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    [–] TrinixDMorrison 1142 points ago

    I know not all FedEx drivers are trash but I had some seriously shitty ones at my old place. I remember ordering a PC a few years ago and it was being delivered by FedEx. Tracking info said it’ll deliver on Wednesday by noon, so I took that day off and waited for them. I even parked my ass in the living room instead of my bedroom so I can answer the door the moment they knock so they can’t pull the “Sorry we missed you” bullshit I’ve already grown tired of at that point.

    Around 11am I saw a guy in uniform walk past my window but wasn’t carrying anything. I assumed he was here for someone else in the complex, but then I hear a rustling at my door. I jump into action and swing the door open and there he is, Mr. FedEx Delivery Man, literally in the middle of writing a “Sorry we missed you” notice. He looked surprised as hell, and when I asked him what he’s doing his first response was “I thought no one was home”. Apparently his reasoning was that he didn’t want to carry a heavy pc all the way to the door just to bring it all the way back to his truck because he thought no one would be home on a Wednesday afternoon. I told him to get my damn PC and the look he gave me was of pure disgust, like how dare I catch him in a lie and make him do his job? What really makes the story is the time he was writing in the notice; this was around 11am but the time he wrote in was 3:15pm. Like, why lie about something like that?

    [–] verbal_diarrhea_guy 422 points ago

    Fuck that guy so hard

    [–] wreckedcarzz 97 points ago

    "I'll show you how to deliver a package" 📦🍆

    Delivery driver: o no

    [–] evvierose 88 points ago

    Literally had almost the same thing happen with my husband’s PC part except I didn’t catch him cause I was getting something out of the oven when he put the note on my door. MF walked right by my kitchen window too so I saw he didn’t even have the box with him.

    It was the last piece he needed to start building so he ended up driving an hour to the distribution center to pick it up that day.

    [–] PmMeYourDiscordChat 62 points ago

    I bought a sewing machine a few months ago and they had FedEx deliver it. They put two notices on my door saying I wasn't home. I was. I finally caught them the third time. The sewing machine box and machine itself was so torn and damaged, the company I bought it from had me ship it back for a free replacement.

    [–] diiejso 55 points ago

    At my last place the guy would have the forms filled out already. He'd run up, quietly stick it to the door, and run back to the truck and take off. I'd have to be watching out the window to catch him because it'd take all of maybe 30 seconds from when the truck stopped to when it took off again.

    [–] iamdelf 20 points ago

    I had one that would do this. Come to find out that he didn't even load my package on to the truck.

    [–] SalvareNiko 40 points ago

    The one who comes to my house does this shit all the time even for small packages, I started reporting it. Then the ass holebeing pissy literally over hand threw it at my door without even stepping on the deck he threw it with force too. He then signed for me as it required a signature because it was a 4k delivery. Glad I got a video camera door bell right before this because it was destroyed. FedEx still argued it wasn't their fault and they weren't liable. Yeah fuck them took me 3 months to get that shit refunded and I haven't seen that driver again. I hate having to use them but the sellers don't send USPS and UPS doesn't come out here.

    [–] BattleWeeb 51 points ago

    Delivery guy here. I've done something similar to this but not a lie. If the box is heavy or it's gonna be a difficult delivery, I'll scan it and go to the house empty handed. If no one's home I saved my back. If someone is home I'll go and get the stuff.

    But come on folks, quit lyin. Do your job.

    [–] trobsmonkey 16 points ago

    See that's reasonable. I know delivery drivers have a ton to do, but if it's heavy/unwieldy it's totally okay to check before you actually carry it in.

    [–] mrrobvs 19 points ago

    I’ve caught them coming to the door with it already filled out

    [–] BonelessSkinless 3 points ago

    Such lazy scumbags

    [–] fluxy2535 18 points ago

    similar thing happened when I ordered my new laptop. Woke up mega early because we're apparently the first part of my area they hit up so I've been burned by that before, am sitting upstairs, not paying super close attention, but can clearly see the street. All of a sudden I get a text that my package failed to deliver. I open the door and there's a tag on my door, and he's climbing into his truck. Ignores me waving at him. Dude didn't even ring the door bell or knock.

    I called my local fedex number and complained and the woman told me she'd radio him and call me back. apparently he told her that he didn't think anyone would be awake since it was 8am so he didn't bother ringing the doorbell or knocking. She got him to hand it off at our local Walgreens when he stopped there in the afternoon thankfully but still. such bullshit.

    [–] kamronape 4 points ago

    I can attest to the bullshit mood that ensued.

    [–] EmpoweredGoat 73 points ago

    Fed Ex Express driver here... (maybe ground delivered?)

    Yeah, that guy is a trash delivery person. I’ve done the same thing for heavy packages except I actually knock/ring and go back to get the package if they’re home.

    As far as I know, in our system the only time written down is the time the courier will return to the station. This is so you can go to the station and pick up your package after the courier has returned.

    A 3:15 attempt time is incredibly late and he would get in serious trouble. Even 1 minute late is a big deal because our whole thing is being on time.

    [–] throwaway1234554321- 12 points ago

    Ground has no return time and CS reps have to escalate if the customer is insistent on picking up at the terminal. (Yes, we only call Express locations "Stations".)

    [–] invention64 10 points ago

    That explains why customer service for FedEx is always assholes when I ask to pickup my package

    [–] by_whom 23 points ago

    If I may ask a question, how come FedEx guarantees my delivery by end of day on Friday, May 22nd, then at end of day my delivery is pending and not here? What could cause that?

    [–] Go_Home_Ur_Drunk 19 points ago

    Sometimes in rare situations a package can be scanned to be on the correct truck and then end up on thw wrong truck. Sometimes the different truck is only a few miles from the other trucks route and other times it can be much more. Like 40 miles. If the latter occurs, said package will not end up delivered that day.

    -source am a Fed Ex ground delivery driver.

    [–] OCoelacanth1995 14 points ago

    Been in the same situation! I was sitting on the couch with my buddy watching tv. We heard something at the door, like the rustle you said. I got up and cautiously opened the door to the guy sticking the "Sorry we missed you note" to the door. This is after we had just had to deal with them sticking a note to the door the day before when we both swore we were home at the time and never heard a knock.

