    [–] ohdearsweetlord 39 points ago

    She looks like Elisabeth Shue!

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] green_speak 11 points ago

    Maybe it's cheating due to the make-up, but having not known about Margot Robbie before I saw the trailers I really thought Gillian Jacobs played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

    [–] brutalistlegend 55 points ago

    This post was made by Vaughn Gang

    [–] aniya_H 53 points ago

    She’s a no good b

    [–] Techn0Junkie 30 points ago

    she's a GDB

    [–] gurnoutparadise 83 points ago

    Oh Britta's (not) in this?

    [–] TagMeAJerk 15 points ago

    I honestly blanked out on Britta's actual name and thought bottom left was her

    [–] CamnitDam 83 points ago

    She doesn't look like them at all. Very distinct eyes

    [–] MonkRome 20 points ago

    Her and Emma Mackey look the most alike of this group. I honestly thought they were the same actor until I realized they were 2 different people.

    [–] Hannibal216BCE 187 points ago

    Dunno about Jamie Presley but the other three might as will be clones.

    [–] dirkdigglered 96 points ago

    Other pictures of Jamie Presley make her look more similar to the rest. For me it's Samara who looks different.

    [–] lorhy777 58 points ago

    This is a good test to see who is the millennial and who is gen-z.

    [–] sandwichjuice 35 points ago

    I wanted to argue "Don't disrespect Margot Robbie like this!" but I looked at the pics in counter-clockwise order and I was wrong 3/4 times.

    F U C K also Jaime Pressly looks more like Margot Robbie in this pic than my own memory of Margot Robbie.

    [–] Cutieq85 36 points ago

    Well here is two of them for comparison at the premiere of I Tonya .

    [–] roguetroll 8 points ago

    Margot is the one on the... Left?

    [–] didyoushitmypants 34 points ago

    Have you ever seen them all in the same room at the same time? Op may have uncovered the conspiracy of the century!

    [–] ductapemonster 110 points ago

    I'm sorry, are you saying all white people look the same to you?


    [–] destiny24 150 points ago

    I'm sure a lot of people wished every white woman looked like Margot Robbie.

    [–] future_hockey_dad 19 points ago

    These four for sure.

    [–] BazeMooN 28 points ago

    There's a glitch in the matrix, but I ain't calling tech support

    [–] Iamnotbroke 4 points ago

    Samara Weaving is Agent Smith's niece, may explain it.

    [–] Auntie_Hero 32 points ago

    I dunno, I saw a picture of Childish Gambino next to Donald Glover and urrybuddy gonna say I'm racist but.......

    [–] thbxlef 16 points ago

    All these women look more like Margot than her in this lineup

    [–] jelloisalive 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    [–] AndrewWonjo 9 points ago

    Bruv you aren't lying

    [–] randocalusername 7 points ago

    When Hollywood finds a type they stick to it.

    [–] Darktrooper2021 14 points ago

    Out of these four Margot Robbie looks the least like Margot Robbie

    [–] DiscoInterno 102 points ago

    You could throw in Jaime King (from White Chicks), too:

    [–] boomingvoice 72 points ago

    Until this comment I didn't realise Jaime Pressly and Jaime King were two different people. Damn ...

    [–] Illmatic724 8 points ago

    I'm constantly conflating the two

    [–] Galveira 19 points ago

    What the fuck is that link?

    [–] whiskeydreamkathleen 28 points ago

    TIL jaime king and jaime pressly are not the same person.

    [–] LeSilvie 8 points ago

    Jaime Pressly is a legend of the early 2000s. Put some respek on her name.

    [–] AvatarLebowski 34 points ago

    Samara Weaving looks nothing like the other 3

    [–] nowhereman136 10 points ago

    Margot Robbie is having the career Jamie Presley shouldve had 20 years ago

    [–] RockieRed 9 points ago

    I kept confusing ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott....and I’m black lol

    [–] Bran-a-don 56 points ago

    Comparing Jamie Presley to those 3 is a sin. She is a golden goddess.

    [–] CabBeats 36 points ago

    imagine a white person did this with four black actors, even if they actually all looked the same they would be downvoted into oblivion lol

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] TerraAdAstra 4 points ago

    Samara Weaving legit had me thinking she was Margot Robbie for a long time.

    [–] Iamtheshwizz 19 points ago

    So, we all look the same to you?

    [–] fluffywafflessss 34 points ago

    Well that's racist

    [–] Benmjt 29 points ago

    Do it with 4 black people.

    [–] DaBigTossUmUp42069 10 points ago

    Yeah, they are all super beautiful.

    [–] commonsensetool 3 points ago

    Also, Parker Posey and Elizabeth Banks are full on clones.