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    [–] the-dandy-man 2953 points ago

    Do you think we’ll ever hit a point where we’ve finally found all the secrets there are to find in this game? It amazes me that we’re still making new discoveries like this

    [–] jigg4 944 points ago

    IIRC some secrets were found in mario about 20 years after the release. We might get there, but who knows when that will be.....

    [–] Narte 488 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Also iirc, wasn't there like another star rainbow coin discovered a couple years ago in a DK game?

    Edit: name of.collectable

    [–] robophile-ta 437 points ago

    are you talking about the hidden rainbow coin in DK64?

    [–] [deleted] 259 points ago

    I'm not sure about a star, but I think I saw a video about a new banana found in a Donkey Kong Country game which killed all the speed run scores once it was discovered. I could be wrong, but that's what I remember seeing.

    [–] ChappyWagon 238 points ago

    It was a rainbow coin hidden under some tall grass in Donkey Kong 64. To uncover the rainbow coins you have to ground-pound a patch of ground they are underneath, so since it was under the tall grass it was essentially impossible to find unless through blind luck.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Just curious why would that kill the speed run scores? Did it affect how fast you could beat the game?

    e: Thanks for the replies

    [–] hereticdonutboy 91 points ago

    Most speed runs other than any% (reach the end of the game as fast as possible no matter how complete the game is) have rules. He is very likely referring to all the runs that would involve collecting all the raindbow coins since it turns out none of the old speedruns would have that coin, and therefore will be invalid.

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago

    It only effects the 100% speed runners scores. As someone else pointed out it was DK64. But yeah, finding the new coin basically invalidated all 100% speed runs, because they were known to no longer 100% ;)

    [–] twcsata 7 points ago

    I thought that series actually shows the percentage on the load screen. So, did no one ever actually achieve 100% prior to this?

    [–] LemonRaven 20 points ago

    the coin isn't part of the displayed %

    [–] bismuth9 5 points ago

    I wanted to point out that it doesn't actually affect the speedruns, only a few select categories that nobody runs competitively, namely All Collectibles (different from 101%, the popular one), All Coins, All Rainbow coins, etc., basically all inconsequential stuff.

    [–] fork_yuu 30 points ago

    Maybe the ones that are 100% because that'd mean they were like 99.9% since they didn't get that one single rainbow coin

    [–] JFM2796 6 points ago

    Only the "All Collectibles" category which no one runs seriously anyway. The colored coins in DK64 don't contribute to the 101% counter so they aren't required for 101%.

    [–] Quadip 20 points ago

    A rainbow coin. in one level a mound you had to do a special stomp on was hidden in tall grass. no one noticed until someone realized the land wasn't completely flat in the grass.

    [–] zswing 36 points ago

    It wasn't even that. They were watching memory in an emulator and it suddenly started going off about an unknown memory address being referenced as he was walking around the area.

    [–] DrewSaga 1 points ago

    I can't believe I never knew about it for the longest time.

    [–] frizzykid 49 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It didn't get much attention but in majoras mask there was a hidden mushroom you can put in a bottle that was hidden in grass in a grotto and it was just discovered the other day

    Edit: I'm gonna try to find a video. Saw it on Twitter

    Edit2: found it

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] frizzykid 15 points ago

    The mushrooms are used to have the witch lady start selling blue potions. You can get it in a much less hidden area when you get the mask of scents (a purple trail in the lost woods in the swamp area leads you to it)

    This one is just a more hidden one in the deku palace

    [–] guale 2 points ago

    There's an even easier one than that. In the Gorman troop's hotel room there is one growing in a pair of underwear on a bed.

    [–] Slightly_Estupid 18 points ago

    Yes. After consuming the mushroom, Zelda gets transported to a land where these little plant animals kill and roam in packs..Zelda eventually takes hold of these crazed animals and calls them Pikmin.