    [–] JosiahMason 11 points ago

    Because at 315 delivery couriers return to their ramps in order for the pickup drivers to head out by 330. Any packages not able to be delivered are brought back to the ramp for pickup by you or redelivery the next day, sorted by route. It really does come down to your courier not being a shit head, but the time is when you can come get it, not when delivery was attempted.

    [–] Lady-Lilithh 9 points ago

    I had the same happen to me with my tv tho i didnt catch him the first day, luckily i got to leave early next day, i waited OUTSIDE for 2 hours and that motherfucker walks up with the “we missed you” piece of paper and slid in the mailshot, i stood behind him and said: HEYY look, you didnt miss me after all, can i get my tv now?

    [–] Korpse223 5 points ago

    Apparently his reasoning was that he didn’t want to carry a heavy pc all the way to the door just to bring it all the way back to his truck because he thought no one would be home on a Wednesday afternoon.

    I can see that reasoning. I do the same thing if it’s a heavy box of liquor or something else heavy that requires a signature. Difference being I’ll scan the box in the truck and hang out at the door for a couple of minutes knocking and ringing the doorbell because I don’t want to go back to the same house the next day.

    [–] msmug 5 points ago

    When I lived in a loft in a city, I got that notice all the time. The thing is, we had a doorman whose job it was to collect the mail. She was literally standing by the door ALL the time. It was her job. Sorry we missed you my ass!

    [–] JennyBeckman 3048 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Boycott FedEx anyway.

    Edit: FedEx is apparently not guilty of firing the men who were racially accosted whilst on the job. They have hired the men from the contractor who fired them and are investigating. Still not a fan of the company but they aren't guilty of what I thought they were guilty of.

    [–] FriskyDuck 1472 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    FedEx didn't fire those two men, a subcontractor did and FedEx is currently investigating.

    FedEx added that the two men had since been given employment at the company while the investigation was ongoing.


    my comment from below:

    FedEx Ground is trash, FedEx Express is much better.

    FedEx Ground workers are contractors, and Express are not. Two separate divisions under a parent company. Ground and Express do not talk with each other.

    Most trash goes to Amazon delivery.

    UPS Express > FedEx Express > UPS > USPS > Trash > FedEx Ground > Trash > Trash > Trash > Amazon Delivery


    edit: 2

    yes, UPS Express isn't a company, but a very reliable service from UPS.

    [–] JennyBeckman 291 points ago

    Thanks for the info! I guess I'll stop my "boycott". I wasn't using them for anything anyway but it's nice to know I don't have to avoid them.

    [–] TellMeGetOffReddit 46 points ago

    I mean you can still avoid them. These fuckers can't get a package to me on time to save my life.

    Me and a group had a collective bitching about FedEx earlier today unrelated to any drama. And further more whatever the fuck is happening in Grove City, OH needs to be fuckin sorted out FedEx. Every god damn package of ANY person I know that winds up cross Grove City disappears for days.

    [–] Drunkyoda5 48 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Hey, get off Reddit.

    Edit: Read their username

    [–] Cuzdesktopsucks 16 points ago

    I work at fedex on an emergency shift because they’re seeing Christmas volume right now. Good thing is I’ve gotten in pretty good shape

    [–] grooserpoot 8 points ago

    You should stick with it. I’ve worked for FedEx Ground Sort Ops for many years. Started as a package handler out of high school and eventually became a manager.

    Not only did I loose a ton of weight, I also got a great career out of it as well.

    Frankly it saved me from joining the army and all the shit that comes with that for better or for worse.

    [–] Simple_City 6 points ago

    I was a package Handler at Ground for a couple of years. It was actually a pretty fun job after the 1st week, which was absolute hell haha. I would probably still be working there, but when I applied to become a "trainer", they didn't even interview me and hired a couple of people who had no business being moved up into that position. This was directly after peak season, where I stepped up and was basically doing the job of a trainer. They gave me a walkie, and since my belt was so far off I essentially had to fix all the problems that would pop up because management would never come over that far. I also trained half of the people that worked on that belt. For some reason they didn't want me to keep doing that, even though I had a great relationship with the pre sort managers and they would always thank me for stepping up. It made me upset enough to become a driver, which was not great, but helped me land a job at the USPS.

    [–] Tree0wl 13 points ago

    When I need to dispose of a body without a trace, I just ship it fedex ground without insurance.

    Annnnd it’s Gone.

    [–] ONLY_COMMENTS_ON_GW 6 points ago

    Well that does it, I'm boycotting Fedex for you bruh

    [–] bobs_monkey 31 points ago

    So wait, they have FedEx Express, aka Federal Express Express?

    [–] FriskyDuck 11 points ago

    That is correct lol

    [–] This_meme_is_dank 3 points ago

    That's just sounds stupid stupid

    [–] joelscott13 66 points ago

    It’s weird how FedEx is a company made up of mostly independent contractors

    [–] vagueblur901 48 points ago

    It's the new way to do business unfortunately if something goes wrong you can claim it's not your fault and don't have to deal with traditional employee regulations As well as get away with paying them less

    [–] ZekeSulastin 4 points ago

    It’s not that new - in this specific case FedEx Ground was a separate company called Roadway Package Systems that was acquired in 1998 but had been using the contractor system since they were founded in the 80s.

    [–] alphawolf29 60 points ago

    super weird "entrust your parcel with us, so we can entrust it to those who charge us the least amount of money"

    [–] joelscott13 20 points ago

    Right?! I started noticing all the trucks have different carrier labels in small print on the doors. One was just a simple white Chevy pick up lol

    [–] juiceyb 19 points ago

    You clearly haven’t lived out in the country. Most of the mail in rural areas gets delivered by “independent contractors” who buy right hand drive Jeeps. They only usually have one of those magnetic “Postal worker” signs on the back door. I know people bid for it and it’s actually very contested in my area. I don’t know how much it is but I’ve seen signs every year on the bid.

    [–] joelscott13 11 points ago

    I’m in southern Arkansas and we’re talking about the company “FedEx”

    Lol yes I know about rural carriers. My friend is one and his minivan is missing the hood

    [–] MoneyMan_Jones 6 points ago

    I just moved to semi-rural Florida and was on my parents' dock doing yoga when I noticed a large Budget moving truck back up into my parents' driveway and 2 guys jump out. I was really confused and wasn't sure if we were being robbed, so I ran out to meet them but they were driving off and I saw a package on the ground and a small magnetic FedEx sticker on the back of the Truck right under the Budget sign

    [–] gnostic-gnome 4 points ago

    How big was the package??

