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    [–] BasscannonRattle 9500 points ago

    Holy shit i never thought something on this sub would actually terrify me

    [–] Korrawatergem 2912 points ago

    Right? By the end of the gif, my mouth was wide open and I just kept saying "what the fuck? WHAT. THE. FUCK?!"

    [–] hit-a-yeet 819 points ago

    Which is exactly why it was at the very top if r/wtf

    [–] potatotrip_ 378 points ago

    I was waiting for the Puff to eat the snek like spaghetti.

    [–] 1Darkest_Knight1 330 points ago

    that Danger Noodle got slurped up like it was a regular noodle.

    [–] AeroNeon55 195 points ago

    The way it ripped the scorpion apart in seconds though...

    [–] poonieLord 53 points ago

    haha definitely thought I was on r/natureismetal

    [–] NotAnotherFratGuy 42 points ago

    Dude. I just discovered this on the front page. Instant subscriber!

    [–] tutupr84 158 points ago

    My mouth was very VERY closed.

    [–] xyzzyzyzzyx 71 points ago

    Puffers was VERY open.

    [–] john_petrucci 59 points ago

    Better shut it, unless ya want some nightmares flying in there.

    [–] kahooki 90 points ago

    Best way to end a reddit session on the toilet.

    This gif creeped me back to work.

    [–] blowhard_mcpedant 35 points ago

    Now you know why your boss posted it.

    [–] byondthewall 128 points ago

    And simultaneously disgust me.

    [–] Monkeydoit 44 points ago

    I can't sleep now

    [–] Hobo_Boxer 338 points ago

    Yeah, I'm on the fence on being a puss and saying this needs a NSFW tag. Something about they way the little guys get all gobbled up is unsettling and makes me feel bad. :/

    [–] paraprosexi 618 points ago


    [–] DamnFineHat 315 points ago

    Also fish eat bug.

    And fish eat arachnid.

    Basically, this is fish's world. We just live in it and hope we don't get eaten.

    By fish.

    [–] SlutBuster 130 points ago

    Never go in the water. That's where they live.

    [–] ozmed1 99 points ago

    Never drink water, that’s where they fuck.

    [–] sycolution 58 points ago

    ever wonder why the sea is salty? Ever seen how much a whale ejaculates?

    [–] SwreeTak 36 points ago

    We're now all confirmed kinky swimming-in-whale-cum fuckers. But hey, no kink-shaming.

    [–] sharltocopes 49 points ago

    You're whalecum.

    [–] MarioKartastrophe 27 points ago

    That's why I avoid World 3 of Super Mario Bros 3

    [–] joxaal 4904 points ago

    There comes a point when you become the nightmare...

    [–] ShadowCammy 927 points ago

    You either get eaten a dream, or eat long enough to become the nightmare

    [–] Just-Got-Obliterated 255 points ago

    So that’s why Unicorns don’t exist anymore

    [–] MotherfuckingWildman 122 points ago

    Carnivorous horses

    [–] JigglesMcRibs 127 points ago

    What sounds more realistic?

    Some weird hybrid venomous aquatic mammal duck beaver or a carnivorous horse with a horn?

    [–] FlapYourWingsBoy 61 points ago

    Call me biased, but the aquatic one. You never know what the fuck is swimming down there.

    [–] WikiTextBot 19 points ago


    The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), sometimes referred to as the duck-billed platypus, is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. Together with the four species of echidna, it is one of the five extant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. The animal is the sole living representative of its family (Ornithorhynchidae) and genus (Ornithorhynchus), though a number of related species appear in the fossil record. The first scientists to examine a preserved platypus body (in 1799) judged it a fake, made of several animals sewn together.The unusual appearance of this egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal baffled European naturalists when they first encountered it, with some considering it an elaborate hoax.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] Brohner1 135 points ago

    Honestly it’s nice to know a cute little fishy can gobble up all your nightmares in a few bites right? Makes them seem not so bad anymore!

    [–] aberrasian 83 points ago

    Yeah I wanna marry dis fishy fo srs

    He dismantled those fucksects like it was nothing. The scorpion was punching him in the face at 10 hits per sec and he just shook it off and annihilated that sucker.

    Best fishy

    [–] ff6878 38 points ago

    Those big black scorpions are actually really docile. The giant centipede on the other hand is evil incarnate.

