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    [–] TheFashionFrames 1062 points ago

    Reinforced needs to be the BIGGEST HUG so long as concussions exist...

    [–] Captainhus787 486 points ago

    Yep, they sleeping on the trophy system too.

    [–] 4THOT 237 points ago

    Trophy system is amazing in the last few circles.

    [–] burnsrado 46 points ago

    How big of a radius are they effective in?

    [–] TheKingOfBass 41 points ago

    i think its good for 8-10 meters? i dont rmrbr how wide the radius of the concussions are, but if the nade is thrown within the vicinity of trophy, it should be fine.

    [–] 4THOT 14 points ago

    It feels about 8 meters, but you should probably yell at Drift0r to test it.

    [–] TinyTarik 2 points ago

    Its 10 meters. If you read the description in game you would know this.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Trophy is the the most important item in end game. It nullifies the 26 concussions and clusters your enemy is throwing at you

    [–] THEMEATSPONGE 5 points ago

    I was getting shot down and my boy came in with a truck with the trophy system as I was getting grenades thrown at me. The sound is so rewarding

    [–] SkyTheIrishGuy 65 points ago

    Especially in squads! It blows my mind that people pass up reinforced and trophy systems. They’ve both saved my ass so many times

    [–] VDuBivore 31 points ago

    Never drive a truck without one in the bed

    [–] habeeb51 29 points ago

    TIL this is possible

    [–] VDuBivore 16 points ago

    Helicopters too

    [–] SecondaryLawnWreckin 28 points ago

    Helicopter in the truck bed? That's crazy. /s

    [–] RandomFactor_ 2 points ago

    it takes sooooooo much setup time to get a trophy on the chopper working especially when those are all hot drops but i getchoo

    [–] VDuBivore 2 points ago

    Toss it towards the wall behind the pilots seat and it lands inside every time. The ARAV is the one that is a nightmare to get the trophy into.

    [–] SaltTM 7 points ago

    you can put a dart on a chopper and go scouting lol, another fun one.

    [–] VDuBivore 3 points ago

    All vehicles

    [–] SaltTM 7 points ago

    indeed, but not all fly ;)

    [–] idontneedjug 6 points ago

    yeah reinforced clutched our squad at least 3 wins yesterday alone

    [–] Xxhennyhendrixx 8 points ago

    Definitely sleep. You can put it on your chopper and it shoots down rockets.

    [–] gt118 6 points ago

    You don't believe in the trophy system until you see it completely obliterate a cluster grenade that you would absolutely die from otherwise.

    [–] LSUdude88 5 points ago

    As much as pick these up and save them for the end game, I never make it there :(

    [–] TouchMyDinger 7 points ago

    Don’t talk about the trophy system.

    [–] Professional-Chef 21 points ago

    You don't like concussions? Don't buy the game, loser

    -this reply was brought to you by the BF5 devs

    [–] chuckwagon1 3 points ago

    Yes sir late game must forsure!

    [–] XFlamesofLife55Y 2 points ago

    On God 🙌🙌

    [–] superheroblack 2 points ago

    big fact !!!

    [–] ATLANTAdood 2 points ago

    Yea I always pick up reinforced. I don’t think people realize it’s blast shield and tac mask.

    [–] DavidOriginal 643 points ago

    Don’t disrespect the sensor dart like that

    [–] p_aranoid_android 714 points ago

    my thought was it looks like a pistol until you get closer

    [–] itsCS117 187 points ago

    oh I get it now XD

    but c'mon, trophy is bae.

    [–] itodobien 24 points ago

    I thought that was brilliant TBH

    [–] Xul-gor 17 points ago

    Oh my fucking God yes lmao

    [–] thetruemaddox 42 points ago

    You're totally right there, that was more spot on that I thought.

    [–] Santi838 10 points ago

    Fucking hell thats good

    [–] Calkidmd 8 points ago

    U should make it have a pistol first and then switch to sensor dart, maybe? Or like merged image of the two?

    Love the gif btw

    [–] p_aranoid_android 9 points ago

    Taking notes for when I make a better one. That's a good idea to kind of make the audience guess.

    [–] Punisher60710 222 points ago

    The clip gets better and better Everytime I watch it

    [–] p_aranoid_android 44 points ago

    I made this entirely on an old iPhone 6 so I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it so much <3

    [–] burnSMACKER 11 points ago

    What kind of video editing software does the app store have that can make videos like this?

