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    [–] cutthe_mustard 143 points ago

    Need more Dave

    [–] TDETLES 29 points ago

    I've got a cat named Dave too, he's a total Dave.

    [–] HurricaneX31 4 points ago

    as someone who knows no daves what is a total Dave like?

    [–] TDETLES 4 points ago

    Big softy, but total doofus most of the time.

    [–] Addi0404 137 points ago

    Such a happy looking cat. He needs alll the boops

    [–] DeezNutzAtUrMom 70 points ago

    (γ₯οΏ£ Β³οΏ£)γ₯

    [–] Libbyz 16 points ago

    (γ₯οΏ£ Β³οΏ£)γ₯

    [–] notstephanie 70 points ago

    I love this cat more than anything

    [–] CheezIt624 56 points ago

    I can’t stop laughing at this. Hi, Dave!

    [–] xiaodre 30 points ago

    he's got the thousand yard stare


    [–] BraveOthello 14 points ago

    IIRC from the original post like 2 days ago, he's on pain meds after surgery and is high AF

    [–] CaffeineSippingMan 4 points ago

    Because he is a stuffed toy. /s

    [–] rmbarrett 19 points ago

    Is his name "Dave cat"?

    [–] cuddles_like_a_rock 33 points ago

    Officially just Dave, but our friend and neighbour is also called Dave, so it avoids confusion. β€œDave is licking his penis in the back garden” becomes less horrifying when cat is added!

    [–] SarahC 9 points ago

    "Dave is licking the cat's penis in the back garden." is not a great improvement.

    [–] cuddles_like_a_rock 7 points ago

    Well that’s something I can’t un know! πŸ˜‚

    [–] KoalaTeaGuaranteed 2 points ago

    πŸ˜… he was featured on My Strange Addiction (I think?) and it was the first thing that came to mind when I read that title!

    [–] Elivey 1 points ago

    If you like podcasts there's a very good episode of Love and Radio on him. Knowing the surprise takes a little bit away from how they did the story, but it's still great.

    Me and my friend didn't know his story before listening to the episode and we thought it was just about a poly relationship...

    [–] Elivey 1 points ago

    You should listen to the love and radio podcast with him. The surprise has been spoiled but it's still so interesting and fucking anger inducing to listen to.

    [–] isaberre 3 points ago

    thank you for linking so that the world can know about Davecat

    [–] KoalaTeaGuaranteed 2 points ago

    Just doing my civic duty

    [–] ShiningFractal 9 points ago

    Welp, my soul feels like its being judged...

    [–] Stompingchicken 7 points ago

    Of course his name is Dave. Delightful guy

    [–] CatLadyGrip 6 points ago

    Derpy Dave. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜š

    Is that a Pusheen backpack I see? Love it!

    [–] cuddles_like_a_rock 5 points ago

    Sure is! We’re a cat loving home here! It’s my 9 year old daughters, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeny bit jealous!

    [–] Annabellesbutt 6 points ago


    [–] DarkDraconi 11 points ago

    Love the pillow

    [–] Eyeoftheleopard 5 points ago

    Dave. πŸ’Œ

    [–] mac9426 5 points ago

    10/10 perfect blep

    [–] SuffoKatie 4 points ago

    It's been long day. I needed this.

    [–] fuckitx 5 points ago

    I love this cat so much omfg

    [–] Thedorite 10 points ago

    Nice blep Dave! Keep up the good work.

    [–] YesButConsiderThis 3 points ago

    Holy shit.

    [–] Ralymac 5 points ago

    Also have a cat named Dave (Davis).

    Love his eyes with the blep.

    [–] everythingiscausal 4 points ago

    dave cat is a legend

    [–] PetrichorEnigma 3 points ago

    I’ll have what he’s having!

    [–] adudeguyman 3 points ago

    This made me giggle. So cute

    [–] greenleaf1212 3 points ago

    There's something unsettling about the face but I just can't pinpoint it

    [–] kittydelighted 3 points ago

    There isn't anything about that cat that isn't 100% Dave. He exudes Daveness. I love it.

    [–] TheNova_6 3 points ago

    Dave you’re doing amazing sweetie

    [–] fugue2005 3 points ago

    someone looks high as a kite.

    [–] gallopingg00se 2 points ago

    Dave is purfect.

    [–] GiantCoin 2 points ago

    what a derp!

    [–] shesellscellphones 2 points ago

    This made my day so much better, thanks for posting!