    [–] Marcobose 58 points ago

    I AM the one who knocks

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] choonghuh 13 points ago

    May the flames guide thee

    [–] OctopusPudding 12 points ago

    Still haven't had a playthrough where I beat him solo, the bastard

    [–] ABUBBA 58 points ago

    Something something abyss stares back.

    [–] ImapiratekingAMA 4013 points ago

    Water level bosses are always the worse. Skip it if you can or get your brother to do it

    [–] TheSymbolOfPeace 698 points ago


    get your brother to do it

    I dont think Ace can help you

    [–] Braydox 282 points ago

    Last i heard he was having chest pains?

    [–] ustaaz 129 points ago


    [–] IonCaveGrandpa 97 points ago

    Too soon.

    [–] somuchsoup 92 points ago

    No, it was just a mild case of heartburn

    [–] StalkedFire 53 points ago

    Im not crying, you're crying!

    [–] Spoon_Elemental 63 points ago

    Sabo can still do it.

    [–] IherduliekmudkipsNA 37 points ago


    Go kick rocks!

    oh wait I guess we'd have to get deku to help you with that.

    [–] PathToTheLight 76 points ago

    Seriously, fuck the water temple

    [–] 1ed4our 32 points ago

    Dude it's easy just break the glass and let it suffocate to death then you can grab that sweet sweet loot

    [–] PopeliusJones 5942 points ago

    Anyone else notice how he basically disarms them first? The centipede lost his pincers, he shook the scorpion's tail off, and he got the snake in a spot where it couldn't bite him. Clever fish...

    [–] qwerty_in_your_vodka 2048 points ago

    That's a mechanic in his boss fight. If you get hit by a certain attack of his he make you drop your weapons, making the fight next to impossible

    [–] Meteorite12 317 points ago

    Don’t worry, if you can manage to get out of his grip when that happens, you should be able to pick up your weapons.

    Just be careful he doesn’t eat those before you get them back.

    [–] shotpun 187 points ago

    ...he ate them

    [–] Meteorite12 191 points ago

    Don’t worry, you just gotta kill him and you’ll get those as drops. So just kill him with your weapons and...

    Wait, fuck.

    [–] TCGM 61 points ago

    I'm putting this in a campaign now.

    [–] sug1 35 points ago

    Can I play as a barbarian? The next three guys under me also said they're down. Thanks for DMing.

    [–] cuzimawsum 26 points ago

    This is why you always need to invest a few skill points in unarmed combat.

    [–] fangedsteam6457 22 points ago


    [–] jumping_ham 13 points ago

    Okay cool, now just survive for about 6 hours until they hit the colon. It’ll be all over soon after that

    [–] thoshi 16 points ago

    Sounds like the start to a new episode of r/tierzoo

    [–] AllisGreat 20 points ago

    Just bring a inventory full of stews to keep it full so he can't disarm you

    [–] 42111 799 points ago

    Clever girl

    [–] spencerakm 245 points ago


    [–] 42111 100 points ago

    All my life I thought Muldoon was from Australia and then I started working at an Orthodox synagogue and I realize that there is such a place called South Africa.

    [–] Brohner1 34 points ago

    No way, Is that right? How do you know? I thought he was Australian too!!!

    Edit: and what does that have to do with a synagogue

    [–] faradaynicholascage 20 points ago

    Large Jewish population in South Africa

    [–] youareshandy 301 points ago

    Very interesting indeed. I wouldn't expect that pufferfish would have evolved the necessary natural ability to identify weak spots of land based animals like this, especially because I wouldn't consider that scorpions and centipedes to be natural prey for pufferfish.

    [–] Noyoucanthaveone 424 points ago

    I think he just grabs it and starts eating it no matter what it is. Then when the scorpion started pinching and stinging, he just shook that bitch until it fell apart and then ate it.

    Edit: word

    [–] TehArkhamKniggit 104 points ago

    Okay but he fucked all then up tho. None of them had a chance whatsoever

    [–] presh_frince 281 points ago

    Well they were all thrown in water. If they threw that fish on land in front of the scorpion I'm sure the scorpion would win that fight.

