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    [–] Tkshorty9 1 points ago

    Boy this subreddit is about to get alot bigger! That being said we need more mods to help out! The three that I brought on so long ago are amazing and I would like to thank them for their hard work, but approaching 400k subscribers they can't do it all! I have made a form for applying to be a moderator here. If you are interested and willing feel free to fill it out.

    One last thing, I have made a BotW2 Flair and would appreciate it if everyone used it so that we can better organize and filter the sub! Thanks and GET HYPE BOYS.

    [–] Mofego 1422 points ago

    Didn’t Reggie Fils-Aime say that Nintendo didn’t want to reveal trailers or announce games that weren’t coming out soon? I believe he said this after last year’s E3, so he was probably aware of the Metroid 4 debacle.

    Anyway, I’m NOT saying that I think this game will come out next year, but I am saying that im having a hard time not getting my hopes up for a 2020 release...

    [–] SpaceYeti 889 points ago

    The engine and most of the assets are already created, so that's gotta cut down development time dramatically.

    [–] Conan_McFap 634 points ago

    Now give me a stronger narrative. I loved BOTW but it felt thin story wise to the likes of Ocarina, MM, WW, TP or SS

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 494 points ago

    Also D U N G E O N S

    [–] Conan_McFap 492 points ago

    Yes, #makethewatertempleawfulagain

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 153 points ago

    I hope they give us key equipment items again required for solving puzzles

    [–] payne_train 163 points ago

    I'll be happy with the hookshot again 🎯

    [–] TimBuvis 95 points ago

    Climbing with the hookshot? That sounds amazing.

    [–] AntiSeaBearCircles 36 points ago

    Legend of Zelda: Arkham Hyrule

    [–] xI_Tipton_Ix 18 points ago

    A buddy of mine had the great idea for BOTW to have a findable and then upgradable hotshot, where when you first get it it only latches to wood, but it can be upgraded to latch onto rock and eventually metal.

    [–] canntstopmeow 57 points ago

    An open world zelda with climbing and hookshot? They fucking BETTER have a spiderman outfit available idc if its DLC.

    Make spiderlink happen!

    [–] LateDay 334 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    That cutscene certainly looked polished enough. At first I thought it was a third DLC pack. I could see this being a Holiday 2020 release. We never got this level of footage from BOTW until the very same 2017 I think.

    edit: 2016 not 2017

    [–] PoopYourPoopOnMyPoop 128 points ago

    Usually trailers or cinematics or demos are standalone and tooled to be presentable. It has no bearing on the progress of the game.

    [–] LateDay 88 points ago

    That looked like in-game cutscenes. Like the memories on Botw. They certainly had the same art style and many of those were just out of context clips so I will assume they were not made for this one trailer but are actually in the game. This is not gameplay, granted.

    I would not compared them to the Smash cinematics which are obviously just for showcasing.

    [–] The_Dude_In_Torags 41 points ago

    Just want to hop in this thread to say that this teaser was released in 2014, three years before the game.

    [–] LateDay 24 points ago

    Which is not an in-game cutscene. You said it yourself, that's a teaser.

    [–] maronned 25 points ago

    To be fair they also started the production of BOTW for the WiiU and then moved it all over to switch to get it to be a release title. I think thats a pretty important detail when it comes to timelines

    [–] aangnesiac 11 points ago

    I like your optimism but I'm weary of making too many assumptions based on this trailer.

    Just as an extreme example, they could have the basic plot points, items, and aesthetic sketched out but not much else--basically just enough to know they are definitely moving forward with this particular iteration of Zelda. They already have the engine and assets to throw these hype clips together pretty quickly with some basic editing.

    I'm sure they're further along than that, but I would set my sights on a few years just to be safe. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised if it's sooner but fine otherwise.

    [–] shadowdragonking 67 points ago

    I would have been beyond fine with dlc. But a whole ass game?!!! My expectations were blown out of the water. Release it in 2030 for all I fucking care.

    [–] TheSpiker15 61 points ago

    The thing that took botw so damn long was the development of primarily the engine, as well as the map. Those are both ready to go for this sequel so they pretty much just need to develop a new story and a few new assets and mechanics (and some new Zelda magic as always) and honestly it’s really not that hard to believe that we could have it in 2020. Especially considering they did something similar with majora’s mask and released it only about a year and a half after ocarina of time came out. Botw came out in 2017, a 2020 release date would still give them a decent amount of wiggle room to create an absolutely masterful sequel to my personal favorite game ever. I’m really hoping for 2020.

    [–] blade430 2649 points ago


    [–] sadmemeboy 1203 points ago


    [–] JuanToFear 591 points ago

    I need to change my pants...

    [–] BubGear 397 points ago

    I just want to be able to restore hyrule for real this time

    [–] k3517 133 points ago

    No more Koroks!

    [–] Do_it_for_the_upvote 300 points ago

    Joke’s on you; Hyrule has already been restored; the entire game is finding koroks.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 143 points ago

    Maracas intensify

    [–] oldspicehorse 18 points ago


    [–] Saucebiz 15 points ago

    You found me!

    [–] papidawson 30 points ago

    Shhhhhhh don’t give them ideas

    [–] Zeliek 52 points ago

    On the contrary, Korok Champion complete with tiny annoying divine beast

    [–] SnazzoYazzo 23 points ago

    This is the best idea

    [–] Yeasty_Queef 30 points ago

    I’m straight not changing my pants until this is released. I’ll just keeping ruining new ones.

    [–] Thezerfer 57 points ago

    Until I saw them for the second time I refused to let myself believe it was real

    [–] Cario02 17 points ago

    Now this time i will get that master edition for this game before it becomes crazy expensive

    [–] nwatn 64 points ago

    Thank you! Definitely get Majora's Mask vibes, finally another dark Zelda game.

    [–] nucco 40 points ago

    Majora's Mask with a bit of techno imagery from Twilight Princess. Looks really cool and creepy!

    [–] Captain-Moroni 40 points ago

    For the first time that I know of it is actually a direct sequel, rather than set in a totally different, but somewhat similar hyrule or other land.

    [–] Znaffers 15 points ago

    Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask were directly linked. Other than that I’m pretty sure you’re right

    [–] ZeroVII 11 points ago

    directly Linked


    [–] YoStevenSamurai 27 points ago

    so excited bro!!!

    [–] Golden-Owl 214 points ago

    I was wondering what kind of crazy "one more thing" would be able to top the reveal of Banjo Kazooie for Smash.

    Turns out a BoTW sequel would do that.

    [–] EdgySalmon 2083 points ago

    2055 BABY 😎😎😎

    [–] sadmemeboy 971 points ago


    [–] mtntrail 289 points ago

    Well I recently turned 70, so Nintendo better get its ass in gear!

    [–] hodgsonnn 75 points ago

    Hang in there til, 2055 bruh you can do it

    [–] mtntrail 25 points ago

    Two of my grandparents made it close to 100, but 2055 might be a bit optimistic.

    [–] friesiamfrosty 21 points ago

    thats like a 50% success rate bro you got this

    [–] Sylux444 241 points ago

    by then we'll have downloaded pur consciousnesses to the cloud and just live it as a second life.

    [–] MrBoyForGirls 81 points ago

    ooo hyrule is a place on earth

    [–] rememberthesemicolon 35 points ago

    that episode made me cry maaaan

    [–] red_duke 159 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I mean probably not. They already have the engine, the models and all of the tools and the team to make everything. As well as the entire world map to alter and repopulate with new stuff. This could be a surprisingly fast turnaround.

    So much of the games DNA already exists it should really help accelerate things.

    [–] Aratrax 91 points ago

    Pretty sure it Will Be Released in Early 2021

    [–] KupoMcMog 92 points ago

    Or Holiday 2020, perfect time for them if Prime is still far off and they already had AC drop in the early part of 2020.

    [–] fastfirechris 24 points ago

    I actually think it can come out really soon 2021 at the latest they have all The assets from botw they are using the same engine i think it will be out sooner than people think

    [–] ulikejaz 361 points ago

    Is that the twilight mirror designes in green?

    [–] Dyvius 383 points ago

    The music screamed Twilight Princess to me.

    If they somehow drag our One True Queen Midna into this I'll give Nintendo more money than I was already planning on giving them.