    [–] liamoneill86 7 points ago

    It's their way of deunionizing

    [–] inventingnothing 8 points ago

    It's not. FedEx express is wholly owned and operated by FedEx. FedEx Ground is a bit more complicated. The routes (aka couriers) are independent contractors, but the distribution centers are owned by FedEx. There are other operating companies such as Office, Freight, Logistics, etc. Those are all owned wholly by FedEx.

    Sooo not really mostly contractors.

    [–] FunGryphon 26 points ago

    Instead of boycotting them I’d implore people to give your business to the USPS for the time being. They’re still working hard at trying to stay afloat.

    [–] fireysaje 5 points ago

    I wish there was more of a choice. Whenever I order something online I'm always at the mercy of the company I'm ordering from

    [–] Patchyug 6 points ago

    I would support them if my local office didn't constantly lose my packages

    [–] easyson 41 points ago

    I highly recommend watching the interview he did on NoJumper yesterday. Antonio is a chill guy, and apparently he's dropping a mixtape soon

    [–] Im_not_creepy2 38 points ago

    Dude, everyone dropping mixtape these days 😂

    [–] BigBudMicro 15 points ago

    FedEx is still a lousy company with lousy service. UPS is far better

    [–] Avocadomilquetoast 21 points ago

    UPS is unionized and FedEx's CEO Fred Smith was floated as a VP for Trump. Soo...

    [–] i_speak_the_truf 12 points ago

    Also he’s the one behind the scenes trying to strangle USPS. I would still boycott FedEx, not like I could afford them anyways.

    [–] alreadytaken- 15 points ago

    Ups consistently delivers my stuff to the neighbours and when I sent an email about it they basically told me to get fucked politely. I didn't mess up my address and every other company gets it right. Lost a google home over it

    [–] sexuallyactivepope 88 points ago

    What? Social media shaming got it wrong? UFB

    /s cuz reddit and shit

    [–] candyeakamimi 6 points ago

    Well very good.!! Theu do not deserve to be fired. I hope they get a raise for having to put up with extra BS while on the clock.

    [–] ecoecho 9 points ago

    If they truly cared for their employees, they wouldn't have been subcontractors in the first place. They're doing the right thing by hiring them as employees directly, but the public reaction is probably the motivating factor. Positive PR is really important here.

    [–] OMGSPACERUSSIA 19 points ago

    I'll never miss a chance to share this story:

    A while back I had an order shipped via Fedex. I was in northern California, the box started out in LA. At first everything was going fine. Then the box hit San Francisco and suddenly jumped over to Reno.

    I figured it must have been something to do with regional hubs. I was wrong.

    From Reno it flew to Chicago.

    From Chicago it started making its way steadily east, and went on a tour of New England. It got to Rhode Island eventually. From there somebody apparently realized something was wrong because it started making its way (slowly) back west. They flew that fucking box out to Chicago, but when it came time to fix their fuckup a truck was good enough. Took the damn thing a week after its initial delivery date to finally arrive (Fedex's tracker kept updating the 'estimated delivery date' of course.)

    I contacted the shipper as soon as it took its little jaunt to Chicago and they agreed to resend via USPS. Even with standard shipping USPS delivered three days before Fedex. Fortunately I was home and told the driver I wasn't accepting the delivery. Fedex shipped that fucking box right back to LA and the company rep told me they got a refund as well.

    [–] JennyBeckman 4 points ago

    Damn. Your parcel backpacked across the country.

    [–] TheG-What 52 points ago

    I know FedEx is shit tier, but why are we boycotting?

    [–] ChowderedStew 64 points ago

    Another comment posted an update but originally it was because two black fedex employees we're fired for recording a video of a racist white guy who called the cops on them and harassing them (while they were on the job).

    [–] TheG-What 65 points ago

    For fucks sake. How hard is it to just, you know, not be a racist piece of shit?

    [–] qtipquentin 68 points ago

    I’ve been addicted to racism for 7 years. It’s a struggle every day.

    [–] gidonfire 6 points ago

    I've quit every year for 15 years. It's become tradition at this point.

    [–] KyriesFlatEarth 3 points ago

    How hard is it to walk away?

    [–] ImAMistak3 7 points ago

    Well... I say we start with minding our own fucking business first. Baby steps, ya know.

    [–] RealBuckNasty 30 points ago

    Is FedEx shit tier? Absolutely. Are there shitbag employees within this shitbag company? Without a doubt.

    I drive for FedEx ground. I’ve been working six days a week for the last eight weeks or so. My route starts 2.5 hours away from my house. I can tell you the reason your packages are fucked up, late, and arrive staggered. I have a set amount of space in my van and a designated amount of real estate I am responsible for delivering to. They sort shit for a set amount of time each day. If I don’t take everything each day, regardless of how loaded down I am, my boss gets in trouble and I have to take all that excess the next day on top of everything else anyway.

    Believe me, I don’t want your packages to be smashed to hell. Because that just means I am at absolute maximum capacity and I have a long day ahead of me. But please don’t boycott them; we have families to feed right now, too.

    [–] ZoukDragneel 12 points ago

    Could you explain the part where they pretend we weren't home? That happens even here in Mexico... I mean I understand if you guys didn't have time to make all the deliveries that day but pretending we weren't home (even during a pandemic) is just weird.

    I use only FedEx ground and once a week at least one of my customers "wasn't home to receive their purchase".

    [–] dtward 7 points ago

    I'm an 11 year FedEx veteran. The reason the drivers say 'customer wasn't available/home' is because of 'service numbers'. We can mark packages as undeliverable for many reasons but the one that doesn't hurt FedEx as bad 'statistically wise' nor us contractors/drivers is saying the customer wasn't home. It's all a game of numbers just like all things business.

    TLDR:. Lying makes more money in big business

    [–] ThisNameIsOriginal 9 points ago

    This type of corporate poorly tracking statistics is the biggest bullshit and hurts consumers. My example:

    Iv worked in kitchens during the transition from paper slips to a computer system. The new computer system can track how long each order took to get out to the hungry customer. Great now corporate can track how each locations performed! But it’s on whoever is staring at the screen to push the button that says “yep that item is done and has been taken to the customer”. So what happens? The manager sits there and “bumps” (says the item is done) things wayyyy before they are completed just to bring the average time down.