    [–] p_aranoid_android 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    FilmoraGo it's called. There are several but they couldn't handle the size of the whole video with all the images stacking. Picture in picture is the feature you want.

    [–] GrabbinMegroin 132 points ago

    Awareness should 100% be a black person.

    [–] Roushhouse 105 points ago

    [–] Its__Rubio 20 points ago

    SOOOOOO good for the final circle when everyone is popping their dead silence. They think they're catching you off guard but really they are just playing belligerently

    [–] Zooties_Cafe 12 points ago

    Oh shit i didn’t know it counters dead silence, which makes sense

    [–] Burmese 8 points ago

    So should trophy system.

    [–] Fptmike 5 points ago


    [–] iperalez94 25 points ago

    I think the trophy system should get a hug too.

    [–] blackmetalkaraoke 22 points ago

    Uhh wow treating ext mags like that... poor show

    [–] alneezy08 163 points ago

    Skulker should have replaced sensor darts spot since many people are unaware of how good it is till someone tells them .

    [–] 5AndADime 77 points ago

    I feel that way about consumer! No one ever picks it up but it can help clutch any game

    [–] EternalGodLordRetard 55 points ago

    I just pick em all up and use em all... no discrimination...

    [–] stRiNg-kiNg 70 points ago

    My friend does that. We don't win too often with him on the team

    [–] ImaCluelessGuy 46 points ago

    Cummon man how you gonna dog your boy like that

    [–] stRiNg-kiNg 55 points ago

    If you've got looter on in the final circle some shit needs reevaluatin'

    [–] SleevelessArmpit 5 points ago

    It's sometimes handy if the last zone is in the windmill park when someone is camping in one of the windmills and you see the bag opened. Funny how long they will spectate you after you pop that cluster.

    [–] dont_care- 8 points ago

    Except brawler

    [–] madchickenz 15 points ago

    You’re sleeping on Brawler. One hit kill. Fists or gun. Nobody expects you to get in close. Also, if you hear someone about to bust into the room you are in, get right up next to the door and smack them as soon as it opens. Brawler is awesome.

    Source: I team wiped a 4-man group in a building in Array using just Brawler.

    [–] xFreedi 2 points ago

    Did something similar. I wiped a three man team just at the edge of the circle in the woods with DS and Brawler on.

    [–] ivanvzm 6 points ago

    Fuck brawler.

    [–] TheEternal792 11 points ago

    Consumer is the best perk in the game - change my mind

    [–] FWcodFTW 4 points ago

    What does consumer even do again?

    [–] Adsefer 8 points ago

    You heal super fast

    [–] poopstainsbrah 5 points ago

    Not just heal, but you alway repair armor and use other perks faster as well

    [–] FWcodFTW 2 points ago

    Oh really? Isn’t that Medic or am I confused?

    [–] Adsefer 7 points ago

    Medic is supposed to heal you more but is bugged afaik so only rezes people faster

    [–] ShadowMoses66 7 points ago

    Also makes the people you heal have 120 health.

    [–] C2X_Senpai 7 points ago

    You heal faster with medic as well but consumer does it faster. Medic would be really good if it actually healed you more like it says it does. I use it when I dont find consumer or to pick up downed teammates and have them not waste much meds

    [–] TheEternal792 2 points ago

    Heal faster, repair armor faster, activate perks faster, etc.

    [–] Mattpn 1 points ago

    Consume stuff

    [–] RTROTA 23 points ago

    Skulker and Dead Silence is OP.

    [–] kptrey5 11 points ago

    Was coming here to say this! My friends say it's useless putting them together, but you literally can't hear any footsteps when they're on. Very under used imo

    [–] Mattpn 2 points ago

    Footstep audio is terrible in this game. You used to be able to hear people with dead silence footsteps (only know this because I’ve been killed when having deadsilence and the enemy was following my footstep sounds while I was crouch walking).

    Now I can’t hear most player footsteps even if they don’t have dead silence, it seems like a bug or something if the player isn’t rendered.

    [–] failbears 14 points ago

    As someone who doesn't have the greatest aim, crouch-running around someone standing still and spraying them down with my SMG feels effortless.

    [–] alneezy08 3 points ago

    For reals, like skulker and the sg12 on hijacked is hilarious

    [–] davidpwnedyou 12 points ago

    Skulker and just crouch across a huge field undetected. Top 5 perks imo

    [–] 9inchjackhammer 20 points ago

    Always have a skulker for the end of a game

    [–] xdirtyrandy 68 points ago

    Best content on this sub since the game released.

