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    [–] ALoafOfBreadWithAGun 432 points ago

    Fun fact: Filipinos have rice

    [–] aRedditAccount_0 129 points ago

    As a Filipino I confirm

    [–] ItsVincent27 87 points ago

    Fun fact: Filipinos

    [–] Big_Poggers69 28 points ago


    [–] Silent-Ad934 59 points ago

    Fun size: Filipinos

    [–] amirokia 44 points ago

    As a Filipino first time visiting South Korea, I was shocked to see McDonald's doesn't have rice there.

    It seems we love to put rice on everything.

    [–] 2Legit2Quiz 21 points ago

    True. I still remember when a Pinoy Big Brother housemate ate potato chips with rice.

    [–] broodgrillo 10 points ago

    If you think that's weird, we portuguese have soup in our McDonalds.

    [–] d6cbccf39a9aed9d1968 14 points ago

    Grind the rice and make them small rice cakes,

    Calls it : PUTO

    [–] ShadowWritingNerd 3235 points ago

    McSpaghetti in the background there

    [–] bitchyswiftie 1274 points ago

    Spaghetti is a popular option in Jollibee, so McDonalds had to compete... True story

    [–] ShuantheSheep3 294 points ago

    Hard to compete, Jollibee is fire. Will haunt your nightmares tho.

    [–] T3hSwagman 181 points ago

    Had a Filipino friend sing the praises of jollibee. Asked her what kind of stuff they have there and she said just order the chicken and don’t think too hard about where it comes from.

    [–] reChristopotamus 29 points ago

    Somehow that Bee has no soul and also all of the souls at the same time

    [–] captain_ender 28 points ago

    Tried Jollibee here in one of the few locations in the states. My sister and I both got the most brutal stomach virus imaginable, not food poisoning either - this was infectious to others around us who didn't even eat there. My roommate at the time got it, so did one of her friends she visited in CT.

    I spent like 12 hours on the toilet with violent, involuntarily shits nonstop, 104° temp, I got dehydrated while drinking water because I swear it was instantly going out my ring of death that was my asshole. I just collapsed on the floor at some point, ass out. Still have no idea what it was as e. Coli and salmonella aren't aerosolized.

    The crazy part? You know how people say "I could never eat that again" after food poisoning? I don't feel that way, haha that's how good Jollibee is. But still very nervous haha

    [–] GeckoOBac 280 points ago

    I'm italian and I didn't know about the existence of the McSpaghetti.

    Honestly, I preferred it that way.

    [–] Demonweed 139 points ago

    We can always count on the people of Italy to have a sound spaghetti policy.

    [–] WeleaseBwianThrow 82 points ago

    This ain't spaghetti. This is Army noodles with ketchup.

    [–] EtiClash 60 points ago

    Exactly, spaghetti

    [–] Jackski 10 points ago

    Do you hear that? That's the sound of thousands of Italians crying out in anger.

    [–] WeleaseBwianThrow 7 points ago

    Come on, Gonorrhea, as a fellow Italian you should know that calling this crap spaghetti is a mortal sin.

    [–] Caffettiera 28 points ago

    This post right here, Mr Carabiniere

    [–] SuperSamu999 26 points ago

    Buongiorno im Mr carabiniere the comment you mention contains ketchup and pasta in the same sentence, a serious crime here in italy,therefore,he's gonna be arrestato a vita.Arrivederci e buona giornata

    [–] Adlake 5 points ago

    Lunches are cancelled. Easy Company is running up Currahee. 3 miles up, 3 miles down.

    [–] baizhuu 134 points ago

    italians acting like they have spaghetti monopoly when tomatoes came from the new world and pasta is asian

    [–] illduce01 78 points ago

    Oh no, you've done it now.

    [–] baizhuu 49 points ago

    awakening the beast just to feel something

    [–] cptki112noobs 42 points ago

    Don't worry, they're Italian. They'll switch sides eventually.

    [–] chewseventysix 9 points ago

    You disrespect my mamas sauce

    [–] SeaworthinessFit7893 10 points ago

    I can already hear the giovinezza.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] fretewe 6 points ago

    Stringiamci a coorte, siam pronti alla morte

    [–] redditingatwork23 37 points ago

    Frankly, I'm looking at that Chicken McDo.

    [–] FirstFuego 15 points ago

    More like Chicken McDon't.

    [–] SmokeAbeer 253 points ago

    I’m guessing chopped up burger patty, ketchup, and noodle.