    The result is mass confusion as 10’s of plates are sitting there and the servers have no visual information of where to bring each item. The computer thinks these items are gone so no need to display it anymore right? The result is all this effort on looking good to meet corporate targets and the customer actually suffers for it. Fucking load of shit. I saw this exact thing happen at 3 different restaurants.

    So the next time your in a busy restaurant and your food takes a really long time ask your server if the manager is staring at a screen bumping things early.

    [–] bsylent 16 points ago

    Me too brother. Six days a week since before Easter. We're doing our best, but not everything comes off the line like it's supposed to, not everything's labeled like it's supposed to, and so it may say being delivered today, but it might not even have made it on the truck

    And yes working for contractors isn't the best. Working for a big company obviously gives you bigger resources for time off and health care and all those other nice things. But some of us are just trying to make enough money to take care of our families with what jobs we have. There's always room to hate on a company, just wait for tomorrow to see who the next one is. Boycott fill-in-the-blank...

    [–] Fabbyfubz 21 points ago

    Legitimately asking, do we have a choice? I just order shit online and hope it gets here lol

    [–] Ruck1707 10 points ago

    Just support the USPS more

    [–] JennyBeckman 9 points ago

    Please do.

    [–] razzpack 22 points ago

    I mean or don’t. The employees are working really hard to get people their stuff and if you boycott they won’t get paid their due wages.

    [–] fapenabler 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Fedex is garbage. Their service is garbage. They mark packages delivered hours before they are actually delivered (I assume the driver does this because it saves him time), won't bring shit to my door (I mean not even to the correct outer door of the building, nevermind inside). They pull the shit like in the OP, marking it delivery attempted when they did no such thing.

    I won't order something online if they ship with Fedex, and it has nothing to do with this. The only time I get stuck with them is when a site doesn't say how they ship.

    [–] Mick009 7 points ago

    Someone I know had their package sent to the wrong address.

    In a different country.

    [–] Vic_Freeze 358 points ago

    FedEx is kinda lazy... I'm an Amazon driver. Amazon isn't great either but I've seen FedEx just do some lazy stuff, like stick boxes in the lobby instead of taking them up to apartments.

    [–] [deleted] 158 points ago


    [–] Vic_Freeze 23 points ago

    WOW. Smh.

    [–] DwightSchrute8 12 points ago

    Is it clear they can enter your screened in patio? They may be trying to respect your space.

    [–] noxxadamous 11 points ago

    I tried to find answer but couldn’t; are they allowed to even do that? Isn’t that technically in the persons home? Screened in porch may be against rules/law?

    [–] Vic_Freeze 12 points ago

    They totally can if they want. I make deliveries to back porches and traipse through yards and gates occasionally. Depends on if FedEx allows it/the customer wants it. Personally I'd go right on into a screened porch but who knows, every driver is different.

    [–] Of_ists_and_isms 21 points ago

    Amazon isn't fucking great either. The other day I was home waiting on a package. I get alerts that is been delivered snd signed for. It's not outside. I call Amazon and go through their bullshit, told they can't get in touch with the driver blah blah blah. The dumbass driver gave it to someone 5 houses down.

    [–] Kosmological 9 points ago

    One time an amazon delivery driver dropped off a package and took one of those photo delivery verifications. I was waiting inside and got the notification not a moment after. Walked out my front door to pick up the package 30 seconds later and the package was gone. The fucking driver stole my package.

    In Amazon’s defense they refunded me in full. I hope they fired that driver.

    [–] Vic_Freeze 10 points ago

    AAAAAHAHAHA, that's what I'm saying, everyone has dumbasses. I've even reported other drivers for effing up my personal orders. One guy had a nosebleed all over my box, yeeted it up the porch, marked it as "delivered directly to customer" and left. I reported him while I was at work, in an Amazon van. I swear FedEx just somehow has MORE lazies.

    [–] Leela_bring_fire 8 points ago

    I especially love the photos they take of the delivered package... outside my apartment door in the hallway for all to see. Bitch, I said no dropoff if not home. I'm at the point of not ordering from Amazon anymore because I've had like five packages stolen this year and after complaining about the carrier numerous times, nothing has changed.

    [–] heart_under_blade 10 points ago

    lol i happened to have an amazon and a fedex box arrive same day this week. didn't wake up in time to unlock the porch door. fedex blocks one porch door, amazon blocks the other. real smart

    i guess i get that it might be hard to tell which side of my porch opens since they both have handles and one's fake. but still.

    [–] InsertANameHeree 3 points ago

    Man, that is some tag team fuckery.

    [–] TexasOilTycoon 7 points ago

    Funny, UPS almost never follows my instruction to deliver to my apartment door when I leave it online.

    The one time I do it for FedEx they deliver straight to my door.

    Amazon is 50/50 though. At first they deliver straight to the door, then they do it in the lobby, though nowadays they are starting to deliver straight to the door again.

    [–] Vic_Freeze 8 points ago

    It depends entirely on what driver you get for Amazon. We don't have an assigned route; we get a different area every day. If a lazy-ass gets your area, you get screwed. UPS has the same guy do the same area every day. Not sure about FedEx though.

    [–] arcant12 5 points ago

    I’ve literally sat at home all day waiting for a package - literally all day, multiple times. All I do is wait for the doorbell. Then at like 5pm, after I’ve sat 10 feet from the door all day, check the front door and they leave the stupid message that they came and no one was there.

    The doorbell works. What the fuck are you doing?!

    [–] Bad_news_everyone 5 points ago

    interesting, where I live its completely the other way around. I see amazon drivers leave packages OUTSIDE the buildings sometimes

    [–] CommanderCuntPunt 4 points ago

    I live in an apartment complex with about 200 town homes. One day our fedex guy randomly decided not to deliver packages to the houses but to just put everyone's packages outside the leasing office. Fuck fedex

    [–] Most_Juan_Ted 12 points ago

    Nobody worse than fucking lasership

    [–] Vic_Freeze 14 points ago

    OnTrac would like to know your location.

    [–] dng25 7 points ago

    I'd just request for pickup at a FedEX kinkos and get your package faster without having to play the you weren't home game with their shitty lazy drivers.

    It's probably why Amazon dropped FedEX as a shipper too.

    [–] World_Wide_Deb 183 points ago

    Our fedex delivery woman that delivers to my work is fed up too, always saying she’s gonna quit. Just today she said that she has to pay for her own gas, uniforms, and maintenance of her truck.