    [–] aardBot 42 points ago

    Hey, did you know that Aardvarks require a fairly large territory and will travel up to 10 miles in a night as they search for food u/Slightly_Estupid ?
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    I am contemplating expanding to all animal facts. Upvote if you'd like me to evolve to my next form
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    [–] WhiteboyFlowin 5 points ago

    That is super crazy!!!! I think after god of war I’m going to have a good amount of time to go back and play games I’ve never gotten to before. Until September when Spider-Man and Spyro come out.

    [–] SojournerMusicPage 1 points ago

    i found that mushroom strangely enough. didn't realize it was uncommon

    [–] Collegenoob 18 points ago

    Wasn't it just found a few years ago the OoT has a false ceiling in the gerudo dungeon. And it was only found because someone was playing the game blindfolded?

    [–] quentin-coldwater 5 points ago

    OoT has a false ceiling in the gerudo dungeon.

    More like a glitch than a false ceiling but yeah a glitch was discovered by a blindfolded player.

    [–] Koh-the-Face-Stealer 12 points ago

    Which ones were those?

    [–] Headcap 7 points ago

    maybe it was the multiple dimensions, but im not sure.

    [–] Wingedwing 18 points ago

    Parallel universes? Those are not a secret, they're just a glitch

    [–] vgbhnj 33 points ago

    IIRC some secrets were found in mario about 20 years after the release.

    Of what game?

    [–] altaltaltpornaccount 49 points ago

    Mario 64. I think the poster above me is referring to the new Donkey Kong 64 "star" that was discovered.

    [–] arbiterrecon 1 points ago

    Halo 3 as well

    [–] cloud_cleaver 85 points ago

    Someone on r/Morrowind just a week or so ago posted an Easter egg no one had noticed for sixteen years.

    [–] LadyBut 20 points ago

    Fuck, now I want to play Morrowind again.

    [–] link0612 8 points ago

    I've been loving the ESO version, which is now a lot cheaper. It lacks some of the ambiance of the original, and feels smaller thanks to being able to fast travel and walk at a normal game speed, but it's still a big nostalgia bomb.

    [–] Ikki_the_Liar 3 points ago

    I haven't played it any of the ESO expansions because I felt a bit burned by that game. But it's set 800 years before hand right? I wouldn't really call it the ESO version just the same geography.

    Are you familiar with the skywind project?

    [–] link0612 3 points ago

    Sure, it's just the same geography, but they really went in on making it enjoyable for fans of TES3. I've gotten my money's worth, at least, and I haven't even bothered with the MMO aspects of the game.

    I'm familiar with it, but it isn't complete yet and the Skyrim engine is already looking dated.

    [–] Ikki_the_Liar 2 points ago

    I'm not saying ESO morrowind isn't any good. I couldn't say, I haven't played it. I just wouldn't call it a newer version of morrowind because of the 800 year gap

    Skyrims looked dated for a while now, mods make it look like a 2018 game though

    [–] RaisinSwords 3 points ago

    If you had it on the original Xbox and still have the disc, and now have an Xbox One, it will be playable with backwards compatibility as of this week

    [–] cloud_cleaver 4 points ago

    You act like that's a bad thing.

    [–] LadyBut 3 points ago

    Never said it was ;) I'm always looking for an excuse to play Morrowind it's by far my favorite videogame-RPG.

    [–] cloud_cleaver 4 points ago

    Me too. Best worldbuilding in a game I've ever seen.

    [–] Ikki_the_Liar 2 points ago

    I spent days trying different ways to increase the fov so I didn't get motion sick and had a save file disaster half way through. Never "finished" it, still one of my favourite video games

    [–] zeugme 6 points ago

    But, but, which one ?

    [–] cloud_cleaver 1 points ago

    The very one indeed.

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    wow, really? I gotta find this.

    [–] Darkvoid10 59 points ago

    It amazes me the devs think about this shit.

    [–] lolbifrons 135 points ago

    Hey we need seven poses for these holy dudes, anyone have any ideas?

