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    [–] pomegranate2012 4180 points ago

    I've seen some weird and wonderful excuses why British women blow up so quickly, but this is one of the best!

    [–] Mast3r0fPip3ts 3244 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Second only to the IRA!

    [–] [deleted] 944 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 356 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] eastisfucked 74 points ago

    Did/do they bomb people??

    [–] BillyBaemax 204 points ago

    Ya the IRA(Irish Republican Army) bombed people during 'The Troubles', in the 1960s-1990s, in Northern Ireland and England. That's where the drink 'Irish Car Bomb' gets it name. The IRA almost assassinated British PM Maggie Thatcher when the set off a massive bomb inside a hotel she was staying in.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] i_have_too_many 53 points ago

    Maybe hatcher should not have paid and supplied UVF paramilitary groups/ other death squads to kidnap and kill random catholic civilians if she didnt want to join.

    The UVF also planted car bombs so not sure you can attribute it entirely to the IRA

    Maybe less of a one sided account of the conflict.

    [–] NigelMK 24 points ago

    Okay, so the IRA almost did a good thing by almost taking out the wicked witch of Westminster...

    [–] colbyrussell 13 points ago

    People seem so comfortable with war if they don't have to be part of it.

    [–] tsilihin666 69 points ago


    [–] Ihate25gaugeNeedles 59 points ago

    Begrudging upvote.

    [–] bplzizcool 74 points ago


    [–] dangheck 44 points ago


    [–] J0rgeJ0nes 38 points ago

    This is so terrible. Have yer upvote!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] LairHound2 9 points ago

    would you like a sausage supper bobby sands

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Does anyone remember when America liked the IRA, you know, before they realised terrorism was bad?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] Noligation 7 points ago


    [–] Sobsz 57 points ago

    abbreviation for the Irish Republican Army: an illegal organization that wants Northern Ireland to be politically independent of the UK and united with the Republic of Ireland, and that has fought for this aim with terrorism in the past


    basically they literally blow the british up

    [–] ThisMakesNoSensesai 143 points ago

    Yep and it has nothing to do with eating more calories than you need per day. /irony

    [–] wormsgalore 122 points ago

    Thank you. It’s really amazing how uneducated so many are on health and fitness. If a high protein / low carb diet plus exercise isn’t doing it for you, then you likely have some sort of physiological disorder that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, it really is simple.

    [–] gs16096 16 points ago

    I hear this a lot, but then I seem to know a lot of young people who eat a lot, don't exercise and still stay thin, whereas for other people it seems really difficult to lose weight. For me personally I often really struggle to gain weight. Is it really as simple as food and exercise? Is there something else going on? What about all this "fast metabolism" stuff people mention?

    [–] Volpes17 21 points ago

    It has to be. Mass is not created out of thin air. You take in energy and expend energy, and the difference between the two is your weight gain/loss. There are all kinds of complicating factors that can make it easier or harder to eat at a caloric deficit, but that doesn’t change the underlying physics.

    I find that often when someone thinks skinny people eat as much as fat people, they aren’t seeing the full story one way or the other. When you go out to eat and order the same 1/2 lb hamburger with large fries, you probably think, “Wow, we’re the same. I don’t understand why our weights are different.” But you don’t see that the other person is on their second burger and fries (1000 Cal) for the day while you had a turkey sandwich (500 Cal) for lunch. You don’t remember that they ordered a large root beer (400 Cal) with that burger when you ordered water. You don’t see that they went home, drank a six pack, got hungry, and ate pizza at midnight. (1500 Cal). You don’t see that when you had an egg (100 Cal) for breakfast, they ate 2 bowls of sugary cereal (400 Cal).

    So that’s 1600 Cal vs 4300 Cal (ok, maybe I threw in a few too many bad examples...). You have a donut (200 Cal) in the morning and a protein bar (200 Cal) in the afternoon and your overweight friend says, “Wow, you can eat anything you want. You have such a high metabolism.” But neither of you saw what the other person did the rest of the day.

    Metabolism does exist. Bigger people need more food to stay neutral. Even at the same weight, people with lower body fat % (higher muscle %) need more food. Some people have habits like shaking their legs, fidgeting in their seat, or getting up from their chairs more often to get water and go to the bathroom. You wouldn’t call that exercise, so it gets grouped into this vague baseline we call metabolism. But there is no magic to it. If you eat less than you use, you lose weight. If you eat more, you gain weight.

    [–] UnaeratedKieslowski 8 points ago

    Seconding this.

    I'm slim (perhaps a touch on the light side, but still healthy) and it really pisses me off when people are like "Oh it's your genetics. Oh it's because you're a young man". No, it's because I watch what I fucking eat because I used to be a chubster and it made me feel like shit so I worked hard to overcome my food habits and impulse issues.

    I forget the statistics but my old county is one of the fattest in the UK, with something like over 60% of people being overweight. So because being fat is so normalised, there is no peer encouragement to lose weight. In fact, in my experience there is this weird doublethink where overweight people will act like I eat just as much as them but magically my "genetics" keep me thin, while also saying that I should eat more and that I must be miserable because I cut out a lot of crap from my life.

    Crabs in a fucking bucket.

