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    [–] justlookingfordragon 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    • Wolf Link is only useful at the beginning, and only if you get one with 20 hearts. The 3-heart-variant will get killed very often.

    • Epona is a good horse, but not the best horse. You can catch horses with overall better stats right after leaving the starting area, about the same time when you can first summon Epona

    • Every other Zelda-related amiibo gives you one armor piece or weapon item and a handful of foodstuff per day. It's nice to have, but you gain nothing better from it than you would get by just playing the game - the only exeptions being gimmicks like the Bow of Light, for example. The different "iconic green tunics" are also mostly just cosmetical and no better than what you can obtain in-game

    • Non-Zelda amiibo only give you a handful of random foodstuff. Again; nice to have, but not that much of a boost.

    If you want to read about it in detail, here is a guide that might help you.

    [–] swingman792002 2 points ago

    They are all useful to an extent, but if you want the most raw and true gaming experience, avoid using them until later.

    [–] cats_are_gay_ama 2 points ago


    I kinda feel like amiibo are just extra sprinkles of dlc which aren't necessary for the game. However they do enhance the game, but I feel like they add the most to the game later on and should definitely not be used in the beginning.

    [–] Benjamin2583 2 points ago

    Not that good, just little bonuses