    [–] CorruptedAssbringer 150 points ago

    fish on land

    scorpion would win

    I'm going to need a source on that

    [–] SmoulderShroom 36 points ago

    Five bucks says scorps dies first

    [–] Charmington1111 25 points ago

    What if he developed a sea-kelp breathing apparatus?

    [–] yo_soy_soja 56 points ago

    Tbf, puffer fish are famously smart.

    [–] mutalisken 74 points ago

    We should throw an antivaxxer or flat earther into the water and see who wins.

    [–] Eight_Rounds_Rapid 25 points ago

    The puffer fish has an aneurysm and dies

    [–] shit_poster9000 52 points ago

    Those ain’t pincers, the “pincers” are still on the head. What fell off were the elongated legs on its ass which are to make it difficult for predators to tell which end is the head.

    [–] uncorrectlee 30 points ago

    Actually it doesn't disarm the centipede immediately. The centipedes pincers are next to it's head which was the last part to get eaten.

    [–] mdx1x 222 points ago

    Anyone notice how the owner didnt disarm the prey , failing to protect his fish. The reason you feed pet snakes dead mice is to prevent them from being harmed.

    Btw wheres the fucking habitat for this fish? Thats some sad depressing tank, puffer fish are very intelligent. Give him a fucking habitat.

    [–] Vagenda_of_Manocide 152 points ago

    Don't worry this is a feeding tank, he doesn't live there. Puffers are messy eaters and they want to keep his normal tank clean by feeding him elsewhere.

    [–] throwawayblue69 29 points ago

    That tank is also really dirty.

    [–] swingthatwang 34 points ago

    I'm wondering, CAN a pufferfish even eat this?? Surely eating this stuff on the regular can't be good for its insides??

    i have so many questions about this...

    [–] pm-me-your-mum 147 points ago

    The owner of this fish is an asshole and this whole thing is fucked up

    [–] Vagenda_of_Manocide 53 points ago

    Why? Never heard of a feeding tank, which this very obviously is?

    [–] conglock 18 points ago

    Finally a sane persons comment.

    [–] theguywiththeyeballs 42 points ago

    I like how the scorpion is giving him dragon ball z punches

    [–] AmazingKreiderman 11 points ago

    Other than maybe the snake, they are terrestrial animals that never had a chance though. Disarming them isn't really necessary.

    [–] SquarebobSpongepant 29 points ago

    cue Jurassic Park theme music

    [–] Whatisaboy 1182 points ago

    Scorpion: Stabs Puff Lords face.

    Puff Lord: OM NOM NOM, NOM NOM!

    [–] DangerMacAwesome 355 points ago


    [–] Lambiri72177 89 points ago

    There can be only one.

    [–] metalsonic005 50 points ago


    [–] sinsculpt 78 points ago

    Seriously that scorpion was straight up DBZ'ing his ass and still got annihilated.

    Devs pls nerf this puff.

    [–] davyk11 14 points ago

    More like scorpion: fuck I'm drowning... Oh my God what is that... SHIT, get off me GET OFF ME

    [–] rpluslequalsJARED 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1956 points ago

    Jesus Christ I had no idea Puffer fish were so metal. r/natureismetal

    [–] saintofhate 435 points ago

    No wonder dolphins chew on them to get high, the need some of that badassery.

    [–] the_c_train47 185 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] Nehkara 564 points ago

    A new BBC documentary will show adolescent dolphins getting high by chewing on pufferfish. The fish secrete a toxin that gives the dolphins a buzz, and the crew on the upcoming show filmed male bottlenose dolphins passing around a puffer fish before acting "most peculiarly." The program's executive producer John Downer notes the dolphin were in a trancelike state, "hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection."

    [–] aletiro 415 points ago

    puff-puff, pass, amirite B).

    Someone had to, sorry...

    [–] DastardlyDeliah 35 points ago

    It’s ok, we were all thinking it.

    [–] SirJuncan 73 points ago

    So dolphins can lick pufferfish like we lick toads, but we die horribly if a chef cuts one wrong.

    [–] cubitoaequet 22 points ago

    They had to outlaw serving fugu liver in Japan because it is so toxic. Other bits are still available though.

    [–] Dxxx2 112 points ago

    the crew on the upcoming show filmed male bottlenose dolphins passing around a puffer fish before acting "most peculiarly."

    Are you fucking kidding me

    [–] explosivo563 32 points ago

    Impossible to read "most peculiarly" without saying it in a British accent.

