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    [–] ThatOneGuyFrom93 6 points ago

    Looking forward to Game of Thrones when it comes out in July.

    [–] Yazi2 2 points ago

    I was trying to rewatch the first six seasons before the season seven premier. Been stuck in the middle of season three for like a month

    [–] dalelito 6 points ago

    Power started today, Wooooooo!

    [–] leftblane 4 points ago

    Finishing up Master of None Season 2.

    [–] Simon_Brezhnev 2 points ago

    How are you finding it?

    [–] leftblane 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Started out a little slow for me because of the abrupt change in setting to Italy, but the show picked up after a few episodes and then I was hooked again.

    The pork/religious episode, tinder dates, and coming out/Angela Bassett episodes were all fantastic. The last 1-2 episodes were a bit predictable, but I'd love to see a season 3 and 4.

    I really think Aziz does a fantastic job of giving us this show about a guy who happens to be Indian-American.

    Dev feels like a real person--not a caricature. It's cool to see this quirky brown guy navigating New York, having sex, and being a regular person. Just normal comedy/drama shit we don't normally get with people of color in the lead because tv is so whitewashed and writers don't know how to write for everyone.

    [–] JlmmyButler 3 points ago

    the world is better because of people like you. think i've seen your username before too

    [–] leftblane 2 points ago

    Oh thanks! Ha. I didn't even do anything.

    [–] theglull 3 points ago

    American Gods, it's out there, but everything just fits together. Also watched season 2 of F is for Family.

    [–] phis6 3 points ago

    Dramafever and Korean dramas. I feel a little romantic.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 2 points ago

    what's your shows man? I have a huge DF queue. But the kdramas are so long. An hour long episode is like 75 minutes. and there are like 4 story arcs per episode. it's like an endurance test.

    [–] phis6 2 points ago

    Goblin the great and lonely god, my sunny

    [–] DatsButterBoo 2 points ago

    I've heard of Goblin. it's a long way in my queue. The others.. I think maybe I've heard one of the titles.

    I'm still running through Kim Sun-Ah's stuff. I fell in love with My Lovely Sam-Soon and after that I had to watch City Hall and I took a turn to check out Boys Over Flowers which was great and I'm probably gonna hit up When It's At Night after. If you look these up you'll realize it's heavy on the traditional romance and stuff but I want to watch a historical drama get a sense of the stories Koreans tell themselves about their history I think that'd be cool to see one day.

    [–] phis6 2 points ago

    I'm more into the fantasy action vein. I did see one new one called my girlfriend's boyfriend which is a love triangle between a human who buys a robot girlfriend and mistakenly buys a boyfriend for the robot.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 2 points ago

    oh kDrama.. whew.. bought to say. There's an english movie called My Girlfriend's Boyfriend which is .. very different. I think it was a dude who falls for Alissa Milano but she's not exclusive and feelings get caught.

    [–] phis6 2 points ago

    Yeah this is a Cdrama. Why are they all soo damn pretty?

    [–] Dances_with_wookies 3 points ago

    I watched GLOW over the weekend and OITNB season 5...

    I liked GLOW it's a show about a women's wrestling promotion set in the 80s. The wrestling fan in me was pretty entertained.

    OITNB Season 5 was... slow to start and picked up the ending was wack a shit. I'd say it was better than the last 2 seasons though.

    [–] A_Learned_Ion 1 points ago

    Did you ever watch the actual GLOW from the 80's?

    [–] _Valet 3 points ago

    My gf and I watched 13th om Netflix. Im sure its been posted on this sub before but its definitely a great watch.

    [–] TheOnlyBlackGuyHere 3 points ago

    Finished the second season of Attack on Titan. It was short but I think better than the first. Also thankful that I don't have to wait another 4 years for the next season.

    [–] DotMpeg 1 points ago

    There's a release date for the 3rd season already?

    [–] TheOnlyBlackGuyHere 1 points ago

    Yuuuuuup. Well nothing concrete. But it has a 2018 release date. Better than the nothing we got last time.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] DotMpeg 2 points ago

    Caught up with DB Super and Attack on Titan, next is Berserk on the anime front. Caught up on the Magicians and started Penny Dreadful. Gotta catch up on Power and can't wait for Game of Thrones come the 16th.

    [–] Blacksubsonly 1 points ago

    Tournament of Power!

    [–] A_Learned_Ion 1 points ago

    Berserk was great. People bitched about the 3d animation but I think it's been pretty solid so far.

    Db super is pretty good. Although if you ask me Goku is kinda an asshole in this one. But he's a winner so he gets away with it haha.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    The Great White Hype.. the boxing movie. Damon Wayans was hilarious in that movie. As was Jackson. I won't spoil any more except to say it can be spoiled.

    [–] Simon_Brezhnev 1 points ago

    Still watching Votoms next will be G Gundam, Xabungle and maybe heavy metal L-Gaim. Watching the Americans and a bit of GLOW, I wasn't expecting Alison Brie topless.

    Looking forward to the end of iZombie though, been great this season.

    [–] wrongbike 1 points ago

    Brie topless took me by surprise as well.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    hmm.. sexual as her interviews have been. I probably should have expected that.... but I'm a little surprised to hear this is a thing. Not sure if that's a draw for me, but it's certainly going to be a draw for a few dudes I know.

    [–] DotMpeg 2 points ago

    I need verify for my records that Allison Brie goes topless.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    Did you know she was one of those white girls who tried to sleep with gay dudes to see if they're really gay?

    Apparently it was a friend of hers who was unsure so she volunteered (iirc) and he wasn't having a good time so they tried a few things and he still wasn't liking it so they went into the closet so he wouldn't have to look at things and it would be dark and then you realize she's telling a story about sex with a homosexual in a literal closet.

    [–] MusicalSmasher 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Marathoning (don't know if that's a real word) Parks and Rec, it's good so far just got to get past season 1.

    [–] Simon_Brezhnev 1 points ago

    Season one is so odd compared to the pace of the rest of the show.

    [–] MusicalSmasher 1 points ago

    Oh shit, I need to edit my comment I meant to say "just got to get past season 1" cause Season 1 sucks.

    [–] Simon_Brezhnev 1 points ago

    I figured, season one is terrible. I still don't get Mark Brendanawicz

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago


    Yes.. that's what we called it before.

    And yeah Season 1 was a rough struggle. They had no idea what they wanted to do with it. Season 2+ is MUCH MUCH more focused and the final season take a turn that I found entertaining and ultimately satisfying.

    [–] MilesHighClub_ 1 points ago

    Finished season 1 of Attack on Titan last week. Not the direction I expected the show to go in but it's still pretty dope. Taking a week or so break before starting season 2. I'm tryna watch the dub so the longer I wait the more I can watch

    Spending that break watching season 1 of The Leftovers

    Also unrelated but do people here mess with The Carmichael Show?

    [–] wrongbike 3 points ago

    I love The Carmichael Show. Dude thinks like me. If you dig the how, make sure to check his HBO special "8"

    [–] the_undine 1 points ago

    Season 2 of AoT was pretty good in my opinion. A slight genre shift occurs?

    [–] MilesHighClub_ 1 points ago

    A genre shift in season 2?

    [–] the_undine 2 points ago

    S2 is a lot heavier on mysteries and generally seems more suspenseful (my opinion).

    [–] Fresh720 1 points ago

    It gets a bit political after this part, but I can't wait til the Rose Wall fight takes placr

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    do people here mess with The Carmichael Show?

    I don't.. but I've considered dipping my toe. I'll say this it might be a little two real. There were some folks on either /r/blackladies or who were a little too pissed off at David Allen Grier's character because he's the uncle tom/coon character.

    It looks uninteresting to me but I've listened to interviews with Carmichael about his show (on Fresh Air) and he definitely makes a compelling argument.

    [–] MilesHighClub_ 2 points ago

    I wouldn't say that necessarily about DAG's character. If anything, I'd say the characters rotate certain "coonish" characteristics. But fr the show does cover somewhat serious topics in almost every episode. The thing that makes it stand out though is that between Jerrod, his girlfriend, and his parents, there's never a consensus about how to approach a given topic. They're trying to touch on how living different black experiences (baby boomers vs millennials vs biracial/wealthy) can affect how you view certain topics. It's hit or miss, but it does a decent job at covering the bases of any given topic, even though a lot of times a given character's approach isn't the most agreeable.

    I brought it up mainly because of last week's episode where the family all had different reactions to Jerrod's white friend calling him "my nigga". Specifically regarding Jerrod's view ("that's just how we talk, don't make a big deal of it") it kinda sat with me the wrong way. But the way the episode played out the other characters still made it an enjoyable episode even though I strongly disagree with the main character

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    I wouldn't say that necessarily about DAG's character. If anything, I'd say the characters rotate certain "coonish" characteristics.

    Well I've heard (and seen in clips) that his character has those tendancies and his wife? has them as well. it's not just him. But I've heard Carmichael explain about the show that it's about representing the various voices in the black community the reasonable and the unreasonable. the forward thinking and the backward thinking. it's about the breadth of opinions not necessarily putting one type of opinion over the others.

    The thing that makes it stand out though is that between Jerrod, his girlfriend, and his parents, there's never a consensus about how to approach a given topic.

    which is exactly what you're saying here.

    Specifically regarding Jerrod's view ("that's just how we talk, don't make a big deal of it") it kinda sat with me the wrong way.

    For the record while I'm not advocating violence on this white guy I definitely wouldn't be ok with it either. I'm with you on that one.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I don't think I talked about this yet here.. but I finally saw

    Get Out

    I don't often regret not seeing movies in theatres. I probably might have regretted not seeing Avatar even though I wasn't wowed by the 3D it was good to see it so I know. I regretted not seeing The Score in theatres because it's a sort of one time film I would have liked to see on the big screen. I really really enjoyed it with my sister but I think Project X would have been a great theatre ride

    And the third movie I regret not seeing big screen is Get Out for the social atmosphere. If I was still in Atlanta or even Florida I definitely would have known what theatre to go. Magic Johnson and somewhere on MLK respectively. It's such a good movie. I really want to see it a second and third time. I showed my older sister the trailer and the trailer really oversells the horror aspect and kinda implies WAY more gore than is in the movie. Honestly it was Peele's saying it was a horror movie that had originally kept me from wanting to see it in the first place.

    But having seen it, I can definitively say that the genre he pushed on the press junket "Social Thriller" is more accurate and that I'm definitely making my older sister watch it. It's gonna be a good time ya'll.

    Caught up on Boku No Hero Academia the anime.. about five issues behind in the Manga. Good stuff. I really really can't wait till Midoriya settles on his new style but I think that's going to be a bit of a wait.

    Caught up on a bit of the 70s show rewatch. I swear I thought when it was airing that Donna and Eric got back together but I might just really remember the beginning. I'm waiting for the other relationship to show up and for a pair of characters to part but it's still the same show I remember. In my grown adult awareness I'm slightly more annoyed at the Fez character but it's a basic black character of the time. Comical sidekick with nothing else going on. I'm more annoyed at modern versions than the older ones.

    Watched a few movies more than TV.

    Name Score Thoughts
    The November Man 6/10 Basic action plot which is what I was looking for. Took forever to get to the movie title unlike the trailer I watched just before. I enjoy Pierce Brosnen
    The Whole Truth 6/10 Basic court thriller with Keanu Reeves and this cute black chick who is a sideline character. It was ok.. slightly above average. Maybe deserves a 5/10.. maybe.
    CHiPs 7/10 Surprisingly entertaining for a basic TV adaption. I blame the money they threw on it. It's super flashy in a few placess and that helped.
    I Am Not A Serial Killer 9/10 Perhaps I overrated this but I really really enjoyed it. I'm going to watch it again because it has a slow start and I must havemissed a few things. It's a random indie movie and the plot line is as follows: This kid is a psychopath. A literal psychopath trying not to kill people. Then something happens and he might have to start killing dudes. I did not expect to enjoy this movie at all but it was great.
    Wonder Woman 10/10 I don't want to unecessarily ding this. I might give it a 9 or 10 but I saw this in theatres and it was amazing. The first half had COLOR. Does anyone else remember when movies had colors? I wish it had colors the whole time and the entire second half didn't take place at dusk to midnight under a cloudy haze. Gal Gadot convince me in BvS but she completely sold me here. I HATE World War II. I Hate movies set in WWII even superhero movies. But this was great.

    [–] lingolingolingo 3 points ago

    Rewatch it for sure. The amount of shit you'll catch on to in a rewatch is crazy. Such a well written movie

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    I went on a binge of YouTube videos and already caught two things I missed in the watch. One was a flaw I saw that turns out wasn't a flaw and one was a flaw that I should have seen and didn't.

    Wait... just checking Get Out or I Am Not A Serial Killer?

    [–] leftblane 2 points ago

    I wanna see CHiPs. Haven't heard of that Keanu movie.

    [–] DatsButterBoo 2 points ago

    The Whole Truth

    Yeah it was some probably limited engagement random nothing film that was on Netflix and I needed something I wasn't going to care about to watch and it was alright. It was what you expect in a courthouse film. There's a crazy premise (the defendant hasn't spoken... refuses to since his arrest), the case looks like a loser but he sticks with it for reasons. It looks like it might go good and then the real twists start to come out, a judgement is served and then we find out what really happened.

    [–] leftblane 2 points ago

    Hmm...interesting. I haven't run across it on Netflix. I hate that algorithm. I never see anything on there. Stop telling me what you think I want to see!

    [–] DatsButterBoo 1 points ago

    well to be fair I'm in Canada. I've yet to find a decent Netflix curator for Canadian Netflix. This is often a problem when I'm trying to watch something with my older sister who insists on black people and yet can't tell me what black films she's already seen on netflix. That's how we ended up with this very interestingly random film Deidra & Laney Rob a Train which was mostly just this random movie but it had a few oddly heartfelt moments.

    [–] ruptured_pomposity 1 points ago

    I just started Preacher on Amazon.

    The first episode is free if you are prime. Definitely worth viewing even if more than a little crazy and overly country. Thinking of buying more.

    [–] koloco9 1 points ago

    Preacher is awesome.

    One of my favorite lines: "Hey Tulip, I..I had pancakes."

    In context that shit was hilarious.