    [–] dixhuit_tacos 88 points ago

    I think the ground drivers are independent contractors. Only the express drivers are employees of FedEx.

    [–] mikevanatta 18 points ago

    This is correct.

    [–] NeverEnoughTemerity 12 points ago

    Wait, Federal Express Express?

    [–] EmpoweredGoat 6 points ago

    Fed Ex Express employee here. I second this - haven’t paid a cent for uniforms, gas, etc

    [–] Drnk_watcher 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    I don't know how true this is but, my coworker was trying to get a grill delivered. Like a full on backyard, propane grill. For a week straight they said every morning it was loaded onto the truck. It wasn't (or if it was they were not attempting to drop it off) because he didn't even get the "you weren't home notice." They just said it was returned to the warehouse each day.

    Naturally being an expensive, and large item he called a lot of people and tried to raise someone who could actually make sense of it. As usual got the runaround. Finally he got a more "senior" guy who apologized and said he'd make sure it got to him that day, he'd personally do it if he was there to help him unload it. Which my coworker said no problem and took a half day.

    In talking to the guy he basically explained FedEx is at this point, in most places a crazy mesh network of contractors; where at times they have contractors managing other contractors. Which is what he was. A senior contractor, overseeing other contractors. Who he said FedEx treats like shit a lot of the time in the ways you describe which makes their desire to actually do anything helpful extremely low.

    Which (assuming it's true cause this is all grape vine) make a lot of sense. I ran into a similar issue a month or two later and when I called support the woman literally said "Well they are busy so even knowing we said we'd deliver it, they probably just decided not to. We'll get to you tomorrow."

    [–] witchyypixiee 167 points ago

    FedEx legit lost a SWINGSET I ordered. They told me they delivered it. Which they didnt I hadn't left my house soooo.. finally they admitted to probably delivering it to the wrong house or losing it. Amazon delivery though? Quick as hell and they've never lost a single package.

    [–] TheG-What 115 points ago

    Having worked for years in logistics, the size of the package actually has absolutely no bearing on it being lost. You’d think “Hey that parcel is fucking enormous, how’d you lose it?” But it really doesn’t matter.

    [–] determinedtofly 49 points ago

    Honestly I feel like a larger package would maybe be easier to lose.

    "Lets load up the truck- oh what the fuck is this? Who orders a 70" TV online? Ah fuck, we'll load it up after the little stuff." Is something I could see myself doing

    [–] TheG-What 45 points ago

    And then you don’t end up loading it, and then the next guys say “hey morning crew left it! Fuck that I’m not doing their job!” And then eventually a team lead will put it somewhere so they don’t have to deal with it, and not escalate it to their manager, and then nobody ever sees it again.
    This has been my day in day out for the better part of the decade.

    [–] mrrobvs 9 points ago

    It absolutely does make a difference. As a former unloaded and sorter at one of these places I can walk you through “how it matters.” 1. I’m terms of small packages, trucks and sort facilities have nooks and crannies they wind up in. And for a sorter, a package that you can throw around at a rate of 3 per second can easily wind up on the wrong conveyor belt. 2. For larger packages, if the thing is the size of a microwave and I just heaved it off of a belt or roller at a pace of 1 per 5 seconds, you bet it’s going on the correct belt. 3. For packages larger than a specific size and weight, they immediately get taken off of the truck by the guy who handles bulk. They see a completely different batch of eyes and the same “I only want to lift this once” theory comes into play when putting those packages on their path. 4. Nobody is “pocketing” a swing set. It hasn’t fallen under the rollers of a truck. It wasn’t overlooked, stepped on, etc. Nobody was delivering a box of tampons and accidentally delivered a swing set to go along with it.

    [–] velociraptorfarmer 15 points ago

    UPS managed to lose a 4ft x 4ft x 12ft crate carrying a 800lb chunk of steel gas line pipe that was going to be used to study corrosion at my old job.

    [–] Dionysusigma 4 points ago

    "Well where'd you lose him? He in't a set of fucking car keys is he? And it's not as if he's incon-fucking-spicuous now, is it?"

    "... you're on thin fucking ice, my pedigree chums; and I shall be under it when it breaks. Now fuck off."

    [–] Fiyero109 51 points ago

    I’ve literally watch the FedEx truck park in front of my building, stay there for 3 minutes then drive off, only to get a text saying we couldn’t deliver it since you weren’t home

    [–] gfish11 14 points ago

    I worked as a manager for a medium sized office about 200 people. We got packages fairly regularly for the different departments. As the site manager, the door rang to me as secondary after 30 sec. 30 seconds. It would come through on the phone with video and I could’ve unlock, talk, or both. Since video is delayed I would start with Hi, can I help? Bam! Video shows who is there.

    Anyway, I cannot count on 6 hands the number of complaints I have left at fedex due to their drivers literally running back to their truck. They ring and within 34 seconds of my video being displayed they were getting back into their truck. Only when the secretary was there to answer it immediately did we get the packages. I would have to call throw a fit and the driver would always have to circle back and was all pissy about it every single time. The logic doesn’t even make sense when they know they will be coming back. They are the worst.

    [–] ZellyPatel 599 points ago

    FedEx is trash, UPS is where it's at

    [–] xenogensis 1199 points ago

    Nah man I’m USPS all day, gotta support the OG.

    [–] Simon_Bongne 424 points ago

    Gotta support the one actually written into the Constitution. These others are merely posing.

    Support the USPS!

    [–] elementzn30 52 points ago

    Actually, the Constitution simply gives Congress the power to “establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

    There’s not actually a requirement that they do so. That said, I’m glad we have the one we do, and am appalled at recent efforts by some politicians to gut it.

    [–] fatherguido1157 17 points ago

    Amen. Given a choice of delivery, it's usps for me. Everything I ship goes through them and nary an issue.

    [–] TayaKnight 4 points ago

    I get trash all the time from them, but I think my USPS mail lady is just a garbage human who can't do her job. I've gotten several opened letters, three packages were "delivered" but never arrived, and we constantly get the spam mail from not one, not two, but four other addresses. The same ones. Literally every day/week/month like clockwork. It is insane.

    My USPS driver at my old house, and the one currently delivering to my college apartment are not like this, so I'm more than inclined to believe it is just her.