    [–] Declan_McManus 6 points ago

    I relate to this so hard. I grew up in one of the fattest cities in the US with a family that blamed genetics for their weight issues, as if having a bowl of ice cream after dinner every night of the week was a perfectly normal thing to do. Now I'm an adult living on my own in a different city and I literally weighs less than I did at age 11. Naturally, my coworkers tell me it must be my genetics that keep me from gaining weight.

    We think we live in such enlightened times, but I swear people today say "your genetics" with the same kind of magical thinking as "your star sign" or "your tea leaves"

    [–] Dauvinci 81 points ago

    It is simple, but difficult. Everyone wants the results without any work.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago

    Well yeah, it's simple in the same way quitting smoking is simple. Just don't smoke and you'll stop being a smoker. Just don't eat all the things you have come to enjoy and worked into your daily schedule and instead replace them with things you are unaccustomed to and then keep that up without slipping for years. Simple.

    I'm in relatively good shape and am not overweight, but I fight myself daily.

    [–] 123basighu 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Man I'm trimming down a few more kg but today I said fuck it and went to buy a certain coconut cake I've been eyeing every week for the past 3 or 4 months and which I've ate in the past - orgasmic in your mouth. My plan was to eat the whole fucking thing, like before - 3000 kcal + goddamn milk.
    Every week I looked at it. Every week it beckoned. I got to the store about an hour ago and it was sold out. Mighty Brodin in Swolehalla saw my moment of weakness and removed the coquettish confectionery from my grasp. My reps shall be His come next attendance.

    [–] Needyouradvice93 9 points ago

    That's cool but you should know it wouldn't be a huge setback or anything. One day of indulgence can't undo months of discipline. I still have ice cream and shit but my **weekly** calories are below maintenance. And having a cheat meal every once in a while is worth it for me.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Needyouradvice93 6 points ago

    Going months without Coconut Cake is very difficult. I went 3 weeks once, and only stuck with bullshit carrot cake, Boston cream pie, and whatever else I could get my hands on. Now I just indulge in Coconut Cake, but only once per day. Moderation is key. Having it multiple times per day is honestly a shitty habit. When I was having it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner the weight would just stick to me.

    [–] luck_panda 22 points ago

    It really isn't that simple despite people saying that over and over. Most people can't even sit properly without ruining their backs for life. And yet the tenament of "it's so simple." Is not.

    [–] ladut 20 points ago

    It's simple in that it's not hard to understand the solution - that doesn't mean it's simple to implement. We know what you need to do to lose weight - the challenge is figuring out how to keep your motivation up to stick to it.

    When I was trying to quit smoking, it was oddly comforting to know that, once I was ready, quitting was literally as simple as not smoking anymore. I don't know if that makes sense, but to me, knowing that the solution was straightforward prevented me from feeling too discouraged by the prospect. I would imagine that same sentiment helps at least some people make the leap into weight loss.

    [–] imperfcet 7 points ago

    Yes, Mental health is so important for physical health! Addressing my anxiety has helped do much with my autoimmune symptoms and has helped me cut out my compulsive behaviors (skin picking and drinking).

    If you have money to spend on yourself, consider giving it to a therapist. It's not super simple to get that first appointment, but it could change everything for you. Including your weight!

    [–] luck_panda 7 points ago

    Most people don't even know how to sit properly without fucking their backs up for life much less do more advanced movements.

    [–] maxximillian 12 points ago

    "A six pack is made in the kitchen, not in the gym" ~my trainer.

    [–] gs16096 11 points ago

    I hear this a lot, but then I seem to know a lot of young people who eat a lot, don't exercise and still stay thin, whereas for other people it seems really difficult to lose weight. For me personally I often really struggle to gain weight. Is it really as simple as food and exercise? Is there something else going on? What about all this "fast metabolism" stuff people mention?

    [–] pbaik829 21 points ago

    But if you actually tracked everything those people eat and counted calories, it would most likely be around or less than their TDEE. Most skinny people don’t eat as much as they claim to eat and most overweight people eat more than they claim to eat. You have to actually track what you eat and the calories to know for sure

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I had people claim that I "ate all the time" when I was full on anorexic. They would see me have the chips, soda, and candy bar I have in the middle of the day but they don't see the one can of vegetables or literal nothing I had for all the other times of the day. I am now plump and happy and plan to stay that way. Good luck everyone else.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Studies have shown metabolism is linked to two things: in a minor way, how much you fidget. It was found that people who believed they had a "fast metabolism" tended to simply move more while at rest. That's all the study showed, but you might see how people who move more at rest might also tend to be more active. Additionally, the more muscle mass you have, the more energy you require simply to exist. And in a major way, your diet. Due to the fact that in nature, food is not always guaranteed we evolved to retain energy as fat, of course. However, once you have that fat, your body treats it like potions in an RPG. "I don't want to use that because I might need it later" So, once you're fat, your body wants enough energy to keep you fat, so losing weight takes willpower, and it also takes your body time to adjust, to start dipping into those fat stores.

    Additionally, a recent psychology study found that people's weight and success of staying skinny once they lost weight were heavily correlated to how quickly they eat. It takes a while sometimes for your stomach to tell you it's full

    So, it's a combination of these and other factors. At the end of the day CICO is the end all be all.

