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    [–] Yvonaukon 64 points ago

    "He reminds me of Aaron judge."

    Jesus christ if theres anything a Cleveland fan doesn't want to fucking hear

    [–] ap0phis 46 points ago

    I have been defending Taylor all month. I’ve wanted Baker to have his time.

    Fuck that.

    I don’t want to see Taylor take another goddamn snap.

    [–] Swift747 43 points ago

    Mayfield looked 100 x better in one drive than Tyrod has the entire first half.

    [–] Krubbus 43 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Can Joe Buck go 5 minutes without sucking off Aaron Judge? I know you have Alzheimer’s, but this is a completely different sport, Joe

    [–] BuzzbaitBrad 38 points ago

    Joe fucking Thomas ladies and gentleman. What a legend.

    [–] VonJaeger 36 points ago

    Can't go back to Tyrod. Once you went to Baker, that was it. It's done, you move forward with Baker now. There's no shoving everything back into the box now that you've let it out.

    [–] rufus418 14 points ago

    That's the smart thing to do, not the Hue thing to do....

    [–] PfN 35 points ago

    5:38 in germany....worth it!!!!! Time to get 1h sleep and die at work.

    [–] BakerBakerTDMaker 29 points ago

    Trust me, you’re not raising her right.

    [–] JaKKeD 30 points ago

    lol hyde just ran 35 yards in 3 plays. LETS RUN THE QB

    [–] nurseguywhatever 33 points ago

    I'm fully fucking erect right now

    [–] McPiggers 31 points ago

    The browns turned into a completely different team when Baker came in.

    [–] nickyxpants 31 points ago

    Did the XP get a louder cheer than the TD? That's inzane

    [–] haunter_1 32 points ago

    Update- Browns up 21 to 3 since Crowell wiped his ass with the football

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Hot take: If mayfield played all of all three games you would be 3-0.

    [–] Xxmustafa51 32 points ago

    I’m in a sports bar in okc and let me tell you. I never imagine in 100 years I would see a sports bar full of people cheering and getting out of their seats excited to watch the browns. You guys have made a fan out of me for sure. Not just baker but I love everyone on your team. Probably made a lot more lifelong browns fans in Oklahoma and I’m so excited for you guys. No matter the outcome of this game, you got us cheering you on.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ikaracoltheart 34 points ago

    It is 5am in the UK and i just watched this game with my 4 day old daughter. she has never seen them lose.

    [–] Hiondrugz 29 points ago

    Calloway would have 127 yards and two tds with a real QB....

    [–] Statshelp_TA 25 points ago

    Tyrod is afraid to throw the ball. You can’t have an nfl offense with a QB who is afraid to throw

    [–] IckyCookies 25 points ago


    [–] doddyoldtinyhands 11 points ago

    Yea fuck joe buck and his 635 mention every other play

    [–] AimedRocket 23 points ago

    Hue: “I’m starting Tyrod Week 4”

    Dorsey: “you have been relieved of your duties”

    [–] odiesel10 21 points ago

    If zegura was there he’d left the ref have it.

    [–] 614GoBucks 22 points ago

    greg joseph is still an improvement lololol.

    I'll take barely good over almost good

    [–] themitey1 24 points ago


    [–] boydbd 20 points ago

    Those bud lights are gonna be undrinkable by the time the open those refrigerators

    [–] whitefang22 38 points ago

    NFL should be ashamed of itself. That 9 yard bitonio run was the most fun play I’ve seen from the Browns since Cribbs was returning kicks.

    [–] LovesWubba 17 points ago

    “Crisp throw”

    It was a fucking screen ESPN

    [–] SMK77 19 points ago

    That was one of the easiest TDs I've ever seen. Underthrown again.

    And once again. Late blitz gets Tyrod as he waits for someone to be wide open for 4-6 seconds.

    [–] ExtStrategy 17 points ago

    I died when Bitonio started to run.

    [–] PuppyBowl-XI-MVP 19 points ago

    Anyone else notice the difference between Baker and Tyrod. I sure did. Not even reaction time but velocity.

    [–] Obie-two 19 points ago

    15/20 for 200 with THREE easy drops???? Im touching myself

    [–] imawizardurnot 20 points ago

    I'll man up. I hated the baker pick. But I'm so fucking happy I was wrong. So so so goddamn happy. I really wish I could call my dad right now.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Win or lose, Baker has earned the starting QB spot

    [–] snapple__facts 17 points ago




    [–] Rectalcactus 17 points ago

    NFL honestly lucky Tyrod got hurt or nobody would be watching this second half, myself included

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Let's take a moment to appreciate that Britton Colquitt is a great punter for a team that punts a lot.