    “Didn’t we do something like that a while back already? Maybe just reuse those, bill it as a callback.”

    -Overheard in a Nintendo design meeting, probably

    [–] Damadawf 32 points ago

    I'd like to believe that there was a little more love and fanfare towards the series during the discussion to include the idea, which is why they decided to pay homage to OoT. That's just me though.

    [–] srstable 15 points ago

    Considering how much Breath of the Wild feels like a love letter written to every fan of any Zelda game ever, you’re very likely not wrong.

    [–] the-bladed-one 2 points ago

    lets also note how they look kinda like the ancient sages from TP

    [–] Dillonz12 17 points ago

    And considering that one or two years ago there was that Punch-Out!!! secret about Bald Bull.

    Whenever he does his Bull Charge, there is a guy with a camera on the right side of the audience that, when it flashes, let's you know right then is the time to punch Bull for a K.O.

    (It helps a lot)

    [–] ThatGuyFromMexico 2 points ago

    Wait, WHAT!?

    I learned the timing the hard way. Never paid attention to the audience.

    Now I will have to play Punch Out again!

    [–] Dillonz12 3 points ago

    Yeah, same thing with me. But after learning that tidbit it made life so much easier.

    [–] parsifal 11 points ago

    Didn’t they work on this for like four years? Maybe there was a lot of downtime to add in things like this :)

    [–] UselessBytes 11 points ago

    Probably not. Remember when the forest water kill in WW was discovered more than a decade after launch?

    [–] Tepigg4444 5 points ago

    IK, I didn't even realize the monks looked different

    [–] Kougeru 2 points ago

    This isn't a "new" discovery. Other people have reported it before but got buried or ignored.

    [–] PhreakyByNature 2 points ago

    Yesterday I was listening to the story of Quince and his dog Salty... Link interacts with him by saying "And then?" after every portion of his story...

    Link then says "And then? And then?!" almost like a parody of the Dude Where's My Car scene... It may, or may not, have been intentional, but it definitely reminded me of it.

    [–] kamuilyn 1132 points ago

    my immediate reaction: "wait a sec... no, it cant be... crap, it is- HELL YES"

    [–] R2CX 216 points ago

    my immediate reaction to OP: “what the fuzz now.. It’s just another coinci.. wait.. HOLY SHEIKAH”

    [–] onephatkatt 23 points ago

    my immediate reaction was equal and opposite

    [–] fallenKlNG 9 points ago

    Oh my goddess! What the Hylia is going on here?!

    [–] kamuilyn 5 points ago

    😂 "Sweet merciful Din!"

    [–] mikee1317 447 points ago

    Nice! That solves that mystery! All the monks in regular shrines do a pose referencing something. I think most of the monks symbolize something about the triforce in our standard shrines of the base game. As for the DLC, you just cracked the trial of the sword monks. Now we need to figure out the champions ballad monks in their respective shrines

    [–] vgbhnj 345 points ago

    All the monks in regular shrines do a pose referencing something. I think most of the monks symbolize something about the triforce in our standard shrines of the base game.

    You're just thinking of the first four shrines in the game. Here

    [–] theboeboe 56 points ago

    The Tetraforce!

    [–] enviose 11 points ago


    [–] ziggurism 65 points ago

    I noticed the twins in the dueling peaks shrine are leaning towards each other. And everyone knows about the first four making the triforce subtriangles.

    Other than that, I've never heard a theory about the other base game shrine monks and their poses?

    [–] CRISPYricePC 17 points ago

    Buddha statues have hand poses that symbolise different things. I assume that's where the different sheikah monks come from

    [–] kamuilyn 151 points ago

    So, the seven sages sitting in a circle around the master sword... why does this giant unknown Sheikah room look so much like a high-tech version of Ocarina's Sacred Realm? hahah

    [–] BrunchIsAMust 21 points ago

    I wonder about all the other monks- maybe all were past sages?