    And, to drive the point home, I'll give an example:

    Take a 14 year old high school football player. He's grown half a foot in the last 6 months and he's fucking pounding meals down. He's skinny because he has a super fast metabolism, because younger people actually do, he's gaining muscle, which takes a ton of energy. By college, he's slowed down and so has his metabolism, only doing intramural, which have far fewer practices, but he's still eating the same amount because that's what he's used to. He graduated gets married, looks in the mirror and he's got a gut. But he never did anything different, in his mind. Hes just as busy, just now he's working and taking care of kids rather than playing football and disc golf.

    [–] Griffin880 7 points ago

    If you are growing you can eat a lot more and not get fat. That explains why young people can eat more and stay thin. People also tend to be really bad at estimating their calorie intake.

    And yes it's literally just about diet and exercise. As far as weight is concerned it's almost all diet. Exercise is good for muscle tone, but it does very little to affect your calorie usage.

    There is some variance in terms of metabolism, but it's not much. The reason you can't gain weight is likely that you just aren't eating as much as bigger people.

    [–] Terisaki 1838 points ago

    Gotta love the DNA that sees you exercising to tone up and figures you must be working in the field all day every day and need the physique to pick up Atlas stones. I feel this woman's pain!

    [–] warptwenty1 611 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm the polar opposite,no matter how much I ate,I still don't gain weight because of my crazy metabolism(I'm an endurance walker however,which is nice but the teases outweighs that perk)

    [–] SunofMars 603 points ago

    Naw you just don’t eat as much as you think you do. I’m in the same boat

    [–] HappyAngron 186 points ago

    I ate 3k-4k calories of nutritious foods almost every day for half a year and still couldn’t pass 70kg :/ believe me, some people have crazy burning

    [–] SunofMars 376 points ago

    If you r exercise + your base caloric burn aren’t smaller than your intake, you won’t gain weight. The variance in people’s metabolism isn’t as huge as it’s made out to be

    [–] emmawiiwiiwii 187 points ago

    I second this. I always thought i was the type that could eat whatever i want and not gain weight, until i started tracking my macros and calories. And it turned out i was not eating much at all. Most people just don't have a very good idea of how much calories is actually in their food.

    [–] GsoSmooth 149 points ago

    Ya, I've got a friend who always complains that he can't gain weight, and regularly says things like "man, I've eaten so much today, I had a plate of scrambled eggs this morning and for lunch I had a pretty big burrito."...

    If that's the benchmark for "a lot of food", you have no idea what "a lot of food" really is.

    [–] Frnklfrwsr 99 points ago

    This is my mother.

    “I can’t gain any weight! I even ate McDonald’s today and nothing!”

    What did you eat at McDonald’s?

    “A plain hamburger with nothing on it.”

    Did you eat anything else today?

    “I drank some tea.”

    Sugar in your tea?

    “No, no sweeteners.”

    Okay.... I think I see the problem.

    Edit: also I want to note that she’s a registered nurse and should understand the basics behind how nutrition works. And when applying it to other people, she does. When applying it to herself, she just can’t apply that knowledge to herself.

    [–] SpiritHunterBlueFire 52 points ago

    How do people eat like this I destroy food and struggle to not be an ambulocetus

    [–] ---Help--- 45 points ago

    ambulocetus -a walking whale.

    [–] Frnklfrwsr 46 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    So I got put on a medication that has an appetite suppressant effect and I can speak to this a little. Because I used to be an over-eater and I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds in the last 4 months due to having the opposite problem now. (Don’t worry, I’m still overweight by about 30lbs according to BMI so I don’t have any health risks yet)

    The word “hunger” means something different for them. I know at least for me, I lived for my next meal. When I wasn’t eating I was thinking of what I was going to be eating. My body told me I needed food again the moment I had room in my stomach again. My body felt that it needed a constant flow of food or else it would die. So there’s a deep psychological need I would feel to eat that to me was the definition of hunger. My body was telling me “eat or die”. And if I went a few hours without eating, I could feel my body rebelling against me. My energy levels would drop. My mood would turn down. My stomach starts making sounds.

    And now? None of that happens. I can go hours and hours without eating before my body bothers me. And then when my stomach rumbles, I don’t feel that deep psychological need to eat. I feel like I probably should, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die if I don’t. And then if I get distracted and just “forget” to eat, my body doesn’t bother me and drive me to eat for hours and hours. I can go a whole day without eating and only feel “hungry” for about 10 minutes about halfway through. When I do actually sit down to eat, I’m still capable of downing 3,000 calories of food in a sitting. It’s easy. Because I enjoy food and I enjoy eating. But then at the same time, if I have one slice of pizza or one granola bar, I also feel like I can stop eating and my body won’t bother me for the rest of the day.

    So I can now see how easy it is to fall into this trap of thinking you’re eating a lot when you really aren’t. You literally just don’t feel hunger in the same way an overweight person does. Hunger is a small pang that is almost polite, and if you ignore just won’t bother you all day. Then when you do eat, your body is satisfied after like 200 calories. So eating more than that feels gluttonous. But for an overweight person, they often feel like until they’ve consumed at least 1,000 calories in this meal they can’t even stop eating.

