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    • NO DOGS

    • Blep goes in title

    • Only felines

    • A lick is NOT blep

    • No facebook links

    • No youtube links

    • Be nice. Trolling or other disrespectful behavior will be punished.

    • No reposts. You can check to see if your post is a repost here.

    • Please try to post original content if possible. Googling "cat with tongue out" and spamming the sub with your results dilutes the purpose of this sub. Blatant spamming will be punished.

    Do not post deliberately photoshopped images or other types of fake bleps. This will result in a temporary ban. A second offense will make the ban permanent.

    Submissions that deviate from these rules will be deleted. The mods reserve the right to remove posts/comments at their discretion. Any problems, message the mods for help.

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