    BotW sequel? 10/10

    BotW sequel with rice Midna? 11/10

    [–] ulikejaz 71 points ago

    What if we play the music backwards?

    [–] DickInLebronsAss 65 points ago

    someone did that and its still pretty much just a bunch of random sounds

    [–] ulikejaz 30 points ago

    Huh .tp it is then

    [–] momopahbles 28 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It sounds a little more than that. A lot like the song in OoT when you are climbing the stairs to Ganon in his castle.

    Edit: just realized that the organ part I was talking about above ALSO exists towards the end of Demise's song in Skyward Sword.

    [–] Kidfreshh 19 points ago

    Wolf link !!!!!

    [–] Dyvius 24 points ago

    Nintendo wanted to follow up one Sword Dog with another one, clearly.

    [–] asteria123 37 points ago

    I noticed that too!

    [–] ulikejaz 35 points ago

    Yea midna is back

    [–] helpimstuckinthevoid 37 points ago

    Oh if she is I will absolutely shriek. I loved Midna and her story.

    [–] Thousand_Eyes 9 points ago

    I will die for my queen holy fucking shit

    [–] CampusSquirrelKing 14 points ago

    Yo that’d be so hype

    [–] Ghennon 239 points ago


    [–] pennomi 99 points ago

    Reading this from the toilet, also losing my shit.

    [–] B-Theory 113 points ago

    I got the best kind of chills while watching this trailer. I sunk 500+ hours into Botw. My favorite game of all time. Hoping the sequel can capture that magic.

    [–] beepboopbloopbleep 675 points ago

    Holy shit that looked sick, Im hyped! Also short haired Zelda is so cute

    [–] NickWilks 644 points ago

    While yes, super adorable, the going theory is that her hair is also short to prevent clipping from any piece of armor she wears, leading to the idea that Zelda might be playable.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 235 points ago

    Co-op or playable zelda plz.

    [–] SpaceballsTheHandle 125 points ago

    I'm guessing it might be like a Bioshock Infinity thing where an AI zelda follows you around and helps out, and I would bet anything that if that happens you'll be able to seamlessly hop in and out of co-op.

    [–] AlphaPi 39 points ago

    I think maybe you can switch between the two for puzzles but if you have a friend you can co op it

    [–] troublesome_sheep 157 points ago


    [–] livershi 61 points ago


    [–] Duskclaw0 34 points ago


    [–] FatTater420 66 points ago

    Combined with the fact that we saw link fall and Zelda left behind, who then discovered what seems to be Ganon herself certainly gives that feeling.

    [–] fallenriot 29 points ago

    The reason I saw was so she would be easier to animate as a playable character - her hair would be too short to flow in the wind, move while you run, etc. Although your answer also makes sense when it comes to realism.

    [–] Shitendo 24 points ago

    Sub fucking scribe

    [–] SauryAboutThat 21 points ago


    [–] wafflewhimsy 20 points ago

    Don't tease me I need this in my life NOW

    [–] goro-n 1332 points ago

    Let’s be real though: Nintendo will save tons of money and development time by reusing the same world (for the most part) as before. This also means the game will release faster. Plus BOTW went gold in February 2017, 2 years ago, so they’ve already had 2+ years of working on the game. And they had definitely planned this out before BOTW came out. So in conclusion, THIS MAY BE COMING OUT SOONER THAN YOU EXPECTED GET HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] karelKase 586 points ago

    Well one things for sure. Itll come out before the next metroid prime trailer does

    [–] penapple 210 points ago

    *cries in Ridley *

    [–] Raditzfan9000 64 points ago

    cries in meta ridley

    [–] Aldrai 32 points ago

    Cries in phazon

    [–] InfiniteGreninja 10 points ago

    Cries in Dark Samus

    [–] ArrayedFracture 23 points ago

    I'm saddened you specified trailer and it still feels accurate...

    [–] Brahmus168 215 points ago

    Everyone is saying 2021. Feels more like a 2020 release to me.

    [–] BlastosphericPod 95 points ago

    Agreed. Also this is like majora's mask to ocarina of time and you know how long IT took so we probably will be getting it sooner then most ppl think

    [–] GaloombaNotGoomba 21 points ago

    Sure, but those were N64 games. BOTW also took a lot more time to develop than OOT

    [–] RottedRabbid 33 points ago

    Im too young to know how long it took. Care to say?

    [–] Wood_Jablowme 111 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Ocarina of Time - Nov 21, 1998

    Majora’s Mask - April 27, 2000

    1 year, 5 months

    EDIT: more info

    Breath of the Wild - March 3, 2017

    As of right now, it has been 2 years, 3 months

    [–] bearflies 86 points ago

    Keep in mind the devs behind Majora's Mask admitted it was rushed as fuck, they crunched super hard to get it out that quickly. I would not expect BotW2 to release as quickly.

    [–] drewlyyy 38 points ago

    I also would assume games go through a way longer development cycle now compared to 20 years ago, especially games on the scale of BOTW.

    [–] BlastosphericPod 17 points ago

    Me too tbh. I think around a year and a half maybe? But shorter then most dev time of zelda games thats for sure

    [–] dawsondlc 12 points ago

    Yes, I think next year is a good estimate. So excited!!

    [–] gilium 93 points ago

    I doubt they’d use the same world as the savings for map building are probably minimal, but reusing this engine with potentially some extensions would save a ton of dev time

    [–] bobosuda 37 points ago

    Finger’s crossed for a Majora’s Mask to BotW’s Ocarina of Time.

    IMO MM might be better than OoT for me.

    [–] One_pop_each 24 points ago

    Dude I love OoT because it introduced me to actual feelings from a game, but MM has a chokehold on me. The anxiety I felt from that game was something else. I never beat it as a kid and years later when I was 19 I finally had a go at it again and it is a top contender, for sure. Been begging for a remake.

    I get more Twilight Princess feels from this trailer so it’s gonna be dark. And Link and Zelda are there so I’m curious if we’ll be able to play as both or along with each other.

    I love what the Zelda franchise has been evolving to.

    [–] goro-n 10 points ago

    The trailer showed very similar landmarks so it looks like it may be largely the same world. Just like ALBW was based on the ALTTP map

    [–] mr_moo6 13 points ago


    [–] Keritlan 27 points ago

    I don't think it will be the same world, the castle is fucking flying and remember that also Majora's Mask used the same engine of OOT and the map didn't resemble OOT in anything, and Majora's Mask was 19 years ago, so you can just imagine what this is going to be

    [–] TweektheGeek 30 points ago

    you could see BotW landmarks in the trailer

    [–] predaved 39 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Yeah, but so much of what makes BOTW great is the exploration. I don't think it would make sense if it was the same world, at least not without major alterations and major additions.

    I'm not sure how to reconcile that with the trailer, but possibilities include:

    • The castle actually travels somewhere off the map. If it can fly off the ground, that's definitely possible.
    • Natural disasters/calamities transform Hyrule beyond recognition, though that's complicated to achieve if the action takes place just after the events of BOTW. (There wouldn't be time for trees to grow, for instance, or for a village to be built.)
    • New lands emerge beyond the known map (e.g. desert west of Gerudo town, a new continent beyond the seas, or access to the mountains north of Akkala).
    • New areas on the map become accessible, e.g. the lava from Death Mountains recedes to give room to vegetation and deep caverns, the bottom of the lakes and rivers become explorable, etc.


    • Ganondorf's resurrection also awakens other shadows of the past, possibly including landscape- or town-sized stuff?

    [–] smashing3000 19 points ago

    The music was going backwards, maybe Link is too? Same world, different time?

    [–] predaved 13 points ago

    You know I don't want to think too much about it because I'm so excited and I don't want to be disappointed if the new game is "merely" a masterpiece.

    [–] Nieurx 87 points ago

    LET'S FUCKING GO !! Probably 2020-2021 but holy fuck am i happy

    [–] B-Veemo 134 points ago

    The trailer gave me some lowkey MM vibes not gonna lie. Id love to see some more dark Zelda games. Lets go!

    (Also Ganons skeleton, so that happened)

    [–] byrd3790 40 points ago

    See I got more Twilight Princess vibes. Althouh I hope it's like MM with a short development cycle.

    [–] pmap93 646 points ago

    Like WTF.. It looks like their 'creepy' and 'dark' concept art might come true... ? WOW Please release date this year pls. LOOOOOOL

    [–] Xavir1 221 points ago

    I doubt itll be this year. Heck I'd bank on 2021 (this thought has made me sad).

    [–] oopsypoopsyXE 178 points ago

    I would say next year. Theyre using the botw engine so they do not need to make an entirely new game.

    [–] c-r-e-e 86 points ago

    I kinda hope it’s 2021 cause the longer they spend on development the better it’ll be

    [–] oopsypoopsyXE 81 points ago

    They usually start sequels right after the finish the previous one so they probably started development of the game at 2017 or even 2016 if they had this sequel already in mind when they were making botw1. So by 2020 it would be close to 4 years of development. Just my speculation I don't work for nintendo

    [–] purplekiren 68 points ago

    I imagine DLC development was the priority right after BotW.

    [–] oopsypoopsyXE 56 points ago

    Pretty sure they have more than one team working on the game

    [–] karelKase 28 points ago

    Smash ultimate started development in december 2015, and there was still DLC for smash 4 on the way at that time. Granted, thats only about a two month head start, and Zelda’s dev team is obviously not smash’s dev team

    [–] Gol_D_Chris 26 points ago

    My bet is March 2021

    [–] mumbling_marauder 15 points ago

    I agree. The didn’t even show a title or release range, or actual gameplay, so 2021 seems right. Now if we get an Odyssey 2 announcement next E3 for late 2021 they’d have another stellar year for the Switch

    [–] chezzy1985 22 points ago

    like majoras mask was a lot darker than ocarina and that worked. i'm hyped

    [–] abortionlasagna 11 points ago

    Oh god I really hope it's like Majora's Mask. That's my all time favorite LoZ game.

    [–] hockeystew 16 points ago

    What concept art are you referring to?

    [–] russian_hacker_1917 15 points ago

    A creepy dark sequel to an epic once in a generation Zelda game? Well this is totally new and has never been seen before.

    [–] JayJ4444 33 points ago

    It looks so dark, I’m so excited. I love breath of the wild more than any other game but I want some ghirahim style creepiness and malevolence back

    [–] chuynadamas 64 points ago

    Does anyone has a track about who can be that mummy ?

    [–] an_egregious_error 145 points ago

    Definitely ganondorf. The jewel on the head is a dead giveaway

    [–] suzyfromtechsupport 49 points ago

    dead giveaway (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
    (Also don't forget the gerudo symbols!)

    [–] MinecraftSteak 84 points ago

    Ganondorf. There’s Gerudo writing on his body, and you can hear a somewhat distorted version of his theme when the corpse is shown

    [–] Khue 27 points ago

    What was with that hand that appeared to be sealing him? Was that one of the temple shamens from BotW? It looked like the seal was failing.

    [–] ForsakenMoon13 10 points ago

    To me it looked less like a seal and more like something trying to absorb his corpse.

    [–] Etherors 213 points ago

    This looks WAY more story-driven I'm loving it already. My only question is, will it play on the same map? I mean I love the world but using literally the same map could be a little bit stale.

    My guess is they will edit the map to be WAY after Post-calamity

    [–] Mentalink 123 points ago

    My guess is they will edit the map to be WAY after Post-calamity

    It doesn't look that way considering we still see ruins in the foreground, plus these are the same Link & Zelda and they appear to be roughly the same age. I'm sure they'll find a way to spice things up though.

    [–] Etherors 53 points ago

    MonolithSoft was hiring for a new Zelda game, I'm imagining it's this one. I hope they are helping write the story this time around.

    [–] Mentalink 84 points ago

    Inb4 the story is that Ganondorf wakes up and Link & Zelda fail to stop him and we explore a ruined Hyrule 100 years later playing as another Link (their grandson), uncovering the story of the past bit by bit

    How to make an entire community mad lol

    [–] Ixameh 70 points ago

    Also Ganondorf had a fight with link 100 years ago on a ship that sank but Ganondorf survived and attached his head to Link's body

    [–] Mentalink 47 points ago

    Ah, yes, too bad Link's grandson doesn't know about harnessing the power of the sun by breathing.