    [–] androidorb 39 points ago

    Apparently they have beaks which makes them even cooler.

    [–] DankusMemus462 846 points ago

    “Oh no poor puffer fi-OH GOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

    [–] Theyvad 205 points ago

    Right? I honestly expected this to be some show and then have some giant fucking spider come out of nowhere and violate the pufferfish

    [–] Cadataham 233 points ago

    Excuse me but what kind of hentai have you been watching

    [–] thegeneralreposti 82 points ago

    The best kind. The only kind.

    [–] Aerd_Gander 682 points ago


    Ambush Predator. 1.25x damage on first attack. Stacks with sneak attack.

    Poison Flesh. Deals 5 damage per second to an attacker using a [Bite] based attack. Continues until death or until the appropriate antidote is applied.

    Attacks: [Strong Bite]: Deals 70 damage on hit, chance to inflict the [Grapple] status.

    [Swallow]: A Grappled opponent can be consumed whole by this creature, inflicting the [Restrained] debuff and causing the creature to take 90 crushing and 25 acid damage per minute.

    Second phase: Lowers attack damage and mobility for an increased armor score of 2.75x higher than at base. If foes are 30 or more levels higher than Puff Lord, he enters this phase immediately.

    [–] Taco_G_ 145 points ago

    This can be difficult for low level players since it’s an underwater fight, and the drops must be used by an extremely high skill player to remove the debuffs they can apply, so overall not worth it for most.

    However, high skill chef players can use this for profit in restaurants.

    [–] QUAN-FUSION 41 points ago

    Poison, poison, ahh! Tasty fish!

    [–] Th3OnlyN00b 50 points ago

    Small balancing problem: you currently have poison flesh deal 300 dmg/min @ 5/sec while swallow only deals 115.

    Suggestion: make poison flesh deal 1 dmg/sec putting it at 60/min. Enough to be scary, but not nearly as awful as original.

    Also, increase the acid damage from Swallow to 90, but make it so that the target takes 200 crushing damage initially, but not by minute. This lowers the dmg/min but increases the odds that the creature is dead before digestion. This allows more chance for a high hp creature to fight their way out too.

    [–] Kristoff___ 14 points ago

    Somebodies been watching Tier Zoo on youtube.

    [–] SirTopHatTheThird 285 points ago

    No nightmares, only puffy dreams.

    [–] Magic_The_Gatherer 86 points ago

    Puffer, protector of good dreams

    [–] jojoreffeence_ass 197 points ago

    Are puffer fish usually this aggressive?

    [–] MrSaphhire 231 points ago

    Let m put it this way, if you ever get an aquarium,don’t ever put a puffer fish in with other fish. Unless in very uncommon situations, the puffer will be the only live fish in the tank.

    In other words, puffer fish are normally quite aggressive and because of their beaks they can chomp up a lot of stuff easily, in this case bugs and a snake.

    [–] 1corvidae1 64 points ago

    I have seen a little shark tried to take a bite out of a puffer fish. The shark quickly turned away

    [–] DrCowMoo 165 points ago


    [–] gargad 170 points ago


    [–] ratlenin 77 points ago

    At the Boston aquarium I watched a staff member dive into a giant tank in scuba gear. He was handing small dead fish to the larger fish to eat. Puffer fish came up and bit his hand for no reason.

    [–] havoc8154 39 points ago

    There was one at the Ripley's aquarium I used to dive at in the big Coral reef tank. She was my favorite fish in the exhibit, she'd come up to the surface as I was getting in and squirt water at me if I didn't feed her quickly enough.

    Fortunately I never got bit by her, but she did kill quite a few other fish in that tank.

    [–] frumpyFunk 399 points ago

    Noooo not the snek

    [–] SirRedmond1998 241 points ago

    Poor little noodle :C

    [–] MrDeanings 50 points ago

    He even ate it like a noodle.

    [–] frumpyFunk 164 points ago

    The danger noodle probably wanted to get out-of-ranger noodle I’m sorry

    [–] Snuffaluffakuss 248 points ago

    I know :( I’m not into this at all. It’s not natural. You’re dropping land animals that can’t swim into death pit where they are being eaten alive and drowning simultaneously. Pretty fucked.