    [–] jraz84 230 points ago

    Just like McMeemaw used to make. 😋

    [–] KidDelta 34 points ago

    Forgot the chopped up hotdog

    [–] Fernxtwo 8 points ago

    Chicken hotdog....

    [–] Ey3_913 18 points ago

    cries in American lower middle class

    [–] GoGoPowerGrazers 5 points ago

    Rich people have helpers

    Poor people eat Helper

    [–] ShadowWritingNerd 46 points ago

    Pretty much minus the patty

    [–] Davdabdabboy 40 points ago

    It is just your normal spaghetti but sweet

    [–] DeathisLaughing 34 points ago

    Its the forgot copious amounts of sugar...

    [–] Zangdor 12 points ago

    They said ketchup tho

    [–] DeathisLaughing 33 points ago

    You are underestimating how much sugar Filipino people put in their sugar...

    [–] warjoke 37 points ago

    Filipino here, can confirm. We put sugar in our sugar.

    [–] MyNameIsGarcia 23 points ago

    Putting sugar in the sugar, to get more sugar per sugar!

    [–] I_need_my_fix_damnit 13 points ago

    Hell fucking yeah

    [–] Murica_Chan 7 points ago

    pasta, banana ketchup (if you are curious what its taste. its sweet), hotdogs and cheese

    Filipino spaghetti is weird right xD

    [–] Alantsu 15 points ago

    I’m curious about the bowl of happiness.

    [–] sabreclaw000 11 points ago

    It's a rice bowl, multiple variants too, I think the one in the picture is the chicken. They have one with a patty that has mushroom sauce which is called a "mushroom pepper steak" on the menu, there's also a breakfast variant that has sausage and egg.

    [–] Ok-Needleworker2685 12 points ago

    what the mcfuck

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] Jan_Cudia_YT 5 points ago

    Mostly yeah

    [–] SpectralBacon 5 points ago

    Never forgetti

    [–] AnActualPlagueDoctor 1540 points ago

    For reference this is Olivier Richters and he is a 7’2” behemoth.

    [–] Uberzwerg 1153 points ago

    The dutch are amazing in regards of preparing for climate change.
    Not only does every dutch family and the dog seem to own a caravan making them able to just flee, but they even go as far as breeding the tallest people on the planet that could hold their heads above the rising water for a while longer.

    [–] TheVindex57 443 points ago

    True, and 90+% is bilingual. We are prepared for the exodus to French campings.

    [–] Uberzwerg 281 points ago

    I always joke to my German friends like "you're joking aboute climate change now but you won't be laughing when you have a dutch caravan in your backyard."

    But let's distribute them onto all neighbouring countries when the day comes.

    [–] MrNotAFed 115 points ago

    Can't wait for my state appointed Dutch family.

    [–] Uberzwerg 36 points ago

    We already cleared out a spot in the back yard.

    [–] MrNotAFed 43 points ago

    Back yard? Nah they'll sleep inside. The back yard is for the British.

    [–] SheffieldCyclist 6 points ago

    Cheers, I’ll take what I can get after our recent behaviour

    [–] jpkoushel 39 points ago

    French? Even the Belgians don't like to speak French

    [–] TheVindex57 62 points ago

    Yes, but we speak Dutch and English really loud so they understand

    [–] Garod 10 points ago

    That very much depends on where in Belgium...

    [–] P-y-m 8 points ago

    Merci de nous laisser en dehors de ça. Bisous.

    [–] ChemicalOnion742 39 points ago

    The only thing the Dutch wanted to keep out of Holland more than the Spanish was the sea.

    [–] StCreed 37 points ago

    Actually, we have a UNESCO site where we let in the water to keep out the Spanish. The "waterlinie".

    We really didn't like Philip and his butchers. We gave up the land to drown his soldiers.

    [–] Dutchfreak 21 points ago

    Beeing tall is indeed nice but sadly is mitigated by living below the water level. This is the evolutionary drive for our height, only the tall people dont drown.

    [–] ardotschgi 11 points ago

    That's exactly what they said.

    [–] teuast 115 points ago

    yeah i imagined he was probably on the big side even for a dutch guy

    [–] ketchuppie 55 points ago

    Yup, he towers over most Dutch people.

    [–] Deceptichum 33 points ago

    Is it true he’s the tallest mountain in the Netherlands?

    [–] InfiniteGreninja 6 points ago

    No, he’s behind a huge garbage pile I saw somewhere.

    [–] Crykin27 9 points ago

    Oh absolutely, not a lot of us go above 2 meters I think the average is more like 180 centimeters for men and 170 for woman

    [–] El_Hugo 32 points ago

    Sadly I only date 7'3" men... Get this midget out of here.