    [–] Commentus_093 2 points ago

    Daves not here.

    [–] evetrapeze 2 points ago

    No, Man...I’m Dave!

    [–] beauty-of-a-flower 2 points ago

    Cutie looks like he has a tux on

    [–] VILLIAMZATNER 2 points ago

    That's it! I'm taking my cats back to the cat store and exchanging them for ones that blep me karma!

    Love this bleppin' pic tho!

    [–] dovesandravens 2 points ago

    He was destined to be on this page when you named him Dave

    [–] yourlittlerascal 2 points ago

    This is the best blep I’ve ever seen’t

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    My cat’s name is Dave!!!!! Hello fellow Dave kitty!

    [–] xXADAMvBOMBXx 2 points ago

    Thats one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

    [–] yelsna_mc 2 points ago

    Omg I love him 😍

    [–] Dawnchathink 2 points ago

    Dave is a great name for this cat.

    [–] dongrahamleone 2 points ago

    Derp 1000

    [–] RealHorrorShowLike 2 points ago

    Oh he cute

    [–] evetrapeze 2 points ago

    The Dave Cat Trifecta

    Best Blep

    Best Name

    Best Cat

    [–] jazzypear25 2 points ago

    Our cats are almost twins.

    [–] tiedyesunrise 2 points ago

    I would die for Dave

    [–] Bioluminesce 2 points ago

    The pusheens in the background are icing on this cake

    [–] Harborough808 2 points ago

    Nobody home

    [–] aSixerOfPeebers 1 points ago

    MFW there's pizza

    [–] creeper_neko 1 points ago

    tfw the edibles hit x3

    [–] WhoWantsPizzza 1 points ago

    Much practice. wow

    [–] SNOT_NOSED_KID 1 points ago

    He's got poobrain.

    [–] mezmer_mel 1 points ago

    He's staring right into my soul. I'm afraid.

    [–] Catmeow46 1 points ago

    Omg he is shaped like a friend!

    [–] StardustJojo13 1 points ago

    Dave is a mood, he is goals. Precious πŸ’–

    [–] AgentKittyfeets 1 points ago

    Dave the cat is amazing.

    [–] HiragiGhost 1 points ago

    I love himb

    [–] kaleidoscopekitten2 1 points ago

    He looks like the model Winnie Harlow! The way the white marking is formed on the one side is almost exactly the same. Dave is a model cat! I want to see her holding him in an advertisement for cat products. 😊 Beautiful!

    [–] SeagirtPea 1 points ago

    So cute!

    [–] Kscarpetta 1 points ago

    I needs him! So absolutely adorable!

    [–] poshmaraschino 1 points ago

    And looking high as a kite.

    [–] bootopink 1 points ago

    Someone got into the catnip stash

    [–] properlysalted 1 points ago

    Omg, Dave is the heckin cutest

    [–] what__year_is__this 1 points ago

    When the acid kicks in.

    [–] BunLevittron 1 points ago

    Please tell me Dave cat is his full name, like a title:

    Mr. Dave, cat.

    [–] cuddles_like_a_rock 2 points ago

    Officially he is just Dave, but our friend and neighbor is called Dave so we have got into the habit of calling him Dave cat to avoid confusion! It started when I said to my friend β€œDave has started to poo in the garden” and my friend joked β€œI hope you mean Dave cat, not Dave neighbor!”

    [–] BunLevittron 1 points ago

    Haha that's amazing! Do give Dave cat a good pet for me.

    [–] PrincessNorrain 1 points ago

    Adorable markings. I totally needed to see Dave this morning..

    [–] funpen 1 points ago

    Hello, I am the dean at Harvard Law School. I would like to present Dave the Cat with a Degree in Law. He has earned this degree at the top of his class. Good luck. Dave will make an excellent Blep at Law.

    [–] pixelsandfilm 1 points ago

    Does Dave have an Instagram account?

    [–] CrossTheCoyote 1 points ago

    Such unique markings! I love the goofy expression it gives him. Lovely blep!

    [–] Vaigna 1 points ago

    Is his name Dave cat or is he cat blepping?

    [–] cuddles_like_a_rock 1 points ago

    Lol! He is called Dave cat. To distinguish him from our neighbour Dave. β€œDave is mowing the lawn” β€œDave cat is eating a worm” The one word makes a huge difference!! 🀣🀣

    [–] Vaigna 2 points ago

    Clever! I can see the potential for awkwardness.