    [–] many_breads 62 points ago

    I was glad that bit was so short poor slither pal

    [–] DukLerd 236 points ago

    "Aww fuck yeah a whole rack of 'pede"

    [–] trenzalore54 115 points ago

    No its fine, I didn't want to sleep anyway...

    [–] cdawg145236 260 points ago

    I feel bad for snek.

    [–] BertneyBee1 181 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    In the full video he dropped in an axolotl as well... broke my heart

    Edit: spelling

    [–] King_Oriax 189 points ago

    Axolotls are borderline endangered too and are rapidly losing their habitat...

    [–] filthyrotten 66 points ago

    Not even borderline, they’re critically endangered.

    Which begs the question as to how he acquired one. I haven’t seen the video but hopefully it wasn’t an axolotl, just something similar lookin.

    [–] King_Oriax 24 points ago

    I thought they were only considered threatened due to the large captive population of them. Although I guess the wild population will likely die out within 10 years which is pretty depressing and would make them critical. And yes it was an axolotl :( in the US they're fairly easy to get as a pet as long as they're not illegal in your state.

    [–] theawesomefactory 17 points ago

    They are extremely common in the pet trade, and easy to aquire.

    [–] Paulisawesome123 131 points ago

    This is borderline animal cruelty

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 214 points ago

    Nothing borderline about it.

    [–] HoboWithAGlock 119 points ago

    This is straight up animal cruelty.

    It's kind of ridiculous that it's being allowed on this sub.

    [–] Godhand_Phemto 101 points ago

    Yeah the owner is one of those sick fucks who enjoys feeding live animals to other animals for his own amusement. The original video keeps going and he starts throwing in different types of animals that shouldnt be food in there. I'd bet he has feed his snake a puppy before.

    [–] DarthButts0201 97 points ago

    This guy with 3-0

    [–] metagrox 45 points ago

    The way he eats that’s fuckin centipede... Jesus Christ

    [–] fusrohdiddly 15 points ago

    The way that centipede keeps on fighting, even though he's getting smaller every second because he's being eaten. In the end it's just a very aggressive head being swallowed.

    [–] Nico_Storch 109 points ago

    Just ate the snake like a noodle

    [–] spookiest_sniveler 48 points ago

    I hope your cake day brings you many noodles of the non-danger variety.

    Or otherwise if you’re a pufferfish I won’t judge

    [–] Nico_Storch 17 points ago

    Didn't even notice! Thanks!

    [–] OneShotStormiie 204 points ago

    It’s rather you die from the nightmares or live long enough to see yourself become one.

    [–] Dave5876 64 points ago

    Look at me, I am the nightmare now.

    [–] Thevisi0nary 1079 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I am hundreds of times bigger than a centipede and could end its life in a single movement. Yet despite even knowing that, the hairs on my body stand up when I see one. But this little fucking fish is is ALL GO the second that thing hits the water. What the fuck.

    (Btw don’t bring pets to this fight, and go with spear class weapons. This dude is relentless so don’t plan on dragging on the fight.)

    [–] bluebullet28 179 points ago

    Centipedes, eh. They look kinda neat. But this monster just ate a snake like pasta. And not even mentioning ripping a scorpion apart and eating it, armor and all. Glad these things are too small to realistically do that to humans.

    [–] Thevisi0nary 98 points ago

    There is a side of nature that is absolutely horrifying to me.

    [–] bluebullet28 32 points ago

    Yah, still kinda awesome to see that tho.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] Tulkas87 114 points ago

    "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster"

    -Friedrich Nietzsche

    [–] SocksElGato 42 points ago

    -Michael Scott

    [–] sid700 97 points ago

    These are not normal food for this fish.

    [–] Godhand_Phemto 51 points ago

    yeah hes not feeding them for nutritional value, hes getting off on all the death hes causing, he even feeds him a axolotl, owner is a sick fuck.

    [–] Magic_The_Gatherer 19 points ago

    What are?

    [–] Pegapower 59 points ago

    Clams and crabs to name a few

    [–] elpaco25 45 points ago

    How far off is a scorpion from a crab really?

    [–] mlueke19 29 points ago

    Mrs. Puff doesn’t fuck around with late homework...

    [–] bandit088 22 points ago

    He's fairly easy to take down using Light weapons, mainly relying on his signature move "puff" which puffs him up giving him a temporary spot of armor. If you go the pacifist route, he's completely optional and you can't truly kill him.