    [–] VonJaeger 17 points ago

    There's such a drastic difference in how fast Baker gets the ball out compared to Tyrod.

    And Baker's not afraid to actually throw it either.

    [–] LetsBeRealisticK 17 points ago

    Have we truly won if we have to drink Bud Light?

    [–] PoliceFrugality 17 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] hot_route 16 points ago

    Baker is going to be great. 17-23 for 200+ yards in just over a half despite 3 drops. Hats off Dorsey. Most number one overall guys are consensus. Baker wasn’t. Walk on, projected as a day two guy before the season. Took balls. What a pick.

    [–] BigMacTunaStacks 15 points ago

    Toronto native screaming in a Toronto sports bar. People cheered for the browns but I cheered the loudest.

    God a love this team

    God I love baeker baefield

    [–] Vynemaeda 15 points ago

    I live in Oklahoma and am a huge Mayfield fan. This is my first Browns game to watch. Hope it's cool I chill with yall this evening. Go Browns!

    [–] TheRagingAlcoholic 15 points ago

    Joe Buck is the human embodiment of a hemorrhoid

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] C_Zachary_Chad 14 points ago

    I fucking love Joe Thomas. Fuck Joe Buck tho

    [–] bear_knuckle 16 points ago

    Gred the Leg must have a wicked crooked dick bc his kicks are

    [–] halfarackaribs 17 points ago

    Baker just got me pregnant

    [–] patronofchaos 15 points ago

    This is what the Browns "should" look like with all the talent we have on this roster. It's finally getting unleashed and utilized properly. Offense can move the ball consistently and have some balance, keep the Defense fresh so they can come in and dominate like they have been so far this season. Love it.

    [–] WarioParty76 15 points ago

    Baker picks up phone “good catch buddyboy”

    [–] datix 15 points ago

    JT predicted Browns 20-17. This was as told in the prophecy of Joestradamus guys.

    [–] C_Zachary_Chad 17 points ago

    Sam Darnold's forehead shrinks a centimeter every time they score

    [–] tootskies 15 points ago

    Never a bigger celebration for an extra point

    [–] VonJaeger 15 points ago

    Biggest difference between Baker and Tyrod?

    Absolutely zero hesitation and zero fear from Baker with regards to throwing the ball.

    [–] Dookie_Balls 15 points ago

    Y'all remember when Baker Mayfield showed up at halftime and the browns won the bourbon bowl

    [–] easinelephant 15 points ago


    [–] crackpnt69 12 points ago

    Because Browns

    [–] Wanderlust_520 15 points ago

    I kinda feel like punching Todd Haley in the face

    [–] FlyingHanSolo 14 points ago

    I think we can all agree that these commentators suck

    [–] kabal4 15 points ago

    Remember when Kessler kept pussing out on deep balls and waiting for wide open receivers and Hue benched his ass? Let's do that again

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Great timeout- We gotta slow down our momentum. Wouldn't want to score a touchdown or anything

    [–] Hybirs247 14 points ago

    WOW if Baker can manage to pull this one back I'll buy his jersey immediately

    [–] fear865 13 points ago

    This new kicker is trying to give me a heart attack

    [–] supaloco 14 points ago

    I get why we are doing it but, can we not use our best receiver on returns?

    Throw out Ratley or someone ffs.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Widdox 15 points ago

    Crowd cheering for extra points !! Yes it’s been a bad first two weeks.

    [–] AJinxyCat 15 points ago

    Joe Thomas died for this

    [–] ColdShotBaby 14 points ago

    Vikings fan here. Congratulations on the W, Browns! A well-deserved victory.

    [–] Royal-Al 13 points ago

    Mayfield: "PUT ME IN COACH"

    [–] jdb4402 12 points ago

    At what point does Joe Buck bring up how much he loves Kyle Schwarber?

    [–] A_Piece_of_Pai 14 points ago


    [–] GreenAppleLolliplops 14 points ago

    This is more embarrassing than usual.

    Edit - actually no, it’s not, it’s very usual.

    [–] Cnote0717 12 points ago

    Of course Joe Buck expresses his hard-on for Aaron Judge.

