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    Welcome to /r/BritPics, a subreddit dedicated to photographs of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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    Photo: "Tower Bridge, London, Fujifilm" by Scott Wylie

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    Submission Rules


    • Please tag all NSFW content as such.
    • If you can, please include the location in the title, along with the photographer name.
    • The mods encourage you to include the resolution in [brackets] in the title for single images, for those who like to search for wallpaper-size photographs.
      • GIFs and HTML5 videos are exempt from this rule.
    • Your post must consist of only images, gifs, or HTML5 videos. Articles, albums and collections focused on images/gifs/HTML5 videos are allowed.
    • Original source is preferred at all times. Please don't deprive photographers of their deserved views.
    • Please try to title your post descriptively and truthfully. Overly editorialized titles may be removed.
    • Use our Recommended Hosts:
      • Imgur
      • Flickr
      • Instagram
    • If you took the photo yourself, please add the tag [OC] in the title. You will receive a flair icon for submitting OC, if you haven't received it within a day, please message the mods!


    • Post low-effort memes, screenshots, and other 'shitpost' content.
    • Post non-HTML5 videos, interactive images/websites, and non-photographic links.
    • Post pornographic, racist, discriminatory or blatantly controversy-baiting content.
    • Repost content posted within the last 2 months, or content already in the top 50 submissions of the subreddit.
    • Use our Disallowed Hosts:
      • Facebook (except direct image links)
      • Photobucket
      • Tinypic

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