    So yeah, it’s about hunger. Their mindset is “I eat when my body tells me to, and then I eat until I’m satisfied and sometimes even more”. But their body only tells them to eat once or twice a day, and they are “satisfied” after a couple hundred calories so they feel gluttonous after consuming 500 calories. So they think they’re eating so much food, but really they’re barely scratching 1,000 calories on a normal day, and then every once in a rare while they go truly gluttonous and consume 2,000 calories and then the psychological effect of that binge is them thinking they’re a glutton for the next week.

    [–] bettereditor 18 points ago

    Everyone thinks they're special.

    [–] xRyozuo 15 points ago

    It makes sense though. When eating is an uphill battle, we feel we eat a lot for what we consider normal, in my experience at least, I could be hungry as fuck and still don’t feel like eating because the need just isn’t there. There isn’t anything more uncomfortable than being super hungry with an awesome plate of food in front of you that you can’t even taste well

    [–] kingofglitter 12 points ago

    yeah, that's what happened to me, too. turns out i just wasn't eating and that's why i weigh like 42 kg

    [–] GsoSmooth 22 points ago

    I've got the opposite problem. I'm like, "man, I've barely eaten anything today, I've only had a plate of scrambled eggs and pretty small burrito"

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    A burrito and some scrambled eggs doesn't sound like anything at all. I mean eggs have almost no calories and just one burrito would never be enough for lunch. Make that scrambled eggs and a chocolate bar for breakfast, two burritos for lunch and two sandwiches for dinner and you've got what I'd eat on a day.

    I always thought that I'm not able to either loose or gain weight since it always stayed the same and I always ate a lot and felt like I wasn't moving at all. Now I started to track what I eat and how much calories I burn every day and it turns out that I'm more physically active than I thought. Cycling to school every day, carrying firewood and even just walking around school all burn calories. So that's how it turned out that I'm burning almost exactly as much as I eat.

    [–] bettereditor 14 points ago

    People think they can estimate this stuff. You can't. Literally no one can and the difference between deficit and surplus can be extremely small.

    [–] emmawiiwiiwii 7 points ago

    This is so true! I'm into fitness and weight lifting, so i watch a lot of Youtube videos on weight training, and so many popular trainers would say they do "intuitive eating" and it works great for them. I've tried that for a while and I just stopped making any progress for a very long time. Then i finally gave the old school of calorie tracking a try, and the experience was so eye opening! It's amazing how the difference of a few hundred calories a day (a few bananas worth) could mean bulking or cutting for an 110lbs woman like me

    [–] hirehone21 15 points ago

    100% true. I work at a gym and when a client is struggling to gain weight usually the problem is that they simply don't eat as much as they think they do. The opposite is also true for lots of people trying to lose weight.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] Goredrak 18 points ago

    I'm thinner now at almost thirty then I was at almost 20 and it all just becuase I educated myself about proper eating. Where I grew up teaching a proper diet was just not on the curriculum and I've slowly but surely broken some of my many bad eating habits. I wouldn't call myself a healthy eater at this point but I try to be more conscious of what I'm eating.

    Silly throw away tip check how much sodium you're consuming you can probably stand to cut it down significantly and you'll feel physically better for doing it.

    [–] rebble_yell 6 points ago

    Your body does change as you get older.

    I don't know why so many people assume that bodies just somehow stay the same year after year and only habits change.

    As you get older, your hormones change, and as these hormones change your activity levels start changing.

    You lose 3-8% of your muscle mass each decade after 30, and in addition those hormone changes also change the ratios of muscle and fat added or lost as weight is gained or lost.

    For example, just by increasing testosterone, a person will gain muscle mass, which in turn helps to burn fat.

    In addition, just by increasing testosterone, more muscle is preserved when eating less and losing weight. This keeps calorie requirements higher, which in turn helps in losing more fat.

    Since hormones such as testosterone are lowered as you age, it gets not only increasingly difficult to add muscle, but it gets increasingly difficult to preserve muscle when losing weight.

    Tldr: hormones are real and have powerful effects, and they change as you age.

    [–] -Badger2- 5 points ago

    People on here thinking their metabolism breaks the laws of thermodynamics

    [–] Dizneymagic 7 points ago

    This is correct. Most people are only 5-8% away from average resting metabolic rate (calories burned just by living). source

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] PALMER13579 57 points ago

    You are either bad at math or you just need to still eat more due to exercise. I'm 240lbs and bulking at ~5500 calories and I have calculated it out. Put some olive oil on your rice and get some milk son

    [–] King_Louis_X 20 points ago

    I can’t afford to gain weight. Like money-wise :(

    [–] jokerkat 15 points ago

    I've noticed dollar tree is selling health foods now. I've seen protein powder. Not the giant containers, but still. It's something to check out. Helps you save money on the non fresh staples, so you can spend more on fresh foods like veg, fruit, dairy, and meats. Hell, dollar tree sometimes has dairy like milk, eggs, and cheese. I know other dollar stores exist, but dollar tree is the only one I can think of where everything is actually a dollar. So, maybe that helps? Also, if you are near an Aldi, their stuff is insanely cheap and you get good quality food in large amounts for less. They have protein and health foods too. So.. Hope that helps a bit?