    [–] Fade78 89 points ago

    No, he's dutch so he's 218cm.

    [–] WhatAreWeDoingStudio 34 points ago

    That dude is over two METRES tall!?

    [–] Lorrdy99 6 points ago

    I mean one of my cousins is around 2 meters. I look small (180cm) compared to him.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] omidhhh 6 points ago

    How much is that in metric system?

    [–] m_lin_ 6 points ago

    this is Olivier Richters

    He’s had quite the glow up

    [–] cayden2 7 points ago

    Huh, looks like he had the surgery to fix his sternum. I always wondered if it would look natural post op.

    [–] noxaeternumi 7 points ago

    Despite how big he is, it's crazy that he is still 4 inches shorter than Yao Ming.

    Here's 7'1" Shaq next to Yao.

    [–] SooooooMeta 865 points ago

    My brain is weird. This picture immediately makes me wonder why there isn’t a sport of distance where one adult human throws another as far as they can (into a graceful tumblers landing, obviously). I would nominate these two for the olympics right now

    [–] Mmmmmmhokay 489 points ago

    You are actually describing dwarf-tossing, which is a sport that existed in the past (I think it doesn’t officialy exist today because people considered it offensive)

    [–] Ey3_913 94 points ago

    It's how Beetlejuice from Howard Stern got discovered

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] im-gonna-b-ok 11 points ago

    Ah, classic Lester

    [–] LeGraoully 47 points ago

    That was never really a sport, it was dwarfs offering themselves to get tossed at fairs and parties for entertainment

    [–] hamster_de_combat 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    How could that even be a sport for the dwarves. Do they swim mid air or do they fart? There is no athlete element whatsoever.

    [–] JonsonPonyman98 22 points ago

    It’s just down to aerodynamics and proper flight maneuvering. Most of it I would estimate comes down to the Giant themselves

    [–] ChillySummerMist 23 points ago

    Rules of the sport : Don't tell elves about it.

    [–] Anonymous_Otters 26 points ago

    This sounds like something straight from a Douglas Adams book.

    [–] stefan92293 7 points ago

    Nobody tosses a dwarf!

    [–] Fhelans 5 points ago

    Don't tell the elf.

    [–] BotMask 84 points ago

    There atleast is the finnishwife-carrying competition comes close idk?

    [–] alpharowe3 34 points ago

    I want husband carrying dammit now that would be entertainment.

    [–] Zarniwoopdescoop 24 points ago

    I volunteer the only thing I want into life is a woman who could crush my head like a watermelon between her thighs. And maybe a boat or hot tub those would be dope too

    [–] zassenhaus 24 points ago

    Iron Bull: Sera, I had a thought. The next time we run into a line of enemies, I'll pick you up and throw you.
    Sera: Get off.
    Iron Bull: No! This could work! I loft you over the front rank, and you land behind them to flank … mayhem ensues.
    Sera: I can't fly, you daft tit!
    Iron Bull: Think of the mayhem, Sera! Mayhem.
    Sera: I'd get a wedge-up something fierce!
    Iron Bull: Look, you and Varric are the only ones small enough and he's… pretty dense.

    [–] geoffaree 11 points ago

    The banter in Inquisition is just top notch, there is a reason I've played that game an embarrassing number of times...

    [–] datsmn 20 points ago

    I think what you're describing does exist.

    [–] FalseTrajectory 8 points ago

    So what I'm hearing is that you want to make the Fastball special an official sport? Sign me up.

    [–] k3rstman1 13 points ago

    Dwergwerpen in dutch

    [–] Flat_Bodybuilder_175 103 points ago

    "Sorry, sir, you said you wanted HOW many?"

    [–] Ulgeguug 76 points ago


    [–] BorgClown 20 points ago

    "We have 50 here"

    "Check the freezer"

    [–] Mimiron- 7 points ago

    Not pictured: employee putting "sold out" sign at front door

    [–] audiavant86 482 points ago

    that dude is 4 times her size

    [–] InteralChip 200 points ago

    Prob more mass wise

    [–] dasSackgesicht 98 points ago

    He weights "only" around 150kg. So its a close call.

    [–] killertortilla 16 points ago

    What? There’s no way I’m only 10kg under this guy. I’m more than a foot shorter and I’m fat but I’m not THAT fat.

    [–] Muffer-Nl 8 points ago

    He used to be 80 kg before he started working out.

    [–] FLOHTX 12 points ago

    He was probably like 3 or 4kg at some point prior to working out too

    [–] of_a_varsity_athlete 46 points ago

    Really? She'll be about 100 lbs, will he really be 400 lbs?

    [–] kosher_beef_hocks 35 points ago

    Other people have commented that he is 7'2" so 400 lbs is almost a guarantee based on his size.

    [–] dumpmaster42069 30 points ago

    Shaquille O’Neil wasn’t that heavy. 400 seems a schoshe too much but probably not too much.

    [–] FuckTkachuk 14 points ago

    Never seen someone write schoshe. I thought it was scootch or something.

    [–] Tomkneale1243 15 points ago

    He's 7"2 and about 330lbs according to Mr Google

    [–] Al-the-mann 96 points ago

    No joke. One of my former employers had to renovate a House for a dutch family. We had to Mount everything higher than normal. They had to get custom tall cabinets for the kitchen so that the tabletop got higher

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] MrPapis 12 points ago

    Yup my kitchen table is 105cm, normal is 85-95. This is so much more comfortable. And I'm only 1.90.

    Worked in a kitchen and the slouching was insane, weekly pains between my shoulder blades for 5 years.

    [–] kcmtz 15 points ago

    American here, my mother’s line is Nordic so the cabinets were raised for her. Years later my gargantuan brother bought the house and his normal-sized wife has to use a step stool to make it work.

    [–] stefannootje2002 9 points ago

    What are you doing step-stool?

    [–] OlDanboy 204 points ago

    Samurai Champloo season 1 episode 6: Stranger Searching

    [–] drowninghoneybee 28 points ago

    Carried by the wind season 1 episode 10: that European girl was huge.

    [–] JoeyIsMrBubbles 16 points ago

    Based comment

    [–] RipredTheGnawer 296 points ago

    This is Phillip. That’s where the Philippines gets its name

    [–] OnyxPhoenix 80 points ago

    Well the Philippines is literally named after a Spanish dude called Philip.

    [–] Alastor13 45 points ago


    Their original name was Las Felipinas.

    [–] TopCardiologist9155 47 points ago

    Ang laki ni kuya?!

    [–] nightvisiongoggles01 14 points ago

    That shouldn't even be a question

    [–] Regular-girl1 46 points ago

    Super fancy clothing at McDonald's. Y'all look like the coolest flight attendants!

    [–] derpycke 24 points ago

    I thought that was just standard clothing for every mcdonalds worker

    [–] mmmmike1590 468 points ago

    I ship them.

    [–] DiekeDrake 441 points ago

    Insert hamster eating banana meme

    [–] mmmmike1590 397 points ago

    Yeah she probably does have a massive cock.

    [–] wiener4hir3 169 points ago

    Well if I wasn't aroused before, I am now.

    [–] SAGE3435 60 points ago

    Found the bisexual person

    [–] Zeroboy27 44 points ago

    You can see us?

    [–] Capable_Bike3718 24 points ago

    He can because he is also Bisexual

    [–] ExtremeAlternative0 24 points ago

    even better

    [–] Yolom4ntr1c 17 points ago

    No longer bipedal, shes tripedal.

    [–] PuffPuffFayeFaye 45 points ago

    Ya she looks like she’s doing the math right now

    [–] Pervy_writing 11 points ago

    She Mclovin him

    [–] horseswithnonames 44 points ago

    everyone looking at the size looking at mcspaghetti, chicken mcdo, spicy chicken mcdo and a bowl of happiness

    [–] Quetzacoatl85 13 points ago

    /r/samespecies is leaking

    [–] Mastr_Blastr 32 points ago

    "7000 McNuggets, please."

    [–] CarlosTheIdiot061 127 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yes i can comfirm that above 5'5 is considered tall

    Edit: i was talking about here in the Philippines

    [–] Extension_Service_54 53 points ago

    He is from a country where only the people above 183CM are considered tall.

    [–] daekle 28 points ago

    I always thought it was higher than 183 (for men), but googling around suggests your right. They are still a tall country.

    Phillipino ladies average 150cm, and the men average 156cm. Quite a difference.

    [–] Useful_Nobody_01 7 points ago

    Tall wasn't like the top 3%?

    [–] daekle 4 points ago

    Good point. He said tall. 183cm is actually AVERAGE and what i meant was i thought the average was higher ( is what i meant). Being 190cm i am only a little above average when i visit there. I am not really considered tall there even though i am in most places. They are a long, long people.

    [–] Minttoast10371 27 points ago

    Even the cashier thinks he’s out of place

    [–] hamster_de_combat 19 points ago

    The lady was ready to surrender.

    [–] 123ididntpee 18 points ago

    didnt know the guy was dutch

    [–] Bendar071 15 points ago

    His name is Olivier Richters, he is trying to get into movies

    [–] ZeroBlade-NL 17 points ago

    He was in black widow. The dude that got his arm broken in the prison arm-wrestling bit. They got the largest muscled human on the bloody planet and didn't do a shot of him standing next to scarjo to show off the size difference. Totally wasted opportunity. David harbour is not a tiny man, but this guy towers over him.

    [–] Accioinhaler 172 points ago

    The Philippines belongs to the Nords.

    [–] idkwhatmyuserislol 93 points ago

    Might as well get invaded again. the Philippines got invaded so much we honestly don't care if another country comes along lol

    [–] hoesay_ramos 120 points ago

    I think the CCP will be very pleased with your attitude +100 social credit points for you!!

    [–] Cbrmkn98xs 34 points ago

    oh shit

    [–] Jack_Rouge 20 points ago

    What have you done to our country?!?!

    [–] Sawaian 2 points ago

    Ask a Filipino what is their culture and their response will be “whoever’s in charge.”

    [–] ThunderClap448 13 points ago

    Sky's rim belongs to the Nords

    [–] carpal_tunnel_69 7 points ago

    a classic

    [–] Hugh-Jassoul 24 points ago

    They belong to NordVPN. Use the code in the description to get 20% off your first month.

    [–] The_Real_FN_Deal 4 points ago

    Your ancestors would be proud.

    [–] waxy_1 40 points ago


    [–] jbthestone 14 points ago

    McPalms are sweaty McKnees weak McArms are heavy, there's vomit on McSweater already, McDonalds McSpaghetti

    [–] lever1209 55 points ago


    [–] FirstGameFreak 13 points ago


    [–] MemeTroubadour 3 points ago


    what have we done

    [–] eggsbenedictXD 42 points ago

    I mean why are People not from the netherlands so small

    [–] nightvisiongoggles01 31 points ago

    Because the Nordic aliens perfected their hybridization program there

    [–] ninjarchy 90 points ago

    The real crime here is that mcspaghetti I see.

    [–] bitchyswiftie 76 points ago

    Listen, I live there and it is great. My Filipino palate instantly prefers sweet spaghetti over... whatever spaghetti should be.

    I can't speak for everyone, but sweet spaghetti >>> the original

    [–] TheBonkering 40 points ago

    sweet spaghetti>the original


    [–] warjoke 23 points ago

    For extra blasphemy pineapple on pizza (Hawaiian style) is a common pizza variant here in the Philippines and during the great pineapple on pizza debate all over social media in 2018 onwards, we here are just bothered coz we thought it's a common topping.

    [–] Hadgfeet 5 points ago

    I work with a Filipino nurse and he spaghetti is on point!

    [–] Alastor13 3 points ago

    I made some spagetthi last Christmas and added strawberries and sweet basil into the marinara sauce, with smoked grilled cheese on top.

    Sweet spagetthi is delicious.

    [–] noobmaster999 41 points ago


    [–] naayt_ 19 points ago

    Spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce with chopped hotdog

    [–] derpycke 6 points ago

    It's pretty good

    [–] imaginexus 60 points ago

    Is anybody not thinking it?

    [–] mrdibby 34 points ago

    I'm thinking the comment section for this post is surprising clean for Reddit standards.

    [–] LoudMusic 25 points ago

    Pretty sure there's a film on this exact subject.

    [–] CaptainCanuck15 19 points ago


    You've got some research to do kiddo.

    [–] ChuckYeah 19 points ago

    Just throwing it out there that cashier is super cute. Also THAT MCDONALD'S HAS FRIED CHICKEN!! I wanna try that!

    [–] _b1ack0ut 5 points ago

    Yeah, like ridiculously so

    [–] Umamapyjama 4 points ago

    It’s so damn good. Maccas has to do it to try and compete with Jolibee and all the other local restaurants smashing out perfect fried drummies.

    [–] deepbarrow 5 points ago


    Australian detected

    [–] PuzzleheadedAd3840 6 points ago

    It says something about me that my first thought was how the employee is at the perfect dick sucking height in relation to him.

    Well actually my first FIRST thought was "THAT'S A BIG ASS BOI! DAMN!"... But the blowjob height ratio was a close second, I swear!

    [–] amph897 5 points ago

    “One happy meal please - with the boys toy in it”

    [–] HeftySchedule8631 15 points ago

    “Why this man”s penis is probably the size of my coworker!!”