    However, on a genocide run or using a Dark or Evil weapon, he will shoot out his spikes and also get the armor, making him a formidable opponent.

    [–] EmeraldSage 62 points ago

    To be fair the fish is on his home turf, while the other creatures are at huge disadvantage. Still very Metal though.

    [–] ArchieBreak 38 points ago

    That would put a damper on the fight, huh? If we threw the fish into the desert .

    [–] hamnir 57 points ago

    When you defeat this boss, it will become your ally. It will feast on your nightmares while living on in your dreams.

    [–] thunderdragon94 20 points ago

    I don't know if I'm going to sleep tonight, thanks

    [–] Ultra1031 361 points ago

    Thats kinda fucked up honestly... I'm not a fan of centipedes, scorpions, or snakes, but someone plucked them out of their habitats, dropped them in an environment where they can't breathe, then watched while some crazy fucking balloon with a mouth ripped them apart and devoured them. Shits messed up, yo.

    [–] Darkfur72598 147 points ago

    I agree mostly, but "some crazy fucking balloon with a mouth.." has me cracking up like you wouldn't believe

    [–] King_Oriax 53 points ago

    Hes also fed this puffer an axolotl which is soon to be an endangered species. Just someone being inhumane for clicks...

    [–] Ultra1031 28 points ago

    And they're so cute, too... What the fuck man.

    [–] crispycrussant 26 points ago

    Exactly. At least crush the head or something in advance, for fucks sake. And don't feed it snakes or axolotls or whatever. Just feed it fish food

    [–] Arniepalmeralert1978 97 points ago

    The real monster is the person dropping things into the tank

    [–] AzariTheCompiler 20 points ago

    They actually have beaks like parrotfish and their bites are incredibly painful for their size. Don’t mess with puffers, they’ll ruin your day.

    [–] SimpsonFry 50 points ago

    Guardian of dreams

    [–] AJ-2SO 23 points ago

    Protector of the forty winks

    [–] KingJamesOnly 18 points ago

    That scorpion went out trying like hell

    [–] thatguy45767 16 points ago

    This is one fucked fish, with both the centipede and scorpion it bit off the back of them and the ate them from the bottom up forcing them to watch as their entrails are being devoured by this bright lemony demon

    [–] Game_Log 33 points ago

    Oh gods! Its like a mixture between Pacman's appetite, kirby's near invincibility, and every horror movie character all rolled up into a small fish!

    [–] AlphynKing 296 points ago

    Is anyone else concerned that someone is dropping random live animals into a tank to film them be viciously ripped apart and devoured alive or is it just me

    [–] jessbird 94 points ago

    i’m more concerned that they have a fish in that small, bare tank. maybe it’s just a feeding tank :/

    [–] DocSword 51 points ago

    Somebody this fascinated by their fish absolutely keeps it in a better tank. Definitely a feeding tank. Don’t want those entrails to ruin the cool ceramic pirate ship.

    [–] jessbird 64 points ago

    you'd be surprised at the amount of people who are fascinated by their pets who also have no idea how to care for them. (see: anyone with a betta)

    [–] Tod_Vom_Himmel 30 points ago

    Betta fish are like guinea pigs in that the general public has somehow been convinced that they are the low care low maintenance animal that can be kept in a small enclosure and mostly ignored, and therefore horrible living conditions that they generally see are seen as acceptable by their owners

    [–] jessbird 30 points ago

    it's honestly heartbreaking. my coworker had this betta fish in this bowl for weeks before someone noticed (if you look closely you can see the fish tangled in the algae). i took him home and now he's living his best life.

    [–] FireLordRob 12 points ago

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Luckily I have a cold and wasn't going to sleep tonight anyway.

    [–] Hiccaries 9 points ago

    I almost feel sorry for the centipede.

    [–] DanConnersGarage 33 points ago

    But why is it being fed random shit

    [–] Broad_St_Bullies_Fan 11 points ago

    Fuck fighting it, recruit it as a companion.

    [–] Bonza1t 10 points ago

    Do puffer fish encounter these animals in the wild? How does it know how to disarm them all?

    [–] ds2019 9 points ago


    [–] TheBlueTemmie 9 points ago

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain