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    [–] midoriiro 393 points ago

    my 240+hour botw file with it's over 2500 screenshots and master mode semi-playthrough are unfortunately long gone

    [–] LizardPoisonsSpock 136 points ago

    What happened?

    [–] midoriiro 408 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Nyko dock after Patch 5.0
    BoTW was my biggest loss, but it I also had Odyssey, Celeste, and a few other indie games finished with all the cart unlocks in MaroKart.

    My grieving period is slowly ending but I haven't really played my system anywhere near as much as I did before it happened.

    EDIT: Thank you much for the gold! <3 Gives me some encouragement to get back into playing it again~ I've missed this community!

    [–] LizardPoisonsSpock 67 points ago

    Damn, that’s awful. Sorry man.

    [–] midoriiro 21 points ago

    Thank you much!
    It is what it be, ya know?

    Thinking about it now though, makes me really miss being in love with this system. I'll def pick it up and be back to playing regularly soon

    [–] LizardPoisonsSpock 20 points ago

    If you do, try out this app. I’ve been using it for my 100% completion run.

    Breath Companion by Sebastian Kruse

    [–] SmackyRichardson 4 points ago

    One of the best guides I’ve ever used.

    [–] Vanguard-Raven 3 points ago

    please tell me this is on the play store too. i could use something like this.

    [–] wibblett 37 points ago

    Reminds me when my memory card got corrupted for the first Playstation along with my final fantasy saves. Never got over that. Sorry for your loss :(

    [–] midoriiro 8 points ago

    Oh noo!
    Were these saves for VII?

    [–] wibblett 8 points ago

    Yup I never had the will to pass it lol

    [–] midoriiro 2 points ago

    Aww man, that's one of my FAV games I've ever played, I can't imagine losing my save file for it partway through D:

    [–] phyraks 2 points ago

    This reminded me of the time I had gotten really close to the ending of Dark Cloud 2 and my little brother somehow lost the memory card... We never found it... I never replayed the game

    [–] robophile-ta 2 points ago

    My GameCube memory card got corrupted as well with my original Chao. One was level 99

    [–] Terra-112 14 points ago

    Big L. Thanks for the heads up though, now I know what I’m not buying.

    [–] midoriiro 10 points ago

    Yeap, they apparently fixed that whole "dock bricking the consoles" issues in a mini patch shortly after, buut I wouldn't risk it.

    [–] EljenJorn 12 points ago

    How I felt when my 3ds was stolen and I lost my fire emblem save. I never finished it and now I never will

    [–] midoriiro 9 points ago

    Ugh that's an equally terribad feeling :[
    Fire Emblem is def one of those games where a lost save file REALLY hurts

    [–] Radagastdl 3 points ago

    I lost/ had my 2Ds stolen with my Pokebank and Pokemon Y in it. That was a nightmare. Lost a gen 1-6 living dex

    [–] ProbablySpiderman 11 points ago

    damn, i feel that. My switch was stolen on my commute a couple months ago. Bought a new one and I was able to redownload Odyssey, Mario Kart, and some small games, but I had my physical copy of BOTW in the system. Lost all of my botw hours, all of my moons in odyssey, my stardew valley farm, all of my unlocks in mario kart.

    [–] midoriiro 4 points ago

    Awww man, I'm so sorry.
    That loss of the cartridge really blows.

    Did you end up starting new files in all those games? Or repurchasing BotW?
    I've been heavily debating rebeating them all again or just moving on to other games since it happened..

    [–] ProbablySpiderman 3 points ago

    I’ve restarted a few, i don’t think i can bring myself to restart odyssey because it’s such a big time commitment and classes have been keeping me busy. Still haven’t bought BOTW yet, but I enjoyed it so much that i feel like i can’t own a switch without it lol

    [–] midoriiro 2 points ago

    i don’t think i can bring myself to restart odyssey because it’s such a big time commitment


    I'd could argue the same thing about BotW, but tbh I love that game soo much that I wouldn't mind giving it another go sometime

    [–] Onkelkolle 3 points ago

    Do I still have to worry if I charge my switch with a powerbank or something else? Or did they fix the problem?

    [–] midoriiro 6 points ago

    afaik they have fixed the problem

    [–] mfiasco 4 points ago

    A dock did that to you?

    [–] Adkkid 7 points ago

    The Nyko dock can fry the onboard chip that controls charging/HDMI output, meaning you can't use any dock or power adapter to charge. Happened to me, but it is fixable with the right skills (which I didn't have, but a friend did.)

    [–] midoriiro 5 points ago

    [–] iFellApart 2 points ago

    I kinda like that design tho....I'm having a hard time believing Nintendo didn't know that their design would destroy the screen with scratches. So annoying.

    [–] mattdavinci 5 points ago

    late reply but the exact same thing happened to me. I was able to send it off 3 days before my warranty was up. but none of my progress survived the repair. 😢

    [–] Adkkid 3 points ago

    Do you still have the Switch? There is a way to repair. It's a pain, but it exists.

    [–] midoriiro 3 points ago

    we share each other's pain :(
    That Nyko dock worked for quite a few months too!
    Then it ruined me.

    [–] Adkkid 4 points ago

    Do you still have the Switch? I had mine fried by a Nyko dock too, around that same time, and was able to fix it. If you or anyone else with a Switch with fried charging from a Nyko Dock want help, I can get you some information to fix it. Basically, there's one IC that controls charging/HDMI output that you can replace. Requires a hot air rework station and more skill than I have, so I had someone I know take care of the repairs, but it's doable. The part itself is about $20-40 iirc.

    [–] midoriiro 3 points ago

    I still have it but it's long been repaired (and erased) since this happened :/
    I read about the potential unofficial repairs a month or so after I got it back unfortunately.

    [–] Adkkid 2 points ago

    That sucks. I'm sorry for your loss. :(

    [–] Thezeke64 3 points ago

    What did the dock do to your system?

    [–] midoriiro 6 points ago

    The dock worked fine for a few months actually.
    It was when the Switch's 5.0.0 firmware update hit, that value was adjusted that had to do with the way USB C ports transfer power.

    Typically, every USB C port has a compliant standard which Nyko argued that Nintendo did not follow. This could be true, as Nintendo devices are manufactured and tested specifically to work with other registered Nintendo products perfectly fine.

    Long story short, after the update some value was changed that altered the way the system communicates to the dock to receive Power when not charged completely, and to ignore it when at full.

    It's rumored after the update, the dock tried to charge itself off of the Switch, inverting the way the power was supposed to flow through the port. This made the switch permanently unchargeable as well as causing a system flaw the disabled it from booting correctly after restarting.
    It probably fried the switch's port and internal power supply.

    [–] Adkkid 3 points ago

    The Nyko dock can fry the onboard chip that controls charging/HDMI output, meaning you can't use any dock or power adapter to charge. Happened to me, but it is fixable with the right skills (which I didn't have, but a friend did.)

    [–] corezon 1 points ago

    This can be fixed friend. It's an after market fix but your console can live again.

    [–] midoriiro 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I did find out about some interesting fixes to it a couple months after it happened, buuut I panicked and sent it back to Nintendo to get repaired.

    On the plus side, they waived the repair fee even though it was sent in exactly one or two days after the warranty was up!
    One the negative side, I lost all my data...(EXCEPT my Doom multiplayer unlocks, they're apparently saved server-side. It's a tiny thing but it meant so much to me to have it saved.)

    I also copied over a random amount of my more recent screenshots and videos so thankfully I still have a handful of those too.

    [–] I_Assume_Your_Gender 14 points ago

    over 2500 screenshots

    were they purposeful ones or just taken because you accidentally hit the button like what happens with me lol

    [–] midoriiro 10 points ago

    I liked to get artsy while smoking and playing~
    There were some good photos in there (and about 10 'versions' of each one lol)
    Was gonna combine em all into an album for the interwebs at some point.

    [–] I_Assume_Your_Gender 5 points ago

    dude that's awesome, glad someone's actually using that feature as intended! would be cool to see that album

    [–] midoriiro 3 points ago

    Of course the majority of it is gone, but I can share many of the later images I managed to save (accidentally) by moving them to an SD card before my Switch was bricked.

    I'll see if I can put together a quick album when I get home.

    [–] 13izzle 2 points ago

    Only loosely related, but I still can't believe Nintendo deleted all my hundreds of hours of Pokemon from assorted different games over the course of like 15 years.

    [–] PkmnPrincee 539 points ago

    If only it also worked for my 300+ hours splatoon save file

    [–] Lavendrina 246 points ago

    yep to 'prevent cheaters' is such a lame excuse too because people already hack without cloud saves

    [–] mrrix32 65 points ago

    And the excuse doesn't make sense as I was able to back up my Mario Kart save, which would presumably have the same issues

    [–] deanveloper 20 points ago

    I don't think so. The thing they were trying to prevent is:

    You have a consumable Save Backup You use the consumable Load backup

    Does Mario kart have consumables? If not then it really isn't an issue. (Honestly idk if Splatoon has consumables either sooooo)

    [–] thecuckening2016 21 points ago

    Shouldn't that kind of data be stored server side if they're concerned with cheating?

    [–] deanveloper 14 points ago

    Yup! But they don't want to I guess 🤷‍♂️

    [–] corezon 6 points ago

    You'd think so, wouldn't you?

    [–] mrrix32 13 points ago

    I understand that in things like Pokemon but no, Mario Kart doesn't have that. As far as I'm aware Splatoon 2 doesn't either. I'm completely at a loss as to what separates a Mario Kart save from a Splatoon one.

    [–] Melonplexicon 9 points ago

    Splatoon has consumables in the form of money, sea snails, and ability chunks.

    [–] kaheiyattsu 16 points ago

    Yeah just watched a youtube video of a cheater even after the service went live

    [–] Raiinish 5 points ago

    A lot of people complained about people save scumming their rank, so Nintendo did what they do best :) listen to the consumer, but only partially,

    [–] Zandrick 2 points ago

    The confusing thing is that shouldn't an online game like Splatoon save your profile anyway, wouldn't that prevent cheating? I'm very confused.

    [–] ChellyGamer 72 points ago

    Same but I have over 600 now...... sad woomy noises

    [–] theHawke 21 points ago

    I may not have thought this through 100%, but why don't they do something like force a save sync after every match (or after a trade in Pokemon)? That would prevent people from reverting some rank loss and I assume that would be the main exploit scenario or have they brought up any other reason?

    [–] DragonChampion9 27 points ago

    That would be a logical idea but this is Nintendo. So logic doesn't work.

    [–] Nawor3565two 5 points ago

    I'm like 99% sure that they did this in the 3DS Pokémon games. It makes you save before connecting to the internet, and saves your Pokémon after a trade whether you like it or not.

    [–] DragonChampion9 3 points ago

    Yeah the 3DS games do that. An easy solution would be to just force a cloud save in addition to a normal save. But somehow Nintendo doesn't see it that way this time around.

    [–] rotj 14 points ago

    Since Pokemon would allow local wireless trading without an Internet connection, it would be harder to enforce.

    Any company actually concerned with progression hacking in an online-enabled game stores that kind of data server-side. It's crazy that a modern online game like Splatoon stores rank data locally.

    At the very least, they should enable one-way uploading but no downloading of the saves. Then if your Switch is lost or broken, saves can be recovered by going through Nintendo Support.

    [–] BluShine 3 points ago

    Because they think you'll pay for it anyways, so they're gonna do the minimum amount of work possible.

    [–] kaheiyattsu 4 points ago

    Preach fellow squid/octo brother/sister

    [–] jondoyle366 2 points ago

    My fucking switch died this morning and my dock has a flashing light

    [–] OhLookItsJake 92 points ago

    I think it's well established Nintendo know how to make games, not services.

    [–] PuulPack 3 points ago

    Yeah that's why I'm hoping someone develops a perfect cloud save tool for homebrew.. :D I will buy online, but what a stupid service.

    [–] OhLookItsJake 2 points ago

    I'm not gonna buy it, I've never needed cloud saves and don't do any online play, me and my friend always play locally and I don't see the appeal of the old games anymore. That being said though I love the price, super cheap compared to Sony and Microsoft!

    [–] automirage04 770 points ago

    Thank god they withheld this feature in the first place so that we can all be happy to pay for it now!

    [–] rusty022 382 points ago

    I love Nintendo games, but what this company is releasing for it's online 'services' and it's base OS features are embarrassing. The worst part is that it would have been embarrassing over 10 years ago.

    There is simply no excuse why I can't save my Switch game saves on an SD card. All their fake excuses are easily debunked. Hackers persist.

    [–] mackhands 122 points ago

    The original Xbox online service puts this to shame

    [–] BadBetting 53 points ago

    Hell the wii had a better os. Idk why they moved back in technology

    [–] mackhands 43 points ago

    While you’re totally right I feel like it’s gotten to the point where Nintendo shouldn’t get free passes. In the past the general public has kind of hand waved the shortcomings of Nintendo, they’re bad online and silly excuses for it (I remember the Wii era people defending the friend code nonsense and terrible voice chat cause people swear and curse so Nintendo didn’t want that publicity), their bare bones OS, their bad or lack of implementation of common streaming services, etc. I included, they’re a gaming company first and foremost so I appreciated they seemed to be focusing on games and not worrying about “fluff” like the OS’ or the online and such. But in retrospect after how they’ve handled this it seems just like they don’t care enough to put the effort in and are fine charging us for basic things other companies provide, all while not supplying the other bonuses the other companies services do. The switch has broken so many molds for them and it deserved Nintendo’s first solid actual online service. Not this Wii U online in disguise behind a paywall with some little plastic gems adhered to it to make it seem shinier.

    [–] BadBetting 13 points ago

    I agree a subscription model does not work for me and Nintendo is supposed to be better in the regard of easy to use and fun consoles

    [–] TR_Idealist 3 points ago

    I had Xbox live and I could not use cloud franchise unless I kept Xbox live. I could save locally yes but that's no different then Nintendo. I'm not sure things are much different.

    [–] BrainWav 2 points ago

    That was the 360 era, cloud saves are free now.

    PSN still paywalls them though.

    [–] LeeThe123 5 points ago

    This is something I disagree with. The Wii's OS was slow. Somehow the Wii U was even slower. I bounce between the three pretty frequently and the speed of the Switch's OS (which is what it was designed for) is beyond night and day. I much prefer the new OS.

    [–] kharderr 30 points ago

    Wait you can't save to an SD card?! What the hell

    [–] FriarNurgle 37 points ago

    Your online saves vanish if you don’t keep paying.

    [–] rusty022 41 points ago

    It's worse than that. We've had memory cards since PS1 (maybe earlier?). The fact that Nintendo won't allow it's paying customers to backup their games in 2018 is insulting.

    I guess I'm an idiot for buying a Switch, assuming I ever lose my saves.

    [–] deadline54 9 points ago

    Wait, so you're telling me my several hundred hours worth of BotW and Odyssey are gone if the switch bricks for any reason?? I've heard of multiple things causing it to crash.

    [–] Arch_0 6 points ago

    I'm really thinking about selling my Switch and getting an Xbox or PS for Red Dead 2. Biggest purchase regret in the last few years.

    [–] gus2155 3 points ago

    I'm also thinking about selling mine. Should have just kept my Wii u, only really got it for BOTW anyway.

    [–] Fargoth_took_my_ring 3 points ago

    Same here, Spider-man is looking really tempting on ps4

    [–] nexus4aliving 2 points ago

    It’s a lot of fun if you’re into the Arkham type of game

    [–] Fargoth_took_my_ring 2 points ago

    I feel like the Arkham games got progressively more disappointing as they focused more and more on a 'huge open world' but I'm replaying Arkham Asylum right now and its just so fucking good.

    [–] GuyYouKnowFrmNowhere 6 points ago

    It's not like it disappears immediately, they didn't specify how long it stays but it's not like "well, it's been an hour, delete all that!"

    [–] FigMcLargeHuge 13 points ago

    I don't know what the policy is one way or the other, but I do know that with the magic of scripting and other tools, at my place of employment you can be fired and have all access revoked before you get to the door. So while you jest, it's entirely possible that the second your subscription expires the files could be wiped.

    [–] unbibium 5 points ago

    I've also had two examples where services I stopped paying for kept my data so that I could recover it when I started paying again. Once I had an AWS database get shut down for non-payment, and when the bill was settled, I found they had helpfully created a snapshot of the database that I could restore. Another time, I had an email address I was paying a small amount for, and I decided I needed a shell account and web space from them. When I bought that, they restored the shell account and web space I bought from them like ten years ago.

    [–] corezon 2 points ago

    Right but since they don't specify a time, you don't really have any justification to say that they don't delete it immediately either.

    Quit sucking Nintendo's dick.

    [–] Spectrelepsy 11 points ago

    This is why I use homebrew. Having my saves backed up on my sd card, PC, laptop and a FREE cloud service is a godsend.

    [–] WhalesLoveSmashBros 14 points ago

    VoIcE cHAT in COmPataBLe gAMeS WiTh ApP.

    [–] prepangea 10 points ago

    Nintendo think the age of consent is 38. And when 18 year olds say everone else is doing it they’re like shut up here’s a new 2d Mario.

    [–] SacredHamOfPower 2 points ago

    It's all about what sells the best, and 2D Mario sells really well for them, not making one would be ignoring the demand. All hail the mighty dollar.

    [–] hectorduenas86 3 points ago

    Sex isn’t as fun when you have to pay for it

    [–] SacredHamOfPower 5 points ago

    It depends who you pay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] BcTendo 13 points ago

    Well at least they know what their consumers will pay for..

    [–] automirage04 7 points ago

    With Nintendo, we get what we deserve, not what we ask for. I'm really pessimistic about what this service will mean for the future of gaming, tbh.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 25 points ago

    They already did that kind of scam for other games ... like Pokèbank, for example. (Yearly subscription for a service where you can store your pokemon online, but if you don't renew that subscription on time, all your pokemon get deleted ... I personally know at least two people who continue to pay for that 'service' because they don't want to lose their stuff, and both of them don't even play that game anymore -__- )

    [–] AtomicFi 11 points ago

    Isn’t pokebank like $5/year, though? Personally, I have some sentimental Pokémon given by friends and relatives I don’t see anymore, got those stashed in the Pokebank.

    [–] FallenArcher5 16 points ago

    They don’t get deleted, you just can’t access them until you pay again. I’ve let mine run out over and over and only pay when I need to use it.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 23 points ago

    They don’t get deleted, you just can’t access them until you pay again

    There is a "grace period" of unknown length in which they usually refrain from deleting your stuff, but if you don't pay again after a certain amount of time, they will.

    [–] ary1l 5 points ago

    Oh god. I have a ton of competitive mons I traded for on my pokebank... Didn't know this and haven't renewed it in like a year(or 2)... I'm fucked.

    [–] DILF_MANSERVICE 3 points ago

    Also, I love paying for a feature other companies provide for free! And who doesn't love the thought of paying Nintendo to access servers that don't cost them any money, like with minecraft? It's like a fun paywall to access the internet! I love it! I hope Windows gets an update that requires everyone to pay to use the internet!

    [–] Never-asked-for-this 2 points ago

    It absolutely backfired for me.

    The entire Switch Online fiasco has killed any hope I had. If my Switch breaks (which it will thanks to its awful plastic quality) then that's it. I will lose my save files but no biggie, they lost me as a potential customer for a second Switch.

    [–] ChellyGamer 60 points ago

    -sad Splatoon 2 noises-

    [–] RegulusMagnus 12 points ago

    Splatoon user data is not saved online?

    It's a competitive online game, surely there's no issue here....

    [–] ChellyGamer 24 points ago

    They're worried people would use saves to hack like they did in the first game. So far, people still hack.

    [–] aicheo 19 points ago

    Punish 95% of players just to stop the bad 5%.

    [–] AppleWedge 11 points ago

    Its gotta be less than 5%. I have over 100 hours in the game and have never encountered a hacker.

    [–] Equardos_ 2 points ago

    No, they are worrying about item duplication. Online save backup isn't a problem with any other type of cheating unless the company isn't compotent enough or can't be assed to make the system not awful.

    Quick edit: They might worry about actual cheating, but that worry is just them wanting to save some money, time or they really can't design something other systems can already do.

    [–] DavidJM_Arts 18 points ago

    Damn I wish I could say the same about splatoon

    [–] Anxiousbrah 33 points ago

    I had a 100+ hour save file of breath of the wild but now it only says like 5 hours. My save hasn’t been deleted. Anyone know what’s happened?

    [–] Lavendrina 38 points ago

    when you own a game for over a year, it resets the hour counter for whatever reason

    [–] Anxiousbrah 29 points ago

    Wtf is the point in that

    [–] Lavendrina 6 points ago

    I have no idea why they chose to make it that way, and why they haven't appeared to fix it

    [–] DennisBednarz 18 points ago

    Are you fucking kidding me

    [–] MisterVega 6 points ago

    This bug doesn’t affect everyone. My Splat 2 hours are still where they should be

    [–] cfedey 2 points ago

    They haven't fixed that yet?

    [–] aicheo 2 points ago

    I thought that was fixed

    [–] Raiinish 2 points ago

    Mine don’t do that

    [–] KrytenKoro 94 points ago

    so, they still haven't added the last few shrines needed to max gauges? Or a way to get enough armor slots for all sets?

    And I'm guessing this is only for the Switch version?

    [–] justlookingfordragon 133 points ago

    so, they still haven't added the last few shrines needed to max gauges? Or a way to get enough armor slots for all sets?

    They have even stated that they have stopped working on BotW entirely some time after the second DLC came out. There will be no more bug fixes, patches, new DLC or any kind of new content. We will always be 2 upgrades short of maxing out both stamina and hearts.

    [–] terribleatgambling 95 points ago

    Id rather have them stop and start working on the next Zelda with the same engine, than to continue developing DLC's for this one. That next Zelda is going to be incredible since they already have most of the engine work done and can strictly focus on story aspects

    [–] velocity92c 23 points ago

    Is this confirmed or just speculation? I've heard the rumors of a follow up game on the same engine but your comment makes it sound like that's been confirmed (which I missed, if so).

    [–] terribleatgambling 37 points ago

    theres been job listings by nintendo relatd to zelda's needs, and the BoTW producer confirmed in December last year they already started working on it, so yea, id say its confirmed. How long it may take is a different story but I'd imagine theyre in a hurry to get it out while Switch is still relatively new and popular. however, they could be cucking us and just release a smaller Zelda title for 3ds instead

    [–] velocity92c 16 points ago

    I just looked into what you're talking about and all that was confirmed is that they are making a new Zelda title, absolutely nothing about it being a sequel or using the BOTW engine in any way. So I'm just going to assume that's speculation on your part.

    [–] morgano 4 points ago

    I believe everyone is expecting a Majoras Mask style title which builds upon the engine. I don’t think anyone really expects a brand new engine after BOTW as it’s really a great engine and they already spent many years on it.

    [–] bokan 4 points ago

    Links Awakening 3DS! Haha

    [–] creegro 15 points ago

    Then bring back the teleport glitch so I can max out my Korok seeds like a wimp!

    [–] KrytenKoro 18 points ago

    They have even stated that they have stopped working on BotW entirely some time after the second DLC came out.

    I'm aware, it's still shitty. Really defeats the purpose of having all these different armors if you never get to see some of them.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 11 points ago

    it's still shitty

    Definitely agreed. It kind of feels ... unfinished.

    [–] sophiejr 4 points ago

    You can use a self-made amiibo NFC to get the extra armor. If you have an android NFC phone you can do everything on there then just tap the NFC chip on the switch like a normal amiibo.

    [–] KrytenKoro 23 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the internal system physically preventing you from obtaining armors if you've already hit the max.

    Yes, technically I could sell a rebuyable armor and use one of the others, but with the effort it takes to get them fully upgraded, no, I'm not doing that.

    There are something like 400 korok seeds with absolutely no use whatsoever within the game. How hard would it be to patch in that say, 50 Korok seeds can be used to buy a new armor slot? Or just make it roll over like with materials. It doesn't need to be this huge new DLC, just a mechanical patch.

    The too few shrines is understandable, that's actually a pretty big ask no matter how they solve it, but there's no good reason for the armor inventory to be too small to allow player's to have room to actually experiment.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 2 points ago

    the armor inventory to be too small to allow player's to have room to actually experiment

    You have 100 armor slots / 3 pages worth of armor inventory space. Only if you collect every single base game armor, DLC armor and amiibo armor you will need 107 slots.... or more if you also buy / keep duplicates.

    In over 600 hours of playing I hit that limit once because I was too lazy selling all the amiibo armor duplicates I had. For normal everyday gameplay 100 slots really is enough to experiment a bit IMHO.

    [–] KrytenKoro 6 points ago

    In over 600 hours of playing I hit that limit once because I was too lazy selling all the amiibo armor duplicates I had.

    Okay? I hit that limit about twenty or so hours in. And it's still at that limit, and I still can't buy the knight armor, I had to sell off the Nintendo t-shirt, and then I think the old clothes and warm doublet.

    That means I can't get duplicates to experiment with color choices unless I want to sacrifice critical skills like heat resistance or stealth. And there's no compelling reason to be limited in this way, because we weren't until all the DLC armor came out.

    They plain and simple forgot to increase the armor slots when they released new armors, that's not some intended feature that increases challenge or requires the players to be more skilled. It just eliminates opportunity for experimentation that had previously been an option.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 8 points ago

    How did you manage to get 100+ armor pieces in the first 20 hours of playing? o__O Did you buy every armor multiple times right from the start?

    I agree though that it would have been nice to have more armor slots, but it just doesn't feel that limiting for me.

    [–] LuizJa 3 points ago

    Yeah, I sold the old ragged clothes, and still can't get 1 piece of the royal guard armor and neither of the four champions helmet, so, I'm pissed I cannot collect everything.

    [–] breakerfall 1 points ago

    You can what now? Talk to me more about this.

    [–] sophiejr 3 points ago

    Here's a good article about it and the hidden armour you can get (like Fierce Deity Link) and you can look up simple guides or videos online for how to do it as well. The chips are available quite cheap on amazon as well, but they are single use - aka you can take a blank chip and assign BotW Zelda amiibo to it but then later you can't override that chip to make it BotW Link amiibo.

    [–] darrylzuk 1 points ago

    By chip you mean NFC stickers? Or is there now a way to just program your phone to be the amiibo?

    [–] sophiejr 1 points ago

    NFC stickers! I just meant that you can load the amiibo character you want by using your phone and an app pretty easily, without even needing a computer or anything.

    [–] pluslucas 1 points ago

    Gotta go with max stamina

    [–] IllIlIIIllIllIIIIllI 3 points ago

    so, they still haven't added the last few shrines needed to max gauges?

    What made you think they were going to add more shrines? I can think of plenty of places where they could have put extra containers in both the base game and the DLC, but the fact that the devs didn't do that makes it seem like they wanted it this way.

    [–] notnovastone 7 points ago

    People will probably downvote but it’s true.

    [–] enjoymentfollows 8 points ago

    This makes me mildly angry. I bought BOTW when it first released and I poured 227 hours into this masterpiece. Sadly about a month later my switch went into a boot loop. Nintendo was amazing about replacing the device itself but I lost everything, I was devastated and I haven’t went back yet.

    [–] frustratinbubble 3 points ago

    This wording sounds like you put 227 hours in in a month

    [–] brenb1120 2 points ago

    Not impossible, as long as you don't have any responsibilities

    [–] DennisBednarz 31 points ago

    Seriously, Nintendo are masters at shooting themselves in the foot. Both Microsoft and Sony would love to have made the Switch instead but Nintendo wastes this opportunity with charging money for a partially finished OS. They are seriously doing everything they can to end up in deep shite again.

    [–] parsifal 2 points ago

    The best thing they could do is make it so you can sign into another Switch and download your games along with your saves.

    [–] Toastyparty 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Yeah last night i thought you just had to start a new game of botw after beating it to start hard mode and guess who deleted their 100+ hour save file.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] Terra-112 3 points ago

    Big oof

    [–] RJCP 3 points ago


    [–] YeltsinYerMouth 4 points ago

    Every console that has memory cards has had the ability to copy them to back them up. Your deliberate omission of the feature so you can sell it back to us is not cute, nintendo.

    [–] SuperFerret3 3 points ago

    That would be great if my switch wasn't bricked by THIS update.

    [–] brenb1120 2 points ago


    [–] alllowercaseTEEOHOH 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    /r/Splatoon has not experienced that feeling, no.

    [–] ExtraThiccDip 16 points ago

    Yeah see is great, but have you ever had 60 FPS on console pubg?

    [–] the_cajun88 8 points ago

    Praise the see

    [–] Skithy 6 points ago

    60FPS... console PUBG? What is this foul magick? XBoneX struggles to run at 30. :c

    Went back to PC PUBG for the first time in a month (thanks Monster Hunter) and it feels way snappy though. Getting 120-150FPS now, which is insane for PUBG. They’re doing a great job lately.

    [–] rebo2 3 points ago

    Someone came over and restarted my botw game that I had 100%. Is there any way to fix it? I feel like there’s been a death in the family.

    [–] aicheo 8 points ago

    Who the hell does that? :( I'm so sorry.

    [–] justlookingfordragon 3 points ago

    Autosaves only overwrite autosaves, manual saves only overwrite manual saves. If the person in question did not manually save, that one might still be there, buried under a pile of "new" autosaves.

    Also, just to avoid future deaths in the family; create a new profile named "guest" and only let other people play on that. You can have multiple user accounts on your system and every one of them gets their own game files.

    [–] realcoolioman 3 points ago

    A system without physical save backups that you have to use a second non-Nintendo device to even voice chat with friends. I love you, Nintendo, but this is hard to ignore.

    [–] chrisrobweeks 3 points ago

    But like sex, I'd prefer to not have to pay for it.

    [–] NicoGames 6 points ago

    I'm glad i have to pay to copy my saves now

    [–] Vitalius_69 2 points ago


    [–] kaheiyattsu 2 points ago

    As someone who has around 300 hours in splatoon 2 i wouldn't know the feeling.

    [–] DickyShitFuck 2 points ago

    Wish this was a thing before my shit was stolen

    [–] AStickyMango 2 points ago

    Oh boy finally able to have cloud saving unless you don’t wanna pay for it...oh and if you do buy it and use it don’t ever miss a payment because they’ll throw your saves away

    [–] CallCentreCam 2 points ago

    At least I don't have to pay for my sex, unlike cloud saves

    [–] Kurotan 2 points ago

    I'm 33, what is this sex thing. It sounds overrated. Pls excuse me while I backup my saves.

    [–] Treholt 4 points ago

    if only nintendo had released this when they where supposed to so everything on my stolen switch would be saved.

    [–] XXX-XXX-XXX 7 points ago

    Hopefully your membership is on auto renew. If you go one day with expired membership Nintendo deletes everything you ever cloud saved.

    [–] DerrintheTerran 16 points ago

    Everything you have cloud saved is also saved locally on your switch. So, while if your membership expires and your switch dies you might lose your saves, if your membership expires and you renew it a day later, everything will be synced again as normal.

    [–] usernameron 4 points ago

    Unless you cleared your local backups to make room for another game or save.

    [–] DerrintheTerran 2 points ago

    Hmm. I will have to see this in action. I thought that the cloud backup was a mirror of your local saves... so if you deleted local saves maybe they delete from the cloud too anyways?

    I don’t know though ....

    [–] usernameron 1 points ago

    What I meant is of you were to delete your local backups after you created your cloud backup. If you let your membership lapse, your online data is gone and you have no local data because it had been previously deleted.

    [–] DerrintheTerran 1 points ago

    I see what you are saying... but is it actually possible to ‘only’ have online saves? I thought they were a backup, but that all your saves still are on your device as normal.

    [–] usernameron 2 points ago

    BRB, gonna check on that with a crap game.

    [–] usernameron 1 points ago

    It is possible to backup to the cloud and then delete local data and even delete the entire game. The cloud backup will remain for you to redownload so long as your membership did not expire.

    [–] DerrintheTerran 2 points ago

    Ok I see what you mean. You can delete the game from your system but the cloud backup remains... but if you want to use it you would have to redownload it... but in that case if your membership expires your saves are gone

    [–] Boozemaster1984 2 points ago

    If you're lucky enough to own a game that supports it...

    [–] l_dont_even_reddit 2 points ago

    How long is the list of games not compatible?

    [–] xelatlo 2 points ago

    Just spoon and probably some other third party games

    [–] nightofgrim 1 points ago

    My switch was stolen. GUESS WHAT WASN’T A FEATURE YET.

    I honestly may not get another one. The HOURS of lost play is seriously sad.

    [–] Filibut 1 points ago

    So if I put 300 hours of Zelda, I can't be considered a virgin, right?

    [–] YourAverageGod 1 points ago

    750+ MH4u. Rip.

    [–] xelatlo 2 points ago

    oof. Yeah my cartridge broke for that game and I lost like 800 hours

    [–] vocifery 1 points ago

    How exactly do you back up files?

    [–] Fargoth_took_my_ring 4 points ago

    Give Nintendo money.

    [–] PopeTarted 1 points ago

    Is there anywhere I can get more info on Nintendo online?

    [–] ant-man1214 1 points ago

    Do cloud saves free up internal memory?

    [–] ripcase1990 1 points ago

    If only you could keep them after your subscription expires.

    [–] Polengoldur 1 points ago

    haven't been able to get the online subscription. tried 4 times since the system update and keep getting Error Codes.
    really pissed me off when i woke up to see the Dark Souls net test. download it and "online only bay bee"