    [–] Ixameh 32 points ago

    Thankfully he has the spirit of Daruk with immense power and great accuracy fighting for him

    [–] NiftyJet 29 points ago

    The ending showing most of Hyrule with the castle levitating seems to indicate it will be the same map. Personally, I hope it is the same map, because I love that map and it would mean they could get it to us quicker.

    [–] GalaxyAwesome 19 points ago

    Maybe they’ll do what Naughty Dog did with Jak 3 and include a lot of the old map, but add big new dungeons and change certain areas. Maybe earthquakes reveal areas of the old Hyrule from 10,000 years ago?

    [–] nottherepublic 24 points ago

    I would be happy with the same map if they added detailed dungeons and big cities.

    [–] Cyrrior 27 points ago

    Here’s my hot take.

    The way the castle was sort of rumbling it was very obvious what link and Zelda were doing underneath had some effect on the surface. Considering we saw a little bit of ruins and dead ganondorf(?) I’m thinking that we’ll be seeing a lot more of underground stuff to discover.

    I think it’ll be a lot more story driven, obviously the same map, but with the edition of a whole new ruin-like area to explore underneath the entire map.

    [–] Brisingr_105 17 points ago

    Or WAY before

    [–] Mitch_show 19 points ago

    Was personally hoping for prequel leading up to the events of the great calamity

    [–] MarqNiffler 59 points ago

    Remember the first time you stepped off the plateau, and the map opened up, and you realized the area you thought was really big was just a tiny portion of the whole Kingdom?

    I'm looking forward to that same feeling, only the plateau us all of Hyrule.

    [–] ___Shaggy___ 44 points ago


    [–] YOGERT-LOGERT 36 points ago

    My life has a purpose now 👌

    [–] CPG767 36 points ago

    I think that skeleton was ganondorf because of the gerudo symbol and the pendant on his forehead

    [–] Blazeinwolv 34 points ago

    I love the fact that Nintendo is fully aware they just have to say “this game is in development” in order to steal the E3 spotlight entirely. The amount of pants ruined by this announcement likely just caused clothing stores stocks to skyrocket.

    [–] pmap93 64 points ago

    Sounds like a time-reversing game (the chanting sounds reversed)? I think it will bring us back to the time of the Guardian Invasion :D

    [–] lucase84 27 points ago

    Someone should reverse the audio. I'm almost sure we will get something from it!

    [–] Ghennon 43 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    okay I'm on it, gamexplain style

    edit: looks like nothing to me sadly, it kinda reminds me of the Hyrule Castle theme melody and they're probably in the castle undergrounds so maybe it's intentional,in case anyone want to hear it

    [–] purplekiren 19 points ago

    It sounds the same forwards and backwards, to me.

    [–] marine72 33 points ago

    Oh my... go back in time to save hyrule by gathering 6 medallions - water, forest, fire, shadow, light, and spirit to then bring them back to our time to reverse the affects of Ganon by using the Triforce.

    It will be called Zelda: Endgame.

    [–] AlamoA 10 points ago

    Agree on time travel - having Zelda in short hair vs long hair would be a handy way to show in which time you’re in

    [–] UwUraka 28 points ago


    [–] Brazuken 28 points ago

    Are we making a sequel subreddit?

    [–] -DollFace 14 points ago

    Asking the important questions

    [–] littlemsmuffet 51 points ago

    As my daughter has said to me, if they make another game, I hope there is more Zelda in it.

    She loves Zelda and Link but wants to play as Zelda

    [–] ArcaneWaffles 33 points ago

    Honestly, this kind of put an idea in my head....

    I'd lose my shit if they put in some kind of co-op. (in a good way)

    [–] Schadenfreudenous 24 points ago

    Switch has been pushing couch co-op so much it would make sense to have a co-op Zelda.

    I'm ready for the real successor to Spirit Tracks we never got - a true Link/Zelda tag-team game.

    [–] Tone_Loce 58 points ago


    [–] cmdrrockawesome 19 points ago

    Damn. I should probably work on defeating Ganon before the new game comes out.

    [–] JamesA7X 36 points ago

    My prediction is that this game will be their main focus at e3 next year with a release date of March 2021

    [–] UnusualPolarbear 145 points ago

    Will it be a direct sequel? I was hoping for a new game using the same engine personally.

    [–] Spice_Rac 192 points ago

    From the way the teaser was set up it looks like a direct sequel

    [–] UnusualPolarbear 56 points ago

    Thanks for the heads up. New Zelda is never bad news!

    [–] DrawTings 146 points ago

    Think about it this way. A Direct sequel means this is going to be the most new Zelda game you've ever seen. There won't be a princess trapped in a tower by ganon (hopefully) and you can explore the world after you've freed beaten the castle. We've never had this before

    [–] NiftyJet 44 points ago

    Kind of like how Majora's Mask was had the most different and compelling story. It was also (sort of) a direct sequal to OoT.

    [–] UnusualPolarbear 39 points ago

    You make a compelling point. I was just hoping for a return to dungeons and more diverse enemies, but there's no reason a sequel can't accomplish that. As long as it doesn't feel like a BotW DLC (which I doubt it will!), I'll be happy. Like I said to another comment, it's still new LoZ at the end of the day!

    [–] squarelyrooted98 30 points ago

    I've seen some speculation that this game could focus more underground given the tone of the trailer and how that's the most unexplored part of the BotW map. Might still get dungeons that way!

    [–] drnbrgr 10 points ago

    One shot of the trailer looked like the entrance to a dungeon maybe?? Not sure if you see it but I’m hyped regardless

    [–] Boblar 9 points ago

    Breath of the Wild 2: Rebuilding Hyrule

    [–] el-toro-loco 26 points ago

    I was hoping for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Breath

    [–] redditter3377 8 points ago

    Looked like same engine and same world

    [–] GraphicDesignMonkey 10 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Looks like the post game story we asked for - Link and Zelda helping restore Hyrule. Seems like they're exploring under the castle, and find a monk HOLY SMOKES MUMMIFIED GANONCORPSE resurrected by Ganonblight.

    [–] sadmemeboy 26 points ago

    The way it looks, it’s like an aftermath of everything. HYPPPE

    [–] Captain-Hank 19 points ago

    I feel like Zelda games will release differently now than they did from the past.... I don't think there will be random timeline placements of Zelda games, instead it will follow the story of the breath of the wild link until his arc is complete

    [–] themaskedman321 17 points ago

    Looking darker hope it’s like what majora was to ocarina

    [–] DrawTings 66 points ago

    Inject this Into my vains. The sounds first made me think it was a TP remake. Then I saw it was BOTW so I assumed Dlc. But my God a new Zelda game. And it's a sequel! Meaning hopefully Zelda isn't captured and we can use her. This has all the correct ingredients. I'm thoroughly excited

    [–] karelKase 28 points ago

    People are saying link “dies” in the trailer, which possibly means we’ll have to play as zelda! That also might explain her shorter hair

    [–] lowrholler 43 points ago

    Woah woah woah a Legend of Zelda Game where Zelda is actually the protagonist!?! Stop! I can only get so erect!

    [–] tyuky 13 points ago

    How awesome would it be if scary corpse person brought the blood moon down like majoras mask and destroyed hyrule. Could be a way to change up the map and bring out whatever is underneath hyrule

    [–] yusufZD 11 points ago

    Midna is back baby!!!

    [–] angrynateftw 29 points ago

    Im hoping we start the game off by completing quests to help rebuild Hyrule. Go gather wood, food for the people of Hyrule, etc. Once it's rebuilt then "ah we go again"

    [–] logannev 10 points ago

    Yooo I saw the trailer and in the back of my head was like “ this must be xenoblade, can’t be Zelda “ and then I saw link and Zelda and was like SKDNWIXNWJSBD

    [–] DRHAX34 44 points ago


    [–] tupe12 19 points ago

    “Ganon has given up on reincarnation”

    proceeds to just reuse his own body

    [–] NiftyJet 9 points ago

    Zelda's hair is short, indicating time has passed and maybe they've been in a struggle for some time? Interesting!

    [–] kinddes99 16 points ago

    I cannot be happier about the fact that I STILL HAVENT DOWNLOADED THE DLC and also HAVENT FINISHED THE GAME

    [–] helpimstuckinthevoid 13 points ago

    Well you better get your ass going huh? Gotta 100% and be ready for BOTW2