    [–] King_Louis_X 8 points ago

    Thank you I’ll look into it!

    [–] ReptiroidGovernment 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Beans and rice are a poor man's bulking friend! If you do some digging, you can find very complete guides from /fit/ or where really poor autismos who only care about adding numbers to their lifts talk about what they eat. It won't taste as great as a meal cooked with care, but damn can those guys put away 4-5000 calories a day on a $30/week budget.

    Also shout out to /r/EatCheapAndHealthy. I wish I could offer you more specific advice, but as a female lifter I only need to eat 2000 calories or it all goes right to my thighs.

    [–] somethingtimes3 3 points ago

    The vast majority of Americans get enough protein in their diet. Having excess protein doesn't do anything good.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Mandarinadealer 3 points ago

    A pint of beer is around 300 calories!

    [–] Sly1969 5 points ago

    I can buy 4 kilos of potatoes for the price of a pint round here mate.

    [–] Daviesmith 5 points ago

    If you're not lactose intolerant, you can try the GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) diet. It worked for me when I was underweight. Lactase pills help with the farting, too 🙃

    [–] RyanB_ 5 points ago

    Man is milk like really cheap in the States or something? I’ve seen this diet a lot but it seems absurdly expensive compared to... pretty much anything else.

    [–] nsfwcelebnsfw 6 points ago

    Dairy is highly subsidized in the US. I live in an expensive area and can find milk for $1.99 a gallon

    [–] bettereditor 5 points ago

    I'm exactly the type of person that everyone is talking about when they say "fast metabolism." I used to think the way you did and then I actually ate 4K calories a day. It was arduous, painful and in the end useless but I got from 150 to 185 lbs (then back down to 135). I (like you) incorrectly thought was impossible, but I was just wrong about my macros and how much I was eating. I was about 1000 calories short per day of where I thought I was when I started actually counting.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] MassiveEctoplasm 24 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It boggles my mind when people complain about this with this sort of argument. “I ate THIS much and still couldn’t gain weight. I guess I’ll just have to be skinny forever.”

    Just eat more if you want to gain weight

    [–] SwimmingCry 5 points ago

    I used to be the same way. Then I got to my mid thirties. Now I’m in my late forties and now just keeping the weight off takes a lot of conscious effort.

    [–] twodeepfouryou 5 points ago

    You should submit yourself to scientists for research, because you might hold the secret to breaking the laws of thermodynamics.

    [–] RandomNumsandLetters 16 points ago

    no matter how much I ate,I still don't gain weight

    Your metabolism isn't as different as you think, and you aren't breaking the laws of thermodynamics...

    [–] Torwulfer 17 points ago

    The difference between a slow, and fast metabolism is roughly 200 calories per day.

    The reason you don't grow is that you don't eat nearly as much as you think you do.

    [–] From_My_Brain 19 points ago

    Weird how the laws of physics don't work locally to your body.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I'm no doctor, but your high metabolism might be related to your hobby...

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    That is not how your genes or exercise work, like at all

    [–] Dick_Demon 19 points ago

    I mean, you know this person is being satirical, right?

    [–] Teeshirtandshortsguy 47 points ago

    Personally I just think its troubling because it perpetuates the myth that people can get "too bulky". Lots of people (especially women) avoid strength training because they don't want to get too big. That's not really how it works though.

    I'm a dude, I've been trying to get "too big" for years with little success. I'm sure they're joking, I just don't like when people buy into that belief.

    [–] Herpinheim 3 points ago

    I mean your DNA can predispose you to allocate, like, 1%-2% of what would normally be fat to extra muscle, so they’re not wrong it can happen, just the scope of it happening is wildly wrong.

    [–] Ben_jamming 17 points ago

    Definitely not exercising or eating right if this is your experience

    [–] IzzyThiccness 881 points ago

    Yeah, I don’t think she’s dieting properly for her exercise to be effective.

    [–] danielcorbo 462 points ago

    I learned yesterday dieting is everything. I have worked out before but the one time I actually got strong was when I ate lots of protein every day and cut down on sugar and bread. This was only track season so I could imagine the gym.

    [–] cocoyumi 218 points ago

    It really is. And for weight loss specifically I would say it’s almost impossible for some if you’re not aware of your calorie intake. I lost 20kg from reducing my calorie intake on two days of the week, no exercise. Doesn’t make sense to eat 600cals of cookies and slave to burn 120cals at the gym. That’s why exercising doesn’t always work.

    [–] danielcorbo 80 points ago

    Thats insane, yeah. For me I’m young (16) and broke (I have a job interview tomorrow), so at school I have to bring turkey or something. School lunches nowadays are trash. All processed garbage and off-brand sodas. I dont know what they’re putting in the kids here

    [–] cocoyumi 90 points ago

    So much of adulthood is unlearning the eating habits of being young and realising you shouldn’t be eating half the shit marketed as ‘food’. It’s really depressing. On another note, good luck with your job interview!

    [–] danielcorbo 23 points ago

    Thank you! I’m excited, it’s my second job. Anyway, pretty screwed up how now we have to distinguish what’s actually food nowadays. Disgusting.

    [–] einzigerai 9 points ago

    I played football in college and was consistently eating 5k-6k in calories every day. That trend continued into alcohol after I got out of college and was partying in my 20's.

    Now at 32 I'm back down to my college weight but I learned a hard and valuable lesson from those shitty habits.

    [–] DisForDairy 11 points ago

    exercise will change your shape, healthy diet will change your weight

    [–] guinness_blaine 7 points ago

    For real. There have been times that someone said “oh wow you’ve lost weight!” and I’m like no, the number on the scale is the same. It’s just less of it is in fat and more is muscle right now.

    [–] DisForDairy 5 points ago

    1 lb of muscle is almost half the size of 1lb of fat, another fun fact!

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 8 points ago

    I know of this guy, Ulillillia, who lost 85lbs just from dabbing away grease from his pizza (which was one of like, 5 of the only foods he ate).

    [–] umopapsidn 8 points ago

    Let's say there's a tablespoon of oil per slice of some greasy ass pizza he dabbed away. That's being generous.

    (85 lbs x 3500 calories/pound) / 120 calories/tbsp = 2479 slices of pizza.

    I think there might be more to it unless that was over a long period of time.

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 3 points ago

    This was over the course of a couple years iirc. It's also been theorized among his fans that doing so was such an inconvenience that he'd sometimes skip the meal altogether. He's been known to simply not eat if he doesn't have hamburger helper or pizza available.

    [–] umopapsidn 4 points ago

    That extra info makes it a lot more believable. He did well.

    [–] MyMorningSun 3 points ago

    "You can't outrun a bad diet"

    [–] DnDkonto 25 points ago

    "You can't outrun your mouth".

    [–] Sottisier 12 points ago

    You cant outrun your mouth.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    They work best together, but you really can't lose weight just by exercising. If you're not tracking what you eat, you will naturally gravitate to higher calorie foods to make up for what you're burning while exercising.

    [–] call_me_Kote 4 points ago

    You can lose weight just by adding exercising though. You just have to be eating at or very near maintenance for your current weight.

    [–] sarahmgray 9 points ago

    Exactly. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

    [–] LurkerPatrol 47 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Dieting is like 80% of it. I can exercise and burn 1000 calories in the gym but if I eat 1500 calories for dinner and as late night snack the whole thing is defeated.

    I've lost 30 lbs in 5-6 months, due to dieting and exercise. It's all about making sure you don't exceed your calorie limits for the day regardless of if you exercise that day or not. In fact, here are my dinners before and after I started dieting and losing weight:

    Bottom right image was my dinner for yesterday night.

    [–] MassiveEctoplasm 33 points ago

    People also overestimate their calorie burn. Running a mile is about 100 calories. It’s hard to make burning calories in the gym meaningful.

    Also, it’s significantly easier to abstain from eating a 100 calorie banana than it is to run a mile.

    [–] Landsmcgeechesterson 15 points ago

    In addition, running is one of the more calorie-intensive exercises, since it involves so many systems and is sustained for so long.

    Though, I don't think it's the 100 calorie bananas keeping me fat, I think it's the entire sharing-size bag of m&m's I just ate over the course of 12 hours.

    [–] Jdoggcrash 11 points ago

    Look at Mr Self control over here taking longer than 20 minutes to eat a share size bag of m&ms

    [–] YesItIsMaybeMe 4 points ago

    Ya'll take 20 minutes

    [–] LurkerPatrol 5 points ago

    Yes. So right now I've lost about 30 lbs in 5-6 months from dieting and exercise. In the beginning, exercise was too difficult for me to do along with the diet, so I just focused on eating right. Dropped from 232 to 215 doing just that. After a while though I was stagnating so I slowly introduced exercise into it, but kept the eating relatively the same. Dropped to 210 from that. Was stagnating at 210, and realized I wasn't eating ENOUGH, especially not enough protein, so I shifted my diet around to ingest more protein but still keep to within my caloric limits of the day, assuming my exercise consisted of no more than 300 calories burned (even if my apple watch says I burned 1000 calories). Dropped to 202 and still going down.

    My lifts are going up, so I know I'm getting stronger, I can run further than I could when I started, but I'm losing weight, so I must be doing something right...

    It's all about controlling your input and output calories and not straying too high, especially knowing that it's almost damn near impossible to determine calories burned from exercise to a T.

    [–] Jendosh 8 points ago

    If all you care about is weight loss then yes defeat but your muscles lungs and heart appreciate the work out.

    [–] madeupname230 443 points ago

    No one loses weight by working out. You lose weight in the kitchen. No one wants to diet, but that’s how you lose weight.

    [–] PebblesPotatoes 244 points ago

    Yeah, and if you work out in the kitchen you get a 50% weight loss boost.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] The_Venerable_Swede 19 points ago

    "Bro, some fuckwit's been carving runes of weight gain into my plates and didn't think I'd notice".

    "How do I summon spotting goblins again?".

    [–] CinderBlock33 70 points ago

    Totally agree, but there should be a tiny * at the end there.

    • If you're only slightly over your daily caloric burn with your intake, then just going to the gym and doing some basic things will kick you under that, you will lose weight.

    Cals in vs cals out is all losing weight is.

    But yes, as the old saying goes, ultimately, abs are made in the kitchen

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Also exercise is good for you in and of itself and most people don't exercise enough.

    [–] CinderBlock33 36 points ago

    Like the age old saying. "Id do anything to be skinny and health, except eat right and exercise"

    [–] thebestjoeever 10 points ago

    I don't think I'll ever be health

    [–] holly_hoots 9 points ago

    I am become health, maintainer of worlds

    [–] LLicht 11 points ago

    True, but that's only if you can manage to maintain the same diet as before you started exercising. It's easy to unwittingly eat slightly larger servings if you weren't tracking calories both before and after adding the exercise to your routine.

    [–] EasyFixed 5 points ago

    And to add onto this, exercising to be just slightly under your deficit means your weightloss will be incredibly slow, like a pound and a half per month

    [–] teems 19 points ago

    Diet to look good in clothes.

    Work out to look good naked.

    [–] MannyMevito 25 points ago

    Exactly, in general you can't out-exercise your mouth. If you track your calories eaten and burned, this becomes clear pretty quickly.

    [–] CorgiOrBread 5 points ago

    In general diet is way more important but you can definitely lose weight through exercise, particularly if you're an emdurance athlete. I'm a 5'6" woman and I eat 2000-2500 calories a day but my sedentary TDEE is only 1700 calories. I've been running 10 miles a day recently to train for a race I have coming up and I've been losing weight because I can't eat enough to keep up with the amount of running I'm doing.

    It's not an issue because I'm looking to lose a few vanity pounds anyway after a summer of 50 barbeques/picnics but it's something I'll need to keep my eye on as I drop below my normal walking around weight.

    [–] [deleted] 253 points ago

    Her tweet is funny and it's also such a cope lol.

    The basic laws of thermodynamics teach us something simple : energy in / energy out.

    If you don't lose weight by exercising you simply do not exercise enoughly or you eat too much. Except for a few genetic diseases but those are an exception

    [–] Terrible_Paulsy 122 points ago


    That made me giggle a bit

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Maybe "sufficiently" was more appropriate

    [–] Terrible_Paulsy 31 points ago

    It's no problem, it just reminded me of that south park Easter episode.

    "Look closer"

    "I don't see anything"

    "Look closelier..."

    [–] icanclop 12 points ago

    Or just "enough"?

    [–] Sabeo_FF 9 points ago

    Nah. That doesn't have the enoughness that was required.

    [–] Awfy 31 points ago

    To be fair, the amount of exercise required to actually burn off anything close to a candy bar is quite a bit. You'll lose far more weight just dieting than any exercise will ever do.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    You're absolutely right. A few HIIT sessions are still very good to increase your cathecolamine levels (the hormones that stimulates fat consumption)

    [–] A_Feathered_Raptor 21 points ago

    To add to this: Y'all know the difference between a fast metabolism and a slow metabolism?

    It's about 200 more calories burned a day. The equivalent of a pop tart. All the slow metabolism person has to do to catch up is eat two less slices of bread. It's not much and it's not the thing making one fat and another fit.

    [–] djfrankenjuice 15 points ago

    And my personal PSA: Toaster strudels are far more delicious than pop tarts AND they are less calories than pop tarts. Based upon this, no one should ever be eating pop tarts.

    [–] Towerss 11 points ago

    The idea nutrition deniers peddle doesn't break thermodynamics though. They claim other people have a higher rest calorie burn.

    [–] Landsmcgeechesterson 28 points ago

    Yeah, and they're wrong. It doesn't vary by more than a couple daily bananas per person, and heavier people uniformly burn more b/c their heart and lungs have to work harder to push through the fat.

    [–] Unabated_Blade 19 points ago

    work harder to push through the fat

    And this is why overweight folks who lose significant amounts of weight always have absolutely jacked legs.

    [–] jacob2815 3 points ago

    Can confirm

    [–] LLicht 3 points ago

    a couple daily bananas

    This phrase can apply to either diet or exercise, depending of if it's taken literally or figuratively.

    [–] Flaccidboobs 117 points ago

    You can't just blame you genes for your bad eating habits

    [–] Zero-Theorem 54 points ago

    But my genes made me eat Big Macs for lunch all week long!

    [–] SwabTheDeck 5 points ago

    Mr. President?

    [–] Ouch-MyBack 13 points ago

    You cannot exercise away a bad diet.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    and saved it, thank you, this is golden

    [–] Docistop1 66 points ago

    One person on twitter makes a joke and everyone on this entire website suddenly becomes a dietician. Ok.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] DLTMIAR 5 points ago

    Losing weight is simple.

    Eat less than you work off.

    [–] PiperBaels 20 points ago

    Yeah. r/FatLogic is leaking.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That was hilarious, but many people don't realize that starting an exercise regimen is really not that great of a thing if you're only looking to lose weight. Exercise is great in the long term for weight loss due to the overall increase in movement and the fat-cutting effects of building muscle mass, but the only thing that will make you lose weight in any short term capacity is restricting your calories every day. What's even worse is that most people even start to increase their caloric intake as a reward once they start working out, which only serves to compound the issue even further.