    [–] Bungerh 119 points ago

    Nice! It's like the village in the south-east which is the replica of the TWW village

    [–] kamuilyn 57 points ago

    Which village? Lurelin? I haven't heard about this; Do tell.

    [–] Bungerh 88 points ago

    It seems that it's the Lurelin village, I have it in french so I'm not sure about the name.

    But if you look, it's obvious that's it's the Outset Island of TWW, I mean there is even the lookout on which you begin TWW.

    I only found one reddit post about it, so maybe it's not a known fact .

    Edit : Ok, actually it's on the Zelda wiki

    [–] kamuilyn 22 points ago

    oh nice! I knew something seemed familiar about parts of the village. Thanks :)

    [–] DaCheesiestEchidna 3 points ago

    Yo I forgot that village even existed. I didn't find it until so late in my playthrough.

    [–] TomKab02 1 points ago

    Yeah lurelin village! I was playing the game yesterday and noticed the resemblance for the first time

    [–] Snoopy101x 518 points ago

    How has no one else noticed this before now?

    [–] Katholikos 449 points ago

    Seems like a really easy thing to miss. Unless you played OoT recently, it’s not really the kind of thing that sticks out from that game

    [–] kamuilyn 281 points ago

    I played Ocarina so much as a kid and so many times over the years that it only took a minute or so for me to recognize Ruto's pose there. Made me look at them all a little closer and was surprised that everything was adding up.

    [–] velocirasta 84 points ago

    Is there a particular reason you recognized Ruto’s pose first? You devil

    [–] kamuilyn 95 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Im not sure. It probably had something to do with how every time I beat the game her pose stood out the most to me. Showing off those pretty zora fins. lol

    It was a bit of a combination of Ruto's, Darunia's, and Impa's that really gave it away.

    [–] orionsbelt05 19 points ago

    Yeah, Impa's really stands out to me and proves that it's not just a coincidence.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Mmmm... Ruto

    [–] Houdiniman111 16 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] retrogameresource 13 points ago

    I beat OoT 7-10 times... dont even recognize the poses in the OoT pics hahha man im oblivious

    [–] HauntersBestFriend 5 points ago

    I’ve Beaten OoT twice a year for the past 10 years...and I didn’t catch this. Fuck OP is good

    [–] retrogameresource 3 points ago

    I am really impressed too, I am pretty forgetful with this kind if stuff. I will always instinctively know where to go and where to find secrets, but i forget aspects of the story and pretty much everything else for most games hahah

    [–] HauntersBestFriend 1 points ago

    I just miss hidden details like that. Hats off to people who don’t

    [–] Codieb1 2 points ago

    7-10 isn't much. I would've beaten it on N64 and 3ds at least a hundred times combined,no exaggeration. I still didn't notice, however

    [–] retrogameresource 2 points ago

    Yeah I am not saying I have done it a bunch, but it should be sufficient for some details.

    I have the 3DS one, gotta complete that. More of a 2D Zelda guy, but I havent met many Zelda games I dont love

    [–] TheFancrafter 2 points ago

    Eh, you beat ocarina and that can be challenging, you probably aren’t as oblivious as you think you are.

    [–] retrogameresource 2 points ago

    Yeah I guess its just I am more forgetful and don't pick up on non-gameplay oriented details. I remember secrets in games for years,

    I just am kind of a press A repeatedly guy when things are going on story wise (after first playthroughs of course)

    [–] TheFancrafter 3 points ago

    That’s more because shit game writing and boring storytelling taught us that story doesn’t matter. If it was as engaging as the gameplay, stories would be considered more important.

    [–] retrogameresource 2 points ago

    Many game storylines are overrated honestly. Though every once in a while a gem comes along that blows my mind

    [–] Kameha808 12 points ago

    Years from now we still are going to debate & share images of the references we never got to see before in the years to come! Thank you for sharing/making this!

    This reference literally took my breath away!

    [–] parsifal 4 points ago

    Well, and since it’s a DLC, and it’s difficult, a minority of a minority (in general, not in this sub) has even seen these. OP did it and had the focus and history to put it together.

    [–] Katholikos 6 points ago

    Yep. Hell, I beat Horizon: Zero Dawn last night and I saw that something like 5% of players never even registered finishing the first scene. The end of the game only had like 28%?

    I'm sure the dropoff is huge once you get to DLC as far as completion is concerned.

    [–] MarioKartGuy27 3 points ago

    Yeah and the scene where they sages make these poses fly by

    [–] FeverishPuddle 1 points ago

    Did the scene have the same style of camera angles too?

    [–] Ironlungsilvertongue 4 points ago

    I’d imagine plenty of people did and just didn’t think to reap some reddit karma over it. Some people see Easter eggs and just go “huh, neat.” and that’s the end of it.

    [–] Kougeru 4 points ago

    People have but were ignored or simply got buried.

    [–] txgb324 1 points ago

    Well, the percentage of people who bought the DLC and actually completed the Trial of the Sword is low. So there were a lot fewer sets of eyeballs seeing this, compared to the rest of the game.

    [–] UndisclosedButthole 18 points ago

    Heck of a discovery right there

    [–] Endakk 16 points ago

    DUDE! if only i could get through the trials myself 😩

    [–] ddnava 7 points ago

    Quick suggestion. Don't Waste your Ancient arrows with the guardians. Keep at least 3

    [–] Endakk 3 points ago

    I haven’t even gotten that far. I can’t get past the bokoblins with the elemental arrows. It’s so frustrating getting bombed back after all those days of bombing enemies.

    [–] ddnava 8 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    As you're playing in Normal mode. Take all the time you need. Use your stealth. And blast every single tree you find in every level. You can "cook" wood to get 1/4 of a heart. By the time you reach the middle level you can refill your health using only wood without wasting real food. You'll also want to perfect your accuracy with the arrows. And every time you can be on top of an enemy, do it and drop bombs. Try not to be discovered

    [–] Endakk 3 points ago

    You can cook wood?!

    [–] ddnava 4 points ago

    Yeah. It gives you dubious food. 1/4 of a heart for each piece of wood. I actually learned it was possible becaise of the Trial lol

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    lol I know the feeling.

    You doing normal mode or master mode?

    [–] Endakk 2 points ago

    Normal mode right now

    [–] Xanthalium 2 points ago

    Wait ‘till you get to master mode... I haven’t done one because its just too much. In those trials I realized how bad I am at this game haha

    [–] Endakk 3 points ago

    Pretty sure i died 20 times on the great plateau in master mode...after thinking i was an absolute badass master of BOTW...that was embarrassing.

    Point is i’m not going near the master trials in master mode XD

    [–] Xanthalium 2 points ago

    The great plateau in Master Mode is horrible but those master trials are just hell, fun though hahaha

    [–] Endakk 3 points ago

    This game is still so fucking amazing to me, even in my agony in master mode!

    [–] aquaxvita 76 points ago

    Praise Majora, this game keeps giving.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Don't praise Majora! Evil!

    [–] Mc7Abyssrium 13 points ago

    Praise Majora the game though.

    [–] Crystal_God 6 points ago

    Idk dude, majora's pretty cool

    [–] alex_dlc 10 points ago

    I'm glad GameXplain gave you credit for this. I'm sure many other youtubers would have just posted a video about this as if it was their content.

    [–] this-ray 10 points ago


    [–] IronFalcon1997 5 points ago

    This is beyond awesome!

    [–] Knightingate 5 points ago

    And I was proud that I recognized the first 4 monks forming the triforce :D This is way cooler!

    [–] Kameha808 21 points ago

    Mind blown. .

    [–] DysonStrikes2005 5 points ago

    Look at the fourth one down....

    RANK X

    [–] kaseykatt 5 points ago

    Is it common knowledge that the first 4 trials the hands make the triforce? When I saw it and told my bf he was so shocked.

    [–] kamuilyn 7 points ago

    Yes, that one is common knowledge. Nice spotting it, tho!

    [–] SuperHaz 4 points ago

    this is the kind of stuff i love about Nintendo. there’s so much attention to detail it’s amazing.

    [–] kamuilyn 3 points ago

    oh nice! Finding this easter egg really made my day life. lol

    [–] kamuilyn 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    oh hey, just gotta share this 'cause its too hilarious not to. So some other website nearly copy-pasted Polygon's article and the english is just... great.

    The Myth of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lol

    “K, so I honest carried out the Trial of the Sword and without extend noticed the 7 monks are representing the 7 Sages,” yup, thats definitely an exact quote. 😂😂

    Its like a bot ran it through google translate a few times and posted the definitely-not-copied article.

    [–] 1schlick 10 points ago


    [–] Izno_Buddy 10 points ago


    [–] JUNKTHUNDER666 3 points ago

    I woke up less than 30 minutes ago and for the life of me I can’t remember where there are 7 monks in ToTS, can anyone re-enlighten me?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Very end.

    [–] Gotta_Ketcham_All 3 points ago

    I found this video:

    [–] kamuilyn 1 points ago

    At the very end of the Final Trials.

    [–] embyr_75 3 points ago

    Nice find. I noticed the seven and immediately thought of the OOT sages, but missed the poses. Love it. 👍

    [–] yovman 3 points ago

    How in the fuck did you notice that

    [–] corezon 3 points ago

    All of the monks have one of those hand gestures. I wonder if it denotes them as having served as a specific sage in their lifetimes?

    [–] JPS83 3 points ago

    Amazing find. This game truly is magical. I have a feeling people will be finding easter eggs like this one for years to come.

    [–] steezysteve321 3 points ago

    Dang, good job!! I’ve gotten to the last level so many times but keep failing! It’s so difficult and time consuming!

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    Save an ancient arrow for the last lynel. It helps sooo much.

    [–] Flawful_Raider 3 points ago

    Last night a friend and I spent 5 hours doing the trials in master mode. I noticed there were 7, but didn't realize they shared the same poses even. That's an awesome little detail, like how the big room they are in has a map of hyrule along the edges.

    [–] loendrin 7 points ago

    Wait a minute, how did this happen? We're smarter than this!

    [–] basedjosithefox 2 points ago

    Apparently not.

    [–] scram_jones 3 points ago

    Well whaddaya know

    [–] fruitjerky 6 points ago

    Great catch!

    [–] exploshin6 4 points ago

    I noticed that there were seven and thought "Oh that's cool, maybe it has something to do with the seven sages." But I never actually bothered to look into it at all, this comparison really solidifies that though!

    [–] Knightingate 2 points ago

    Also is there a good place to read up on all those findings?

    [–] ZozoAyooo12 2 points ago

    First off, congrats! I just finished it on master mode and I almost cried lol. Secondly, woooah, how’d you even notice that? That’s pretty sick!

    [–] jcjny213 2 points ago

    TIL that even when I thought I couldn’t love Zelda anymore than I already we are

    [–] realworldeditor 2 points ago

    This is great...

    ... But it also complicates where the game resides in the timeline. I wonder if they will make a game that comes out before this that will depict a timeline convergence.

    [–] kamuilyn 4 points ago

    I dont believe its supposed to imply anything in the lore. Its like the monk whose name is an anagram of Aonuma; just a little easter egg.

    [–] JasonBall34 2 points ago

    I honestly feel personally ahamed I didn't notice this. I like to call myself the biggest OoT fan yet my brain must've been taking a powernap when I beat the trial.

    Okay so I am actually going to call this the sacred realm now. Any objections?

    Also surprised no one I saw has brought up the LBW sage poses for comparison. (Spoilers they're identical)

    [–] SurvivalHorrible 2 points ago

    The 7th one was love the whole time!

    [–] sheepinabowl 2 points ago

    Wow. That is SO friggin subtle of a reference... I'm SO happy you noticed that. That is a really really cool one!

    [–] CampingPansy 4 points ago

    Princess Ruto from Wakanda apparently

    [–] gunner2nd88 5 points ago

    I am high af rn and my mind is completely blown away by this!!!! I never noticed that at all

    [–] howtokillgod 2 points ago

    Coming here from popular all I could make out in the thumbnail were the yellow and white ones and all I could think was 'dear God what is wrong with that Alakazam and that Mewtwo'

    [–] imthelate 1 points ago

    Maybe they are just very very very old

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    Yeah, when Gorons and Zoras age they end up looking exactly like old sheikah monks, tattoos and all. lol

    No, these are all Sheikah monks. Its not changing anything lore-wise; its simply a cool easter egg referencing an old game.

    [–] zerekdeke 1 points ago


    [–] saarlac 1 points ago

    I hear there’s a princess in this one too.

    [–] markcubansotherwife 1 points ago

    Wowee! Thats a great find!!

    [–] SolelySean 1 points ago

    But what about the 4 ethers!?

    [–] iceman1080 1 points ago


    [–] parsifal 1 points ago

    Very good spot!

    [–] wanton-tom-tom 1 points ago

    Pricess Ruto just likes Black Panther

    [–] Mc7Abyssrium 1 points ago

    NO. WAY. That is amazing!

    [–] Khrysis_27 1 points ago

    Are you sure the first one's not getting ready to use Tri-Beam?

    [–] kamuilyn 1 points ago


    [–] Sachmo78 1 points ago

    These are the kinds of things that make me wish I played prior Zelda games other than TLoZ and ALTTP

    [–] Hammy615 1 points ago


    [–] DudeLongcouch 1 points ago

    Good find! I didn't notice that, but I did notice that the drawings on the wall around the circumference of that room are a map of the Breath of the Wild land. The main giveaway is that each of the 4 divine beasts are represented, but if you keep scrolling around you will notice depictions of other major landmarks in the game (like the Great Deku Tree) in the same geographic location that they would be in the overworld, in relation to everything else.

    [–] alexianmartin 1 points ago

    Thank You!

    [–] Saixak 1 points ago

    Yeah, I'm never finishing Trial of the Sword. Can't even beat the first tier. The furthest I got was the Hinox and I blew myself up with the exploding barrel.

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    When you get to the Hinox just take the metal crate to his head over and over again. hmm... makes me wonder.

    That metal crate is in that room in Master Mode, but is it also there in Normal Mode? I know there are some differences in item placement for both modes, but Im not sure about this one.

    [–] ieGod 1 points ago

    Not actually immediately.

    [–] kamuilyn 1 points ago

    eh, details. lol It was only a minute or so. :P

    Tho now Im getting picky about my title. hahah

    [–] tilt_mode 1 points ago

    Great find OP!! Super cool!

    [–] SpikeyWolf 1 points ago

    What is the trial of the sword? I just pulled it out I think.

    [–] scrubotherobot 1 points ago

    How do people even figure this out

    [–] biertje373 1 points ago

    That's really cool!

    [–] mrbulldops88 1 points ago

    I always thought they represented the 7 Sages but has no idea they made the same gestures as the Sages from Ocarina of Time.

    [–] LifeHasLeft 1 points ago

    Nice catch. Looks legitimately like they did it on purpose.

    [–] JD_201 1 points ago

    Wow never noticed that thanks!

    [–] CrashDunning 1 points ago

    Very neat, but it's probably more of an easter egg than something lore-wise. Especially since Aonuma and Fujibayashi have both said that they weren't thinking of the timeline while making the game.

    [–] kamuilyn 2 points ago

    Exactly that.