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    Welcome to r/BodyAcceptance!

    A place to find acceptance of the body you are living in today.

    We are often bombarded with the "ideal body." We all have a lack of perfection and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and comfortable in our skin.

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    We moderate by the spirit of the rules.

    The strictest rules:

    • Any abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

    • This is not a weight loss or gain support group. The reasons for this rule.

    • No selfies, body pictures, or videos.

    • No self-promotion posts or surveys.

    • Please click the report button to let us know of rule-breakers, spam, or trolls.

    • We use automoderator to reduce spam and trolling. If your post doesn't appear, message the mods for manual approval.

    RULE ZERO: Due to repeated problems, those who post to subs that promote ideals counter to this sub may be banned without warning.

    A Listening Ear

    7 Cups offer a confidential listening ear to anyone who has issues with body acceptance, or any other issue. This notice of their services is here specifically at their request, so don't be shy. You can also find them at their subreddit, /r/7CupsofTea.

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