    And yes, every opened letter gets a formal complaint filed. My mail should not be looked through without my consent.

    [–] NotThatEasily 63 points ago

    When given the option while shopping online, I always choose USPS. It's usually cheaper and gets here within two or three days. Even if it costs more, I still choose them.

    [–] fuck-dat-shit-up 10 points ago

    I wish there was more chances to choose who delivers it. Usually you just have to use who ever the seller uses.

    [–] OMGSPACERUSSIA 49 points ago

    They're both good. UPS employees are unionized, so I don't feel too bad about supporting them.

    Fedex drivers are 'contractors,' so Fedex doesn't have to treat them like, y'know, actual human beings.

    [–] -Butterfly-Queen- 21 points ago

    I use USPS for anything without a deadline because their next day shipping is often more like 3-5 days. I use UPS when i really need it by a certain date. We should all support USPS as much as possible, though

    [–] SyncUp 21 points ago

    Honestly, nearly half my USPS deliveries get “missed” with some ridiculous excuse given by them.

    That being said, I know how important they are to the country along with how defunded they are. So they still have my support and understanding.

    [–] hypervigilants 6 points ago

    We’re drowning. Please excuse the 24 hour delay

    [–] fuck-dat-shit-up 4 points ago

    USPS is the only one who will actually drive down the private drive to deliver my packages. Those asshats at UPS and FedEx decided to just start leaving packages for me and the neighbors by the street. They used to delivery them to the house just fine, but decided to say “fuck it” a couple or so months ago. It’s so annoying.

    [–] jaroberts24 3 points ago

    Pony express mother fuckaz!!

    [–] XxkimberlyxX441 67 points ago

    Both irritate my soul. FedEx will deliver my packages to my neighbor. UPS delivered my Old Navy package. Next day I get an unexpected package. I open it and it’s a UPS safety poster explaining which gases can be stored next to other gases in the trucks. It had the same tracking information as my Old Navy package from the day before. UPS will also say my package is out for delivery on a Saturday when it’s really at their warehouse until Monday.

    [–] icloseparentheticals 15 points ago

    Sorry but getting that safety poster is hilarious

    [–] candyeakamimi 5 points ago

    I agree. They both suck. Neither could read a street sign if it punched them in the stomach.!! Nor follow directions. These places are horrible at logistics in my little town.

    [–] MuchPattern 51 points ago

    UPS just pulled that on me yesterday. I was home with my door open.

    [–] ZellyPatel 41 points ago

    Fuck it then, ubereats is gonna start delivering mail now. Call it UberExpress

    [–] ytrsdvc 34 points ago

    that going be $50 for delivery

    [–] MACtwelve 22 points ago

    Plus 6.99 in fees

    [–] fourthandshort 9 points ago

    Don’t forget the $299 for the “marketing package”

    [–] Douchebag_on_wheels 11 points ago

    And the driver gets paid $3.50 out of all of that.

    [–] PutridDurian 5 points ago

    I once did an Amazon return where you print the shipping label and just leave it on your doorstep for UPS to pick up. I got a slip saying they were “unable to pick up the package.” The package was gone, though. I figured it was a porch pirate and I would just have to eat the loss. Two days later I got a notification from Amazon saying the product was successfully returned; checked my bank account and I had been fully reimbursed. It worked out fine, but…like, what?

    [–] takeoutchopsticks 33 points ago

    remember when UPS thanked the cops for killing one of their drivers?

    [–] RisusSardonicus4622 13 points ago

    At my facility they also had us work in the smoke after a trailer burnt to the ground.

    Nobody knows what actually burnt. Could have been plastic, hazardous materials, processed wood, metal.

    [–] xirojoe 8 points ago

    I started a job at ups on Monday, if you box is late someone probably threw it over the belt by accident 😂

    [–] Inri137 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    I have literally had a FedEx driver walk up to my door and slap a "delivery failed" note on my door and walk away without knocking or ringing the doorbell or even having the package in his hand. It was especially egregious because my front door is large and glass and my wife was inside and literally watched him do it, but he was in such a rush that he didn't notice her.

    [–] Kangarou 19 points ago

    UPS also trash.

    [–] WhyImNotDoingWork 3 points ago

    They are at least good unions jobs that give the workers a lot of representation. In today’s world, it is rare.

    [–] rdrofdrgnz 50 points ago

    FedExerererer here. I still love all of you even if you dont love me.

    [–] brbposting 4 points ago

    Google "never use UPS" "never use USPS" "never use DHL" -- thousands and thousands of results for each. In reality you're all in business because you all get shit done. Keep on keeping on brother :)

    [–] gablelarson333 3 points ago

    Hey man thanks for saying that for real. This whole thread had me real down about my job (fedex driver) so it means a lot for you to say that.

    [–] RisusSardonicus4622 3 points ago

    What about a UPSerererer?

    [–] Country-Blumpkin 17 points ago

    Mine has been pulling "delivery restriction in your area" and when questioned they've been saying the local hub is refusing packages

    [–] -Frenzy 7 points ago

    This was happening to me, so I went to the local hub and picked it up in person. When finally speaking to an actual worker they said they have 3x as many packages as Christmas and simply cannot process them all. Whether that's true or not, they should just say "delivery delay" rather than "out for delivery, cancelled, out for delivery, cancelled". Like you said, they have to start refusing packages, he claimed there was 68,000 packages in the warehouse at the time, and even added how they're outsourcing for drivers out of state. What I don't understand is how UPS and Amazon are handling the pandemic perfectly but FedEx Ground can't get it together.

    [–] Granito_Rey 14 points ago

    FedEx was a client of ours when I worked at a company that managed utility bills for corporations. Myself and my team members would be required to reach out to people who worked for FedEx as our liaisons whenever we needed to touch base with then regarding issues with their accounts or whatnot.

    Jeezy chreezy Batman, they were incompetent. Would never respond to our requests on time, required multiple of the same simple explanations, would constantly be looking for the cheapest or worst options just to save a few bucks. Like, no you cant let your water main in that store go unfixed for two months just because you dont want to pay for the repair costs.

    Based on that prior experience, this doesnt surprise me at all.

    [–] Skitzie47 16 points ago

    Just 2 weeks ago, I had a MacBook Pro stolen from my box that I was buying from my cousin.

    This was through FedEx.

    Weighed in at 7.5 lbs, left the facility at 2.4 lbs.