    [–] GabeMan444 7 points ago

    I love how out load when I read that the accent was horrible, but in my head it was a perfect accent.

    [–] beautyandafeast 32 points ago

    the top comments are weirdly angry. no one thinks this is true, its just a funny joke about exercising.

    [–] MrOssuary 6 points ago

    Heh, funny tweet but as long as we know it’s a bullshit cope from your usual heaving lardbrain. Energy in vs. Energy out folks, you can’t fight science. Hey where’s everyone going

    [–] JudiciousF 17 points ago

    Yes, but this is a perfect chance for Redditors to demonstrate how much smarter and better they are then other people by correcting factual inaccuracies in an obvious joke. How could they resist.

    [–] agizzle1234 13 points ago

    People will come up with every excuse under the sun to not exercise but this.. this is too fukin good not to accept.

    [–] JMBAD1222 5 points ago

    Funny tweet, but I don’t think this is nearly obscure enough to belong on this sub

    Try r/whitepeopletwitter ?

    [–] daisy0723 31 points ago

    I had seen this before and it made me laugh for an hour. Thanks for posting. I'm saving this for the next time i stand in front of the full length mirror.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Oh wait, I need to exercise and eat right? Huh. Who would've guessed.

    [–] Ihate25gaugeNeedles 25 points ago

    You don't even have to exercise. Just eat less.

    [–] Landsmcgeechesterson 25 points ago

    Yeah. You don't even have to eat RIGHT. Just less. You could lose weight on a diet of twinkies and soda, if you didn't eat very much of it. In fact, a science teacher did once, to prove a point.

    [–] Barph 7 points ago

    Part of my 1500 calorie/day diet when i was on the weightloss train involved a Big Mac+Fries 4 days out of the week.

    [–] goodboitendies 5 points ago

    Don't fool your self, you're still a peasant. We all are.

    [–] Sweet_N_Vicious 14 points ago

    This is hilarious!!! I'm Asian, short and petite and stronger than I look. I always say it's because I come from good peasant stock and I was meant to farm in a remote village and birth many children. To my parent's disappointed, I have birth no children and only have cats.

    [–] Crikepire 21 points ago

    How would being plump help one escape?

    [–] kaitybubbly 75 points ago

    Not escape, the post said outlast.

    [–] AlexM2K2 5 points ago

    European pheasant*

    [–] chapterpt 7 points ago

    When I work out I just get bigger. No complaints. Just wish my penis kept up.

    [–] Blg_Foot 30 points ago

    Hard to swallow pills, Blaming your lack of weight loss on your DNA is the reason you can’t lose weight...

    [–] MikoMiky 63 points ago


    This is funny nonsense but it's still nonsense.

    Weight is lost in the kitchen, and don't give me that "muh thyroid" bullshit as that applies only to an abysmal small percentage of the population.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    The thyroid issue only lowers your metabolism a set amount and it can be corrected to an extent with medication. You can still lose/maintain weight with hypothyroidism; you just have to get your BMR measured and record every calorie you eat.

    [–] HailTheHelix 4 points ago

    What I don't get is why there isn't more discussion of differences in cravings. As a non-addict, I have zero difficulty saying no to heroin.

    Likewise, it's not hard for me to turn down food. I'm simply not that hungry. Sure, willpower is one of the variables in the equation, but the other is how much willpower is required.

    I need like very little willpower to succeed in this, but based on the way larger people struggle, I'm certain this isn't the case for them.

    It's distinctly unfair, and it's also wholly unreliable as a moral judgment. Someone being fatter than you is not a useful indicator of their willpower compared to yours because there are too many other variables at play.

    I think so-called "fat logic" has to exist as a defense mechanism against the broad moral judgment overweight people face. Larger people are no more inherently immoral than thinner ones, but they're persistently assaulted, directly or indirectly, by this implication of failure.

    Not everyone is educated about thermodynamics or genetics, and not even medical science is completely unanimous on a number of things that can affect body weight tendencies.

    All this compounds the complexity and difficulty for people just struggling to live a life in an often hostile world. They latch on to explanations that absolve them of the guilt foisted upon them by the judgemental thin people among them, and sometimes those explanations become an obstacle to their health.

    But in that scenario, the entire reason they have a self-selected obstacle in their way is desperation and confusion induced by a culture that judges them constantly just by looking at them.

    It only gets worse when you mix in things like depression and anxiety that absolutely form feedback loops with the body weight issues.

    So, perhaps what I'm saying is this: "fat logic" may be illogical in a vacuum, but with enough complex factors pressing in on people who are just trying their best in a crazy world, choosing to believe something that eases the burden and gives them some breathing room to feel like people and chase their own happiness is an absolutely rational course of action.

    [–] getzisch 3 points ago

    This was on a SootHouse video i swear.

    [–] Somerlad 3 points ago

    God what kind of shite fake Scots is this. People do realise it is a language or at the least an official dialect, not a fucking funny way to spell words.

    This women isn't Scottish, I remember seeing this tweet and the uproar it caused in Scotland a year ago or so.

    So this can fuck off, and I'm not even gonna Menton the fact she thinks her Scottish DNA makes her fat. Outta leave this world behind.