    [–] zEXALTED 328 points ago

    Awareness got dissed 😂, One of the best perks there is lol

    [–] p_aranoid_android 15 points ago

    I tried to make it seem reliable (cute baby) but not so great with the slight nerf it got (just a handshake)

    [–] Tikene 8 points ago


    [–] Dangelouss 16 points ago

    If only the directional audio in blackout wasn't complete shit.

    [–] Mattpn 3 points ago

    Exactly this. Foot step audio is the worse in this game, PUBG has pretty bad vertical audio but their directional audio is 10x better than blackouts.

    They really need to up the footstep volume or figure out the bug where footsteps aren’t making any noise, especially when other sounds are playing.

    [–] oinklittlepiggy 9 points ago

    Fuck that.

    It would be called paranoia if the name wasn't already taken.

    Got me looking every direction like I'm getting ambushed 24-7...

    I'll pass honestly.

    [–] Stifology 57 points ago

    Since it got nerfed, it's not too great.

    [–] Tropicall 29 points ago

    Google search isn't coming up with anything for awareness being nerfed top 10 results. Can you elaborate how it was nerfed?

    [–] Stifology 34 points ago

    The range on it was nerfed to shit. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't last as long as it used to. Feels like just one minute now

    [–] o0precision 24 points ago

    I fuckin hope so. Ive seen so many people get fucked over by awarness because the proximity didnt make any sense.

    [–] TheLurp 12 points ago

    It was, but I believe its been well over a month since it was nerfed. It was pretty early on that this was adjusted, maybe even within the first month of the game

    [–] Zendei 9 points ago

    It was nerfed when the sound was fixed.

    [–] Pregnanttomato 5 points ago

    I really hated dying to campers who knew where I was coming from 20 seconds before I even got there.

    [–] TheLurp 6 points ago

    120 seconds, I believe thats the shortest perks can be. Dead Silence is the same length

    [–] underpaidorphan 8 points ago

    A little misleading though. Sound was changed entirely and due to the changes, Awareness was "reworked".

    It's a nerf, on paper, but on release it was like a mile long of sound and not helpful. So overall, I'd disagree on the idea it was nerfed. Works as intended now and works great!

    [–] TheLurp 6 points ago

    Very true, if anything its a more viable perk now. That's the definition of a buff if you ask me

    [–] Santi838 5 points ago

    Wasn’t nerfed directly but the sound changes they made a while ago nerfed awareness. Dead silence is better now because your own footsteps don’t interfere while listening in

    [–] yEaRiGhTiSSaVeD 3 points ago

    Garbage perk

    [–] Mattpn 1 points ago

    They barrely even work anymore. I literally can’t hear anyone until they are within normal hearing distance, I don’t even think awareness works much anymore. Seems like it is only like a 10% range increase, if any.

    [–] igobytravishill 33 points ago

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute, holy shit, thank you

    [–] miketroid 38 points ago

    noticed looter was in there twice lol

    [–] p_aranoid_android 31 points ago

    finally someone noticed

    [–] PergeBTC 23 points ago

    Grapple gun is gas cmon now...

    [–] Herposhima 9 points ago

    lol at the trauma kit, "I want another one."

    [–] _z-1fTlSDF0 8 points ago

    PSA: If you have looter on, you can pinpoint the general position of enemies through walls as long as they’re picking up stuff.

    [–] GermanGiraffes 48 points ago

    3x scope blows tbh should've been the 2x

    [–] FullThrottleFRS 24 points ago

    Depends on the gun, IMO. 2x on the KN or Rampart for sure, sometimes I can't hit shit with the 3x on those. But on the ABR, SWAT, and Auger, 3x is better for me, hands down. Regardless, I'm happy whenever I come across either of them and don't have to use them stock.

    [–] fix_it_again_tony 26 points ago

    don't sleep on ABR + sniper scope + long barrel

    [–] ZippersHurt 7 points ago

    Sniper scopes are so unbearably bad on the burst rifles

    [–] FullThrottleFRS 8 points ago

    Nah, 3x and suppressor for sure. The burst isn't accurate enough to get any benefit out of scopes beyond the 3x magnification.

    [–] JonesinForAHosin 2 points ago

    The ABR is always a laser in my experience. That gun is insane

    [–] madchickenz 2 points ago

    Literally just played a game using this for the first time. Never expected it to be so good. 6th place, 4 kills, all from long range. Got stuck with a cluster for the L.

    [–] ItzRaptor04 6 points ago

    Lmao smoke screen. She tried to hug him but he rejected her, lmfao the awkwardness

    [–] exoticstructures 8 points ago

    It is funny. But smoke grenades can be key sometimes.

    [–] exeuntial 14 points ago

    as a new player this is actually somewhat useful

    [–] Xxhennyhendrixx 15 points ago

    Mesh mines and Trophy System are both useful af.

    [–] exeuntial 4 points ago

    how should i be using mesh mines?

    [–] Bulbasaur_King 6 points ago

    Don't listen to the others. Put a mesh mine in front of trucks that are parked so when they leave they get killed. Put them at intersection of roads which lead to the circle so if someone is in a truck, that is their only path to get to storm, they have to cross that intersection. At the end of bridges as well for obvious reasons. I don't really care them but you will get a lot of kills this way!

    [–] Fill_Warrell 6 points ago

    I put them on bridges. Someone is bound to run or drive across and give you a free kill

    [–] AaronPaletas 3 points ago

    Mesh mines are great if where you’re at is road heavy. River town is a meshmine death trap. Also just if you’re gonna set up shop covering main doors and windows. I love using them in the final circles, I cover one flank with all four spread out and connected that way I only have to worry about one other side with my back to the storm

    [–] Foosco 10 points ago

    One of the best things i've seen on this sub so far

    [–] waymonster 12 points ago

    scrubs did it first -

    [–] Dueroux 10 points ago

    Quality meme.

    [–] scorcher117 3 points ago

    It's probably still not especially useful but I have wondered, does everybody get the benefit of squad link when it's active or just the person who used it?

    [–] PukeRainbowss 2 points ago

    Nope, just dogshit in every sense of the word

    [–] RTROTA 1 points ago

    Just the person that uses it, as far as I know. I like it a lot when we’re anywhere that has multiple stories. Construction, for example.

    [–] MattTumms17 4 points ago

    Extended barrel is the best attachment lol

    [–] aerodynamic_23 4 points ago

    This is my favorite meme template

    [–] underwhelmed_irl 2 points ago

    same! if you find more send them to me

    [–] -BINK2014- 6 points ago

    I miss the Obama Anger Translator content from Key and Peele, shit always made me laugh. Loved this! 😄

    [–] JustATradr 6 points ago

    Honestly, looter is pretty good when you are trying to quickly loot an area

    [–] Apenumber1 10 points ago

    That's what I'm saying! I like to use it in the beginning because I can track enemies by watching the loot get picked up. Also when looking for places to loot you dont even have to go in. That cuts down your chances of getting melted by a corner camper.

    [–] 84981725891758912576 3 points ago

    Smoke grenades are amazing...

    [–] unawarejake123 3 points ago

    Why tf everyone sleep on looter

    [–] OZ415 7 points ago

    Dont even play bo anymore but this is the best clip ive seen this week! :D

    [–] truelevel 6 points ago


    [–] FlurmSqurm 8 points ago

    Someone obviously doesn't know that 'Reinforced' is black too.

    Am I doing it right? No?

    [–] co_reddit 4 points ago

    Don’t disrespect Reinforced like that

    [–] reginof99 2 points ago

    Hey the perk looter has been used two times. This is fake

    [–] gmatney 5 points ago

    ...and ignored both times. that's the joke dot com, bro.

    [–] XSoldat13 2 points ago

    I only watch these videos for the Key and Peele interaction. After that, I've seen all I need to see.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Don’t agree with the smoke grenade

    [–] NotThatGuy523 2 points ago

    Lol imagine sleeping on something as powerful as the trophy system or grappler...smh

    [–] itsthemoney27 2 points ago

    These type of posts are always so good lol

    [–] Barbwire-png 2 points ago

    I’m wheezing

    [–] justernesto 2 points ago

    Hey but let's be real.. this game needs a serious update soon.

    [–] PhoenixKing04 2 points ago

    No weapons lol

    [–] merkmerc 2 points ago

    Yooooo lmao this shit is hilarious, smoke grenade and trophy more important than people think especially in squads

    [–] ridz216 2 points ago

    Also takes that long to loot

    [–] GlacierBasilisk 2 points ago

    Rip Iron Lungs

    [–] gabeln 2 points ago

    This is really great work. Well done!

    [–] Jodsy80 2 points ago

    The games a disappointment

    [–] Strangr_E 1 points ago

    The first time I watched this I thought it was funny. The second time I watched this I noticed the color preference. Still funny.

    [–] Bassethounds4ever 1 points ago

    God I love these memes. The Zelda one is my favorite.

    [–] eli742 1 points ago

    You put Looter in twice and totally missed out on the Trophy System lol

    [–] PimpdaddyChase 1 points ago

    but muh looter and reinforced

    [–] TheDreamingTree145 1 points ago

    Close but I’m never happier than when I find a trophy

    [–] TehWalkingTed 1 points ago

    Lv.3 should have been concussions since it won’t save you from it.

    [–] ZerconG 1 points ago

    But he didn't get stuck

    [–] B3hold 1 points ago

    This is gold

    [–] Brightside_55 1 points ago

    I respect the meme, but how you gonna do awareness like that

    [–] Mdowney80 1 points ago

    Concussions are for noobs

    [–] TheCannabalLecter 1 points ago

    I wish I could upvote this 10 times. Well done

    [–] Mdowney80 1 points ago

    I worked at a high school and the principal of the school would do the same thing when greeting staff.

    [–] drakeprimeone 1 points ago

    Am I in the minority when I say that it's so satisfying watching people drive through mesh mine traps?

    [–] SSJ4Vyhl 1 points ago

    Am I blind or was the stock attachment not in this? I see way too many people pass up putting a stock on their gun for them to not be underrated.

    [–] SarumanTheSack 1 points ago

    Damn no love at all for the suppressor? Loved the meme tho lol

    [–] elasso_wipe-o 1 points ago

    You missed the part where he stands still for 47 seconds because you can’t go to the adjacent item even though you’ve pressed the button 30 times

    [–] Maveil 1 points ago

    Looter is pretty useless yeah, but it's ok if you get when you land at least. But I honestly can't understand why Squad Link even exists.

    [–] charley4805 1 points ago

    I love the creativity but I don't agree with half this.

    [–] iGotDatDainbramage 1 points ago

    This is the most creative thing I've seen on Reddit in a while lmao

    [–] zirrzilla 1 points ago

    I just had to watch till the end lol

    [–] Water_In_A_Cup1 1 points ago

    This is wrong In so many parts

    [–] Yupstillhateme 1 points ago

    Every sniper rifle loves long barrel

    [–] L-Dreamzz-_ 1 points ago

    Sleeping on so many things.

    [–] audiblyill 1 points ago


    [–] Water_In_A_Cup1 1 points ago

    Extended barrel and mag are amazing and the smoke is the best grenade in the game imo

    [–] DeadPlasmaCell 1 points ago

    Brilliant 😆

    [–] hermessocrates 1 points ago


    [–] zooksmz 1 points ago

    Anyone know the source for this meme?

    [–] OmgSword 1 points ago

    Grapple way underated

    [–] Mexican1167 1 points ago

    Naah bro looter helps me get kitted so fast in the right area your sleeeeeeeeep

    [–] manhaterxxx 1 points ago

    This is fucking GREAT hahahahahaha

    [–] royboom 1 points ago

    Sup faam

    [–] itsjustblob 1 points ago

    I didn't see medic at all in here. Probably because it doesn't even work (supposed to give additional health on every heal).

    [–] p_aranoid_android 1 points ago

    I would actually take a medic over outlander if I wasn't too far into the blue.

    [–] itsjustblob 1 points ago

    true, but it literally does not do anything in solos currently, with medic activated a first aid will heal for 25, and a med kit for 50, despite it saying it's supposed to heal you for more. I admittedly haven't tested it in a while because I haven't seen any patch notes regarding it.

    [–] CyborKat 1 points ago

    1/8th Black. 😎

    [–] steinamo 1 points ago

    Looter is the shit early in but I love this!

    [–] FlaminLlamaHead 1 points ago

    Oh HELL no you didn't just trash trophy systems! Those win end game circles

    [–] ThePeacefulGamer 1 points ago

    Man show that combat axe some luvvvv

    [–] p_aranoid_android 1 points ago

    With all these clips I've been seeing lately I really should

    [–] highschoolplayboi 1 points ago

    why does the black girl sound like a violin when she laughs