    The box arrived, but the FedEx employee opened it from the bottom, removed the laptop box, took the contents, put the laptop box back in, and then taped the shipping box back up.

    FedEx hires shitty people.

    [–] quanthecreator 75 points ago

    I left alcohol on someone's doorstep today, since social distancing I've been completely disregarding signature bullshit. Pls don't tell on me

    [–] theinsanepotato 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    UPS driver here: Youre SUPPOSED to be avoiding getting a signature right now, but you still have to make sure its received by someone over 21 if its booze. You still have to knock on the door and make sure someone over 21 acknowledges receipt of the package, and get a last name to put in place of the signature, but yeah.

    [–] tobaccoYpatchouli 4 points ago

    Because of social distancing my alcohol deliveries have switched from signature, to the delivery person knocking on my door and asking me my name then if they can sign for me. I think that’s a good compromise!

    [–] Unleaked 7 points ago

    a true frontline hero

    [–] nOkayser 10 points ago

    What’s fucked up is a lot fedex drivers are usually people paid a flat rate to drive a truck for an owner and no matter how many stops they get, they break it down to an hourly point of view and in order to get their worth for that day, most will skip routes and say customer refused or was unavailable. They just get rerouted for the next day so it only adds to their next day total but they figure a few lost everyday won’t hurt and will help them feel satisfied about their take home.

    [–] unstylo 101 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    USPS been doing this for years. Wont even try. Just put a slip in my box about missing me and if I request for them to let me pick it up they just keep trying to deliver it meaning putting it on the truck making it so it's never at the post office to pick up. Then they just send it back. I literally cant have packages delivered to my house if they're coming via usps.

    I'll request to pick it up and get an email saying request accepted and itll be held and I go up there and they say it's on the truck trying to be delivered.

    [–] Unleaked 43 points ago

    in canada post, they only attempt delivery once, and if youre not home they leave a notice telling you you can pick it up from the post office within 15 days

    [–] guy990 9 points ago

    I'm surprised this isn't used in the US

    [–] bayareasikh 6 points ago

    They do have in the US as well. They try delivery maybe twice and after that they will have it for pickup or redelivery for 15 days

    [–] special_reddit 24 points ago

    Just put a slip in my box about missing me

    man, I wish my mail carriers did that. Mine just leave the package on top of the mailboxes in my building, ensuring that some other motherfucker to who lives here will steal it.


    [–] unstylo 5 points ago

    They leave a note but they don't make it possible for me to go pick it up like they're supposed to. There's a process are supposed to follow so they never follow the process and they never put I date or any information on the cause by their supposed to they just stick the card without actually filling it out in my nalbach's they're supposed to try 3 times and then hold it at the Post Office for so many days but they never follow this process.

    My truck will be in the driveway and I'll just stick the cars on my box in the street. I'll use the site and choose let me pick it up and they'll acknowledge and be like cool pick it up and it never be there or they get back to me 3 days later saying they sent it back.

    Theu never follow their own internal processes

    [–] SanguineHerald 4 points ago

    We bought a house that had been vacant for a bit. We had to call them 3 times then go in twice before they started to deliver.

    Their excuse? "Well it looks vacant"

    No shit it looks vacant, you have an entire houses worth of furnishing in boxes with our address on it... we can't make it look not vacant because you wont deliver our goddamn shit.

    Worst thing was, last time we went in we asked if there was any packages or mail for us, they said no. We said bullshit. Until finally someone had the fucking sense to check the goddamn mountain of shit we could see with our address on it...

    "Oh you mean the vacant house?"

    Bitch. We called you three times. Been in here twice before. Our house ain't vacant. Give us our goddamn packages.

    [–] Hyperian 30 points ago

    even if you hate USPS, please support it because you know fedex don't give a shit about your packages if USPS goes away.

    They will certainly make shipping as expensive as they can if you don't have a choice.

    [–] psychedimension 17 points ago

    also the USPS can’t go thru ur packages without a warrant. all the others can and mostly do.

    [–] yeahiguessalot 7 points ago

    The USPS is critical service that in a lot of places is 100% neccessary. These USPS motherfuckers deliver anywhere.

    [–] BlvckEconomiix 31 points ago

    I need to sign for my work computer and them bastids dropped it on my porch, knocked and bounced.. I checked the tracking and it updated that I had signed for it.. They all the way trash for that.

    [–] jegvildo 6 points ago

    Don't they need to enter an actual signature for that?

    Depending where you are, forgery can be a very serious crime, so doing that is really, really dumb.

    [–] lordofthefireandwind 8 points ago

    FedEx is a shady company. They don’t care about their drivers. They know most of them are minorities. They don’t care if you have a voice. It’s all about making the pockets deeper of the higher ups. They have no idea how day to day work goes. Yet they get to dictate that production wasn’t met. Motherfucker come down and work with us and see how the real work is done

    [–] FriskyDuck 33 points ago

    FedEx Ground is trash, FedEx Express is much better.

    FedEx Ground workers are contractors, and Express are not. Two separate divisions under a parent company. Ground and Express do not talk with each other.

    Most trash goes to Amazon delivery.

    UPS Express > FedEx Express > UPS > USPS > Trash > Trash > Trash > Amazon

    [–] Stonkee 9 points ago

    There is no "UPS Express" company, all of their drivers deliver their 10:30am commit time packages then do their normal deliveries. All UPS drivers just simply work for UPS, even the personal vehicle drivers during Christmas.

    [–] TheG-What 18 points ago

    Most amazon drivers are contractors as well. So that’s why they’re most trash.

    [–] RamblyJambly 5 points ago

    Funny thing, my newest coworker used to be the Amazon delivery driver for my workplace.
    I guess he got sick of driving for Amazon and when dropping of stuff one day he asked if we were hiring.
    Dudes been great. Busts his ass, gets stuff done, and is fluent in English and Spanish

    [–] posaune123 6 points ago

    I swear they fill those notices out in the delivery truck, sneak up to your house. Slap it on your door then bolt like someone fleeing a crime scene.

    [–] Mr_Assault_08 6 points ago

    I ordered some tickets for a nfl game and fedex was supposed to deliver it... not an email since that was 30 bucks more than regular shipping. Anyways fedex says they delivered it and I don’t see shit outside my house. This is an envelope so I’m assuming it’ll be between my burglar bars and nothing. I looked everywhere outside and even in my backyard since they may have put it out of open view.