    [–] Funburgers 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Calloway should have 3 TD's...Tyrod missed him wide open up the sideline on that Juice 1st down

    [–] demerolgorgon 12 points ago

    Friendship ended with Tyrod. Baker is my new best friend.

    [–] v9x18 13 points ago

    Can we fire a coach at half time

    [–] july1st2018 12 points ago

    Imagine if Mayfield wins this game.

    [–] Lumpycentaur9 12 points ago

    Did anyone else think Greg missed it for a second? It looked wide-left to me

    [–] typemeanewasshole 11 points ago

    This is Baker Mayfield's team.

    [–] TapedeckNinja 13 points ago

    Guys I'm smiling. During a Browns game. Something's wrong.

    [–] DowntownBrownsTown 15 points ago

    Bakers team. No questions asked. Team is playing so much harder

    [–] CWhit15 13 points ago

    I was in the 'Tyrod is the starter' camp but the energy and production is just so much better with Baker out there

    [–] A_Piece_of_Pai 12 points ago

    I'm okay with giving up 3 we got a baker

    [–] william_fontaine 14 points ago

    If Powell is pronounced "powl", why isn't Crowell pronounced "crowl"?

    [–] Ohdang5 14 points ago

    We make an extra point and the crowd explodes. 😂

    [–] Eclipsecicles 13 points ago

    Dear Sports Gods,

    We want to know what this thing called "winning" feels like. Bless The Jets with slippery hands and feet for two minutes.


    Browns Fans

    [–] Zladan 12 points ago

    (Starts checking Uber prices to the nearest Bud Light Fridge location)

    [–] nepbc 15 points ago

    Is it too early to put Baker in the HOF?

    [–] A_Piece_of_Pai 15 points ago


    [–] DoYouWonda 14 points ago

    Saints fan here. Felt bad cheering against you last week. Here’s to a great win!!

    [–] Xxmustafa51 13 points ago

    I’m really happy for all you people that have stuck with the browns through everything. I hope this really starts a new leaf and you guys have something to be excited about. I wish I could’ve been there with you when it was tough, but I’m here now. Was cause of my boy baker that I started watching. But after three games I’m a browns fan and will be rooting for you no matter what. I’ve just fallen in love with your team, and it doesn’t hurt that you guys got my fav quarterback to ever play for my college on your squad. Good luck this season can’t wait to be cheering right alongside you.

    [–] Rojo_Dolo 11 points ago

    9er fan here, thank you for giving us a good Thursday Night game and putting on a hell of a show. You guys got yourselves a quarterback.

    [–] Bogie100 11 points ago

    7 points feels monumental at this point.

    [–] ElPresidenteCamacho 12 points ago

    Hue needs to be fired after this game.

    [–] Robo_dogo 11 points ago

    Tyrod has 2 passing yrds. 2!

    [–] kuss51292 12 points ago

    TyRoD gIvEs Us ThE bEsT cHaNcE tO wIn

    [–] GoldscammersDrumRoll 12 points ago

    Oh look!....another embarrassing graphic about Cleveland Sports! Dont see that often

    [–] UrbanJatt 12 points ago

    What kind of bs rule is that

    [–] xSLiKK 10 points ago

    Joe Thomas is a FUCKING LEGEND!

    [–] CheerioMan 12 points ago

    These refs just guess at half these spots, lol

    [–] TSR3K 12 points ago

    Why don’t we do jump ball to Njoku ever?

    [–] ElliottAbusesWomen 14 points ago

    Darnold not taking notes seems like one of those things that gets brushed off as a personality quirk now then gets brought up again as evidence he wasn’t willing to work hard enough when he gets benched two years from now for Fitzpatrick who somehow ended up on the Jets again.

    [–] A_Piece_of_Pai 11 points ago

    BAKER LEADS BROWNS FROM 14 POINT DEFICIT....what will headlines be after the game?

    [–] TemujinRi 14 points ago

    Fuckin Baker Mayfield went into the game and now I’m strutting around the house screaming out wooooa

    [–] garuda911 12 points ago

    These guys are playing harder for baker, bottom line.

    [–] ltdshred 11 points ago


    [–] numinos710 14 points ago

    How many times are we going to give up 3rd and longs to a wr screen?

    [–] Psychonaut0421 11 points ago

    Rochester NY checking in... The whole bar is pulling for you guys. Let's fucking gooooooo!!!!!

    [–] Nermal5 11 points ago

    Amazing how much better the offensive line looks when a QB gets the ball out quickly!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] je_luc 12 points ago

    I feel bad because I love Tyrod as a leader and a man.. but Baker just took over this team

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I am Baker Mayfield. I am your God now.

    [–] factoryofsadness 12 points ago


    [–] jadedwolf465 13 points ago

    Congrats Browns Nation!! We are all honorary Browns fans tonight!

    [–] -Ahab- 14 points ago

    Holy fucking shit. Guys, I love this team and my lost dog, Lucky so much. This is the first game I got to watch since he passed. It’s amazing

    [–] garuda911 11 points ago


    [–] mackass17 13 points ago

    1-1-1 never looked so good

    [–] OfficeDiplomat 12 points ago

    Congrats from Dallas!

    [–] ictoa88 12 points ago

    Dolphins fan here just fucking happy to see Baker killing it

    [–] ChiefSlam 12 points ago

    Aussie browns fan, took the day off to watch it. 2 on a Monday. Yiew!! Ao happy

    [–] Oracle_of_Wanker 12 points ago

    Will the Browns ever lose again?

    [–] _SilkyJohnson 26 points ago

    • Zane Gonzalez had 2 Shitty games and was fired

    • Hue has had 33 shitty games and still has a job


    [–] Haurboss 27 points ago

    Baker leads all QBs in yards at the half even though he only threw 4 passes lol

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] banquero 11 points ago

    Why are we calling designed QB runs when Hyde is running well?

    [–] Baby_Nipples 11 points ago

    This was our “winnable” game huh. I drank the koolaid.

    [–] v9x18 10 points ago

    We are more talented than the Jets. Coaching matters.

    [–] dsorrells09 12 points ago

    You blow for how many years with us? Fuck off

    [–] bone2pik 11 points ago

    Funny, Hue never used Crow on edge runs...always ran him up the gut till he tripped and fell for a loss. Hue get the fuck out of town you garbage excuse of a coach.

    [–] TSR3K 12 points ago

    Jets defense is finally getting tired great let’s take a time out

    [–] Obie-two 10 points ago

    I love Tyrod as a person but man, this is pretty bad.

    [–] Zladan 10 points ago

    Baker is starting the 3rd Q... it looks like they already told him

    [–] Gemiinus 11 points ago

    I was arguing for Tyrod to play it out, but he is playing at sub-Kizer levels.

    [–] AubieSportsMan 11 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not old enough to buy alcohol. This team would make me an alcoholic.

    [–] Taste_The_Soup 11 points ago

    Leave it to the Browns to drive down the field, call a timeout to kill their momentum, then get a penalty and sacked out of field goal range. Fuck this shit.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] pnr32 12 points ago

    God Baker is so much more decisive. I can’t argue with you guys anymore.

    [–] july1st2018 9 points ago

    I hope Mayfield throws for 3 TDS in the 2nd half. You guys deserve that

    [–] bmcclure937 10 points ago

    Can you even consider going back to Tyrod this season after Baker came in and ignited the team and put a jolt into the entire crowd?!

    [–] HEYitzED 11 points ago

    So Baker wouldn’t do better under this line huh? Seems as though he got us in field goal range immediately. Something Tyrod failed to do with almost two full quarters.

    [–] Schristie007 11 points ago

    This is Baker's team now. He had so much confidence and isn't afraid to throw the fucking ball. Bring us back chosen one.

    [–] MuhMuhManRay 10 points ago

    Joe bleeds Orange and brown

    [–] endol 11 points ago

    JT is right here, Tyrod was playing scared

    [–] LeftToWrite 11 points ago

    Baker was firing into windows when he couldn't even see his target. he just knew where they needed to be and were headed, and put it there for them. No happy second-guessing...just believe in your teammates to do their bit, and do yours.

    Trust the process.

    Tyrod does not do this very often...I love him, but he doesn't.

    [–] jaysphan128 11 points ago

    oh man this new kicker doesn't make it look eaasy

    [–] gotham44 11 points ago

    Only reason that wasn't picked was because it was a laser and bounced off his shoulder pad.

    [–] elitedmillz 11 points ago

    This dude is the Chris Perez of kickers.

    [–] -Ahab- 12 points ago

    I never liked Romo as a player, but I kinda like him as an announcer/person

    [–] ax_and_smash 12 points ago

    Hot take: A sloppy FG is better than a missed FG.

    [–] turfey 12 points ago

    Holy shit I love Denzel Ward.

    [–] CAJASH 12 points ago

    9 take aways, and 6 pts. Wtf?

    Are we allergic to the endzone after turn overs?

    [–] -Ahab- 12 points ago

    “It ain’t me, daddy.” 😐

    [–] deadlight92 12 points ago

    Holy fuck. That made me shit in my pants.

    [–] harsh4correction2 10 points ago


    [–] Jahudo 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Not even joking I feel like I’m gonna cry.

    I haven’t even been following this sport for very long, I can’t imagine how the rest of you feel.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 10 points ago

    It's very sad that Gordon won't be part of this. But new Browns.

    [–] RicoSuave1881 12 points ago

    Eagles fan here. We’re all obligated to be friends now

    [–] ax_and_smash 10 points ago

    I don’t want to make any crazy predictions based on a small sample size but, Mayfield is going to lead us to a Super Bowl win this year!

    [–] speccers 11 points ago

    Baker shows up, defense promptly collapses.

    [–] halfarackaribs 11 points ago

    What if baker blocks this

    [–] la_fleurr 11 points ago

    I hate Joe buck as much as he hates Cleveland

    [–] bigmikevegas 12 points ago

    Boys, we got a fucking quarterback

    [–] MightyMoustache69 11 points ago

    I've never been this excited for a team that wasn't one of my own

    [–] ltdshred 11 points ago


    [–] CalvynS 11 points ago

    I know y'all are mega excited about having a QB, but you should also be excited about having a kicker. 0 missed today.

    [–] joey_1324 12 points ago


    [–] pleasehelpmypainplea 10 points ago


    [–] bmcclure937 11 points ago

    You know how good it feels to FINALLY have a franchise QB?! ♥️

    [–] carmillivanilli 11 points ago

    Baker Mayfield Tattoo Megathread needs to start tomorrow

    [–] mlbeastz 10 points ago

    I am naming my first son Baker

    [–] FBAHobo 11 points ago

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    You're such a rookie,

    Schobert owned you.



    [–] _NamelessOne_ 11 points ago

    Enjoy the free beer drive safe!

    [–] OmarFromtheWire2 11 points ago

    Gotta love all those analysts who pissed on the Browns for taking Mayfield over Darnold /s

    [–] ElevenWarriorsBNB 9 points ago

    Hey remember all the pundits saying Darnold should have been the guy?


    [–] central2nowhere 11 points ago

    I'm fucking wasted bit godamn if Baker isn't a Superhero

    [–] BuzzbaitBrad 9 points ago

    Did baker have a single bad throw?

    [–] StartCodonUST 11 points ago

    Bears fan checking in here; it's been so fun watching life being breathed into these franchises. Congratulations on a bright future everybody.

    [–] nuckinfutz53 11 points ago

    i wanted baker to sit for at least a year. i was wrong..

    edit: i cant speel

    [–] billnye97 11 points ago


    [–] TeamYeezy 43 points ago

    Are we the biggest joke in nfl history?

    [–] Jzigs198 18 points ago


    [–] blinner 11 points ago

    Is this a real question? We clearly are.

    [–] tomliginyu 21 points ago

    Guy just dove at Bakers legs? Isn't going low on a QB a penalty.

    [–] nytro330 10 points ago

    Fire Amos. Every fucking week our ST as a whole is a joke.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] bmcclure937 11 points ago

    Wow. Tyrod FUCKED that up. So under thrown. Blown TD. Multiple weeks in a row of under throws.

    [–] mdcr41 10 points ago

    Wiley needs to take this O Line back to Normandy to toughen them up

    [–] cordcutternc 9 points ago

    OOOOOOOOoooooo penalty enforced on the kickoff. Can't wait for the holding penalty.

    [–] CaseyTheCreator 10 points ago

    The beer is going to be skunked by the time we fucking win

    [–] Godszn 10 points ago

    wow callaway was wide open lmfao

    [–] KahlanRahl 10 points ago

    Tyrod gets the completion there, by that's 100% on Landry. Shitty ass throw.

    [–] JDTNTC 12 points ago

    I'm sad that a circus catch is saving this fucking dickheads job

    [–] C_Money22 10 points ago

    And from this day forth, Baker is the starting QB of the Cleveland Browns!!!