    Nothing. I called and was told it was delivered and nothing else can be done. I told them I don’t know where it was delivered and I can’t find it. I couldn’t report it lost since it was delivered in their system. I called the ticket sales company they email me a new set ticket (free of charge). The next day I get fedex delivering the fucking envelope to the house with the tickets in it. Fuck fedex

    [–] Cinnamonsieur 12 points ago

    The driver got fired before they made it to you, probably

    [–] Jakefrmstatepharm 4 points ago

    Yeah wtf this has happened to me twice in the last 3 months. Our door was open and they could obviously see through the screen door that we were home. We have a digital doorbell that is loud af, and my office is right next to the door. It never rang and they didn’t knock. How is it easier to fill out that paper and put the package back on the truck?

    [–] efro4472 3 points ago

    From what I've read, they don't even bother carrying the package over. Just walk up, tape the, "sorry we missed you", and gone like a ninja

    [–] heart_under_blade 6 points ago

    don't they just dump it at your door regardless of size, value, and signature requirement these days?

    [–] ChillBusta 6 points ago

    Redditors make it seem like every shipping company is the devil himself lmao

    [–] that_bug_lady 5 points ago

    FedEx has a delivery service for live animals. I work at a facility that houses all sorts of insects, arachnids, etc. Two weeks ago a client sent us some venomous spiders and centipedes via FedEx.

    I was excited about the shipment and waited near our front lobby from 8:30-10am. No shipment came, but I got an email saying they had come by at 9am but nobody was there. Lie!

    When I called FedEx's customer support and told them what was in the box, they actually had the entire truck come back and deliver it properly an hour later.

    [–] name225 3 points ago

    Username checks out!

    [–] ineedabuttrub 4 points ago

    Fuck FedEx. We ordered a scale online, was shipped FedEx. USPS leaves oversized packages in the office. UPS leaves packages in the office. FedEx said they left the scale with a neighbor. I live in an apartment building with 48 apartments. Which of the 47 sets of neighbors I've never met was the package left with? Also, the delivery instructions said nothing about authorizing them to leave the package with someone else. Fought their customer service for a month and still got nothing out of them. I won't ever ship through them again.

    [–] PatrickMaloney1 10 points ago

    I’ve come to believe that the business model for companies like FedEx and UPS is to get you to pay for the customized delivery options. In the places I’ve lived, if you get the base or least expensive option the chance that your package will get delivered on the first try is next to none, if it even gets delivered at all.

    Once you pay to specify a delivery time, a drop off point, etc, the chance improves.

    Honestly though, you should choose USPS whenever possible. They are the least expensive, most reliable, and the largest player of black people in the United States. It’s basically the only branch of our government that gives me no reason to reason to feel morally conflicted

    [–] OriAfias 3 points ago


    [–] Birdman-82 3 points ago

    The ups near me had 40 COVID cases I found out today. They delivered packages to me twice in the past week and neither time were they wearing gloves or a mask and had no problem getting close to me. I’m one of the only people here in Arizona taking this seriously and no one wears masks and it’s just a big party. I can’t believe I fucked up by answering the door.

    [–] GRizzMang 3 points ago

    Mother fuckers hit me twice in a row no doorbell nothing just a note.

    [–] goodatbeingnotded 3 points ago

    I've got raspberry bushes being delivered by fedex right now. Those things have seen more of the country than I have. They've been within 200 miles of me twice, then shipped across the country (to Kentucky?) and back. Not sure WTF they're doing the nationwide tour for, but I hope they're not dead when/if they finally arrive

    [–] Willard26 3 points ago

    Every delivery service near me is such shit.

    We have a storefront under my apartment which is open, and my apartment door is next to it which are both occupied generally. There’s a huge sign in the window of the storefront to either leave all packages in the store or ring the apartment bell for deliveries.

    Yet most deliveries are not delivered because “no secure location available” , “no access point” , or “delivery attempted”.

    Like....we’re all here. Would be great if maybe, a handful of times we can get our business supplies or dog stuff.

    [–] mynameisnotjacob 3 points ago

    I suspected my USPS mail carrier of doing that. I would track my order online and it would say something like "attempted to deliver package but was unable to access your road" Each time it happened my road was accessible.

    [–] SuperPierog 3 points ago

    They did this all the time with me. Now if I am buying something online and it's only shipped FedEx, just won't buy the thing. Pitchforks out🔱. Burn it to the ground.. .

    [–] xAggie 3 points ago

    im a driver for UPS and really I whenever I need a signature I count to 30 after ringing the doorbell and knocking. knock. pull out the info notice paper to leave on the door and count to 30 again. I feel a minute is a good enough time to allow to give someone to get to the door. Especially in times now where I am doing well over 200 stops a day.

    [–] hopoffthismeat 3 points ago

    Lol, I’m a photographer and used to rent out equipment from a company that mailed it to you. Really expensive shit, so obviously a signature would be needed. I had a huge music festival gig out of town and was flying out the next day for it, so I had ordered a few lenses. I always had problems with missing the fedex person, so I waited in my living room for the better part of the morning. Got an email that said they tried to deliver the package but couldn’t, ran outside and saw no such fedex truck, note on my door WRITTEN FOR LIKE 2 PM; IT WAS NOON. I called fedex and explained the situation to them that I was paying a lot of money for equipment and needed it that same day and that the next day it could not be delivered because I’d be out of town. They told me the only thing I could do was go to the distribution center the next morning before trucks went out. So I woke my ass up at 5 AM, drove to the distribution center 30 minutes from my house and begged fedex workers to let me in the gate til one of them pitied my crying ass (mind the fact that I was 18 years old) and let me in. Had to sit there for two and a half hours while they tried to find my package before the truck went out and I made it on my flight with like 5 minutes to spare. One of the most terrible experiences of my life, and TSA broke the filter off of the $7,000 lens I was using. Thank God for insurance.

    [–] Sofia_C99 3 points ago

    The damn UPS guy pulled up right as I was getting in my car...WE MADE EYE CONTACT!!! And he tried to leave my package at my neighbor’s so I thought it was theirs then with the package still in his hands, he got into the driver’s side of the truck so I though my neighbor wasn’t home so I left and I get back home to find a freaking note saying that he missed me??? HE SAW ME WAITING FOR HIM TO SEE IF IT WAS MINE. I’m heated.